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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 6/14/01

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Kristen: You're Tony's girlfriend?

Sofia: You didn't think you would have to face me?

Kristen: I didn't know you existed. He never mentioned you. How did you know about me?

Sofia: You show up at his house and throw yourself at him?

Kristen: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Look, I don't know what he told you, but that is not what happened.

Sofia: He didn't tell me anything. I have eyes.

Kristen: You were watching us? What were you, like, hiding in a closet?

Sofia: I have no need to hide. You are the one who is sin verguenza!

Kristen: I don't even know what that means.

Sofia: It means you have no shame -- chasing after a man who is practically engaged.

Kristen: Look, Sofia -- that's your name, right? I have no interest in being anyone's girl on the side.

Sofia: So you'll leave us alone?

Kristen: Yes, if you're really Tony's girlfriend.

Sofia: Are you calling me a liar?

Kristen: What do you expect? You barrel in here making all kinds of accusations. I don't know you. I don't know anything about you -- well, except that you don't have any pride.

Sofia: How dare you!

Kristen: Look, don't you find it embarrassing that you're running around asking women not to date your boyfriend?

Sofia: I'm not asking!

Kristen: Good. Well, it was so nice to meet you. Thank you. Thank you for stopping by. But I really need to finish getting ready.

Sofia: To go where?

Kristen: Probably the same place as you -- Tony's press party.

Sofia: That's invitation only. You will never get in.

Kristen: Oh, I think I will, since I'm Tony's date.

Taylor: I don't get it. Why would your dad have Kristen go over to recruit this guy?

Ridge: Because she's prettier than me. Apparently, this Dominguez guy likes the ladies.

Taylor: So he wanted her to use her feminine wiles to win him over?

Ridge: No, Kristen doesn't have any wiles.

Taylor: That's not a bad thing.

Ridge: I don't know.

Taylor: Why do you say that?

Ridge: She's always worn her heart on her sleeve. It's too easy for people to take advantage.

Taylor: You mean like with Clarke?

Ridge: Yeah, exactly. I just wish she'd be more careful.

Taylor: If you ask me, she's been real careful. She hasn't had a serious relationship in years.

Ridge: You think that's her way of protecting herself?

Taylor: You bet it is.

Ridge: Better than dating losers, I guess.

Taylor: Yeah, but there has to be some middle ground between bad relationships and nothing at all. I think your sister just needs to learn how to stand up for herself.

Ridge: Yeah, but that's never been her style, though. Out of all of us, Kristen's always been the least confrontational.

Taylor: Sometimes life requires confrontation.

Sofia: No, you're not. You're not going anywhere!

Taylor: What was that?

Ridge: It's coming from Dad's office?

Clarke: Las olas.

Sally: Aye carumba.

Darla: My, Sal, it looks great.

Clarke: I think the colors in here are really gonna compliment the clothes.

Sally: Very much so.

Darla: Absolutely.

Sally: It's all very hot.

Clarke: It is hot. And if you're hot, you can get a margarita right over here.

Tony: Ah, there they are. Darla, Clarke, Sally -- I'd like to present to you martin. He's the manager of los olas. And this here is Chad, a good friend of mine from Miami. He's also the key investor of the club.

Sally: Hello, Chad, Mr. Key investor.

Chad: Hello, there. Very nice to meet all of you.

Clarke: So you got a great place here, Chad.

Chad: Thank you very much. We're looking forward to hosting your show.

Clarke: So Tony, how do you and Chad know each other?

Tony: Well, we actually grew up together.

Chad: I'll tell you just how much I love this guy. When I first found out he was dating my sister, I let him live.

Sally: Antonio, you've been dating his sister?

Tony: Well, not anymore. I like to live.

Joy: Hola, Tony!

Tony: Joy! Como estas?

[Speaking Spanish]

Clarke: That's joy Enriquez, huh?

Martin: Yes, it is. Wait till you hear her sing. You're gonna love it.

Tony: Give me a nice little hug. How have you been, huh?

Darla: Mm, mm, mm. That man sure does have a way with women, huh?

Sally: Oh, and that is the sort of thing, Darla, that can get a young man in a whole lot of trouble.

Darla: Oh, yeah.

Kristen: You need to calm down, or I am going to call security.

Sofia: You will need bodyguards if you don't stay away from my Tony!

Kristen: All right. All right, look, look. Why don't we go to the party together, okay? And then we can ask "your Tony" what the situation really is.

Sofia: Who do you think you are? I am Sofia Alonzo!

Kristen: So you do have some pride?

Sofia: You think you can humiliate me?

Kristen: I am not trying to humiliate anyone. I am just going to a party.

Sofia: No, you're not!

Kristen: Sofia, that is not something you can control, so you might as well just get a grip, all right?

Sofia: A grip? I'll grip you!

Kristen: Ahh! What? Are you crazy? What --- get off of me!

[Sofia shouting in Spanish]

Ridge: What's going on here?!

[Sofia shouting in Spanish] 

Darla: Okay, ladies.

Sofia: Take your hands off me!

Taylor: Are you okay?

Kristen: Yeah.

Ridge: Who is this?

Kristen: Tony's girlfriend, or so she says.

[Sofia shouting in Spanish]

Ridge: Stop! Stop!

Kristen: Careful, Ridge. She's crazy.

Sofia: Ridge? You're her brother. Your sister is a disgrace to your family. She's a slut and a home wrecker. She takes any man she wants.

Ridge: Kristen?

Sofia: She seduced my boyfriend.

Ridge: Well -- this Kristen? I don't think so. That's not possible.

Sofia: Do you think this is funny? Do you think I'm a joke?

Taylor: No, no, no, that's not what he was talking about.

Sofia: You will learn to take me seriously -- all of you.

[Ridge laughs]

Kristen: It's not that funny, Ridge.

Ridge: I'm sorry. It's just the image of poor, helpless Tony trapped in the clutches of my baby sister.

[Ridge laughs]

Taylor: Stop it.

Kristen: All right, look, I need to get this fixed.

Ridge: Where are you going?

Kristen: Tony's press party. His driver will be here any minute.

Ridge: Wait a minute. Are you telling me there really is something going on between you and this guy?

Kristen: It's just a date.

Taylor: What about the girlfriend?

Kristen: I don't think she's his girlfriend. I think she's more like a stalker. She was watching us kissing last night. Isn't that creepy?

Ridge: You kissed him?

Kristen: Yes, Ridge.

Taylor: What if she's at the party?

Kristen: Well, I'm sure she will be.

Taylor: Kristen, you know, she was a little bit angry.

Kristen: She's not gonna act that way in front of all those people, definitely not Tony.

Ridge: I don't want you taking that risk.

Kristen: You're cute. I appreciate your concern, Ridge, but I've been taking care of myself for a long time now.

Ridge: No, Kristen. You're not going.

Darla: Okay, ladies. Right this way, please, for hair and makeup. You all set?

Joy: Yeah, yeah I can't really hear myself. Can we make it a little bit louder? Yeah, yeah, yeah

Sally: Antonio? I just got off the telephone with Dax Stevenson. He said he knew nothing about the party. He did not receive an invitation.

Tony: Who?

Sally: Dax Stevenson -- "Fashion Today" magazine.

Tony: No, never heard of him.

Sally: His name was at the top of the list I gave you!

Tony: Oh, right.

Sally: "Oh, right." Listen -- Antonio, if I didn't think you could handle this, I never would have agreed to let you send out the invitations.

Tony: Yeah, well, I did. I just -- you know, I didn't want those people here from the list.

Sally: What?

Clarke: Antonio, who did you invite?

Tony: Well, just no one in particular.

Clarke: No one in particular?

Tony: But we, you know, we spread the word. I told a few people. Martin told a few people.

Sally: I can't believe this. I absolutely cannot believe this!

Clarke: Sally, just take it easy. Not right now, okay?

Sally: What do you mean take it easy? How can I be calm? We have spent a fortune on this party, and now you tell me that maybe nobody is going to show up here?!

Tony: Sally, he's right. Calm down. We have joy Enriquez performing. We have Innis. This place is gonna be packed.

[Microphone screeches]

Joy: Testing.

Clarke: Sally, trust me. Everything's gonna be just fine.

Kristen: Wow. It's been a while since I've had to deal with the overprotective brother routine.

Taylor: You can understand why he's a little bit concerned. That woman was way out of control. I've seen that kind of anger turn into violence.

Kristen: I am not going to give up the most interesting man I have met in years just because his ex throws a tantrum.

Taylor: Well, that's not the only reason.

Ridge: No, it isn't, Kristen. He works for Spectra.

Kristen: So?

Ridge: So there's a lot of tension there.

Kristen: That has always been the case.

Taylor: No, this is different. Sally blames Thorne and Brooke, well, the whole entire family, for Macy's death. She's very bitter.

Kristen: What does that have to do with Tony and me?

Ridge: She only hired Tony to stick it to us, Kristen. It's her own personal crusade against our family, and if you go over there, I guarantee you you're see a lot more than just a little tantrum. You're gonna see a full-scale meltdown.

Kristen: I don't believe you two. I am not going to live my life based on fear.

Ridge: We just want you to be all right, okay?

Kristen: I don't think you understand how much this means to me.

Ridge: What are you talking about? You just met the guy yesterday.

Kristen: I know, and the chemistry was instantaneous. I have never felt anything like it before. I was beginning to think I never would.

Ridge: What, are we talking love at first sight here?

Kristen: Maybe. Look, but I intend to find out.

Ridge: Well, I can't let you do that, sis.

Kristen: Please tell me he doesn't talk to you this way.

Ridge: She isn't pigheadedly stubborn like you.

Kristen: You can't control my life, Ridge!

Ridge: Yes, it's Ridge. Please tell Mr. Dominguez's driver that my sister has changed her mind. She won't be coming down.

Kristen: Oh! I forgot what a pain in the butt you were growing up.

Ridge: Just looking after you, kiddo.

Taylor: Hey, why don't you come on over to our house? I know the kids would love to see you.

Kristen: All right. But if I'm not going out, I guess I'll need to change my clothes.

Taylor: Yeah, we'll go get the kids, and Catherine is meeting us downstairs. You can just find us there.

Kristen: Okay.

Ridge: I love you.

[Kristen sighs]

Kristen: Henry. Hi, it's Kristen. I need you to stitch something for me -- quickly.

Clarke: Hey.

Darla: How's it going?

Clarke: Everything's ready backstage except you. You better get back there.

Darla: Got it, big guy.

Clarke: The girls are all ready backstage.

Sally: Oh, great, Clarke.

Tony: Clarke, I'd like you to meet Claudia Trejos.

Claudia: Hi, nice meeting you.

Clarke: Nice to meet you.

Tony: Claudia is an anchor here in L.A.

Claudia: Yes.

Tony: Of course, I know. News at ten.

Claudia: Yes.

Clarke: Thank you for joining us.

Claudia: Oh, thank you. Actually, I wouldn't have missed this. Now that Spectra has Tony on board, I'm really looking forward to seeing all the new designs that you guys are gonna be putting out.

Clarke: Good.

Claudia: Is that Innis? You didn't tell me he was gonna come.

Tony: I wanted to surprise you.

Claudia: Well, excuse me.

Tony: She's got a little bit of a crush in him.

Clarke: So it seems, yeah.

Claudia: How are you? So good to meet you.

Chad: The police want us to open up early. The lines are backed up into the streets.

Sally: You can't be serious.

Chad: Well, I am serious. We have tons of people.

Tony: Okay then, fine. Just open the doors. Let them in.

Chad: You got it.

Sally: Thank you, Chad.

Innis: Actually, I'm here for Tony. He's an old friend of mine and a brilliant designer.

Tony: See what a little word of mouth can do?

Sally: Hmm, I see. You are a genius. You are an absolute creative genius.

Clarke: Sure you don't want one?

Sally: No. You know something, Clarke? I think that Antonio Dominguez understands the value of publicity and a great party almost as well as I do. This is absolutely fabulous! Just let Forrester Creations try and compete with this.

Clarke: Why do you even have to bring them up? I mean, this party has nothing to do with them. This is our success.

Sally: Don't be ridiculous. It has everything to do with them, and you know it. Beating them in business and knocking them off that first place position is all I've got to keep me going.

Clarke: That's not true.

Sally: Of course it's true. Since Macy's death, I don't have the dream of building up this business for her legacy anymore. So what have I got? My determination to make the Forresters take some responsibility for what happened to her and maybe show a little remorse, and if the only way I can do that is by beating them on the bottom line in business, then so be it. I thought you were with me on this.

Clarke: I am with you.

Sally: Well, you don't sound like it. What happened? Did Kristen Forrester get to you, too?

Clarke: No. I haven't seen her.

Sally: Good. Keep it that way.

Clarke: Think she's gonna show up?

Sally: Oh, somehow I doubt that. I think after the wild Sofia gets through with her, she will be on a plane for New York with her tail between her legs.

Clarke: Speaking of which, here comes one angry woman.

Sofia: Where's Tony?

Sally: Why, darling, what's the matter?

Sofia: He invited her here, to my party, in front of my friends!

Sally: Who are you talking about? I hope you don't mean Kristen Forrester.

Sofia: Don't say her name in my presence.

[Sofia speaking Spanish]

Sofia: Tony is a dead man.

Sally: Clarke, would you --

Clarke: Got it. Damage control.

Sally: Oh, it's impossible. She wouldn't dare. Even Kristen Forrester wouldn't have the nerve to show up here!

Ridge: Kristen, you ready? "Sorry, Ridge, but I'm going to the Spectra party. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Kristen." Oh, man. She's got no idea what she's walking into now.

Darla: Tony, Joy is ready to go whenever you say.

Tony: Oh, thanks.

Darla: You're welcome.

Tony: Kristen.

Kristen: Hi.

Tony: I didn't think that you were coming.

Kristen: Well, I almost didn't. I -- Sofia came to see me.

Tony: Oh, no.

Kristen: Is she your girlfriend?

Tony: No.

Kristen: Was she?

Tony: It was never anything serious. She's just a little territorial.

Kristen: Well, she's a little more than a little territorial. She threatened me.

Tony: I'm sorry. I'll have a chat with her. I'm just so happy that you're here. Come here.

Sofia: I warned you, Kristen. I warned you not to come here. You just made a big, big mistake.

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