The Bold & The Beautiful Wednesday 10/31/01

By Linda
Proofread by Becky

Kristen: Look, I don't know what you are trying to do, but you are wasting your time. I don't care what's on that tape. It is not going to change the way I feel about Tony.

Clarke: Yes, it will. Once you see this tape, your infatuation with Tony Dominguez will be over.


Betsy: Guys, I cannot believe we all made it. Kappa deltas!

Lisa: Was there ever any doubt?

Julie: No way. It's just too bad for Betsy. Shakespeare's not into sorority girls.

Bridget: Who?

Julie: Keith from English.

Bridget: Ooh, you have a crush on Keith?

Lisa: Oh, please. That whole brooding poet thing is just so 1990s.

Julie: Yeah, if you're into the brainy, sensitive type.

Betsy: Well, hey, at least Keith knows how to act around girls, not like those Neanderthals that you keep drooling over.

Bridget: Ooh.

Julie: He asked you out, didn't he?

Betsy: You bet he did.


Bridget: Congrats, that's great.

Betsy: Look, I know it probably seems really stupid to you, Bridget. You know, getting so crazy over some college guy.

Bridget: No, it doesn't sound stupid. Keith's really nice.

Julie: Come on, Bridget. You're not into nice.

Bridget: Yes, I am.

Julie: I loved the ultimate bad boy.

Bridget: No, no, no, no. Deacon's not bad. It's just an image. Deep down, he is a very caring, sensitive man.

Lisa: Right. And I'm the queen of England.

Bridget: I'm serious. Deacon is a wonderful husband. There's nothing he wouldn't do for me.


Brooke: You're holding her back, Deacon. Dragging this out is only going to make it more painful.

Deacon: I'm not dragging this out. You think I like this? I don't want to ruin your daughter's life. I don't want to hurt her.

Brooke: Well, then do the right thing!

Deacon: You're insane! Listen to yourself. "Do the right thing. Leave her alone. Let her go. Do it on my schedule. Do it my way!" What do you want from me?!

Brooke: I want what's best for her.

Deacon: Hey, hey. You listen to me, lady, all right? I still happen to be her husband. And this marriage isnít over until I say it's over! You got that?


Tony: Wait a minute. Do you think Eric Forrester would really kidnap his own daughter? I don't think so. I'm calling the cops.

Sally: No, donít. Wait a minute.

Tony: Wait a minute? What are you talking about? My fiancťe has been abducted, Sally.

Sally: I don't think so. This doesn't sound like an abduction or a kidnapping. To me it sounds like an intervention.

Tony: Behind this?

Sally: I think there's only one way for us to find out. Come on.


Kristen: Clark, I mean it. I do not care what is on that tape.

Clark: Kristen, you can't keep living in this fairy tale world of yours. Tony is not your prince charming.

Kristen: Yes, he is. And we're engaged. I love him, and we are going to be married. And nothing on that tape is going to change my mind.

Eric: Kristen, you may not feel that way after you see this tape. Now, come on, honey, sit down.

Clarke:  All right. Look at this.

Kristen: What is this?

Clarke: This is your future.

Eric: Honey, this man is in the final stages of AIDS. His HIV is out of control. His t-cells are gone. His viral load is just off the chart. His body is being ravaged by opportunistic disease.

Clarke: Pneumonia, Kaposiís sarcoma, Toxoplasmosis.

Kristen: So, what, you're trying to scare me?

Eric: No. Honey, we're trying to get you to face reality. The man you want to marry has HIV.

Clark: Tony's anti-viral drugs are effective now. But what if he builds up resistance? What if the side effects get to him?  If his condition deteriorates, you won't be his wife, you'll be his nurse.

Eric: Oh, honey, you want to have a physical, intimate relationship. But what if you make a mistake? What if -- I mean, one moment of recklessness and this could end up being your fate as well. Look at this.

Clark: Look at that poor human being suffering like no one should. Is that what you picture for your future?


Lisa: What's it like being married to Deacon? I mean, he seems so mysterious.

Bridget: I don't know what you want me to say.

Lisa: Tell us everything!

Bridget: Deacon is amazing. He's encouraging and supportive. And he's so generous. He would do anything to make me happy.

Betsy: Yeah, but what's he really like? You know, I've been in the house a couple of times. I've just said hi, but Iíve never really talked to him.He's the strong, silent type.

Bridget: Sometimes. But if you guys could just see him with his son. The way Eric makes him smile, it's like all the darkness just evaporates.

Julie: What's the deal with that? Is that just part of the image?

Bridget: Well, Deacon's complicated. I mean, he didn't really grow up the way we did. He had to be tough. But he can be so incredibly sweet. Actually, earlier tonight he really wanted us to take a long walk on the beach. And I don't know, I got kind of worried. I thought maybe he wanted to talk about us or something was wrong. But that wasn't it. He just wanted to hold hands.

Bridget: It was so beautiful. Deacon is -- he's so good to me. I just feel completely safe with him.


Brooke: I don't believe this. I thought we understood each other!

Deacon: Brooke, I understand that you're upset, all right? I understand that you're worried and that you're frustrated about Bridget. But you know what? So am I. And you're not the one who's going to be looking into those big, innocent eyes. I am. You know, it's like in my head, I keep thinking to myself, "just say it, man. Just say it. Bridget, I want a divorce." But you know what? I can't do it! I can't bring myself to say it, because I know what it's going to do to her. You guys all think it's so easy, don't you? That I could just trash this marriage like it doesn't mean anything to me. Well, you know what? It does! And she does! And I can't do it! I just can't bring myself to do it!


[Pounding on door]

Tony: Kristen! Kristen, open up!

[Pounding on door]

Sally: Eric, Stephanie! We know you're in there, so you might as well open the door. We know about Kristen, too. You can't keep her locked up forever! So please, open the door!

[Pounding on door] we're not going anywhere until you do!

[Fervent knocking at door]

Stephanie: Yes! Yes! All right! Who's there? Who's there?

Sally: Sally Spectra!

Stephanie: Sally?

Tony: Where is she, Mrs. Forrester?

Stephanie: What's going on here?

Sally: Don't try with me? Where have you got her? Is she upstairs locked in her room?

Stephanie: What the hell are you talking about?

Tony: Kristen, in the limousine.

Sally: That was a dead giveaway, Stephanie. If you're going to kidnap a Forrester, make sure you do it in style, huh?

Stephanie: Kidnap? Are you saying my daughter's been kidnapped?

Tony: What? You haven't seen her?

Stephanie: No!

Sally: Don't try to deny it! Oh, come on, Stephanie. This little caper has your fingerprints all over it. You don't approve of the fact that your daughter Kristen is deeply in love with this young man and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. What she wants doesn't matter to you! You don't approve of it, so you're willing to do anything you can think of to try and break it up, to pull any dirty trick you can! Well, none of it is going to work because nothing is going to separate that girl from her fiancť.

Tony: That's right. Kristen and I are engaged.


Kristen: Turn it off.

Clarke: No, no, no, no. You have to see this.

Kristen: No, I've seen enough. Dad, I don't need you to show me what AIDS is like. I've done the research. So I don't need you to show me what could happen to my fiancť. I know.

Eric: I don't want to torture you with these pictures. I don't want to be cruel to you. I just want you to -- I don't know how else to get through to you. HIV -- this virus is not something you and Tony can overcome.

Clarke: You have to listen to your father, Kristen. You can't romanticize this. Tony is HIV positive. You can never have a normal relationship with him. And to pretend that you can is not only foolish, it could be deadly.

Kristen: Itís is none of your business.

Clarke: Kristen, I care about you. And I can't bear knowing that this could happen to you.


Lisa: You guys would walk on the beach?

Bridget: Yeah.

Julie: Holding hands?

Bridget: Oh, God. I know it sounds really cheesy, huh?

Betsy: No, I think it sounds wonderful.

Lisa: Sure. It just doesn't sound like deacon.

Bridget: Well, you guys just don't know what he's really like.

Julie: You have to admit, he's kind of intense.

Lisa: Yeah, like at the party, he didn't talk to anybody.

Lisa: Well, I wouldn't know what to say. What do you guys talk about?

Bridget: See, that's one of the great things about being married. You guys know when you're dating it's always talk, talk, talk, let's make conversation. But we don't have to do that anymore. It's weird. Deacon and I haven't been married that long, but we've been through so much. It's just brought us closer together. We are totally in sync now. We don't have to dissect our feelings. He's my husband, and I'm his wife. That's never going to change.

[Girls all "aw"]



Brooke: it's difficult for me, too.

Deacon: Yeah, well, you're not the one who has to tell her it's over.

Brooke: Well, I would if I could. Because I know it's what she needs. It's what you need as well.

Deacon: You're acting as if this marriage is some terrible thing. Brooke, you know, we get along fine.

Brooke: You guys are just roommates. You're sharing a house. You're not making a home. You're going through the motions. And you deserve better than that. So does she.

Deacon: Oh, please. Don't give me that. You don't give a rat's ass about me, all right? You just want me out of your daughter's life.

Brooke: This is my daughter's life. But I don't think I have to con you for that. We've discussed this. We came to an agreement. Now we just have to figure out how to reach that goal.

Deacon: Well, reaching that goal isn't the only question for me, Brooke. Let's say I go ahead and do this, all right? Let's say I end the marriage. Bridget's going to hate me. The rest of your family is going to hate me. I mean, not like they don't already. And what's this going to do with me and little D, huh? Am I going to even be able to see my son? Have you stopped for one second to consider that?

Brooke: Deacon, nobody in this family supports your marriage. So if you leave Bridget, we're not going to be angry. We'll be grateful.

Deacon: This is absurd. I make a commitment to your daughter and you hate me. I break her heart, and Iím a hero.

Brooke: There's nothing heroic about it. You did something terrible by marrying Bridget. And now you have a chance to redeem yourself.

Deacon: And it doesn't bother you in the least that this is going to devastate her?

Brooke: Yes. Of course it bothers me. Nobody wants to see Bridget hurt -- nobody in this family. And you've put us in an impossible situation. We begged you to leave her alone, and you wouldnít. You used Bridget for revenge.

Deacon: All right, fine. Look, I'll admit it, all right? The way that we got married, it was a mistake. Brooke, I never intended for it to last that long. But that's because that's how she wanted it. All right? She forgave me, and we've moved on.

Brooke: You're not moving forward. You're not growing in a relationship. You two, you're not in love.

Deacon: She is.

Brooke: Deacon, she's 18 years old! Love to her at that age --

Deacon: No, no, wait a minute. Don't give me that stuff about infatuation; because you said it yourself, she is devoted to me, Brooke. And you want me to take that devotion and just betray her with it? She stayed with me because she made a gut decision based on her instincts, all right? How do you want to tell her that the decision she made is wrong? That's going to mess her up.

Brooke: Yes, it is. It's going to shake her confidence. But isn't it going to be worse if she wakes up to that same realization in a month, or maybe in a year? Deacon, I am asking you to spare her that regret. I understand that this is hard for you. But the pain that she's gonna experience from your divorce is nothing compared to the anguish of looking back and realizing that she wasted the best years of her life.

Deacon: all right.

Brooke: You'll end this marriage?

Deacon: Yeah. First thing tomorrow, I'll tell her I want a divorce.


Stephanie: Let's just stop for a moment and back up, please. First you're telling me about engagements? Then you're telling me about kidnappings. What the hell is going on?

Sally: Oh, come on, Stephanie. You want me to give it to you in chapter and verse? All right! We were having a lovely dinner party over at Las Olas restaurant in honor of the romance between Antonio and Kristen. Eric sent a limousine to that party. And after dinner, when Antonio and Kristen left the party they got into that limousine and drove away. They got to Antonioís house. He got out of the car. And before he could reach in to get Kristen, the limousine sped away.

Stephan: Kristen has actually been kidnapped?

Tony: Look, Mrs. Forrester, your husband has been telling me to stay away from your daughter. Obviously, he found out about the proposal.

Sally: And naturally we thought he would bring Kristen here.

Stephanie: Well, she's not here. She's not here. I'm going to call the police.

Sally: No, Stephanie, don't do that please. Don't do it. I'm absolutely convinced that Eric is behind this. I haven't got a doubt about that in my mind.

Stephanie: What are you talking about? You're telling me that my husband has kidnapped his own daughter. Why would he do that? She lives here. If he wanted to talk to her, he would do it here.

Tony: Your daughter wasn't coming home tonight. She was going to stay with me. Look, I'm sorry, Mrs. Forrester. I never meant to cause problems in your family. But the reality is I love your daughter and your daughter loves me. We're going to get married. And there's nothing that you or your husband can do about it.


Clarke: Kristen --

Kristen: Don't talk to me.

Eric: Honey, Clarke came down here tonight because he's concerned about you. We both are.

Kristen: You didn't have to do this. You could have just talked to me.

Clarke: We tried that. You wouldn't listen.

Kristen: So you do this? You kidnap me and force me to watch this video? What are you trying to do? Deprogram me?

Clarke:   We're not trying to turn you against Tony. He's a very big part of your life. I understand that. And what's happening to him is a tragedy, honey. But, sweetheart, there's no cure. There's no vaccine. Science has been trying for 20 years to fight this plague and they haven't been able to do it. You listen to me. As much as you love Tony, there's nothing you can do. You and Tony can't overcome his HIV.

Clarke: You can be there for him. You can support him. But you can never stop the progression of this disease.

Eric: You can't save him, honey. But if you break off this engagement, you can save yourself.