The Bold & The Beautiful Thursday 9/27/01

By Amanda
Proofread by Becky

 Eric: Are you sure Tony and Kristen are together?

 Clarke: He followed us to the restaurant. And he was hanging around the bar, watching. When Kristen went to the restroom, I went over, and I confronted him, and I said, "you stay away from Kristen." Well, you know how she is when Tonyís around. She's under his spell.

 Eric: And so they left together for his place?

 Clarke: Yes. You know the last thing she said? "I need to be with him tonight."


 Tony: Oh, Kristen.

[Telephone rings]

 Kristen: Let it ring.

 Tony: No, I gotta go get it.

 Kristen: No.


 Beth: She's here in Paris? Brooke came back with you?

 Stephen: Yes. She -- she'll be here shortly.

 Beth: Oh, that's wonderful. We can all go out to dinner together. Oh, unless she has to work at Forresterís.

 Stephen: Well, she's not here just for work, Beth.

 Beth: She's not?

 Stephen: No. Look, there's something I have to tell you. My trip to L.A. Had nothing to do with my job.

 Beth: What do you mean? On the phone, you said --

 Stephen: I went over there for broke.

 Beth: Is something wrong with Brooke?

 Stephen: No, it's what I said on the phone about Ridge.

 Beth: She can't take that seriously.

 Stephen: Very seriously. But she wants Ridge to end his marriage and have a relationship with her.

 Beth: Oh, dear God, not that again.

 Stephen: That's why I brought her back here, to get her away from Ridge and this obsession she has with him.

 Beth: And she agreed with that?

 Stephen: Well, um -- I had to tell her that I was ill -- with a heart condition.

 Beth: Stephen, your heart condition isn't that serious.

 Stephen: Well, I made it sound serious. Very serious.

 Beth: How serious?

 Stephen: I told her I was dying. Look, I had to tell her that to get her back here. Look, she's out of control. She is determined to end Ridge's marriage. And you know what that'll lead to. Pain and heartache, and she's had enough of that.

 Beth: She's going to find out you're not dying. The doctor will tell her that.

 Stephen: Well, I've had some help with that.

 Beth: What kind of help?

 Stephen: I'm not doing this on my own. There's this man. Actually, he came up with the idea. His name is Massimo Marone.


 Taylor: Thank you for meeting me, Mr. Marone. I know you're a very busy man.

 Massimo: I'm glad that you felt you could call.

 Taylor: Not that I'm comfortable with any of this. Listen, we need to talk about this completely off-the-wall idea that you have to get rid of Brooke.

 Massimo: This "completely off-the-wall idea," as put it, has saved your marriage.

 Taylor: Maybe so, but it's -- it's wrong. Okay? And if Ridge ever finds out about it --(Iím' to make sure that he won't.(

 Taylor: So what are these steps?

 Massimo: I have given Mr. Logan one of these.

 Taylor: What is this for?

 Massimo: It's a phone number. A dedicated line for this project and this project only. At the first sign of any problem, any problem whatsoever, Stephen Logan will call that number, and I will deal with it immediately.

 Taylor: And you think that's enough?

 Massimo: Rest assured, Dr. Hayes, I have taken every step to make sure that this mission is a success. Brooke will stay in Paris for an indefinite amount of time, tending to her father. And over time, she will develop a new life -- friends, lovers.

 Taylor: You're going to arrange for all of that?

 Massimo: I will leave nothing to chance. Relax, Dr. Hayes. Your family is secure again.

 Taylor: Yeah, yeah, as long as Ridge doesn't learn about it. I'm telling you, Mr. Marone, if Ridge learns that I knew anything about this at all, my family will not be secure. My marriage will be ruined.

 Massimo: Do not borrow trouble. It'll only bring early lines to that beautiful face of yours.

 Taylor: Oh, great, oh, great. Ridge just walked in the door.

 Massimo: Good-bye, Taylor.


 Taylor: Looking for something hot and steamy? What are you doing here?

 Ridge: You spoiled my surprise. I was gonna bring you home a nice, hot mocha.

 Taylor: Oh, well, Iím just sitting right over there. Why don't you join me?

 Ridge: I'll order it.

 Taylor: Okay. I'll be right back.

 Ridge: Okay.

 Waiter: Can I help you?

 Ridge: Yeah. One large mocha.

 Waiter: Large mocha coming right up.


 Beth: $5 million?! This man is gonna give you $5 million?!

 Stephen: Yes, Beth. All our financial problems are solved. My mother's medical expenses, my own, all the debts we've incurred.

 Beth: But, Stephen, wait. You can't possibly think we can pull this off.

 Stephen: We have to.

 Beth: Stephen, our daughter is not a fool. You've got to know that she'll be seeking out other medical options. She'll be looking for a cure for you.

 Stephen: That's all been taken care of.

 Beth: How?

 Stephen: This man is powerful, Beth. He gets things done.

 Beth: I know Massimo Marone. At least I know of him.

 Stephen: How?

 Beth: He was a friend of Stephanieís when we were at school together. When I was close to Eric.

 Stephen: Then you know what he's capable of doing.

 Beth: Only too well. And he wouldn't give anyone $5 million unless he was going to own that person. This scares me, Stephen.

 Stephen: All he wants is for us to keep Brooke in Paris. That's the only condition. He's fabricated medical records. He has a dozen men here in Paris acting as cardiologists, waiting for Brookeís call. This is gonna work, Beth. Look, and if anything goes wrong, he's given me a number to call him. And he'll set it straight. Which reminds me. I got to get in touch with him, because I have lost the card that his number is on.

 Beth: I don't like this.

 Stephen: Look, Beth. I need you on board. I can't dos alone. Think of Brooke and her obsession with Ridge. It could turn dangerous if we don't keep her out of L.A.

[Knock at door] that's probably her now. She thinks that I'm here right now, telling  you about my illness. So Iím gonna need you to act upset, okay? I'm counting on you.

 Stephen: Hi, honey.

 Brooke: Hi. Mom. I'm so sorry.


 Eric: Clarke, had either one of them been drinking?

 Clarke: Kristen had Margaritas.

 Eric: What about Tony?

 Clarke: Tony was at the bar. He was drinking.

 Eric: I'm going over there.

 Stephanie: Eric, don't do this!

 Eric: Stephanie, they've been drinking, and they're together at his house.


 Tony: Kristen?

 Kristen: Hmm?

 Tony: Wait. Kristen, this isn't what you want.

 Kristen: Yes, it is.

 Tony: To be loved by a man that can never fully love you.

 Kristen: You don't fully love me?

 Tony: You know what I mean. Sexually.

 Kristen: Tony, I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but there are ways that we can express our love that are perfectly safe. I know we can't go all the way and do everything, but that doesn't matter to me. That's not important, because what we can do is so exciting. It's more than enough for me.

 Tony: That's really the way that you feel?

 Kristen: Yes. Think about it. I have searched my whole life for someone like you. And now that Iíve found you, I just want to be near you. That is what I long for. All the details of love and what we can and what we can't do -- that's not important. See, what matters is that we can be together, that we can touch, that we can love. And I want to love you, Tony, so, so very badly. Do you want that, too?


 Brooke: Dad told you everything, right? He wanted me to be here for both of you.

[Phone rings]

 Stephen: I'll get it. Hello?

 Massimo: Can you talk, Mr. Logan?

 Stephen: Um, no.

 Massimo: I see. Well, tell me how you're feeling. Pretend I'm your doctor.

 Stephen: Well, it was a long flight, but I'm feeling okay now.

 Massimo: Mm-hmm. And you've taken your medication?

 Stephen: Yes, Iíve taken my medication.

 Massimo: Very good. I just called to make sure that you got there safely and Brooke is with you.

 Stephen: Yes, although I have one little problem.

 Massimo: What's that?

 Stephen: I seem to have lost your card.

 Massimo: What?!

 Stephen: Could you please give me the number again?

 Massimo: That is a restricted number, for your eyes only. I specifically told you -- do not loose it! Do you have any idea where that card is?

 Stephen: No, perhaps on the plane.

 Massimo: All right. Here's the number.

 Stephen: Yeah. All right. Thank you. I'll see you at my next checkup.


 Ridge: One large mocha.

 Taylor: Thank you. So how did things wrap up at work?

 Ridge: It's been pretty hectic.

 Taylor: Really? What's going on?

 Ridge: Our CEO is on permanent leave.

 Taylor: True.

 Ridge: I just hope she's all right.

 Taylor: I'm sure she will be.

 Ridge: I don't know. I've never seen Brooke this devastated. It's gonna kill her to lose her dad.

 Taylor: Well, maybe she wonít.

 Ridge: Taylor, his condition is terminal.

 Taylor: I know, I know, but, sweetheart, anything is possible.

 Ridge: Yeah, but in the meantime, she's going through hell, wondering if it could happen anytime, you know? It's going to be a day-to-day torment for the poor girl.

 Taylor: Can we go home?

 Ridge: You don't wanna finish your coffee?

 Taylor: I don't feel too good.

 Ridge: Okay, you just stay here. I'll go bring your car around.


 Kristen: Do you, Tony? Do you wanna love me?

 Tony: Yes. I do, but --

 Kristen: But nothing. You can still give me what I need right here, tonight.

 Tony: What if I can't stop?

 Kristen: Trust me. I won't let you go too far. I will fulfill your deepest longing, your every desire.

 Tony: Kristen.

 Eric: Don't do it, Tony.  Please.  (As heís driving to Tonyís home)