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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 9/25/01

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Deacon: What is it? What's it say, Amber? Are you pregnant?

[Phone rings]

Tony: Hello?

Kristen: Hi.

Tony: Hey, where are you?

Kristen: I'm at home, getting ready.  

Tony: Getting ready for what?

Kristen: For you to take me out to dinner. Tony?

Tony: Oh, Kristen.

Kristen: Tony, come on, you gotta eat.

Tony: I don't know. I don't know.

Kristen: Tony, we talked about this. You aren't going to shut me out.

Tony: Yeah, and I'm not gonna kiss you and I'm not gonna touch you and I'm not gonna make love to you. You know how hard this is for me? Look, I just don't know if I'm ready for this, not tonight.

Kristen: Well, you know where to find me when you're ready. I love you.

Stephanie: Oh, hi, honey. What's the matter? Did you and Tony have a fight?

Kristen: No. No, Mother.

Stephanie: What is it then?

Kristen: There's something you need to know about Tony.

Clarke: Did you finish those add-ons?

Tony: Yeah, just about.

Clarke: Tony, we're running late.

Tony: You'll have them before I leave. All right, Clarke?

Clarke: What's going on?

Tony: Nothing.

Clarke: You still haven't learned.

Tony: Learned what?

Clarke: That it's not going to work between you and Kristen. Tony, give it up. It's affecting your work.

Rick: Where is Deacon anyways?

Bridget: He's probably at work.

Rick: You don't know where he is?

Bridget: I'm not his secretary, Rick.

Rick: I guess that's what I worry about, Bridget. What are you?

Bridget: What am I? I'm a freshman in college. I'm really busy.

Rick: Oh, I know. I know. So what are you doing married to this guy?

Bridget: Oh, no, you are not gonna start that again.

Rick: Oh, Bridget, college is so huge. You got sororities and football games and parties. You're supposed to be having a good time.

Bridget: Sounds like the same argument Mom used on you.

Rick: She had a point. Bridget, you're just starting college, and this stuff is a big part of it.

Bridget: Not to me.

Rick: Yeah, because you've got this middle-aged husband.

Bridget: Oh, my God. He's not middle-aged. Why am I even talking to you about this anyway?

Rick: I'm sorry. It's just -- it's just, you know, I'm anxious about this stuff with Amber.

Bridget: Why? What's going on?

Rick: Well, she's waiting for me at home, and she's gonna take a pregnancy test.

Deacon: Well, hey, are you gonna tell me or not?

Amber: Deacon, it really has nothing to do with you.

Deacon: Honey, I'm gonna find out anyway.

Amber: Look, don't you think I owe it to my husband to tell him first?

Deacon: You're stalling, Amber, which can only mean one thing.

Amber: Look, I am not going to have this conversation with you. Maybe you should just go.

Deacon: I don't understand why you're getting so edgy here. All I wanna know is if you're pregnant.

Amber: What's the difference, huh?! Huh, Deacon? We are both married to other people! We shouldn't even be talking about this.

Deacon: Why are you treating me this way, all right? What have I ever done to --

Amber: I'm pregnant, okay! I'm pregnant!

Bridget: Amber might be pregnant?

Rick: Yeah.

Bridget: Oh, that's amazing. Isn't it?

Rick: Oh, yeah, yeah. It's what we've always wanted.

Bridget: Okay, so why are you so tense?

Rick: I don't know.

Bridget: You're not having second thoughts, are you?

Rick: No, no, no. We want Eric to have a sibling.

Bridget: Yeah, and Amber seems likes she's a pretty good mom.

Rick: The best.

Bridget: I wouldn't go that far.

Rick: I would. You know, I see her with our child, and I'm convinced that she was meant to be a parent. I'm so lucky.

Bridget: Something's bothering you, huh?

Rick: What if she's not pregnant?

Bridget: Well, you keep trying. I never heard you complain about that before.

Rick: No, no, I mean, what -- what if she can't have children?

Bridget: Where's this coming from?

Rick: Bridget, our first baby died at birth.

Bridget: Oh, Rick, don't do this to yourself. Stop it. It's gonna be okay.

Rick: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you know what? I'm just nervous and excited and worried and --

Bridget: Well, I'm sure Amber is, too.

Rick: Oh, yeah. Yeah, she's definitely nervous about this.

Bridget: Yeah, I know I would be.

Rick: Oh, don't you go getting any ideas.

Bridget: Don't worry, Rick. I just started college. I'm definitely not ready for a child. And Deacon sure isn't ready for another one.

Rick: You know, I still can't believe you're married.

Bridget: Yeah, I look at you and think the same thing.

Rick: Yeah, but you're my little sister. I mean, little sisters aren't supposed to get married till they're, like, 40.

Bridget: It sure didn't turn out the way we thought it would, did it?

Rick: You know, I better get going. Amber's probably pretty anxious to find out.

Bridget: I hope it's positive.

Rick: Me, too. Bye, kid.

Deacon: You're sure?

Amber: These tests don't lie. Here look for yourself.

Deacon: I -- what -- what does pink mean? I don't know.

Amber: It means I'm pregnant.

Deacon: This isn't happening. Do it again.

Amber: Deacon.

Deacon: Take another test!

Amber: I don't need to take another test!

Deacon: How could you let this happen?

Amber: You are blaming me for this?

Deacon: You should've nixed this the minute that Rick brought this up.

Amber: I couldn't.

Deacon: Why not?! Tell me!

Amber: Because he is my husband. This is what he wants.

Deacon: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. What about what you want? Tell me. What about what you want, Amber?

Amber: I just want my marriage to work.

Deacon: And you think having a baby guarantees that? Did it do it for my mother? Did it do it for your mother? We are such losers! I --

Amber: Stop.

Deacon: It's amazing. It amazes me. We have blown every single chance that we've ever been given. And now this.

Amber: This is a baby growing inside me. I'm not gonna treat it like some mistake.

Deacon: Well, how are you gonna treat it? What? Like it's some gift from heaven?

Amber: That's what babies are.

Deacon: Honey, I want you to listen to me. And I want you to think really hard about what I'm about to say. If that was my baby that was inside of you growing, would you feel the same way that you do now?

Amber: That's a stupid question.

Deacon: No. No, it's not, because you know that we'd be thrilled. Man, we would be having the biggest party around.

Clarke: You two have been talking again, haven't you? You and Kristen?

Tony: Like I'm gonna discuss that with you, Clarke.

Clarke: Hey, Tony, buddy, she's my fiancee.

Tony: She's not your fiancee, buddy.

Clarke: She's giving it some serious thought.

Tony: Look, if you think that Kristen would actually marry you again --

Clarke: She did once.

Tony: One of her bigger mistakes.

Clarke: She didn't exactly turn me down the second time.

Tony: She's indulging you, man.

Clarke: She's indulging you, man. You know and I both know it's not in the cards for you two.

Tony: Yeah, well, we still have deep feelings for each other, Clarke.

Clarke: Yeah? What are you gonna do with those feelings? What can you do? Nothing. You can't be intimate. You can't make a family. You might as well be a eunuch.

Tony: You know what? Your sensitivity is just overwhelming, Clarke.

Clarke: Hey, Tony, come on. I didn't give you HIV. You're the one who slept with that hoochie.

Tony: Hey, you know what?! I've taken just about all I am gonna take from you!

Clarke: Hey, don't touch me. Not without latex gloves. I don't want your disease.

Tony: You know what? You are a disease, man. You know anything about HIV.

Clarke: I know plenty.

Tony: You can't get HIV from touching someone, all right?!

Clarke: Well, maybe not. But I'm not gonna take that chance with you. And you're not gonna give it to Kristen. You stay away from her, Tony, because you can't give her what she wants. You can't give her what she needs. All you can give her is HIV.

Stephanie: HIV positive?

Kristen: Just my luck, huh, Mother? I finally meet the perfect guy, except

Stephanie: Why didn't you tell me?

Kristen: Oh, you were going on your trip. You didn't need that.

Stephanie: I would have stayed if had needed me.

Kristen: Dad was here.

Stephanie: How did he react?

Kristen: With concern.

Stephanie: More for you than for Tony, right?

Kristen: Daddy's little girl.

Stephanie: I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through.

Kristen: Dad won't even let me see him.

Stephanie: That's predictable.

Kristen: He forbids it, Mother. He'd kill Tony if he ever came near me.

Stephanie: So?

Kristen: So -- so I've already seen him once. But if Dad found out --

Stephanie: Honey, come on. You're a big girl. Don't worry about your father.

Kristen: You're not taking his side on this?

Stephanie: What right do I have to forbid you? I mean, even if I wanted to, you're an adult. You make your own decisions.

Kristen: Why can't Dad feel that way?

Stephanie: Oh, he'll come around. Are you and Tony are talking? I mean, are you working this through?

Kristen: You know, he is so afraid of infecting me that he won't even let me come near him.

Stephanie: What? Sounds like he needs a bit of an education when it comes to HIV.

Kristen: No, it's not just that. We are so close. We are so connected. God, we are so in love. He's afraid of what might happen if we're alone together.

Stephanie: Well, that's very unselfish.

Kristen: I told him that I will be the one that's in control. I'll take care of it.

Stephanie: Kristen, is that realistic?

Kristen: Mom, I want to see him! I want to be near him. And if that means putting on the brakes when things heat up, I can do that!

Amber: You're suggesting I get an abortion.

Deacon: I don't know what I'm suggesting! I just know that -- I can't deal with --

Amber: Whoa. What? What? The thought of me having Rick's baby inside of me?!

Deacon: Anyone's baby! Anyone's baby but mine!

Amber: You've gotta stop this. You know, you've gotta stop this, 'cause if you think that I would even consider getting rid of my child, no. Huh-uh. Deacon, this is not the perfect situation, but we have to accept it.

Deacon: Like accepting that we can't be together again? Are you ready to accept that, Amber? 'Cause I'm not. If you have that baby, that's what's gonna happen. It's gonna seal. It's done! Can you tell me that you can honestly live, knowing that there's no chance for us to be together?

Amber: We haven't had a chance since the day you married Bridget.

Deacon: And since you married Rick.

Amber: That's right.

Deacon: Amber, you know there's a part of us that didn't believe that, that deep down, there was a little flicker of hope. Every time you and me, we were together with little d, that little flicker -- it got stronger.

Amber: No.

Deacon: I'm not saying we wanted this to happen. It just did. Come on, admit it. You know that we've been living for these visits. And I'm sorry for saying it, but that's the truth. I mean, yeah, you and me, we're committed to Rick and Bridget. But when we're together -- when we're together, there's something inside of us that just -- we wanna reach out and touch each other. We really messed things up, didn't we? I mean, how do we keep doing it? Again and again? The only thing that's ever mattered in our stupid lives, and we just lettin' it go. That baby inside of you, if you have it, it's gonna change everything, permanently.

Amber: I know.

Deacon: Amber, they say that if you -- if you lose something, you don't realize just how much you've lost until that moment it's gone. Baby, look at me. I don't think that I ever realized just how much I love you until right now.

Amber: Stop it, Deacon. It's too late. It's too late. I am pregnant with my husband's child. [Phone rings] hello?  

Rick: Hey, babe, it's me.  I'm almost home.

Amber: You are?  

Rick: Just couple of  blocks away.  So get that pregnancy  test ready.  I'll be there in a minute, okay?

Amber: He's almost here. He's -- he's -- you've gotta go. Go!

Deacon: Amber? Amber?! I love you. What are you gonna do about it?

Amber: What am I gonna do about it? It's done! Just go, now, Deacon!

Tony: All right, you made your point.

Clarke: I don't think I have.

Tony: "Stay away from Kristen." Clear the field for you and your ego. Do you really think that I'm worried about Kristen falling for you? [Phone rings]

Kristen: Hello?

Clarke: Hello, beautiful. It's me.

Kristen: How are you,  Clarke?

Clarke: I'm hungry. You want to join me for a bite?

Kristen: Not tonight.  

Clarke: Bad day?

Kristen: The worst.

Clarke: Well, let me help you make it better. I promise not to disappoint.

Kristen: I guess I -- I should get out of here for a little while.

Clarke: I need to see you, too. I'll pick you up. Bye, love. She needs me. She needs me to help her get over you. And I promise you, I'm gonna be right there for her.

Rick: Sorry, I had to take Bridget home.

Amber: No problem.

Rick: Well, let's do it.

Amber: Rick, I couldn't wait.

Rick: What?

Amber: I needed to know, so I took the test.

Rick: And what'd it say?

Amber: Positive.

Rick: You're pregnant?

Amber: Yeah.

Rick: Well, honey, this is great! This is -- I mean, this is -- this is fabulous! We're gonna be parents again! You're excited, aren't you?

Amber: Sure.

Rick: Then why all these tears?

Amber: I'm -- I'm just so happy.

Rick: Me, too, honey. Me, too!  

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