The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday July 18 2001

By Stephanie
Proofread by Becky

Deacon: This should be interesting. What is it, Brooke? What is it that you have to tell me?

Brooke: This marriage is a mistake.

Deacon: That's it, that's the big revelation?

Brooke: No. That's what you're going to realize when you hear what I have to say. So you better listen carefully. Because what I'm about to tell you is going to save my daughter's life and yours.


Rick: Bridget, are you asleep?

Bridget: I was.

Rick: Sorry.

Bridget: No, you're not. You live to bug me.

Rick: You know what? I'm just glad you're still around to put up it. How are you feeling?

Bridget: Bored.

Rick: Well, I think I have a cure for that.

Bridget: Oh, More presents. Thanks. I'm getting spoiled today.

Rick: Oh, really?

Bridget: Yeah. This morning Deacon made me breakfast and then he gave me this.

Rick: A ring. Wow .

Bridget: Yeah. Hey, don't do back flips or anything.

Rick: What do you expect me to do, congratulate you?

Bridget: Yes, I would love something along the lines of "I'm really happy for, Bridget".

Rick: I'm happy that you're out of the hospital and I'm happy that you're feeling better.

Bridget: That's the best you can do, huh?

Rick: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come over here and rag on you. That's not why I stopped by.

Bridget: If you came here to cheer me up, you're doing a pretty lousy job.

Rick: Actually, I wanted to ask you something. Now, I know you're probably not in the mood to hear this right now, but it just can't wait any longer. We have to talk about Amber and Deacon.


Brooke: The fabric held up under the worst conditions.

Ridge: My God, this is better than I even expected.

Brooke: The breakdown is virtually non-existent. No wrinkles and it maintained its temperature.

Ridge: I want to see it.

Brooke: No, no, it needs to dry for another hour. But we're there. We're there!

Ridge: Oh, Logan... How long has it been? Another lifetime.


Thorne: Mother, I thought you and Brooke buried the hatchet.

Stephanie: We put our differences aside, honey. That doesn't mean that we eliminate it.

Thorne: I can't believe I'm hearing this. I really can't.

Stephanie: Maybe it's good that you hear it right now. I know you want us to be close and I know that you want me to really accept her as my daughter-in-law because that's not going to happen and I made that very clear when you got married.

Thorne: Well, then, why did you come to the wedding? Why did you walk Brooke down the isle aisle?

Stephanie: I did it for the children. I did it for the family but it was not a joyous moment for me. And the fact that I did it is something I'm probably going to question the rest of my life.


Brooke: Look, I know you care about Bridget and you want to make here happy but you can't. This marriage isn't going to satisfy either one of you.

Deacon: How can you be so sure about that?

Brooke: Because there's only one woman who will ever satisfy you and that's Amber. She is your destiny. Don't let her get away.

Deacon: Brooke, I already told you, I don't really go in for that soul mate crap.

Brooke: No? Then what are we doing here and if Amber meant so little to you why did you find fight so hard to get her back?

Deacon: It doesn't really matter anymore. Amber and I are finished. We're done.

Brooke: I don't believe that, Deacon, and neither do you. A few months ago, you told me that Rick and Amber's marriage was going to end and you told me why. Do you remember what you said?

Deacon: Yeah, I remember. Things change.

Brooke: You said that Amber wouldn't be able to deny her feelings any longer and sooner or later she was going to give into her desires for you.

Deacon: Well, obviously I was delusional because Amber's thing with Rick, she's committed to him, and I'm committed to Bridget.

Brooke: Well and my daughter deserves more than just a commitment. She deserves to be loved and to be adored and to be cherished and not with determination but with passion.

Deacon: Passion? What is it with you and this passion? Do you think relationships are just about sex?

Brooke: No, this isn't about sex. The passion I'm talking about goes deeper in your soul. It ache inside your heart, you know, the kind of ache --

Deacon: Just stop right there.

Brooke: Are you going to tell me that you don't think about her, you don't dream about her?

Deacon: Do you know me? Do you have a crystal ball into my life, Brooke? You don't know what you're talking about.

Brooke: I know what you're feeling, because I felt the same.

Deacon: That's the big revelation, is that it? Brooke, do you want to tell me about your soul mate?

Brooke: I'm just trying to get you to understand what's at take here, what you share with Amber is a miracle. Not many people get to have that experience. And it doesn't just go away, no matter how hard you try or how determined you are. It will always be there. Once you find your soul mate, there's nothing else that will ever truly fulfill you.


Thorne: Mother, there hasn't been any tension between you and Brooke for months. I thought you two were becoming friends.

Stephanie: Thorne, we will never be friends. That she's part of the family alone just upsets me. She has -- look, she has our family name and our company. I have to learn to deal with that. I can't even begin to think of the amount of disgrace and scandal she's brought to us.

Thorne: Mother, Brooke has changed, okay? She's a different person now.

Stephanie: Changed? She was married to your brother, your father and now you. And now you are the stepfather to your half-brother and sister. I mean, that's mind boggling. Who is responsible for that?

Thorne: We can't blame her for every problem that we've had.

Stephanie: How many marriages has she ruined? Yours and mine. How many years has she spent chasing Ridge?

Thorne: Why can't you just let this go? Look at Brooke now. She's not chasing after anyone. You want to know why? Because she loves me, because Brooke found what she was looking for the day that she married me. Mother, we're happy, you know. Now, I just wish you could take some pleasure in that.

Stephanie: I wish I could too. But she's hurt me too deeply and that's what I'm worried about. I'm worried that some day that's exactly what she's going to do to you.

Thorne: Well, you don't have to worry about that, okay?

Stephanie: Honey, she was married to your father for a long time. They had two children. He thought they were happy too.

Thorne: You know what? That's enough. I don't know where this is coming from but I want it to stop.

Eric: Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?

Stephanie: You can't ignore the past, honey. The past is what makes us what we are.

Thorne: No, mother, the past shows us who we were and how far we've come. And obviously my wife has come a lot farther than you. what is this going to do, keep away.


Bridget: You want to talk about Amber and Deacon?

Rick: We can't avoid it forever.

Bridget: Well, there's nothing to say, Rick. It's over.

Rick: I know that's what Deacon told you.

Bridget: Yeah, and I have a ring to prove it.

Rick: So you don't buy any of that stuff mom has been saying about Amber and Deacon being soul mates?

Bridget: No, no, neither does Deacon. He thinks it's ridiculous. Which is it is, right? Obviously mom was just trying to cause trouble between us.

Rick: I'm not so sure.

Bridget: You don't think it's true?

Rick: Well, not entirely, but you know, I don't think mom is completely off base either. Amber and Deacon lived together. They share a son. They do have a connection.

Bridget: They did have a connection. But you and Amber are raising little Eric now.

Rick: It's not just the baby, Bridget. Look, we have to be realistic, all right? We can't just bury our heads in the sand and pretend there's nothing to it. The fact is Amber and Deacon have a past and we have to accept that. And we have to deal with it.


Thorne: I can't believe you're still holding on to this grudge.

Stephanie: It isn't a grudge.

Thorne: Yes, it is. You're never going to forgive Brooke for marrying dad.

Stephanie: She used him. She got herself pregnant and then threw him away and if you think she isn't capable of doing that to you, you're a fool.

Thorne: She loves me and she is 100% totally committed to me! And I wouldn't have married her if I wouldn't have thought otherwise.

Stephanie: The only person in this world that Brooke Logan is committed to is herself.

Thorne: This conversation is over.


Deacon: I've got to tell you, Brooke, I really do enjoy these little get to know your mother-in-law questions. I can see where Bridget gets all her romantic ideas, it's from you.

Brooke: I'm serious. There are people in this world that are so incredibly in synch that they're bound to each other.

Deacon: I believe that. But Amber and I have moved on. We're married to other people, Brooke.

Brooke: That doesn't change what you are to each other. It never will. Believe me, I have been in love time and time again but there's only one man for me. Yes, I have been content in my other marriages. But in my hearty always felt like there was something missing. And I don't want Bridget to go through that.

Deacon: Look, I'm not going to hurt her.

Brooke: I'm sure you don't want to hurt her. I didn't want to hurt my children when they went through a divorce.

Deacon: Who said anything about divorce?

Brooke: Why, you've had a change of heart? You've developed feelings for her?

Deacon: Yes, I've developed feelings for her.

Brooke: It will never be good enough. This passion you feel for Amber can't be replaced by admiration and respect. It's always going to be there, no matter what you do.

Deacon: Great, so what are you telling me, I'm just doomed?

Brooke: No. No. You're blessed.


Bridget: Rick, our marriages are fine.

Rick: I just want to make sure they stay that way.

Bridget: So now you want me and Deacon to stay together?

Rick: I want you to be happy.

Bridget: I am. I am happy.

Rick: You're not worried about Amber at all?

Bridget: Are you?

Rick: No, I'm not worried but I'm not overly confident either. Look, I've been married before, okay? I know that it can get tough, and if you're not totally secure when it does, that's when the problems start.

Bridget: Yeah, but I think Deacon and I have already been through the tough stuff.

Rick: There will be more. Look, I'm just being straight with you, Budge. Amber and I totally already blew it once before. We started to doubt each other, we stopped communicating and our relationship broke down. I don't want to see that happen again to either of us. So if you have any doubts about Deacon, now is the time to address them. Just listen to your instincts, don't tell yourself you're imagining things, and if it's something that you can't talk about with him, talk to someone.

Bridget: You think something is going to happen, don't you?

Rick: No, I don't but I think we should be aware that something could.

Bridget: But it won't.

Rick: No, no, because Amber is not interested in Deacon.

Bridget: Right, and he's not interested in her anymore.

Rick: With you but if you ever thought that he was --

Bridget: You would be the first person I would tell.


Ridge: I don't have to ask what that was about, do I?

Stephanie: I told your brother I did not want to discuss Brooke but he kept pushing it.

Ridge: He and Brooke are doing fine. Why can't you just let that go?

Stephanie: I didn't start the argument.

Ridge: What did you think was going to happen, though? Up until a few minutes ago he was thinking you and Brooke were getting along fine.

Stephanie: I have been civil and polite to her but that doesn't mean I can change my opinion.

Ridge: You should have kept your opinion to yourself.

Stephanie: I could have said a lot more things about your Logan.

Ridge: What the hell does that mean?

Stephanie: What do you think it means?

Ridge: Oh, please, don't tell me. Do not tell me you think Brooke still has feelings for me. Mother, that is ancient history now. Brooke is committed to Thorne and you know that. Why won't you let this go? What are you doing this for?

Stephanie: Because I'm worried about it. I'm really worried. He's such an intelligent, kind, caring person. He's got blinders on when it comes to her. He's just put all his faith in her. He really believes in the marriage and that scares me.

Ridge: Why?

Stephanie: Because I know what she's capable of. I know what she's done. And I just... I just pray that I'm wrong. But I -- I'm just worried that one of these days she's going to do the same thing to your brother.


Deacon: Blessed?

Brooke: Yes, you have a gift, a very rare and wonderful gift that most people only dream about.

Deacon: I know, I'm married to her.

Brooke: You know I'm not talking about Bridget. Come on, Deacon, you have an opportunity here, an opportunity to be with the one person that makes your life make sense, someone that you're willing to sacrifice everything for, to risk everything. And that's what you did for Amber. You were willing to give up little Eric and stay with somebody that you don't love in order to keep Amber in life.

Deacon: Yeah, well, that didn't work out, did it? You know, it might not be very romantic, Brooke, but I think I would rather try and have a good life with Bridget than spend the rest of my life pining away for something that there's just no chance of it happening.

Brooke: Sure, you can give up. You can stay with somebody that you know is going to be safe and secure but why would you want to do that? Once you experience that kind of fire, the fire that you have with Amber, it will burn inside of you forever. Now, you marry Amber and it will inspire your lives to go. You stay with Bridget and it will only burn in your gut and remind you of everything that you have missing in your life. Do you think that's the right thing to do? Well, it isn't. It isn't right for Bridget. It isn't right for you. I want so much more for my daughter. I want her to be with a man that will fulfill her completely. The feelings you have for your soul mate, they never go away. I go to sleep every night thinking about him. I wake up every morning, thinking about him. I admire his strength and his courage. He gets me through the difficult times in my life. No one will ever replace this man in my heart And no one will ever replace Amber in your heart. And don't try to deny it, I know its true, because that's how I feel about Ridge.

Deacon: Ridge? I thought you were talking about Thorne. The man you love is Ridge.