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Another World Transcript Tuesday 12/27/05

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Rachel: [Gasps]

Ken: Oh, you found it.

Rachel: It's, um--

Ken: Shrunken head.

Rachel: Right.

Ken: Yes, it's a gift from Chief Nunbahat of the Tepal people. They live in the Javanese rainforest. I was gonna tell you about that.

Rachel: It was alive.

Ken: And a lot bigger. Shrunken heads are highly prized by the Tepal. This is a priceless gift.

Rachel: Oh, catalog it, but I'm not gonna touch it.

Ken: Oh, he's not for sale.

Rachel: Oh.

Ken: I don't know how this got mixed in with the rest of this stuff.

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Don't--don't--uh, you can put him in any place of honor you like, but would you please get him out of here?

Ken: How about we take a break?

Rachel: No, there's too much to do.

Ken: You've been working nonstop all morning. You've also been avoiding me. Want to tell me about last night?

Rachel: Nothing to tell.

Ken: How about why you ran out on me in the middle of a perfectly lovely evening?

Rachel: It had nothing to do with you. If you'll excuse me, I, uh, I think I would like some air.

Sharlene: Ooh, working hard, Al, huh?

Al: Hey, what are you doing here?

Sharlene: I love you, too, Al.

Al: This isn't your shift.

Sharlene: Since when is it a crime to be early, huh? Besides... this feels like home here.

Al: What are you, nuts?

Sharlene: Good. It's starting to fill up, huh?


Al: It's not ok with me, mind you. In fact, I'm sure most of the guys would like to see you hang out more.

Sharlene: Oh, Al. I'm working on it, huh?

[Laughs] Let me bum a cigarette, ok?

Al: Sure.

Sharlene: Thanks.

Al: I've never seen you smoke before.

Sharlene: Well, I gave it up for a while. But lately I've been missing it a lot. Hell, what's one little vice, huh? Not gonna kill me.

Vicky: It's very tricky.

Evan: Yeah.

Vicky: I want to be ambitious, but I don't want to sound too aggressive, because somebody like Iris is liable to feel threatened by that.

Evan: Yes.

Vicky: Yet on the other hand, I know she admires gutsy people. And if I start backing off now, then she's gonna think I'm some kind of a wimp who's playing it safe, and then she'll kick me out on my back.

[Sighs] Evan?

Evan: Yes?

Vicky: What--am I talking to a wall? I'm asking your advice about something.

Evan: Yeah, I know.

Vicky: I am willing to start off as an editorial assistant, but it's already driving me crazy. Well?

Evan: Well then, if I were you, I would just take the bull by the horns.

Vicky: You haven't heard a word I've said.

Evan: Vicky, I have something else on my mind.

Vicky: That something wouldn't happen to start with an "A," would it?

Evan: Yes, she came back.

Vicky: Well, it's about time.

Evan: Yes, do you know she came here first, even before she went home?

Vicky: How'd it go?

Evan: Well, it was incredible. She's not denying how she feels for me anymore.

Vicky: Really? Well, that's what you've been waiting for, right? You should be ecstatic. Evan... why aren't you ecstatic?

Evan: Oh, I will be by tonight.

Vicky: Why?

Evan: Because Amanda's telling Sam how she feels about me right now.

Amanda: I'm sorry if you were worried.

Sam: If?

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Sam: Where were you?

Amanda: St. Louis.

Sam: Why there?

Amanda: I needed to be somewhere where I didn't know anyone and no one knew me. I had to think.

Sam: So did you think?

Amanda: I know this must have been hard for you.

Sam: No, I don't think you know.

Amanda: There were reasons... Sam, what happened to you?

Sam: That's what I'd like to know, Amanda. What happened to you? Why did you leave town like that?

Michael: Hey, buddy, another glass of wine please, huh. So any news on your daughter?

Lucas: No news, no.

Michael: You haven't stopped looking for her, though, have you?

Lucas: No, I'll never give that up. Neither will Felicia.

Michael: Well, if you want something, you just go for it until you get it, right? You running late or something?

Lucas: What?

Michael: You keep looking at your watch.

Lucas: Yeah, I have an important meeting later.

Michael: Ah. Thanks. You seem just a little bit--ha--nervous.

Lucas: Yeah, I could say the same for you.

Michael: Yeah, well, things haven't been going my way lately. I'm just not as cocky as I used to be like when we were in Europe. But then again, you know, I had nothing to lose in those days.

Lucas: Nothing to lose?

Michael: Mm-mm. Well, there was--there was a woman, but I thought I'd lost her.

Lucas: Oh. Sounds like she's not lost. Sounds like Donna.

Michael: Well, it was Donna. It's over, finally over.

Lucas: Hmm. So that means you're ready to take a chance?

Michael: Yeah, huh. I got nothing to lose again, right? As a matter of fact, I thought that's why you called me. I thought maybe you were getting ready to take a risk again.

Lucas: Nothing's changed for me. I never had a wife and a family.

Michael: I was just wondering if that's why you got started, you know, 'cause of losing Felicia.

Lucas: Started?

Michael: Yeah, you know. Dealings go on.

Lucas: [Sighs] Deal, deal? What deal? I don't have any deal.

Michael: Come on, man. You called me, all right. Don't play dumb.

Lucas: It doesn't mean that I want to go over things that happened a long time ago, ok.

Michael: Huh, all right, fine. Hey, look, I tell you what. I'd much rather move forward, especially with a million bucks in my pocket and you with a million bucks in yours.

Lucas: Michael, that jewelry isn't worth a dime unless you can arrange a sale.

Michael: Well, that's your--that's your part of the deal, isn't it?

Lucas: Oh, really? And what's your part of the deal?

Michael: My part of the deal is knowing all the security measures that they're gonna take. I know everyone who's involved with this, all right?

Lucas: How fortunate for you.

Michael: Yeah, and it's fortunate for you, too. And just tell me, are you in on this, or you decided to walk the straight and narrow? Huh?

Felicia: Hey, what is this? Two of my favorite men having lunch in my restaurant and I don't know about it?

Michael: How you doing, honey?

Lucas: Hi.

Felicia: So, what is it, guys--business or pleasure?

Michael: Well, well, well, you never know. Maybe--maybe a little bit of both.

Donna: I'm going to track down our once and future client.

Jake: Oh, great, I'll go with you.

Donna: No. No, Jake, I want to do this by myself.

Jake: Why, Donna?

Donna: Because I'm the business part of the partnership, you're the creative part.

Jake: I'm not crazy about having you run around all alone.

Donna: Jake, I'm not gonna be alone. I'm gonna be at Tops now.

Jake: Oh, Tops, which is--which is the other place that you almost got offed.

Donna: Jake, I have to do this on my own.

Jake: Why can't anyone help you, Donna?

Donna: Jake, you're getting too involved.

Jake: Too involved. We're business partners, 50-50.

Donna: With me, Jake, with me.

Jake: I'm getting too involved with you? You have an ego the size of Texas!

Donna: I just don't want you to be so attached.

Jake: You are really crazy!

Donna: Jake, I don't want you to be so attached--

Jake: I have absolutely no interest in you except as a business partner.

Donna: Fine. As long as it stays that way.

Jake: You have nothing to worry about, believe me.

Donna: Good.

Jake: So, Joan of Arc, who's the big client?

Donna: Lucas. I'm meeting him at Tops this afternoon.

Amanda: Sam, what happened to you?

Sam: I fell; it's no big deal.

Amanda: It is a big deal. When was it?

Sam: At the show.

Amanda: Why didn't you tell me?

Sam: I didn't want to worry you.

Amanda: You should have called me. I would have come to New York.

Sam: There was no point.

Amanda: There was a--there was a point. It would have changed everything.

Sam: What does that mean?

Amanda: Nothing, it's just that I--I would have been with you.

Sam: You would have been with me if you hadn't left town. I came back to celebrate your first issue of "Sophisticate" with you.

Amanda: I called the gallery. There was a message that you would be there for days.

Sam: I wanted to surprise you.

Amanda: You were on your way home that night.

Sam: I called the house, and they told me what happened with the magazine, so I figured maybe you could use the help of an old layout man.

Amanda: I didn't think you cared about that.

Sam: Well, I think I don't tell you enough how proud I am of you. I was thinking about that in New York, you know. I, uh--I'm sure it seems that I resent your career and your success.

Amanda: Don't.

Sam: Don't what?

Amanda: Don't say you're sorry when there's no reason for you to be.

Sam: So the magazine looks great.

Amanda: Thank you.

Sam: What is it?

Amanda: What?

Sam: You haven't answered my question. What happened? What happened that night to drive you away like that without telling anybody? What happened?

Mitch: Hi, guys.

Vicky: Is she going to leave Sam?

Evan: How should I know?

Vicky: What did she say? She must have given you some idea about what she's going to do.

Evan: Vicky, that's enough.

Vicky: Evan, did she say she was in love with you?

Evan: I really don't have the time to talk about this right now.

Vicky: Oh, I see. Well, I thought we were friends and discussed these kind of things.

Evan: We are.

Vicky: We are friends but not when it comes to Amanda, right?

Evan: Well, you've made it very clear how you feel about that.

Vicky: All I said is I would hate to see you get hurt, Evan.

Evan: Well, I'm not going to get hurt.

Vicky: No?

Evan: I'm gonna make this happen.

Vicky: This is Amanda's decision.

Evan: Well then, I'm gonna help her make it.

Vicky: How?

Evan: I don't know.

Vicky: Don't know?

Evan: I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Vicky: Evan. Evan, be careful. Ok?

Evan: I'm sick of being careful.

Vicky: I know from whereof I speak, as they say. Look, if the Corys find out that you and Amanda slept together, they're gonna run you out of town on a rail.

Ken: Hi.

Chel: Hi. Ken, um, I guess I owe you an explanation.

Ken: You don't owe me a thing.

Rachel: It's just that last night was the first time in an awfully long time that I've really enjoyed myself.

Ken: So why'd you leave?

Rachel: It felt wrong.

Ken: Your husband died, and so you have no right to be happy?

Rachel: I'm sorry if that sounds foolish to you, but that's the way I feel.

Ken: Oh, doesn't sound foolish. It just sounds wrong. I apologize. I have no right to judge you. Rachel, life goes on.

Rachel: I'm really sick of that expression. It makes it sound so easy, and it's not.

Ken: You feel disloyal?

Rachel: Yes, I feel disloyal.

Ken: You know, the Hindus had a nifty solution for what you're feeling..

Rachel: What's that?

Ken: It's called "sati"--the wife throws herself on her husband's burning funeral pyre. Bingo, no guilt.

Rachel: It's more than guilt. I miss him. It's all I have left.

Ken: You're beginning to heal, Rachel. Mac would have wanted that, from what you tell me about him, I mean.

Rachel: I don't know. You know, it's just harder to start over again. I--I left everything I know.

Ken: All those visits from concerned family members are beginning to get to you, huh?

Rachel: What am I doing here? Is this really my new life, or am I just play-acting?

Ken: You can build something new here, Rachel. Give yourself a chance.

Rachel: I'm going back.

Ken: Where?

Rachel: Home.

Felicia: And the jewelry exhibition, at the Stafford gallery, I understand there's a necklace over there that's to die for.

Michael: And when is that exhibition anyway?

Felicia: It's before and after the gala.

Michael: Oh, before and after?

Felicia: Michael, I mean, didn't you work on the Arts Council, or didn't you put this whole thing together?

Michael: [Laughs]

Felicia: Yeah.

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. I guess I just kind of forgot, it's a big deal. I mean, an exhibition and a performance.

Felicia: Yeah. I'm just hoping I can fit everybody in.

Michael: Why, you expecting a lot of people?

Felicia: A lot of people, I hope.

Michael: Well, I just hope the security's up to it.

Lucas: "Cherry Orchard." Saw a terrific production in London a few years ago.

Felicia: Did you? Who was in it?

Michael: Uh, if you'll excuse me, I got a phone call I gotta make.

Felicia: Sure.

[Sighs] I'm really starting to worry about him.

Lucas: Why?

Felicia: I mean, look at him. He's totally distracted. He can't concentrate on anything.

Lucas: He's going through a bad time. The breakup is starting to tell on him.

Felicia: I know, but, you know, he is the one to blame.

Lucas: I know, but Michael's carrying a lot of guilt.

Felicia: Did he tell you that?

Lucas: Yeah, sort of.

Felicia: Would you do something for me?

Lucas: Fanny, anything. You know that.

Felicia: Would you be a friend to him? I mean, just sort of look out for him?

Lucas: I hardly know the man.

Felicia: I know, but I've known Michael a lot of years, and he's a nice guy. Do this for me, would you, please?

Donna: Lucas, hi. Just the man I wanted to see. Hi.

Felicia: Hello, Donna.

Lucas: Hi.

Evan: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Well--well, hi.

Evan: Hi.

Sharlene: What a surprise.

Evan: So what are you doing here so early?

Sharlene: Well, I'm trying to make a little extra money.

Evan: Oh, I see. And, uh, what's with the cigarette?

Sharlene: [Laughs] Ah, it's only the third one I had today. Promise, swear on a stack of bibles.

Evan: Yeah, but you don't smoke.

Sharlene: Oh, yeah, I do. I do. On and off. Come on, please, don't tell John, ok?

Evan: Oh, no, no. I wouldn't. Don't worry about that.

Sharlene: Thanks. 'Cause, I mean, he would probably divorce me on the spot if he ever saw me smoking.

Evan: Oh, I doubt that.

Sharlene: Yeah. Oh, yeah, he would. He'd think it's a terrible thing. But then I understand because, you know, he's been under a lot of pressure lately.

Evan: "White snow in hell."

[Laughs] That's very funny. By Felicia Gallant.

Sharlene: Yeah. She's not bad.

Evan: Yeah. That's funny. I didn't picture you as the, uh, romance novel type.

Sharlene: Oh, no? Oh? What do you think I am, a recluse?

Evan: Tell me something.

Sharlene: Yeah.

Evan: Is there anything in this book about a jerk who's in love with somebody that's already taken?

Sharlene: Why did you come to see me?

Evan: I just needed a friendly face to talk to.

Sharlene: Why?

Evan: There's no reason.

Sharlene: Go after her, honey.

Evan: What's that?

Sharlene: This woman--the one who's taken. If you are in love with her, don't hold back.

Evan: Yeah, but she's married.

Sharlene: Life is too short, Evan. You can't miss out on a chance at real love.

Evan: Like you and John.

Sharlene: Yeah, sure. Like me and John. I mean, I wouldn't have cared if he had two wives, if he had a harem. He was mine.

Evan: I have never heard you talk like this before.

Sharlene: Who's the lucky lady, huh?

Evan: Um... Amanda Cory.

Sharlene: [Laughs] My.


Evan: Well, I'm glad you find that amusing, but it's really not that funny. I mean, she's married, she's got a kid.

Sharlene: And all that money. Hey.

Evan: That's not it.

Sharlene: Did I say it was?

Evan: No, but I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I'm the same guy when I first came to Bay City. That I would do anything for power and money.

Sharlene: And you're saying you've grown up, ok?

Evan: No, I'm saying that I love Amanda, and it wouldn't matter to me who she was or what she had.

Sharlene: Well then, sweetie, I hope it works out for you. Go for it, ok?

Evan: Yeah. Thanks. Take care.

Vicky: I have got plans for this job, and I am not going to let Amanda Fowler foul them up. How do I look?

Jake: Great.

Vicky: That's what Evan doesn't get.

Jake: What, that you look great?

Vicky: No. Everybody gets that.

Jake: Oh.

Vicky: He just thinks Amanda is some big-hearted, wonderful woman. It's enough to make me want to--

Jake: Throw up. And you intend to prove that Amanda is not a big-hearted, wonderful woman, etc., Etc.

Vicky: I don't have to prove anything at all. I think her true colors are gonna show soon enough.

Jake: This isn't about a job.

Vicky: Oh, what is it?

Jake: All these plans and this talk about Amanda. Let's see. Vicky's got the hots for Evan.

Vicky: That is absolutely not true. Wipe that obnoxious grin off your face before I just smack you.

Jake: Come on, Vicky. You're hung up on the guy. You're dreaming about him. You're fantasizing every chance you get.

Vicky: And since when have you become an expert on what I fantasize about?

Jake: Honey, I wrote the book on Vicky Hudson. Or have you forgotten?

Vicky: No. I haven't forgotten.

Jake: I know about you and Evan because the first man you ever loved was me.

Donna: Isn't this a lucky coincidence running into you like this? You know, I was just thinking about you this morning--about our last collaboration and how well it went. Don't you think so?

Lucas: Oh, sure. The fresh faces announcement. I have no complaints.

Donna: Well, I expected to be hearing from you and Iris by now.

Lucas: Oh, you did?

Donna: Yes. I mean, Jake is overbooked completely, but we thought since you were--thank you--since you were one of our first clients that we'd give you a second chance.

Lucas: You surprise me, Donna.

Donna: Why?

Lucas: Well, with all your personal problems, I thought you'd be too preoccupied to concentrate on business.

Donna: Quite the contrary. My business is my obsession.

Lucas: How long is this obsession going to last?

Donna: Lucas, I don't think we want to discuss our personal lives, do we?

Lucas: Well, Donna, if I'm going to hire your--

Donna: It's finished. It was painful, but it's over.

Lucas: You know, I find it hard to believe that a man like Michael would change so quickly.

Donna: Well, who knows how quickly it was? He's been involved with this person for heaven only knows how long. Turns out he's a man of extreme secrecy.

Lucas: Who would have believed it?

Donna: Yes. Who would have believed it? He fooled a lot of people. He's certainly not the upright, honest man I married.

Lucas: That's a real shame.

Donna: Yes, it is. But the truth is I'm not interested in Michael. I'd like to get to know you better.

Lucas: Now, that's a real coincidence, because I would like to get to know you.

Rachel: Uh-uh, uh-uh. Thank you.

Ken: You know, I didn't figure you for a quitter.

Rachel: That's why I'm going home.

Ken: Run that by again.

Rachel: My family is who I quit. I walked out on them.

Ken: So what? They're here half the time.

Rachel: Well maybe that's an indication of just how much they need me.

Ken: How about what you need? You came here for a reason, Rachel.

Rachel: Yes, a pretty selfish reason. That I had to find myself.

Ken: Nothing wrong with that.

Rachel: I mean, who do I think I'm kidding? I'm living on a shoestring in a rented room as though I'm some college kid out on a big adventure.

Ken: Hey, I think that's pretty brave.

Rachel: You can't forget who you are. I'm Rachel Cory. I'm supposed to be taking care of my husband's company and my family.

Ken: Hey, when you came here, you had a plan. You were gonna work here for a while, get back on your feet, get involved in your art again, and then, when the time was right, move on.

Rachel: I said all that?

Ken: And you believed it, too.

Rachel: Well, I'm all packed. Everything's out in the car. Uh, the only thing I'm missing is that picture of my husband. It's a torn photograph of Mac, all right? If you come across it--

Ken: Come on, come on. You're taking the easy way out. You can't cut and run at the first sign of trouble. You gotta stick with it. Give yourself a chance.

Rachel: I have.

Ken: I know you're afraid.

Rachel: I am afraid, and your pep talks are not gonna change that, Ken..

Ken: All right.

Rachel: I'm just not open to things now, ok? It's gonna take me a little longer to summon up enough courage to face life again, if I ever do.

Amanda: Uh, tell you what. Why don't I leave the two of you alone to talk? And I'm gonna go say hello to Alli, ok.

Sam: [Groans] This had better not be about Rachel.

Mitch: Sorry to disappoint you.

Sam: Look, I've got enough trouble with this family. I don't want to have to--

Mitch: Ok, whoa, whoa. Just relax. I just want to let you know that's all over with.

Sam: It is?

Mitch: Yeah, and if Amanda's concerned, tell her there's no reason to be.

Sam: So, what--you and Rachel just called it quits?

Mitch: Yeah.

Sam: Ok, what about Ken Jordan?

Mitch: Well, if he shows up, I'll deal with it. So far he hasn't.

Sam: Does Felicia know about this?

Mitch: She knows that I want to get things right between us, yeah.

Sam: What made you change your mind?

Mitch: She did. She asked me to move out.

Sam: And that wised you up?

Mitch: Yeah, it made me realize that, uh, I wasn't gonna be foolish enough to throw away my marriage, that that was the most important thing, yeah.

Sam: Yeah. Um, I know what you mean.

Mitch: Look. I will, uh--I'll let you get back to whatever you're doing.

Sam: Thanks, Mitch, for stopping by.

Mitch: I'll see you later. Yeah. Take care, Amanda.

Amanda: Uh, I think I'm gonna make us some lunch. All right?

Sam: No. You are going to talk to me.

Amanda: Can't it just wait a few minutes? I'll--

Sam: No, it can't wait. I want to know why you left me.

Amanda: I was under a tremendous amount of pressure.

Sam: Go on.

Amanda: You were gone. Mom was gone. I just felt very alone. And I made some choices.

Sam: Choices.

Amanda: I was really so confused, Sam.

Sam: Look, are we talking about St. Louis here, or are we talking about something else?

Amanda: Sam, I have to talk to you about Evan.

Sam: Ok, before you do... listen, I know a lot of the reason why you're so confused about him is because of me.

Amanda: No.

Sam: Listen, let me finish, ok? I was thinking about this in New York, and running away is not the answer. Um... I've also come to a decision, ok.. I moved back into this house to be with you. And I would like tonight to be a new beginning.

Vicky: You and I were in love?

[Laughs] No, no, no. I can't even picture that.

Jake: I said you were in love with me.

Vicky: You're not even my type, Jake!

Jake: You're not my type either!

Vicky: You...

[Laughs] We had some good times, didn't we?

Jake: The best.

Vicky: What went wrong?

Jake: I don't know. I don't know. I stopped trying to figure it out.

Vicky: I think I better figure it out, because if I ever do decide to fall in love with someone else, I don't want to make the same mistake I made with you.

Jake: Don't try so hard.

Vicky: Don't try? Now, how does anything work if I don't try?

Jake: It's the only way it does. You can't make love happen.

Vicky: Well then, maybe this, um, career thing is good for me. It'll keep me out of trouble.

Jake: Keep Vicky out of trouble. Yeah, right--never happen--

Vicky: It worked for you, didn't it? I mean, you and mom start this whole business, and I haven't heard you speak a word about love...or...women.

Rachel: Look, is there another cab company I can call?

Ken: What?

Rachel: This one's had me on hold for 10 minutes.

Ken: We're not exactly swimming in cab companies around here. Guess you're stuck here a little longer.

Rachel: I can't believe that car's battery is dead. Ok, well, I'll just find another cab company.

Ken: Big mistake.

Rachel: Oh, stop with the big mistake, ok?

Ken: Fine, I'll stop. I don't know why I'm trying to get you to stay anyway. I won a bet on you.

Rachel: Oh, yeah? A bet?

Ken: I gave my business partner two-to-one you'd quit.

Rachel: I'm not quitting.

Ken: What do you call it?

Rachel: I'm rethinking my decision.

Ken: Can't you ever just go on your instincts? Listen, when you came here, you had this--told me about this whole weird chain of events that had brought you here.

Rachel: I am going on my instincts.

Ken: But only halfway. I mean, obviously this was fated. Aren't you curious to see where it takes you, where you end up?

Rachel: Yes.

Ken: Say what?

Rachel: I said yes.

[Whispers] Ok, yes. No. No, come on. I didn't mean that. I was talking about--

Ken: No, I knew it. You are a person who cannot resist following this through to the end. Let me get this stuff out of the way, clear this place up. There's enough clutter in here as it is.

Felicia: You don't need a menu, do you?

Mitch: Please, things are tense enough. I was hoping this would be neutral territory.

Felicia: Neutral territory?

Mitch: Well, we don't sleep in the same bed. We don't talk. I figured the only way that I would ever be able to see you and talk to you is to make a reservation.

Felicia: Mitch, I can't make this easier for you. I'm not sure I want to.

Mitch: Just hear me out.

Felicia: Ok. I'm listening.

Mitch: I want us to be the way that we were. I want you to know that I don't have any doubts about our relationship.

Felicia: And what about my doubts?

Mitch: I don't blame you for having them.

Felicia: Well, that's certainly generous of you.

Mitch: Please, please just meet me halfway. I've said good-bye to Rachel.

Felicia: When?

Mitch: A couple of nights ago. The important thing is that I've put it behind me. I wish you would do the same.

Felicia: Even if I did do that, I know the moment that she gets unhappy about something or if she's in any kind of trouble, you're gonna go running.

Mitch: No. No, I'm not. I'm not gonna continue to take responsibility for her. That's up to her family.

Felicia: Well, I would love to believe that.

Mitch: I don't know what to do other than give you my word.

Felicia: Mitch, you can't expect me to jump across this table into your arms.

Mitch: I know that. I know, and I don't.

Felicia: I don't trust you anymore.

Mitch: I want you to. I want you to trust me again.

Donna: So the fact that "Sophisticate" is the magazine of the nineties, it's only fitting that you should use the video business of the nineties. Lucas?

Lucas: Yes.

Donna: Have you heard a word that I've just said?

Lucas: Everything. First straight pitch.

Donna: Oh, well, thank you.

Lucas: I must say now, you have a considerable business acumen.

Donna: Coming from you, I consider that a tremendous compliment.

Lucas: So I guess you want an answer?

Donna: I will only take one answer from you.

Lucas: Yes.

Donna: Yes? Does that mean that you're going to give us your business?

Lucas: That means that I'm a pushover, and, yes, I'm going to give you more business.

Donna: No, I said "exclusive."

Lucas: Well, we'll talk.

Donna: You won't regret it.

Lucas: Well, I just hope that it isn't a conflict of interest. I do have a tentative deal with Michael.

Donna: Michael? My Michael? I mean, he's not my Michael anymore, but....

Lucas: You look surprised.

Donna: I am surprised. I just don't understand why he would be doing business--

Lucas: With me. With me, yeah. Uh, do you know a lot about his business?

Donna: I know some.

Lucas: Well, a man in his position has to associate with all kinds of people.

Michael: Donna, tell me what you're doing here?

Donna: I'm having lunch with Lucas.

Michael: Great. Lucas, if you'll excuse us, I'd like to talk to my wife for a second.

Donna: How dare you come over there and interrupt me?

Michael: Hey, look. How many times have I told you not to talk to Lucas? You cannot trust him.

Donna: Then why are you doing business with him?

Michael: It's none of your business, all right. I want you to tell me what he said to you.

Donna: You can't order me around like that.

Michael: Donna, I'm doing it because I want to look out for you.

Donna: Why?

Michael: Because I care for you.

Donna: You care, even though our marriage is over?

Michael: Yes.

Donna: You cannot just waltz in and out of my life when it suits you.

Michael: Me? It doesn't suit me.

Donna: What I do is none of your business. If I want to see Lucas or have lunch with him or do business with him or marry him, you have no say. Is that absolutely clear?

Mitch: What are Donna and Michael fighting about? Look, that's not the way that I want to end up.

Felicia: No, neither do I.

Mitch: Look, why don't you leave here early, come home? I'll have dinner for two in front of the fireplace.

Felicia: Mitch.

Mitch: See you there.

Felicia: I'll be there.

Lucas: Hey.

Felicia: What are they fighting about?

Lucas: Donna wants to go into business with me.

Felicia: So?

Lucas: So nobody in Bay City trusts me, not even my pal Michael.

Felicia: That is not true.

Lucas: Who trusts me besides you? Mitch doesn't want me around. Sharlene hates it when she sees me with Josie, and now Michael is warning Donna. You know it's true.

Felicia: I do. I just don't understand it.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I do. I let it happen. But I'm tired. Tired of being alone. I want a life, Fanny.

Felicia: I want you to have a life.

Lucas: Well, I have a meeting tonight. If everything works out, I'm gonna be able to change my life.

Felicia: Change what?

Lucas: If it pans out, I'll be able to prove that I'm really the man you fell in love with.

Vicky: Seems to me you don't even think about women anymore. Although that is impossible to believe, knowing you as I do. I just wonder what you're thinking about.

Jake: Work.

Vicky: What else?

Jake: Nothing.

Vicky: Oh, Jake.

Jake: Vicky, you just said when you're completely wrapped up in business, you keep your mind--

Vicky: Who is she?

Jake: There is nobody in my life right now.

Vicky: Right.

Jake: As a matter of fact, why don't you and I take advantage of all this freedom and go out and have fun together?

Vicky: Together?

Jake: We always did have a good time. And like you said, I have been completely wrapped up in business.

Vicky: I did not mention a word about going out with you, because--

Jake: I need to get away from this. It's driving me crazy. What are you doing tonight?

Vicky: Oddly enough, I've--I'm gonna be free.

Jake: I'll pick you up later. And don't you let me talk about work. We'll spend all of our time concentrating on the night in front of us. Ok? I'm out of here.

Sam: You don't seem too excited.

Amanda: I just don't want to hurt you.

Sam: What does that mean?

Amanda: I just mean maybe it's a little too confining for you here in the house. I mean, with all the people and the distractions and everything. How would you ever be able to concentrate on your work?

Sam: What does that have to do with hurting me?

Amanda: I just think maybe you need a little more space.

Sam: What do you want, Amanda? Obviously I'm making some assumptions that I have no right to make.

Amanda: No, you have every right to.

Sam: Ok, if I do, I want some honesty. I know you were with Evan the night of the "Sophisticate" party.

Amanda: You know that?

Sam: Yes. I was worried, so I did some checking around. Now, I am trying not to imagine the worst. I have a feeling I do that too much already. So it was the pressure that drove you away, wasn't it? Or was it Evan? I see.. Ok. Why don't you tell me what happened that night between you and Evan?

Evan: Thanks, I've been looking all over for this.

Sharlene: Well, Al found it, and he didn't know who it belonged to, of course. Then I saw the initials on it, so I brought it right over.

Evan: Thank you.

Sharlene: On my break.

Evan: I gotta say I've been a real space cadet lately.

Sharlene: Oh, come on. You and me both. I'm always losing something--my keys, my gloves.

Evan: And all I can think about lately is Amanda.

Sharlene: What?

Evan: You know, you were really a big help to me today, Sharlene.

Sharlene: I was?

Evan: Yeah, I'm going to marry Amanda if it's the last thing I do.

Sharlene: I don't understand.

Evan: I'm going to marry Amanda.

Sharlene: Aman-Amanda Cory is already married.

Evan: Well, that's not going to stop me.

Sharlene: What? What on earth? She has a child, for heaven's sake.

Evan: But I love her, Sharlene. You said yourself--

Sharlene: Are you telling me that you would wreck a marriage?

Evan: You told me today--you said, "go for it. Don't stop."

Sharlene: Why would I possibly give you that kind of advice?

Evan: I confided in you, and now you act like--

Sharlene: What are you talking about? What on earth are you talking about?

Evan: Sharlene, I don't understand you.

Sharlene: Well, I'll tell you what. I think I do. You've decided to wreck someone's life, and now you're gonna blame it on me.

Evan: What the hell are you talking about?

Sharlene: Evan, think twice. You think twice! I mean it. You think twice before you tear apart all those lives. Ah!

Lucas: Where is he?

Griffen: At his office, I expect.

Lucas: Well, he better get over here. I want out of this deal. I want out and clean.

Griffen: Clean will be a little hard to come by.

Lucas: I'm sick of you, Griffen. I'm sick of seeing your face.

Griffen: Now, don't kill the messenger. The buyer sent me instead.

Lucas: You?

Griffen: Yes. I have a message for you. If you want out of the deal, you have to do one final job.

Lucas: What other job is that?

Griffen: Well, some information has confirmed your suspicion. You must eliminate the one man that could bring down the cartel.

Lucas: Eliminate?

Griffen: Let me spell it out for you. Kill Michael Hudson.

Mitch: I would appreciate it if you didn't let Rachel know that I was here.

Ken: Sure, why not?

Mitch: Well, it's a long story, but the fact is I'm not gonna be able to keep an eye on her. I've got some other things to take care of. In other words, I'm not gonna be coming around for a while.

Ken: You came over here to tell me that?

Mitch: Well, you seemed interested and concerned about her welfare, so I thought that I would--I would leave a number. In case there's an emergency, you could call me.

Ken: Sure, I'll call you if there's any trouble, but I wouldn't worry about it. Seems to me Rachel's a pretty capable person.

Rachel: Ken-Mitch, what are you doing here?

Mitch: Well, I was just leaving. Actually, I had some business with, uh--you know, I've never gotten your name.

Rachel: What kind of business?

Ken: Ken Jordan.

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