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Another World Transcript Monday 12/19/05

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Rachel: I don't understand how anyone could let this get this way. I mean, it's incredible.

Sam: What's incredible--

[Rachel gasps]

Sam: ...And who are you talking to? [Laughs]

Rachel: Sam, what happened to you?

Sam: Fell off a ladder.

Rachel: Are you all right?

Sam: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Rachel: Honey, oh, it's good to see you.

Sam: Yeah, you, too.

Rachel: Wait a minute. How did you get in?

Sam: The front door. How else?

Rachel: There's supposed to be a bell that--nothing works around here.

Sam: Well, you do. Looks like you're working your--

[Clears throat]

Rachel: Oh, I saw your New York reviews. Congratulations, honey.

Sam: Thank you, thank you. Listen, Rachel. The reason I came here is to talk to you. Do you have a couple of minutes?

Rachel: I'm really busy.

Sam: Well, I wouldn't ask, but it's kind of important.

Rachel: Did Mitch send you?

Sam: No. Mitch. It has to do with Amanda.

Jake: Move downstage a second; I want to see how this lighting looks. It's a good thing we got this time to set up before we--I said downstage, Donna.

Donna: Well, which way is downstage? I don't remember--

Jake: I told you. You weren't listening.

Donna: I'm sorry.

Jake: Not that you've heard a word I've said all morning long.

Donna: It just doesn't make any sense.

Jake: Wait a minute--wild guess. We're talking about Michael's mistress again.

Donna: "Mistress" is too dignified a word for that-- that...

Jake: Bimbo.

Donna: Worse. She's not a bimbo; she's a slut. She's vile. She's evil. And I can't get her out of my mind.

Jake: Of course not, Donna, because no matter how many times you try to deny it, you want Michael back.

Donna: That's not true. You know that I'm going through with the divorce proceedings.

Jake: Right. Why--why would you do that? You can't stop thinking about the guy.

Donna: Well, that'll change as soon as I figure out why.

Jake: You already know why.

Donna: No, I know who. Don't know why.

Jake: What?

Donna: Jake, there are just too many things about all this that don't add up.

Vicky: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Michael, huh? What happened to dad? Being a little formal, aren't you? Didn't happen to dad. Come on, sit down. Sit down--please.

Vicky: How's your shoulder? Is it recovered?

Michael: My shoulder's fine. Yeah.

Vicky: Good.

Michael: You look--you look very pretty.

Vicky: Thank you.

Michael: I read your article in "Sophisticate," and I thought it was wonderful.

Vicky: Thank you.

Michael: I had no idea that you could write like that. I had no idea you went through all that. Vicky, it was right from the heart. It was just wonderful. I think that, really, that it was terrific and that you're-- what?

Vicky: Why are we having this lunch?

Michael: Well, as I told you on the phone--

Vicky: You said you had something important to discuss. What is it?

Michael: I want us to be a family again, Vicky.

Vicky: [Sighs] Oh.

Rachel: Well, um, let me get you something to sit on.

Sam: Thanks. Have you talked to her?

Rachel: Amanda? I saw her a couple of days ago, and I talked to her right before "Sophisticate" went to press. You all right?

Sam: Yeah. Couple of days. Great.

Rachel: Is something wrong, Sam?

Sam: No. She's fine. Don't worry about that.

Rachel: You two having more trouble?

Sam: Not more trouble. Just more of the same.

Rachel: And you think it's because of Evan?

Sam: Yes. That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Rachel: You want to talk to me

Sam: Yeah. I thought maybe you could give

Rachel: Into what?

Sam: Well look, Rachel, you know Amanda better than anybody.

Rachel: Better than you?

Sam: Yeah. I didn't used to think that, but--

Rachel: Have you talked to her?

Sam: Yes, I have talked to her. But... I thought maybe she'd be more honest with you.

Rachel: Why would she be more honest with me?

Sam: Because she knows that--

Rachel: Knows what? Oh. I get it. Ok. So I've had firsthand experience being attracted to another man while I was married to someone else. Is that it?

Sam: Yeah. And that's pretty much what she's going through right now.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Sam: Rachel, I don't have any proof, if that's what you mean, but I am sure, and I think you are, too.

Rachel: Sam, she doesn't talk to me. I wish she would.

Sam: Well, I told her that she has to make a choice.

Rachel: It's gone that far?

Sam: Yes. I figured it was better than looking at her and knowing she was thinking about Evan.

Rachel: Oh, Sam. Oh, I wish I could shake some sense into her.

Sam: Well, it's out of our hands. I could lose her. And the thing is, I really don't know how I can go on without her.

Griffen: And through and through. Push the heel through first. Watch the hip. Hold the back. Hold the back. You look like a rag doll, Olivia. Push it through

--don't grip the bar. And through and through. What are you doing, Olivia? What are you--stop, stop, stop.

Olivia: What's wrong?

Griffen: Everything is wrong. Your arms are tense. Your movement's sloppy.

Olivia: That's because I'm not warmed up yet.

Griffen: It has nothing to do with being warmed up. You have no technique.

Olivia: I'll try harder.

Griffen: You should have tried harder when we started.

Olivia: I will try again.

Griffen: No, no. You are distracted.

Olivia: Can you give me one more chance?

Griffen: No, because you are not concentrating. I'm not going to waste my time. You want to waste yours? You go someplace else.

Olivia: Griffen, please! I'm s--

Griffen: Olivia, I expect total dedication from my students.

Olivia: I know. I just--

Griffen: What?

Olivia: I wish you could be a little more patient.

Griffen: Do you think Balanchine was patient? Do you think Pettipas coddled his little ballerinas on their off days?

Olivia: Well, maybe they should there are other things in life besides ballet.

Griffen: I thought ballet was your life?

Griffen: That's what you said I would never have agreed to work with you had I thought

Olivia: Things have changed.

Griffen: Oh. Maybe you don't think you can cut it.

Olivia: I will never question my talent as a dancer. There's just too many things going on right now. That's all.

Griffen: Pity. I'm casting for "The Firebird" soon.

Olivia: What?

Griffen: I'm going to be staging it in Bay City in the spring. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be presenting the parte deux as part of the gala to open the season next month. I was considering you for the lead--

Olivia: Oh-Griffen--

Griffen: ...But after the lack today, I don't think you could do it.

Olivia: Oh, but I--

Griffen: Why don't you save us both the trouble and go home now?

Eddie: Hey, hey, what's the matter? Hey, you sick?

Reuben: What's happening?

Eddie: You look weird.

Reuben: Oh, man. I think somebody hit me in my head. Who are you?

Eddie: Eddie. Let's get out of here.

Reuben: No. No. I think I better stand up.

Eddie: I'll see if I can find somebody. You gonna stay here?

Reuben: Trust me, man. I ain't going nowhere. What now? What is it?

[Telephone rings]

Reuben: Hello. Reuben Lawrence.

Tess: Reuben?

Reuben: Do it or you lose your job, all right?

Tess: Reuben, we never spend time alone together anymore.

Tess: Baby, I'm big-time now. Gotta learn how to share me.

Tess: I remember a time when I was all you wanted.

Reuben: Tess, I still love you. Look, here. Go shopping.

Tess: Why's Courtney hanging around here suddenly?

Reuben: I'm trying to develop the girl's potential, ok? I want her to be the new head of my security force.

Tess: Sure.

Reuben: Look, Tess. I have a headache, ok? It feels like somebody just hit me upside my head with an axe.

Jesse: Reuben, Reuben! My M.D. certificate--man, after all those years of study, I finally did it.

Reuben: My brother's a doctor!

Mama: I am so proud of him.

Reuben: Oh, me, too, mama. You know what? I got some connections, ok. I don't want you working in some rinky-dinky rundown clinic over there in povertyville. Now, I can pull some strings and move you right into the Mayo clinic.

Jesse: I kind of thought I'd stick around Bay City, Reuben.

Reuben: Are you crazy?

Mama: He can make it on his own now.

Reuben: Naw, mama. This boy's going to Hollywood. Say cheese. [Laughs]

Jesse: Hollywood? What for?

Reuben: What for? Dr. Kildare made a deal with the series. Jesse, listen to me. You're a doctor. You're young, you're hip, and you're black. That can probably get a 13-episode guarantee for you.

Jesse: Reuben, that was television, man. I'm gonna stay here at home and help people--

Reuben: Will you shut up and listen to me? I'm talking about a 3-picture deal. Pay or play!

Jesse: I don't care about that.

Reuben: Well, I do, Jesse. Listen to me. Now, Jesse, you want to be famous, right? Huh? You want everybody to love you, right? You want to make mama proud,

Mama: It's whatever Jesse wants.

Reuben: No, mama. It's what I want. Now, I've worked hard to put my name on hotels and casinos and restaurants. The Lawrence name means something. Now, you better watch yourself, man. You gotta aim high.

Jesse: What's the matter with you? Are you ashamed because I want to stick around here and help people?

Reuben: Jesse, Jesse, listen to me. Jesse, come here. Give me. I don't want it. Things, you don't want?

Mama: I never wanted these things from you. Just your love. And this is not love.

Reuben: This isn't love? What is it, then, huh? What about the cars and the houses and the hot tubs and the jewelry?

[Sighs] Tess-Tess!

[Telephone rings] I need to show you people how to celebrate...

[Ring] Would somebody answer that phone?


Courtney: You wanted to see me?

Reuben: Oh, yeah. Courtney, I gotta talk some business over with you. Now, I can offer you more money than you have ever seen... um, like I was saying, I can offer you more money than you've ever seen before.

Courtney: Why me?

Reuben: Well, you're intelligent. You're quick. And you've got some legs!


Courtney: Seriously, Reuben.

Reuben: Look, I've always liked you, ok? But we were on different sides before.

Courtney: So what's different now?

Reuben: Now we're rich. And I'm bored. I need a challenge. I want you to give me a chance to prove myself to you.

Zack: Haven't touched your lunch.

Ronnie: You know, I can't stop thinking of Reuben.

Zack: What's going on?

Ronnie: Tess called. She's still real upset.

Zack: I always thought Reuben really liked her.

Ronnie: He does. That's what worries me. I asked her to meet us here.

Zack: I guess it's time for you to tell her what the real deal is on Reuben.

Michael: Vicky, now, just wait a minute here. Doesn't mean that you and I can't be a family.

Vicky: Oh, does this mean that on our little family outings your new little lady friend will come along with us? Out of this, all right? To live apart.

Vicky: No.

Michael: That's it.

Vicky: My mother has not known you are having an affair. That's exactly what happened, and you won't talk about it.

Michael: That is the way it's gonna have to be for now. You're just gonna have to take my word for that.

Vicky: Why don't you take my word for something? If you won't explain yourself, you can forget about our family closeness.

Michael: I love my family--

Vicky: So you say. Family, huh? Snapped, didn't it?

Iris: Well, hello, you two lovely people.

Vicky: You're back.

Iris: Yes, I am.

Michael: Iris, I do not have, please leave.

Iris: Well, I'm sorry. Victoria.

Vicky: About what?

Iris: Business. It will only take a minute.

Vicky: Where should we go?

Iris: Excuse us, please, Michael.

Vicky: What is it?

Iris: I just wanted to congratulate you on that absolutely super article.

Vicky: You liked it?

Iris: Mm enough to give you that staff position.

Vicky: You're kidding!

Iris: But you gotta learn the ropes first, and I'm sure with time--

Vicky: When do I start?

Iris: Soon as possible.

Vicky: Tomorrow?

Iris: Yeah. I'll call the office and get you a desk.

Vicky: Boy, I really appreciate this.

Iris: Good. I'll see you bright and early.

Vicky: You got it. I'm back.

Michael: Vicky, sometimes people just--

Vicky: Change and grow apart? Is that what you're trying to say? 'Cause that's not what happened with you and mom. You two were really in love before that other woman came into your life. Unless of--of course, that was an act. Was that an act?

Michael: No, no, that was not an act. I've --as I loved your mother.

Vicky: Boy, I really wish that touched me. But you know what? All it does is really make me sick. Boy, you're really feeling sorry for yourself, aren't you?

Michael: No.

Vicky: I don't-I don't really care what you feel anymore.

Michael: Well, not much I can do about that, is there, Vicky?

Vicky: No.

Michael: But I do want you to know that I care about you, and this has hurt.

Michael: I hope in time you'll understand, Vicky.

Vicky: No.

[Scoffs] Oh, my--


Arianne: Michael, I have to talk to you now.

Michael: Not now, Arianne. Please not now.

Arianne: I'm really sorry, but it can't wait.

Vicky: No. Don't--don't bother about me. I'll leave you and your friend to whatever it is that can't wait.

Rachel: Oh, Sam, I wish I knew what to say. I'm through kidding myself though. Worried about Amanda and Evan right now?

Sam: I went to New York, and--

Rachel: You got lonely and you started worrying again?

Sam: Hey, I have every right to worry. And then I started to think about how wonderful it's been what it would be like without

Rachel: You're so different from the angry young man I used to know.

Sam: I guess I am. You hated the idea of us getting married, didn't you?

Rachel: Amanda was very young. She was pregnant. Of course I didn't like it.

Sam: Maybe you were right.

Rachel: About what?

Sam: About us not being ready for marriage and commitment.

Rachel: I think you are ready. I would never have dreamed you would have taken to being a father and being married as well as you have at this time in your life.

Sam: Yeah. Neither did I. Listen, I should go. You obviously have a lot of work to do.

Rachel: You know, I have a feeling no matter how much work I do, it's never gonna be enough around here.

Sam: Well, I tell you. This place--it's really--

Rachel: Messy.

Sam: Actually, the word I was gonna use was "eclectic."

Rachel: Euphemism for "messy."

Sam: Hmm, I saw a place like this in Greenwich village that was--it was amazing. You couldn't get near the place. It was packed.

Rachel: Well, you can get near this place. We've had exactly 6 customers since I started working here.

Sam: Well, I'll tell you what. What I'll do is I'll put the word out that there's this funky new shop down here. Moi?

Sam: [Laughs] Yeah. Well, so how are the owners? Nice?

Rachel: Owner.

Sam: Do you like him?

Rachel: I haven't made up my mind yet.

Arianne: Timing has never been my long suit, I'm really sorry, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, right.

Arianne: If it hadn't have been urgent, I never would have interrupted.

Michael: Everything with the club is always...urgent. What do you want?

Arianne: I had a meeting with the brass. They're not pleased with the progress you've been making with Lucas.

Michael: Well, I don't really give a damn about the club. You know what I mean?

Arianne: Look. I know you're upset about your family, but the club has invested a lot of time and effort--

Michael: Wait a minute. What about me? I haven't?

Arianne: Of course you have.

Michael: Then leave me alone, all right? Just leave me alone. I just about got killed. I probably lost my wife. Get out of my life, Arianne.

Arianne: Look, the strain is getting to me, too. The club now has me working on other cases, and one of them is getting just a little too close for comfort.

Michael: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Arianne: Can't discuss my other cases.

Michael: Of course you can't. You be careful.

Arianne: Always.

Jake: What's the big mystery, Donna?

Donna: That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Jake: Michael is having an affair. What is there to figure out?

Donna: Don't be so callous--

Jake: I just don't think it does any good to analyze this to death.

Donna: Jake, she's very important in his life, all right?

Jake: So?

Donna: So why aren't they seen together more often? Why does it seem that he's hiding her behind the scenes?

Jake: Maybe Michael doesn't want to hurt you any more than he already has.

Donna: No, no, no. This has nothing to do with him trying to protect me. If Michael cared about my feelings at all, none of this--

Jake: What good does it do to get yourself hung up on this woman?

Donna: I'm not hung up on her. I just want to see her one more time.

Jake: Why is that? Because in your first face-to- face you walked away without firing a shot?

Donna: I have no intentions of fighting this creature for my--

Jake: Donna, all you want to do is give this woman a piece of your mind.

Donna: Well, why shouldn't I?

Jake: Why are you like that? Just d--I'm here.

Vicky: You're here! Great, I saw my dad today at Tops, and--I didn't know you were here.

Jake: She was helping me set up.

Donna: What happened with your father?

Vicky: Nothing important.

Donna: Nothing important? That's why you came tearing in the room to tell Jake--

Vicky: I just--

Donna: Victoria.

Vicky: Dad asked me to have lunch at Tops.

Donna: And?

Vicky: And that woman--

Donna: He took you to lunch with her?!

Vicky: Oh, no, no.

Donna: Did she show up while you were there?

Vicky: She managed to slither her way towards our table, yes.

Donna: Yes. Yes. Yes!

Vicky: What?

Donna: Seafood quiche. I think that's, Vicky, a wonderful thing.

Vicky: Quiche--what are you doing?

Donna: At Tops. I'm starving.

Vicky: Mother, this is not a good idea.

Donna: I like it.

Jake: Donna, no.

Donna: Jake, I'll be back in a little while. Perhaps Victoria can help you while I'm gone.

Vicky: You're gonna go cause a scene there--

Donna: I don't cause scenes.

Vicky: You don't?

Donna: But if I do happen to run into somebody who needs to hear something that I have to say... bye. See you later.

[Classical piano plays]

Griffen: What do you want?

Olivia: To talk to you for one minute.

Griffen: There's nothing to talk about.

Olivia: Please. I want you to understand about before.

Griffen: I'm working, Olivia.

Olivia: Can you just listen to me for one minute? I'm still totally committed to ballet.

Griffen: That's not what you said.

Olivia: I wasn't thinking.

Griffen: That's your excuse?

Olivia: All I meant was that my life has changed since I've come to Bay City.

Griffen: What's your point, Olivia?

Olivia: My point is that for years I was all technique and no emotion, no heart, and that held me back. I was only good instead of being really special.

Griffen: And now?

Olivia: Now I'm learning how to commit in my personal life as well as my dancing.

Griffen: Then what happened today?

Olivia: I was just a little off. That's all. I promise it will never happen again.

Griffen: It better not.

Olivia: Then you'll give me another chance? You'll let me audition?

[Turns music off]

Griffen: Fool that I am--

Olivia: Thank you, Griffen! Thank you so much. I promise I will be wonderful, completely committed, and brilliant.

Griffen: Yes. I hope you are not sacrificing your career for the passions of your personal life.

Olivia: No. Never. I told you that.

Griffen: Yes. It's all very well and good to jump into the stream of life, Olivia, but be very sure you can stand the current.

Sam: No. I'm never going to sell this piece. So where is Amanda, Iris?

Iris: Well, that's just what I was going to ask you.

Sam: You don't know?

Iris: My dear boy, would I be here if I did?

Sam: She didn't leave you an itinerary, did she?

Iris: No. I got back from New York expecting her to be working on the next issue of "Sophisticate" and--

Sam: That's interesting.

Iris: You don't know where she is either?

Sam: No. She left a message saying she was going to be away for a couple of days.

Iris: Well, perhaps the pressure got too much for her.

Sam: Meaning what?

Iris: Meaning that she did an incredible job getting out the first edition of "Sophisticate," and perhaps she thought, "if this is what life's gonna be like," she would go away and think things over.

Sam: Iris?

Iris: Yes.

Sam: That little mix-up with the first edition--you didn't arrange that, did you?

Iris: No, I did not. It was Bill Powell.

Iris: Sam, why on earth would I jeopardize my own magazine?

Sam: To drive Amanda away.

Eddie: Hey, I snuck you some soup.

[Reuben groans] See? You want some?

Reuben: Oh, I don't know.

Eddie: Come on, look. Here, here's a spoon.

Reuben: You know what? I just want to sleep. I wanna sleep.

Eddie: What's your name, man?

Tess: [Echoing] Reuben...

Eddie: I say what's your name, man?

Tess: Reuben.

Reuben: Tess, I love you.

Tess: Then spend some time with me.

Reuben: I'm busy.

Tess: Always.

Reuben: I'm doing all this for you.

Tess: No. You're doing this for you.

Reuben: Tess, if you don't stop interrupting me, these deals are not gonna fall through.

Tess: So let them, Reuben.

Reuben: No, 'cause then I won't be able to show you a good time.

Tess: Reuben, I don't care about good times. I care about you.

Reuben: You don't get it. I am a good time.

Tess: Not anymore you're not.

Reuben: What you talking about, Tess? Tess, don't leave! Tess--well, fine. Oh, you don't think I can find somebody else? Pss. Ho!

[Dance music plays] Ooh, yes. Ok--ha ha ha. Agreed to go out dancing with me tonight. Treat a lady. Tess just don't like going no more. Nobody understands

Courtney: Well, I am impressed. I mean, you made it big, and you must be very happy.

Reuben: Baby, I'm very rich.

[Laughter] Let's stop talking, all right?

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Reuben: Let's dance. Mmm. [Laughs] Now, come on, Courtney. Tell me something. You must be sick of working on a cop's salary making next to

Courtney: What's wrong with

Reuben: My mom used to work as a cleaning lady for 20 years. 12 hours a day just on her hands and knees scrubbing, cleaning up after other people. Two weeks before she was supposed to get her pension, they fired her. So now she ain't gotta work no more, because I'm rich. That's all that was important in the beginning.

Courtney: And now?

Reuben: Why don't we go away somewhere?

Courtney: Why should I?

Reuben: Because this is my fantasy. Mmm.

Courtney: [Laughs] Then come to think of it, I could use a vacation.

[Both laugh]

Reuben: It's party time, people. Yes! Let's go to Vegas.. Mo-ney! All right. After I spend some money, I always feel better.

Courtney: Yeah!

Reuben: Blow on them for me, baby. Not too much. Not too much.

All: Yeah!

Reuben: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. Life. Especially when you're a kid.

Tess: What's she doing here?

Reuben: I told you Courtney security. I mean, when you big-time, you gotta have bodyguards--somebody

Tess: I've had it, Reuben.

Reuben: With what?

Tess: I've had it with you.

Reuben: What you talking about?

Tess: I wanted to marry a man who was sensitive and funny and kind. Keep going..

Tess: But I wound up with a heartless wheeler dealer. No feelings whatsoever. I got feelings all over the place, Tess. I love you.

Reuben: How?

Tess: Do one thing for me.

Reuben: Name it.

Tess: Give up all your money.

Reuben: Tess!

Tess: I'm serious, Reuben. It'll just be us again.

Tess: Please. Reuben, this is our last chance for happiness. Don't push me away, not for a bunch of things.

Reuben: Tess, I'm not asking. I don't want to push anybody away.

Courtney: We are going to be late for Don's yacht party.

Reuben: Look, don't drag me down, ok, Tess? Stuff. I've wanted to live this way my whole life.

Tess: I thought you wanted me?

Reuben: Tess, don't say that. Come on, Tess.

Tess: Good-bye, Reuben.

Reuben: Tess, Tess, let me talk to you about--

Courtney: Let her go. Life is what you make it, right? And we are having a blast. You'll get over her.

Reuben: What is all this?

Man: Bills.

Reuben: Bills?

Courtney: I bought a few things when we were in Las Vegas and then in Switzerland and Paris and Rome, when you took me there. I mean, you don't mind, do you, sweetheart? You said, "live it up."

Reuben: Fine. That's fine. That's what money's for, right?

Ronnie: Reuben?

Reuben: Ronnie, I need to talk to you. Can you please talk to Tess for me? Just explain--

Ronnie: Reuben, we've gotta talk to you.

Reuben: Come on, I just really need this favor. Can you please do this for me?

Zack: Will you just listen, Reuben?

Reuben: Zack, will you hold on a minute? I need to talk to my sister--

Ronnie: Reuben, we've gotta talk to you.

Zack: Did you read "The Wall Street journal" this morning?

Reuben: This morning? It's morning already?

Ronnie: The stock market took a nosedive.


Ronnie: Your money's gone.

Reuben: Zack, come on. You're my lawyer. Do something, man. You've got just as much to lose as I do.

Zack: Sorry, Reuben. I made solid investments.

Ronnie: We tried to warn you.

Courtney: You know, I want to go to Rio...

[All talking at once]

Reuben: Stop it, stop it--

Courtney: ..A jet and go out to Rio and live a life...

Reuben: Tess... gotta find Tess...

Tess: I've been looking for him all day. I'm really worried now.

Ronnie: Tess, Reuben always does this.

Tess: He takes off?

Ronnie: Yes. You had a fight, right?

Tess: Yeah, a big fight.

Ronnie: Well, trying to work things out, I don't know. For some reason it demeans him, and he just walks away. Reuben always has to be the big shot.

Courtney: I'm glad you all are here.

Zack: Oh, hi, partner.

Courtney: Hi.

Ronnie: Pull up a chair.

Courtney: No, I'm sorry. I can't stay. I just wanted you to know that I just busted this guy for burglary, and I found this on him.

Ronnie: This is Reuben's. I gave it to him last Christmas.

Zack: Where'd you find this?

Courtney: Near the waterfront.

Tess: Oh, my God. I knew he wouldn't have just walked away on me like that. We've gotta find him.

Zack: Come on. Let's go.

Ronnie: All right.

Michael: You take care.

Arianne: Always do.

Michael: Can't be too careful in this line of work, you know.

Arianne: Hey, don't worry.

Michael: Well, I do.

Donna: Hello.

Arianne: Mrs. Hudson.

Donna: Well, for the time being, yes. We're going to have a chat.

Arianne: I don't think this is the place.

Donna: You may have to hide out, but I don't. We're going to talk.

Arianne: Look, I'm afraid we don't have anything to say to each other.

Donna: You're not gonna run away from me this time.

Arianne: Mrs. Hudson--

Donna: I'm not gonna let this opportunity pass me by.

Arianne: You mustn't do this.

Donna: You may have taken my husband--you may not tell me what to do.

Arianne: What can this possibly accomplish?

Donna: A lot. You would be surprised.

Arianne: Look. Can't we handle this with some dignity?

Donna: Dignity? You dare to speak to me of dignity?!

Arianne: Mrs. Hudson, I realize that you have just gone through a very--

Donna: Don't you touch me! You hateful, condescending slut, don't you ever touch me!

Arianne: I just want you to know--

Donna: Know what? That you feel sorry for me?

Arianne: That you have every right to be upset.

Donna: I have every right to scratch your eyes out.

Arianne: You don't understand.

Donna: Well, then, why don't you fill me in? Now, tell me, what does it feel like to steal another woman's husband? What does it feel like to break up a happy marriage and leave a little boy without his parents being together?

Arianne: Look, I'm sorry you've been hurt.

Donna: Oh, I'm sure you are. I'm sure your heart's just bleeding for me.

Arianne: Why don't you just try to calm down?

Donna: You've destroyed my life, do you know that?

Arianne: None of what happened could have been helped.

Donna: What are you? A robot? Don't you have any feelings at all?

Arianne: One day, maybe you'll know the truth.

Donna: I think I know the truth right now.

Arianne: What?

Donna: I've been so angry at Michael, I've prayed every night that he would suffer over this the way I have. But standing here, face-to-face, talking to you, I think my prayers have been answered. Michael's life with you is going to be pure hell. Have a great life together.

Vicky: No--

Jake: I'm going, Vicky.

Vicky: I can't believe you. She is a grown woman, and she can take care of this herself.

Jake: You're right.

Vicky: Now, are you ready to hear my good news today?

Jake: Can I stop you? I doubt it.

Vicky: I am the esteemed--or soon to be esteemed if I don't blow it--brand-new assistant editor at "Sophisticate" magazine.

Jake: That is fantastic.

Vicky: Well, I know I'm starting at the bottom, but if I just play my cards right--

Jake: And you usually do.

Vicky: What does that mean?

Jake: Aside from an incredible career opportunity...

Vicky: Spit it out.

Jake: You get to work with Evan Bates every single day.

Jake: What is this thing you have with Evan Bates?

Jake: This thing with me?

Vicky: Yeah. You can't get it into your thick skull that we are just friends..

Jake: Oh, right.

Vicky: Oh, quit smirking.

Jake: Oh, come on, Vicky. You and Evan are just friends?

Vicky: Well, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Jake: Why's that? He's available. You're available.

Vicky: He's in love with Amanda.

Jake: So he's hooked on a married woman. He'll get over it.

Vicky: No, he will not get over it.

Jake: How do you know that?

Vicky: I know these things. Believe me, darling. A woman knows these things.

Sam: I want some answers, Iris.

Iris: I would do exactly the same thing in your position, Sam. Extremely well.

Iris: Well, the situation, her disappearance. Now, why don't you tell me what you know, and maybe--maybe I can help.

Sam: I doubt that.

Iris: Ok. Well, when was the last time you had contact?

Sam: Iris, I would really rather not go into this with you.

Iris: Sam, can't we put our heads together? Maybe we can--

Sam: Yes.

Iris: Yes what?

Sam: Of course!

Iris: Of course what?

Sam: Ah, the cabin! I've been beating myself over the head, and the answer's been staring me right in the face.

Iris: The cabin?

Sam: Yeah. She'd go there if she wanted to be alone. I'm sure of it.

Iris: Sam, do you think that--

Sam: No time, Iris. I've gotta go find my wife.

Ken: Wind's kicking up. We could be in for a storm.

Rachel: You startled me. You know that bell doesn't work.

Ken: Yeah, I've been meaning to fix that; one of these days.

Rachel: Ken, this necklace...

Ken: What about it?

Rachel: It wasn't here in the shop yesterday.

Ken: Well, things have a way of appearing and disappearing around here.

Rachel: Not anymore.

Ken: Would you like it?

Rachel: What?

Ken: It's yours.

Rachel: You serious?

Ken: Do you want it or not?

Rachel: Yes, I do. I want it very much. Thank you.

Ken: Don't thank me. It's coming out of your salary.

Rachel: Good. I'll feel better paying for it.

Ken: So will I.

Rachel: So where have you been all day?

Ken: What's the matter? Couldn't you handle the place on your own?

Rachel: Well, we're not doing exactly a land office business, you know.

Ken: Well, most land officers aren't doing land office business.

Rachel: I did just fine, thank you. So you're not gonna tell me?

Ken: What?

Rachel: Where you were.

Ken: Hopi snake dance.

Rachel: Excuse me?

Ken: Not too far from the Grand Canyon. Village is several hundred years old, but it's perfectly preserved and virtually inaccessible. Had to parachute in.

Rachel: That's where you were all day today?

Ken: Yeah. I got a chopper out, but it was worth it, as you'll see when you inventory all this.

Rachel: You were in Arizona?

Ken: Yeah. A buddy of mine has a private jet. The Hopi are wonderful people, but they're vicious bargainers. I doubt I'll see any return on this investment.

Rachel: You believe in buying in bulk? You get a better deal that way?

Ken: What?

Rachel: Where are we gonna put all this stuff?

Ken: We got loads of space.

Rachel: Have I missed something?

Ken: You'll find room. Which reminds me, can you stay late tonight?

Rachel: No, I can't. I have to find a place to live. I'm moving out of the motel.

Ken: What kind of place?

Rachel: Furnished room.

Ken: You?

Rachel: I'm trying to live within the limits of the salary you're giving me.

Ken: Why should you? You're loaded.

Rachel: My decision, Ken.

Ken: Well, you can quit apartment hunting.

Rachel: I can't. I have to find a place to live..

Ken: You want a furnished room? You got a furnished room. There's one upstairs.

Ken: It's a little musty.

Rachel: Yeah.

Ken: It's just a one-room.

Rachel: Yes, I see.

Ken: And a bathroom. It's got a shower. There's a hot plate, a small refrigerator, pretty good size closet.

Rachel: Does this work?

Ken: Oh, yeah. It'll chase the squirrels out. And that window looks out on-- the alley. Not much, but it's clean, and it's certainly convenient to work. You can exit up from the shop there or come through this door here. It ain't the Ritz--

Rachel: No.

Ken: No what?

Rachel: I like it. It's perfect. I'll take it. Thank you.

Olivia: Oh!

Iris: Oh!

Olivia: Oh, Iris, hi.

Iris: Olivia. Well, what brings you here?

Olivia: Actually, I came to see Sam.

Iris: Oh, he left a few minutes ago.

Olivia: Oh, I missed him?

Iris: Yes.. He's gone off to find Amanda.

Olivia: Where? Where did he go?

Iris: The cabin, I think.

Olivia: The cabin?

Iris: Yes, daddy's fishing cabin.

Olivia: Oh, the one Matthew told me about north of here?

Iris: Yeah, that's it, yeah.

Olivia: Why would he go there to find Amanda?

Iris: Olivia, why does this concern you? Hmm?

Olivia: I'm sorry, Iris. I can't talk right now. I'll talk to you later. I gotta go.

Man: What's going on?

Second man: You're on time. Good.

Man: I like to be prompt.

Second man: So I heard. You have your instructions?

Man: Just show me the target.

Second man: She's in the powder room. The brunette in blue.

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