The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 10/4/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Becky

 Jacques: I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Most people don't have access to this area. We are actually above the observation deck.

Brooke: Jacques, please, you told me you were gonna take me home.

Jacques: And I will. But I want you to see something.

Brooke: I don't think we should be up here.

Jacques: Oh, it's okay. I know the head of security. I have special permission.

Brooke: That's really very nice. I'm just not in the mood.

Jacques: Viola! Paris, as you've never seen it before -- from the very top of the Eiffel tower.

Brooke: Oh, Jacques. It's beautiful.

Jacques: Isn't it? I knew you'd love it.

[Jacques thinking] thank you, Monsieur Marone. I think I'm going to enjoy this assignment.


Robert: Here you are, gentlemen.

Ridge: Thank you, Robert.

Thorne: Thanks, Robert.

Ridge: You sure you wanna do this here?

Thorne: Yeah, we've been working late at forester all week. I'm tired of take out.

Ginger: Excuse me. May I get you something from the bar?

Ridge: Ginger, no. But I tell you what -- why don't you just bring us a couple of New York steaks, medium rare, two Caesar salads and a bottle of your best '97 cab. Is that all right?

Thorne: Sounds great. Thank you, Ginger.

Ridge: So I talked to Brooke. She likes the designs. She wants me to recheck the swatches.

Thorne: How is she?

Ridge: The situation with her dad has got her really stressed.

 Thorne: Yeah, I know. I still can't believe he's dying. I mean, Brooke and him are so close.

 Ridge: I know she made the right decision, going there to be with him.

 Thorne: Yeah, she did.

 Ridge: There's mother.

 Thorne: Well, what she doing here? And who is that man?


 Beth: Stephen? I thought you were having dinner with Brooke.

 Stephen: Change in plans. She has a date.

 Beth: With whom? Someone from the office?

 Stephen: No, it's a blind date. He's a nice guy. Don't worry.

 Beth: How do you know he's a nice guy? Does this have something to do with Massimo Marone? Did he set this up?

 Stephen: Brooke needs to get her mind off of Ridge.

 Beth: So you set her up with one of his henchmen?

 Stephen: You don't have to make it sound so sinister.

 Beth: It is sinister, Stephen! It's despicable! This man pays you all this money, and you have to do whatever he asks. Why is he so determined to keep Brooke in Paris?

 Stephen: He's trying to protect Ridge's family.

 Beth: Why does he even care about the Forresters?

 Stephen: I think he may still be in love with Stephanie.


 Stephanie: How can you be so confident when it all seems to be unraveling?

 Massimo: A minor complication, nothing more.

 Stephanie: The loss of the business card is "a minor complication"?

 Massimo: A dead end.

 Stephanie: Mass, Ridge has already connected it to Stephen. Now, if he figures out somehow that Taylor is involved in this, it'll just be disastrous.

 Massimo: Stephanie, that card is not a threat to your son's marriage. Brooke Logan is, and I assure you, she's being taken care of.


 Jacques: The city of lights. It is magic, no?

 Brooke: It's lovely.

 Jacques: There is l'arc de triumph.

 Brooke: Mm-hmm.

 Jacques: And over there, the champs Elise. Notre dame. All of Paris spread out before you like a feast. The most romantic city in the world. And tonight, Brooke Logan, it is yours.

 Brooke: Thank you, Jacques. It's really very sweet of you to bring me up here.

 Jacques: It is my pleasure.

 Brooke: And Ithink we should go down now.

 Jacques: But why? It's so private here, so intimate. Let's talk, get to know one another.

 Brooke: I'm really very tired.

 Jacques: You are beautiful. You are as beautiful as this view.

 Brooke: I want to go. Please, take me home.

 Jacques: No. You are not going home.


 Ridge: I don't believe it.

 Thorne: What?

 Ridge: That guy. I can't remember his name. I saw him at Forrester before mother got home from Europe.

 Thorne: Oh, you know what? Who is he, Ridge?

 Ridge: He's in shipping. He and mother went to school together, I guess, and apparently, they used to date.

 Thorne: You're kidding?

 Ridge: Dad told me about that. It happened before he and mother met.

 Thorne: Well, what's he doing here?

 Ridge: I don't know. But it doesn't look like they're having a happy reunion.

 Thorne: No, it doesnít. What do you think's going on, Ridge?


 Stephanie: When you say that Brooke Logan is being taken care of, I'd like to know how.

 Massimo: No, you donít.

 Stephanie: Yes, I do. Mass, the well-being of my family's at stake.

 Massimo: Stephanie, listen to me, please. We're old friends, from childhood for goodness sake. Have I ever done anything to hurt you? Have I ever let you down in any way?

 Stephanie: No.

 Massimo: Do you trust me?

 Stephanie: Yes, mass, I trust you, but Taylor needs more reassurance than just that. I mean, if this backfires, it will just have a disastrous effect on her marriage. Massimo: I am not gonna let that happen. If she only relaxes -- that's all she has to do, have a little patience, and she'll never have to deal with Brooke Logan again.

 Stephanie: Mass, Taylor is a decent and honorable woman. If Brooke hadn't threatened the marriage, she wouldn't even dream of being involved in something like this.

 Massimo: Well then, for her best interest, I am certainly not gonna explain the details of this operation to her. You know, there's no reason for either one of you to be involved in this. You just tell your daughter-in-law to relax. Brooke Logan has finally met her match.

 Taylor: Better yet, why don't you tell her yourself?

 Stephanie: Taylor, what are you doing here?

 Taylor: Stephanie, I told you -- I don't wanna be a part of this. I want you to stop it right now. I want you to call Stephen Logan and tell him the whole thing is off. I can't do this anymore.


 Ridge: Thanks, Ginger.

 Thorne: Thanks. Ridge, look.

 Ridge: What?

 Thorne: It's Taylor.


 Beth: You're lying to our daughter because this man, Marone, is in love with Stephanie?

Stephen: Massimo is trying to save Ridge and Taylorís marriage.

 Beth: By using you?!

 Stephen: We're working together.

 Beth: Is it worth it, Stephen?! Was it worth the money by selling our daughter out?!

 Stephen: It's a date, Beth. It's a date!

 Beth: Do you know who the man is?!

 Stephen: No, I've never talked to him.

 Beth: Do you have any idea where they're going, when they'll be back? Do you know what's happening to her? Do you care?!

 Stephen: Of course, I care! I love Brooke. Why do you think I'm going through all this?!

 Beth: You're drunk, Stephen. You're drunk with the money. You've lost your morals. You've lost your integrity. You sold it for $5 million.

 Stephen: That money is gonna save this family. Brooke doesn't need the Foresters anymore. The logins can take care of themselves.

 Beth: Do you have any idea where our daughter is right now? Because if anything happens to her -- anything!

 Stephen: Nothing is going to happen!

 Beth: How can you be sure?

 Stephen: I just am!


[Sirens wailing]

 Brooke: Jacques, my parents are waiting for me at home. I really appreciate you bringing me up here. I really do, but I  wanna go.

 Jacques: I told you, you are not going anywhere.

[church bells ringing]

 Jacques: But our evening together has just begun.

 Brooke: This evening is over. I want to go home.

 Jacques: No, not yet.

 Brooke: Now, Jacques. I'm not kidding.

 Jacques: You must be kidding, to even suggest spending this magic night at home. Let's go have something to eat. I know this romantic little restaurant up in Montparnasse.

 Brooke: I don't know what my father told you. But I'm really not interested in dating. The truth is, I'm in love with somebody, a man back in the states.

 Jacques: Ah, please, Brooke. Stop running away from me. I know we've just met, but I feel that there could be something wonderful. Forget about the past. Start your life over again with somebody new, with somebody who adores you. Hmm?


 Thorne: Did you ask Taylor to meet you here?

 Ridge: No.

 Thorne: Well, maybe she wanted to surprise you.

 Ridge: Then what's she doing over at mother's table?

 Taylor: Look, I'm sorry. I know that you' gone through a lot of trouble to get Brooke out of town, and I'm grateful for that. But don't want to be the vicious hummingbird like you suggested I should be.

 Stephanie: What are you talking about?

 Taylor: No, listen. Listen. Nobody wanted Brooke out of here more than I did.

 Taylor: I would have done absolutely anything to get her out of my life and protect my family, but I do have limits. What we've done here, we've really crossed the line, okay? And Stephanie already knows exactly how I feel. She also knows exactly how her son will react if he finds out.

 Stephanie: Taylor, the card is useless.

 Massimo: The number has already been disconnected.

 Stephanie: Mass has taken care of everything. You don't have anything to be concerned about.

 Taylor: Why aren't the two of you listening to me? Listen to me. I can't do this. I don't want to do it. It's too risky. I want you to call it off.

 Massimo: We will not do that.

 Stephanie: Look, you're just upset. You've had a very trying day.

 Taylor: Why don't you listen? Listen to what I'm telling you. It's wrong. It's wrong. Brooke believes her father is dying, okay? I don't want to be a part of that. We have turned her life upside down.

 Massimo: And given half the opportunity she would do much worse to yours. Taylor, would you please listen to me? This woman is a predator. All right? She will prey on your weakness, your vulnerabilities. In order to defeat her, you have to be strong. If you give up, if you give in to your fears, then Brooke is going to exploit them. And she's going to use this to turn Ridge against you.

 Stephanie: Don't give her that kind of ammunition.

 Taylor: Now, you're telling me we can't turn back, there's no way out of this? There's no turning back!

 Massimo: What I am telling you is that you must be patient. Try to relax, do you understand me? Everything is going to be all right. I promise you, when I am finished with Brooke Logan, she's never gonna be a problem to anybody again.


 Thorne: Ridge? Come on, man, we have a hell of a lot of work to do.

 Ridge: Taylor's still talking to mother and that guy.

 Thorne: Well, she'll be over here in a second. She just stopped by to say hello.

 Ridge: Does that look like "hello" to you? Something heavy's going down over there, Thorne. I'm going to find out what it is.

 Thorne: Ridge, wait, okay. Let mom handle it.

 Ridge: I don't trust the guy, Throne. Did dad tell you he thinks the guy's involved in organized crime.

 Thorne: No, he didn't.

 Ridge: I don't think Taylor has a clue of what she's getting mixed up in?


 Stephanie: Taylor, let me take you home.

 Taylor: I have my own car.

 Massimo: No, you shouldn't be alone.

 Stephanie: I think you should come to my house and just stay with me until you calm down.

 Taylor: I'm fine. I'm fine, okay? I might even stay and have a bite to eat.

 Massimo: No, no, no. I think it's best that you go home. And it's probably the better part of valor if the three of us are not seen together.

 Stephanie: Mass is right. Let's go. And you don't have to worry. Everything is under control.

 Taylor: All right, let's go. Let's just go.

 Stephanie: Thank you, mass.

 Massimo: Don't worry.

 Ginger: Here you go, sir.

 Massimo: Thank you. Thank you.


 Ridge: Mother and Taylor just left. She wasn't here to see me.

 Thorne: That just doesn't make any sense, Ridge.

 Ridge: No, it doesn't. Ginger! Excuse me. The gentleman over there having dinner with my mother, do you happen to know his name?

 Ginger: I believe the gentleman's name is Massimo Marone. Well, let me check. Uh -- he just signed it with an "m."

 Ridge: With an "m"? May I see that?

 Ginger: Yes, sir.

 Ridge: Thank you, ginger.

 Thorne: Ridge? What is it?

 Ridge: Stephen Logan dropped this card in Brookeís office. He told her it was from his hotel.

 Thorne: So?

 Ridge: So he's obviously lying. Brooke's father has something to do with that guy, some connection.

 Thorne: How?

 Ridge: I don't know. But I don't like it. I don't like it one bit.

 Massimo: Excuse me.

 Ridge: We need to talk.

 Massimo: What can I do for you, Ridge?


 Beth: Call her, Stephen. Tell broke to come home.

 Stephen: She's fine, Beth. You're overreacting.

 Beth: She's out there right now with a total stranger. You set it up! How could you, Stephen?! How could you put my baby in danger?!


 Brooke: Jacques! What are you doing?!

 Jacques: Don't fight it, Brooke. Forget about this man. He does not appreciate you. Be with me tonight.

[Struggling sounds]

 Brooke: No! I want to go home!

 Jacques: Listen to me, Brooke. I know all about this man in the states. He has his own family. He's in love with his wife. He will never be able to be with you. You must let him go. This is your new life here. Paris.

[Brooke breathing heavily] let me show you how to forget him. He will never be yours. Never. Never!

 Brooke: Oh, God, no. No, that's not true!

[Brooke screaming]

 Jacques: No-o-o-o-o!