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[Knock on door]

Frankie: No, Cass.

Cass: Yes, Frankie.

Frankie: There is nothing left to say.

Cass: We have not said anything yet.

Frankie: I asked you if you had slept with Cecile--you couldn't answer. Case closed.

Cass: What exactly did Caroline say to you?

Frankie: Nothing, but then she thought that I already knew. In fact, I do not believe that she could believe I did not know. She just turned 40 shades of red and left.

Cass: Would you please let me explain?

Frankie: What is to explain? You betrayed me and then you lied about it. It is over.

Jamie: Pouilly-fuisse 1970-- that should be a decent wine, wouldnít you think, Hilda?

Hilda: Sounds like a fine selection, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: I wish I were more of an oenophile, donít you? Oh, would you do me a big favor and tell my mother that I will be right down here in case she needs anything? I am expecting Stacey Winthrop for drinks--

[Doorbell rings] ...And there she is.

Hilda: I will show her right in.

Jamie: Thank you.

Hilda: Ms. Winthrop and Mr. Dane, sir.

Jamie: [Chuckles]

Vicky: You should have seen the look on his face.

Donna: Who?

Vicky: Jamie. So anyway, he got right down to it and he said, "Vicky, I want to talk to you about the custody arrangement."

Donna: Oh, no.

Vicky: No, you wonít believe this.

Donna: Just tell me. Just tell me.

Vicky: Ok. So, his whole expression changed, and he said, "I do not only want you to have visitation."

Donna: Oh, that's wonderful.

Vicky: He is talking joint custody. He wants me to be a part of every decision, every school day, every holiday, every--every girl, everything.

Donna: That's lovely, that's lovely.

Vicky: Do you know what is like? It is like a miracle. Mother? I have just told you the most important news of my life. Why are you so far away from me?

Donna: I'm not, I'm not.

Vicky: It is Dad, isnít it? What has he done now?

Michael: You want to tell me what took you so long?

Arianne: Merry Christmas to you, too.

Michael: Did you get Fred Lacey?

Arianne: Only after I'd pulled every string I could get my hands on. Your old friend is the best in the business.

Michael: He is going to do it though?

Arianne: Yes.

Michael: Good, good, good. Fred is the best there is. And I would not put my life in anyone else's hands. I want you to know that. When are we going to do this?

Arianne: We are ready to go now. The attempt on your life is set for tonight.

Arianne: You are ready, aren't you?

Michael: Absolutely I'm ready, all right?

Michael: I just want to know where we do this.

Arianne: The Pelican--right after Lucas arrives.

Michael: Fine. He has got to buy this, you know. Lucas has got to believe this.

Arianne: We will make sure he does.

Michael: Yeah, well, you make sure you do, because he has got to believe that I have double crossed the club, that I am working both sides of the fence, and that you guys have found out.

Arianne: Michael, he will.

Michael: Good. I want this over with, Arianne. I want it done with!

Arianne: Michael, we all do.

Michael: No, you donít. All right? You donít. You like the games of it. You like the manipulation, all right. This is all fun for you.

Arianne: That is not fair, Michael.

Michael: No, I will tell you what is not fair, Arianne. What is not fair is what I've had to do to my marriage, what I have had to do to Donna. That is not fair.

Arianne: Better than what Lucas would have done.

Michael: You are right. You just keep telling me that.

Arianne: Michael, it is the truth. There was no other way.

Michael: Arianne, you have become one cold person.

Arianne: You know better than that, Michael.

Michael: Yeah, I do. All right, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

[Sighs] Give me the details.

Arianne: Fred Lacey and Arnie will be here at about 6:50. That is less than two hours away.

Michael: Arnie? Arnie Gray?

Arianne: Yeah, he said he would be glad to assist in your demise. At least that was the gist of it. I cleaned up his language.

Michael: That is good. I mean, that is really good. Arnie and I go way back.

Arianne: Yeah, well, anyway, they will get past the security guard downstairs.

Michael: I'm sure they will.

Arianne: And once they are up here, they'll brief you in detail. You better make an appointment with Lucas now.

Michael: Well, do you know where he is? I will call right now.

Arianne: He is in his suite. Do you think he will come?

Michael: Well, he better come if he wants the rest of the art we grabbed.

Arianne: What about the stuff we already supplied you with?

Michael: He has already got it.

Arianne: When?

Michael: Last night. Hey, Santa Claus was not the only one who was busy last night, I'll tell you.

Arianne: All right.

Michael: Ok, what time should I tell him?

Arianne: The hit is set for 8:30. Michael, there's something I have not told you.

Michael: What?

Arianne: Fred says the Pelican is too small, he canít use blanks. Lucas is a pro; he'd spot it right away.

Michael: So, what is he going to use?

Arianne: Live ammunition. He says it is the only way.

Michael: What?

Arianne: This means the risk is sizably increased. Damn--I'm talking like a g-man. You could be hurt Michael, even killed. If you want out, just say so now.

Lucas: What is the emergency?

Griffen: Close the door.

Lucas: I'm a busy man, Griffen.

Griffen: Well, you'd better think of something fast, or you're going to be a dead man.

Lucas: What are you talking about?

Griffen: I just had a phone call from the client himself.

Lucas: Now, why would he call you?

Griffen: To make sure somebody got through to you.

Lucas: What is the problem?

Griffen: The problem is, Lucas, he only got half the shipment. Did you actually think he would be satisfied with that?

Lucas: Half a loaf.

Griffen: He wants it all.

Lucas: That is impossible.

Griffen: He is holding you personally responsible for the raid.

Lucas: That is ridiculous.

Griffen: He also thinks somebody inside your organization tipped off the feds.

Lucas: That is patent nonsense.

Griffen: Is it?

Lucas: Did you say anything about Frankie?

Griffen: I wanted to.

Lucas: Frankie Frame is not involved here.

Griffen: Then who is, Lucas? How did you get part of the shipment back and not all of it?

Lucas: I told you, forget about Frankie.

[Phone rings]

Lucas: Yes?

Michael: Lucas, Michael Hudson.

Lucas: Michael, I was just thinking about you.

Michael: Good. I hope it was to reconsider the offer I made to you.

Lucas: Well, in a way it does.

Michael: Have you reconsidered?

Lucas: I admit I am having financial difficulty.

Michael: Well, good. I am prepared to sweeten my offer.

Lucas: Sweeten? How?

Michael: Not on the phone, Lucas.

Lucas: Where?

Michael: Oh, how about 8:00 at the Pelican Club?

Lucas: I will be there.

Griffen: That was Hudson?

Lucas: Yes.

Griffen: I do not trust him.

Lucas: Oh, I donít trust him either, but Michael Hudson may have what we need.

Griffen: Well, somebody better.

Lucas: Griffen, I meant what I said. Frankie Frame is to be left alone.

Griffen: Why?

Lucas: Because I... Griffen! I know exactly what I'm doing.

Cass: I was going to tell you.

Frankie: When?

Cass: When I got back to my place from Feliciaís. She convinced me.

Frankie: Well, that is great. That is really great. How many other people know what a sap I've been?

Cass: I'm the one who has been the sap. I made a mistake. I never meant to hurt you, Frankie.

Frankie: Oh, donít insult me.

Cass: That is an insult?

Frankie: You lied to me, Cass. You fell back into bed with that ridiculous ro--I have heard it all before, ok? I have heard all the assurances, all the sweet talk--"oh, it is going to be different with you. I really care, Frankie." Bull. Now, get out of here before I lose my lunch on your shoes.

Cass: Have you finished?

Frankie: With you, yes.

Cass: I was wrong. But canít we discuss this like adults?

Frankie: I cannot believe I let this happen to myself again.

Cass: What happened again?

Frankie: I'm never going to get involved with anybody. It never works, and I always get burned.

Cass: We can get through this. I know we can if we just calm down and just talk.

Frankie: I told you that I had a hard time trusting a man. Do you remember that?

Cass: I remember.

Frankie: Do you also remember that I told you I was afraid of getting hurt again? I guess you weren't listening to that part.

Cass: I wasnít.

Frankie: Then why, Cass? Why? I donít understand. Was it just to get me into bed?

Cass: Could you please listen to me for one minute?

Frankie: All I want to know from you is why you didnít tell me the truth.

Cass: Because I knew you would not understand. And... I was scared to death.

Frankie: Of me?

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: Oh, you coward.

Cass: Yes. Yes, I'm a coward. I'm a liar, ok? Does that make you feel better? But I stopped myself, didnít I? I could not go through with it and make love to you without telling you the truth. It wa--I was wrong. I was dead wrong. But I want you, Frankie. I want you in my life. Can I have one more chance?

Donna: Little Michael is in heaven. I told him he could help Angela watched Steven.

Vicky: Come sit.

Donna: Do you want some tea?

Vicky: No, I want you to come sit here next to me and tell me what you're feeling.

Donna: I do not want to rain on your parade. I think it is wonderful that Jamie has changed his attitude, although I think it is monstrous it has taken him so long to do it--

Vicky: You talked to him, didnít you?

Donna: Not since last night at your house.

Vicky: But something with Dad has changed, hasn't it?

Donna: I cannot figure your father. Maybe I never understood him--

Vicky: Yes, you did.

Donna: I donít know. I think that he is just going through some midlife crisis and that if I just waited it out it would all resolve itself, you know? I mean, we have been through our ups and downs together. We both happen to be very passionate, volatile people. I mean, my God, it is not as though we have never split up before.

Vicky: I know. This time there's another woman.

Donna: I know that. I know that.

Vicky: He left.

Donna: But there is a positive side to this.

Vicky: What?

Donna: He hasn't asked me for a divorce. Now, I think that is a good indication, donít you?

Vicky: I donít know.

Donna: Maybe this is just one of those difficult times for your father and me. And if I just sit tight and I-- God, what am I saying? What am I saying?

Vicky: I'm not sure.

Donna: I'm going to sit around while he plays house with another woman, wringing my hands? Trying to figure out if he is going to come back to me? Hoping that the reason that he is not asking me for divorce is a good sign?

Vicky: Ah, we, I can understand you doing that.

Donna: Well, I'm not going to be doing that anymore. This nothingness--this limbo is awful. I cannot bear it!

Vicky: Well--

Donna: I have not slept for 3 nights, trying to figure out what I'm going to do with my life, trying to wonder what I am going to be saying to him when he calls the next time or what I am going to be wearing when I see him again. And it is just a stupid waste of time.

Vicky: It is not stupid. It can work out. You have to give it some time--

Donna: No, it canít! No, no, I donít want to hear that. It is pathetic--the waiting, the hoping, the--it is just--it's awful. And I'm a woman of strength and courage.

Vicky: I know you are.

Donna: I'm going to take action, Victoria.

Vicky: What are you going to do?

Donna: I donít care what Michael wants. I want a divorce.

Vicky: Again?

Donna: Yes, again. That is what I'm going to tell him.

Stacey: So, when is your mother planning to leave?

Jamie: Well, I'm not planning to let her leave until she regains her strength. How's your drink, Derek?

Derek: Huh?

Jamie: Your drink?

Derek: Fine.

Jamie: Good.

Stacey: Well, I hope she's taking it easy, at least.

Jamie: She's upstairs resting right now. I have sort of exiled her to her room.

[Stacey chuckles] Thank you, Hilda, but none for me right now.

Stacey: Oh, I would love one. Thanks, Hilda. This looks delicious. Great. So you started to say that you were thinking about amending-- amending the custody agreement with Vicky.

Jamie: Oh, yeah, that is what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm--Vicky and I have started talking.

Stacey: Really?

Jamie: And I would like to change the custody arrangement.

Stacey: You want to?

Jamie: Yes, I'd like--I'm thinking about joint custody, as a matter of fact.

Stacey: Well, then, next week we can get together and discuss the specifics of it.

Jamie: Yeah, sure. I would like to do that.

Hilda: I will leave these here, and you folks can just help yourselves.

Jamie: That is a good idea, Hilda. Thank you very much.

Derek: Everybody get one?

Stacey: Oh!

Jamie: Donít--donít worry about it, Derek.

Stacey: Here, let me take this for you. I have done that a million times myself. It is ok.

Derek: Great.

Stacey: Under control.

[Derek sighs]

Jamie: So, Derek, how is your job with Frame Construction?

Derek: Well, it is not going so great. They are about to lay me off. You know, it's kind of slow.

Jamie: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Derek: Yeah, once I finish the renovations on Vickyís house-- well, your old house.

Jamie: Ah, is that a big job?

Derek: Well, she wants a lot of things done, you know.

Jamie: Oh, really? Such as?

Derek: Well, she's putting in a gym, for one thing.

Jamie: A gym? In which room?

Derek: In the study.

Jamie: My old study?

Derek: I'm not really sure whose it is.

Jamie: Well, there's only one study.

Derek: Hmm.

Jamie: My old study.

Derek: Well, then, it must be... your study. Excuse me, I'm going to get some air.

Stacey: [Sighs]

Cass: That is it?

Frankie: What do you need, pictures? Do you need me to draw a picture of your face with a red slash through it? Will it sink in then?

Cass: Frankie, as--

Frankie: Oh, God, I'm so sick of this discussion.

Cass: As it turns out, everything I did was for you.

Frankie: What? I--I really thought that I had heard everything, but that really takes the cake, Winthrop.

Cass: My attraction for Cecile--

Frankie: Was unnatural and disgusting.

Cass: ...Was physical, for the most part. That is how we related.

Frankie: Oh, so you felt that you had to relate to her for me?

Cass: In a way, yes.

Frankie: Oh, right.

Cass: Look, after that class reunion of yours we were getting very close. And the more I thought of it, the more I was not so sure I was the right guy for you.

Frankie: Well, donít you think that I should be the one to make that decision?

Cass: Look, let's face it, Frankie, I have not led the most uncomplicated life. I have quite a history, you know?

Frankie: Oh, yes, I do know. One of my favorite subjects.

Cass: And you deserve somebody who is willing to put himself on the line for you, someone who is willing to make a fresh start.

Frankie: You're right. But what does that have to do with Cecile?

Cass: I did not have to make a fresh start with her! It was safe. I was safe, donít you understand? I knew that I would never have to make a total commitment to her. That was not the nature of our relationship.

Frankie: So, it was easier to go backward than forward?

Cass: Frankie, I have to admit, I really didnít think about it.

Frankie: Oh, so you did not think about sleeping with her?

Cass: No, it just happened, and it was the best thing for us--

Frankie: I do want to hear the gory details!

Cass: ...Because it made me realize that you're the woman I want to be with!

Frankie: Oh, you really donít expect me to buy that, do you?

Cass: No, I guess not. But I was hoping you would, because it just happens to be the truth

Frankie: It also happens to be very convenient... and way too late.

Cass: It doesn't have to be if you donít let it.

Frankie: Nice try, Winthrop. And you're right. You did clear up a few things for me. You cleared up the fact that all of my fears about you were completely justified. Oh, I never thought I would be grateful--

Cass: I donít understand why you're acting like this. I just donít understand.

Frankie: That is our problem. You donít understand anybody except yourself.

Cass: That simply isnít true.

Frankie: Goodbye, Cass.

Cass: Donít do this, Frankie.

Frankie: You were right. I do deserve someone better.

Cass: I can be better.

Frankie: I can never trust you. There's nothing left to say.

Stacey: Maybe I should just go after him.

Jamie: Oh, he will be back.

Stacey: I donít understand why he left.

Jamie: I donít understand why you brought him here in the first place.

Stacey: You're angry.

Jamie: Well, I did not expect to be discussing my child's custody in front of Derek.

Stacey: Oh. Well, I guess I should have warned you.

Jamie: Well, you could have done that.

Stacey: I'm sorry, Jamie.

Jamie: Donít worry about it.

Stacey: It is just that Derek seems kind of left out lately.

Jamie: So you bring him along to a business meeting?

Stacey: See, you are angry! Why didnít you just say so?

Jamie: I just donít understand why you did this, that's all.

Stacey: Because it has been kind of difficult lately.

Jamie: In what way?

Stacey: The differences between Derek and myself. It is just hard to adjust to it, you know?

Jamie: Are you surprised?

Stacey: Well, the weird part is when we are alone, it's like we are one person; we are completely in synch.

Jamie: Sounds great.

Stacey: But then as soon as other--other people are involved, I donít know, it just doesn't work out. I canít figure it out.

[Doorbell rings]

Jamie: Stacey, you canít force the guy to be what he's not.

Stacey: I know that I love him. I know that. It's just--

Jamie: Hey, look who's here!

Vicky: Oh, I hope we're not interrupting.

Jamie: No, not at all. Hi, kiddo, you sure look sharp today.

Vicky: Yes, he does.

Jamie: Did you get a brand new outfit?

Vicky: He did. My mom gave it to him for Christmas.

Jamie: Oh, he looks just wonderful. Let me hold him.

Vicky: Ok, go with your dad.

Jamie: Ha ha, hi, kiddo.

Stacey: Hey, he has gotten big.

Vicky: Big? You should see how much eats.

Stacey: I mean, even in the last couple of weeks. You have gotten big, baby.

Jamie: He certainly has.

Derek: Help me on the job pretty soon, huh, Steven?

Vicky: Oh, he would love that.

Jamie: Can I get you a drink?

Vicky: No--did your mom tell you that I called?

Jamie: No.

Vicky: Oh, well, she wanted to talk to me. I thought now might be a good time.

Jamie: Actually, it's not. She's upstairs resting right now.

Vicky: Oh. Ok, well, I will come back later.

Jamie: No, donít rush off. Why donít you stay for a drink?

Vicky: Ok.

Jamie: What can I get you?

Vicky: A club soda?

Jamie: Club soda it is. Here.

Derek: Oh, hey, do you mind if I hold him for a bit?

Jamie: No, it's--

Vicky: Sure.

Derek: Thanks.

Vicky: There you go.

Derek: Hey, Stevie. How're you doing, big guy, huh?

Vicky: Well, you guys get along well, donít you?

Derek: Yeah. Yeah, we're old friends. Want to play elevator, Stevie?

Vicky: Elevator--he loves elevator. He will be crazy about you.

Derek: Oh, good, yeah. Give me one of those smiles, huh? You know, sometimes he'll just stare at you--

Vicky: Yeah.

Derek: ...And you think he's a grouch and all the sudden he will crack a smile and the whole room lights up, right Stevie?

Vicky: Yes, of course. That is because he's my guy, ha ha.

Derek: Yeah, you're my buddy, huh?

Vicky: He is.

Derek: Here, well, look, I'd better give him back to you.

Vicky: Come here, sweetie.

Derek: Go back to your mama.

Vicky: Come on, honey.

Derek: Now you be a good boy. Tomorrow I will bring you a big truck, ok?

Vicky: Oh, no, you donít have to bring him any trucks. He got tons for Christmas.

Derek: Oh, come on, I want to. And besides, maybe he will let me play with them, too.

Stacey: Derek, I think maybe we ought to get going now. We've got a heavy date, right?

Derek: Yeah, you want to go to the Pelican still?

Stacey: Oh, definitely.

Vicky: Yeah, that sounds like fun. We will see you guys later.

Stacey: Ok.

Jamie: Have a good time.

Stacey: Bye-bye.

Derek: Uh, listen--

Stacey: Oh, sorry, I will talk to about that thing later next week.

Jamie: Oh, thank you. Yeah, it'd like that.

Derek: Take care, Jamie.

Stacey: Terrific.

Derek: See you tomorrow, Vicky.

Vicky: Yeah, bright and early.

Derek: Yeah.

Jamie: Can I get you something?

Vicky: No, thanks.

Jamie: You seem upset, Vicky.

Vicky: Do I?

Jamie: Yes, you're not very hard to read.

Vicky: No, I guess not. My parents are splitting up Jamie.

Lucas: I understand that. Griffen was here and he told me that you had called him. Yes, yes--he made that very clear. That is why I'm phoning you. I wanted to tell you personally that I am sure I'm going to have something for you very, very soon. In fact, I am having a meeting tonight which should prove very, very productive.

Michael: It is really good to see you guys. Your ugly mugs have not changed all that much.

Fred: Well, we like ugly. It keeps us inconspicuous.

Arnie: You know, I was just thinking the other day about the last time we worked together.

Michael: Ha ha.

Arnie: Remember Budapest, Michael?

Michael: How could I forget, man? It was the coldest I think I've ever been in my whole life. I was down there by the Danube in that mud hole while you guys were out taking in the town.

Fred: Well, Arnie was taking in Buda. I was taking in pest.

Arnie: Ah, the women of Buda.

Fred: Ah, the goulash of pest.

Arianne: Ok, guys. We have more important matters to discuss.

Arnie: Right. Well, I will save the war stories for the hospital.

Michael: I'd really appreciate that. You want to just tell me how we're going to play this thing?

Fred: Well, I assume Arianne told you we have to use live ammo.

Michael: Yeah, we canít use blanks.

Fred: We canít risk some over- eager policeman bringing in a forensic team.

Michael: Right. So, what am I going to have--a bulletproof vest?

Arianne: Yeah, rigged with a computerized radio control device.

Arnie: Which you yourself will be operating.

Michael: Uh-huh. How do you feel about this, Fred? This stuff ok?

Fred: State of the art, man. It is virtually infallible. It is a far cry from when you were running with us, Michael.

Michael: Yeah. Well, look, as long as you're as good of a shot as you used to be, I'm one happy guy.

Arnie: Hey, we were just down at the practice range last week and Fred here shot the head off a nail from over a hundred meters.

Michael: Huh. Is that right, huh? Good for what, a case of vin rouge?

Arnie: Beaujolais.

Michael: Beaujolais.

Arianne: Look, guys, we donít have much time.

Fred: All right. Sorry, Arianne. Michael, you're going to be sitting at the table nearest the northwest wall.

Michael: All right. Alone, now, right? I donít want anybody else getting hurt here.

Fred: Well, most of the people at the bar are going to be our agents.

Arianne: Yeah, but we cannot keep all the civilians away.

Fred: Well, the group directly around you is going to be ours, of course.

Michael: Right. So, wait a minute. I get hit, you guys come in, you get me out of there, I go to the hospital. But have you checked into this? My brother works at the hospital, you know?

Arnie: Yeah, we already checked the schedule. He doesn't come on duty until after you have been admitted.

Arianne: Arnie has privileges at Bay City General.

Michael: Since when?

Arianne: Since now.

Fred: I will introduce Arnie to the staff as the world renowned surgeon, Dr. Arnold Gray out of Washington, D.C.

Arnie: Yes, and I will use that ringing endorsement to clear the room of all hospital personnel.

Arianne: He will get you bandaged and released as soon as possible.

Michael: Great. So, I can talk to people, have visitors right away, huh?

Arnie: Absolutely.

Fred: Let's get back to the shooting itself. Michael, we're going to need a signal from you, a gesture-- something natural but unmistakable.

Michael: Great. How about my watch? I will look at my watch.

Fred: Ok, as you check your watch, I will get into position. You see me coming towards you. You notice the gun, you rise.

Michael: Right. And then I check my watch, I rise. Then what?

Fred: You stay absolutely still. It is imperative you donít move a muscle.

Arianne: Yeah, nothing can distract you.

Fred: Yeah, the slightest movement could throw everything off.

Arnie: And then that slight muscle ache that we anticipate could turn into something considerably more serious.

Michael: Great. Oh, this is really exciting. So let me get this straight here, now. I check you out. I check my watch. I stand, I rise, I stay perfectly still.

Fred: Right. Bang. You go down. Our people grab you, and then we're out of there.

Michael: Sounds simple enough to me.

Fred: Ok, everybody, I think we should begin to prepare for this big event.

Arianne: How long will it take you to get Michael rigged?

Fred: Well, we should get started about 7:15 there will be a solid truck parked on the north side of Water Street. I will have everything inside ready.

Arianne: I stay in the truck, right, Fred?

Fred: Well, that is the only place you will be able to monitor the operation.

Arianne: And you will be wired?

Fred: Yeah, and I will have back ups and two other agents.

Arianne: So, if for any reason we have to abandon the operation, I can communicate with you.

Michael: Hey, there wonít be any need for that, right, Fred? I mean, it is going to go smooth as glass, right?

Fred: Arnie?

Arnie: I will get the coats.

Fred: Good luck, Michael.

Michael: Thanks, Fred.

Arnie: See you in emergency.

Michael: Great. Great.

Arianne: You are ready to go, aren't you?

Michael: Yeah. Yeah, sure. I trust them completely. I mean, Fred is the best there is. Arnie is the best there is. No problem.

Arianne: Michael, be very careful.

Michael: I will be. Donít worry.

Donna: Excuse me for interrupting. I need to speak with my husband.

Arianne: Remember, Michael, you have a meeting in a few minutes.

Michael: Yeah. I was just having a little meeting. I guess you ran into those two guys down the hallway.

Donna: No, I unfortunately did not see anybody except your friend.

Michael: Donna, please--

Donna: It is all right. It is not going to take long. I donít want to talk about that anyway. I want to know what is going on with us.

Michael: You know, I cannot talk now. I got a really important meeting across town, so I donít have--

Donna: And your friend is waiting, right? Yes, yes. Your friend is waiting. Michael... why her? Is she good at business? You know, she a gourmet cook perhaps? She is certainly not drop-dead beautiful.

Michael: Donna, stop it. Please, just--

Donna: Fine. It does not matter. I did not want discuss her. I want to know about us.

Michael: I'm sorry. I'm not going to rush into anything. I'm not going to talk. I donít have the time.

Donna: You're not going to rush into anything? Why not? Donít you want to free yourself up?

Michael: I'm not sure, Donna.

Donna: You are not sure. So you want to keep me on a string in case things donít work out with you and your bimbo!

Michael: Come on!

Donna: Yeah, come on! You want to keep me on a string and then you will come back crawling to me with open arms, right?

Michael: Hey, look, I just--I cannot talk about this now--

Donna: If you think that I'm going to sit at home waiting for you to realize that you have made the biggest mistake of your life, you have got another thing coming! I'm filing for divorce.

Michael: Yeah?

Donna: Yeah, you heard me.

Michael: Then you do what you have to do, Donna, ok? Because I really donít have time to talk about this now. Just do what you want to do and have a good time.

Vicky: Well, that was a great idea. Hilda is going to give Steven to your mom. I'm sure it will cheer her up.

Jamie: So Michael is--has left, huh?

Vicky: Yeah. He found another woman.

Jamie: I canít believe it.

Vicky: No, neither can I. And now my mother wants to go through with divorce proceedings.

Jamie: So, when did Michael leave?

Vicky: A few weeks ago. The point is I cannot let my mother go through with it.

Jamie: How can you stop her?

Vicky: I donít know. We maybe get some--some time alone with Michael to convince him and tell him that this is an absolutely terrible mistake?

Jamie: And you think you can make it all better?

Vicky: Why not?

Jamie: Because they have to work it out themselves.

Vicky: Jamie, they're not working it out. They're splitting up.

Jamie: Listen, I know how much this hurts, but it really is their choice, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, maybe if I can get them together accidentally, and then they can talk and...


Jamie: You are doing it again.

Vicky: Doing what?

Jamie: Trying to live other people's lives.

Vicky: No, I'm not. Yes, I am.

Jamie: It is no good, kiddo.

Vicky: So what am I supposed to do, huh? I mean, should I sit around and wait and just see what happens?

Jamie: In this case, maybe.

Vicky: Jamie, I'm not like that. You know me. I have to get involved.

Jamie: Well, being involved is different from trying to play God.

Vicky: You're right.

Jamie: Oh, me? No, impossible.

Vicky: Miracles happen, you know.

Jamie: Amazing. Here I thought you were going to bite my head off.

Vicky: Surprise, surprise.

Jamie: It sure is.


Vicky: All right, so, I have changed.

Jamie: Oh?

Vicky: Yes, I've become a mellow, level-headed, even- tempered person.

Jamie: Ah, yes.

Vicky: Yes, I'm absolutely perfect.

Jamie: That is wonderful.

Vicky: It's boring.

Jamie: No, you, boring? I donít think so. I'm sorry about your parents.

Vicky: So am I. I cannot just sit around and not say anything.

Jamie: What do you want to do?

Vicky: All right, so I cannot change this situation. I can at least tell them how I feel, right?

Jamie: That is a good idea.

Vicky: I mean, we want Steven to tell us how he feels.

Jamie: I guess so.

Vicky: So, I will be a good role model. In fact, maybe that is how I will start my little lecture. "Mom, I cannot presume to tell you what to do, but as a mother myself, I think that children have the right to tell their parents how they feel." How's that?

Jamie: It is very mild. Even-tempered. It is perfect.

Vicky: Thanks, doc.

Fred: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Michael: Mark.

Fred: Ok, now. When you stand up--

Michael: I will not move.

Fred: All right.

Arianne: Good luck.

Griffen: Hello.

Frankie: Griffen, hi.

Griffen: You alone?

Frankie: Well, I was expecting to see my aunt here, but I guess she's not working tonight.

Griffen: May I join you?

Frankie: Why not?

Griffen: Cannot think of a single reason. What are you drinking?

Frankie: A spritzer.

Griffen: I hope I'm not bothering you.

Frankie: No, no. You're not at all. I'm just a little distracted today, that's all.

Griffen: Yes, I have had days like that. Got something in your mind you just canít seem to shake, right?

Frankie: Yes, and I was hoping a few spritzers might do the job, but it does not seem to be working.

Griffen: No, they never do, they never do. If it isnít too rude, may I ask what the distraction is?

Frankie: I am disillusioned. There is this person--somebody that I thought--well, it does doe not matter what I thought. The point is, he is not what I thought he was.

Griffen: I take it this is a romantic relationship.

Frankie: It is a man. Actually, it's a louse, but it is a he.

Griffen: And he let you down?

Frankie: With a thud.

Griffen: Well, I have been there.

Frankie: I donít know how I ever let him hurt me this bad.

Griffen: How he hurt you at all is what baffles me.

Frankie: Yeah?

Griffen: You're a beautiful woman. You deserve better than that.

Frankie: Which is exactly what I told this guy a couple of hours ago.

Griffen: But?

Frankie: But I really like this guy.

Griffen: Well, I'm sure you have heard it before, and I know it sounds cold and heartless, but you will get over him, Frankie.

Frankie: That only sounds right on the money to me. You're right. By tomorrow I will be well on my way to being fully recovered.

Griffen: That is right. You'll be fine. Nobody to worry about you.

Frankie: Truth of the matter is if he were to come in this place right now I would probably melt. But by tomorrow my guard will be up, and that will be that.

Caroline: Hello? Anybody there?

Cass: Yes, and I am livid.

Caroline: About what?

Cass: Where do you get off telling Frankie that I slept with Cecile?

Caroline: I did not tell her outright.

Cass: Oh, no? What did you do, play charades?

Caroline: I thought she already knew. Imagine my surprise.

Cass: Imagine.

Caroline: She was furious.

Cass: She is hurt.

Caroline: I would be, too.

Cass: We were just starting to get somewhere.

Caroline: Well, then maybe you should have been honest with her, Cass. Women donít like men that play games with them.

Cass: Yes, I am finding that out.

Caroline: Anyway, maybe it is for the best. She is all wrong for you, Cass.

Cass: You're quite mistaken, Caroline.

Caroline: Oh, you're freedom- loving. You're a rare spirit. You're fun-loving.

Cass: Oh, spare me the psychological profile.

Caroline: Hey, listen, you can deny it all you want, but you better fair come to terms with who you are.

Cass: I know what the hell I am.

Caroline: Yes, and do you know the sort of man that Frankie wants you to be? A one-woman man, tied down, domesticated?

Cass: She doesn't want me to be anything like that.

Caroline: Of course she does! Why did she freak out when you told her the truth?

Cass: You donít know her like I do.

Caroline: Maybe not. But donít kid yourself about what Frankie wanted from you. Anyway, at least you got out of this with your freedom. And that is all that really matters to you anyway, isnít it?

Stacey: Look, there's Frankie. I donít see Cass around, though.

Derek: I donít either.

Stacey: I tell you what. Why donít you grab a table and I will see what is up with her.

Derek: Donít take too long, though, all right?

Stacey: Hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Hi, Stace. How are you?

Stacey: I'm all right. How're you doing?

Frankie: Good.

Stacey: Good. Is Cass around?

Frankie: No, no, Cass is not with me. Actually, I am not completely alone, but Cass is not here.

Stacey: Ok. Well, it was good to see you.

Frankie: Good to see you, too.

Stacey: Have fun.

Derek: Where is Cass?

Stacey: I have no idea. Looks like there is trouble in Paradise. She doesn't seem any too pleased tonight.

Derek: What do you want to drink?

Stacey: I donít know. What are you going to have?

Derek: Well, I will tell you. I will have a dance, if you're game. Come on.

Stacey: You want to dance?

Derek: Yeah. You have created a monster.

[Romantic music plays] I'm getting an idea.

Stacey: I think I am getting an idea, too.

Derek: That we get out of here, go back to my place?

Stacey: That is the one.

Lucas: Hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Hi, Lucas.

Lucas: Why donít you stick around? Buy me a drink later?

Frankie: Sure thing.

Lucas: Hello, Michael.

Michael: Sit down, Lucas.

Lucas: No chitchat. I like that.

Michael: No, I'm really tired of dealing in generalities. I got something a little more specific for you. Interested?

Lucas: I'm here aren't I?

Michael: I got a piece of very rare Asian art.

Lucas: How nice for you.

Michael: Well, it just happens to be worth enough to get you out of hot water with some of your friends.

Lucas: Go on.

Michael: Well... I figure that I got a friend, you see, that this belongs to, and I figure that I can get this to you maybe by next week sometime. It will just disappear.

Lucas: What do I--how do I repay this--this favor?

Michael: Well, I think that 50% of the sale ought to be good. Ha ha.

Lucas: You have some sense of humor there, Michael.

Michael: I donít have a sense of humor about this, man. That is the deal--you take it or leave it, all right?

Lucas: I'm not going to take anything from you unless you put something on the line, all right?

Vicky: Canít you at least give it some time?

Donna: I donít want to give it any more time--

Vicky: I am not saying sit around and wait. I'm saying give it a little--

Donna: Well, what are you saying, Victoria? You of all people should understand that I want to take a position on this thing.

Vicky: I do know that, but...

Donna: But what?

Vicky: You are my parents.

Donna: I know, I'm sorry. I'm insensitive--

Vicky: You and Dad belong together.

Donna: No, we donít. Not anymore we donít. Now, come on. I'm sure you have better things to do than sitting around, listening to your mother--

Vicky: I donít have anything better to do.

Donna: Well, I want you to go out, try to have some fun. I can handle my own problems, really. I love you. All right. I'm going to find out about this other woman, come hell or high water. I'm going to find out.

Arianne: Everything is ready, Fred. All systems are go.

Michael: Look, man. I got more on the line than you know, all right, so I need an answer from you.

Lucas: How do I know you donít take my answer and go straight to the authorities?

Michael: Aw, come on.

Griffen: Uh, what are you doing?

Frankie: I'm out of here.

Griffen: Oh, what a shame. I thought we might have some dinner together.

Frankie: Oh, that is really sweet, Griffen, but I'm in a lousy mood. I'm not very good company. I should be at home, ok?

Michael: Look, man. I got--I got another appointment soon, all right? I, uh-- yeah, that's right. I got to go. You got an answer for me or not?

Frankie: Michael!


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