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Another World Transcript Wednesday 12/21/05

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Cass: Rrrrr!

Felicia: Have you had breakfast?

Cass: Well, not in 3 months or so.

Felicia: Oh, good. Then maybe I should order you some. How about Belgian waffles?

Cass: Do they come with lots of coffee?

Felicia: Buckets of it.

Cass: Sounds great. Are we having trouble sleeping, here?

Felicia: Oh, that.

Cass: Yeah, that. What's going on?

Felicia: Mitch is sleeping out here now. What?

Cass: Since when?

Felicia: Since I asked him to move out and he refused to go.

Cass: Oh, honey. I thought you two were working things out.

Felicia: You want to know the truth? I don't think I have a marriage anymore.

Evan: My secretary said you wanted to see me.

Iris: Oh, that's right. We have an opportunity to buy some spots on television for promotion. Here are the figures. Now, can you give me the funds?

Evan: Sure, but these are--

Iris: But?

Evan: It's a decision that has to be made by the publisher, Iris.

Iris: Yeah, but she's not here, is she?

Evan: No, she's not.

Iris: Evan, somebody has to run this company while she's running around. Maybe you can get in touch with her. Maybe you can tell me when she's coming back, hmm?

Evan: No, I don't know when she's coming back.

Iris: Oh, I'd like to believe you.

Evan: Well, then, believe me, Iris.

Iris: Then don't play innocent. I saw you two at the launching of "Sophisticate."

Evan: So?

Iris: And I saw you leaving the Pelican Club together. And I would just love to know what was going on.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Good morning.

Donna: Darling, hi.

Vicky: Hi.

Donna: Mmm. Where's little Michael?

Vicky: Well, Bridget wanted to spend the day with him in the park, if that's ok with you.

Donna: That's fine. Yes, that's fine..

Vicky: Good. And I'm here because I need your opinion on something, ok? I want you to be completely honest with me, all right?

Donna: What is it?

Vicky: And don't--don't be nice, all right? What do you think of this outfit? I know it's not exactly me--

Donna: It's lovely. It's lovely.

Vicky: Lovely? It's not exactly what I was looking for. See, I need to look just right. I have to impress Iris today.

Donna: Iris? Why the devil would you care what she thinks?

Vicky: Because it's my first day at "Sophisticate," and she's my boss.

Donna: Oh. Well, then, you don't want to be late, do you?

Vicky: No, I don't want to be late, but I want to look just ri-Jake!

Jake: Is it morning already?

Vicky: Did you leave the door unlocked?

Donna: Well, apparently I did, because the Police said that the lock didn't--

Jake: Who cares about the lock? The guy would have gotten in anyway?

Vicky: Why?

Jake: Vicky, he got past security downstairs, and beside, he was--

Vicky: What, he was what?

Jake: Never mind.

Vicky: He was what? Jake, tell me!

Jake: He had a switchblade, Vicky. You don't pick those up at the 5 and dime.

Donna: I don't want to go over this again--

Vicky: Mother, somebody came at you with a knife?

Donna: Victoria, the Police were very reassuring. They said they would catch the man, and I'm sure that they will. Courtney's coming over later to get more information.

Vicky: You can't be here alone anymore.

Jake: That's why I stayed here last night, Vicky.

Donna: That's why he stayed--to guard, to guard.

Vicky: Well, it's a good thing he followed you. Otherwise, you could have had your--

Donna: Victoria--

Vicky: ...Throat slit.

Donna: ...Please, please. Now, excuse me. I--I want to go get dressed.

Vicky: What else did the Police say? Can I please--

Donna: Jake can tell you. Jake can tell you everything that happened. Excuse me.

Vicky: How bad was this?

Jake: He had a knife at her throat, Vicky. How bad does it get?

Vicky: She can't be here alone anymore.

Jake: Right, you should stay with her.

Vicky: No, you should stay with her. You're going to be a lot more help if this creep shows up again--

Jake: Vicky, I'm not going to stay here.

Vicky: Why not?

Jake: Because if I stay here 20 minutes, I'd probably kill her myself.

Vicky: Come on, Jake. You care about her. You know it. You're staying.

Jake: Me being here would only make her more nervous. Beside, Michael had a security team here anyway.

Vicky: Well, why didn't they do anything?

Jake: She fired them. She doesn't want to have anything to do with Michael.

Vicky: Ok. All right. I'm going to call him. We'll set something else up.

Jake: Great. If she's dressing, you got 45 minutes anyway.

Vicky: No, I'm going to have to do it from the office, because I am going to be late for my first day of work. I don't believe this. We have to talk.

Jake: Um...

Vicky: What?

Jake: Any word on Amanda?

Vicky: No. As far as I know, nobody's heard from her.

Jake: Not even from our pal Evan?

Vicky: No, no, even from our pal.

Jake: Something that guy should really find is somebody who appreciates him, you know?

Cass: I've been so caught up in my own stuff that I really haven't been much help for you, have I, I'm afraid?

Felicia: I--I wanted to call you. It's just--oh, I don't know. This just ain't easy to talk about.

Cass: Do you really want him to leave?

Felicia: No. I want him to love me like he did before. But I don't think that's possible. How about some more strawberries, huh?

Cass: No, thanks. I'm so sorry about this, honey. I love you.

Felicia: I just--just don't know what he's thinking about. I mean, I know. I just can't stand it.

Cass: And you said you asked him to leave, but he wouldn't?

Felicia: Yes.

Cass: Why?

Felicia: Something about ending up with Rachel and trying to work it out here.

Cass: He said that?

Felicia: Yeah, he said it.

Cass: And you said?

Felicia: I said it's too late.

Cass: Oh, honey, you're not thinking straight. I know you're hurt, but you're pushing the man away.

Felicia: Yes, with both hands.

Cass: I'm not excusing what he did, you know.

Felicia: You know, I really thought I would get support from you.

Cass: You have all my support.

Felicia: Oh, I'm sorry. I just keep flashing you staring into Cecile's eyes lovingly.

Cass: You think I'm just saying this because I did an even dumber thing than Mitch did?

Felicia: At least Mitch picked somebody like Rachel. When I think of you and that countess from Bayonne, God help Frankie--

Cass: Oh, you're pulling out all the heavy artillery here. You're angry at me, too, huh?

Felicia: No. No, I'm not angry. I just don't want you to say that I should stay with Mitch just so you feel better.

Cass: I hate to see any two good people not being able to work things out.

Felicia: You mean like you and Frankie?

Cass: I think I've probably lost her for good.

Felicia: I did try to tell you.

Cass: Yeah, and you were right. And now I'm trying to tell you. You're married. You and Mitch took a vow to stick together and work things out together, even through the rough times. Well, hey, the rough times are here now.

Felicia: I know.

Cass: So what are you going to do? Walk away from it? I know you love him.

Felicia: Yeah.

Cass: In fact, I know how much you love him.

Felicia: I miss him. It's true. I miss him.

Cass: Of course you miss him, but you have to tell him that, not me--

Felicia: I tried.

Cass: Try harder!

Felicia: What about you? Have you tried to tell Frankie?

Cass: You want a waffle in the face? We're talking about you.

Felicia: Ok, ok, ok. I will think about what you said.

Cass: Good. I really do have to go.

Felicia: Yeah, I do, too. Oh. I--I need provisions.

Cass: Uh-oh.

Felicia: What?

Cass: I sense a major shopping spree coming on.

Felicia: Ha ha. Well, you know what they say. When the going gets tough--

Cass: The tough go shopping.

[Felicia laughs] I'm going to have to call all the shop owners on Bay Drive and warn them to hire extra personnel.

Felicia: Hey?

Cass: Yeah?

Felicia: Come here a minute, will you? I need a hug.

Cass: What would you do without me?

Felicia: Are you sure that the credit card companies didn't send you over here?

Cass: Well, didn't you know?

Felicia: What?

Cass: They give me 10%.

[Felicia laughs]

Evan: Can't you ever put that suspicious little mind of yours on hold?

Iris: No, not when I'm on to something.

Evan: Well, you're not, so put your radar away.

Iris: You know, it's so funny. Just after your little rendezvous with Amanda, she left town almost immediately. She didn't even come back for her husband or her baby, and I can't possibly guess why.

Evan: You know, you're way off track, Iris.

Iris: You got to her, didn't you?

Evan: You've got a dirty little mind.

Iris: [Chuckles] You know, it's so ironic.

Evan: You think so?

Iris: Well, don't you? I brought you here to ruin Amanda, to destroy her marriage, and break up her happy little home, and you have managed to do it all by yourself.

Evan: Yeah, what goes on between Amanda and me is really none of your damn business.

Iris: Oh, so something did go on?

Evan: Not what you think.

Iris: I wish I could believe that.

Evan: Well, frankly, I don't care whether you believe me or not. You see, all I'm concerned about is that Amanda is all right.

Iris: Oh, my goodness. You really do care about her, don't you? And you don't know where she is or how she is?

Evan: No, I don't.

Iris: I wonder if she's thinking of never coming back.

Man: Hey. Hey, you waking up? You got hit, man. You've been here quite a while, brother. If you tell me where you live, I'll get you home.

Reuben: Ah...

Man: It's ok. It's cool, it's cool. You just rest a moment, and then we'll give it another shot. Can you tell me your name?

Reuben: Tess... Tess... Tess...

[Knock on door] Don't answer the door, ok?

Courtney: Reuben, I want a new car.

Reuben: Will you please put your head down and hide?

Courtney: Why, what? Who's there?

Reuben: There's creditors. There's bill collectors, everybody. Takers and users.

Tess: I thought you were rich.

Reuben: I am rich. I just ain't liquid right now, that's all.

Courtney: You're in debt? Oh, Reuben, this fantasy's a bummer.

Reuben: Oh, what's happening at the track? Is there any action there?

["First call" plays] Oh, don't tell me my horse lost.

Courtney: Worse--he died. Your luck is turned bad.

Reuben: No, no, baby. I'm just in a dry spell, that's all. Baby, I'm going to bounce back.

Courtney: The only thing bouncing around here is your checks, and I am leaving.

Reuben: Courtney, hold on.

[Knocking continues] You going to leave me and run out on me now that the times are hard?

Courtney: What better time? You taught me how to live the high life. Well, I'm going to live it. Ciao, bello.

Reuben: Courtney, I still got some money. Look, I got some money.

["For the love of money" by the O'Jays plays]

Reuben: What happened to my pride?

Ronnie: It's your sister and Zack.

Reuben: [Sighs] Come on in. Look, Zack, did you figure out a way to get me out of this?

Zack: Yeah, you could get a job.

Reuben: Is you crazy?

Ronnie: Listen to Zack, man. He's trying to bail you out. You've already lost your money, but you can still work.

Reuben: Look, come back to the law office. You can work your way back up.

Reuben: Oh, no. No. I just can't wait for things to happen anymore.

Zack: But work is your only option unless you can find a new key to success.

Reuben: All right. Yeah. Well, this is the age of computers, right, and high technology. I'm going to track down the best computer and get me the answer. Yo, brother, you ready? Let's hit it. Come on.

["Money" by Pink Floyd plays] All right. Let's see what we got here.

Cass: [German accent] Achtung. Careful, careful. The MTV 345 is very powerful, but it is very, very fragile. Careful.

Reuben: It's impressive, man.

Cass: This baby can solve world problems, change molecular structures, design whole cities, and even do windows.

Reuben: Hold up. Why do I keep seeing your face around here, huh? Who you supposed to be anyway?

Cass: Don't you know? I am Zay.

Reuben: Zay?

Cass: Ya, ya. As in, "Zay all have the jobs Zay want. Zay all get Zay women Zay want." Zay. You know, all of zem--the people you think are better than you, the people mit all the answers, ya?

Reuben: And you're Zem?

Cass: Ya, ya, in this fantasy, yes.

Reuben: So, I guess you're going to give me a lecture, then, huh?

Cass: Why would I do that? I am a scientist.

Reuben: You mean, you don't think I caused all my own problems?

Cass: Did you? Well, what do you think? Hmm?

Reuben: Just forget about that, all right? I want to ask your computer a question.

Cass: That can be arranged.

Reuben: I want to know what is the key to success.

Cass: That's what you want?

Reuben: Yeah, come on--

Cass: To know ze key to success?

Reuben: Do something, yeah.

Cass: Ya ya, all right. Here goes.

Reuben: Come on.

Cass: We have a "success" key on this keypad somewhere. Let me see. Let me try this one. Nein. How about this one? Oh, come on mein liebchen. Speak to me.

[Speaking German]

Reuben: What's wrong?

Cass: I don't know. I know nothing--

Reuben: What's wrong with it?

Cass: I know nothing. I know nothing.

Reuben: Come on, work!

Cass: Sometimes if I sing to poopsie...

Reuben: What is the key to success?

[Singing in German]

Computer: The key to success is...

Reuben: What is it?

Computer: The key to success is...

Reuben: Come on, work! What's the key to success?!

Computer: ...Success is--

[Computer cracks and pops]

Reuben: Wonderful. Wonderful.

Zack: Yeah, yeah. Thanks a lot.

Ronnie: What'd you find out?

Zack: Not much. I talked to Courtney, but she's on another case. She's going to stop by here on her way back from--to the station.

Tess: When will that be?

Zack: Don't have any idea.

Ronnie: Look, I'm sure Reuben's fine. If somebody else had his watch, it's probably because he pawned it.

Zack: Look, they went over that whole area where the guy was picked up. They didn't see any sign of Reuben.

Tess: He was real proud of that watch, Ronnie. I don't think he would have pawned it.

Zack: Yeah, besides being very expensive, it was from you.

Ronnie: Well, if he wouldn't sell it, then he definitely wouldn't give it up without a fight.

Tess: Which means he could be hurt. And it's all my fault.

Ronnie: How is this your fault, Tess?

Tess: I forced him to meet my mother, I didn't stand up for him when she treated him like dirt, and then I got angry that things didn't go well. I did this.

Ronnie: Oh, come on, now. Stop. Don't blame yourself for this.

Tess: Well, who else is there to blame? Look, if anything's happened to Reuben, I'll never be able to forgive myself.

Courtney: You describe the man who assaulted you as being average. Could you tell me a little bit more?

Donna: He was normal-looking.

Courtney: Any facial hair, scars? Do you remember what color his hair was?

Donna: Brown. It wasn't long. It wasn't particularly short.

Courtney: Right. Average.

Jake: The guy was wearing a suit with an overcoat and a tie.

Courtney: What color was that?

Donna: Dark--or medium brown.

Courtney: Ok. You said he was of average height and build.

Donna: That's right.

Courtney: How old was he?

Donna: 30s or 40s.

Courtney: That describes half of America. I need distinguishing characteristics.

Donna: Well, the next time I'm attacked by someone, I'll arrange for him to have distinguishing--

Jake: The guy was about 40 years old.

Courtney: I was hoping you might remember something else.

Donna: He had onions for lunch. That's the strongest impression that I have of him. Have the Police found anyone?

Courtney: This isn't much to go on. Usually people get a better look at their attackers.

Donna: Well, you'd think it was my fault that I didn't get a charcoal sketch of this fellow while he was trying to kill me.

Jake: Donna, calm down.

Courtney: Listen, nothing is your fault. I'm just sorry you had to go through this.

Jake: You guys are going to pull in everybody that fits this description, right?

Courtney: Right, that's right.

Donna: Do you think they're going to find him?

Courtney: We're going to try. You know, there is one thing that occurred to me.

Donna: What's that?

Courtney: Is it possible this is the same man who came after you in the parking lot of Tops?

Donna: Well, that was over a month ago.

Courtney: You have been assaulted twice. This could be a whole lot more than just a coincidence. Look, I want you to keep all your doors locked, let people know when you're coming and going, and I will instruct security in your building.

Donna: Thank you.

Courtney: You're welcome. And also I'll be in touch when we get together a lineup.

Jake: I'll walk you to the door.

Courtney: No, that's ok. I know my way out. Thanks.

Donna: Jake, what if she's right? What if there's somebody really following me? I wouldn't be able to stop them. I'd be dead if you didn't have such a bad temper.

Jake: Ha. Well, you should be lucky that I do. Donna, the cops are going to get this guy, and everybody is going to watch you like a hawk.

Donna: Do you really mean that?

Jake: I'm going to drive you crazy.

Donna: Thanks.

Michael: [Clears throat] Hello.

Jake: Michael.

Donna: Michael, you don't live here anymore. You should knock.

Michael: Well, I used to live here. I let myself in with my key. I had no idea I would be interrupting something.

Donna: You can't just walk in here like this.

Jake: I'll see if I can stir up some breakfast. You ok?

Donna: Yes, I'm fine. Go ahead.

Jake: Ok.

Michael: I came by to pick up Mikey.

Donna: Well, he's with Bridget and Victoria.

Michael: What do you mean, he's with Bridget and Victoria? We agreed today was my day--

Donna: I forgot, all right? I'm sorry, I forgot.

Michael: You forgot? What's the matter with you?

Donna: Nothing. Nothing's the matter with me... other than the fact that a psychopath walked in here last night and tried to attack me with a knife.

Michael: What? Donna--

Donna: Don't worry about it. I'm fine. Just fine. Jake came by when I was just about to get my throat slit.

Michael: Jake?

Donna: Yes, Jake. He saved my life. He fought with the man, and he scared him away. I hope forever.

Michael: But the guy got away? How did he get in here?

Donna: If you're worried about your precious security guards, I fired them.

Michael: What? When?

Donna: A couple of days ago. So, if you want to keep tabs on me, you're going to have to find another way to do it.

Michael: Donna, I did not hire them to keep tabs on you. I hired them to keep you safe.

Donna: From what?

Michael: From--from maniacs wielding knives.

Donna: You knew this was going to happen?

Michael: No, of course I didn't know this was going to happen. Did you call the police?

Donna: Yes

Michael: Why didn't you call me?

Donna: Why should I call you?

Michael: Because I care about you. I care if something happens to you.

Donna: I don't call you, Michael, because I don't know what I'm going to be interrupting.

Michael: Well, I'm going to rehire those security guards, and they are going to watch over you and Mikey--

Donna: I can take care of myself.

Michael: Oh, right. You proved that with this guy with the knife, right?

Donna: If you're going to talk to me like this, you can just leave. And I would like the key, please. You can't just walk in here when you feel like it.

Michael: This is still my house.

Donna: Oh, oh, really? I thought that you moved out.

Michael: Right. What about Mikey?

Donna: I'll take care of him myself. You can see him whenever you want to, but please, in the future, knock. And may I please have the key?

Michael: You're just not going to listen, are you?

Donna: Not to you, no.

Michael: I am going to make sure that you are watched over very carefully, Donna.

Donna: I'll reschedule your day with little Michael. I'll let your secretary know.

Michael: Please, please let me know, all right?

Donna: Good-bye.

Michael: [Grunts] You be careful. Please be careful.

Lucas: Fanny.

Felicia: Luke. I wanted to thank you for the gorgeous flowers. When I saw them, I knew they were from you.

Lucas: Well, they were supposed to make you feel better. Did they?

Felicia: Well, they must have. I feel a lot better about everything.

Lucas: Good. Doing a little shopping for yourself?

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: Well, let's see. This is beautiful. It's--it's really elegant, just like you. That Mitch is a lucky man.

Felicia: Actually, I'm not sure I'm going to buy this.

Lucas: Well, I'm glad things are working out for you and Mitch. I know that's what you want.

Felicia: So, what are you doing here? This is the last place in the world I expect to find you.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I stopped by to pick something up for Iris, ease my conscience.

Felicia: Oh, about what?

Lucas: Well, I've been neglecting her lately, and I thought I'd kind of smooth over the waters. You know.

Felicia: Yeah, I know. I think that's very romantic. It's very thoughtful of you.

Lucas: Fanny....

Felicia: You know, just before you--you saw me, I was looking for a salesperson. You know what that's like. I mean, when you want one, you can never find one.

Lucas: Yeah. It's like cops, I guess, huh?

Felicia: Cops?

Lucas: Yeah, cops. Well, I guess I'd better be going. I'll see you again soon.

Girl: Mommy.

Evan: All right. You want me to sneak this job into the budget?

Iris: Who said anything about sneaking? It's perfectly legitimate. We need a new editorial assistant.

Evan: Well, you can't just hire someone--

Iris: But I just did.

Evan: ...Without getting approval.

Iris: Approval from whom?

Evan: The publisher.

Iris: Look, I can't wait around for Amanda to decide that this company is her priority.

Evan: Ok, what about the new editor?

Iris: Well, he's still busy trying to figure out the next edition. He told me to handle this. Now, just push it through!

[Knock on door] Come in!

Vicky: Here I am.

Iris: Oh, Vicky. Evan, I'd like you to meet our new editorial assistant.

Evan: You?

Vicky: Yes, me. Isn't it great?

Evan: Now I get it.

Vicky: Get what?

Iris: I think Vicky will be a great contribution to Cory.

Evan: You know, you did this behind Amanda's back.

Iris: How can I do it behind her back when she's not even here? Somebody has to keep this company running smoothly.

Evan: Oh, and I'm sure that's your only motive, huh, Iris.

Iris: Of course. Vicky?

Vicky: Mm-hmm?

Iris: I'm sure Evan will brief you and show you where you'll be working.

Evan: I will?

Iris: Well, I'd do it myself, darling, only I'm running late for a meeting. Please feel free to use my office.

Vicky: Thank you, Iris. Well, thank you, too. I was expecting a little more enthusiasm.

Evan: You don't get it, do you? This is just a setup.

Vicky: I thought you would be glad I'm working here.

Evan: No, don't you see? Iris is using you.

Vicky: How?

Evan: To get Amanda.

Vicky: You know, I am so sick about hearing how everything is going to affect Amanda's life. I have a life, too, you know.

Evan: Look, I really don't have time to talk about this right now.

Vicky: I thought you were going to show me the ropes.

Evan: I will, but I have a memo I got to send to production, so if you'll just wait right here, I'll be back for you.

Vicky: Boy, you sure do know how to make a woman feel welcome!

[Clears throat] Hmm.

[Telephone rings] Hello? No. I'm sorry, Mr. Bates is not in at the moment. Amanda! Is this really you? So long that I haven't seen you. This is Vicky. May I take a message? Hello?

Evan: Vicky, they just put a call through for me in here--

Vicky: I took it. They hung up.

Evan: Well, who was it?

Evan: So who was on the phone?

Vicky: Amanda. She hung up when she heard my voice.

Evan: Well, why didn't you keep her on the line, Vicky?

Vicky: Hey, don't scream at me. It's not my fault she panicked. Besides, it's for the best anyway.

Evan: How do you figure that?

Vicky: Look, I've been on your side all the way through this. I helped you all along to get Amanda. But now--

Evan: But what?

Vicky: I don't think I did the right thing.

Evan: Oh, I see. Is your conscience starting to bother you?

Vicky: No. I think you're going to get hurt.

Evan: Well, then, I'll just have to take that chance.

Vicky: Evan, she slept with you one time. She took off and hasn't talked to anyone. I just don't see a vine-covered cottage in your future.

Evan: Well, then, I guess I'll just have to struggle along without your blessing.

Vicky: Let her go back to Sam.

Evan: Why should I?

Vicky: Because... I don't think she's in love with you.

Girl: I want my mommy.

Felicia: Are you lost? Can you tell me what happened? Hmm? No? Can you talk?

Lucas: What's wrong?

Felicia: I think she's lost. She won't talk to me.

Lucas: Well, she's scared. You need help finding your mother? Well, we'll help you. I'm Lucas, and this lady's name is Felicia, but I call her Fanny. What's your name? Is it Madeleine from Paris? Dorothy from Oz? No, of course not. I know. It's Princess Ariel. She couldn't talk either.

Girl: It's Sarah.

Lucas: Oh, Sarah. That suits you. Sarah, in these stores, they have speakers that play music. You hear that music? Well, they can use those speakers to call people, too. Why don't we use that speaker to find your mother and tell her where you are? Ok? Ok.

Felicia: Why don't I go get a salesperson?

Lucas: Great. I'll stay here with Sarah, and we'll go find a chair or something. Come on, honey. Let's go. We'll go find one and we'll get your mother--

Woman: Sarah. Sarah--

Sarah: Mommy!

Woman: Oh, I've been looking all over for you!

Lucas: Hello. We were just going to make an announcement.

Woman: Oh, thank God you're all right. You found her?

Felicia: Well, I think she had found us.

Woman: Oh, I was so scared. Thank you.

Lucas: It was our pleasure. Bye, Sarah. Yeah, I know.

Felicia: I'm sorry.

Lucas: Come on, you look beautiful.

Felicia: God, Luke. Don't you wish it was that easy? I could be like that woman and just have somebody hand me my daughter.

Lucas: I know. I've thought of that a lot of times.

Felicia: There's something else.

Lucas: What?

Felicia: It's the way you acted with Sarah. That's exactly how I imagined you'd be with our daughter.

Lucas: Oh, Fanny.

Felicia: I have to go.

Reuben: No.. Get out of my stuff, man.

Man: Hey, I'm just looking for I.D. You in bad shape, man. Look, I can't wait anymore. I've got to get you to a hospital.

Reuben: No. No hospital. Gotta find the key.

Man: Ok.

Reuben: Find the key.

Man: Ok, ok. You just sleep. Talk about it later.

Reuben: Work, damn it! Work! I was so close! Can't you fix this thing, man? Where'd that scientist go?

["Money" by Pink Floyd plays] Mama, what are you doing cleaning?

Esther: There's work to be done, and I'm not ashamed of that.

Reuben: Mama, stop it now. That's beneath you.

Esther: How dare you talk down to me? Whatever I do, I do with pride and dignity. Now, what's happened to you?

Reuben: Things haven't been so good since the last time I saw you, mama. I lost all my money.

Esther: I'm not surprised.

Reuben: I was so close. This computer was going to give me the answer, then it just blew up in my face.

Esther: Just like all your other schemes, huh?

Reuben: Yeah, yeah. I guess so.

Esther: You really want to know how to be a success, Reuben?

Reuben: More than anything.

Esther: I could tell you that. It's no secret.

Reuben: Why didn't you tell me that before?

Esther: I tried, honey, but you never wanted to listen. Come here. Look at yourself. Remember when you used to be my little boy?

Reuben: That was a long time ago, mama.

Esther: What happened to that boy?

Reuben: Grew up.

Esther: Did he?

Reuben: Mama, I had to become my own man, ok?

Esther: So you stopped listening to anybody who really cared?

Reuben: I'm listening now.

Esther: Then look in your own eyes and try to hear what I'm going to say. What do you really want? Think. Think of the times when you were really happy. Think of the good things, things you can depend on. If you believe... then in your heart, you'll know that no one can change... the path that you must go.

Believe what you feel and know you're right because

the time will come around

you can say it's yours

believe that you can go home

believe you can float on air

and click your heels 3 times if you believe then you'll be there

believe in yourself right from the start believe in the magic inside your heart believe all these things not because I told you to

believe in yourself Reuben... believe in yourself

believe in yourself as I believe in you

[Doorbell rings]

Iris: Hi. May I come in? I have a proposal for you and Mitch.

Felicia: Oh, I bet you do.

Iris: Yes, I want you to do a series of travel articles for me on the most romantic places in the world. I thought Mitch could photograph them and you could do the accompanying article.

Felicia: Really?

Iris: Yes. You know, you could explain why these places are so marvelous, how they inspire young lovers, all that sort of thing. It would be a regular feature.

Felicia: Which would mean that Mitch and I would have to travel a lot together.

Iris: Well, yes. At least once a month.

Felicia: I see.

Iris: Oh, but you'd be traveling first class all the way. "Sophisticate" would pick up all the expenses. What do you think?

Felicia: Oh, Iris, Iris. You--you pull out all the stops, don't you?

Iris: Well, when it comes to "Sophisticate," I spare no expenses.

Felicia: No, that's not exactly what I mean. What I mean is that you would engineer all of this just to push Mitch and me together.

Iris: Well, I did hear that you were having a few tiny problems.

Felicia: And you, of course, have your own reasons for wanting my marriage to stay intact.

Iris: Look, let's put our cards on the table, shall we?

Felicia: By all means.

Iris: In spite of our differences, I think we both want the same thing--for your marriage to work. You see, Lucas and I are--well, we're very close to making a serious commitment, and quite frankly, the only thing standing in our way is you.

Felicia: And if I were free--

Iris: Then I think he'd want to explore his feelings for you.

Felicia: Iris. If Lucas hasn't married you yet, believe me, it's not because of me.

Iris: Let's face it, Felicia. He never did get over you. And even though we pretend it's not true, it's obvious that that's the case. I think if he thought that he could get close to you, he'd-- he'd hang on in there forever. I don't think he'd really make a go of his own life, and I don't think you'd want that, would you?

Felicia: No, I wouldn't want that..

Iris: Especially as I do believe you're in love with Mitch.

Felicia: I am going to work things out with Mitch.

Iris: I hope you mean that, because I intend to marry Lucas.

Courtney: The man claims that Reuben paid him for the watch.

Cass: Yeah, well, what else is he going to say?

Courtney: He said Reuben wanted the cash to get out of town.

Zack: You think he's telling the truth?

Tess: I don't.

Ronnie: No.

Courtney: This guy is a two-bit thug. I mean, he has a sheet about 6- feet long. But we cannot prove that he stole the watch, and I can't hold him on priors.

Cass: So what, the investigation is over?

Courtney: No, but we don't have much to go on now.

Ronnie: Well, I guess if he was really down on everyone he might have sold the watch I gave him.

Tess: No. I know Reuben. He loves a good scene too much to leave town without saying good-bye.

Ronnie: Well, he left town without saying good-bye to anyone when he ran off to New York, but I hope you're right.

Tess: I know I'm right. And we've got to find him.

Reuben: You really believe in me, mama?

Esther: Always, honey. Always.

Reuben: Mama? Mama? Mama? Tess? Mama? Where'd everybody go? It wasn't supposed to end like this! I'm not supposed to be alone! Where'd everybody go? Not supposed to end like this.

Jake: Ok. First I'm going go to the video loft. Then I'm going to run some errands and pick up some tape. Then I'm going back to the video loft, so if you need me, leave a message there, all right?

Donna: I will.

Jake: I don't want you running around. Stay put.

Donna: I said I would, and I will. We're just going to bring little Michael back over, and we're going to play Candyland.

Jake: I checked with the front desk. The cops have already alerted them.

Donna: Good.

Jake: You sure you're not going to be alone? 'Cause if you want, I could-I could camp out in the guest room for a couple days.

Donna: I don't think so.

Jake: What am I thinking? Me in your guestroom? Forget it.

Donna: Jake, that's not the reason, and you know it.

Jake: I mean, it just wouldn't look right, would it?

Donna: Jake, you know why you shouldn't stay.

Are you a hero...

Michael: Police report.

Arianne: We're going to get to the bottom of this, Michael.

Michael: My wife was almost killed. You promised to protect her, and you have failed twice.

Arianne: Look, I don't think this is connected to us--

Michael: I don't care what you think. Now, I left Donna to try to protect her, and it has not worked, all right? You have failed twice. So, I'm going to go back, and I'm going to take care of her before it's too late.

Arianne: You can't do that.

Michael: Oh, you watch me.

Arianne: We have to get Lucas first. If you go back now, you'll all be targets. It's gone too far.

Michael: Well, I don't see us getting any further than we were a month ago, and my life is in pieces.

...Losers in the end...

Arianne: What do you have in mind, backing out?

Michael: No, I'm not backing out. I'm taking charge. I've got nothing to lose, but we're going to do this my way.

Arianne: All right. What do you have in mind?

Michael: Something a little more risky. But if it works, we'll have Lucas right where we want him.

...Now the time has come...

Lucas: Yes, I know exactly what the buyer is expecting. It's not going to happen. No. He's not going to get the rest of the shipment. I never make any guarantees to any of my clients, and you know that. As far as I'm concerned, our association is over. Well, you just tell the buyer I want out of this deal.

Vicky: Evan, she was frustrated and angry at Sam. You were there for her.

Evan: That is not the way it was, Vicky.

Vicky: Fine. I'm wrong, ok? I hope I'm wrong, for your sake.

Evan: Meaning what? What are you saying?

Vicky: You are putting your career on the line for a woman--

Evan: Yeah, well, I would do a lot more for her than that.

Vicky: And what's she going to do for you?

Evan: Vicky, she wanted it just like I did.

Vicky: Then why isn't she back here trying to figure out how she's going to leave Sam for you, huh?

Evan: Well, she loves me, and I'm going to prove it.

Vicky: How?

Evan: Because I'm going to find her, and I'm going to bring her back.

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