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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 10/8/01

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Ridge: Hey, Beth.

Brooke: Ridge.

Ridge: Hey, Logan.

Stephen: Hello, Ridge.

Ridge: Stephen. How are you doing?

Stephen: Well, we had quite a scare.

Ridge: Yeah, I'll bet.

Brooke: Everybody can stop worrying about me now. I'm fine.

Beth: I made some tea for you, Brooke. Can I get it?

Brooke: Thanks, Mom.

Beth: Ridge?

Ridge: No, thank you.

Stephen: So, Ridge, how's your family?

Ridge: We're all -- we're all well.

Stephen: And your beautiful wife?

Ridge: She's fine, thank you.

Stephen: It must be hard for you leaving them all behind.

Brooke: Dad.

Stephen: I was just making conversation.

Beth: Well, I don't think Ridge came to see us. Why don't we give them some privacy?

Stephen: I don't think he'd want to kick us out of our own home, now would you, Ridge?

Ridge: No. As a matter of fact, I'd like to ask both of you about this guy Jacques.

Stephen: We have a mutual friend who thought he would be a good match for Brooke. We haven't actually met the man.

Ridge: Didn't you say he knew your dad?

Brooke: Well, that's what he claimed. Look, I don't want to keep going over this.

Stephen: And neither do I. Brooke is going to be all right, and that's all that matters. And Jacques is gone now, and he's not coming back.

Beth: You don't know that, Stephen.

Ridge: Look, am I the only one that has a really weird feeling about all of this?

Stephen: What do you mean, "weird feeling"?

Ridge: Have you ever heard the name Massimo Marone?

Brooke: Who is he?

Ridge: He's someone my mother grew up with. I guess they've kept in touch all these years. He's been hanging around a lot lately. Do you remember that card I told you about, the one I found in your office the day you left?

Brooke: Yes.

Ridge: This is it. This is his card.

Brooke: Are you sure?

Ridge: He admitted it, but he wouldn't tell me why it wound up in your office. That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Stephen. You said the number on this card was from your hotel, but it isn't. This is Massimo Marine's card. What's his connection to you?

Stephanie: She's not home.

Massimo: You've got to get ahold of her before Ridge does. [Door slams]

Taylor: I'm right here, and you're not going to like what I have to say.

Stephanie: You've talked to Ridge?

Taylor: Not yet, but I'm going to. He has to know the truth.

Stephanie: Oh, Taylor, Taylor --

Massimo: I was under the impression that you would do anything to protect your marriage -- and your children, of course.

Taylor: I would. I would do anything for them.

Massimo: Then why are you carrying on like this?

Taylor: Except become a person I don't like. Because you know what? In the long run, that will destroy my marriage and my children faster than Brooke ever could.

Stephanie: Taylor, there may not be a long run if you tell -- if you tell Ridge your participation in all of this.

Taylor: Well, he's going to find out anyway. Thorne already knows.

Stephanie: How the hell did Thorne find out?!

Taylor: I told him.

Stephanie: Oh, God!

Massimo: Oh, my --

Taylor: All right, I can't do this, okay?!

Massimo: Are you prepared to face the consequences, Taylor, of losing your husband, having your children grow up without their father?

Taylor: I have to hope my marriage is stronger than that.

Massimo: Oh, oh, oh, oh. Are you sure hope is enough?

Stephanie: I'm going to take care of Thorne. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Taylor: Stephanie, Ridge already saw us last night. He knows something's going on.

Stephanie: I don't care. Listen to me and trust me. Because believe me when I tell you -- the worst thing in the world that could happen is that Ridge finds out the truth.

Stephen: I have no idea what you're trying to suggest, but you have no right to do this, flying over here and playing the knight in shining armor.

Brooke: Dad --

Ridge: Stephen, I'm just concerned about your daughter.

Stephen: Are you leaving your wife?

Ridge: What?

Stephen: It's a simple question, Ridge.

Brooke: Daddy, stop it!

Stephen: Because if you're not leaving your wife, you have no business here! Leading her on, filling her up with false hope. She thinks you care for her.

Beth: He does care for her!

Stephen: I'll handle this, Beth. The man should be ashamed of himself.

Beth: He should be ashamed?! He's trying to protect her!

Stephen: Well, what do you think I'm trying to do?!

Beth: I don't know. I don't think even you know anymore.

Brooke: Would everybody just calm down?!

Beth: Oh, honey -- honey, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for all of us.

Brooke: Mom, it's okay. I know you've been under an enormous strain with Dad being sick and my accident.

Beth: I have -- I have been under strain, Brooke, but it didn't have anything to do with your father's sickness.

Stephen: Beth?

Beth: You're right.

Stephen: Beth, I want to talk to you.

Beth: No. No! We can't go on like this. She was nearly killed!

Stephen: Look, she's fine -- better off than when she was in L.A.

Beth: How can you say that?!

Brooke: Will somebody please tell me what's going on here?

Ridge: What do you mean, I'm right?

Beth: About Stephen's connection with Massimo Marone.

Ridge: You know who he is?

Beth: He's the devil. Stephanie asked him to keep you and Brooke apart.

Ridge: How do you know all this?

Beth: Stephen told me.

Brooke: Daddy?

Beth: Tell her. Tell her, or I will.

Stephen: Honey -- I only had your best interests at heart.

Brooke: What are you talking about?

Stephen: Well, Massimo Marone -- he made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Brooke: I don't understand. What did he want you to do?

Stephen: To get you out of L.A. any way that I could.

Brooke: But --

Beth: Oh, it's horrifying. I'm so sorry this happened to all of us.

Brooke: Mom, what are you talking about?

Beth: He's not dying. He's not even sick.

Brooke: Dad, you're not dying? Your illness, it was all just a lie? Oh, my God, Daddy! Dad?

Stephen: Brooke -- Brooke --

Brooke: Oh! Oh, my God!

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