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[Knock on door]

[Knocking continues]

Frankie: Oh, all right, all right. I'm coming, I'm coming.

[Sighs] I'm right in the middle of trying to center myself.

Cass: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this won't take long.

Frankie: Whenever I try to center myself, you always throw me off.

Cass: Well, the feeling's mutual, you know.

Frankie: Look, Cass, I'm starting on a new path now--

Cass: Bon voyage.

Frankie: And I really don't want or need all these constant conversations about the past.

Cass: Neither do I.. I came to pick up the surveillance equipment that was bought with the law office's money.

Frankie: Oh. I guess there is no reason to keep an eye on Lucas anymore.

Cass: No, certainly not from here. So if you'll give me the equipment, I'm out of your life forever.

Don't mess with me 'cause I'm dangerous and I always play to win don't mess with me 'cause I'm dangerous, dangerous

[Music stops]

Lucas: No class today, huh?

Griffen: No class.

Lucas: No private instruction?

Griffen: What do you want, Lucas?

Lucas: We have to talk, and I don't want to be interrupted.

Griffen: We won't be. So what's this all about? You made a decision to bring Michael Hudson on board?

Lucas: I made a decision, yes.

Griffen: Oh, well, I trust it has something to do with obtaining the rest of the shipment.

Lucas: I thought you should know our association will be coming to an end very soon.

Griffen: You care to tell me what that's supposed to mean?

Lucas: I'm getting out, Griffen.

Griffen: Out?

Lucas: Yes, of everything.

Griffen: Fine. If you can.

Eddie: Easy, easy. Go easy.

Reuben: Oh, oh.

Eddie: Can you stand on your own? I guess not. Look, man. I found this in your pocket. Winthrop Edwards. They're lawyers, right? I'm gonna take you to their office, ok.

Reuben: Who are you, man?

Eddie: [Laughs] Your guardian angel. One step at a time.

Reuben: Mama? Ugh. Mama?


Reuben: Tess? Tess?

Money, money, money, money

Reuben: Anybody! Anybody, help me. Will somebody help me get out of here?

Man: Didn't you listen to your mom?

Reuben: Yeah, I listened, but I'm still here.

Man: Well, maybe you didn't quite believe her.

Reuben: She ain't the problem, man. You are. You're the one that told me everything was gonna be great. You did. Now look at me. I'm alone.

Courtney: No, you're not.

Reuben: Courtney.

Courtney: You're not alone. I'm here, and I'll stay.

Reuben: You mean you still believe in me?

Courtney: Sure, if you can show me a good time.

Reuben: Well, if I can't, who can, right? So what do you want to do?

Courtney: Let's go out.

Reuben: Ok. Ha ha ha. Nice place, huh?

Courtney: The food is divine.

Reuben: Well, so is the company.

Courtney: Thank you.

Waiter: Bonsoir, mademoiselle.

Courtney: Bonsoir.

Waiter: Bonsoir, monsieur.

[Speaking French]

Reuben: The mademoiselle says that everything is divine, so we'll have one of everything.

Waiter: An excellent choice, monsieur. But before I can serve you, I--I must ascertain if you have the funds to pay for the bill.

Reuben: Do I have the funds?

Waiter: Mm, oui.

Reuben: Is that what you just asked me?

Waiter: Oui, monsieur.

Reuben: Funds?

Waiter: Oui.

Reuben: I got your funds, Jack. Talking about some funds, am I rich. There you go.

Waiter: Merci, monsieur. Oh, la la. Oh. Mm-mm. No.

Reuben: No? What you mean by no?

Waiter: I regret that your credit cards are, how you say, expired. Sorry..

Reuben: Give me the manager.

Courtney: Get me a cab.

Waiter: There is no manager.

[Speaks French]

Courtney: See you, Reuben. It's been real.

Waiter: Au revoir, mademoiselle.

Reuben: Courtney.

Waiter: Pardon, monsieur, but I need this table for paying customers. You will have to leave.

[Speaking French]

Money money, money, money, money money

Limo driver: Your cart, sir.

Reuben: Thank you. Where's my car?

Limo driver: No, no, no, no. I said your cart, sir. This is all you can afford, sir.

Reuben: What happened to my two TVs?

Limo driver: As they say in Jamaica, sir, this be all you're gonna get, mon. Where would you like to go, sir?

Reuben: Home. Just want to go home.

Limo driver: Right-O.

Money, money, money, money money

Josie: Mm, you have to go, do you?

Matt: Yes, I do. Um, I have a class in 10 minutes.

Josie: Is it that important?

Matt: Well, well, well, in the grand scheme of things, figuring that human life as we know it will probably be extinct in 16 million years or so, not in the least. But if I want to pass the course, extremely.

Josie: What a shame.

Matt: Oh, come on. You must be sick of me by now, tired of me.

Josie: How could I be tired of a charming, gorgeous, witty, sexy guy like you?

Matt: Josephine, if you don't get your hands off me now, I'm going to be ignorant of world history.

Josie: Just think about how much you'll know about biology though.

Matt: Don't you have any self-control, woman?

Josie: No, no, not when it comes to you.

Matt: Ok. All right. Trying to have an intelligent discussion with you, but you relegate everything to its lowest basic physical common denominator.

Josie: Physical, I'll show you physical.

Matt: I'll give you a call later.

Josie: All right.

Josie: Oh.

[Doorbell rings]

Josie: Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Hello, darling.

Josie: Hi.

Iris: I hope you're not busy. I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd stop by and have a look at your--

JOSIE: No, not at all.

Iris: It is charming.

Josie: Oh, that's right. You've never seen it.

Iris: No, I haven't. I'm sorry. I hope you're not hurt.

Josie: It's just... it's kind of a pity. That's all.

Iris: Why is that?

Josie: Well, Lucas seems to stop by practically every day.

Griffen: So you want out of the deal, huh?

Lucas: You find that amusing?

Griffen: I find it impossible. They'll never let you go.

Lucas: You're a limited man, Griffen. Only limited men think things are impossible.

Griffen: We only came up with half of the last shipment, Lucas.

Lucas: It couldn't be helped.

Griffen: You didn't tell the buyer that.

Lucas: You're also a fearful man. That buyer has you cowed, doesn't he?

Griffen: I enjoy life, Lucas. It is far more jolly than the alternative.

Lucas: Buyer's a reasonable man.

Griffen: Unless you cross him. He will never let you go.

Lucas: Oh, really? I just spoke to a representative of his a few hours ago. Seems like things can be worked out.

Griffen: How?

Lucas: Equitable arrangements yet to be decided.

Griffen: What about me?

Lucas: What about you?

Griffen: Where does that leave me?

Lucas: Well, you'll have to talk to the buyer about that. But once I'm out of this business, I don't ever want to see you again. Is that clear?

Griffen: This is Griffen. I just spoke to Lucas. He told me he spoke to one of your underlings and that there were going to be some changes. I'd like to know what's going on. Yes. Well, very good. Very good. Yes, yes. You know I am completely loyal. The leak in the organization? Yes, yes, I think I may know who it is. And if there is a leak, I will plug it.

Cass: You know, you should use some of this stuff to do your channeling.

Frankie: Is that supposed to be a joke?

Cass: No, no. It's sophisticated, powerful equipment. You could have gotten a psychic to find the right frequency, save you using up your energy, you know.

Frankie: Good-bye, Cass.

Cass: Well, I was just trying to be helpful.

Frankie: No, you weren't. You were trying to be a pain in the neck, and you succeeded.

Cass: Come on. Just help me pick this stuff up, will you, please?

Frankie: Hey, wait a second.

Cass: What?

Frankie: This isn't yours.

Cass: Which isn't?

Frankie: The car bug. I was going to plant it in Lucas' limo, but I never got around to it.

Cass: Well, it most certainly isn't yours.

Frankie: Get out of here.

Cass: Not without my car bug.

Frankie: I'm telling you I bought this months ago.

Cass: Got a receipt?

Frankie: Do you?

Cass: I'm not leaving here until you show me a receipt.

Frankie: You want a receipt? You want a receipt?!

Cass: That's what I want.

Frankie: You are so cheap, Winthrop. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Cass: Yeah. While you're doing your bird imitations, I'm gonna get this stuff out of here.

Frankie: Don't you touch my bug.

Cass: And here I--all this time I thought you were a professional.

Frankie: I am a professional. I am more of a professional than you will ever be. I am a great pro. I am a pro's pro! I-- what am I doing?

Cass: You're yelling.

Frankie: Right. About a car bug.

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: An electronic device. A thing.

Cass: All right. If it means that much to you.

Frankie: No. It means nothing to me. All I want is peace, inner peace. Now what am I doing ranting and raving?

Cass: I'm sorry, Frankie.

Frankie: It's not your fault. I cannot allow myself to get upset by trivial things. I must seek the divine truth and find tranquility.

Cass: Ok. You can have the bug.

Frankie: You just don't get it, do you?

Cass: If you say it's your bug, it must be your bug.

Frankie: Oh, you are the most infuriating, most insensitive, most--

Cass: So much for tranquility.

Frankie: You're right. I'm doing it again. It's crazy. I'm going nuts over a thing.

Cass: I'll tell you what I'll do. Why don't I just take it with me since it upsets you so much?

Frankie: No, Cass. It doesn't upset me so much. You upset me so much. I can't have a normal conversation with you.

Cass: No, I guess you can't.

Frankie: Don't make it all my fault.

Cass: Oh, I'm not. I'm to blame, and I apologize.

Frankie: And what is this? Some sort of new strategy?

Cass: No, not at all. And I hope you'll be very happy with your choreographer.

Frankie: Wait a second. Timeout on the floor. First of all, I'm not with anybody. And secondly, Griffen is a lot more than just a choreographer.

Cass: Oh, I agree with that.

Frankie: He is a bright and decent man.

Cass: Oh, come on, Frankie!

Frankie: He is!

Cass: He's an artistic type. You can never be sure about artistic types. They are so unreliable, a woman in every city.

Frankie: Oh, you should know all about that.

Cass: Oh, ok. Forget about it. I was just trying to give you some good advice, but forget it. Go answer your phone.


Frankie: Hello. Griffen? Hi. No. It's very nice to talk to you. I was meaning to call you. No, I'm not doing anything. Bored stiff. Talking to the walls, in fact. I would like to see you, too. Now's a very good time. Yeah. Sure, sure, ok. I'll see you in a few. Bye. See you, Cass. Gotta go.

Cass: Ok, go ahead. You want to ruin your life, go ahead.

Frankie: Inner peace, kick in.

Cass: If you think that low-rent nijinsky is a bargain compared to me, you need a hell of a lot more than inner peace. Believe me. Oh! I'll send a--I'll send somebody else back to pick up the rest of this.

Stacey: It's too short, isn't it?

Derek: No.

Stacey: You hate it.

Derek: Did I say that?

Stacey: No, but your face is all scrunched up. It's that look that says, "Stacey, who are you kidding? You belong in a long, pleated skirt and a boring blazer look."

Derek: Stacey, listen to me a minute. I gotta break the date. I'm sorry.

Stacey: We've hardly seen each other at all this week.

Derek: I know.

Stacey: You can't go tonight?

Derek: No. I have to try to find a job.

Stacey: You have a job.

Derek: Frame construction just isn't paying the bills, and maybe it'll pick up in the spring, but right now --

Stacey: So you have to go on this tonight?

Derek: I just found out they can only see me tonight, and then I've got two more to go see after that.

Stacey: Oh. I got an idea. I'll go with you. I'll wait till after your interview is over. And you're getting that look again. No. Ok.

Derek: I don't want to jinx it. Ok?

Stacey: All right. Will you answer me one question?

Derek: You bet.

Stacey: If you get this job, are you still gonna have time for me?

Derek: Always.

Stacey: You better stop kissing me like this, or I'm not gonna let you go.

Stacey: Go.

Derek: Ok. All right.

Stacey: Don't dare look at me like that again, or I'm not gonna let you go at all. Good-bye. Be gone.

Derek: By the way, your skirt's a little long.

Jamie: Hi.

Stacey: Jamie.

Jamie: Nice, uh--nice skirt.

Stacey: Oh, thanks.

Jamie: Is this a bad time?

Stacey: No, not at all.

Jamie: I mean, if I'm keeping you, then I can just--

Stacey: No. Sit.

Jamie: Oh, ok.

Stacey: So tell me. How's the nanny hunt going?

Jamie: Oh, I had to put that on hold until I can get a new group together to be interviewed.

Stacey: Oh. Then what's the problem?

Jamie: Actually, tonight for once, I'm not here with a problem.

Stacey: No.

Jamie: It's hard to believe. I know. I know.

Stacey: Then why are you here?

Jamie: To make you an offer you can't refuse.

Eddie: Gonna be ok, man?

[Reuben groans]

Eddie: Listen. My buddy's going down to get his car. We're gonna drive you home.

Reuben: Oh, this isn't right.

Eddie: You don't want to go home?

Reuben: This isn't right. Hold up. This isn't right. Where is this place?

Limo driver: Your home, sir. This is your home.

Reuben: This place?

Limo driver: Don't you recognize it?

Reuben: It kind of looks familiar.

Limo driver: This is your old neighborhood, sir. You were brought up here.

Reuben: That's right. Oh, I haven't seen this place in so long.

Limo driver: It's always good to go home, sir.

Reuben: Maybe your home. Come on. Let's go.

Limo driver: , ATS,' afraid, quite impossible, sir.

Reuben: What are you talking about?

Limo driver: Well, you see, your credit with luxury limousine limited is overextended, sir.

Reuben: Since when? I got unlimited credit.

Limo driver: Sorry. Your free ride is over, sir.

Reuben: I hate this dream.

Man: That Lawrence boy--he sure made good.

Woman: And his mama is so proud of him.

Man: Look. There he is over there. Yeah. Come on, you guys.

Woman: How you doing?

Reuben: Jesse. Jesse is the Lawrence boy that made good?

Jamie: Well, you see, I'm taking my mother's place on the Arts Council, and I am therefore in charge of having to recruit new members.

Stacey: Do tell.

Jamie: And I believe you, despite your total disregard for my powerful new position, would be perfect.

Stacey: Come on.

Jamie: No, I'm serious.

Stacey: No, you're not.

Jamie: You won't even consider this?

Stacey: Well, for one thing, I have a job already.

Jamie: I have a job, too.

Stacey: Oh, well, maybe you have more time than I do.

Jamie: I have as little time as you do.

Stacey: No, I can't.

Jamie: Well, it's really not that much work to be done.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, sure. That's what they all say at the beginning.

Jamie: You might meet a lot of important people.

Stacey: Important people?

Jamie: Yeah. We could sit in the back row and cut up, you know, throw spit wads.

Stacey: Now you're talking.

Jamie: Besides, it might be very good for your career.

Stacey: Hmm. I see your point. I mean about my career.

Jamie: Oh, good. Well, see, I'm meeting two of the members for drinks tonight, and I would like them to meet you to get your ideas.

Stacey: Oh, well, what are their names?

Jamie: Thomas and Blair.

Stacey: Thomas and Blair?

Jamie: Thomas and Blair, yes.

Stacey: Oh, lovely, good. Then we can go yachting with them. Is that it?

Jamie: Actually, very nice people, and I want them to hear your ideas.

Stacey: I don't have any ideas.

Jamie: Well, you can think of some on the way over there.

Stacey: So you're saying that I have to audition for these two geeks.

Jamie: They're not geeks.

Stacey: I have to audition nonetheless?

Jamie: Well, in a way. In a way, you know. But why? Aren't you up to this challenge? Huh?

Stacey: Oh, give me two minutes.

Josie: I eventually want to add some of my own touches, you know. I know this is kind of trendy, but I'm getting into that southwestern look. You know, art and--what? What?

Iris: I am just delighted that you're so happy.

Josie: Well, I am most of the time.

Iris: Most of the time's not too bad.

Josie: I agree.

[Doorbell rings] Oh, excuse me.

Lucas: Ta-da.

Josie: Lucas, is that for me?

Lucas: Yes. And the guy at the nursery said don't let your dogs or cats get too close.

Josie: Oh, you're so funny and sweet. Thank you.

Lucas: Hello, Iris.

Josie: Oh, yes. Iris is here, too.

Lucas: I know.

Iris: You do?

Lucas: Yes. I came to pick you up for our date.

Iris: Oh, how nice. Wonderful plant.

Josie: Do you think it'll get enough light here?

Lucas: Yeah. Just remember to throw it a little red meat every now and then. What do you think about the apartment, huh?

Iris: Oh, charming.

Lucas: You know, soon as I saw it, I said, what a great place for a kid to start out.

Iris: Yes. It's quite a start.

Josie: And I know how lucky I am to have all of this.

Lucas: No. I'm the lucky one. I get to see this smile all the time. That's why I'm making myself such a pest around here.

Josie: Oh, don't listen to him, Iris.

Iris: No, I won't. Well, we better get going, Lucas. Oh, Josie, that reminds me. I ran into aunt Liz at lunch, and she said she'd like me to give you a message.

Josie: Oh, does she want me to call her or something?

Iris: Darling, why don't you go get the car, bring it up, and I'll be down in a minute.

Lucas: Sure, sure. Oh, don't forget we have a couple of meetings tomorrow, so get some rest.

Josie: I know. I have it all in my book.

Lucas: Ok. I'll see you out front.

Josie: So what did my aunt Liz have to say?

Iris: Nothing. I made it up.

Josie: Uh-oh.

Iris: Yes. I thought, uh--I wanted to talk to you on my own. I didn't think Lucas--well, you know what men are like.

Josie: No. I really don't know what you mean.

Iris: No, I don't think you do. That's why it's important that we have this little chat.

Josie: Iris, is something wrong?

Iris: Oh, no, no. No, not at all. Josie, it's just that--well, I know how closely you've been working with Lucas lately.

Josie: So?

Iris: And I understand how--how difficult it is for a girl as young as you are and in your position not to hold someone like Lucas in awe.

Josie: I'm not in awe of Lucas. I happen to respect his opinions. That's all.

Iris: I realize that.

Josie: Well, then, what is the problem?

Iris: There's no problem. It's--I just would hate that closeness to develop into something else. That's all.

Josie: I am in love with Matthew.

Iris: That doesn't preclude--

Josie: What?

Iris: Nothing. Just don't worry about it. Ok?

Josie: Well, I don't have to worry about it, because I know nothing would ever happen between me and Lucas.

Iris: I hope not.

Josie: Iris, Lucas thinks of me as a naive little girl. You know that.

Iris: Josie, would you come look at yourself in this mirror? Do you see a little girl, or do you see an interesting, wonderful, beautiful woman who has a boyfriend who's very much in love with her? I don't want you to lose sight of that. I'd better go. Lucas will be waiting.

Josie: See you soon.

Derek: So it'd just be for a few nights a week?

Al: 3 at the most. That's all I can give you.

Derek: That's ok. I've got some references if you need to see them.

Al: What are you? 6'3"?

Derek: About.

Al: That's enough of a reference.

Derek: Huh, ok. Well, maybe you could describe for me my responsibilities.

Al: Only two things you gotta do here--throw the rowdies out, make sure nobody under 21 gets a drink. That's it.

Derek: Sounds simple enough. So when do I start?

Al: Right now if you can.

Derek: I'm free.

Al: Good. So, stand by the entrance. Go to work.

Derek: Ok, thanks, Al.

Derek: Uh, excuse me, miss. Could I see your I.D. Please? Thanks. Pardon me, ma'am. Could I see your I.D. Please?


Stacey: Derek, what are you doing?

Cass: Any news about Reuben?

Zack: Not yet.

[Clears throat] You want to tell me about Frankie?

Cass: I can't say anything. I just--the slightest thing sets her off.

Zack: Yeah, it's a tough situation.

Cass: If that oily choreographer hadn't bossa novaed into town, at least Frankie and I would have a chance to work our problems out.

Zack: Yeah, well, he is in town.

Cass: Yeah, and so I've come up with a plan.

Zack: No, Cass.

Cass: Yes, Zack.

Zack: Look. I don't like the tone in your voice.

Cass: The tone of my voice is perfectly fine because this plan is perfectly fine. By the way, congratulations-- you're a major part of this plan.

Zack: I was afraid you were gonna say that.

Cass: You and I are gonna go to the library and check every article in the magazines and newspapers that mention Griffen Sanders.

Zack: What are you looking for?

Cass: I have a feeling that all is not what it should be with Griffen. It won't take long to prove to Frankie that he's not the man she thinks he is.

Call it madness

Frankie: Hello. I hope I'm not too early.

Griffen: On the contrary, you're right on time.

I got the pressure something serious

Derek: Stacey.

Stacey: Oh, so this is where you're working.

Derek: Yeah, yeah.

Jamie: How you doing, Derek?

Derek: Ok. Miss, did you find that thing yet?

Blair: Just a second, I'm looking.

Derek: Well, forget about it. It's ok.

Blair: No, no. I want to show it to you. This hasn't happened to me since college.

Thomas: Yeah. And she loves every minute of it.

Blair: Oh, finally.

Derek: Thank you very much.

Jamie: Why don't we grab a table and sit down? Blair. We'll see you...

Stacey: Ok. I'll see you in a minute.

Jamie: Yeah.

Thomas: She knows that fellow, doesn't she?

Jamie: She sure does.

Stacey: I had no idea that you would be here.

Derek: Yeah. Well, I didn't expect to be here, and I didn't think I'd find you walking--

Stacey: Oh, well, yeah. The whole thing came up suddenly, so I--

Derek: Yeah, I guess it did.

Stacey: So, you got the job.

Derek: Yeah. Yeah, I'll tell you all about it when I get a break. Anyway, see ya.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, right. Ok, so, I'll see you in a bit.

Derek: Yeah. How are you?

Jamie: Hi, sit down.

Stacey: Sorry about that.

Jamie: Oh, that's ok. We just sat down.

Blair: Don't you just love that he asked for my I.D.?

Thomas: [Laughs] So, Stacey, how do you know that bouncer?

Stacey: Derek and I are seeing each other.

Lucas: You are incredibly beautiful.

Iris: And you're incredibly charming.

Lucas: Well, you bring that out in me.

Iris: I do?

Lucas: Of course you do.

Iris: You haven't been so effusive in a long time.

Lucas: Then I've been a fool.

Iris: Well, why don't we get the waiter to bring us some champagne?

Lucas: Good idea. What are we celebrating?

Iris: We are celebrating all our wonderful accomplishments together.

Lucas: Good.

Iris: And also I--

Lucas: I knew there'd be more.

Iris: [Chuckles] Yes. I have a proposition for you.

[Door closing]

Griffen: Our evening at the Pelican club was all too abrupt.

Frankie: Yeah. My fault. And, boy, do I regret it. It's not every day that you get to dance with a world-class dancer.

Griffen: Well, it can be.

[Instrumental music plays]

Frankie: No. Griffen, really I can't.

Griffen: Course you can. I don't mean to sing my own praises, but I can turn anyone into a dancer. See? We make a great team.

Eddie: Can you hang on here a minute?

Reuben: Sure.

Eddie: I'll go down and check on our ride. I'll be right back.

Reuben: Thanks. Thanks a lot, man. You. Look, this is my fantasy, right? I want one more wish. I want to see Tess again. I want to know what things would have been like if we stayed together.

[Man snaps]

Reuben: Tess. Oh, Tess, I missed you so much. How are you?

Tess: I'm fine now, Reuben. I'm happy now.

Reuben: I got a little off track, and I'm sorry, honey, I really am. Just holding you in my arms again makes me realize my luck left the day I lost you.

Tess: It wasn't luck that held us together, Reuben. You never understood that.

Reuben: Huh, what is this? I don't believe this!

Tess: Isn't he beautiful.

Reuben: Oh, look at that. He's got your smile. Oh, he's so precious.


Marshall: How you doing, Reuben? Oh, I'm so glad you could meet our baby..

Reuben: Marshall, that's your son?

[Marshall laughs]

Tess: Well, I married Marshall after you left me. I sent you a note, but I guess it never made it past your security. I'm happy now, Reuben. I'm happy now.

Reuben: Tess.

Tess: I'm happy.

Reuben: Tess. Tess. Get that away from me, man. I don't want that. I want my life back the way it was before this whole nightmare started! Please. I made a mistake. I don't want that!

[Clang] I want my life back the way it was! I had the key all the time! I just didn't know it! Will you help me? Help me get my life back! Will somebody help me? Help me get out of here! Somebody help me. No. No. No.

Reuben: Oh. Ah! It's a dream. I dreamt it all.


[Chuckles] Ow.

Money, money, money, money money money, money, money, money money money, money, money, money money

Josie: I've missed you.

Matt: Well, it's only been, let us see, two hours.

Josie: Well, that happens to be a very long time when you're madly in love with someone.

Matt: Mm. What's with you, anyway?

Josie: I just feel a little different.

Matt: Well, good. Different's good.

Josie: Yeah, it is. Now, give me another kiss.

Matt: Mm.

Josie: Mm.

Matt: Mm. Mm. Seriously, what do we attribute this different behavior to?

Josie: Iris dropped by today.

Matt: Ah. Iris actually made someone's mood better.

Josie: She wanted to talk to me about something.

Matt: Ah. "Fresh faces" campaign, no doubt.

Josie: No, no. She came over to tell me not to get involved with Lucas.

Matt: What?

Josie: Lucas.

Matt: She told--she told you-I don't understand.

Josie: Not that anything's going on between us, of course.

Matt: Oh.

Josie: It's all in Iris' mind. Don't you see?

Matt: No. No.

Josie: She sees me as competition.

Matt: Hmm. Well, that's--that's why you're in this mood? That turns you on?

Josie: Doesn't turn me on. It's just flattering. Here is this powerful, successful, glamorous woman, and she sees me as her rival.

Matt: Mm. What an ego trip for you.

Josie: No, no. It's not that. Just makes me feel powerful myself.

Lucas: This was a terrific idea. We should celebrate more often.

Iris: I couldn't agree more.

Lucas: So what is your proposal?

Iris: Well, my proposal is that now we've launched "Sophisticate" and I'm CEO of the company...

Lucas: I have never seen you at a loss for words before.

Iris: [Exhales] Well, yeah. Well, it's difficult for me sometimes to talk about something that I really want.

Lucas: Excuse me. I thought I was out with Iris Wheeler.

Iris: [Laughs] Well, I--I have my shy moments, too.

Lucas: Yes, I guess you do.

Iris: Ok, I'm hosting a gala for the arts festival, and I-I think this would be a perfect time--um. Well, heavens above, everybody knows about us anyway, and I think it would be a perfect time for you to make an announcement.

Jamie: So tell me what you think, Thomas.

Thomas: Well, I certainly liked Stacey's suggestion about the piano soloist.

Stacey: Oh, would you excuse me for a moment? Please. Hey, you have your break now?

Derek: Yeah. I've got 10 minutes. Yeah.

Stacey: Great. Jamie came over after you left. He wants me to serve on the Arts Council. It came up kind of suddenly, and he wanted me to meet with these two so I could tell him a little bit about, um--ah, forget it. It's not important.

Derek: Did you tell these two that I was your boyfriend?

Stacey: Course I did. Why wouldn't I?

Derek: Because... it would probably embarrass you.

Stacey: Not at all. Besides, I'm glad you got a job so quickly.

Derek: Yeah. Me, too.

Stacey: You know, Derek, if I seemed a little bit uncomfortable when I came in, it's only because I didn't know you were gonna be here. Besides, you didn't tell me that this was a night job.

Derek: I'm sorry.

Stacey: So how long do you get for your break anyway?

Derek: Not long enough.

Stacey: Ok. I guess I better get back to the table.

Derek: Yeah. I should get back to work, too.

Stacey: Ok. Well, I'll see you on the way out.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Thanks.

Courtney: Did you check South Point?

Tess: Every street, every alley. There's not a sign of him.

Courtney: I mean, I crisscrossed the entire west side, then swung north to the bay.

Tess: Well, he's gotta be someplace.

Courtney: Well, the only place we haven't looked is Park Ridge, and it's unlikely that Reuben would be out there.

Tess: Then we've gotta check there.

Courtney: Oh, God, I don't know what to do.

Tess: Who's that?

Reuben: Tess.

Courtney: Oh, my goodness.

Tess: Oh, baby.

Reuben: Oh, Tess.

Courtney: Come on. Sit over here.

Tess: Oh, honey. Sit down. Oh, my God. I better get an ambulance.

Courtney: Yeah.

Tess: Where do they keep the first-aid kit here?

Courtney: Try Cass' office. There should be something in the bathroom. Reuben, are you ok?

Reuben: No!

Courtney: What, what, what? What is it?

Reuben: Nothing. Nothing.

Courtney: What happened to you?

Reuben: Later. Just talk to me later.

Courtney: You're in pretty bad shape. How did you get here?

Reuben: By way of dream street.

Courtney: You're not making any sense. Did you get hit on the head?

Reuben: Yeah. Look. I gotta talk to you. I gotta tell you something.

Courtney: What, what?

Reuben: Stash.

Courtney: Stash?

Reuben: Yeah, the stuff that the police is looking for.

Courtney: Cal's stash?

Reuben: Yeah.

Courtney: Where?

Reuben: Here's the address.

Courtney: I should check this out right away. You gonna be ok?

Reuben: Yeah, right. Go on, go on.

Courtney: I'll meet you and Tess at the hospital, ok.

Reuben: All right.


Tess: Ok, honey. Let's see.

Reuben: Ow, ow.

Tess: We were looking everywhere for you. We were all so worried. Where'd you go?

Reuben: I'll explain it. All that happened to me is--ow!

Tess: What?

Reuben: Tess, I gotta tell you something. Seeing your face right now is the most valuable thing in the world to me.

Josie: You're upset.

Matt: I'm confused.

Josie: Why?

Matt: I don't understand why it's such a big thrill for you to have Iris see you as competition.

Josie: Well, it's just that I had no idea she thought of me as being interesting enough to be attractive to someone like Lucas.

Matt: Oh right. Well, you're obviously perfect for a dullard like me.

Josie: That--that came out wrong.

Matt: Listen. I left my Poli-Sci book in the car. I have to study for the exam on Monday.

Josie: Oh, sure. Hi, is the doctor in? Josie Watts. Thanks. Dr. Ryder, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what we talked about earlier, and I hope you don't mind keeping this confidential. It's a hard decision for me to make, Dr. Ryder, but I think I want to go through with it as soon as possible. Could I make an appointment for tomorrow?

Cass: This guy certainly has had his share of publicity.

Zack: Yeah. And I've had my share of looking at dance reviews. This guy's danced all over the world.

Cass: He's dangerous, Zack. I don't know how or why, but I smell it.

Zack: Rave after rave review. And I'm sorry, there doesn't look like there's any trouble here, Cass. You look at it, man. I gotta give my peepers a rest.

Cass: Here. I can't believe the garbage they're putting in the newspapers these days when it comes to the art world.

Zack: Oh, come on, face it, Cass. You're not gonna find anything.

Cass: You're wrong, Zack. I just found exactly what I've been looking for.

Frankie: Thanks for seeing me home, Griffen. It was a wonderful dance. I had a great time.

Griffen: Well, it's not over yet.

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