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Another World Transcript Thursday 12/1/05

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Jamie: Grandma?

Ada: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Mom's bags are out in the hallway.

Ada: Yeah, I know.

Jamie: She is really doing this?

Ada: I tried to talk to her again last night, but she is determined to leave today.

Jamie: Where is she?

Ada: Well, she went out very early this morning.

Jamie: Maybe she is at the office.

Ada: I hope so. And I hope it is in an uproar and she gets to see Iris in charge and then she will get crazy and maybe she will come back to her senses.

Jamie: I wish I knew what she was thinking.

Ada: I wish I knew where she was going.

Rachel: Hi.

Jamie: Hi.

Rachel: Has anybody been outside? It is an absolutely glorious day.

Jamie: What you got there?

Rachel: Some odds and ends. Honey, are you busy?

Jamie: No, not really.

Rachel: Good, because I need you to take my car to the garage and have the oil checked and the gas and all that stuff, ok?

Jamie: Mom?

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Are you sure?

Rachel: Of course I am sure. I plan to be on the road by noon.

Iris: I realize Rachel has eliminated the daily budgetary status report, but I want it reinstated. You think you can handle that, Evan?

Evan: Oh yeah, I think so.

Iris: Good. I also want you to organize a weekly staff meeting with the staff of both "Brava" and "Sophisticate," ok? Good morning, Amanda. You are late.

Amanda: What the hell do you think you are doing?

Iris: I am unpacking my things.

Amanda: Who gave you permission to come into my mother's office?

Iris: Permission. I donít need permission.

Amanda: You could have at least allowed a decent amount of time to pass.

Iris: Your mother is on an indefinite leave of absence, and I am in charge now. This is the beginning of a new year, dear... the beginning of a new decade.

Amanda: I really donít believe you.

Iris: What is wrong? You miss mummy already? Donít worry, in a few days I will have you so busy, you will not even know she is gone.

[Blows party horn]

[Blows party horn]

Jake: I did not expect you this early. I'm sorry.

Donna: I thought that I would get off on the right foot on the first business day.

Jake: What, you got a hangover or something?

Donna: Of course I donít.

Jake: What is with the shades?

Donna: You know, I think we have to hire a secretary because all of this paper work is really starting to get out of hand.

Jake: Did you get home ok? I hated to put you in a cab after, you know.

Donna: No, I was fine. Surely, I was fine.

Jake: Must be really cold out there, huh?

Donna: It is January.

Jake: You know, if that dress was up an inch higher, you would need somebody to feed you some oxygen.

Donna: Would you just--didnít you have an appointment this morning?

Jake: No. Sorry I didnít clean past last night. I just thought I'd sleep in this morning--

Donna: Just throw this stuff away, please. Thank you. I just wanted to get everything off on the right foot, get organized. You know, for the New Year.

Jake: I would like to save that, if you donít mind.

Donna: Why?

Jake: As a souvenir.

Donna: Suit yourself. If you want to have a smelly bottle lying around, it is your prerogative.

Jake: I kind of like what it reminds me of.

Donna: One New Year is just the same as the next.

Jake: I disagree.

Vicky: Mom? We need to talk.

Jake: Good morning, Vicky.

Donna: What is wrong?

Vicky: I think I may have ruined everything for you.

Mitch: Whether you know it or not, I plan on loving you forever.

Felicia: Mitch, I go through all of these Christmassy things. I'm working so hard to pretend that everything is the same, but it is not.

Mitch: Felicia, come on.

Felicia: No, the worst part is that the loneliness that I am feeling, I feel more of it when we are together.

Mitch: This is not what I want to happen.

Felicia: I know that.

Mitch: Felicia, you canít--

Felicia: I believe you, I do. Just like I believe that you donít want to feel the way you do about Rachel. Ok, let us see here. Well, I have always wanted to go on a safari. "Sleep in tents and commune with the wild beasts of the dark continent." Well, on second thought, there is always Paris.

[Mumbling to herself]

Mitch: Good morning.

Felicia: Hi, good morning.

Mitch: What is this?

Felicia: My anniversary present to you. A trip for two anywhere in the world. I mean, you have not forgotten, have you?

Mitch: What do you mean, have I forgotten? No, I have not forgotten.

Felicia: Well, I thought it would be the perfect way for us to start off the New Year. I mean, let's just take a month, all right? We will grab our bathing suits and we'll go lie on a beach somewhere.

Mitch: Ok, ok, ok, we will.

Felicia: All right, now I think it will take me about a day to close everything down here. And Iris would give you some time off, I am sure.

Mitch: There is no rush.

Felicia: Why should we wait?

Mitch: Well, for one thing, I have some things to do. I have projects to finish.

Felicia: In other words, we cannot leave town because we are worried about Rachel. Is that it? She is leaving, Mitch. What do you plan to do for her here?

Mitch: That is not it.

Felicia: God. If you would only stop lying to me.

Mitch: I am not lying to you.

Felicia: Ok, ok, we canít go on vacation until we know Rachel is happy. Well, when you find that out, I wish you'd let me know so I can call the travel agent. You know, Mitch, if you canít admit that your life centers around Rachel then we're never going to get beyond this.

Mitch: Wait a minute, I just donít understand why there is all of a sudden a big rush. That's it.

Felicia: Fine. I am sorry. I mean, I was only trying to do something to get our marriage back on track. But you know what, I keep trying and maybe that just isnít possible.

Mitch: Wait a minute, it's not...

Sam: Hi.

Mitch: Hi, Sam.

Sam: Look, if this is a bad time, I--

Felicia: No, it's a fine time. I will leave the two of you alone.

Sam: You donít have to. It is about Amanda and me.

Mitch: What is it?

Sam: She keeps asking me to come back, but I am not sure if anything has changed.

Mitch: You mean with her and Evan?

Sam: Yeah. But I am afraid that if I donít go back, I might lose her.

Felicia: Do you still love her?

Sam: Of course I do.

Jamie: Let me take your coat.

Rachel: Thank you. So, I have already been to the bank, and I went over to Cory and I talked with the accountants and the lawyers and I have cleared my calendar. What are you all staring at?

Jamie: Mom, are you sure you want to do this?

Rachel: Sure I am sure.

Ada: We were kind of hoping you would change your mind.

Rachel: I havenít.

Jamie: We just wanted to make sure that you're sure.

Rachel: I am sure. How many times do I have to tell you? I need some time to do something for myself.

Ada: Well, you have not even told us where you're going.

Jamie: Or when you are coming back.

Rachel: You guys are treating me as though I'm some teenager who is running away and going to sell flowers on a street corner.

Jamie: Mom, I am worried about you.

Rachel: Well, you are going to have to trust my judgment and it would be so nice if you guys could summon up just a little enthusiasm.

Ada: That is asking a little too much.

Rachel: Please, this is going to be so good for me. You're going to like me a lot better when I come home.

Jamie: Would be pretty tough to like you anymore than I already do.

Rachel: That was really nice. I am going to be in touch, I promise.

Jamie: Mom, I donít want to be selfish about you, it's just that I count on you. I count on you a lot.

Rachel: I know. Maybe that's the point. This is going to be better for everybody. Believe me; right, Mom? Mom? Right?

Ada: Right, ok? Right, right.

Rachel: Good. Maybe we'd better put the red swan into the safe.

Ada: The red swan is ok right where it is.

Rachel: You know, maybe by the time I get back, I will finally find out what it really means.

Donna: Why would you have ruined everything?

Vicky: I talked to Dad. I may have said too much.

Jake: No, not you, Vicky.

Donna: Jake.

Jake: All right, I am leaving. All right, all right.

Donna: All right, start from the beginning.

Vicky: I really let him have it.

Donna: About what?

Vicky: About that woman.

Donna: When?

Vicky: After you left the hospital. I just could not help myself.

Donna: What did you say?

Vicky: Well, I said that he was a creep and I couldn't believe how terribly he had hurt you. I just donít know who he is anymore.

Donna: Well, that just about sums it up.

Vicky: Are you mad at me?

Donna: Of course I am not mad at you.

Vicky: You're not at all, I mean, just a little?

Donna: No, not at all. I donít care what you said to him. What did he say?

Vicky: Not much. I mean, that is the thing. He said he canít explain it to me and couldn't I just believe in him a little bit longer.

Donna: He is too much. He is really, really too much.

Vicky: What will you do?

Donna: Nothing. I donít want to be made a fool of. He has already done that for me, thank you very much.

Vicky: Well, how much longer can you let it go on?

Donna: It is over, Victoria. I told your father I wanted a divorce. I mean it. The sooner I get this over with, the sooner I can get on with my life.

Vicky: You're not going to fight?

Donna: He doesn't want me. I canít make him love me, darling.

Vicky: Well, I am worried about him. He is just not himself, you know. He gets shot by God only knows who. He goes out with this other woman.

Donna: There are a lot of things about your father that are hard to understand. I guess that is the way it is with most men.

Vicky: I still donít believe it.

Donna: I should have seen it coming, but I didnít. Now all I want to do is fix this mess and get on with my life. No more schemes, no more plans, I donít want a man who does not want me.

Vicky: Are you ready to be alone?

Donna: I am alone. And I have not fallen apart yet, either. I have money. I have my own business. I have my children. I am actually very fortunate.

Vicky: I am very proud of you.

Donna: I am proud of me, too.

Vicky: I must admit you are handling it better than I thought you would.

Donna: I used to think men were the answer.

Vicky: To what?

Donna: Everything, everything. Happiness. All of the years that your father and I weren't together I used to think, "if only Michael were in my life, I would be just fine."

[Whispers] Look what happened.

Vicky: You guys did have some really good years.

Donna: The only person in the whole wide world who is reliable is yourself.

Vicky: You know what? You are right.

Donna: Who needs men anyway?

[Iris humming]

Iris: There we go, all set.

Amanda: You know, Iris, I really would not get too comfortable here. My mother will be back.

Iris: Perhaps, someday. But in the meantime I intend to run this company as if the move were permanent.

Amanda: Why am I not surprised?

Iris: You know, darling, it is about time you stopped fighting your mother's battles and started concentrating on keeping your own head above water.

Amanda: What is that supposed to mean?

Iris: It means that you have been given a wonderful opportunity, one that people with more experience would kill for.

Amanda: I can handle that.

Iris: Ah, good, I hope you can. Because if you canít, you will be replaced. You can be sure of that.

Amanda: You know, Iris, if you're waiting for me to fail, donít hold your breath. Oh wait, on second thought.


Iris: Remember, it is just you and me now.

Amanda: But I know that, Iris. And made it perfectly clear.

Iris: I will not, under any circumstances, allow you to remain if you cannot hold down your job. Now, I have an editorial meeting. I will speak to both of you later. Donít look so sad. Just think, you can have your old office back. Wonít that be nice?

Amanda: [Sighs] How am I going to be able to handle her?

Evan: You really donít have a choice.

Amanda: She is out to get me, Evan.

Evan: Let me ask you a question.

Amanda: What--go ahead.

Evan: Are you just mad at Iris or are you mad at the fact that she just might be right about you?

Amanda: Little of both.

Evan: Good. That means you're going to have your guard up.

Amanda: I am petrified. I have never published a magazine before.

Evan: Well, it is ok. All you have to do is relax and just do the work.

Amanda: What makes you so sure?

Evan: Because I believe in you. I always have.

Sam: I had no idea it had gotten this bad between the two of you.

Mitch: It is ok, it is ok. It is under control.

Sam: Does Felicia think it is under control?

Mitch: No. No, probably not.

Sam: It is about Rachel, isnít it?

Mitch: Yeah.

Sam: How far has it gotten between you two? Sorry, that is none of my business.

Mitch: Look, I happen to be concerned about Rachel.

Sam: And?

Mitch: And in the last few weeks, we have gotten close.

Sam: Oh, boy.

Mitch: What can I say? I love Felicia. I happen to believe in our marriage. I also happen to have these feelings for Rachel and that is real, too.

Sam: This is hitting a little bit too close to home.

Mitch: I know, I am sorry.

Sam: You know, I used to think that when you fall in love with someone, I mean really in love with someone, that you could not have feelings for somebody else. I guess I was wrong.

Mitch: I donít know what to say.

Sam: Rachel is going away for a while.

Mitch: I know.

Sam: Are you upset about that?

Mitch: I am concerned about her. I think she might be in danger.

Sam: Why?

Mitch: Why, because--look, she was taken from the accident to the hospital and whoever took her just kind of left her there and vanished. Somebody keeps calling, checking on her condition, seeing how she is but doesn't want to leave a name.

Sam: Mitch, I could imagine a lot worse things happening to a person.

Mitch: Look, I know, I know, I know. I just think it would be better if she waited before taking this trip, that's all.

Sam: You have not told her about the note you found in the red swan, have you?

Mitch: No, I havenít.

Sam: Well, of course she is going to think everything is ok.

Mitch: Hey, look, let me just take care of this.

Sam: Look, Mitch, you have got to tell her about the note. You have to tell her about Ken Jordan or she is never going to think that anything could be possibly wrong.

Mitch: You know, if I tell her, she will probably go out and try to find this guy.

Sam: She has that right, man.

Mitch: Hey, hang on. Just let me take care of this, ok?

Sam: Rachel, what a coincidence.

Rachel: I was hoping I'd see you before I left.

Sam: Are you all set?

Rachel: Yes, I am.

Sam: Well, good. I will leave you two alone. I think my brother has something to tell you.

Rachel: I just came to say good-bye. What is it you want to tell me?

Jake: Where is Vicky?

Donna: She had an appointment with Iris.

Jake: What was she upset about?

Donna: She gave Michael a hard time at the hospital because he contacted his woman instead of me.

Jake: And she was upset that she did it?

Donna: She thought that she ruined everything for me and Michael.

Jake: Did she?

Donna: She could not have possibly done that. Not too much more to ruin.

Jake: And you are ok?

Donna: Yes, I'm fine. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Jake: Well, what have you been losing sleep over the last couple of days?

Donna: Not a thing. I have been sleeping like a baby.

Jake: Really? You look beat.

Donna: Jake, I really donít want to discuss my personal life here at work with you if that is not too much to ask.

Jake: No, but--

Donna: Good. Now I have been looking over this poor excuse of a ledger that we have and we just have to come up with some kind of a system.

Jake: I thought we were friends. You know, since we started this business, I donít know, I am going out on a limb here, but I thought we were getting close.

Donna: Jake, can we just please get some work done here?

Jake: Why are you avoiding me?

Donna: I am here, aren't I?

Jake: Are we going to talk about what happened last night, Donna, or are we just going to dance around it all day?

Donna: Nothing happened last night. Would you please log and file these?

Jake: Stop it. Stop pretending like it did not happen. We kissed. Not like business partners and not like friends. And Donna, whether you want to admit it or not, you kissed me back.

Iris: Yes, Molly. Oh yes, send her straight in. Thank you. Happy New Year, Victoria.

Vicky: I hope it will be.

Iris: Now I am absolutely intrigued by this meeting.

Vicky: Let's get right to the point.

Iris: Please.

Vicky: I want a job.

Iris: You do?

Vicky: I assume you are hiring people for your new magazine.

Iris: Oh yes, but I am not running "Sophisticate" directly.

Vicky: Yes I know, I heard. Amanda is in charge.

Iris: Yeah, I donít think she would be exactly thrilled by the idea.

Vicky: Amanda got that job because of who she is. Now, I know that "Sophisticate" is your magazine and you will be my new boss.

Iris: You are assuming a bit much, aren't you?

Vicky: I donít think so. Considering the fact that it was my little block of stock that got you back here at Cory. You know, come to think of it, "Sophisticate" would not exist if it wasn't for me.

[Iris chuckles]

Iris: I never realized that you were so interested in publishing.

Vicky: It is not the money.

Iris: I didnít think it was.

Vicky: I have a story to tell.

Iris: Most people do.

Vicky: I have a concept for a feature article that I know will appeal to your readership. I checked out your demographics and I know I am right. Actually, it is a personal story.

Iris: Well, tell me.

Vicky: It is about a woman whose marriage ended, who was kept from her own child by her husband's wealthy family, until she was forced to kidnap her own child.

Iris: You would be prepared to write about this?

Vicky: And the reason she came back. I would focus on that.

Iris: Does Jamie know what you're going to do?

Vicky: He will. When I get the go-ahead.

Iris: Well, it is certainly worth some thought.

Vicky: I think it is going to take a lot more than thinking to convince Amanda of the idea. I donít think she will be too thrilled about publicizing her brother's problems.

Iris: An in-house story on a timely subject. What a wonderful idea, Victoria. And how very thoughtful of you to bring the idea to me.

Vicky: Can you handle Amanda?

[Iris laughs]

Vicky: I knew I came to the right place.

Amanda: We are going to make this magazine so successful, it is going to make Iris' head spin.

Evan: That is a good start.

Amanda: I am getting rid of this "Fresh Faces" thing. I am putting it on the back burner. Nobody is interested in just another fashion magazine. It wonít sell. I want the top graphics. I want the best stories from experienced writers. I want top-of-the-line design. This is going to be my magazine.

Evan: Ok, ok. I believe you.

Amanda: We're going to do it, Evan.

Evan: I am finance. I donít think I'm going to be too helpful on the creative end.

Amanda: Is it ok if I kind of throw my ideas off you?

Evan: Sure, it's fine.

Amanda: Good, you always make me feel like whatever I say makes sense.

Evan: Now what you say, I think you know what you say is right. You just have to work on believing it and meaning what you say.

Amanda: I am sorry I ran out on you on New Yearís Eve.

Evan: So am I.

Amanda: I was just angry with myself. I should not have let you kiss me.

Evan: I should not have done it.

Amanda: What?

Evan: I am not going to push you, Amanda, not anymore.

Amanda: Thank you. I have a lot of things that I have to sort out, you know?

Evan: I agree.

Amanda: I have to try and make this marriage work, Evan.

Evan: That is your decision.

Amanda: I am sorry if I am confusing you.

Evan: Well, I think you just have to keep me out of it and I will do my best to help you out with that.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Evan: What I mean is what I want for you is the best. And you know how I feel. So I think I just have to leave you alone to make up your own mind. It is up to you, Amanda. Sam?

Amanda: Hi. I am glad you're here.

Sam: Are you?

Amanda: The two of us really need to talk about our future.

Rachel: What is it? What did you want to tell me?

Mitch: Sam just knows how I feel about your leaving. That is all.

Rachel: Mitch, I have to do this. I have to get some sort of control over my life.

Mitch: I understand. Some people just donít want to see you get hurt.

Rachel: How could I possibly be hurt any worse than I have been in the last few months?

Mitch: I donít want to see you in any sort of dangerous situation.

Rachel: You keep saying that. Is there something you're not telling me?

Felicia: Rachel?

Rachel: Hi.

Felicia: Sam left?

Mitch: Yes, he did.

Felicia: I can tell by the look on Mitchís face that you have not changed your mind.

Rachel: I am leaving.

Mitch: You told me yourself you thought you were being followed.

Rachel: Yes, I did say that.

Mitch: And so what if you are right? You think it is a good idea to go off on your own to be by yourself?

Rachel: I feel something, but I donít feel as though I am in danger. The only unusual thing that has happened is Mrs. Johnson and she's not going to hurt me.

Mitch: How do you know that?

Rachel: Well I donít know. But I am not going to imagine problems where they donít exist.

Mitch: What, do you think I am making this up? Do you think this is some sort of game that I am playing?

Felicia: Mitch, why are you trying to frighten her?

Mitch: I am not trying to frighten her. I just--it is not as simple as that.

Mrs. Johnson: Hello.

Rachel: Mrs. Johnson? We were just talking about you.

Mrs. Johnson: Well, here I am.

Rachel: How is it that you always know where I am?

Mrs. Johnson: You are looking so much better, Rachel.

Rachel: Thank you. Oh, these are friends of mine. Mrs. Johnson: Mitch Blake, Felicia Gallant.

Felicia: It is nice to meet you, Mrs. Johnson.

Rachel: I have been trying to get in touch with you ever since you came to visit me at the hospital.

Mrs. Johnson: I hope the book I brought you helped.

Rachel: It did, thank you.

Mitch: Yes, I have been wanting to meet you, as well.

Mrs. Johnson: Why is that?

Mitch: I just wanted to know why you were so interested in Rachel.

Mrs. Johnson: I am a friend. Just like you. Have you made any big decisions since the last time I saw you?

Rachel: Yes, as a matter of fact I have.

Mrs. Johnson: I thought you might have.

Rachel: I am going away for a while. I feel I need to be on my own. Almost as though I am looking for something, I am not exactly sure what it is, but I'm going to find it.

Mrs. Johnson: You will, trust me.

Rachel: Mrs. Johnson?

Mrs. Johnson: I have got to be going. Godspeed, Rachel.

Rachel: Yes, but I donít know how to get in touch with you. I donít even have your phone number.

Mrs. Johnson: We will meet again, bye.

Felicia: That was just a little strange.

Rachel: I know.

Mitch: I hope you trust her, because I donít.

Rachel: She is harmless. Look, I'd better be going.

Mitch: I hope you'll call.

Rachel: Of course I will.

Felicia: I would like to talk to Rachel for a moment alone, please.

Mitch: Be careful.

Felicia: There is something that I want to tell you.

Rachel: What?

Felicia: I donít believe that you intended any of this to happen.

Rachel: I didnít.

Felicia: You know the hardest part of it all, I canít seem to get through to my husband and I canít talk to my best friend.

Rachel: I have missed you, too.

Felicia: I missed you.

Rachel: I am so sorry you have been hurt.

Felicia: I really do hope you find whatever it is you are looking for.

Rachel: Thank you.

Donna: Well, that is just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Jake: Why are you denying it?

Donna: It was one kiss. It was one stupid, meaningless kiss. Now why are you making such a big issue out of it?

Jake: Making an issue? You know how many women I have kissed on New Yearís Eve?

Donna: I am sure the list is endless.

Jake: It's not short.

Donna: Well fine then, we were together on New Yearís Eve and we...

Jake: Kissed.

Donna: Yes. What is so unusual about that?

Jake: At least we are admitting it now.

Donna: It will never happen again.

Jake: You are right.

Donna: I certainly hope you have not been broadcasting it everywhere.

Jake: Not yet.

Donna: Not ever, do you understand me? Not ever.

Jake: What's wrong, Donna? You donít want everybody in Bay City to know what a hot kisser you are?

Donna: Stop, just stop, stop.

Jake: I thought you said it was no big deal.

Donna: It's not.

Jake: Why do you keep bringing it up?

Donna: I'm not.

Jake: You are, too.

Donna: You are the one who keeps bringing it up.

Jake: Sorry.

Donna: Could we just stop please?

Jake: Dead deal.

Donna: We just do some work?

Jake: Ok, now that I know how you feel about it, we'll just do some work.

Donna: Good.

Donna: Am I really--

Jake: What?!

Donna: Nothing.

Sam: I donít have any answers. I just know what I want.

Amanda: What do you want?

Sam: I want my family back. I want to love my wife. I want my wife to love me.

Amanda: I do.

Sam: Just me.

Amanda: You are upset because Evan was here.

Sam: No, I am upset because he still has that proprietary look whenever he is around you.

Amanda: Sam, I have told him that I want to spend my time working things out with you. Nothing has ever happened between Evan and me.

Sam: This is a lot more complicated than whether or not you have slept with Evan.

Amanda: Sam, if that is all I wanted, I could've had that a long time ago. I love you. I donít know what else to say.

Sam: Can you really leave Evan behind? Can you tell me that you have let go of that?

Amanda: I want you. I always have.

Sam: I want things to be the way they were. I canít tell you how much I have missed that. I have missed you.

[Knock on door]

Sam: You better get that.

Caroline: Sam, I am so glad you are here. I have been looking all over town for you.

Sam: Caroline, look, can I call you later?

Caroline: The Fogel gallery in New York wants your showing.

Sam: What?

Caroline: They had a cancellation and they knew we were ready to roll, so they want us to bring the whole show to Manhattan.

Sam: That is the most important gallery in Manhattan.

Caroline: It is an incredible opportunity. It is a lifetime chance.

Amanda: That is wonderful.

Sam: Ok, when?

Caroline: You have got to tell me now. Do you want to do it?

Sam: Yeah, you know I do.

Caroline: Good, we go tonight.

Jamie: I didnít expect you today.

Vicky: I need to talk to you.

Jamie: Hilda has Steven and Alli out for a walk right now.

Vicky: That is ok. I just need to talk to you.

Jamie: What is wrong?

Vicky: Nothing, at least I donít think so. I hope you donít think so.

Jamie: Uh-oh.

Vicky: No, it is not that bad.

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: I decided to get a job.

Jamie: That is it?

Vicky: That is the big part.

Jamie: Well, that is terrific.

Vicky: I asked Iris for a job at "Sophisticate."

Jamie: Oh, I see.

Vicky: And I wanted to tell you myself because I want you to understand.

Jamie: Ok, I am listening.

Vicky: I need to keep busy. And I think "Sophisticate" is a good place to start.

Jamie: Does Amanda know?

Vicky: I am meeting with her this afternoon. Jamie, I wanted to tell you myself because I want you to know that I am not trying to cause trouble. I just have some good ideas. I want to use them. I donít have any tricks, nothing up my sleeve.

Jamie: Why "Sophisticate"?

Vicky: I have got pull there.

Jamie: I guess you do.

Vicky: You donít mind?

Jamie: Well, it really is none of my business.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I just wanted you to know that I am not trying to pull one over on your family.

Jamie: Thank you.

Vicky: You're welcome.

Jamie: And good luck.

Vicky: Well, that was easier than I thought.

Jamie: What was?

Vicky: Being honest. Telling the truth from the beginning.

Jamie: Well, I would like to keep it like that.

Vicky: So would I. For Stevenís sake.

Jamie: And ours, too.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jamie: Listen, I will try to smooth things over with Amanda.

Vicky: You will?

Jamie: Yeah, I think it is about time that we all stopped fighting and got on with living our lives. Donít you think?

Sam: Tonight.

Caroline: Is there a problem?

Sam: Well, there is a lot going on at home right now, and Amanda and I--

Caroline: Sam, this is not anything that's even vaguely resembling what went on in New York last year. This is top visibility. Grade A, big time. Can you hear me?

Amanda: If it's that big of a thing, maybe you should--

Sam: Look, Caroline, this timing is really bad right now. Rachel is leaving today. Amanda and I really need...

Caroline: Ok, I will leave you two to talk. But I have to know by 5 today. Call me at the gallery?

Sam: Yeah, I will.

Caroline: This could be your ticket, Sam.

Amanda: Wow.

Sam: Do you have any idea what this could mean to me? To us?

Amanda: I know it is what you have always wanted.

Sam: Yeah, but why did it have to happen now?

Amanda: Maybe the timing isnít all that bad.

Sam: How do you mean?

Amanda: Maybe we can use the time apart.

Sam: Why?

Amanda: Because you are right. We canít get back together until I have worked things out.

Sam: And you haven't yet?

Amanda: I love you, Sam. I am just not sure if that is enough.

Sam: I guess not.

Amanda: You know, there was a time when news like what Caroline just said would have had us dancing off the ceiling. And instead look at us. We're just worried about our problems, how confused we are.

Sam: You seem to have everything worked out.

Amanda: I have just been given a tremendous work opportunity. So have you.

Sam: So we just go our separate ways, is that it?

Amanda: Not forever.

[Intercom buzzes]

Amanda: Yes? Sure, all right, I will be right there. Mom is in Iris' office. I have got to go.

Sam: Ok.

Amanda: Will you come by the house later to say good-bye to Mom?

Rachel: You have moved right in.

Iris: I wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible. I hope you donít mind.

Rachel: Of course not, it is your office for the time being.

Amanda: Mom.

Rachel: Ah, there you are.

Amanda: I did not know if you were going to be in today.

Rachel: Yes, I wanted to see the 3 of you.

Amanda: You changed your mind about leaving?

Rachel: No. I just wanted us to be very clear on one thing. Just because I'm leaving, it does not mean that I have lost interest in the success of Cory Enterprises.

Evan: But we know that, Rachel.

Rachel: I would like the in fighting to stop. I believe in all of you. I would like to think that you'll work hard for the success of Cory Enterprises.

Iris: We certainly intend to try, donít we?

Rachel: I mean it, Iris. This is your chance. This is probably the last chance you will get.

Iris: Excuse me?

Rachel: You have always said that you know Cory Enterprises better than anyone. Prove it. If not for yourself, for your father. He always wanted you to be a member of this family. He never lived to see that happen. I think we owe it to him to try. Now if you excuse me, I have to get home. I am leaving this afternoon.

Amanda: I will go with you.

Rachel: Keep your wits about you, ok? I'm counting on you.

Evan: Thank you for everything.

Iris: Good-bye, Rachel.

Rachel: Good-bye, Iris.

Evan: You think you can handle all this?

[Iris laughs]

Iris: That is the last of her.

Evan: I would not say so, Iris.

Iris: Oh, I would. This is where I belong. This is where Daddy always wanted me to be. And I have got no intention of leaving. Ever.

Felicia: Franco, has my husband left?

Franco: I believe he left about an hour ago. Perhaps he left a message with the bartender.

Felicia: No, donít worry about it. I think I know where I can find him. Donna, hi.

Donna: Hi, how are you?

Felicia: Can I get you a table?

Donna: No. Would you mind if I sat at the bar?

Felicia: No, of course not. Here, let me take your coat. Franco.

Donna: I really donít like to--thank you--donít like to eat alone at a table.

Felicia: So, I heard what happened to Michael.

Donna: Oh, the shooting. Yes, well, he will be fine.

Felicia: Good. How are you doing?

Donna: I wasn't with him.

Felicia: No, I understand he was at the Pelican club with Lucas.

Donna: Mm-hmm.

Felicia: Who in the world would want to shoot Michael?

Donna: I donít know. They said it was a case of mistaken identity. What have you got that is good on the menu today?

Felicia: Donna, hey.

Donna: I am sorry. I was very relieved when I learned that he wasn't hurt badly. I have asked him for a divorce.

Felicia: What?

Donna: It has been a long time in coming.

Felicia: I had no idea it was this serious. I am so sorry.

Donna: Yeah, so am I. But I will be fine. Paul, could you please give me a champagne cocktail?

Felicia: Donna, are you sure you want to go through with this?

Donna: Absolutely.

Felicia: You have such a great marriage with Michael. I mean, canít you work it out?

Donna: Felicia, if you can tell me a way to work it out when your husband is in love with another woman, I wish you would.

Felicia: Make it two champagne cocktails, Paul.

Rachel: Do you understand what I am doing now? Do you feel all right about it?

Amanda: No.

Rachel: But you do understand?

Amanda: Yes, I do. I understand.

Rachel: I have been waiting for you to say that.

Amanda: I want you to be happy, Mom. It's just... well, I am scared.

Rachel: You will be fine.

Amanda: Hi, Grandma.

Ada: Hi. Garage brought your car back. All of your stuff is in it.

Rachel: If I didnít know you any better, I would say you were rushing me.

Ada: You know me better. Oh, you have company.

Rachel: Where?

Ada: Out on the terrace. And keep your coat on, it is freezing out there.

Rachel: Ok, ok.

Rachel: I had a feeling I would see you again today.

Mitch: Why is that?

Rachel: Because you had that, "I am not through with you yet, Rachel," look on your face.

Mitch: Well, I could not exactly talk to you with Felicia standing there.

Rachel: Mitch, this has got to stop.

Mitch: Just tell me one thing. Are you leaving because of me?

Rachel: No. All right, yes, maybe a little. I have grown to depend on you too much. It is not fair to any of us.

Mitch: It is ok if you depend on me. Do you know that I care about you?

Rachel: I know, but you canít.

Mitch: Rachel.

Rachel: Please, Mitch, donít make me push you away forever. I will do that if I have to and I donít want to. Just wish me luck and say good-bye.

Sam: So where is your mom?

Rachel: Here I am. Sam, it is so nice of you to come over to say good-bye.

Sam: Hey, Mitch.

Mitch: Hey, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, I wanted to. You are part of my family. You always will be.

Rachel: There is nothing more important than families.

Vicky: Here we go. Hi. Look at this. Go say good-bye.

Rachel: He's walking. Good for you.

Vicky: He is walking.

Rachel: Vicky, I had no idea you were here.

Vicky: Well, we just wanted to stay and say good-bye. Can you say good-bye? Say good-bye.

[Steven cries] He wants to walk.

Rachel: It is all right, let him walk.

Vicky: Ok, here you go.

Rachel: It is so nice to have you all here. And Vicky, it is so nice that you and Jamie are working out a way to work around the baby.

Vicky: Well, Steven is first. He always comes first. It just took us a while to realize it.

Rachel: I would like to talk to you about something, May I call you?

Vicky: Of course.

Rachel: Good.

Ada: So is this it?

Rachel: This is it. Well, donít look unhappy, everybody. This is a happy time for me. I am happy, canít you tell?

Amanda: Yes, I can.

Rachel: It is an adventure. And I love you all very, very much.

Jamie: Have you called Matthew?

Rachel: Yes, I have. I am going to talk to him in a couple of days.

Amanda: Call us when you get to your first stop, ok?

Rachel: Ok honey, I will. Mom?

Ada: Will you let her go before I lock her in her room?

Rachel: Here I go. Bye, sweetie.

[Steven crying]

Rachel: I am fine. Bye.

Sam: Wave bye-bye, Alli.

Jamie: Let me get the door.

Amanda: Bye.

All: Bye!

Vicky: Bye. Bye.

Sam: Take care.

Mrs. Johnson: Mrs. Cory is leaving home today.

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