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Another World Transcript Wednesday 11/30/05

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Singer: She drives me crazy Whoo whoo Like no one else Whoo whoo She drives me crazy

Radio announcer: You are listening to KBAY, bidding good-bye to 1989.

Sam: Good riddance.

Radio announcer: So be sure and stay tuned as the countdown continues to 1990.

Sam: Sorry, bud, not exactly in a party mood.

[Knock on door] Olivia.

Olivia: Hi. Can I come in?

Sam: Sure. You look very nice.

Olivia: Thanks. Iris Wheeler's giving this big party over at the Pelican club for "Sophisticate." Josie wangled me an invitation.

Sam: Have fun.

Olivia: What am I supposed to do? Walk around, shake people's hands, and say "hi, I am the one they did not pick to be the 'Sophisticate' girl"?

Sam: Ok, donít have fun.

Olivia: I am not going, Sam.

Sam: Ok.

Olivia: Don't you want to know why?

Sam: Ok, Olivia, why?

Olivia: Because I realized that the only place I want to be tonight is right here.

Lucas: Start as soon as the press arrives. What I will do is I will introduce Iris as the new acting chairman of Cory Publishing, and then she will make the announcement about you being the publisher of "Sophisticate." Understand?

Amanda: Right.

Iris: Uh, Lucas, I want to talk to you about that.

Lucas: What about that?

Iris: Would you excuse us for a minute, please, dear?

Lucas: Excuse me.

Evan: Do not worry about Iris. Everything is going to be just fine.

Amanda: Donít you ever give up?

Sharlene: And you can pick up your press packets right over there. Enjoy it.

Josie: Hello, mama.

Sharlene: Well, who picked out that dress? Lucas?

Josie: I am a little nervous, so if you do not mind--

Sharlene: But I do mind, Josie. You and I need to have a little talk.

Donna: Jake? Hello? Jake? He is not here. I cannot believe--"dear Donna, it looks like I'm not going to make our meeting after all." I should have known. "I have this party to go to. Business, you know." Yeah, right, business. "I figure, since you're over here anyway, you can preview this tape I made for a client.Ē Forget it. Forget it! All right. I will look at the tape. I will do the work tonight. I will look at the tape.


Jake: Hello, Donna. Let's see... you look good. Well, I am glad to see you are playing the tape. I thought for sure when you got my note you would just throw it in the garbage and stomp out the door. Good to see that you are finally doing exactly what I told you. Hey, hey, hey, you put that down. Whatever you just picked up to throw at me, you set it down right now. Good girl.

Donna: You think you are so full of yourself, donít you?

Jake: In case you have not figured it out, my client is you. And the subject is... happy New Year, Donna.

Donna: [Laughs] Jake!

Matt: Mom. What are you doing?

Rachel: Admiring you. You look very handsome and grown-up.

Matt: Ugh.

Rachel: Ok, I will stop. I donít want to embarrass you--God forbid.

Matt: What did you want to talk to me about?

Rachel: I thought maybe we should talk about my going away.

Matt: You are still thinking about that?

Rachel: Well, I'm doing more than thinking about it. I am leaving tomorrow.

Matt: You are leaving tomorrow?

Rachel: It's New Yearís Day. I thought it was an appropriate time to start this kind of journey--

Matt: Yes, well, I appreciate the symbolism, I really do, but donít you think it is kind of quick?

Rachel: The board has approved the appointments of Iris and Amanda and my leave of absence.

Matt: How are you feeling?

Rachel: Fine. So there's nothing to hold me back.

Matt: Except a family who needs you here.

Rachel: You are angry about this?

Matt: Mom, you walk in on Christmas day, you announce to everyone you are leaving, you do not even say where you are going.

Rachel: That is because I do not know. But it will not be forever, and you're not losing me. And one of the major reasons I'm doing this is for all of you.

Matt: You can tell yourself that but not me. I do not want you to go, and neither does anyone else.

Rachel: I have got to come to terms with what happened last year.

Rachel: I have got to try to figure out who I am.

Matt: And you cannot do that here?

Rachel: No--here? Surrounded by everything that Mac gave me by our life together? No, I cannot do it here.

Matt: Oh, so your--is it--

Rachel: What?

Matt: Is it us? Is it me? Jamie? Amanda? Are we part of that life?

Rachel: Of course you are. You're part of me wherever I am, whoever I am. Honey, I am not abandoning you. I'm going to be in touch. I could not bear not to be.

Matt: So you really have to do this?

Rachel: Yes, I really have to do this.

Matt: Then do it right. Because once you come back, we are never letting you go again.

Ada: Matt, you are still here.

Matt: Yeah.

Rachel: It is 9:00--

Matt: Oh, gosh.

Rachel: Josie is going to be expecting you.

Matt: Yeah, I had better go.

Rachel: Ok, have fun.

Matt: All righty.

Ada: Here you are, sweetheart.

Matt: This coat... supposed to be there at quarter--

Rachel: Oh. Well, you look terrific.

Matt: Thank you.

Ada: You're welcome.

Matt: Bye-bye. Oh--happy New Year.

Ada: Happy New Year. He seems, uh, a little subdued.

Rachel: We were talking about my going away. I think maybe he understands now.

Ada: Oh. Well, I am glad he does, because I do not.

Lucas: Iris, what is the problem?

Iris: I do not want you telling Amanda that she is the focus of the attention this evening.

Lucas: I thought the focus was supposed to be on both of you?

Iris: I think it is time that she learned that power is not something that is just taken for granted.

Lucas: What did you have in mind, Iris?

Iris: Why donít you just leave everything to me, darling?

Sharlene: I am sure you think you know everything. I did too when I was your age, Josie.

Josie: Could we do this another time?

Sharlene: No, we canít.

Michael: Sharlene, hi.

Sharlene: Michael, are you all right?

Michael: Hi, Josie. Yeah, I'm fine.

Josie: Oh, good. Oh--excuse me. I'm going to go talk to Lucas.

Sharlene: Josie--

Michael: Something wrong?

Sharlene: Oh, I thought the terrible twos were the worst.

Michael: [Laughs]

Sharlene: Michael, what are you doing out of the hospital?

Michael: I am fine. Nothing wrong with me.

Sharlene: My boss thought Iris was going to cancel this party because of what happened to you here.

Michael: Hey, what happened to me happened to me; it didnít have anything to do with the Pelican club.

Sharlene: What did it have to do with?

Michael: [Laughs] You say Iris is having a party here tonight?

Sharlene: Yes, for "Sophisticate." Michael, is that why you're here?

Michael: Nah. I just came here to deck my halls. I think I will have myself a little painkiller at the bar. I will see you.

Sharlene: Michael--

Michael: Bye.

Josie: So when do you think the article is going to come out?

Christopher: It's about a month or two. It takes some time for the photos to get together.

Josie: Oh, mama.

Christopher: Mama.

Josie: This is my mother, Sharlene Hudson. This is Christopher, he is doing the article about me for the magazine.

Sharlene: Oh, well, it is very nice to meet you, Christopher. I hope you'll say lots of nice things about my daughter.

Christopher: Oh, I intend to. Josieís mother. Boy, you must be a V.I.P. here, then.

Sharlene: No, I am the hostess. I work here.

Christopher: You do?

Josie: Yeah, well, she just does it for fun. Actually, she's the head of Frame Construction, and her new husband, John, he is a doctor. I think I told you all of that--

Sharlene: Josie! I work here because I enjoy it, and because it pays.

Christopher: Well, that is an interesting angle. I certainly see where Josie gets her cover girl looks.

Josie: Christopher, there is Iris Wheeler. You said you wanted to meet her?

Christopher: Thanks.

Josie: Mm-hmm.

Christopher: I will catch up with you later.

Josie: Sure. Did you have to say all that?

Sharlene: I canít believe you.

Josie: Why?

Sharlene: You act like you're embarrassed because I work for a living. And you're ready to pose for Lucas in your underwear when he says the word.

Josie: Oh, that is it.

Sharlene: Yes, that is it.

Josie: What is the big deal?

Sharlene: The big deal is to have enough self-respect to say to Lucas that there are limits.

Josie: I have self-respect because he gave it to me.

Sharlene: [Whispers] Josie...

Josie: I am a professional, and I will do what I am asked to do. Besides, look at you. What right have you to say anything about me? Excuse me, I am going to go say hello to Iris.

Party guest: Hey, how you doing? Buy you a drink, honey?

Sharlene: Leave me alone.

Lucas: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Lucas, what a surprise.

Lucas: You look a lot better than you did at the hospital yesterday.

Michael: Yeah. Funny about that. You know, you did not say much. I kind of thought you might want to talk.

Lucas: A little risky coming back to the scene of the crime, isnít it?

Michael: It's a little more risky for them to come back to the scene of the crime if you ask me. The truth is, if they want me out of the way, it doesn't matter where I am.

Lucas: Who are "they"?

Michael: I'll tell you what. Why donít you let me ask the questions, all right? And you supply the answers.

Lucas: What questions?

Michael: Well, for instance, are we working together, or not?

Michael: What are you looking for, Lucas? I mean, nobody is looking to nail you now--or are they? Do you want to talk business?

Lucas: The only business I'm going to talk now is "Sophisticate" business.

Michael: Oh, oh, well, come on now, man. You and I both know that ladies' magazine is not going to supply you with enough money to take care of business now. Not the kind you need. Now look, shipment of 17th-century Asian art, now that would supply you with enough money to get out of trouble with all your friends, wouldnít it?

Lucas: Asian art--I do not know what you're talking about.

Michael: Look, the club knows that you and your flunkies picked up that shipment I left for you at the warehouse.

Lucas: Shipments, Asian art--I do not know what you are talking--

Michael: Cut the crap, all right? Now, the club is on to you, and they are on to me. So, the way I see it, we can either go down separately, or...

Iris: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Hello, Iris.

Iris: Darling, Amanda seems to be cornered by that woman from "the L.A. Times." Do you think you could go and give her a hand?

Lucas: Sure.

Iris: Thank you.

Michael: Do you want something?

Iris: I am just trying to figure it out.

Michael: Oh, you must have something better to do with your time.

Iris: Look, it's New Yearís Eve, you are drinking alone, and there is no sign of Donna.

Michael: Your powers of observation are acute, Iris.

Iris: As you know, I never understood the attraction, but this just does not compute.

Michael: I will tell you what does not compute, Iris. What does not compute is you and Lucas.

Iris: Well, why not?

Michael: Well, let's just say that I've known you for a long time and I've never known you to be user-friendly.

Iris: He is not using me. I am very, very happy.

Michael: Yeah, I can see that.

Iris: You made yourself miserable, Michael. Just--just do not take it out on me, ok?

Michael: Bartender? Come on, hit me up again, would you?

Bartender: Ready for another one?

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Party guest: So, you ready for that drink now, honey?

Sharlene: With you? I'd rather stay sober.


Iris: Just do not expect me to be standing next to Amanda this evening.

Lucas: Iris--

Iris: Look, "Sophisticate" was my creation. It was my gift to Daddy. And if you think I'm just going to stand by while some inexperienced, spoiled little brat runs it into the ground, you are wrong!

Lucas: I think you should shut up.

Iris: Why?

Amanda: Because I just heard everything that you said.

Olivia: There is nothing in here except some green tuna. Uh! I think it used to be tuna.

Sam: It does not matter.

Olivia: We could send out for Chinese. Or I could run out to the store and grab some--

Sam: Olivia.

Olivia: Yes?

Sam: I am not really in the mood for a party.

Olivia: Well, it doesn't have to be a party. We could just sit around--

Sam: Olivia, I really think you should go.

Olivia: Have you been talking to Matthew?

Sam: No, why?

Olivia: Because Josie started a terrible rumor about the two of us.

Sam: About you and Matt?

Olivia: You and me.

Sam: Wait, what kind of terrible rumor?

Olivia: She saw the two of us together at the apartment. You had your arms around me.

Sam: Oh, that. That is just great. That is great. Of course he went right to Amanda with this.

Olivia: I do not know if he did or not. The two of you separated immediately after that, and, well, Matthew thinks it is all my fault.

Sam: There it is. That explains why he was acting the way he was acting at Christmas.

Olivia: He acted the same way towards me. I could just kill Josie.

Sam: It is not her.

Olivia: It is not?

Sam: No. Evan beat her to it.

Olivia: Evan? Evan spoke to Amanda about--Sam, that is terrible. I cannot stand that guy.

Sam: I am not too hip on him either.

Olivia: Well, I guess I had better go. I mean, you want to be alone. I can certainly understand that. Heaven knows I would not want to give Evan Bates--

Sam: Oh, to hell with Evan Bates.

[Growls] Look, if Amanda wants to believe everything that guy tells her, well, fine. We have got a lot bigger problem than just the time I spend with you.

Olivia: Right.

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: Yeah. Well, I am off to my party.

Sam: Look, Olivia--

Olivia: Hmm?

Sam: If you want to hang out, you can hang out.

Olivia: I can?

Sam: Sure. I do not know what kind of company I will be. I mean, watching a guy mix paints on New Year's Eve is not exactly what I would call a hot time, but...

Olivia: [Chuckling] Well, listen. Compared to watching throngs of Josieís admirers at the Pelican, I feel like I've just been invited to studio 54.

Sam: You are going to get your dress all messed up.

Olivia: I am?

Sam: Yeah, when I start flinging around paints, it is not exactly going to be neat around here.

Olivia: It is all right.

Sam: No, it is not. It is a nice dress. Look, there's a pair of sweat pants and a denim shirt in the bathroom. Why donít you go change?

Olivia: All right. If you insist.

Jake: And even though you spilled nail polish remover on my audio board and "accidentally" erased my special--

Donna: [Laughs]

Jake: ...Long-playing stag tape, you can stop laughing now, because I am already working on another one and you are never going to find it.

Donna: You just wait. You wait.

Jake: I guess what I'm trying to say is 1989 has been a big year for us. I know a lot of bad stuff has happened for both of us. But we opened this place, and that is a good thing. This is something that I've wanted for as long as I can remember. And you, young lady, are finally getting a taste of what it is like to work for a living.

Donna: Shut up.

Jake: Do you know something? You're not half bad. You're still pretty stuffy, and you donít exactly put your shoulder to the wheel, but there's no one better at putting off a bill collector or sweet talking a client than you. And then there's the way you...

Donna: The way I what? The way I what?! The way I what?! Oh, somebody has messed up this machine. I'm so upset.

Jake: Never got a chance to finish that tape.

Donna: Oh--I was just watching it. I--I mean I... hi. Are you on your way out to your party? Where?

Jake: This is my party.

Ada: Why canít you find yourself right here?

Rachel: Mom, look at this place. It is a monument to my life with Mac. I cannot even pick up a grapefruit spoon without remembering the time that we argued about whether grapefruit spoons are really an appropriate tool if the grapefruit has not been sectioned yet.

Ada: [Laughs]

Rachel: Every throw rug, every doorknob reminds me of him.

Ada: But you cannot just run away.

Rachel: That is a bit of a reduction, isnít it?

Ada: Honey, listen to me. Come on, sit down. I know what you have been through. I know how much you miss Mac. I know how much I miss Mac. I cannot even watch the 11:00 news without hearing him say, "Well, I see that senator you're so fond of has really done it this time."

[Chuckling] But that does not mean that I stop watching the news. Mac Cory filled this house and Cory Enterprises with life and energy. It is up to you now to fill it with new life and a different kind of energy. You cannot just walk away.

Rachel: I agree with what you're saying.

Ada: You do?

Rachel: But I cannot do it here.

Ada: Why not?

Rachel: Mom, I understand that everybody misses him, but it is different for me. We were like one person, and now I have got to try to put together some sort of life without him. And I do not know how to do that here. I just cannot do it here.

Ada: I knew I was not going to be able to change your mind. I have not been able to do that since you were two.

Rachel: Yes, you have. I just do not always admit it.

Ada: [Laughs] You want to find out who you are? Ask me.

Rachel: I have to find that out myself. I was hoping I could do it with your blessing. Mom?

Ada: I can try. But I cannot force it. I cannot feel something that I do not feel.

Lucas: Amanda, Iris did not mean--

Amanda: It is all right; you do not have to interpret, Lucas. I've known Iris a lot longer than you have. So, I guess all that noise that you made at the meeting this morning about getting along, working together in Mom's absence, that was all a bunch of bull, wasn't it?

Iris: Look, I said I'd support you and I intend to do that. But if you think I'm going to hand over my pet project to some inexperienced little girl, you're wrong.

Evan: How much experience did you have when you began your pet project, Iris?

Iris: A lot more than that.

Amanda: Evan, I can handle this, all right?

Lucas: If the press hears this--

Iris: I can handle the press. But I think you should remember that I am the boss now, and it's me you have to prove yourself to.

Amanda: I do not even know if that is possible.

Evan: Well, I think it is, because I do not think anyone, not even Iris here, can deny how much you have done for "Brava"-- especially since Macís died.

Iris: And not even you can deny the fact that she was a reporter and a junior executive. And now suddenly her mother, in one of her more questionable decisions, has made her publisher of my magazine.

Evan: That is right, Iris.

Iris: "Sophisticate" was doing brilliantly. So if it fails now, it will be because of you. Think about that. I do not make the announcement for half an hour. The words can be changed, dear.

Evan: I would not worry about her. She is just trying to intimidate you.

Amanda: Well, I guess it was effective.

Evan: Amanda--Amanda, you ok?

Amanda: What if she is right? What if I cannot cut it?

Sharlene: Hitting that stuff a little heavy, aren't you?

Michael: Hitting it lightly does not seem to do the trick. Thank you.

Sharlene: Look, I have got a break coming soon. And you do not look like you are in much of a party mood. There is a little employee's lounge in the back--

Michael: Sharlene, come on, give me a break, all right? I just want to have a couple of drinks and sit here and mind my own business. All right?

Sharlene: Remember how you said I could always talk to you about Lucas?

Michael: Yeah.

Sharlene: Well, I was just wondering if you might be able to help me figure out a way to find out more about our friend.

Michael: Let's go.

Christopher: Thanks for pointing out Iris Wheeler. Making contacts never hurts.

Josie: Oh, good. I think she was quite taken with you.

Christopher: So, any more official duties to perform?

Josie: Actually, no. Lucas told me I am finished for the evening.

Matt: Hi, Josie.

Josie: Matthew, hi. This is Christopher, he is writing the article about me.

Matt: How are you doing, Christopher?

Josie: Matthew is my boyfriend.

Christopher: That's funny.

Matt: Is it?

Christopher: I mean, you never mentioned him during the interview.

Matt: She didnít--

Josie: Oh, I am sure I did. Matthew, this is such a great party.

Matt: Yeah... excuse me. Do you think we could leave a little early?

Josie: Why?

Matt: Well--I want to be alone with you. I thought we could go back to your apartment--

Christopher: Getting her away from all these single men-- smart move.

Matt: Excuse--can we talk in private a little?

Josie: I will be talking to you, Christopher. Matthew, he is writing an entire article about me. That was rude.

Matt: I am sorry. I donít mean to drag you out of here, but I need to talk to you. It's important.

Josie: But I am having a good time.

Matt: Josie, it is very important.

Josie: It is very important for me to stay here. I am a person, too, you know.

Matt: I never said you were not.

Josie: Good. Good. Because I have no intention of leaving this party.

Michael: Thanks--I think. What is this business about Lucas?

Sharlene: That will keep. What did you have to eat today?

Michael: Peanuts at the bar.

Sharlene: That is what I figured. I'm going to have the kitchen--

Michael: No, no, no. You donít do a thing, all right? I do not want to be any problem.

Sharlene: Are you kidding? I've seen a lot worse than you, and I've only been on the job for a week.

Michael: Yeah. Well, it has been a long week for all of us.

Sharlene: You are really hurting, huh?

Michael: Oh, no, no--

[Coffee spills] Oh.

Sharlene: [Laughs]

Michael: I tell you, you know--I am all right. I cannot handle my coffee, but I am ok. Here.

Sharlene: Oh--

Michael: Hold this for me, would you please? I will tell you one thing I learned about that stuff. All that garbage they tell you about money not buying happiness? It is true.


Josie: Matthew--

Matt: If this is what you want, then stay. I'm leaving.

Josie: Matthew!

Iris: Thank you very much for being here, especially at such short notice. And a very, very happy new year to you all. It is with deep gratitude that I accept this position, one that was held so brilliantly by my father.


Amanda: She's supposed to be introducing me.

Evan: Yeah, I bet she doesnít.

Amanda: She cannot do that.

Evan: The hell she canít, unless you're willing to accept that you want this job and that you know you can do it and you're willing to fight Iris to get it, she will.

Iris: I just wish that he could be here to see this fruition of his dream. Thank you once again for your attention, and are there any questions from the press? I would be only too happy to answer them.

Amanda: I donít believe this. I'm going up there.

Evan: Listen, I'm going to buy you some time. Mrs. Wheeler, I have a question for you.

Iris: But Mr. Bates, you're not a member of the press--

Evan: That is a very good point, but I think a lot of the people around here would like to know who is going to be running "Sophisticate," now you're C.E.O.

Iris: Well, that position will be held by my half-sister, Amanda Cory Fowler.


Reporter: What is your background, Mrs. Fowler?

Iris: She was a reporter for a while with "Brava" and filled in--just for a little while, after my father's death. "Sophisticate"--

Amanda: Iris, I believe the question was directed at me.

Iris: Oh, of course, certainly.

Amanda: I have been employed at Cory Publishing since I finished my schooling. I started as a runner and I worked my way up. It was the only way my father would allow me to learn. And I did learn. I have worked in both the creative and the financial aspects of the publishing business, and I'm really looking forward to the challenge of running a magazine on my own. Thank you.


Evan: All right.

Iris: I think we will all look forward to that. Why donít we forget the questions and have a party? Happy New Year!


Party guest: Yeah, happy new year!

Evan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you were great!

Amanda: Thanks.

Evan: You really meant what you said, didnít you?

Amanda: I did not know what I was saying until I got up there, but yeah--yeah, I meant it. I want this job.

Evan: Well, then why are you not smiling?

Amanda: Because I realized that I would have let Iris ease me out if it wasn't for you.

Evan: Amanda, when are you going to face the facts? I donít lie to you, and I know what you want.

Singer: ...On moving donít stop like the hands of time click clock find your own way to stay the time will come one day why do people choose to live their lives...

Olivia: Hi. Sweatpants would not stay up.

Sam: Oh. Well--um... I am glad your dress is not going to get dirty.

Olivia: You do not usually work like this.

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Olivia: Trying something new?

Sam: Well, as of late, my work has been a little bit too on the nose, so...

Olivia: Can I look?

Sam: It is just--I--

[Sighs] Ok, if you want to. It is just the first color.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Well, you're really not going to get an idea of the effect I'm going for right now.

Olivia: Oh--oh, I think I can.

Sam: Yeah? And?

Olivia: Well, like you said, right on the nose.

Sam: You hate it.

Olivia: No, no, I did not say I hated it. I, uh, it is just such a--a big departure from what you usually do that I'm just not quite used to it yet, that is all.

Sam: You do hate it, donít you?

Olivia: No. What are you doing with the paint brush? Watch it.

Sam: Ah, yeah.

[Clears throat]

Olivia: Get away from me.

Sam: Uh-uh.

Olivia: Sam--

Sam: Look, you force your way into my apartment.

Olivia: I did not!

Sam: You belittle my initial attempts at breaking new ground.

Olivia: I did not!

Sam: Yeah, you did.

Olivia: I did not!

Sam: I think I'm going to break new ground all over your face.

Olivia: Oh, forget it!

Sam: Maybe a moustache, perhaps.

Olivia: No way!

Sam: Or maybe a mole--

Olivia: I take it back!

Sam: Yes! You love my work, donít you? You love my work?

Olivia: No!

[Shrieks] No!

Sam: I'm going to make you over!

Olivia: Stop!

[Laughing] Ah!

Sam: You know something? I think New Yearís Eve is turning out a lot better than I hoped for.

Olivia: Mm!

Sam: A little mustache here...

Olivia: Ugh!

Sam: A goatee, how's that?

Sharlene: Shouldnít flash that much money around. Maybe you donít think that's a lot of money.

Michael: Sorry. Maybe I have had a little bit too much to drink.

Sharlene: Oh, do not worry about it. You have had a lot going on. You know, maybe you should let me drive you home.

Michael: No, no, I mean really, that is ok. You donít have to do that.

Sharlene: Well, at least let me get you a taxi. I do not think you should be driving.

Michael: I will be all right, all right? I have got my car outside. I've got my driver. He'll make sure I get home fine.

Sharlene: I heard the waitresses talking about a limousine outside. That I yours?

Michael: Yeah, yeah of course it is.

Sharlene: [Laughs] I cannot believe it. You're not like your brother at all, are you?

Jake: Want some more?

Donna: Thank you.

Jake: Mm-hmm. How did you like my tape?

Donna: Well, I liked it... what there was of it. I would not have just shot it on one camera, though. I think that when you go into the edit, when you finish it, I mean if you finish it... well, I mean, not that you would want to finish it.

Jake: Michael really threw you a curve the other day, didnít he?

Donna: I had been fantasizing that something like that would happen.

Jake: What, getting hurt?

Donna: I would get hurt. Not anything serious, just something that would be enough to hospitalize me, and he would come rushing to my side, and I would be lying there all pale and perfectly made up.

Jake: [Laughs]

Donna: And my hair would be all fanned out perfectly on a pillow.

Jake: And he would take one look at you and come to his senses.

Donna: Yeah, something like that. Obviously, Michael had another scenario in mind. I really, really do not want you to feel sorry for me.

Jake: Me feel sorry for you? Come on.

Donna: Well, you could have been a lot of other places tonight with a lot of other people... women.

Jake: How would you know?

Donna: Because, you're...

Jake: What?

Donna: You're very attractive.

Jake: Donna, what a surprise.

Donna: Oh, come on. You haven't passed up a mirror since you were 5 years old. You could have been out having fun tonight. But instead, here you are, all dressed up drinking champagne out of a paper cup with me.

Jake: I am your partner. If I cannot get dressed up and buy you a little wine, who can? Besides, maybe I didnít want to do the party scene either.

Donna: Just so you realize, look, I'm going to be fine. Michael made his choice, but I will survive.

Jake: That's what I was going to say on the tape.

Donna: You weren't--were you really?

Jake: Yes. You can be strong, Donna, but that does not mean you have to spend New Yearís alone.

Donna: I'm not alone.


Jake: No, you're not; you are with me.

Donna: [Chuckles]

Matt: Looks like Olivia is not home.

Josie: I guess not.

Matt: Should we have the fight right now, or should I go home?

Josie: Matthew, you can do whatever you want. My evening is ruined.

Matt: I'm sorry I dragged you away from your photographers and reporters. Because my mom is leaving town tomorrow, I thought maybe I would talk to Josie about it.

Josie: Your mother's leaving town?

Matt: Yeah, that's right.

Josie: Is she all right?

Matt: [Sighs] She says she is.

Josie: Are you all right?

Matt: Yeah, I'm great. Now, if you want to go back to the party, I will take you back--if that's what you want.

Josie: I'm sorry.

Matt: It is ok.

Josie: No, it is not ok. I should have known something was wrong. What is the matter with me?

Matt: Nothing--donít say that.

Josie: My mother thinks I'm-- well, I donít know what she thinks I am, but it's bad.

Matt: No.

Josie: You should have heard the way I talked to her... the way I did to you.

Matt: I did not tell you what I wanted. I wanted you to drop everything. I wanted someone to do exactly what I told them to.

Josie: Matthew, you are the most important person in my life.

Matt: Come on, what's wrong?

Josie: I do not know what I would do if I lost you.

Matt: It wonít happen. It wonít ever happen.

Ada: I thought you might want to take these with you.

Rachel: Photo albums?

Ada: Yeah. There's one of your children, one of your grandchildren, and one of the last trip that you took with Mac.

Rachel: That was a lovely idea.

Ada: Well, you do not really leave home if you take a little piece of home with you.

Rachel: Does this mean you understand what I'm doing?

Ada: It means I do not agree with you, but I do understand.

Rachel: That is all I can ask.

Ada: Well, is there anything you want me to do?

Rachel: I just have a few more goodbyes and some errands to run.

Ada: You want me to run your errands?

Rachel: No, it is all right. There's some odds and ends. I want to find Mrs. Johnson. I want to see her again before I go.

Ada: Mrs. Johnson?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Ada: That is the woman that visited you in the hospital, the one from the bookstore?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Ada: Well, what do have to see her for? You only saw her two or 3 times in your whole life?

Rachel: I know. But each time I have, it has been like a turning point. She was sort of the one that helped me get to this decision.

Ada: Well, how are you going to find here?

Rachel: I have no idea. There are about 1,001 Johnsonís in this book, but I'll figure it out.

Ada: I do not doubt that for a second. Rachel, I have watched you go through something that I never wanted to have happen to you.

Rachel: You did more than watch. I couldn't have done it without you.

Ada: No, that is not what I mean. I do not know anybody who could have gone through what you did with so much grace and courage. No matter what you find out there, please know how proud I am that you are my daughter.

Hilda: You're all packed, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Thank you, Hilda. Well, I will be saying goodbye to you in the morning.

Hilda: You are leaving tomorrow early?

Rachel: It's about the only thing I am sure of.

Hilda: You do not know where you are going?

Rachel: No. It's going to be fun finding out... and I will let you know as soon as I know.

Hilda: Happy New Year, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: Happy New Year, Hilda.

Singer: Hey I've looked all my life for you

Singer: And now you're here

Singer: Now you're here

Singer: Hey I've spent all my life

Singer: Spent all my life

Singer: With you

Singer: All my life

Singer: All my life

Olivia: [Coughing]

Sam: Yeah, really.

Olivia: Ok. That is that one.

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: What are you going to do with this stuff on the floor?

Sam: Well, wait a sec. Let me get you first.


Olivia: Here, we should pull this out--

Sam: No, no, no, no, sit. Sit!

Olivia: I'm sitting.

Sam: Yeah. Come here.

Olivia: Want to do this for me?

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: It's about time; you put it there.

Sam: Oh, come on.

Olivia: Ow.

Sam: Oh, I'm sorry. Does it hurt?

Olivia: Yes.

Sam: Well, you look good with a little--

Radio announcer: And that is it--the last song of 1989. Happy New Year, everyone.

Olivia: Happy New Year, Sam.

Sam: Happy New Year, Olivia.

[Cheering and kazoos blowing]

Lucas: Happy New Year, Iris.

Iris: I hope 1990 is an improvement.

Lucas: I'm gonna make it the most memorable year of your life. I promise.

[Auld Lang Syne plays]

Donna: Well, we made it. It's 1990.

[Horns honking]

[Shouting and cheering] Happy New Year, Jake.

Jake: Happy New Year, Donna.

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