The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 10/10/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Becky

(missing beginning, sorry)

Stephanie: Any word from Ridge? 

Taylor: Not yet, but I did call the hospital in Paris. And Brooke is fine. She's been released. 

Stephanie: Well, I suppose that's good news. 

Taylor: We've certainly sunk to new lows, haven't we, Stephanie? 

Stephanie: If we have, it's because Brooke dragged us down. 

Taylor: And we let her. But it ends today. 

Stephanie: Oh, Taylor, are you really still determined to tell Ridge you're involved in all this? 

Taylor: Yes, I am! I'm telling him the minute he walks in the door. 


Ridge: How are you doin'? 

[Brooke sighs] 

Brooke: I still can't believe it -- my own father. 

Ridge: Logan, I'm so sorry. 

Brooke: God, Ridge, how could he do this to me? 

Ridge: He thought he was trying to help you, trying to protect you. 

Brooke: To protect me from a man that I love? I really don't know how I'm going to forgive him. Telling me that he was dying and then taking money for it? How could he be so cruel? 

Ridge: I wonder if he really had a choice, though. 

Brooke: Yes, of course he had a choice. He could have refused. 

Ridge: No, Massimo would have just turned up the pressure. The guy's a total thug. 

Brooke: Yeah, but this was my father. He knew how I would feel.   [Brooke sighs] The fear and the horror of knowing that you're going to lose a parent -- and I had to be the strong one for him and for Mom. And all the time, he knew it was a lie. And to watch me suffer day after day -- you know, he really destroyed the one thing that was so precious to me -- father-and-daughter relationship. He sold it, and he made a mockery of it. And I really believed in him. And he took it for granted that I would be there for him every day. You know, I look at my life, and I see all of the problems that I've had. And now, I know why. How could I not be messed up with a father like that -- a father that I loved so much?


Massimo: Hello, Eric. 

Eric: I want to talk to you. 

Massimo: Please come in. Would you like some coffee, Eric? 

Eric: I heard about Brooke. 

Massimo: What about Brooke? 

Eric: Her "accident." 

Massimo: Really? What accident is that? 

Eric: You know what I'm talking about. 

Massimo: Well -- I know that Brooke is well and healthy. 

Eric: She could have been killed, Massimo! 

Massimo: But she wasn't. 

Eric: You listen to me, Massimo. If you wanna mess with people's lives, you go do it someplace else. If you don't, I'm gonna mess with yours. You understand? You stay away from my family, or I'll take you down. 

Massimo: Stay away from your family, hmm? Interesting. You still consider Brooke a part of your family, don't you? 

Eric: She's the mother of two of my children. 

Massimo: She's a knife right in Stephanie's heart. 

Eric: That's not the way you see it, though, is it?! To you, that's just an excuse to come on to my wife! 

Massimo: Brooke is the bane of her existence. 

Eric: That's her problem and mine. It's not yours! 

Massimo: And what are you doing about it, Eric? At least I could tell you what I'm doing about it! 

Eric: You're breaking the law, Massimo, and I could have you arrested for what you've done to Brooke! 

Massimo: But you won't. 

Eric: No, no, I won't because Stephanie and Taylor are involved. 

Massimo: Mm-hmm. Well, now, doesn't that tell you something, my friend? 

Eric: That tells me that you have to be stopped! I'm not gonna let my family get pulled into another scheme of yours. 

Massimo: And is this the way Stephanie sees it? I think not. 

Eric: Oh, come on, Massimo! It was just some stunt! A stunt that was just destined to fail. But that didn't matter, did it, because Stephanie was going to be impressed. Why, Brooke is gonna be out of town, and Ridge is gonna be separated from Brooke. And that makes you the hero. Until Brooke finds out, of course, which she inevitably will. And then when she comes back, Ridge is gonna see her as a victim. Why, you didn't solve Stephanie's problem. You made it worse! 

Massimo: At least I took some action, which is a hell of a lot more than you've done! 

Eric: Oh, come on, you were rash! You were reckless! The fallout from what you've done is gonna hurt everybody -- Stephanie, Ridge, Taylor, Brooke, her father! Everyone's gonna get hurt by this except for you. And when things get hot for you, you'll just turn tail and get outta town. 

Massimo: I'll never abandon Stephanie. 

Eric: Well, you're not gonna have to, Massimo, because she's gonna tell you to get the hell out! She's not gonna have anything to do with you when all of this fails. 

Massimo: Well, then you don't have anything to worry about, do you, Eric, I mean, if this scenario plays out the way you say it will? 

Eric: You know what? I'm not worried. I'm -- I'm furious. You've pushed me to my limit. My family's everything to me. I'm not gonna let you destroy them, not ever. 


Stephanie: Taylor, you knew it was going to take something drastic to get rid of Brooke. 

Taylor: But not like this. Look, I agree that Brooke is a problem. Okay? She is sick. She is mental. She's completely immoral. She's a total embarrassment to her children. 

Stephanie: Exactly. And that's why she'll stop at nothing to try and take your husband away. 

Taylor: She can try. She can try all she wants, but she can never have him, Stephanie. 

Stephanie: Brooke is always gonna be an issue for Ridge unless she's removed. 

Taylor: All right, well, this is where you and I have to agree to disagree. 

Stephanie: You know, I don't think you're taking this seriously. 

Taylor: Yes, I am! Are you kidding?! I am taking it so seriously, I panicked, and I went along with this! That's exactly what I did. I panicked. I would never condone something like this. A father lying to his own daughter, convincing her that he's dying? That is an outrage! 

Stephanie: Well -- and that's exactly how Ridge will see it. 

Taylor: Good, let him get furious. I hope it makes him realize how desperate I've become. I hope he gets absolutely livid. I hope it hits him like a ton of bricks and wakes him up. That's what he needs. He needs to wake up and know what this woman is capable of driving me to. 


Ridge: Logan, what you went through was hell. And it was wrong. And Massimo and mother are gonna pay for this. But, you know, at least we found out the truth. This whole thing could have dragged on for -- forever, indefinitely. 

Brooke: I would have stayed in Paris. I never would have left my father. Knowing that he was terminally ill? Ridge, that would have been the end for us. How are you gonna handle Taylor? She was responsible for this, Ridge, maybe as much as Stephanie and Massimo. She's the one who convinced me to go to Paris with my father. She was so persuasive. She was so concerned about me and Dad. "You have to go to Paris with him, Brooke. You just have to because he needs you and he's dying." And the whole time, she knew it was a lie. 

Ridge: I don't know what to say to you, Logan. I can only apologize for Taylor's part in this. 

Brooke: I know how much she hates me. But to be involved in something so brutally cruel -- 

Ridge: It's so unlike her. 

Brooke: But she had to know I would find out eventually. My dad wasn't even sick. How long did she think it would take me to suspect something? I guess it didn't matter to her because, as long as I thought dad was dying, I'd be there by his side.   [Brooke sighs] you're right. This would have gone on indefinitely. 

Ridge: We're gonna get you home. I just hope, someday, you'll be able to put all this behind you. 

Brooke: My relationship with my dad -- that's something different all together. 

Ridge: Yeah, I shouldn't even try and defend him. 

Brooke: Because you can't. 

Ridge: But the truth is the guy should never have been put in this position in the first place. He's had financial troubles all of his life. He's always considered me a threat to your happiness. This was a chance for him to get rid of his two biggest problems. 

Brooke: By betraying his daughter? 

Ridge: I don't think he thought about it that way. I think he honestly thought he was doing you a big favor. 

Brooke: Oh, that's twisted. 

Ridge: The point is your dad's not the bad guy here -- at least not the only bad guy. I wish I could say the same thing about my wife. 

Brooke: She had help. 

Ridge: No, she should have put a stop to this the moment she found out about it. I keep thinking back to that talk she gave you in your office, urging you to go to Paris. You would never have forgiven yourself if you hadn't been there with your father when he died. And she was so persuasive, convincing you to do what we thought was obviously so right. Only it wasn't right at all. It was manipulative, deceitful. That my wife could do something like this -- so completely unbelievable to me. 


Taylor: Stephanie, please, would you stop worrying about this? I'll handle it. 

Stephanie: I wish I had your confidence. 

Taylor: It's not the end of the world. 

Stephanie: Taylor, give it a couple of days. I think it'll blow over. 

Taylor: Stephanie, it doesn't matter how long I wait! The truth is going to come out eventually. And the longer I wait, the worse it will be when Ridge does find out. Look, we made a mistake, okay? But it's nothing that can't be fixed. The only way out of this is to tell the truth. It's the right thing to do. Ridge will understand. 

Stephanie: Where was all this confidence in your marriage before? 

Taylor: Well, obviously, I didn't have it a day or two ago. But last night, the kids climbed in the bed with me, and they fell asleep. And I just sat there and started looking at them. And I just started remembering everything -- the day they were born, their birthdays, everything Ridge and I have together. And then I thought about Brooke. And it just suddenly all seemed so obvious. Brooke has absolutely nothing to offer Ridge. Nothing! She's a cheap thrill, and that's it. Ridge would never choose that over me and the children and our family and everything we have together. He would never give all that up over Brooke. So I just decided I'm gonna sit down with Ridge when he comes in from Paris and I'm -- I'm telling him the truth. And I'll take my medicine. I -- I deserve a good lecture. I know that. But, Stephanie, I want you to listen to me and trust me when I tell you there is not a chance in the world Ridge is going to leave me over this. 


Massimo: Your family? Who is your family, Eric? Or more to the point, who isn't?! You've had children with Stephanie, with Brooke. You had a marriage to a madwoman, Sheila Carter, a second marriage to Stephanie...

Eric: If you're trying to make a point, I don't see it. 

Massimo: The point is that you do a lot of talking about your family as if they matter but your actions speak otherwise. You're a farce! 

Eric: Who are you to pass judgment on me? 

Massimo: I'm not passing judgment on you, Eric. I'm simply stating a fact. 

Eric: You have no right to talk about family. 

Massimo: Because you think I'm trying to hurt them, hmm? 

Eric: Exactly, I do. 

Massimo: Well, you're wrong. I'm trying to save your family, Eric! At least I take some action, which is a lot more than you've ever done. 

Eric: Yes, well, you took action, and what's the result of that action? You know, when Brooke and Ridge put this thing together, they're gonna be closer than ever. And who do we have to thank for that? Who does Stephanie have to thank for that? You buried yourself, Massimo. You buried yourself. I just hope you haven't done the same to Ridge and Taylor. 


Brooke: I'm sorry for what this is doing to you. 

Ridge: Of all the people in the world to get involved in something like this -- Taylor had so much integrity. That was her strongest trait. It's one of the main reasons -- 

Brooke: Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe she wasn't really involved. 

Ridge: No, she knew what was goin' on. 

Brooke: Well, she was pretty insecure. 

Ridge: What, now, you're defending her? 

Brooke: No. She destroyed my relationship with my father. I'm just saying I'm sure she had a reason to do that. 

Ridge: There's no reason to justify this, Logan, none. 

Brooke: Taylor, Stephanie and Massimo, they saw it coming. They knew they had to prevent us from getting closer, and the only way to do that was to separate us before something happened. 

Ridge: But the end doesn't justify the means here. I don't care how close we were becoming. I'd expect this from Massimo or even mother. Taylor? She doesn't have a cruel bone in her body, Logan, and that's why I've always had so much respect for her. For her to do something like this just -- changes everything. It just changes everything. That's all. 

Brooke: I'm sorry she disappointed you. 

Ridge: Hey -- I'm sorry she put you through so much pain. 


Stephanie: Well, I'm -- I'm glad you finally got your footing back. I just -- I just don't want you to underestimate Ridge's reaction to all of this. 

Taylor: Believe me, I'm not. Okay? I just want you to remember, no matter what happens today, this is not going to rip my family apart. If anything, it'll make Ridge realize that Brooke is capable of pushing me to any limit.   [Phone ringing] okay. Hello? 

Ridge: Taylor, it's me. 

Taylor: Hi, sweetheart. 

Ridge: Look, we're on our final descent into L.A. 

Taylor: That's great. 

Ridge: Are the kids there? 

Taylor: Yeah, they're out in the yard with Catherine. 

Ridge: Tell Catherine to take them to the park or somewhere for a while. 

Taylor: Why? 

Ridge: I wanna talk 

to you. And I wanna talk to you alone. 

Taylor: Ridge, is everything all right? 

Ridge: No. No, everything is not all right. 

[Phone hangs up]