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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 8/17/01

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Eric: Tony, I have to insist. You're going to stop seeing my daughter.

Tony: I understand.

Eric: I need more than that. I need a commitment from you, a promise that you and Kristen will not see each other again.

Ridge: Oh, what a day, what a day.

Taylor: Why? What happened?

Ridge: Oh, I overheard something. It made me so damn angry.

Taylor: What is it?

Ridge: You're probably not going to believe this one. Somebody made up a rumor that Tony Dominguez has HIV. Why would they do that? To hurt Kristen? She's living the dream of her life. Why would they want to subject her to something like that? I just don't get it. I got to let this go, because it's really getting to me. Oh, man. Where are the kids?

Taylor: They went to get ice cream with Catherine. Ridge, it isn't a rumor.

Ridge: What?

Taylor: Tony does have HIV.

Ridge: You heard the same thing, huh?

Taylor: I was there when he was diagnosed. Tony had recently found out that his previous girlfriend, Ellen, had aids, and since he had unprotected sex with her for the year that they were together, he was freaking out, and he came to my office. He wanted to talk to me about it.

Ridge: How long ago was that?

Taylor: It's been a little while. He was the difficult patient I was telling you about.

Ridge: Wait a minute. You were trying to convince him to get tested for HIV?

Taylor: Yes, and I finally succeeded, but unfortunately, he was positive. And then I had to work on him to tell Kristen.

Ridge: And all this time -- all this time, you never said a word to me?

Taylor: Well, I couldn't. He's my patient.

Ridge: The fact that he's dating my sister, threatening her life every time they were together, you didn't see that as something I needed to know?

Sofia: Oh, Kristen.

Kristen: You talked to Tony?

Sofia: Yeah. Thank God your test was negative.

Kristen: Thank God yours was, too. I wasn't that worried about mine. We never had sex. There's so much we never did.

Sofia: Does your family know?

Kristen: Only my father.

Sofia: How did he react?

Kristen: Anger, concern. He's very protective of me.

Sofia: But he knows you got tested?

Kristen: Yeah, he knows, but it didn't seem to make much difference. He's at Tony's right now.

Tony: I would never harm your daughter, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: I believe that, Tony, but I'm Kristen's father, and as her father --

Tony: As a father, you need assurance.

Eric: She's very involved with you.

Tony: And I with her.

Eric: Then you understand how dangerous this could be.

Tony: Of course I realize, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: Oh, look, I know you're going through hell, and I sympathize. I really do. And if there's anything my family can do for you, we will. I know the finest doctors in the area. We could make referrals. We'll even help you financially if need be. But I have to draw the line when it comes to you and Kristen being involved. That's simply not an option. The temptations are far too great. You have to swear to me that you'll stay away from Kristen.

Kristen: Oh, why did this have to happen to him?

Sofia: Why does it have to happen to anyone, Kristen? No one deserves it. But there are so many at risk. That's why this disease is so diabolical. It hits you when you least expect it, when you're sharing your love with someone. I know Tony's with your father.

Kristen: I hope he goes easy on him. Tony is hurting so much right now. The last thing he needs is something else to push him over the edge.  

Eric: Tell me I'm getting through to you, Tony.

Tony: Yes, sir, you are getting through to me.

Eric: Look, I can understand how devastating this must be for you.

Tony: What, to be an outcast? To have a ticking time bomb inside of you? I wonder if anyone can imagine what that's like.

Eric: There are new drugs for treating HIV, you know.

Tony: Yes, they've all been explained to me.

Eric: Then you know you have reason to be hopeful.

Tony: Hopeful of what, Mr. Forrester? Having a life of celibacy, alone, not being able to build a future with anyone?

Eric: That's not necessarily true.

Tony: As long as it's not with your daughter. Before I met your daughter, I didn't think that I was capable of loving a woman the way that I loved her. We had so many plans together.

Eric: Well, now you have responsibilities, most particularly to Kristen.

Tony: I would not put your daughter in harm's way, sir.

Eric: I know you believe that, but you two are in love, and it's only natural you're going to want to reach out to each other. And you -- and you have to resist that with everything that's in you.

Tony: I think you better go now, sir.

Eric: Tony, I'm sorry. I will not put my daughter at risk. I won't do that.

Tony: Well, neither will I, sir, which is why I broke up with her. Yes. I told Kristen we are not to see each other again, ever, and I meant it.  

Taylor: Ridge, I've been keeping very close tabs on Tony. I have been all over him about it every day.

Ridge: You were with him when he was alone with Kristen?

Taylor: No, of course not, but I know they haven't been intimate.

Ridge: According to Tony.

Taylor: And Kristen.

Ridge: The point is they could have been, Taylor. Every time they were alone together, my sister's life was on the line.

Taylor: Tony had promised me --

Ridge: Oh, please, the guy's in love.

Taylor: He's also very responsible.

Ridge: Yeah? How long did it take him to get tested, huh?

Taylor: A few weeks.

Ridge: So much for responsibility, huh? You know, I really can't believe you kept this from me.

Taylor: Ridge, I was bound by confidentiality. You know that.

Ridge: I am your husband. Kristen is my sister. Don't tell me about confidentiality!

Taylor: I'm sorry, okay? I was caught in the middle.

Ridge: No, Kristen was caught in the middle between love and death, and you did nothing.

Taylor: Now, wait a minute --

Ridge: Does she know about this? Does she even know? Has she been tested?

Taylor: Yes, she has, and she's negative, so would you stop yelling at me?

Ridge: You don't even have a clue about my position here, do you?

Taylor: Well, can you see mine?

Ridge: No. No, frankly, I can't.

Taylor: Oh, so you don't think a conversation between a patient and her doctor should be privileged?

Ridge: I think every rule has its exceptions, Taylor.

Taylor: Well, not this one.

Ridge: Yes, it does. We're married, Taylor. We share everything -- everything -- especially when it has to do with our families.

Taylor: Yeah, and you're married to a psychiatrist, and you know what that means.

Ridge: Taylor, if my life depended on you sharing some privileged information, I would hope to God you'd do it.

Taylor: This is different.

Ridge: No, it's not different. It's not different at all, Taylor. You made a judgment call here, and you were wrong. You risked my sister's life. And worse than that, you didn't trust me enough to tell me. Look at my mother's party where I'm going off about Tony, how great he is, how wonderful he's going to be for my sister, and the whole time you knew he had HIV. How do you think that makes me feel, huh? I'll tell you how it makes me feel. It makes me feel like an idiot. Now, I'd really appreciate it if you'd look at me and tell me that I'm right about this, because I am right.

Taylor: Well, I'd appreciate it if you'd stop being so self-righteous and understand I was in a horrible position! I'm going to bed. Wait up for the kids.

Kristen: I guess Tony told you what happened with us.

Sofia: That he broke it off? Yes. He loves you, Kristen.

Kristen: I know. That's what I keep telling myself. That's why he is doing this.

Sofia: You are not going to stop seeing him.

Kristen: He won't even let me get near him. He's serious, Sofia. He wants me to move on with my life and find someone else.

Sofia: Can you do that?

Kristen: Of course not. He needs me. I want to be with him, especially now, but he's so convinced that it will end up destroying me, that he won't let that happen. Will you talk to him, change his mind? I can't walk away from him, Sofia. I can't. He won't change his mind, will he?

Sofia: You know him, Kristen. He's decisive, stubborn. His feelings for you are so powerful. He would die before he would let harm come to you, which is what he thinks will happen if you guys stay together. I'm sorry, Kristen. He will not change his mind about this.

Tony: There, you got what you came for. My relationship with Kristen is over, for good.

Eric: Look, Tony, you're a wonderful designer. You're an artist. Your work is magnificent.

Tony: My work is over, Mr. Forrester.

Eric: Your work is not over, and it shouldn't be. I mean, look at this. This is your passion. It's your dream. You can't let this disease destroy everything that you've worked so hard for. Your life is not over!

Tony: My life with Kristen is over. Ever since the first day that I met your daughter, that is the only life that has mattered to me.

[Phone ringing]

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Ridge?

Ridge: Logan, where are you?

Brooke: In Paris, about to leave for the airport.

Ridge: What do you need?

Brooke: Oh, I think you know exactly what I need.

Ridge: Look, I can't talk right now, okay?

Brooke: You're standing next to Taylor?

Ridge: No, I'm not standing next to Taylor. I'm just not in the mood,  all right?

Brooke: Oh, poor baby. What's wrong?

Ridge: Nothing you can do a damn thing about.

Brooke: Wow, you really are in a snit.

Ridge: Look, if there's nothing else, look, I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Have a good flight.

Brooke: It's Taylor, isn't it?

Ridge: What?

Brooke: Well, she's the only one who could put you in this kind of mood.  So what happened?

Ridge: Brooke, just drop it, okay? Just drop it.

Brooke: Oh, come on, tell me. You know I'm going to find out eventually.

Ridge: Can you sense that I don't really want to talk about this? Is that coming through at all?

Brooke: I'm sorry. I just wish there was something I could do to help.

Ridge: Well, there isn't. Look, how's Paris?

Brooke: The meetings were very productive.

Ridge: Francois and Pierre take you out on the town?

Brooke: Not once.

Ridge: You're kidding me? Those guys live to party, especially when you're in town.

Brooke: Well, I didn't want to go out.

Ridge: What? Jet-lagged?

Brooke: No. It's Paris, Ridge. There's only one person I want to be doing this town with. I'll see you soon. I hope Taylor doesn't lock you out of the bedroom. Actually, I hope she does.

Kristen: Good night, Sofia.

Tony: That isn't what you wanted to hear, is it, that Kristen has come to mean so much to me?

Eric: No, it isn't, but I can see that it's true, Tony. Tony, this is the deepest loss that my daughter has ever experienced in her life. And I have to tell you it tears my heart out to see her have to go through it. I'm her father, Tony. And as her father, I have to be there for her. I have to do what's right for her. And the reality is --

Tony: She must move on.

Eric: Yes, she has to move on.

Tony: I'm a lucky man.

Eric: Why do you say that?

Tony: Because Kristen will get the support that she needs. Soon she'll forget.

Eric: No, she's never going to --

Tony: She will forget. I won't accept anything less. She's an exceptional young woman. We would have had a great life together. Nothing would have stopped us. We wanted to have children, lots of children, beautiful children. We would have shared all our holidays together. You would have loved my family. My family would have adored my Kristen, but she won't be my Kristen anymore. I wanted to build a life with her so bad, more than anything -- more than anything. I would have made you proud to be my father-in-law. Someone else will. Look, I think you should go. Thank you for offering your help, but I think it would be best if Kristen, your family -- we all have a clean break. Good-bye, sir. Think of me in your prayers.

[Tony sobbing]

Eric: I'm sorry you have to go through with this, son. There's no way you deserve it.

[Tony sobbing]

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