The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 10/18/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

Brooke: Don't start with me, Stephanie. I'm really not in the mood.

Stephanie: I'm finished with you.

Brooke: All right. Fine. We're finished. Now get out of my house!

Stephanie: You know, until just a few hours ago, I really thought that Taylor was going to lose Ridge to you. And if that had happened that would have been my fault. I finally got you out of L.A.., And that whole damn plan blew up in my face. I'll bet you could hardly contain your joy when Ridge walked through that door. I'm sure you thought to yourself, "at long last, my dreams are coming true." You know, beneath that beautiful face and body of yours, is a really evil, wicked, wicked women who forgot a really important lesson in life. Evil does not triumph over good.


Tony: So I was driving home, and I came up with this new idea. Tell me what you think. What if we move the slit to the back and raise the neckline?

Sally: What are you talking about?! This is the sexiest design you've ever done.

Tony: Yeah, but, Sal, come on. Sex isn't always about the eyes, it's about the mind. You know what? An alluring dress doesn't have to reveal everything. It just gives you a little peek, and the rest in here, Sal. Come on.

Sally: All right, dreammaker, we get the picture. You are on a roll, obviously. What gives?

Sofia: You are in a very good mood, eh?.

Tony: Well, yes, I am.

Sally: And to what do we owe this amazing change in attitude? Or should we say, "who?"

Tony: Kristen and I made a decision. We are not gonna let HIV ruin our relationship. We're going to stay together.

Sofia: Oh, Tony, that's wonderful!

Sally: And by "together" you mean --?

Tony: I mean together, as a couple. Look, we are committed to each other and we have an amazing future together.


Kristen: Dad, I don't want to get into this.

Eric: We're not gonna get into it, because you and Tony are not dating one another!

Kristen: That is not your decision to make.

Eric: Well, somebody has to make it. You're not thinking very clearly. My God, honey, Tony has -- he has HIV! And I come in here and I find the two of you kissing one another!

Kristen: As long our mouths aren't bleeding, the doctor says it was fine.

Eric: Doctor? What doctor?

Kristen: Tony's doctor. We saw him tonight.

Eric: What's going on here? Are you keeping something from me?

Kristen: Look, no, we just asked him about sex.

Eric: Sex? You and Tony can't have sex!

Kristen: We can't have intercourse, dad. But we can be intimate with one another. There are ways of expressing our love, perfectly safe techniques.

Eric: Don't you lecture me about AIDS. And about HIV, Kristen! Don't do that. I've been in the fashion industry my whole career, my whole life. And in the last 20 years I've lost countless colleagues to AIDS. So don't you do that. Now, who is this doctor who tells you it's all right to have a physical relationship with an HIV positive patient as long as you follow certain techniques. I mean, encouraging that kind of a lifestyle for you is nothing short of reckless.

Kristen: He wasn't encouraging us, dad. He was giving us the facts, the cold, hard, clinical facts. This is an enormous responsibility, but I am ready for it. I love Tony, and I'm going to be with him any way that I can.

Eric: What does that mean? No, never mind. I don't want to know. Because no matter what you have planned, whatever you think you can do, it's too dangerous. Once you cross that line--

Kristen: You still think I can't control myself!

Eric: Do you think you can?

Kristen: There is more to our relationship than sex. There is love and respect, and there's companionship and understanding.

Eric: And physical attraction?

Kristen: Yes. Of course, that is part of it. But it is not the most important part.

Eric: Maybe not, but I've seen you and Tony together. The two of you share a very powerful, physical attraction. You think you can just turn that off? Honey, as long as you're dating Tony -- as long as you're dating Tony, you're never gonna be able to let go. You want to live your life that way? Constantly holding back your strongest emotions? I want more for you than that. You deserve more than that, and you can -- and you can have it. You can, you just -- you can't have that with Tony.


Tony: I'm telling you, Sally, I feel like a new man. After everything I've been through, this is the first time that I see something good in my future.

Sally: Kristen Forrester.

Tony: She still loves me.

Sofia: Of course, she does. She would not abandon you because you have HIV.

Sally: I'm afraid that's not quite true, Sofia. There are a lot of women who would abandon him. That's one of the sad facts about this disease.

Tony: You're right. Most people couldn't handle it. But there are extraordinary couples and extraordinary people where one can be HIV positive, one HIV negative, and they have a full, happy, normal life.

Sally: And you think you and Kristen can be a couple like that, that she'd be willing to make that sacrifice?

Tony: That's just it, Sally. She doesn't see it as a sacrifice.

Sally: And children, have you talked about the fact that you probably won't have children, because you won't be having sex?

Tony: There's ways that we can be intimate, Sally. I don't really want to get into it right now. But Dr. Craig says there's ways that we can be intimate with each other, we can be passionate with each other and not transmit the virus.

Sally: I see. What about spontaneity? What about romance?

Sofia: I think it's very romantic. This is -- this is true love. Nothing can keep them apart.

Sally: And Kristen has made up her mind about this?

Tony: Absolutely.

Sally: Well, then I guess there's nothing more to say.

Tony: You still have reservations?

Sally: Oh, Antonio, Antonio, the only reservations I'm interested in are the ones I'm going to make to get the very best table at Las Olas for this evening. So I suggest you call your angel Kristen, and you tell her to put on her dancing shoes because we are going to celebrate.

Sofia: Olé.


Kristen: I don't want a life with someone else. I want a life with Tony.

Eric: And what kind of life is he gonna be able to give you?

Kristen: I can't believe this. Tony is a successful designer. He respects our family. He's honest. He's hardworking. And he's totally committed to me. And you're telling me I could do better.

Eric: He's HIV positive, Kristen! Why do I have to keep reminding you of that?

Kristen: Because sex isn't an issue for me.

Eric: We're not talking about sex here!

Kristen: Oh, yes, we are. Because that's what you're really worried about.

Eric: No, you know what I'm worried about? I'm worried about you! I'm worried about your health and your well-being. And I'm worried about how limited your life is gonna be if you give in to this man.

Kristen: Because we can't have sex?

Eric: This is not a trivial sacrifice, honey.

Kristen: No. No, dad, it's not. And for most people to opt for a life of abstinence would be unthinkable. Never being able to have that kind of passion and connection. You know, I can live without sex, but I can't live without affection, companionship, respect, true love. Tony can give me those things.

Eric: If that's true, why did you go to see this doctor? Why can't the two of you just be friends?

Kristen: Because we are physically attracted to each other and we want to express those feelings.

Eric: So we are indeed talking about sex here. Oh, honey, I know you think you can do this --

Kristen: I can and I will.

Eric: All right, let's assume for the sake of argument that you can. I really don't believe you can, but let's assume that's true. Let's say that you commit to this and that you adhere to all the rules. You don't have intercourse. You never cross that line with Tony, and that you're gonna be completely satisfied. What about Tony? Is he gonna be satisfied? Is he never going to want more?

Kristen: What he wants is to be with me.

Eric: Regardless of your sacrifice and how much danger that puts you in?!

Kristen: You know, if you want to know how Tony feels about this, why don't you go ask him? Go ahead, he's ecstatic. We both are. Dad, we are very happy about this decision that we have made, and there is nothing that you can say that is gonna change it.


Brooke: I'm evil?!

Stephanie: Yes, you are. You are. You have systematically chipped away at the integrity or our family over these years. You've besmirched our name, tainted our reputation and brought nothing -- nothing but scandal and misery to us. But I made a mistake. I didn't trust in my son. I didn't trust in his integrity. I should have known that he would never let you break his family up.

Brooke: So you think that's what this is all about? Ridge finally came to his senses?

Stephanie: That's exactly what he's done. You know, you've been stalking him for years, but these past few months, you've been absolutely relentless. And now, finally, he's rejected you.

Brooke: You know, Stephanie, you talk about integrity and honor, but what kind of a person finds pleasure in somebody else's misery?

Stephanie: Well, you tell me, miss. Didn't Taylor beg you to leave her family alone. You knew the heartbreak you were putting her through, and you didn't care. You didn't care at all. You saw an opening, and you took it, and you drove that woman right to the edge.

Brooke: I don't need to justify myself to you, not after what you did to me!

Stephanie: I was protecting my family.

Brooke: By corrupting mine!

Stephanie: Well, honey, you reap what you sow.

Brooke: You think I brought this on myself?

Stephanie: Yes! You told me that you would destroy my family, and there wasn't anything that I could do about it. Well, you were wrong. I didn't have to do something about it because Ridge came to his senses, and now, they all see you for exactly what you are, and they don't want to have anything to do with you. You're finished, Brooke. You're finally finished.


Sally: You know what? We need some champagne in here so we can make a toast.

Sofia: Sí.

Sally: Sí. So, Sofia, you go and find some glasses, and I will send out for a bottle of the best.

Tony: No, come on, Sally. Let's not get carried away here. You don't have to do that.

Sally: Of course we have to do it. We have to celebrate. Your lady love has pledged herself to you, Antonio, and that is pure romance. If Shakespeare were alive today, he'd be writing a play about it.

Sofia: Romeo and Juliet.

Sally: With a happy ending, please. This is a celebration.

Tony: Girls, come on. Really, we're getting carried away, and you know, Kristen's family really isn't supporting us.

Sofia: Kristen is an adult. It's her choice, not theirs.

Tony: I know. It's just I want them to be as happy as we are.

Sally: Oh, Tony, I would not hold my breath waiting for that to happen. The Forrester Family is notorious for being pathologically protective.

Tony: Yeah, I know, especially her father.

Sofia: Or maybe if you'd tell him what the doctor said.

Tony: I don't think he wants to hear that from me.

Sally: Well, I think you're right about that, Antonio. I would leave that to Kristen. I think if you use the word sex and her name in the same sentence, Eric Forrester is likely to go through the roof.

Sofia: Well, but if there is no danger of HIV, he should not be upset.

Tony: Well, I know. I mean, that's what I was hoping. No, I know it's a long shot, but so are me and Kristen. You know, and I did try to push her away. It's just she didn't let me.

Sofia: She's a strong woman.

Tony: Yeah, she is, and you know, this isn't just something that we're jumping into. You know, we did the research. We know the rules, and we're willing to live by them. It's gonna be the biggest challenge of our lives, but I think we can do it.

Sally: You think you can?

Tony: I know we can, and so does Kristen.

Sally: You've got my vote.

Tony: I can hardly believe it. I mean, the life that we wanted we can have. We can have a full life that is beautiful, normal and intimate.

Sofia: And that is what her parents want for her, no?

Eric: No. This relationship is not what Kristen's parents want for her.

Sally: Come on, Sofia. We will give you some privacy.

Tony: You talked to Kristen?

Eric: Yes, I did.

Tony: She told you she wants to keep seeing me?

Eric: Yeah, she did. She also told me about this trip you made to the doctor.

Tony: I see.

Eric: She was very enthusiastic about it.

Tony: Yeah, well, we both are, sir. I mean, we know it's going to be a big responsibility, but --

Eric: The biggest.

Tony: So she told you about all the rules.

Eric: Yeah, she did. She told me that if you adhere to them, the two of you can have a physical relationship without you transmitting the disease to her.

Tony: That's right. There's no chance that she would ever become HIV positive.

Eric: Tony, rules are just rules. They can be followed, or they can be broken.

Tony: Well, we wouldn't break them, sir. You've got to believe us.

Eric: Tony, I know how you feel about my daughter. I know you love her, and I know you would never willingly do anything to hurt her, but you can't guarantee me that won't happen, can you?

Tony: I can -- I can give you my word, sir.

Eric: I'm not questioning your word. I know you're an honest man. It's not your integrity I'm questioning. It's just -- I'm putting my child's life in your hands. Could you do that, Tony? If Kristen were your daughter, would you be able to let her have a relationship with somebody who's HIV positive?

Tony: Look, Mr. Forrester, you've got to understand. To most people, this would be impossible, but your daughter is an extraordinary human being. For her, it's not impossible.

Eric: Yes, yes. She tells me that this relationship would satisfy her.

Tony: It will. I will. Look, Mr. Forrester, I am going to guarantee you that your daughter is going to have the life that she deserves. I may not be able to give her children. I may not be able to give her what most people consider a conventional sex life, but your daughter will be the most respected, the most loved woman on this earth. I consider Kristen's commitment to me the most amazing gift I have ever been given, and I am gonna make sure she never regrets it. Look, Mr. Forrester, I know that your daughter is precious to you. She's precious to me, too. But I don't want her to have to chose between us, because that would hurt her, and I don't want anything to hurt her. So I'm gonna have to ask you, because I know that your daughter can't, and I know somewhere down the line, she's gonna want your support throughout this relationship. Could you give us your blessing? For Kristen's sake, could you do that?


Brooke: How dare you? How dare you talk to me this way!

Stephanie: Just stating you the facts.

Brooke: You make me sick that you could come in here and berate me like this after what you did to me -- you, Taylor and Mr. Marone! You paid my father to deceive me. I could have you all thrown in jail.

Stephanie: Make sure you add your father to that list.

Brooke: Yes. What he did was despicable, telling me he was dying when he really wasn't. And I don't think I can ever forgive him for that. But you know what, Stephanie? It wasn't his fault. You used him!

Stephanie: Well, who knows about that better than you? You used Eric to wiggle your way into the company. You used Thorne to try and stay in the family, and when that didn't work out, you tried to use Ridge all over again.

Brooke: I didn't use anybody! I loved Thorne, and I loved Eric!

Stephanie: Not enough to stay faithful to them.

Brooke: I never betrayed Thorne!

Stephanie: Oh, please. You got rid of that devoted-wife routine and showed your true colors -- [snaps fingers] -- just like that. And when it was over, you didn't even look back for a second. You moved right on to your next conquest. Do you know what that did to your children? Do you? Your daughter and your son never wanted you to be involved in a relationship with Thorne, but they finally tried to accept it. They went through Hell to do that, and when they finally did, what did you do? You threw it away. No wonder your daughter's involved in this farce of a marriage with you as a role model.

Brooke: That's it. You can put me down all you want, but don't you dare drag my children into this!

Stephanie: Brooke, your daughter's married to a man who doesn't love her, and what have you done about that? Nothing, because you were so busy chasing after Ridge.

Brooke: I was in Paris, remember! I thought my father was dying!

Stephanie: Your children need you. They need you to show them the difference between what's right and wrong, like I've tried to teach you ever since the first miserable day that you walked into my life. My family stands for integrity and honor and love. That's how we have survived your craziness all of these years. And now, it's over. It's over, and I get to say with a delicious little smile on my face I won. I won.