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The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/21/01

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Eric: What are you doing here?

Bridget: Dad, you didn't have to stop the wedding.

Eric: Answer me, Deacon. What are you doing here?!

Bridget: What does it look like he's doing here?

Eric: Get out!

Bridget: Dad -- he's my date.

Eric: Your date?!

Ridge: Deacon, you're outta here, now.

Bridget: Will you people stop?! I don't believe you!

Amber: What's going on here? Deacon, you came with Bridget?

Deacon: Amber, you're in love with Rick. I've fallen in love with Bridget. I mean, I thought you of all people would be happy for me. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable here.

Brooke: What do you mean you're in love with Bridget? He's not serious, Eric. Tell us you don't mean it, Deacon.

Deacon: I absolutely meant it. This beautiful young woman and I found something really special together. I just wish you'd all be happy for us.

Eric: Stay the hell away from my daughter!

Deacon: Eric, control yourself, come on.

Bridget: Stop it! Don't! Stop it! Stop it! Just leave him alone.

Sally: I don't see any sign of Deacon Sharpe. Why don't we sit down over here and wait for him, huh?

Alexandra: Ms. Spectra.

Sally: Oh, yeah, right, miss -- I'm sorry, what was your name again?

Alexandra: Alexandra.

Darla: Hi, I'm Darla.

Alexandra: So are you two here for a game of pool and a beer?

Sally: Well, actually, that sounds very tempting. But no, we are here because we need to see Deacon Sharpe.

Alexandra: Well, he isn't here.

Sally: Really?

Darla: Would you happen to have any idea where he is?

Alexandra: Yeah.

Darla: Rick Forrester's wedding, right? Then, tell me, how does he exactly expect to get in there?

Alexandra: Is that any of your business?

Sally: Look, why don't we just cool it here. I mean, you've got to forgive my colleague here. She's a little emotionally distraught. Well, actually, we both are. You know, it's -- the real reason we're here is this article. I saw it in the paper, okay. Now, it's obvious that Deacon Sharpe has been very badly hurt by members of the Forrester family, right? Hopefully not as badly hurt as I was. You see my daughter died in a terrible automobile crash after a confrontation with a couple of members of the Forrester family. So when I saw this story about the wedding in the paper, I thought we would come over here, offer him a little sympathy. You know, maybe we could comfort each other, possibly even come up with some kind of plan to make those people pay for what they've done. Do you understand me?

Alexandra: Deacon seems to have come up with his own plan.

Sally: You want to tell me what it is?

Alexandra: I guess you guys will hear about it anyway.

Sally: Hear about what?

Alexandra: He's going to the wedding with Bridget Forrester.

Darla: You've got to be kidding.

Sally: I didn't even know they knew each other!

Alexandra: They met a couple of months ago. Bridget has a crush on him. He only found out recently who she is.

Sally: Bridget Forrester and Deacon Sharpe? And they're going to the wedding together?

Darla: No way, come on. They would throw him out of there so fast.

Sally: Yeah, wait a minute. Let me get the picture here. I think I got it. Deacon has been making a play for this girl, hasn't he? He has been playing Bridget so much so that she believes that he's crazy about her. Okay? Now, that should have been very easy for him. He's an older, experienced man. It must have been easy to take a naive little girl like Bridget.

Darla: Ooh, the Forresters are gonna go ballistic when they walk in there together.

Alexandra: That's what he's counting on.

Sally: What do you mean?

Alexandra: Bridget shows up with her new boyfriend. The family goes nuts. And Deacon strikes a deal with them.

Darla: What kind of deal?

Sally: Deacon promises to return Bridget to them if they promise to give him his son and Amber. That's is, isn't it? Of course, that's it!

Rick: Bridget, what are you doing with him?!

Bridget: Rick, I'm sorry we disrupted the wedding. We better go.

Eric: No, you're not going anywhere, young lady, certainly not with him.

Bridget: Will you stop this?! God, I bring a date to my brother's wedding and you treat him like --

Eric: You treat him the way he deserves to be treated!

Bridget: Well, what did he do to deserve this?!

Deacon: Bridget, Bridget, it's okay. Honey, I told you they weren't going to understand.

Eric: Understand what?!

Deacon: See what I mean?

Brooke: Bridget, Deacon is using you! You don't even know this man!

Bridget: Yes, I do, mom. I know all about him.

Brooke: Oh, that he's in love with Amber? Did he tell you that?

Bridget: He told me everything, okay? About Amber, little Eric, he didn't leave anything out!

Deacon: All right, whoa, please, can we just chill out here? Look, I'm sorry that I caused this commotion. But really -- I gave you people my son, a boy that I love more than any of you even know. You still won't let me see him, will you? Come on, buddy, come here. Come to daddy. Come here -- oh, that's my boy. What else do you people want from me? I mean, you brought a son to me that I didn't know I had. And then you took him away.

And now, I've fallen for Bridget and you want to take her away, too. I mean, when is this gonna stop? When are you people gonna stop torturing me?

Sally: Well, I have to admit it's pretty unscrupulous of Deacon Sharpe to take advantage of poor little innocent Bridget to get what he wants from the Forresters.

Alexandra: Why shouldn't he? Look what they did to him. He feels angry and ripped off.

Darla: He's really just after the money, isn't he -- the million dollars that they promised him?

Alexandra: It isn't about the money. He wants Amber and his son back.

Sally: But Bridget doesn't know that, does she?

Alexandra: She will by the end of the day when Deacon runs off with Amber and his son.

Sally: Oh, you can forget that. That's never gonna happen, honey. Amber is not going to get off the Forrester gravy train to come over here and tend bar with Deacon Sharpe.

Alexandra: Deacon thinks that she loves him. And I'm not so sure he's wrong.

Darla: So it's either Amber or Bridget?

Sally: That's right, Darla. That is exactly right. And Deacon Sharpe is leaving the choice up to the Forresters. He is making them choose which girl stays with them and which one leaves with him.

Deacon: Okay, son. I want you to go have some cake and ice cream with this pretty lady, okay? I promise, I'm not going anywhere, all right?

Megan: Let's go get some ice cream, okay?

Deacon: So, where were we?

Rick: You bastard!

Thorne: All right, it's time for you to go.

Bridget: No, he goes, I go.

Thorne: No, you don't, Bridget.

Stephanie: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm terribly sorry. But I think it would be best if everyone just left at this moment. Thank you. Sorry.

Bridget: This is so humiliating. I cannot tell you how angry I am right now!

Deacon: It's okay. It's okay, baby, listen, they're just trying to protect you, all right?

Eric: You're pushing this, Deacon. You're pushing this way too far.

Bridget: You don't think a man could feel that way about me, right? That's what you're saying.

Taylor: But he doesn't feel that way about you, Bridget. I can see that.

Deacon: Look, if anyone hurts Bridget it's not gonna be me. It'll be because of you people.

Stephanie: Why don't you explain that remark. I think Bridget might find it rather enlightening.

Deacon: I don't really think there's anything to explain.

Stephanie: Well, I do. If I understand you, what you're saying is Bridget will be hurt if we don't do something.

Eric: So it's the money you want?

Deacon: You know, I wouldn't take that money now if you begged me.

Eric: Then what is that you want, Deacon?

Amber: I know what he wants. Deacon, I want to talk to you alone right now.

Bridget: No way. Deacon, let's just go, okay?

Eric: You're not going anywhere with him. I told you that.

Brooke: Go talk with Amber in the den. And, Bridget, you stay right here.

Bridget: He doesn't need to talk to Amber!

Brooke: You are not leaving this house with him tonight.

Deacon: Hey, baby, it's okay. It's okay, trust me. Let me go talk to her for a minute, and everything will be all right. Just don't let them mess with your head.

Amber: You have gone too far! And you're going to stop it right here and now!

Rick: I am gonna kill that guy. This is it. He has pushed me too far!

Bridget: This has nothing to do with you.

Rick: It has nothing to do with you either! This is all about Amber. He's obsessed with her.

Bridget: That's exactly what he told me you guys would say.

Rick: Well, of course he told you that. It's all part of his plan to get Amber back.

Bridget: Please, if he wanted Amber he wouldn't have let her leave in the first place!

Eric: He had to, Bridget, or he wasn't going to be able to see his son.

Bridget: You were gonna do that? Keep him from seeing his child? Dad, how could you do that?

Rick: That's not the point. The point is that's why he let Amber go. He chose his son over the woman he loves. But now he's here to bring them both back, and he's using you.

Bridget: I don't want to hear this.

Brooke: Honey, how did this happen? Deacon came on to you, didn't he? He was pretending to like you -- Bridget: Sorry, you got it all wrong. Deacon didn't come on to me. That's what's so incredible about this. We met at insomnia months ago. It was a total accident. We didn't even know each other's names.

Thorne: Wait a minute, that's the boy you've been telling us about? That's your mystery man?

Brooke: Oh, of course. The man that you said was dangerous, older.

Bridget: But he never told me his name. And I never told him mine. And then a few days before my birthday I was waiting outside of insomnia for Betsy, and I ran into Deacon. That's when he learned my name.

Eric: And when did you learn his?

Bridget: A couple of days ago.

Eric: He found out you were a Forrester, then he made his move.

Bridget: That isn't true. That is totally not true.

Deacon: You think I went too far?

Amber: No, I don't think -- I know you went too far.

Deacon: What do you think drove me to this?

Amber: Deacon --

Deacon: What do you think pushed me to this, Amber?

Amber: Deacon, you were gonna be able to see your son after the wedding. I promised you that. You did not have to do this.

Deacon: Amber, you think I did all this just for little d? I did this for you. Dammit, Amber, I love you. I did this so we could have a chance to be a family together with our son. Come on, you saw the way that he looked at me out there. He needs me. And I need him. I need both of you.

Amber: Deacon, please don't do this.

Deacon: Amber, it was happening for us. We were becoming a family. And the only reason we're not is because of the Forrester money and what you think it can do for our son. I don't want that for him. I don't want it for you. We've been getting by for years without groveling to people like this. And you know why? Because we're smarter and we're stronger and we're survivors and we can do it on our own. You've got to walk out of here, Amber. You've gotta walk out of here tonight with me. Amber, count on me. Count on my love. Count on our love. Because together we can do anything.

Sally: Well, it's quite an interesting dilemma facing the Forresters, very interesting.

Darla: So what do you think they'll do, Sal?

Sally: I'll tell you what they won't do. They won't let Deacon Sharpe run away with little Bridget. But then again, young Rick Forrester has been in love with Amber since he was in short pants. So I don't quite see him being willing to give her up, do you?

Darla: I think not.

Sally: Which means that Deacon Sharpe has put himself right in the middle of a firestorm.

Alexandra: They're not gonna, like, hurt him or anything.

Sally: Honey, those people would gladly kill him if he threatened little Bridget in any way. And from the look of things, that's exactly what he's been doing.

Brooke: Honey, I know this is hard to accept, but Deacon has taken advantage of you. It's mean and it's cruel, but that's exactly what he's done. He's using you to stop your brother from marrying Amber.

Bridget: That is so ridiculous! Amber is in love with Rick. She doesn't want Deacon. And he could care less about her. God, you guys must really think I'm an idiot.

Eric: Bridget, you're a young girl. You're being manipulated. He's a dangerous man.

Rick: Dad's right. Bridget, what you don't understand is that Deacon has been chasing Amber for a very long time.

Bridget: I told you, I know about all of that! Deacon hasn't held back, okay? He told me everything about his relationship with Amber. Look, I'm not stupid, okay? I think I know when a guy has feelings. And Deacon has true, genuine feelings for me. You should be happy about that if you're so paranoid about losing Amber.

Taylor: Bridget, listen to your father.

Bridget: No, no, I'm through listening to all of you!

Rick: Yeah, well, I'm through waiting. I want that guy out of this house right now. We have a wedding to finish. Now, I'm gonna go in there, and I'm gonna get Amber.

Amber: Just go.

Deacon: No, no, not this time, Amber.

Amber: It won't work, Deacon. You're expecting way too much of me!

Deacon: You're not expecting enough of yourself. We can leave right now, this minute, you, me and little d. Baby, you can do this. I know you can.

Rick: Come on, Amber, let's go. Dad, get rid of him.

Deacon: Not so fast, little man.

Rick: Don't push me, Deacon, I've had it with you!

Deacon: Listen to me, all of you. I told you don't mess with me. I begged you, Brooke, not to force my hand, but you did. You took my son and you took the woman I love, and you ripped them from my life like flesh from the bone! That wasn't enough, was it? No, then you had to rob me blind. You reneged on a signed contract for $1 million. And you left me with nothing. Nothing! Then, the most amazing thing of all to me is your absolute arrogance, the way you just think you can wipe your feet with people like me and get away with it. Well, guess what, folks, not this time. You see, I happen to have the trump card, and the only question is do you lose big, or do you lose small. Let me paint what losing big is like. Eric, your daughter is crazy in love with me. I'm the first thing she thinks about in the morning, and I'm the last thing she thinks about at night. And do believe me when I tell you this. There's nothing she won't do for me. Now, losing small -- you get rid of a problem, you free your son up to go have a happy life. I leave here with Bridget, or I leave with Amber and my son. But I won't leave here alone. So the decision is yours, you choose -- Amber or Bridget. Who's it going to be?

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