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Another World Transcript Wednesday 12/28/05

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Sam: What is it?

Amanda: Nothing. Nothing.

Sam: Amanda, I just asked you what happened between you and Evan, and you shot across the room like you'd been prodded by a hot poker.

Amanda: Did you hear Alli? I just--

Sam: No. She's with your grandmother, and she's fine.

Amanda: I just feel guilty about leaving her, you know, and--

Sam: Did you sleep with him? Is that why you left town?

Lucas: This is something you thought of, right?

Griffen: You have the number of the cartel. Ask them yourself.

Lucas: They want me to kill Michael Hudson?

Griffen: Right.

Lucas: Right, right. But why now? Why did they tell you and not me?

Griffen: Because you want out of the deal.

Lucas: So?

Griffen: So they want some sort of proof that you are not going to join forces with Mr. Hudson and the club.

Lucas: They have proof. They have my word.

Griffen: [Exhales] They don't have much faith in that anymore, Lucas.

Lucas: Then you tell them. You call them. You're so friendly with them.. You call them and you tell them that I'm not killing Michael Hudson or anybody else.

Griffen: Knowing you as I do, I mentioned that fact to them.

Lucas: Yeah. And what did they say?

Griffen: That they would find a way to convince you.

Ken: Sure, I'll call you if there's any trouble, but I wouldn't worry about it. Rachel's a pretty capable person.

Rachel: Mitch, what are you doing here?

Mitch: Well, actually, I was on my way out. I just had some business with-- I'm sorry, I didn't get your name.

Rachel: What kind of business?

Ken: Ken Jordan.

Mitch: Ken Jordan?

Rachel: That's what he said.

Ken: Have we met before? I have a terrible memory about things like that.

Mitch: Ah, no, no. No, it's not that.

Rachel: Are you all right?

Mitch: Yeah, I'm fine. The question is, are you?

Rachel: Would you excuse us, please?

Ken: Sure--

Mitch: No, no. Wait a minute.

Rachel: What's the problem?

Mitch: There's no problem. How long have you had this place?

Ken: A long time.

Mitch: How long?

Rachel: Mitch.

Mitch: Look, I just would like to make sure you're in good hands, all right?

Rachel: I'm in my own hands. That's all that should concern you. You can't come here and cross- examine everybody I meet.

Mitch: There's something about your name.

Ken: It's a pretty common name.

Mitch: Maybe.

Rachel: Ok, if you're not going to leave, I am.

Ken: Hey, Rachel. It doesn't bother me.

Rachel: Well, it does me. What are you doing? What's the matter with you?

Ken: Well, you're lucky to have people that care so much about you.

Rachel: Would you just let me talk to him, ok?

Ken: Sure. Anything you want to know, anytime, just ask.

Mitch: Rachel, if you're going to work in this place, if you're going to live over this--

Rachel: Why are you doing this to me?

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Stay right there, young man, and you finish your dinner. I'll be right back.

[Groans] Gosh. Oh, hi.

Jake: Ha ha ha.

Donna: Stop it!

Jake: Something tells me Angela has the night off.

Donna: Come in. I'm much too generous with her.

[Groans] This is so much work. What are you doing? Oh.

Jake: You have tomato sauce on your nose. It's not bad.

Donna: Oh, I made exactly what Angela makes for little Michael, and he won't touch a bite of it.

Jake: Where is he?

Donna: He's in the kitchen. I told him he had to stay in there until he finished eating his tortellini.

Jake: [Mobster accent] You want me I should lean on the kid?

Donna: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. He's been a little beast ever since I got home, but it's not his fault.

Jake: Why, did something happen?

Michael: Something didn't happen. Michael was supposed to come over and pick him up today, and he just didn't show up.

Jake: Ah.

Donna: Darling had his little suitcase all packed. He was so excited.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Donna: He's probably just doing it to punish me. We had a fight this afternoon. But the complete lack of consideration for his little boy just... I'll be right back. I'm going to go check on him.

Jake: He looks cute in that little outfit.

Donna: He says he'll only eat if I stay out here.

Jake: Ha ha. You're going to have your hands full with that little man..

Donna: Oh, it's all right. I've gotten to know him in a whole different way since Michael left. Thought you said you were going to work late tonight.

Jake: Well, I thought you said you were going to give me a call and tell me how your meeting with Lucas went.

Donna: Oh, very well. He said he was going to give us his business.

Jake: Good for you.

Donna: Mm-hmm. That's why Michael and I had a fight. Because he saw me with Lucas at Tops--

Jake: So why did you get in a fight?

Donna: Because he's patronizing. He always has been. I just never saw it before.

Jake: I'll tell you something. Why don't you lay down and rest, and I'll deal with Mikey?

Donna: Oh, that sounds lovely, but I can't let you do that.

Jake: Course you can. You spent the whole day schmoozing with Lucas. You're going to make me a very rich man. The least I can do is push some tortellini on Mikey. I promise I will not say that you owe me one.

Donna: You promise?

Jake: Well, unless I want something.

Michael: You better run this by me again. You mean Lucas is tied to the biggest supplier of cocaine in the world?

Arianne: The cartel is one of its branches.

Michael: What do they need stolen art for?

Arianne: It didn't used to be stolen art. Lucas used to receive big chunks of profit money, and he used that to buy art.

Michael: Oh. So he launders money.

Arianne: Right. But his contact decided to go off on his own. He needed startup money.

Michael: And this contact got in touch with his old buddy Lucas, huh?

Arianne: Lucas had to start procuring the art in a whole new way.

Michael: I just don't understand. I mean, Lucas and cocaine. I mean, how can he live with himself?

Arianne: Maybe he tells himself he isn't directly involved.

Michael: Oh, come on, Arianne, that's...

Arianne: Well, he doesn't steal the art himself. And the money he receives is deposited into a Swiss bank account. As far as we know, he never touches it.

Michael: Well, then why in the hell does he do it?

Arianne: We don't know why he does it, but we do know that the only person capable of proving that he does it is you.

Michael: [Scoffs] I find that a little hard to believe.

Arianne: Michael, he's intrigued by you.

Michael: He doesn't trust me.

Arianne: Oh, he will.

Michael: Why?

Arianne: 'Cause we've kept him so cut off for so long that he hasn't been able to deliver the goods in a long time, and his contact is getting desperate.

Michael: I want to tell Donna what's going on.

Arianne: Michael.

Michael: No, I want to tell her. Now, look, I caught her with Lucas today talking to him.

Arianne: What?

Michael: She wants to go into business with the guy.

Arianne: She can't. You have to stop her.

Michael: I know that, I know. What do you think I called this meeting for? Look, I want to tell her everything.

Arianne: No.

Michael: Arianne, Donna will not let me protect her. I mean, how is she going to protect herself? How's she going to protect our children if she doesn't know what's going on?

Arianne: Michael, we are only talking about two more weeks here--

Michael: Wait a minute. What do you mean, two weeks? How do you get that?

Arianne: Because the art gala is in two weeks, and the brass has just given their go-ahead for you to set up the jewel theft.

Michael: Well, not that I care about the brass, but... as long as you're still protecting Donna.

Arianne: We are. And in two weeks, you can tell Donna everything.

Michael: Well, you know what? If you don't have Lucas nailed in two weeks, I don't care what you've got done. I'm going to tell Donna.

Arianne: We'll have him. And until then, Donna's best protection is to be ignorant of what's going on.

Michael: You better be right.

Griffen: Michael Hudson is on to us. Therefore, Michael Hudson must be eliminated.

Lucas: You must be all broken up they didn't ask you. I know how much you like bumping people off.

Griffen: I do what's necessary.

Lucas: Well, I won't do this. Not for anything.

Griffen: You are in the best position to handle it.

Lucas: This is because I want out, isn't it? I knock off Michael Hudson, police take care of me, you take over where I left off, and the cartel gets everything it wants, right?

Griffen: The police will not bother you.

Lucas: How do you know?

Griffen: Did they bother me about Catherine March?

Lucas: 'Cause I kept quiet, and don't you forget it.

Griffen: I'm not forgetting it. In fact, I intend to repay the favor.

Lucas: Oh, yeah, how?

Griffen: I haven't worked out all of the details, but perhaps an accident, maybe a robbery, and Michael Hudson is simply an innocent bystander who got in the way of a stray bullet. We could set up one of those security guards he's so fond of. But Lucas, I promise you, you won't be connected to the hit.

Lucas: Maybe you can be glib about taking a man's life, but I can't.

Griffen: Oh, please. Spare me the ethics. The goods we turn over to them, the money that comes from it-- do you think it goes into the stock market, Lucas? No, it goes into people's veins. You may not have pulled the trigger, but you are most certainly a part of the killing.

Lucas: You don't have to remind me. I want out.

Griffen: Kill Michael Hudson, you're a free man.

Lucas: Free man.

Griffen: Well, what do you say?

Lucas: Tell them to shove it. If they want to kill me, they can. If you want to kill me, you can. I don't care.

Griffen: Lucas, I was hoping I wouldn't have to bring this up.

Lucas: What?

Griffen: The cartel has some information that could change your mind.

Lucas: Nothing could change my mind.

Griffen: Even if the information has to do with someone you love very much?

Amanda: Sam.

Ada: We thought we heard your voice.

Amanda: Alli, hi. I thought I heard her before. Hi.

Ada: Hi. Here we go. She missed you, both of you. You are her family, you know.

Amanda: I know, grandma. Hey, don't we have the best grandma in the world?

Ada: Hey, sweetie.

Amanda: And you have the best daddy, too. I'm sorry I've been such a bad mommy.

Ada: It would have been nice if we could have told her where you were.

Amanda: I was in St. Louis.

Ada: St. Louis?

Amanda: Yeah, St. Louis.

Meet me in St. Louis, Alli how about it? Huh, huh?

Ada: Listen, I think I'd better give her some dinner. Ok, come on, sugar--

Amanda: No, I can do that.

Sam: Amanda.

Ada: Let's go.

Sam: Amanda.

Ada: Let's go. It's nice to have you all back together again. Come on, sugar. Let's raid the refrigerator.

Sam: Answer my question.

Amanda: Sam, my feelings for you never changed. No matter what happened with Evan.

Sam: Oh, boy.

Amanda: What?

Sam: I told myself I could ask this question because I could handle what the answer was no matter what it was. Now I'm not so sure. [Sighs]

Amanda: Sam--

Sam: Did you sleep with him?

Amanda: No.

Sam: You didn't?

Amanda: No.

Sam: Well, then, why did you say, "no matter what happened with Evan?"

Amanda: Look, I was--I was so confused, Sam. You were gone, and I was so tired I wasn't even sure if I was myself anymore.

Sam: So, you didn't sleep with him?

Amanda: Sam, I love you. How could I ever do something like that to you? This is so easy for you, Evan.

Evan: Well, maybe it is because I'm so sure. I wouldn't have been ready for you 5 years ago. I was some greedy kid, scrapping and clawing my way to the top, ready to destroy anything that got in my way. I couldn't have loved anyone. But that's changed. We've changed. We've grown. What happened the other night, it... that wasn't unexpected. It wasn't an accident. It wasn't some drunken roll in the hay or a one-night stand. It's something that's been building, and it's been building, and it was right, and I think you know that, Amanda.

Amanda: We can say the whole thing was just a mistake. It would make it a lot easier.

Evan: Amanda.

Amanda: God help me, I want you.

Mitch: Look, will you just calm down?

Rachel: No.

Mitch: Look, you know, there are some things you don't know, believe it or not.

Rachel: Like what?

Mitch: Like--well, for one thing, how long has it been since you've been out on your own, you know?

Rachel: Mitch, I am not some kid who can't take care of myself--

Mitch: Yes, and nobody knows that better than I do.

Rachel: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to just stay at home and grieve about Mac for the rest of my life?

Mitch: No, no. But there's a difference between staying at home and turning your life over to somebody you don't even know.

Rachel: I'm not turning my life over to anybody. I work for the man.

Mitch: Yes, and what do you know about him?

Rachel: I don't have to know anything about him. I know that this is the right thing for me.

Mitch: And how do you know?

Rachel: Because--because I feel like myself finally. Because I feel closer to Mac without all the grief. Because for the first time in a long time I'm thinking about life instead of death.

Mitch: Ok. I understand that. I'm glad. But there are some things you don't understand, you know? I just think it's a good idea. If you just--just take a word of caution.

Rachel: We said good-bye the other day. You should have left it at that. Now, I've got work to do around here, and when I come back, I don't want you to be here, ok?

Mitch: All right, all right. You made that clear.

Rachel: Please, please just stay away.

Ken: Well, you two get everything all hashed out?

Mitch: There's one thing I'd like to know.

Ken: Sure.

Mitch: How well did you know Mac Cory?

Lucas: You better not be talking about Felicia.

Griffen: Did I mention her name?

Lucas: 'Cause if you even go near her, I'll get you.

Griffen: Oh, my, my, my. The conscientious objector has suddenly become a man of action.

Lucas: I don't have to kill you to get you. All I have to do is pick up that phone.

Griffen: You're in far too deep for a bluff like that, Lucas.

Lucas: Leave her alone.

Griffen: As a matter of fact, I wasn't even referring to Felicia Gallant exactly.

Lucas: Yeah, well, who, then?

Griffen: Well, you will see.

Lucas: Listen, Griffen, I'm not deluding myself that I can walk away from this cartel scot-free. Not Felicia. Not her.

Griffen: You can walk away, Lucas, and save your precious Felicia forever. Just rid the world of Michael Hudson.

Michael: Arianne, look, I got to go.

Arianne: Look, Michael--

Michael: Hey, look. I--my kid--I was supposed to pick him up two hours ago.

Arianne: Michael, you're doing the right thing.

Michael: Well, thank you. I'll tell my wife and my kid you said that.

Woman: Mr. Hudson?

Michael: Yeah?

Woman: Telephone for you, sir.

Michael: Oh, thank you.

Arianne: Do you want me to leave? Michael: Why? You probably got the line tapped anyway. Hello.

Lucas: Your secretary told me I could reach you here.

Michael: Lucas.

Lucas: That matter we've been discussing?

Michael: Yeah, what about it?

Lucas: You can count me in.

Michael: We moved in there to the gala.

Lucas: I'll be there.

Michael: You won't be disappointed.

Lucas: I'd better not be.

Arianne: Well?

Michael: He wants in. We got him.

Arianne: I knew it.

Michael: This means two more weeks and this is over.

Arianne: And you can go back to Donna.

Michael: Yeah. If she'll have me.

Jake: Stay right where you are. The two of us are going out on the town, and we don't want you around to weigh us down. Hoo!

Donna: Did you eat your supper?

Jake: The tortellini was a no-go.

Jake: Michael--

Jake: But he does want to apologize for---to you for being such a pain, right?

Mikey: Sorry.

[Jake laughs]

Donna: I know you were disappointed today, darling.

Jake: At any rate, we're going to go get some pizza.

Donna: Pizza?

Jake: And we'll take it from there. Yep.

Donna: Oh, you want to go have some pizza with Jake?

Mikey: Yeah.

Donna: Thank you.

Jake: Where's his coat?

Donna: It's upstairs. He put it on his bed this afternoon, right?

Jake: Tell you what.

Mikey: Uh-huh.

Jake: Mikey, why don't you go get your coat? And hurry up, because I'm really hungry, all right? So go, go.

[Growls] I think I lost a pound.

Donna: Jake to the rescue once again.

Jake: Well, I like the kid. You know that.

Donna: Oh!

Jake: Whew! Sorry. What you writing?

Donna: My strategy.

Jake: About--for what?

Donna: For getting to Lucas, to woo him.

Jake: I didn't know you had to write that stuff down. I just thought it came naturally to you.

Donna: This is business.

Jake: Let me see it.

Donna: No, no, no, no, no.

Jake: Come on, Donna, we're partners. 50-50. Let me see it.

Donna: Darling, there are things that I have to do myself.

Jake: Donna, can I please see what you wrote?

Donna: All right. Well?

Jake: This is business?

Donna: Now, don't you make fun of me.

Jake: A new tight dress?

Donna: Don't--you stop that.

Jake: Some perfume--

Donna: Give me back.

Jake: ...That smells really good, that's expensive?

Donna: Come here. Give me my list back.

Jake: What are you selling the guy?

Donna: You don't get through to a man like Lucas by buying tickets to the ballet. Besides, it'll drive Michael crazy.

Jake: I thought you said you didn't care what Michael thinks.

Donna: I don't, but I've had his little tramp thrown up in my face enough times.

Jake: Donna, don't do this.

Donna: It's not up to you, Jake. You may be my friend, but you're not--

Jake: What?

Donna: Nothing.

Jake: Donna, nobody knows this Lucas. I don't want you making it out to him that you're something you're not.

Donna: You don't want me?

Jake: I don't want you.

Donna: I know that we're having a period of amnesty here, so don't--don't get me wrong.

Jake: I'll do my best.

Donna: But why do you get to say that to me?

Jake: Donna, we've been through a lot of tough times together.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Jake: And instead of burying your head in the sand, you've gotten stronger and stronger.

Donna: Yes, I have.

Jake: I don't want that to stop. So, if Lucas or anybody laid a finger on you, I'd have to kill him--

Donna: Oh--

Jake: ...And I hear the food in prison is really bad. Come on, Mikey! I'm starving!

Ken: Why would you think I knew Mac Cory?

Mitch: Rachel said you knew who she was.

Ken: Sure, I knew who she was. That doesn't mean I ever met her husband.

Mitch: You have a big inventory. I've never seen any customers.

Ken: I have a few regulars. They keep me in the black.

Mitch: I see.

Ken: Is that it?

Mitch: No, no. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. I guess I'm curious by nature.

Ken: Yeah, Rachel doesn't seem to be too fond of that curious nature.

Mitch: Yeah, I noticed.

Ken: It's like I told you the other night. I'm her concerned employer, that's it. But even if I wasn't, it's pretty obvious that Rachel's not going to get over her husband for a long, long time. Maybe you should realize that, too, huh, pal? Let the lady handle this her way.

Mitch: I just want to make sure that she's safe. I'll see and do anything to make sure that that's the case.

Ken: Hey, this is a retail shop, not a bookie joint. It's perfectly safe.

Mitch: I hope so.

Sam: So, what did you do while you were gone?

Amanda: I took a lot of walks, ordered room service. I did a lot of thinking.

Sam: You must have felt pretty messed up.

Amanda: You know, I think I had a total of two hours sleep the whole 48 hours before I left.

Sam: Well, that would tend to mess up your perspective, I guess.

Amanda: I really wasn't myself. You know, leaving like that, I never meant to hurt you.

Sam: I had a lot of time to think, too. You know, before I left for New York, we talked about me moving in.

Amanda: That seems like such a long time ago.

Sam: All I've ever wanted is you, Amanda. And I know you want me, too, so...

Amanda: Sam...

[Doorbell rings] I'll get that.

Sam: [Grunts]

Mitch: I was wondering if Sam was here.

Amanda: Yeah. Hey, look who's back.

Mitch: Look, I know you're busy. I just thought if I could see you for a minute--

Sam: Mitch, it's really not a good time.

Amanda: You know, it's all right. You two talk. I--I actually should be checking in at the office. So, I'll be back in an hour, maybe less, ok?

Sam: Ok. Make it less.

Mitch: Everything ok?

Sam: Yeah, it's getting better.

Mitch: Good.

Sam: So, what's up?

Mitch: I found Ken Jordan.

Sam: You're kidding. Where?

Mitch: You're not going to believe this, but he's Rachel's boss.

Ken: What are you doing?

Rachel: You call yourself a reputable dealer, and you don't ever bother to catalog anything.

Ken: Pre-Columbian, pre-Columbian. Both probably Aztec. 14th Century, 13th Century.

Rachel: Fine. Then you don't know me at all, do you?

Ken: Should I feed you so you won't be so cranky?

Rachel: I'm not cranky.

Ken: Could have fooled me.

Rachel: I'm embarrassed. My friends and my family are turning up here and treating me like I'm some sort of a runaway.

Ken: So you got a family who loves you and good friends.

Rachel: It's got to stop.

Ken: It doesn't bother me. Besides, I don't think your friend Mitch is too easily persuaded.

Rachel: I'll persuade him.

Ken: You known him a long time?

Rachel: Yep. We go way back.

Ken: Friend?

Rachel: Why?

Ken: It's just he seems very protective, and you seem to be taking it out on me.

Rachel: He's the father of my youngest son.

Ken: Your ex-husband.

Rachel: No.

Ken: Oh.

Rachel: I'm not as conventional as I look.

Ken: Who said you look conventional?

Rachel: He's married to my best friend now.

Ken: Well, he may be, but he hasn't forgotten about you.

Rachel: I depended on him too much. After Mac died, we grew close again, and that's one of the reasons why I felt it was wise to leave Bay City for a while.

Ken: Well, Mitch doesn't seem to think it was so wise.

Rachel: Well, it was for all of us.

Ken: Well, it's good to have a good friend when times get tough.

Rachel: Something Mac gave me was stolen, and he helped me get it back..

Ken: Ah, and you were grateful.

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: What was it that Mac gave you? A piece of jewelry or something?

Rachel: No. A sculpture of a red swan.

Ken: A-ha. Well, that explains why you were so taken with that necklace you found here when you--a couple days ago.

Rachel: It's a strange piece. It's not at all beautiful. But it was the last gift Mac gave me. I keep wondering what it was he had in mind when he sent it to me. Anyway, it means a lot.

Felicia: If you're trying to make me feel guilty, it's working, believe me.

Lucas: Why didn't you just say something when you overheard me at the Pelican Club?

Felicia: Would you have told me the truth? No, you wouldn't have. You know why? Because you're so damn proud you don't want anyone to know you have a heart.

Lucas: You do.

Felicia: I'm not enough. Why do you hide the good things about you?

Lucas: I have to be private, Fanny. I chose to live that way a long, long time ago.

Felicia: You know something? You can be so private that everybody thinks you're into something that you shouldn't be into.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I prove them wrong all the time, don't I?

Felicia: Yes. Why do you want your life so difficult?

Lucas: Because I don't give a damn what anybody in this town thinks of me. Except for you. You're the only one who has that effect on me.

Felicia: Thank you.

Lucas: What did I do?

Felicia: Proved to me that you really are the guy that I always knew you were. You're very special to me.

Griffen: You can walk away, Lucas, and save your precious Felicia forever. Just rid the world of Michael Hudson.

Michael: Hi.

Donna: You're too late.

Michael: What?

Donna: Somebody's already taken him out for pizza, and by the time he gets back, he'll have to go to bed.

Michael: Oh, I'm sorry. Really, I got held up. I--

Donna: Doesn't she even want you to spend time with your son?

Michael: Oh, come on. Really, Donna, I'm sorry. I just--

Donna: Do you know what it was like sitting here with him waiting for you to show up?

Michael: Donna, wait. Just wait a second. Things are changing. Honey, in a couple of weeks, I can begin to tell you--what's that?

Donna: None of your business.

Michael: Wait a minute. That's a strategy for getting to Lucas?

Donna: It's my life, Michael.

Michael: Donna, I told you to stay away from this guy.

Donna: And I told you that you have no say in it.

Michael: No, no, no. You listen to me.

Donna: No, you listen to me! I spoke to my divorce lawyer this afternoon, and he told me he felt he could push this thing through very quickly, so you can just order your lady friend around and leave me alone.

Michael: Donna, I'm telling you, that's not what you want.

Donna: You do not tell me what I want! You chose not to contest this divorce, and since I don't need any money from you, there's no settlement. Obviously visitation rights aren't important to you. And Cass feels he can finalize this thing quickly. That's exactly what I want.

Michael: Why?

Donna: Because our life together is over, Michael.

Michael: Did it ever occur to you that maybe I would like a little time here? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I've got, you know, just maybe some doubts myself, huh? I'm under a little pressure. I might have doubts.

Donna: Yeah, I've met your lady friend. I can see why.

Michael: Leave her out of this, would you please?

Donna: I'd love to. And the sooner I can get this divorce, the sooner I can start forgetting about the both of you.

Sam: You got to be kidding. That guy at that crazy shop? He's Ken Jordan?

Mitch: That's what he says.

Sam: Boy, of all the places for Rachel to get a job at, that's just--

Mitch: It's too much of a coincidence

Sam: Did you ask her how she found that place?

Mitch: I asked her. She's not talking to me. I mean, she's too mad at me.

Sam: Mitch--

Mitch: Look, I know, I know.

Sam: Tell her about the note.

Mitch: I was about to.

Sam: So, what stopped you?

Mitch: Well, she's furious at me now. Do you know what it's going to be like when I tell her that I found the red swan but I kept the note that was inside?

Sam: So what?

Mitch: So? You know what kind of person Rachel is. I mean, she's going to end up rushing to--to Jordan's defense, and no matter what I do or what I say, she's going to protect him.

Sam: Ok, well, did you talk to him?

Mitch: Well, yeah, I talked--

Sam: All right, did you ask him about the note?

Mitch: No. No, I asked him how long he had known Mac.

Sam: Oh, and he said he'd never heard of the guy, right?

Mitch: Right.

Sam: Great. You do have a problem.

Mitch: No, Rachel has a problem. I want to help her in some way solve it.

Sam: How are you and Felicia doing right now?

Mitch: Things are getting better slowly. In fact, I need to be on my way.

Sam: Well, I hope you guys patch things up.

Mitch: You and Amanda?

Sam: Like I said, looking up.

Mitch: Good.

Sam: I don't want to lose her, Mitch.

Evan: Amanda, how'd it go?

Amanda: I can't stay long.

Evan: All right, all right. Well, let me just hold you for a minute.

Amanda: No, no.

Evan: Ok. Something happened. What did Sam do when you told him?

Amanda: He didn't do anything.

Evan: What?

Amanda: I lied to him.

Evan: You did what?

Amanda: Look, he asked me before I even had a chance to bring it up. He asked me flat out if I had slept with you.

Evan: So you told him that you hadn't?

Amanda: Yes.

Evan: Why?

Amanda: Because it's over, that's why.

Evan: What is over?

Amanda: You and me.

Evan: Wait, Amanda, you just--

Amanda: It shouldn't have happened. As far as I'm concerned, it didn't..

Evan: Just calm down. What did he say to you? What did he do?

Amanda: Nothing. This is my decision. Sam is moving back into the house. I can never be with you again.

Ken: Thanks. Anybody ever figure out why the swan was stolen?

Rachel: Oh, there were a rash of burglaries. My husband's daughter had a Winslow homer taken, and a neighbor had a Ming vase taken.

Ken: Pricey stuff.

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: But the cops never nabbed the guy who took the swan?

Rachel: Oh, I never pressed it. I was so relieved to get it back.

Ken: Yeah, how'd your friend Mitch manage that?

Rachel: A series of coincidences. I didn't think I'd ever see the piece again.

Ken: You say you don't like it that much?

Rachel: As a piece of artwork, it would be nothing that Mac and I usually would have collected. But once I found out the legend behind the piece, it's become a favorite.

Ken: Think Mac knew about this legend, too?

Rachel: I don't think I'll ever know that. I did have a feeling he was trying to tell me something when he sent it to me.

Ken: Did you bring it with you?

Rachel: Here? No.

Ken: Why not?

Rachel: Oh, it's cumbersome. Anyway, it's safer at home.

Ken: Why don't you bring it in sometime? I'd like to take a look at it..

Rachel: You're an expert on swans in art now, right?

Ken: No, I just know a lot about artwork. I'd be interested in seeing something that means so much to you.

Rachel: Why?

Ken: I--you're the best assistant I've ever had.

Rachel: I'm the only assistant you ever had.

Ken: Can I see it? Maybe I could tell you something more about it.

Rachel: Sure, why not?

Donna: Why should I put off the divorce?

Michael: Because things are changing.

Donna: How?

Michael: I can't tell you that. I can't tell you for two weeks.

Donna: Two weeks?

Michael: I know it sounds stupid, but yeah.

Donna: Michael, by that time, I hope I'll be free of you.

Michael: Oh, don't do that, please. That would be a big mistake, Donna..

Donna: For you or me?

Michael: For both of us.

Donna: Oh, I get it. I get it.

Michael: No, I really don't think you do.

Donna: No, I think I do. You and miss glacier are having problems.

Michael: Aw, come on. That's not it.

Donna: Home and hearth and the little woman are looking very attractive to you.

Michael: Donna, if ever our marriage meant anything to you at all, please just give me two weeks. Wait two weeks for the divorce.

Donna: But you can't tell me why?

Michael: No.

Donna: Michael, you told me that you didn't love me anymore. You left me for another woman. I think it's a little late to be asking me for acts of faith.

Michael: All right, all right, all right. Then what about Mikey? What about our son? I mean, how can you do this to him?

Donna: If you were so concerned about him, you would have shown up when you promised. Do you know what it was like for me to hold a sobbing child in my arms who thought that his father didn't love him anymore?

Michael: I do love him. I do. I just... oh, God.

Donna: You just what?

Michael: I'm going to try to explain it to him, all right? When's he going to be home?

Donna: I hope you'll be more convincing with him than you are with me.

Jake: When she asks you what you had to eat, you dummy up about the ice cream, all right?

Michael: Jake.

Evan: I don't believe this.

Amanda: You're going to have to.

Evan: Oh, Amanda, you just came over here a couple hours ago, and you told me that you wanted me.

Amanda: I shouldn't have.

Evan: So you're going back to Sam? Why?

Amanda: Because I couldn't do it, ok? I couldn't walk in and say, "honey, I slept with Evan. Everything that you and I have is over."

Evan: So you're condemning yourself to a life with Sam.

Amanda: It's not a condemnation.

Evan: Isn't it?

Amanda: I'm married to him. I love him.

Evan: Oh, I see. It's ok to hurt me, huh?

Amanda: I never meant to do that. Don't you understand? He is the father of my child.

Evan: Well, if he meant so much to you, Amanda, why did you even make love to me?

Amanda: Because maybe I'm just a slut. Did you ever think of that?

Evan: Don't you ever say that about yourself, Amanda, or about us. Not to me.

Amanda: Fine, then I'll pretty it up a little bit. I'll say I made a mistake.

Evan: It's not a mistake.

Amanda: It is a mistake. It's the biggest one of my life. If you care about me at all, will you try to understand what Alli and Sam mean to me? They're a part of me. I would be miserable without them.

Evan: But you don't have to lose Alli.

Amanda: Oh, I see. So you don't just want Sam's wife, you want his child, too.

Evan: Amanda, you've tried to forget about me once before and you couldn't do it. Do you really think it's going to be any easier now?

Amanda: I don't know anything about the future anymore. I just know about right now. I have to say good-bye.

Evan: Ok, fine. Then you go home. And I hope your life is just as storybook perfect as you want it to be.

Amanda: It's not going to be storybook perfect. I fixed that.

Evan: That's right. Because I'm in your blood, and I know what you need, Amanda. And you know that. Amanda, don't you think that I'm going to be here waiting for you when you figure out that you've made the wrong choice.

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