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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 10/5/01

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Jacques: No!

Eric: Well, hello.

Stephanie: Hello, darling. How'd your private showing for Ms. Buchanan go?

Eric: It went very well. I think she was very pleased.

Stephanie: Good.

Eric: Where were you?

Stephanie: Oh, I had dinner at the cafe ruses.

Eric: Really?

Stephanie: Taylor was with me. She's a little concerned about this situation with Brooke. She's worried that Ridge is going to put it all together.

Eric: What makes her think he might do that?

Stephanie: Well, he found Massimo's card with his phone number on it.

Eric: What?!

Stephanie: I guess Stephen must have either left it at Brooke's office or lost it there. But, I mean, there's no address or anything on the car, just a logo, an "M." But, you know, Taylor's really kind of concerned. She thinks that Ridge is going to put two and two together. Actually, I think that's rather unlikely.

Eric: Really? What does Massimo think? He was there, wasn't he?

Stephanie: Yes, he was there. [Eric sighs] so you're going to be angry now.

Eric: No, you know, I'm not angry. I'm frightened for you -- for us. He's got you lying to me. We're both lying to Ridge. He got Stephen Logan to tell his own daughter that he's dying! Look at this web of lies -- and all of it engineered by your friend of lo these many years. You know, I think he's very dangerous, and I think he's a big threat to all of us.

Maitre d': Mr. Forrester? Gentlemen, is there a problem here?

Ridge: No, not really.

Massimo: Are you sure? Perhaps you'd like to have me thrown out.

Ridge: No problem, Robert. Thank you.

Maitre d': Very well.

Massimo: Like father, like son. Eric had pretty much the same reaction when I talked to his wife.

Ridge: And what is going on between you and my mother?

Massimo: What an unchivalrous question. Your mother and I are old friends. She's probably told you about me over the years.

Ridge: Actually, never.

Massimo: Oh? Well, I'm sure if you ask her, she'll tell you that we go way back.

Ridge: But you don't go way back with my wife.

Massimo: No. I just met your lovely wife. Very charming.

Thorne: She didn't seem to find you too charming. As a matter of fact, she looked pretty upset to me.

Massimo: That had nothing to do with me.

Ridge: Then what did it have to do with?

Massimo: You -- and Brooke. Don't look so shocked. You know the strain that she's been under ever since Brooke has declared her intentions.

Thorne: So you're telling us Taylor came in here and poured her heart out to a virtual stranger?

Massimo: No. She poured her heart out to her mother-in-law. I just happened to be there.

Thorne: Yeah. Well, you've "happened" to be in a lot of places lately -- like Forrester Creations, the day that Brooke left. I saw you watching us.

Massimo: I was there to visit your mother. And it seemed like a very private moment, and I didn't want to intrude.

Thorne: Ah -- got an answer for everything, don't you?

Massimo: Apparently not one that will satisfy the two of you.

Ridge: Oh, I think I'm satisfied. Are you satisfied, Thorne?

Thorne: Not really.

Ridge: You said the gentleman has an answer for everything. You're right. But there is still one thing I'm curious about.

Massimo: What's that?

Ridge: This.

Beth: Brooke is not answering her phone.

Stephen: She's probably having too much fun.

Beth: We don't know where she is or who she's with.

Stephen: I told you, she's with one of Massimo's guys she'll be fine. Whoever he is, he's gotta be better than Ridge, right?

Beth: What if something happens to her?

Stephen: Massimo wouldn't let it.

Beth: That might be what he wants. He can't let Brooke go back to L.A. -- ever.

Stephen: He wouldn't hurt her, Beth. Come on. Stop being such a nervous Nellie about all this. She's probably having the time of her life. Here. Take it. Now relax. [Speaking French]

Tourist: She's alive! [Speaking French]

Ridge: Admit it. This is your card. It matches your signature, doesn't it?

Massimo: Yes.

Ridge: So what was this card doing in Brooke Logan's office?

Massimo: Brooke's? I have no idea.

Thorne: Suddenly he's out of answers.

Massimo: You're acting as if you have found my fingerprints on a murder weapon. It is simply a business card.

Ridge: No name, no address, just a toll-free number. You're hiding something.

Massimo: As far as I know, they have yet to make it illegal to lose track of one's cards.

Ridge: You didn't lose track of it. Stephen Logan lost track of it. Now, why would Stephen Logan have one of your cards?

Massimo: So pushy. So much like your father -- amazing.

Ridge: I'll take that as a compliment, thank you. I'd still like to know about the card.

Massimo: A beautiful wife waiting for you at home, three adoring children, and all you want to do is play at being a junior detective.

Ridge: Mr. Marone, I'm gonna get to the truth here, one way of the other.

Massimo: The truth is, you're a fool. You think a woman like Taylor is gonna hang around forever, not knowing where she stands?

Ridge: I'm not gonna stand in the middle of this restaurant and discuss my marriage with you.

Massimo: Of course not. Oh, that's right -- because you give her just enough to keep her from walking out the door. Well, let me tell you something, Ridge. There are plenty of men out there who would be willing to give much more, who would care for her happiness. And the day that she realizes that will be the day that you realize you have lost a treasure.

Thorne: That was strange.

Ridge: No, Thorne -- that was a deliberate attempt to change the subject by pushing my buttons. We're onto something big here. I can feel it.

Stephen: I thought I didn't like champagne. I just wasn't drinking the right stuff.

Beth: How much did that bottle cost?

Stephen: That's my Beth. Always looking for the best deal. It's okay. You can afford to live a little.

Beth: I've never seen you like this.

Stephen: What do you mean, successful?

Beth: You call this successful?

Stephen: No. Not compared to Eric Forrester. That's what you were doing, right? Comparing me to him?

Beth: Don't.

Stephen: Maybe that's where our daughter got it. Maybe you're responsible.

Beth: Responsible for what?

Stephen: Her inability to get over Forrester men. Learned it at her mother's knee.

Beth: You're drunk.

Stephen: No, I'm not. I'm honest.

Beth: Let me guess. I'm responsible for taking Massimo's money. Sold out our own daughter.

Stephen: I'm protecting her!

Beth: I am so sick of hearing that!

Stephen: You mark my words. She'll end up thanking me.

[Phone ringing]

Beth: Hello? Hospital?

Doctor: Let me know when the lab result will be here, okay? Thank you.

Jacques: Doctor, is she all right?

Doctor: Too soon to say. Are you family?

Jacques: No, we just met.

Doctor: And you came with her to the hospital?

Jacques: I had to find out how she was. Is she in a coma?

Doctor: No. Just unconscious. Hopefully, she'll come out of it soon.

Jacques: And then?

Doctor: And then we'll know more. What happened up there?

Jacques: She lost her balance.

Doctor: Were you arguing?

Jacques: No -- not at all.

Doctor: Are you sure she didn't have any help going over the side?

Jacques: I did not have to come down here.

Doctor: No. You're just being a Good Samaritan. You better hope her story is the same as yours.

Nurse: Doctor?

Doctor: Ms. Logan? Can you hear me?

Eric: You know, it just drives me crazy the way you think of Massimo, like he's some kind of avenging angel.

Stephanie: He got rid of Brooke. No one else could accomplish that.

Eric: At what cost?

Stephanie: Very little, from my point of view. A few white lies here and there, and she's out of our lives forever.

Eric: "White lies"? I don't think Ridge is gonna see it that way.

Stephanie: Well, that's why we're not going to tell him anything.

Eric: And what's that gonna do to Taylor? Keeping all this hidden from her husband?

Stephanie: Taylor will be a little bit uncomfortable. But that's a lot better than living in a state of hysteria, which she's been in for the past few weeks. At least she now knows her marriage is safe.

Eric: What about Brooke? How do we know she's safe?

Stephanie: Oh, who cares? Who cares about Brooke?

Eric: You can't -- Stephanie, you can't talk like that.

Stephanie: He knows I wouldn't stand for any kind of physical violence.

Eric: Listen to yourself. You know he's capable of violence. He knows that you won't stand for it.

Stephanie: Oh, Eric. If he was going to do her any harm, he would have already done it and saved himself a big hunk of money in the process. Is it possible -- is it just possible that you could put aside your personal feelings?

Eric: No, you put yours aside! You take this gratitude that you're feeling towards Massimo right now, you put that aside, and you see him for who he really is.

Doctor: Can you take a deep breath?

Brooke: Oh.

Doctor: You've got some bruised ribs.

Brooke: Oh, my head is pounding.

Doctor: Do you feel any numbing, tingling, weakness?

Brooke: No.

Doctor: Good.

Brooke: So does not mean I'm gonna be all right?

Doctor: Amazingly enough, yes. You were really lucky your fall was only 15 feet to the deck below. You can expect the headache to continue -- maybe some dizziness, nausea over the next few days. We'll keep you here overnight for observation. But all in all --

Brooke: I guess I got off easy, huh?

Doctor: Which is good news for you.

Brooke: Who are you talking to?

Doctor: The fellow that was with you.

Brooke: Jacques? He was here?

Doctor: Just a minute ago. I guess he took off.

Brooke: Good.

Doctor: He had something to do with your fall?

Brooke: It wasn't intentional.

Doctor: I can have security stop him.

Brooke: No -- no, let him go, really. It was just an accident.

Doctor: All right.

Thorne: Ridge? Look. He's still here. What the hell is going on with this guy?

Ridge: I don't know, Thorne. It's got something to do with Brooke.

Thorne: And Mother. And if he really is a friend of hers, why wouldn't she mention it to us?

Ridge: Because he's trouble. You heard the way he talked about Dad.

Thorne: Yeah, like he's got a real axe to grind with him. You know, maybe Brooke's lucky she got out of town when she did.

Ridge: What do you mean lucky?

Thorne: Well, if this guy really has it in for her, come on.

Ridge: If this guy has it in for her, there's nowhere she can hide.

Stephen: Brooke? Brooke?

Brooke: Mom, Dad.

Beth: What happened?

Brooke: It was a stupid accident.

Beth: An accident? Are you sure?

Stephen: Of course, she's sure. She was there, honey. Now, they told us you fell. What happened?

Brooke: I was with Jacques, the man that you wanted me to meet. We were on the top of the Eiffel tower, on the level above the observation deck, and he started to come onto me. So I got really annoyed, and I tried to step away, and when I did, I fell through the opening on the way there.

Beth: Oh, my God.

Brooke: It's okay, Mom. Really, it could've been worse. Don't worry.

Beth: Where is he?

Brooke: Who, Jacques? I don't know. I think he left already.

Beth: They let him go?

Brooke: Mom, it wasn't his fault. I already told you. I'm sure he feels terrible about that. Don't worry about him, okay.

Stephen: I think Brooke is right. The best thing we can do for Brooke right now is just --

Beth: I don't want to know what you think is the best thing to do for Brooke right now!

Brooke: Mom? Is she all right?

Stephen: Well, she's just -- she's scared, honey.

Brooke: Poor Mom. She already feels like she's losing you. Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry.

Stephen: Don't apologize. Please.

Brooke: I came here to help you, and now this happened.

Stephen: Well, I -- I better go out and check on your mom.

Brooke: Okay.

Stephen: I love you.  

Massimo: You damn fool!

Jacques: She's not seriously hurt.

Massimo: The point is that she was to be kept away from Ridge. Now he's gonna come running to her rescue!

Jacques: What do you want me to do?

Massimo: Nothing! Do you think you can manage that? God. The idiot has driven her right into Ridge's arms. Oh.

Ridge: I'm on my way, Logan. I'll be there as soon as I can get the jet ready.

Brooke: You don't have to do that.

Ridge: Logan, you could've died tonight.

Brooke: I was very lucky.

Ridge: I don't know if that's really what I would call it. There's something very weird about this, Brooke.

Brooke: It was an overly romantic Frenchman. What's so weird about that?

Ridge: That's what I intend to find out.

Brooke: I would love to see you.

Ridge: Well, I'll be there as soon as you open your eyes.

Brooke: Thank you.

Ridge: Good night, Logan.

Ridge: I just got a call from Brooke. She's in the hospital.

Massimo: And you felt the need to share?

Ridge: If I find out that you had anything to do with this -- I will bury you. Do you understand me?

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