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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/12/01

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Brooke: How's Bridget?

Eric: She's okay. Her doctor is in there with her. Brooke, what are we going to do? How are we going to get our daughter out from under the influence of this guy?

Brooke: Well, maybe she won't be much longer.

Eric: Why do you say that?

Brooke: Amber and Deacon are in that room around the corner. I just had a talk with them. I think I finally got through to them.

Eric: A talk about what?

Brooke: About their feelings about each other, and why they keep denying it. And how destructive it is going to be for Rick and Bridget if they don't acknowledge their feelings.

Amber: What are we doing?

Deacon: Wow, that was something!

Amber: Brooke just doesn't quit, does she?

Deacon: Lady knows her stuff. You know, Amber, maybe she's right about us.

Amber: There is no us, Deacon.

Deacon: There's still a whole lot of fire and sparks every single time you and I get near each other.

Amber: That's because you won't leave it alone. And you're impossible.

Deacon: No, no, I haven't been coming on to you at all. All I've been doing is thinking about my wife.

Amber: You're calling her --

Deacon: See, see! You don't like when I call her my wife any more than when I call Rick -- you call Rick your husband. You don't want me married to You, you sure don't want me married to anybody else. Crunch time, Amber. If Brooke is right, and there are feelings between the two of us, we have to deal with this. Otherwise we're going to wreck both our marriages. So I'm asking how: How do you feel about me, honestly?

Sofia:  Why do you want me to see someone right away?

Taylor: He needs to get tested for HIV but how do I make him get the test? How do I convince him?

Sofia: You don't. He has to do it himself.

Taylor: He insists there's it has nothing to do with his panic attacks. He's in total denial.

Another Doctor: Is there a girl in his life right now?

Taylor: At least one that i know of.

Another Doctor: So he's playing Russian roulette with his life, isn't he?

Taylor: And at least one other that I know of.

Sofia: What am I, Tony? Nothing to you?

Antonio: How can you ask me that, after all we have been to?

Sofia: Where is my Antonio? I don't see you anymore.

Antonio: Sofia, I've fallen for someone.

Sofia: Tony! Tony, Tony, how many times have you fallen for someone?

Sofia: You are a man who appreciates a beautiful woman. And there is only one woman you give your love to. And that's me. My love, my love, it's been so long! So long since we shared a bed. Have you forgotten?

Antonio: No. I haven't.

Eric: You really think that's possible? That Amber and Deacon would get together?

Brooke: It's the only way we're going to get our daughter back. Look, I know you don't want to interfere in Rick's marriage --

Eric: No. No, I don't. But I do want my daughter away from that man. And if it means that Rick has to lose Amber, then so be it!

Amber: How I feel about you? I feel like you're insane. You're good. You practically kidnapped me. You forced me to live in your apartment. You dragged me to Las Vegas, tricked me into getting the same tattoo as you. If that isn't bad enough, you come to my wedding with my husband's teenage sister.

Deacon: I would have done just about anything.

Amber: You don't know how to give up.

Deacon: Not when it's worth fighting for.

Amber: I'm not worth fight for.

Deacon: You and I, we're no different.

Amber: This is all a sport. Where's the bad boy?

Deacon: The one we all know and love?

Amber: I didn't say that.

Deacon: But that's what you were thinking. We're sharing here, Amber. Putting our cards on the table.

Amber: All right. I'm attracted to you, okay? But that's not exactly earth shattering news.

Deacon: I'm just curious. What exactly attracts you to me? Aside from the obvious.

Amber: The obvious?

Deacon: Come on, look at me! My drop dead good looks. Is that it?

Amber: Maybe your drop dead sense of humor.

Deacon: How about the way I am with little "D"? Does that turn you on?

Amber: You're an okay dad 

Deacon: I'm sorry? What?

Amber: Okay, you're a good dad, okay? You're a natural. Have you heard enough?

Deacon: Go on.

Amber: You seem to really know what you're doing, you know? You make these snap decisions like when he wants to watch TV or go to the beach or something.

Deacon: And I must always be right.

Amber: No lack of confidence, I'll give you that.

Deacon: You have to be like that when you're dealing with kids. A boy wants to see his father be tough. How strong like bull.

Amber: How about full of bull? Come on, Deacon, I didn't hurt you, did I?

Deacon: Amber, I feel so much better now, baby.

Sofia: You look beautiful, Tony. I love what we shared. How could you forget?

Antonio: I haven't.

Sofia: That's good. Oh, Tony, I miss you. The way you love me. Touch me. Kiss me.

Taylor (Antonio Thinking): Antonio, the real issue is that you have had sexual contact with a person infected with HIV. You have to get tested!

Taylor: You'll love this.

Kristen: Are you sure it's okay? I don't want to be a pest.

Taylor: Don't be silly. At least someone gets to make use of these.

Kristen: How about tonight? We're going out.

Antonio (Thinking): I slept with Sofia. I could have given her the virus. Now wait a minute, kid, that's crazy! Forget about it. You don't have HIV!

Kristen: Well, what do you say? You think Ridge and you want to double date?

Taylor: I think Ridge already made plans for us.

Kristen: My brother, the romantic?

Taylor: No, your brother the sex fiend!

Kristen: That's something I hadn't thought about in a while.

Taylor: What? Sex?

Kristen: Till recently. When's the right time, Taylor?

Taylor: I think you'll know when the right time is.

Kristen: Yeah. I think I do.

Taylor:  I don’t know…

Kristen: How about this one?

Taylor: That is very sexy.

Kristen: Yeah. It is, isn't it?

[Phone ringing]

Antonio: Hello.

Kristen: Hi!

Antonio: Hi.

Kristen: I'm standing here looking at the dress I'm going to wear tonight. It's a little bit revealing. Do you think that's okay?

Eric: What is it with Deacon? What is this game he's playing? First he marries our daughter just to force our hand. Then when Bridget finds out she's being used, he puts on this act like he really cares about her.

Brooke: I think in some way he does care about her.

Eric: You believe that?

Brooke: Well, I believe that he doesn't want to hurt her, which is why this might work. Eric, this is Deacon's chance to give Bridget her freedom and start a life with Amber.

Eric: What makes you think Amber is going to go along with it?

Brooke: Because she loves him. And today she's going to show it.

Deacon: So we both have feelings.

Amber: That doesn't mean we have to respond to it.

Deacon: True, yeah. It will probably just go away, right Amber?

Amber: It's possible.

Deacon: Possible but not likely. What are we going to do? Six months, a year down the road? What is it going to do to Bridget and Rick if we have an affair?

Amber: We won't.

Deacon: Amber, we're attracted to each other. This ain't going to go away. It's going to get stronger and stronger and build. All this pent-up desire.

Amber: We can handle it, Deacon. We can. We're experts at it!

Deacon: Experts at shutting out our feelings, right? I got this recurring memory, of when you were living with me, of you and little did at the breakfast table and you're feeding him. It's funny, it's like all these moments, you know? When you were getting him ready to go to the park that day? Giving him a bath. All these moments. That's what life is made up of. And we just take 'em for granted because we think, hey, there's going to be another one coming right afterwards. Invariably, Amber, at some point they run out. When they do, man, you wish to God that you had just a couple more of those to hang on to. Baby, you and me, we got s so many moments together, and i remember each and every one of them. It was so right it was so wrong almost at the same time the pain that a heart can take no one really knows when the moment comes and keep you there till you no longer care you can let go now

Antonio: I'm sure that whatever you will wear will be perfect.

Kristen: Well, are you sure? Because, I mean, this really, really shows a lot! Are you okay?

Antonio: Yeah. I'm fine. Why?

Kristen: I don't know. You seem a little preoccupied or something.

Antonio: I'm just worn out.

Kristen: Well, we don't have to go out tonight.

Antonio: Are you kidding me? I could go sleepless for a week and I still wouldn't miss a date with you. I'm looking forward to it.

Kristen: Good. Me too.

Antonio: I'll see you tonight. I love you, Kristen.

Eric: What makes you think Amber's going to go along with this? She's never acknowledged her feelings for Deacon.

Brooke: But she did. She acknowledged her feelings right in front of me. And I brought them together and I joined their hands.

Eric: And now that they're in a room together?

Brooke: There's nothing stopping her.

Eric: What about Rick?

Brooke: Oh, Eric, she's never had those passionate feelings force Rick. I'm more sure of that now than ever. And if she just opens herself up to Deacon just once, I'm sure she will never go back to Rick.

Deacon: Feels good, Amber.

Amber: What does?

Deacon: To let it out. Your real feelings. Why don't you try it?

Amber: Deacon!

Deacon: Come on, no one's looking. I'm not going to tell. I would never use it against you. Just try it. Tell me how you feel.

Amber: Yes, yes, okay. I have the same feelings. I have been fighting them ever since I moved from the apartment. I wonder what it would be like just once for us to share ourselves. I have made love to you so many times, in my daydreams and in my night dreams. It -- it feels so real.

Deacon: But it isn't real?

Amber: No.

Deacon: Baby, i want it to be real. Look, I'm not asking you to leave Rick. And I'm not telling him to leave Bridget. But don't you think that we owe it to ourselves, to Brooke, to everybody to deal with this -- this hungry, unquenchable desire that we seem to have for each other? I know you want to.

Amber: Right here?

Deacon: Maybe Brooke's right. Maybe we need to resolve this once and for all. Your body's aching for me. My body's aching for you. We need this.

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