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Another World Transcript Thursday 12/8/05

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Donna: I think that is a good idea.

Jake: Wait a minute.

Donna: What?

Jake: I had a good idea?

Donna: Yes, I think that if a person is under the weather as I am, that it's good to get out, to relax, to free one's mind.

Jake: Mmm.

Donna: Hi, excuse me. I have a facial today and a massage. The name is Donna Love...Hudson. I also--I think I'm going to have a half-an-hour steam before the massage.

Jake: Tell you what. Why donít you push all Ms. Love- Hudson's appointments up for an hour? She's going be working out, ok?

Donna: Working out what?

Jake: Your body.

Donna: Are you insane?

Jake: No, I'm Jake.

Donna: Jake, I've never worked out in my life. I'm certainly not going to start today.

Jake: Donna, if you want to be tough, you gotta have muscles.

Donna: Jake, I donít have anything to wear to work out--

Jake: That's ok, I got some dirty sweats you can--

Donna: I donít...

Stacey: Hi.

Derek: Hi. Still at it, huh?

Stacey: Yeah. Just when you think you're finished, there's always more-- way more than you even thought.

Derek: Look, I'm sorry that I took off last night. I was feeling kind of restless.

Stacey: Oh, I know. I just wish I could have gone with you. What'd you end up doing?

Derek: I went to the docks and met Fanny and Luke.

Stacey: Really?

Derek: Yeah. I went to the Pelican, listened to a little music. Luke kept calling us "the Gold Street survivors."

Stacey: Oh, I wish I'd been able to go with you guys.

Derek: I just wish you weren't so snowed under all the time. You know, you must have worked until... did you work late last night or did you have any company? Jamie was here. Right?

Amanda: Wake up.

Evan: What, what, what, what?

Amanda: [Laughs] The article's finished.

Evan: What? Finished? You did the article?

Amanda: Yeah!

Evan: That's great! I knew you could do it.

Amanda: I didnít.

Evan: Listen, we donít have time to sit around here. We got to get to the printers.

Amanda: We'll take my car.

Evan: No, we take my car, we drive faster.

Vicky: What's going on?

Evan: Listen, Amanda just finished the article.

Vicky: She did? Terrific, let me read it.

Amanda: No, we donít have time.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Amanda. This is my life we're talking about here. Donít you think I should have a chance to read the article?

Rachel: [Sighs] Hello.

Claire: Ms. Davis?

Rachel: Rachel Davis. Thanks for seeing me, Ms. Dobbs.

Claire: It's nice to meet you. Have we met? You look very familiar.

Rachel: I'm not from around this area.

Claire: Ok. So, you're interested in our job?

Rachel: Ah, yes. I read in the paper that you needed an assistant, so here I am.

Claire: Do you have any gallery experience?

Rachel: No, but I'm sure I'll fit right in.

Claire: We do need someone who knows the field.

Rachel: Good, I've come to the right place. I know a lot about art.

Claire: Great. Do you have any sales experience?

Rachel: No, but I am an artist myself. I paint, and I sculpt--

Claire: Do you have a degree?

Rachel: In art?

Claire: It is preferable that you have some sort of an advanced degree.

Rachel: I just thought that experience would be preferable to it.

Claire: Rachel, Rachel, I just need something that I can put down on this sheet.

Rachel: Well, I'm afraid I canít help you with that. I've been raising a family for the last few years--I'm recently widowed, and I thought maybe the experience that I have--

Claire: That's great. No, that is great. I just need to know what kind of experience. Where did you last work?

Rachel: A family business.

Claire: Grocery store? Restaurant?

Rachel: Publishing. Periodicals.

Claire: That's very interesting, but it's not exactly related to working in a gallery.

Rachel: I'm sure if you gave me a chance, you would find I'm a very hard worker. I learn quickly--

Claire: Rachel, if you leave your resume, I will make sure Mr. Winston sees it.

Rachel: Well, I'm afraid I donít have a resume with me.

Claire: I see. Well, Rachel, I wish you good luck.

Rachel: Yes. Well, thank you for seeing me, Ms. Dobbs.

Claire: You're welcome.

Rachel: Excuse me.

Mr. Winston: Mm-hmm. Wasn't that Rachel Cory?

Amanda: Vicky, we have to go.

Vicky: This is me, Amanda. I gave you this information. I think I should be able to--

Amanda: Look, there's no time.

Vicky: ...The article!

Evan: ...Wait a second. Maybe you can scan the article-- but quickly, ok?

Amanda: Fine.

Vicky: "When a mother kidnaps her child: One woman's story."


Amanda: [Sighs]

Evan: I've got all the artwork ready for the layout--if there's room.

Amanda: Great. God, I--I must look a mess. Do I have any messages?

Evan: Her [Indistinct], Every hour, on the hour.

Amanda: And what did you tell dear Iris?

Evan: I told her not to worry.

Amanda: [Coughs] Any other messages?

Evan: If Sam called? No.

Amanda: Well, he's probably been up all night, too, you know, getting ready for his show.

Evan: Yeah, probably.

Vicky: All right, listen to this. "And there in Lassiter, Pennsylvania, hundreds of miles away from my son's father, free at last, I realized I was a fool."

Evan: We can change things on the way, if you donít--

Vicky: "Looking down at my son's face, I finally saw that what I'd demanded as my right wasn't important at all. The only important thing in this world was that--was what was right for Steven. I had no choice if I loved him. I had to go back and return him to his father."

Amanda: You hate it?

Vicky: I love it.

Amanda: You do?

Vicky: Yes. It's exactly what I was thinking.

Amanda: I had to, you know, take some liberties and try to get inside your mind, so--

Vicky: No, thank you.

Amanda: Thank you. I couldn't have done it by myself--

Evan: I hate to be the one to break up this mutual admiration society, but the presses have to roll.

Vicky: Yes, absolutely.

Amanda: Right, right.

Evan: You want to come with us?

Vicky: Ok, no, I have someone to meet. Thank you.

Evan: All right.

Vicky: Good luck.

Amanda: Thanks.

Vicky: Go--bye--good luck!

Stacey: I donít know why you automatically assume that Jamie was here.

Derek: Was he?

Stacey: Yes.

Derek: I didnít know you had a date last night.

Stacey: Look, I wasn't expecting him to come by.

Derek: Actually, you know, I did think that you had one, but I thought it was with me.

Stacey: Look, he saw the lights on outside. He saw my car. He decided to stop in.

Evan: And just come in for a chat?

Stacey: Yes.

Derek: Nice.

Stacey: Donít make this into something that it isnít, Derek. Look, you ended up going out last night. You ran into some friends. You had a good time.

Derek: Because the woman that I had a date with was swamped under with work, remember? Or was that just some kind of an excuse?

Stacey: Derek, come on.

Derek: And maybe you were just too busy to see me.

Stacey: God, I hate it when you talk like this.

Derek: Ok. Well, just how would you expect me to react? I mean, you're too busy to see me, but Jamie Frame comes in the door--

Stacey: Derek, you're making this into something--

Derek: You've got time to sit down and have a glass of wine and schmooze--

Stacey: ...That it is not. I tried calling you last night. Then Jamie came by, get it?

Derek: And then you had all kinds of free time--suddenly?

Stacey: I didnít realize it was only going to take me a certain amount of time to finish this work.

Derek: Oh, Stacey, how come that's always the way it works out? Tell me that--

Reuben: Excuse me.

Derek: ...Will you please?

Reuben: Excuse me.

Stacey: Oh, hello, Reuben.

Reuben: I got some doughnuts and some coffee and your 16-cent change. And I just passed a guy who's coming up the walk.

Stacey: What?

Reuben: A guy is coming up the walk.

Jamie: Hi. Am I early?

Mr. Winston: Iris only called last night. I didnít think she'd be in so soon.

Claire: I caught up with her, Mr. Winston.

Mr. Winston: Oh, good. Good. Hello, Rachel. Come in, please. I'm Ray Winston.

Rachel: How do you do?

Mr. Winston: I'm very sorry I wasn't here when you arrived. That will be all, Claire. Thank you.

Claire: Yes, Mr. Winston.

Rachel: I'm afraid I donít understand.

Mr. Winston: You mean why I sent Claire to bring you back?

Rachel: Yes.

Mr. Winston: Well, it's very simple really.

[Chuckles] Please sit down.

Rachel: Thank you.

Mr. Winston: We need someone, and a person with your talent would be a Godsend.

Rachel: Well, Ms. Dobbs said I wasn't qualified.

Mr. Winston: [Chuckles] Claire is young, hmm?

Rachel: She seemed to feel that I needed more experience and a formal education.

Mr. Winston: Oh, a formal education has nothing to do with it. Not with your background, your intelligence, your connections. The minute a customer realized he was talking to Rachel Cory, the sale would go through very quickly.

Rachel: How did you find out who I was?

Mr. Winston: Mrs. Cory, the art world is very small. A person with your influence is easily recognizable. When would you like to start?

Rachel: Well, I'm afraid this is rather unexpected, and it changes things.

Mr. Winston: What?

Rachel: Your knowing who I am.

Mr. Winston: Well, I've always been a great admirer of yours.

Rachel: Well, thank you. I'm afraid, though, I canít accept this job unless it's very clear that I am known now as Rachel Davis, and... I'm afraid I'm not prepared to use any of my contacts and influence at this time. Is that acceptable?

Mr. Winston: Well, frankly, Mrs. Cory, I mean, you would be a great asset to us with your--

Rachel: My assets are the fact that I work very hard and I learn very quickly.

Mr. Winston: Yes, yes, I understand that, of course. But I'm afraid that if--

Rachel: The answer is no. It's all right, I understand. I expected it. Nice to meet you.

Stacey: Jamie wants a nanny, and I recommended an agency for him.

Derek: A nanny?

Stacey: Yes, a governess. And he's meeting the head of the agency today.

Derek: Here?

Stacey and Jamie: Yeah.

Stacey: I told Jamie that I would help him out, so this may take a while.

Derek: I can wait.

Stacey: Ok.

Jamie: Is there a problem?

Stacey: No, no. There's no problem at all. Why donít we go right into my office here?

Jamie: Sure.

Stacey: And, Reuben, would you make a cup of coffee for Jamie, please?

Reuben: Me, make coffee? Huh!

Stacey: Do you have a problem with making coffee? Is it woman's work? Is that what you're implying?

Reuben: Fine. Let me make you some coffee, ok?

Stacey: That's what I thought I heard, Reuben.

Reuben: [Sighs] Something wrong, man?

Derek: I never seem to know the answer to that, man.

Reuben: I hope not. You know, I really do like you and Stacey together.

Derek: Thanks. You're one of very few.

Reuben: Yeah, well, I guess I'm one of those independent types.

Derek: Yeah.

Reuben: So, Jamie, huh?

Derek: What?

Reuben: Problems?

Derek: I donít know. I donít know.

Reuben: Because, I really donít think you got a problem there, man.

Derek: What makes you so sure?

Reuben: I got good instincts.

Derek: Yeah, well, you know, a millionaire doctor's got a lot going for him. How's somebody supposed to compete with that?

Reuben: Yeah, I know, I know. Tess-- I mean, Stacy--she doesn't really care about stuff like that, does she?

Derek: Women say they donít want that stuff. You know, but then they start dropping words into the conversation--words like "security."

Reuben: Oh, yeah, yeah. And "kids."

Derek: "A house."

Reuben: Oh, "money in the bank," right?

Derek: Oh, yeah.

Reuben: Yeah.

Derek: You know, they say they donít want that stuff, man, but believe me, they want it.

Reuben: Yeah. I guess guys like us--we ain't too strong in the security department, huh?

Mrs. Levitt: Well, excuse me. I'm here to see Dr. Frame.

Stacey: Oh, hello. You must be Mrs. Levitt.

Mrs. Levitt: Oh, yes. You must be Mrs. Frame. I didnít realize you--

Stacey: No, I--

Mrs. Levitt: ...Were going to be here. And, Dr. Frame, how do you do? Now, I want to know everything there is to know about you--how long you've been married, how many children, what kind of lifestyle suits you. Oh, it's--it's wonderful starting a new family, donít you think?

Donna: Jake, this is not why I come here.

Jake: Ok, try this.

Donna: Oh, this is heavy.

Jake: Well, that's why they call it a weight. Put one in the other hand.

Donna: You've got to be kidding.

Jake: Put one in the other hand. Quit complaining. You're going to feel great just as soon as you break a sweat. Now, move your arm up and down like this.

Donna: Jake, I've devoted my whole life to avoiding sweat.

Jake: Do you know what endorphins are?

Donna: What kind of orphans?

Jake: They're chemicals produced by the body when you work out. It gives you a natural high and makes you feel great, all right?

Donna: This hurts.

Jake: Ok, fine. Just--just drop those.

Donna: Good. Oh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didnít mean to do that. I'm sorry. All right, can I go now?

Jake: No, you canít. We'll go to the next exercise, all right?

Jake: [Groans]

Donna: What's this?

Jake: It's for your chest. Sit down. Put your arms up here like this. No weight on it. That's good for you. And you bring your arms together. It's called the pec deck. It's excellent for your... pecs.

Donna: Does it hurt?

Jake: No, sit--no pain, no gain. Come on, sit down.

Donna: Now, that's--that's not true. That's not true, "no pain, no gain." And I donít want to know about your trite little sayings.

Jake: Just sit down.

Donna: All right. I remember studying about these things. These were used in medieval torture chambers. They really were.

Jake: Here you go. Let me show you how to work. There you go.

Donna: Jake, you donít understand. Really, really I find muscles very unattractive.

Jake: You do?

Donna: On a woman. I find them unattractive on a woman.

Jake: Ok. We'll start with the basics. Come right over here--

Donna: What's--why?

Jake: ...And lie down.

Donna: Why?

Jake: Just lie down.

Donna: What are you going to do to me?

Jake: I am going to pick this weight up, and you're going to let it down to your chest and push it back up. It wonít hurt, I promise.

Donna: How do you know it's not going to hurt?

Jake: Because I'll be guiding it.

Donna: This is actually pretty comfortable. Now, if I chip one fingernail--

Jake: Donna, do the exercise.

Donna: Donít let go. Donít let go.

Jake: I'm not going to let go.

Donna: All right.


Jake: That's good. Push it up, push it up.

Donna: All right.

Jake: Good.

Donna: Oh, this is fun.

Jake: Down again.

Donna: All right. Wait a minute, wait. You hold--hold it some. It's heavy.

Jake: I'm holding, I'm holding.

Donna: All right.

Jake: Push up. Down.

Donna: I can do this--lift weights.

Jake: I think you'll be ready for the next Olympics. Come on, up.

Donna: All right.

Jake: Oh.

Donna: [Laughs]

Jake: I never had so much fun working out. Come on, Donna.

Mrs. Levitt: You're Dr. Frame's attorney?

Jamie: Yeah, she is.

Mrs. Levitt: I'm so sorry.

Stacey: Oh, no. It's all right, really.

Mrs. Levitt: You just looked like such a lovely young couple. The minute I saw you, I thought, "they're so right for each other." Well, that's how rumors get started, I guess.

[Jamie laughs]

Stacey: Yes, well, I tell you what. Why donít the two of you go into my office and you'll have some privacy in there.

Mrs. Levitt: Oh, thank you.

Jamie: Great, thank you.

Stacey: And I'll have Reuben bring in some coffee.

Jamie: Thanks.

Derek: How come Jamie needs help?

Stacey: Well, he mentioned to me that he was looking, and I knew of an agency, so I figured I would--

Derek: No, no, no. I donít mean from you. I mean, how come another babysitter? I mean, doesn't he have a houseful of servants over at his place?

Stacey: Yes, but he has a very demanding career, and he wants someone who's totally devoted to Steven.

Derek: Something else makes a lot more sense.

Stacey: What?

Derek: If Jamie doesn't have time to take care of his kid, why doesn't he give him back to Vicky? She'd find the time.

Jake: Hey, Vick, check it out. Mom's incline pressing 40 pounds.

Vicky: Wow--go for it, Mom.

Donna: 40 pounds? Am I really?

Jake: Yes, you are.

Donna: Oh, all right. No, no, no. That's enough.

Jake: 5 more, come on.

Donna: No, no, no. No, no, really.

Jake: One more, that's it.

Donna: It's enough.

Jake: Oh, good job.

Donna: Oh, I donít want to overdo it.

Jake: Overdo it.

Donna: I hate this. I really hate it.

Vicky: Oh, come on, Mom. Jakeís the best trainer in town.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Donna: Do I look like a dog?

Vicky: I donít know. Does she, Jake?

Jake: Not from here. However, she gets a little loose skin here and there, she may resemble a Shar Pei.

Donna: This is my body. I'll take care of it the way I see fit.

Jake: Exercise is an excellent source of relaxation. There are other ways, but...

Donna: You're disgusting.

[Jake laughs] He never stops.

Vicky: Mm-mm.

Donna: Come on. Let's go to the steam room and talk.

Vicky: No, actually, I canít. But I would like to see you tonight.

Donna: All right.

Vicky: We have to talk.

Donna: Anything specific?

Vicky: Hmm, things. I just have some news, that's all.

Donna: All right.

Vicky: Ok?

Donna: I'll see you later.

Vicky: All right.

Donna: Bye.

Vicky: So long.

Jake: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, wait.

Donna: What?

Jake: You're not going to thank your trainer for your workout?

Donna: Why should I? I did all the work.

Jake: Ha ha ha.

Vicky: What's going on?

Jake: I had to get her out of the house. She's a mess.

Vicky: Bad, huh?

Jake: Oh, she acts like nothing's wrong. All she can do is think about Michael, though.

Vicky: Terrific.

Jake: She's having Cass handle her divorce.

Vicky: Cass? She doesn't even like Cass.

Jake: Yeah, well, she wants him to be extra tough, just the way she's trying to be.

Vicky: But it's not working, huh?

Jake: No. Come on, Vicky. She still loves Michael.

Vicky: I donít know what to do.

Jake: I tried.

Vicky: What?

Jake: I went to see Michael.

Vicky: You did?

Jake: Yeah, I didnít get much out of him, though.

Vicky: You know that's the weird thing about all this?

Jake: What?

Vicky: He used to be so open, and he talks about this, and he just clams right up.

Jake: Yeah, well, I guess it's hard to talk about dumping on a lady like Donna.

Vicky: You've been helping her a lot. I mean, of all people, right?

Jake: She--she needs help. What am I going to do, walk away?

Vicky: Yeah, no, I know. I know. I'm glad. Thanks.

Jake: You're welcome.

Vicky: We always end up friends, donít we?

Jake: Just unlucky, I guess.

Vicky: No, it's good to know I can count on you, Jake.

Amanda: This is it. This is finally it. I donít believe it.

Evan: Yes, assuming that we have a printer.

Amanda: Well, donít worry about Mr. Rico. He's the best. He's been working with Cory since the very beginning.

Evan: Yeah, but, Amanda, he said 5 minutes.

Amanda: Relax. We're in the homestretch now.

Evan: Ok, ok. Would it be presumptuous of me to say that I'm proud of you?

Amanda: I didnít know if we could do it.

Evan: Well, I knew you could.

Amanda: Iris didnít.

Evan: Well, she's wrong. I called her a few minutes ago.

Amanda: In New York?

Evan: Yes, and I told her that her issue would be just on time for the big press debut.

Amanda: I bet Samís in his hotel room now. I should probably try to call him.

Evan: Well, he may still be at the gallery.

Amanda: Well, that's what I thought, too, but I called him there a little while ago, and all I got was a recording. So, we'll see. Yes. Sam Fowler's room, please. Oh, he did? No--ah, yes. Thank you. He's not there.

Evan: Well, he's--he's probably out to lunch or something.

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. I've been in such a blur for the past 24 hours, I didnít even know what time it is.

Evan: Well, I got to tell you, I have never seen anybody work harder in my life.

Amanda: Hey, you were pretty good, too, you know. You hung in there. Always in good spirits. How did you do that?

Evan: It was my pleasure all the way.

Amanda: I must look awful. I'm sure the bags under my eyes go right down to my feet.

Evan: No, no. You look beautiful.

Amanda: There he is.

Mr. Rico: Hi, Mrs. Fowler.

Amanda: This is the article complete with the last 4 pages.

Mr. Rico: Forget it.

Amanda: What?

Mr. Rico: We canít make the deadline.

Amanda: Well, we have to.

Evan: Look, if you donít do this, "Sophisticate" will not be in the stands on time.

Mr. Rico: That's not my problem. Sorry.

Evan: So, what are you saying exactly?

Mr. Rico: We canít make the deadline.

Amanda: But we have to.

Evan: Come on, we've got delivery commitments that go all the way across this country.

Amanda: You said as long as we got the last of the article to you by noon that you'd be able to get it out.

Evan: And it's not even noon yet.

Mr. Rico: I pushed my men all night. Now they're demanding an 8-hour break.

Evan: Well, we contracted you to do this job, so your overtime is our expense, not yours.

Mr. Rico: Yeah, but they're my men, and they're threatening a job action if I donít give them a break.

Evan: Well, then, you call their bluff, because you made a commitment to us!

Mr. Rico: Look, I wish I could help you, but if you put yourself in my position--

Evan: Look, we're paying you for results.

Amanda: Evan, come on.

Mr. Rico: Look, you climb down off your high horse, sonny. Now, you delivered that job late, in pieces. Half the mechanicals were missing, and half the pictures were delayed.

Evan: Yeah, but you kept saying that it was ok.

Mr. Rico: No, I didnít say it was ok. I said I'd do the job. Any other printer would have told you to forget it a long time ago.

Evan: All right, pal. You want a lawsuit? Well, you've got one.

Mr. Rico: Fine. I'll give you the name of my lawyer.

Amanda: Stop it! Um, look, Evan, I'd like to talk to Mr. Rico alone. Please?

Stacey: Would you please keep your voice down?

Derek: So Jamie wonít hear?

Stacey: He happens to be a client of mine, and he's in there interviewing now.

Derek: I'd tell him the same thing right to his face any day.

Stacey: Oh, I'm sure you would.

Derek: His kid needs a mother, not some glorified babysitter.

Stacey: Since when have you become an expert on parenting?

Derek: Since I grew up without a mother. Now that makes me an expert.

Stacey: Why canít we have a discussion like any adult and not--?

Jamie: You can reach me anytime with this number here.

Mrs. Levitt: All right, wonderful. And I'll call you with a time later this afternoon.

Jamie: That'll be great. Mrs. Levitt's going to arrange several appointments for me for tomorrow afternoon.

Stacey: Oh, terrific.

Jamie: Are you going to be free by any chance?

Stacey: Tomorrow?

Jamie: I could really use your help.

Stacey: Ah...

Jamie: I could use a woman's point of view.

Stacey: I'll--yeah, I'll see if I can free up some time for you.

Jamie: Wonderful. And, Mrs. Levitt, thank you very much.

Mrs. Levitt: My pleasure. It was so nice meeting you.

Stacey: Nice to meet you, Mrs. Levitt.

Mrs. Levitt: And I'll call you later today, doctor.

Jamie: That'll be great. Thanks again. Bye-bye. I like her a lot. Thank you.

Stacey: Oh, no problem.

Jamie: Derek, I'm sorry I interrupted. She's all--she's all yours now.

Derek: Right.

Stacey: And I will check my calendar and get back to you.

Jamie: Thanks. Is everything ok?

Stacey: Yeah. Everything's fine. So, anyway, I'll talk to you later, all right?

Jamie: Great. Thanks again.

Stacey: Bye-bye. You could have at least said good-bye.

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Well, there is this thing called being civil.

Derek: Hey, I donít like Jamie, and he does not like me, so why play games?

Stacey: Well, at least he is polite.

Derek: At least I'm honest. Now which would you rather have?

Jake: Hey, you ready for another round?

Donna: Never. I donít know how you do this stuff day in and day out.

Jake: Oh, come on, Donna. You'll be pressing 200, maybe 300 pounds in the next month.

Donna: Darling, I'm never going to lift another weight as long as I live. I already ache from head to toe.

Jake: Well, you'll get over it. It's kind of like riding a horse. One day you're sore, and the next day you're an animal.

Donna: Thank you. I'll stick to horses.

Jake: I think you donít know how much fun you're really missing.

Donna: I think that somebody dropped a weight on your head when you were a very small child.

Jake: Could be. Take this machine, for example. Sit down here. You act like a bird. Next thing you know, you got pecs like Dolly Parton.

Betty: I thought that was you, Jake.

Jake: Yes, and you are?

Betty: I got you in to see Michael Hudson yesterday.

Jake: Right, Betty. Excuse me.

Betty: Right.

Jake: How you doing?

Betty: I'm fine.

Donna: Betsy, excuse me. Jake is busy right now. Could you just excuse us, just for a minute please?

Betty: Sure.

Jake: What are you doing?

Donna: That's what I'm going to ask you. You said you had a date yesterday.

Jake: Well, it didnít exactly pan out, all right?

Donna: What were you doing with Michael?

Jake: I went to see him to talk some sense into him.

Donna: You what?

Jake: I know how much you've been--

Donna: How dare you interfere in my personal life?

Jake: I was just trying to help.

Donna: I donít want to hear that. Donít you ever do that again to me.

Jake: Donna, I work with you every day. I see how much you're hurting. You want a divorce about as much as you want your head lopped off.

Donna: Jake, what I want and what I donít want is none of your business.

Jake: Why are you--?

Donna: You have no right to interfere with my marriage.

Jake: I did it because I care.

Donna: You have no right to care.

Jake: Fine. I donít care. Come on, I'll give you a ride home.

Donna: I donít want you to take me anywhere. I donít want you to help me. I donít want you to pity me. I wonít accept that from Michael, and I certainly wonít accept it from you.

Jake: What is my problem with women?

Rachel: [Sighs] Ow. Ok. No experience. No thank you. Not looking for people.

[Knock on door] Oh, Vicky.

Vicky: Hi.

Rachel: Hi.

Vicky: Is this a bad time? Iris called this morning, said you wanted to see me.

Rachel: Oh, right. That's right. I did want to see you. Come on in.

Vicky: Thank you.

Rachel: Ah... not exactly the Cory library, is it?

Vicky: No. That's not the point, is it? To get away. Sometimes the further away, the better.

Rachel: Yeah. That's it exactly.

Vicky: How are you doing?

Rachel: It's difficult. It really is.

Vicky: Why?

Rachel: Well, I'm trying to get a job, and, you know, it's the same old story. Nobody wants a nobody.

Vicky: And since when have you been a nobody?

Rachel: I'm using my maiden name. Makes a big difference.

Vicky: Yeah, it does, actually. I know exactly what you mean. I felt the same way in Lassiter.

Rachel: Yeah. Let me take your coat. That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Vicky: Oh, well, you can read all about it in the first issue of "Sophisticate."

Rachel: I can?

Vicky: You donít know what happened with the first issue?

Rachel: Iris said everything went very smoothly.

Vicky: Oh, she did?


Rachel: What happened?

Vicky: Somebody quit.

Rachel: Who?

Vicky: Powell.

Rachel: Bill Powell?

Vicky: Yeah.

Rachel: That's the editor. He quit?

Vicky: Yeah, and that's not all. He took the boards, whatever they are, and scrambled the computer with the rest of the stuff.

Rachel: What did they do?

Vicky: Worked like crazy. Amanda wrote a great new article about what happened to me in Lassiter, and that replaced one of the other articles.

Rachel: I canít believe it. This--I didnít know there was a crisis--

Vicky: Well, donít worry, really. It's all taken care of.

Mr. Rico: I wish I could help you out, Mrs. Fowler, but it's no go, like I tried to explain to this guy.

Amanda: You know what I remembered when I walked in this office just a little while ago?

Mr. Rico: Excuse me?

Amanda: I remembered the stories that my father told me about when he first started "Brava."

Mr. Rico: He told you about that?

Amanda: Sure he did.

Mr. Rico: He came to me himself, and he said, "Howard, what do you think about publishing a magazine right here in Bay City?" I said, "Well, Mr. Cory, it's a good thing you got me, 'cause none of the other bozos in this town could do it for you." And he kind of smiled, and he said, "Why donít you call me Mac?"

Amanda: He said everyone had the same vision. They just wanted to make that magazine the best in the world.

Mr. Rico: And we did it, too.

Amanda: Sure you did. And my father always said he couldn't have done it without the help of Howard Rico.

Mr. Rico: He said that?

Amanda: Always.

Mr. Rico: Thank you. I'm glad you told me that. But I got to tell you, Mrs. Fowler, times have changed. People donít drive themselves anymore, not for the love and the glory, not anymore.

Amanda: I do. And we have a whole staff of people at "Sophisticate" that have worked a 24-hour shift just to get this thing out on the stands.

Mr. Rico: Yeah, but you're--

Amanda: See, we have the same vision. We want to make this magazine the best in the world.

Mr. Rico: Well, I wish that I could--

Amanda: Do you know my half-sister, Iris Wheeler?

Mr. Rico: Mrs. Wheeler? No, she doesn't come down to the printing office.

Amanda: My mother put me in charge of "Sophisticate." And Iris is patiently waiting for me to fail so that she can say that I donít deserve to be part of Cory Publishing.

Mr. Rico: I've heard about her. She seems like the kind that would do something like that. She's nothing like your dad.

Amanda: You see, we've done all that we can do. It's all here. It just needs to be printed.

Mr. Rico: Mrs. Fowler...

Amanda: Isnít there some way that we can get this magazine out on the stands?

Mr. Rico: Well, let me--

Amanda: Howard, call me Amanda.

Stacey: That's right, Mr. Messer. The hearing isnít for one week. Yes, I believe I explained that to the secretary there. Uh-huh.

Singer: Morning comes and all the day you're not here and I miss you so much I'm so alone I need you here by my side

Oh, I must have been blind out of my mind to let you go

But I'm still holding on always remember when you

And I promised never to part it's breaking my heart but I wonít give up 'cause I still believe that love

Singer: Love

Singer: Always finds a way

Singer: To the heart

Singer: Look for long and I'll be there love

Singer: Love

Singer: Always...

Stacey: ...Mr. Messer. Thank you. Bye-bye.

[Hangs up phone]


Derek: Stacey, why canít we go for a walk?

Stacey: Because I am incredibly busy, I am the only one in the office, and there is nobody else to answer phones.

Derek: Yeah, but we talk so much better about things when we're out of this office.

Stacey: Well, what exactly did you want to talk about? I mean, we've established that you donít like Jamie, that you think he's dishonest because he tries to be polite--

Derek: Oh, now there you go again.

Reuben: Hey, Stacey, do you still want me to file these?

Stacey: Yes, yes, I want you to file them! I am very sorry about that. Oh, what is next?

Courtney: Hi, how's it going?

Stacey: Donít ask. What's up, Courtney?

Courtney: I was looking for Derek.

Derek: What?

Courtney: Now, donít get your back all up.

Stacey: Yeah, some people might even say be polite.

Courtney: Nobody's after you. Promise.

Derek: Then what's the problem?

Courtney: How would you feel about going into court again?

Derek: Why?

Courtney: Well, Cal's case is coming up pretty soon, and we still haven't located the stolen property he's got stashed somewhere.

Derek: What's that got to do with me?

Courtney: Without evidence, we donít have much of a case.

Derek: But the guy's a thief.

Courtney: Yeah, but we'll never prove that in court without evidence. Which means Cal goes free, unless--

Derek: Unless what?

Courtney: Unless we get him for attacking you and Stacey and vandalizing your apartment.

Derek: Oh, my illegal housing unit, you mean.

Courtney: Whatever. Will you testify?

Derek: I donít much like going to court. Then again, Calís scum.

Courtney: And getting him off the streets for a few years will save a whole lot of people a lot of grief. What do you say?

Derek: Sure. I'll give you cops a hand.

Courtney: Thank you.

Derek: But Stacey stays out of it.

Stacey: What?

Derek: No way are you getting involved in this.

Stacey: I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself, Derek. I donít think it's--

Derek: Let Cal get ticked off at me if he gets sent up, not you.

Stacey: I donít believe this.

Courtney: Stacey, he's got a point. Now, why borrow trouble?

Reuben: Yeah, so, you still haven't found that stuff that Cal stole?

Courtney: We have one final place to check out. We'll know something tonight whether it pans out or not, but I'm not holding my breath.

Reuben: Oh, that's quite a haul. I mean, just to be sitting there.

Courtney: A lot of money, yeah. Thanks, Derek. I'll be in touch.

Derek: Ok.

Courtney: Ronnie says you've got a new girlfriend. Real pretty, sweet personality.

Reuben: My sister talks too much.

Courtney: Maybe some of that sweetness will rub off on you. Good night.

Stacey: Good night, Courtney.

Reuben: Night.

Derek: Reuben.

Reuben: Yo.

Derek: What about that errand you said you had to run?

Reuben: What errand? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. That errand. Um, I got to go.

Derek: See you. You need this?

Stacey: No. What are you doing? Derek, what are you doing? You canít do that. You canít say closed. I'm open. This is a business. You just canít close--

Derek: We got more important business to talk about and take care of right now.

Stacey: You know, I really donít see what this is going to accomplish, Derek.

Derek: I think it's time that we got something--everything out in the open.

Stacey: Derek.

Derek: Do you really want me to be more like Jamie?

Stacey: In some ways I do. Derek, Derek.

Derek: You know, Jamie and I are total opposites.

Stacey: I know.

Derek: Jamie would never close up shop in the middle of a workday and make love to you, would he?

Stacey: Derek, we canít do this.

Derek: I mean, with Jamie, you probably know every move that he was going to make before he made it.

Stacey: I know, but--

Derek: Right?

Stacey: Yeah.

Derek: Is that what you want?

Stacey: This isnít fair. I donít know what I want.

Derek: Do you want me to go?

Stacey: No, Derek. Donít leave me like this.

Rachel: I canít believe it. They put together the whole magazine in a day?

Vicky: More or less.

Rachel: Nobody said a word to me.

Vicky: Well, they didnít want you to worry, I guess.

Rachel: I guess. Well, thank you for telling me.

Vicky: Welcome.

Rachel: Oh, sorry. Sit down.

Vicky: Ok.

Rachel: And thank you for coming over here.

Vicky: Look, Rachel. If you want to give it to me about taking Steven to Lassiter, you're more than welcome to--

Rachel: No, no, no. I donít want to give it to you. I'm sure you gave it to yourself. You certainly donít need me telling you that it was wrong.

Vicky: No, I donít.

Rachel: Vicky, I know you think I dislike you, but you have handled things badly for my family.

Vicky: And family is the most important thing.

Rachel: You bet. After Mac died, the family sort of closed ranks. It was the only way we could get through the loss.

Vicky: Yeah, I could see that.

Rachel: But in the process, we shut out a lot of important people.

Vicky: Rachel, forgive me, please, but whatever happened with Jamie and me happened before Mac died.

Rachel: Yes, you're right. They did. I'm a normal person, Vicky. I do a lot of things I regret. And I regret the way I handled that situation with Stevenís custody.

Vicky: Well, I donít think it was a very good time for anybody.

Rachel: It dredged up a lot of memories that I think I didnít want to deal with. But for whatever, reason, I--I was not objective about that, and I made decisions I am not proud of.

Vicky: So did I. But thank you.

Rachel: Yeah, well, I have a feeling that our decisions probably forced you into feeling you had to run off with Steven.

Vicky: No, no. I made that decision all by myself. It's nobody else's responsibility, and especially not yours. Steven was the bottom line. I just lost sight of that for a little while.

Rachel: So did I.

Vicky: I guess I just wanted to earn the right to be his mother and to let him know that he had two parents that love him very much.

Rachel: He will now.

Vicky: Yeah. Thank God things worked out, right?

Rachel: Right. I just want you to know I donít dislike you. I was afraid for my son. You have a child now. Maybe you can understand what that was like.

Vicky: I can.

Rachel: You certainly have grown up a lot in the last few months.

Vicky: Well, it was about time, donít you think? As you said, I have a little boy now.

Rachel: So, how was it in Lassiter?

Vicky: I was doing pretty much the same thing you're doing now.

Rachel: Getting back to the beginning?

Vicky: Yeah. But in the process, I learned some not-so-pretty facts about myself.

Rachel: Such as?

Vicky: Well, the hardest was that I realized my life had become pretty empty. I had lost touch with everything and everyone that was close to me. But I'm trying to change, and that's about all I can do. It's all anybody can do.

Rachel: Yeah. Well, I hope I learn as much on my journey as you seemed to on yours.

Evan: So, what happened?

Amanda: I'm not exactly sure.

Evan: Well, what'd you say to him?

Amanda: Well, it was kind of weird, really. I just tried to think of what Daddy would do.

Evan: Ok, so what'd you come up with?

Amanda: Well, I figured Daddy would talk to him and make him feel good, you know, like he was part of the team, which he is.

Evan: That's what you did?

Amanda: Yeah. And we'll see if it worked.

[Whirring] I hope it did, because if it doesn't, I donít know what--

Evan: ...Shh, shh, quiet.

Amanda: What?

Evan: What's that?

Amanda: What's that noise?

Evan: That's the hum of the printing presses. Ha ha ha ha! That's great.

Amanda: Mr. Rico, am I hearing what I think I'm hearing?

Mr. Rico: Keep your shirt on. I got the guys to agree to another shift.

Evan: That's terrific!

Mr. Rico: And we're trying to strip in that new article. See if we can avoid resetting the other pages. Now all we can do is pray it'll work.

Amanda: It'll work, it'll work. I know it will.

Evan: Listen, thank you very much. And I also want to say that I'm very sorry for what happened--

Mr. Rico: Donít thank me. Thank Amanda here. She's one hard lady to resist.

Evan: Tell me about it.

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