The Bold & The Beautiful Friday August 3 2001

By Stephanie
Proofread by Becky

Stephanie: A wonderful menu if I do say myself, delicious. Now I'm going to have to come one a really decadent research, in memory of Brooke. After all, we deserve to celebrate, don't we, with everything that woman has done to us. Oh, God, I never saw it coming. I think I'm so sharp and I just never saw it coming.

Stephen Logan: Mrs. Forrester, this is my daughter Brooke.

Brooke: Hello, Mrs.. Forrester.

Stephanie: Hello, Brooke.

Brooke: You have a very beautiful home.

Stephanie: Thank you. The guests will be arriving shortly. Such an auspicious beginning, to end up with so much havoc wreaked in our lives by her. Well, it's over. No more. No more. (Buzzer)

Stephanie: Hello. Oh, hi, Catherine. Thanks for calling back. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am looking for Taylor. Is that right? No. When she comes back just tell her I called and have her call me. How are the kids? Good. All right, thank you. Talk to you later. Bye. Who could she possibly be doing that would take her all afternoon? I know just where she is. All the more power to you, Taylor.


Taylor:(Laughs) I'll give you that, you've still got your sense of humor.

Brooke: I wasn't joking.

Taylor: You could honestly get Ridge back.

Brooke: You're in such denial, Taylor.

Taylor: I'm in denial?

Brooke: Yes, you are.

Taylor: You're right, of course, all this time Ridge and I have been building a life together and raising our family, he's been pining away for you. I mean, how could I not see the pain behind the smile? The horror, the horror.

Brooke: I didn't say he was in pain.

Taylor: Oh, Brooke would you just stop it right there. You're so upset about Thorne you're just trying get your ego stroked.

Brooke: This has nothing to do with my ego. Ridge and I were in love, we were married.

Taylor: Yes, you were married and now he's moved on.

Brooke: And so have I but that doesn't change who you are. That doesn't mean you can rip that person out of your heart, no matter how hard you try.

Taylor: Well, obviously not for you.

Brooke: Why are you so threatened by this?

Taylor: Threatened?

Brooke: Yes, it's not like I'm going to act on those feelings, Taylor. I just want a little respect. And you come up here and tell me how pathetic I am that I need Ridge as a friend. Well, I need him for a lot more than that but I have kept my distance out of respect for your marriage, and for your sake and your children's sakes.

Taylor: You got dumped. You don't even realize, do you? You just spun this little fantasy in your mind. Is that why you couldn't commit to Thorne, because if that's true, that is just about the saddest thing I have ever heard.

Ridge: Hey, league on, it's me. Give me a call when you get in. I heard about your run-in with mother. I just wanted to see if you were okay. All right, bye bye. Oh, poor kid. Probably feels like Taylor and I are her only friends left.


Kristen: Hi, Mom.

Stephanie: Well, hi, honey.

Kristen: I got the message. You wanted it to see me?

Stephanie: I need to you do a favor more me.

Kristen: What's that?

Stephanie: I thought we would have a family party to celebrate and I would like to you help.

Kristen: Okay.

Stephanie: Is there a problem?

Kristen: No. But do you really think now is a good time to throw a party, Thorne's marriage breaking up?

Stephanie: I can't think of a better reason to celebrate.

Kristen: Way to be sensitive.

Stephanie: Well, you didn't think I was going to go into mourning over this, did you?

Kristen: Well, no, but --

Stephanie: This is the best thing for your brother, honey.

Kristen: You're going to do this with or without my help, aren't you?

Stephanie: Absolutely.

Kristen: All right. Well, can I at least add someone to the guest list?

Stephanie: Of course you can. I already put Tony down if that's what you're talking about.

Kristen: I don't mean Tony. I wanted to invite his ex-girlfriend, Sophia.


Antonio: I'm HIV-positive. But how do I tell Sophia? She needs to be tested. Sophia, I need to talk to you...

Sophia: Tony, we are so far behind.

Antonio: Is that doesn't matter now.

Sophia: Something's really bothering you.

Antonio: Yeah.

Sophia: Please, leave us alone.

Sally: Well, now, wait just a minute.

Clarke: We've got a production schedule and we're falling behind, Tony.

Sophia: Tony is worried. Something is troubling him. He's not a machine. How can he work?

Clarke: This is great.

Sally: No, go, go.

Sophia: I will talk to him. We will solve the problem. Everything will be fine.

Sally: All right, Sophia. I will give you a few minutes but just remember, we do not have an unlimited amount of time here.

Antonio: Yes, Sally. I'm well aware of that.

Sophia: You've made me very happy. I know for a while something were bothering you, that you wouldn't confide in me, that you didn't trust me.

Antonio: It wasn't that.

Sophia: I prayed you would open up to me. I guess my prayers have been answered.


Brooke: What are you talking about? I was totally committed to Thorne.

Taylor: Oh, I know, I know. It was all part of your grand, glorious sacrifice for my sake.

Brooke: My God, how can you be so flippant?

Taylor: I'm in shock and to tell you the truth, I am mad. I care about Thorne and you convinced me that your feelings for him are real.

Brooke: They are. I love him.

Taylor: Oh, that is such a bunch of bull, Brooke. If you love him you wouldn't have asked him to leave his wife, jeopardize his family and leave less -- to be with someone who didn't love him? That's great. I supported this marriage.

Brooke: And we both know why you did that. It all comes down to your insecurities, Taylor.

Taylor: You think I wanted to keep you away from Ridge?

Brooke: Thorne told me that he could sense the connection between me and Ridge. I guess you could sense the same thing.

Taylor: And what if I told you that Ridge and I are happier than we've ever been?

Brooke: Well, I believe you. Thorne and I were happy too.

Taylor: You are comparing our marriage to -- you know what? We are done. Get some help, you, you're a sicko.

Brooke: I need help from my friend. That's what I thought --

Taylor: You are so delusional. I can't believe poor Thorne has to listen to this. Boy, you do not deserve him.

Brooke: Then tell me, oh, mighty one, what do I deserve?

Taylor: Exactly what you got. You stay in this cabin and you think about your future and where it's headed and what you've got for yourself... A life all alone.


Antonio: Remember when I went back for Ellen's funeral? I was so confused about the way that she died.

Sophia: This is about Ellen?

Antonio: Partly. When I was in Miami, I found out why she took her life.

Sophia: Why?

Antonio: Ellen was sick. She was dying.

Sophia: Oh, Tony... How horrible. I can't even imagine. What was she dying of?


 (Phone ringing)

Ridge: Hello?

Taylor: Ridge?

Ridge: Logan, I'm glad you called.

Brooke: Why did you tell Taylor I was here? She came up and ripped my head off. She was really vicious. She told me that I deserved to be alone.

Ridge: Taylor said that?

Brooke: Yeah. It's the last thing I needed to hear right now.

Ridge: All right, let's just calm down.

Brooke: You know, she doesn't even want me to talk to you.

Ridge: I think she's worried about you becoming too dependent on me.

Brooke: Well, is that how you feel? Because, if it is, you know, i can just --

Ridge: Let's not worry about that now. Everything's going to be okay.

Brooke: I don't see how.

Ridge: You just trust me on this one, all right?

Brooke: Okay. I'll try.

Ridge: You relax now and get some rest.

Brooke: Thanks. I love you.


Stephanie: Isn't Sophia that young woman that you had a fight with and she threatened you?

Kristen: She apologized. She was upset. She just wants more from her relationship than Tony did.

Stephanie: She wanted a relationship and he just wanted sex?

Kristen: It's not that simple.

Stephanie: It never is.

Kristen: Mom, he wasn't using her. He cares about her, a lot. They've been friends for years. She will always be a part of his life. He would never do anything to hurt her, and I really believe that.


Antonio: After I, uh, talked to Ellen's family, I went and talked to her doctor.

Sophia: I know you and Ellen were lovers. You cared for her very much, but those memories for you are not happy. Try to put it out of your mind.

Antonio: I wish I could.

Sophia: Why can't you?

Antonio: Because of what Ellen's doctor, what he said.

Sophia: You already said she killed herself because she was dying. What did she have?

Antonio: She had AIDS.



Taylor: Ridge? Oh, hi. I know you told me not come but I was just so worried about you.

Brooke: Oh, thank you, Megan, you're such a good friend.

Megan: I brought you lunch.

Brooke: Oh, I can't.

Megan: Brooke, you have to eat.

Brooke: I'm just really too upset.

Megan: I know what that's like. Ending a relationship is so difficult. Especially one that you've fought so hard for.

Brooke: To make it worse, nobody cares.

Megan: What do you mean, nobody cares?

Brooke: Stephanie and Taylor came up here and they told me what a rotten person I was and that I deserve this.

Megan: Oh, my gosh.

Brooke: Yeah, can you believe it? I mean, they were happy, they were actually thrilled that I was alone and miserable. Oh, God, what more could I have done you? I mean, I gave everything to this relationship, I really did. And that still wasn't enough. What the hell do these people want from me, anyway?

Megan: Brooke, seriously, why do you care?

Brooke: What?

Megan: I mean, does it really matter to you what Stephanie and Taylor think?


Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: How is it going?

Taylor: Monday.

Ridge: I heard.

Taylor: Oh, I knew she would call you even before I got out of the driveway.

Ridge: Sounds like you beat her up pretty badly.

Taylor: I went up there, I was trying to help her, I really was. I just wanted her to see every time she calls you with her pity party it only makes a pattern. Then I got into the way she treated Thorne. And she compared our marriage to theirs and --

Ridge: How so?

Taylor: Ridge, you don't even want to hear it. She's ridiculous. I'm starting to think your wife is absolutely right. She's never going to change. Brooke is never going to grow up. Instead of trying to help her I should probably be glad she's not a part of our life anymore.


Brooke: You don't understand. I've always wanted to be just like Stephanie. I've always looked up to her. I mean, not that mean streak, of course, but everything else. The way she raised her family, she made that business successful, people respected her. And the same with Taylor. They were dignified, and I was shocking. They were reserved and he was an open book. They were sophisticated and I was passionate.

Megan: But Brooke, that's what's so great about you. That's what people love.

Brooke: That's what Ridge loved about me. You know, I think I lost myself somewhere in there trying to play by their rules. But I am not Stephanie and I am not Taylor. I'm Brooke Logan, damn it. That is nothing to be ashamed of.

Megan: You're right, it's not.

Brooke: No, I can't do this. I can't pretend like this anymore. I can't play this role when it has nothing to do with really who I am.

Megan: Okay, so you know what you're not going to do. Brooke, what are you going to do? What's the next step for you?

Brooke: Well, that's easy... I'm going to get Ridge back.


Stephanie: So, let me ask you... Is Sophia good looking?

Kristen: She's beautiful.

Stephanie: Oh. And is she, um, smart?

Kristen: Smart as a whip.

Stephanie: Think Thorne might like her?

Kristen: Just --

Stephanie: Just help him get over Brooke.

Kristen: Oh, my God. You are incorrigible. Are you sure I can't convince to you put off this dinner party, just another week or two?

Stephanie: I'm not going to be here. I'm going on a cruise with your aunt Pam.

Kristen: You're not.

Stephanie: I am. She's been asking me for months and months to do this and of course I couldn't go because I was worried about Bridget and Thorne so --

Kristen: You knew their marriage was in trouble even then?

Stephanie: I've known it from the first day. I'm just surprised this happened as quickly as it did but now that it's over, I feel like I can breathe again. Brooke is out of our lives. And all is right with the world.


Taylor: The whole thing is stupid. I thought Brooke and I had made so much progress. I thought we were friends. God, I'll tell you, nobody can press my buttons the way she can.

Ridge: Yeah. Maybe you two should just keep your distance for a while.

Taylor: Gladly. I think I'll just change my clothes and go up to the office and talk to people who actually want my help.

Ridge: What about that patient of yours, the one you were so worried about? What's going on?

Taylor: Oh, that God? He got some really terrible news recently.

Ridge: Oh, yeah?

Taylor: Yeah, very sad. It's heartbreaking.


Sophia: Ellen had AIDS?

Antonio: Yeah.

Sophia: Oh, my God.

Antonio: I should have told you sooner. I just -- I didn't want to believe.

Sophia: It's too awful. Poor girl, too young. Tony, you slept with her.

Antonio: We were together for about a year.

Sophia: You have to get tested.

Antonio: Sophia.

Sophia: I know you think it couldn't happen…

Antonio: Sofia! I have been tested.

Sophia: You aren't saying…

Antonio: I am HIV Positive.