The Bold & The Beautiful Transcript Monday July 23 2001

By Stephanie
Proofread by Becky

Thorne: Do you have nothing say Brooke, huh? Nothing? Well, you had plenty to say to Deacon. That's right, about your soul mate. About the love of your life, huh? About your love for Ridge!


Antonio: Thank you for coming in so late.

Taylor: I'm glad you finally decided to come see me. Does this mean you've changed your mind?

Antonio: Yes. Um, I'm going to take that HIV test.

Taylor: Good. I know this hasn't been easy for you.

Antonio: Yeah, well... It's what I wanted to talk to you about. We were talking about medication, for the 12res. I was hoping that you could write me a prescription.

Taylor: Well, Antonio, once you get the test we can talk about what --

Antonio: Yeah, but that would take a lot of time.

Taylor: Just about a half an hour.

Antonio: Are you serious?

Taylor: Yeah, they do what they call a rapid test now, and the results are just as accurate.

Antonio: Just as accurate? Yeah, I've heard of false positives.

Taylor: If they were to find the HIV antibodies in your system, they would run a follow-up test and that one takes about two weeks.

Antonio: The longest couple of weeks of my life.

Taylor: Mm-hmm. Well, the odds are in your favor, Antonio. Just think of how relieved you'll be.

Antonio: Yeah, but, just in case, could I get that prescription anyway?

Taylor: If you test positive, come see me.

Antonio: I can't be running back and forth between doctors' offices.

Taylor: All right, I'll come with you.

Antonio: What?

Taylor: When you get tested. I'll be there. And we'll talk about medications then if we need to. How about tomorrow at 9:00?

Antonio: I can't do it tomorrow.

Taylor: You don't have intention of getting tested, do you?

Antonio: Yes, I do.

Taylor: When?

Antonio: Look, you're not hearing me, doctor. There's a lot in my life. There's a lot going on right now..

Taylor: You can't spare half an hour?

Antonio: You said yourself that it could take a couple of weeks. I can't afford to lose that right now. My head would be a mess.

Taylor: What about your girlfriend? The one you say you care about so much? What can she afford?




Sophia: I am looking for Antonio.

Kristen: Well, he's not here.

Sophia: We were supposed to meet at the office. He didn't show.

Kristen: Well, that's strange. Isn't it?

Sophia: Not lately. He's been preoccupied.

Kristen: Well, I could give him a message if you would like.

Sophia: No. No message.

Kristen: Sophia... Would you like to come in?


Megan: Ridge, oh, thank God I caught you.

Ridge: Make it quick, Megan. I've got a hot date.

Megan: No, it's an emergency. You've got to do something, it's Thorne. I think he's going to end things with Brooke.


Brooke: You should calm down, Thorne, please, whatever you thought you heard...

Thorne: What I thought I heard? Tell me you can do better than that, Brooke. I imagined it?

Brooke: I didn't mean it, not like this.

Thorne: How did you mean it?

Brooke: I was trying to protect my daughter.

Thorne: Oh, from marrying the wrong man. And any man who is not your Soul mate is the wrong man? I believe that was your point.

Brooke: The point I was trying to make is that Deacon does not belong with Bridget.

Thorne: Because you don't want your daughter making the same mistake that you did, right?

Brooke: I never said that. I never would.

Thorne: Why, Brooke, why? Because it's true.

Brooke: Being with you is not a mistake. I haven't regretted a second of it. I've been happy, haven't you?

Thorne: Yeah, Brooke, I've been happy. I've been very, very happy. And you know what? That's why I overlooked it When Ridge would put his hands on you at pool parties or the way that your eyes would track him whenever he left room. Or the way that he leaned on you when Taylor was missing.

Brooke: Wait, I was just being a friend, that's it.

Thorne: Yeah? Well, I told myself that, Brooke. And the majority of the time, I believed it. You think I ever will again?


Ridge: What are you talking about, Thorne breaking up with Brooke?

Megan: I just saw I am up at the cabin, and I am telling you, he is furious with Brooke. He is talking about their marriage being over.

Ridge: What? Meg you have got to talk to him.

Ridge: I don't get it. This morning they were fine. He was planning this romantic evening and everything.

Megan: No. Something happened.

Ridge: Look, Megan whatever it is, you shouldn't have told me because I don't want to get involved in all that. Megan: But you are involved. That's the problem. Look, Thorne came by to see Brooke and he overheard her talking to Deacon.

Ridge: Deacon?

Megan: Yeah, she was trying to get him to break up with Bridget by telling him that Amber was his soul mate and keep trying and not settle with someone else.

Ridge: What does this have to do with me?

Megan: Because apparently she compared Deacon's feelings for Amber to her feelings for you.

Ridge: Well, obviously she meant to say Thorne.

Megan: Well, that's what I thought too but Thorne says Deacon really pressed her on it and that she admit that had -- well, that you're someone that she would never get over.

Ridge: She said that?

Megan: I don't know her exact words. It was something about how she thinks about you all the time and how there's a place in her heart that no one else can fill. But Thorne now is flipping out and he's talking about their marriage being over. Ridge, you have got to go up there. Or at least call him. They have fought so hard to be together. He can't let something like this break them apart.

Ridge: Megan I think I better stay out of this one.

Megan: What? Ridge, you're probably the one person that can convince him that there's nothing going on between you and Brooke. Oh, God, tell me there's nothing going on between you and Brooke.


Thorne: You want to know what's really sad? Is I thought you were talking about me. You're going on and on about this one man who could make your life complete, and I am standing there with this stupid grin on my face.

Brooke: Honey, you're my husband. I thank God for you every single day. I'm sorry, I am so sorry if I said anything that hurt you. But you can believe me... There is no reason to feel insecure, because I love you. I love you so much.

Thorne: But you would rather be with my brother.

Brooke: I never said that.

Thorne: No, you just said that no one could ever take his place in your heart.

Brooke: And no one can take yours or Bridget's.

Thorne: Oh, come on. You're acting like this is just nothing.

Brooke: This is nothing. I know you're sensitive to this issue --

Thorne: Sensitive?

Brooke: You don't want to feel like you're living in your brother's shadow, but you're not.

Thorne: Oh, no, I'm just living in his house that he bought living with his ex-wife and who can't let him go.

Brooke: I've accepted that.

Thorne: Good for you, Brooke, good for you for finally facing the truth that I am the best that you can do. Hurray!

Brooke: That is not fair.

Thorne: Fair? Fair? You want to know what's not fair is that that bastard has treated you like bed for years and yet you go to bed and wake up thinking about him every day. Brooke, I told you from the beginning, I will not play second fiddle to him or to any one.

Brooke: And you're not. Do you hear me? You are not. You are my husband. You are my partner. You're the man I'm going to share the rest of my life with.

Thorne: Don't be so sure.


Taylor: Antonio, you can believe me when I tell you I'm not insensitive to what you're going through. And you're not alone. For 20 years, we've been dealing with AIDS. People know how you get it. Unprotected sex, sharing needles. But even when they're doing those things, they don't get tested. Because they are scared. Because they don't want to believe it could happen to them. Which means there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are infected and don't know it. And that's just in this country. That's why AIDS is an epidemic. And it's a real shame. Not just because they could be out there spreading it, but because they're not getting treatment for themselves and treatment is so much more effective if they catch the virus early.

Antonio: You're making such a big deal about this.

Taylor: You can't take chances with your life. Or the lives of others. Now, I want you to think about something... Think about Ellen and the man who infected her. I'm sure he didn't want to think he had AIDS. But if he had gotten tested, if he had been responsible, Ellen would be here today. And you wouldn't be standing here facing this. Now, if there was something you could do to spare somebody else that pain, wouldn't you do it?

Antonio: I gotta go.

Taylor: It's a simple blood test. It takes half an hour. Anything is better than not knowing.


Sophia: I shouldn't have come here looking for him.

Kristen: No, no, it's okay.

Sophia: It's just -- it's an attractive offer and they want an answer soon. Antonio is such a -- such good instincts about these things.

Kristen: I wish I knew where he was. But I don't Here. Would you like to sit down?

Sophia: You're very nice to invite me in like this. After the way I treated you.

Kristen: I --

Sophia: I behaved badly. You caught me off guard, you and Tony.

Kristen: Well, you're not the only one.

Sophia: You should know he didn't lie to me. He never led me on.

Kristen: Why are you telling me this?

Sophia: Before we were lovers, we were friends, good friends. Even if he doesn't feel the same way, I still want him to be happy. And you make him happy. Don't think that he's a user or a Casanova. He's not a saint. But he has a good heart. And you can trust him. You can trust him with your life.


Taylor: Let's make a commitment, time, where.

Antonio: I already told you, I'm going to get tested, I'm just not ready to do it yet.

Taylor: What, you think you're just going to wake up one day ready to face your mortality? You just have to go and go --

Antonio: No, I don't, okay? I don't have to do anything.

Taylor: What's your alternative?

Antonio: Living my life.

Taylor: Oh, really? Can you? Even if you find a way to deal with these panic attacks, I just want to know how you're going to deal with every time you make love to your girlfriend, wondering if you've infected her.

Antonio: Stop.

Taylor: Do you love her?

Antonio: She's everything I've always wanted. The life we could have... You're asking me to consider that that may never happen?

Taylor: I'm asking you to protect her. If you love her, protect her.


Ridge: Megan, I'm a happily married man.

Megan: Exactly. And Brooke is happy too, and I'm sure whatever feelings she has for you, it's probably just nostalgia, first love and all, right? Don't you think? Why aren't you agreeing with me?

Ridge: Look, there is a connection. It's always been there. Would I act on it? No. Would Brooke? Never. But it's still there. Another man might be able to deal with it, to accept it, but -- but Thorne?

Megan: This time, he was so sure it would be different.

Ridge: It is different, Megan. It is different.

Megan: Are you sure? Because, look, I told Thorne that I thought he was crazy to even be worried and now you're telling me that Brooke has all this pent up desire.

Ridge: No, it's not like that. Brooke is happy with her life. Now, let's just drop it, okay? Drop it.

Megan: What if Taylor were out of the picture?

Ridge: But she's not.

Megan: And Thorne is supposed to live like that, always wondering? And Ridge, he has sacrificed everything to be in this marriage.

Ridge: Megan, just let it go. Brooke and Thorne have a good thing going, okay? They both know that. They will be fine.

Megan: I just wish I could share your confidence but after what I've heard from you, I wonder if Thorne isn't right. Maybe this marriage is over.


Brooke: Thorne, you're scaring me.

Thorne: Yeah? Yeah, it's a scary thing when you find out that your marriage isn't what you thought.

Brooke: I don't know what you're talking about. Nothing's changed.

Thorne: Is that right? So it's been this way the whole time?

Brooke: Yes, it's been wonderful, hasn't it? This is the healthiest relationship I've been in.

Thorne: The healthiest. That's not exactly what I was shooting for.

Brooke: I don't understand. I've always had feelings for Ridge. You've known that.

Thorne: Brooke, you know, I can handle feelings, okay? Caring, friendship, no big deal.

Brooke: And that's what this is.

Thorne: That's not what you told Deacon.

Brooke: Oh, will you just forget about that? I was talking with Deacon about his life and his choices.

Thorne: Yeah, and comparing them to your own.

Brooke: I am desperate to get my daughter back don't you understand?

Thorne: Okay. Then Brooke, tell me it was a lie. Tell me it was a lie just to get to Deacon, okay? Tell me that, please. You can't Because what you said was the truth.

Brooke: Oh, no, no. It was part of the truth.

Thorne: Oh, stop playing with words.

Brooke: Please, listen to me.. I was using some similarities to make a point. That is it. Of course our situations are different, Deacon's and mine. My God, look, he used an 18-year-old girl just for revenge. I think we're a little different than that, don't you? Come on, Thorne... You know how much I love you. Just think of everything we've done to be together.

Thorne: I am thinking about it, Brooke. I can't stop thinking about it, okay? I can't stop thinking about what we did to Macy and her family and my family and Bridget. For what?

Brooke: For what? For our marriage. For everything that we've gone through together. That's for what. You told me that this was the happiest you've ever been.

Thorne: Yeah, it is. What about you? Is this the happiest you've ever been, Brooke, huh? No. This is the healthiest you've ever been.

Brooke: And that is wonderful. Thorne, you more than anybody know what I've gone through to get to this point. To get to this place. And I am so grateful. I love what we have together. I would not trade it in for anything else.

Thorne: And you don't think you could do better than me?

Brooke: No.

Thorne: Okay. What about me, Brooke, hmm? Do you think I could do better? Better than someone who just settled for me? Who accepts me as their second choice? Who fantasizes about another man While she is lying in my arms. My arms, Brooke! I'll tell you something Brooke, I sure as hell think I could do better than that!