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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/29/01

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Deacon: Somebody help me! Somebody help me please! I need a doctor! Get me a doctor! Get me a gurney now. This minute. Doctor, we need you.

Doctor: What happened?

Deacon: She was in a car accident.

Doctor:  What's her name?

Deacon: Bridget.

Doctor: Bridget, can you hear me? Can you hear me?

Antonio: And how did you sleep?

Kristen: Not that great. An hour, maybe two.

Antonio: Well, you can't tell.

Kristin: Well, you know, sleep is not all it's cracked up to be.

Antonio: Good. I just kind of wish we were here under different circumstances.

Kristin: Me too. It's going to be a tough day for you.

Antonio: Yeah. I just wish I had some answers. You know, Ellen just had everything going for her. She was educated. She had a good family. She was beautiful.

Kristin: Beauty doesn't guarantee happiness.

Antonio: That's true. But the whole time I was with her she never showed once a sign of depression. She was so positive. She was a winner. I just can't believe that she took her own life.

Kristin: She did?

Antonio: Yes, she did. The question is "why?"

Kristin: Are we going to a memorial service or on a fishing expedition?

Antonio: I just want to find some answers.

Kristen: You mentioned that you and Ellen were lovers.

Antonio: At one point I thought we might marry.

Kristen: What happened?

Antonio: I don't know. I just don't know. Things just fell apart.

Kristin: That is never going to happen to us because we communicate about everything.

Antonio: I'm happy that we're very close.

Kristen: Me too, you have to go to the funeral.

Brooke: Did you find her?

Eric: No. We've been up and down the beach both directions.

Brooke: Amber, are you sure Deacon didn't say they were going somewhere?

Amber: No.

Eric: But you're sure he said that he wanted your help?

Brooke: Why does he want your help? He could have called me or your father.

Rick: Mom, that doesn't matter.

Brooke: It does matter! Your sister just found out the truth about her miserable husband! You should have known as soon as she invited you to dinner she was suspicious. You should have called me right away.

Amber: I am not involved with Deacon!

Thorne: You are not the issue here, Amber. There's no answer on her cell phone. Where is she? Why did she leave?

Doctor: Get an IV going. I'm sorry, sir. You can't come in here.

Deacon: she's my wife.

Doctor: Please! We need to stabilize her. You'll have to wait outside. I'm sorry.

Get the IV going!


Guest: I'm so sorry.

Antonio: Mr. Huffington, I'm so sorry. I just can't believe it. I want you all to meet Kristen. Kristen, this is Stella and John Huffington.

Kristen: I'm so sorry for your loss.

Antonio: I'm still so shocked.

Mr. Huffington: Yeah. Well, we all are.

Antonio: Was Ellen having problems?

Mr. Huffington: She wasn't happy for the last few months.

Antonio: I don't mean to pry or anything, but Ellen never seemed to be unhappy before.

Guest: So how did you and Tony meet?

Kristen: We meet in L.A. My family is also in the fashion Industry.

Guest: She's very beautiful.

Antonio: Thank you. Yes, she is.

Guest: So she's more than a friend?

Kristen: We haven't known each other that long.

Antonio: We've become very close, though. Excuse me, I'm going to go pay my respects.

Amber: At least Deacon is with her.

Brooke: He's the cause of her problems!

Amber: Would you rather she be alone out there?

Brooke: I'd rather her be home in bed, where she belongs! Is there anything else that you'd like to tell us, Amber? Betsy was at the dinner? Rick, get Betsy on the phone right away. Do you have her phone number?

Rick: No. I can look it up in Bridget's address book. She may have ruptured her spleen.

Deacon: Can I see her?

Doctor: Not now. She's unconscious. We have to get her to the OR.

Deacon: You take good care of her. You do whatever you have to do but you save her life!  My God, what have I done to her? What the hell have I done to her? (Sobbing)

Kristen: Thank you.

John (Ellenís friend): My mother has taken this very hard.

Antonio: I couldn't imagine losing a family member like this.

John:  I guess I was probably more prepared for this than they were.

Antonio: Prepared? How do you prepare for this?

John:  Well, I mean, Ellen had been very depressed.

Antonio: Yeah. But why?

John: Look, Tony, I just -- I can't go into this right now.

Antonio: What is it, John? What happened to Ellen? Why did she do this?

Deacon: I 'm so sorry, Bridget. I'm so sorry I did this to you. That poor, sweet girl. I just used her. And now she's gonna -- no, you're not, you're not going to die! You hear me? Please don't let her die!

Eric: What's the story, Brooke?

Brooke: Well, she said that when she left here, Bridget was in a good mood.

Thorne: Then she must have overheard you and Deacon talking after Betsy left.

Amber: I guess that's how it happened.

Brooke: What exactly did she hear, Amber?

Amber: Haven't we gone over this enough?  I wanted to know what happened to her.  Deacon was telling me how he felt guilty about using Bridget.

Brooke: Are you sure that's all?

Amber: Like what?

Brooke: Maybe she didn't hear anything at all. Maybe she just saw something.

Amber: What are you suggesting?

Rick: Will you stop, Mother? You're not helping anything!

Brooke: I just want to know exactly what happened.

Eric: I would like to hear this too, Amber! (Phone ringing)

Brooke: Hello?

Deacon: Brooke, what are you doing there?

Brooke: I want to know where my daughter is.

Deacon: She's here.

Brooke: Put her on the phone.

Deacon: I can't do that.

Brooke: Why not?

Deacon: I'm at the hospital.

Brooke: At the hospital!

Deacon: Bridget's been in a car accident.

Brooke: Oh, my God!

Eric: What happened? Deacon, where the hell is my daughter!

Deacon: Eric, get in the car and get down here. I'm at Cedars.

Eric: What's happened?

Antonio: What is it, Chad? What happened to your sister? Tell me. She would want me to know.

John: Chad, if you want to talk to Tony --

Chad: No, look, I can't tell you, Tony.

Antonio: Tell me what? Is it something to do with me? Look, me and your sister broke up but I thought that's what she wanted. You know, this depression, this overdose didn't have anything to do with me?

Chad: Tony, I think you need to talk to somebody else.

Antonio: All right. Well, who? Who do I talk to?

Chad: You should talk to him, Tony.

Antonio: Dr. Elder?

Chad: Yeah.

Antonio: He knows why your sister did this?

Chad: Look, Tony, I have to go be with my family.

Antonio: Could you wait for me outside?

Kristen: Sure

Antonio: Doctor?

Dr. Elder: Hello, Tony.

Antonio: How you doing?

Dr. Elder: Well, I've been better.

Antonio: it's a tragedy.

Dr. Elder: And how have you been doing?

Antonio: Not too bad. Haven't found a doctor as good as you in Los Angeles yet.

Dr. Elder: Thank you.

Antonio: So I was told that you could tell me some information regarding this death.

Dr. Elder: Yes, I can.

Antonio: Can you tell me?

Dr. Elder: Tony, why don't you stop by my office later?

Antonio: Why can't you tell me now?

Dr. Elder: Because this isn't the right place. Stop by my office.

Deacon: How is she, doc? How did the surgery go?

Doctor: Too soon to tell.

Deacon: Bridget, you're like this beautiful angel that came into my life. And I didn't see it. You would have done anything for me. You pull through this and I will spend the rest of my life trying to make this up to you, I swear to you! You just hang on, you hear? Just hang on. Its okay, baby, I 'm here. I'm here, and I 'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promise. You can count on me. You can count on me, Bridget.

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