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Singer: I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

Sharlene: John.

Singer: ...With every Christmas...

Sharlene: What do you think?

John: I...I think Santa must have gotten my letter.

Sharlene: Oh, stop it.

John: I've never seen you in anything quite like that. I mean, the dress--

Sharlene: John, this is not a dress. This is a uniform.

John: I beg your pardon?

Sharlene: This is for my job at the Pelican. What have I done?

Rachel: Oh, canít I hold him?

Jamie: With cracked ribs? What are you, crazy?

Rachel: Ok, well, thanks for bringing him in and bending the rules.

Jamie: Well, you know, the nurses have been bugging me to bring him in, and besides, I thought he'd cheer you up. I know this isnít exactly where you wanted to be on Christmas Eve.

Rachel: It's been all right. I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Jamie: You mind if I ask what about?

Rachel: A lot of things. About Vicky.

Vicky: Boy, I hope those presents are all for me.

Donna: And Bridget. Where is she?

Vicky: She went to Christmas Eve services. She'll be back in a while.

Donna: Well, Angela took little Michael with some of her friends to go Christmas caroling. He loves that this year.

Vicky: Yeah, I'll bet he does.

Donna: Oh, you have a tree.

Vicky: Yes, uh, Evan brought it by.

Donna: Evan?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. He just left.

Donna: Whose idea was the candy?

Vicky: Evanís.

Donna: All the Christmas trees in the world canít change the fact that this Christmas stinks. I just want it to be over. I long for December the 26th.

Vicky: Jamie decided not to send me to jail... but he made it very clear that I probably wonít be able to see Steven tomorrow or any other day.

Donna: Oh, darling.

Vicky: But I knew it could happen. I knew that when I brought him back. And I know that bringing him back was the right thing to do.

Donna: Yes, it was. And things are going to change for both of us. I promise that. I promise, I promise.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Why donít you get that?

Donna: All right.

Vicky: I'll get some eggnog.

Donna: All right--a little good cheer.

Vicky: Yes.

Michael: Donna?

Donna: Michael.

Michael: Uh...well, merry Christmas.

Donna: Right.

Michael: I just brought some presents over. May I come in?

Frankie: Look, whoever you are, you'd better get out of here, ok? I mean it, you scuzzbucket!

Cass: [Laughs heartily] What would the little kiddies think if they learned you took out Santa with a fifth of bonded bourbon?


Frankie: I recognize that lousy, stinking voice.

Cass: Ho, ho, ho.

Frankie: I'll give you "ho, ho, ho."

Cass: Now, Frankie, calm down.

Frankie: Do you know I should beat lumps into your head? You scared me half to death.

Cass: Ah, you'll get over it.

Frankie: You had Felicia call me, didnít you?

Cass: I wanted to spend Christmas Eve with you, and I knew if I asked you myself you would have turned me down.

Frankie: Oh, so you just figured you'd arrange things, huh? Well, I have a news flash for you, pal. It didnít work.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: And you look ridiculous in that outfit.

Cass: Uh, Frankie.

Frankie: What?

Cass: That elevator isnít going to come.

Frankie: Why not?

Cass: Security. The guards have the rest of the night off. They shut off the elevator at 7:00--sharp.

Frankie: It's 7:05.

Cass: Yes, I know. So, it looks like we're stuck here.

Frankie: For how long?

Cass: Until morning.

Frankie: Stairs. There have got to be stairs--

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: ...I donít care how many there are...

Cass: Uh, Frankie.

Frankie: What?

Cass: The doors all get locked, too.

Frankie: What happens if there's a fire? What if someone decides to take one of these candles and turn you into a human Yule log?

Cass: Speaking of candles...

Frankie: Ah, if you think you're going to sucker me in--

Cass: With a delicious, cold supper, when you haven't had anything to eat since breakfast? No.

Frankie: That's not true.

Cass: Frankie, I know you. You skip lunch.

Frankie: This is low. Even for you, Winthrop.

Cass: Smoked salmon, asparagus vinaigrette--cold. I even got you a buche noel. Now when was the last time you shared a buche noel by candlelight, huh?

Frankie: I donít care if you got buche noel. I donít care if you've got Barbara buche. I wouldnít eat with you if you were the last man on earth. Got it?

Donna: Michael, I'm not going to be here for very long.

Vicky: Dad!

Donna: Donít you think you could come back so I--

Vicky: Dad. Come on in.

Michael: Thank you. These are for you and Steven.

Vicky: Thank you. Why donít we all have some eggnog?

Donna: Did your friend do your Christmas shopping for you this year?

Vicky: Mom, this Christmas is bad enough.

Michael: Donna, please. You know, I tell you what. I have this feeling I should have called before I came over, so why donít I just go, and maybe I'll come back tomorrow. Ok?

Vicky: Merry Christmas.

Michael: Merry Christmas to you. I'll see you. Jake.

Jake: Hey, I was just about to knock.

Vicky: I didnít expect to see you again today.

Jake: Well, I was looking for Donna and she wasn't home, so I thought she might be here.

Vicky: Yeah, she is.

Jake: Yeah, I...on the way home I passed a toy store, and I--not that I was looking for anything for myself, but I picked up Babar the elephant. Mikeyís always wanting us to read those stories to him.

Donna: That was very thoughtful of you.

Michael: Seeing a lot of my family these days, Jake. A lot more than when you were married to Marley. I wonder why.

Jake: It's Christmas.

Donna: Jake, ignore him. Come on in. Come on.

Jake: Excuse me.

Michael: I'll call you tomorrow.

Jake: So, I see Evan bought you a Christmas tree, huh?

Vicky: Jake, he's a friend.

Jake: First he drives you to Lassiter, then he buys you a Christmas tree, but you're still friends.

Vicky: Why donít you join us for some eggnog and cookies?

Jake: As long as Evanís not here, why not?

Vicky: You can get yourself a glass. The cookies are in a tray. You donít mind, do you?

Jake: For you two ladies... anything.

Vicky: I think you were a little rough on Dad.

Donna: Why shouldnít I be? He's probably on his way over to her right now.

Vicky: I know...he's supposed to be in love with another woman.

Donna: He is in love with another woman.

Vicky: Then why was he so green with jealousy when Jake walked in?

Jamie: I donít want you getting involved with Vicky, Mom. Especially not now.

Rachel: I'm not going to get involved with her. I just want to talk to her, sound her out about a few things.

Jamie: Good luck.

Rachel: I feel very hopeful about a lot of things this time of year.

Jamie: Well, I start any kind of conciliatory move and I feel like a sucker.

Rachel: People can change, Jamie.

Jamie: I know they can.

Rachel: When I was younger, taking care of you all by myself, I did a lot things I regret.

Jamie: Because you were alone?

Rachel: Partially. When you're lonely, it changes your perspective on a lot of things.

Jamie: Am I supposed to excuse Vicky because she's alone? Is that what you're saying, Mom?

Rachel: No.

Jamie: Because I'm alone, too. And so are you. But we donít act the way she acts.

Rachel: We have a lot of support from our family. Once you've been burned by life, sometimes it seems safer not to take a chance on it anymore.

Jamie: I'm doing this for him. Come here.

Rachel: I know that. I'm not just talking about you, you know.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Rachel: I am talking about me, too. You're right, I am alone again. But this time it's going to be different.

Nurse: Mrs. Coryís much improved. No, sir. I canít say when she'll be released.

Mitch: Excuse me, can you tell me who that was?

Nurse: No, I'm sorry. I canít.

Mitch: It's ok. I'm close to the Cory family. Matthew Coryís my son.

Nurse: Oh, no, it's not that. That guy that calls.

Mitch: Does he call often?

Nurse: Yeah, he calls about Mrs. Cory, but he never leaves his name.

Cass: You know, there's nothing quite like Irish smoked salmon. I thought you'd like to know that because I remember you once mentioned that salmon, smoked salmon, was your very favorite thing in the world. And I wanted you to know that I did get the best for you. Delicious. My taste buds are exploding.

Frankie: I hope it chokes you.

Cass: What?

Frankie: I was just musing about how long it would take you to get bored with this stupid macho plan of yours and let me go.

Cass: Hey, I told you. It's not me. Everything's shut up tight.

Frankie: Well, then I guess there's only one thing left to do.

Cass: I knew you would see it my way. Fine, you read and I'll eat. Of course, we could talk. I mean, we could try to straighten things out and then maybe you'd feel like you could share this with me.

Frankie: We talked before.

Cass: Ok. Oh, I called the hospital. Rachelís doing a lot better.

Frankie: Yeah, I know. I spoke to her, too.

Cass: She still doesn't remember who rescued her.

Frankie: What about that clown you hired to investigate? Doesn't he know anything?

Cass: No. He...took that night off.

Frankie: Oh, good.

Cass: Of course, if you had been on the case.

Frankie: I'll be on the case.

Cass: Oh, great.

Frankie: But I'll have to report directly to Rachel. I will not work with you.

Cass: You know, what we need is some music--

Frankie: What I need is distance and--

Cass: I wonder if Felicia has any Christmas tapes here? Nat King Cole. What could be more perfect? Oh, I see you got off your stool.

Frankie: I was looking for the fire door.

Cass: Oh? Well, it's not over that way; it's over this way.

Frankie: Oh, good. Well, now I know where it is.

Cass: What are you hiding, Frankie?

Frankie: Nothing.

Cass: You have something behind your back.

Frankie: An uzi. You want to chance it?

Cass: Come on, Frankie. Show me. Come on. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. Like I said, Irish is the best.

Frankie: You're a sadist, op.

Cass: Hey, why didnít you leave?

Frankie: What?

Cass: The door to the stairs. You could have made it while I had my back turned.

Frankie: You said it was locked.

Cass: Maybe I was just saying that. Maybe it's not.

Frankie: Maybe I didnít want to faint on my way down the stairs.

Cass: Is that it? Or were you looking to get enough sustenance for a long night ahead?

Frankie: Oh, boy. Your ego just never quits, does it?

Cass: You donít want to leave, Frankie. You know it and I know it. Now, why donít you join me for dinner? Please?

Sharlene: John, I--I donít--I'm not sure about this. Are you furious?

John: No. No, that's not the word I would use.

Sharlene: I'm mean, John, I'll be in publicis.

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: John, people are going to see me.

John: At the Pelican Club. Right.

Sharlene: No, they're not. No, they are not, because I am not going out that door dressed like this.

John: Good, good. Sharlene, you have no idea how glad I am that you said that.

Sharlene: Really?

John: Really. I must admit, though, I mean it is...it's different.

Sharlene: Well, I like the old me. Didnít you like the old me?

John: Yes, I like the old you--the one I married just two weeks ago. Of course that's the one I love.

Sharlene: Well I--I'm wondering whether I'm going to be comfortable prancing around the Pelican Club like this.

John: Well, if they insist that you wear it, take some comfort I'll also be wearing this.

Sharlene: You think I'd forget that?

John: Well, I would hope not.


Sharlene: What?

John: Just thinking how sorry I am that I have to work tonight, and this could be a very memorable Christmas Eve.

Sharlene: Okey-dokey.

Singer: ...Carolers are singing snowflakes drifting through the air...

Donna: It is patently ridiculous for your father to be jealous of Jake.

Vicky: Shh!

Jake: Hey, Vicky, where's the tape at?

Vicky: In the drawer next to the sink. I'm telling you, I saw his face.

Donna: I appreciate you trying to bolster up my ego.

Vicky: That's not what I'm doing.

Donna: Although just the idea that your father would be jealous of Jake.

Vicky: I know you guys would never... I mean, but I know you're friends and you're working together, and it bothers Dad.

Donna: The fact of the matter is that your father doesn't care about me anymore. And when I think that little Michael has to face that for the rest of his life.

Vicky: He doesn't have to face it because it's not true.

Jake: If anyone ever tells you it's easy to wrap an elephant, you just tell him to come see me.

Vicky: It hurts Dad.

Donna: Then why is he doing it?

Vicky: I donít know.

Donna: I know why. He found family life distracting for while and now he doesnít. I'm going to go call Angela and see if she's brought little Michael back home yet.

Vicky: I knew she would do this.

Jake: What?

Vicky: Give up on Dad...treat him like she doesn't care about him anymore.

Jake: To tell you the truth, Vicky, I donít care a whole hell of a lot anymore what happens to Michael.

Vicky: You always liked him, Jake.

Jake: Are you kidding me? I worshipped him. I always thought Donna was some lucky society girl that had snagged him. To me, Mike was the kind of guy that didnít take crap from anybody, but he'd go to the wall if he cared about you.

Vicky: He is like that.

Jake: No, he's not. Donnaís not telling you everything. First you were all tied up with Steven, and then you took off.

Vicky: It's killing him that he's doing this to her.

Jake: Vicky, I was there the day that Michael humiliated her in front of everybody.

Vicky: Well, I donít believe it, Jake.

Jake: Do you know what I donít believe, Vick? I donít believe I was wrong. I mean, she is the one with guts. She is the one that deserves someone better than Michael.

Michael: Merry Christmas.

Sharlene: Hello, Michael. What do you think?

Michael: I get a vote? I vote yes--absolutely yes.

Sharlene: I got called in to work at the Pelican Club tonight, and this is the dumb dress that I get to wear.

Michael: Well, there's going to be some very happy patrons at the Pelican Club tonight.

Sharlene: Hush up.

John: Where are you going?

Sharlene: I'm going to go make us some cider and sew a 12-inch ruffle on this dress.

Michael: Ha--ha ha. She looks good.

John: They want her to wear that to be the hostess at the Pelican Club tonight.

Michael: Tonight?

John: Yeah--yeah, the woman that was supposed to be the hostess came down with something.

Michael: I think it was Christmas Eve-itis.

John: It may have been. Sharleneís a little self-conscious about this.

Michael: Well, she shouldnít be, man. She looks really beautiful.

John: She's beautiful, but she's very modest.

Michael: Well, so are you.

John: I told her that.

Michael: Perfect match, right?

John: How are you?

Michael: Fine, I'm fine. Here?

John: Come on, Mike. You're not fine.

Michael: Well, I'm coping.

John: That's it?

Michael: Hey, look, for somebody that's caused as much pain as I have caused lately, I think coping is just fine.

John: And what about the pain that you're feeling?

Michael: I--I--


John: Look, I know how much you love Donna.

Michael: Look, I donít want to talk about this, all right?

John: I'm only trying to help.

Michael: I donít want your help; I donít want your understanding, all right? I just want you to leave me alone.

Jake: What are you thinking?

Vicky: What you said. I didnít know it was that bad.

Jake: She didnít want you to know. Donna didnít want anybody to know. She has to keep up appearances.

Vicky: Yeah.

Jake: But she feels stuff... more than I ever knew.

Donna: Angela's brought little Michael back. I've got to get going. I promised him I'd help him hang his stocking and put something out for Santa Claus.

Vicky: Give him a kiss for me, ok?

Donna: I will. Do you know what he wants me to put out for Santa?

Vicky: What?

Donna: A croissant and a cup of espresso.

Jake: He is definitely your kid.

Donna: Oh, he certainly is. And I'm gonna make this a merry Christmas for him no matter what. I'll call you in the morning.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: Bye, Jake.

Jake: Donna. Wait a minute!

Donna: What?

Jake: Did you take Mikey to see Santa Claus?

Donna: No. I should have done that, shouldnít I?

Jake: Yes, well, the mall's still open. Let's all 3 grab the kid and bring him down to see Santa.

Donna: Oh, he'd love that! I've told him about malls.

Jake: Get your coat.

Vicky: You wouldnít mind if I begged off, would you?

Donna: You donít want to go?

Vicky: I'd just rather stay home alone. You know--kids, Santa...

Donna: Darling, I donít want you to be alone tonight.

Vicky: Just for tonight. I'll give you a call tomorrow and we'll spend Christmas--it will be a lovely day.

Jake: You sure?

Vicky: Yeah, positive. You better get going. You donít want to miss Santa.

Jake: See you, kid.

Donna: Jamie Frame and his family are not going to get away with this. You're going to get Steven back.

Vicky: I donít think that way anymore.

Donna: Well, I hope you're not going to just give up.

Vicky: No. But I'm not going to play tug- of-war with Steven. I want him to be happy, and I'll do anything, even if that means giving him up.

Donna: I wonít let that happen. I wonít.

Jamie: And you can just take him into the nursery if he gets cranky. I'll pick him up right after my rounds. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

Mitch: Jamie.

Jamie: Hi, Mitch, what are you doing here?

Mitch: I was just wondering, by any chance has anybody been trying to see your mom? Anybody you donít know?

Jamie: No, and nobody will, either, because I put out an order limiting her visitors to immediate family and good friends.

Mitch: Good.

Jamie: Why? Is there some kind of problem?

Mitch: No, it's just that the man that brought her in--you know, he never stayed. He never has shown up.

Jamie: Yeah, I know. But I was just glad that he brought her in in the first place.

Mitch: Look, it's just something I'm checking on, that's all. In the meantime I just wanted to make sure that your mom--

Jamie: Mitch, this guy who brought her in, he wouldnít turn around and hurt her for some reason, would he?

Mitch: No. No, no, I'm sure he wouldnít. I'm going to go say hi.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Come in. Hi.

Mitch: Hi. I just wanted to check on you. I was on my way home.

Rachel: I'm feeling much better.

Mitch: Good, I'm glad to hear that. No more Mrs. Johnson, no dreams?

Rachel: No, I'm feeling more peaceful than I have in a long time.

Mitch: Good.

Rachel: But you know that dream?

Mitch: About going back to the beginning?

Rachel: Yeah. I really think that is the answer for me.

Mitch: Are you any clearer on what it all means?

Rachel: I think I know exactly what I am supposed to do... but I'm not prepared to talk about it, not even with you.

Mitch: Ok.

Rachel: I might be going home tomorrow.

Mitch: That's good news.

Rachel: Are you and Felicia going to take us up on our invitation and come over and visit?

Mitch: We'll see.

Rachel: Well, even if I'm not there, please come over and visit with Matthew. He looks forward to that.

Mitch: I'll talk to her, and we'll call tomorrow.

Rachel: Ok. Well...merry Christmas.

Mitch: Merry Christmas.

Rachel: Oh, wait. Can you give me the phone? I canít reach it.

Mitch: Sure.

Rachel: Thanks a lot. Talk to you tomorrow. Hello? Vicky, this is Rachel.

Vicky: Hi, how are you?

Rachel: I'm much better, thank you. I guess you're wondering why I'm calling.

Vicky: Rachel, I donít want to get into an argument with you, but I canít talk to you about Steven tonight. Not tonight. I hope you understand.

[Dial tone]

Cass: Now that I've got you where you canít slam the door in my face, I would like to propose a toast.

Frankie: To what?

Cass: Starting over.

Frankie: It's a nice thought, but I donít think it's always possible.

Cass: I think it is, if you want it badly enough.

Frankie: You canít just erase the past.

Cass: No, you canít. But you can go on from where you are, and where we are is right here together. Let me amend the toast. To tonight, to you.

Singer: And so I'm offering this simple phrase

to kids from one to 92

Although it's been said many times, many ways...

Frankie: Oh, come on.

Cass: What?

Frankie: Oh, a few sips of champagne and I'm just supposed to--uh! You are just so incredibly low, Winthrop.

Cass: What am I doing?

Frankie: You are trying to make me fall in love with you. And that's just not going to happen. Not again.

Michael: No, I do have to go.

John: Mike, I promise I wonít--I wonít bug you about it anymore. Not tonight.

Michael: This is something I just have to work out for myself, all right?

Sharlene: Here we go, fellas.

John: Oh, good, good. Thanks, honey.

Michael: Here. Have you got that?

Sharlene: Thanks.

Michael: Ok. Well, how about if I toast to your first Hudson Christmas? How about that, huh?

Sharlene: I wish we were together.

John: We'll have plenty more Christmases. I promise.

Michael: Cheers.

Sharlene and John: Cheers.

Michael: Mm--that's terrific. You know, I canít believe the Pelican Club is open on Christmas Eve.

Sharlene: No, it's a private party.

[Knock on door]

John: I'll get it.

Michael: Nobody tells me anything anymore.

Sharlene: I just didnít want to spend a lot of lonely nights sitting here when John was at the hospital.

John: Mindy, hi.

Mindy: Are you ready to go?

John: Sure, just about. Come on in; I want you to meet my family. This is Mindy Eberson. She's one of the residents. This is my wife, Sharlene; my brother, Mike.

Michael: Hi, how are you?

Sharlene: Hello. You're one of the residents, too?

Mindy: John must have told you about us.

Sharlene: No--no, he didnít.

Mindy: Are you kidding? We're always getting into trouble.

Sharlene: Well, that's interesting.

John: Mindy's car broke down. I told her if she got this far, I'd give her a ride to the hospital.

Mindy: Yeah, you're all heart, Hudson.

John: Let's just hope it's a slow night.

Mindy: Yeah, maybe we can nap in the residents' lounge.

John: Good luck tonight.

Sharlene: Thank you.

[Clears throat] I thought you said all the lady residents were ugly.

John: What, do you think she's good-looking?

Sharlene: Get out of here.

John: See you tomorrow. Merry Christmas.

Michael: Same to you, brother.

John: Come on. Let's go save some lives.

Sharlene: Drive carefully.

Michael: Sharlene, if you'd like, I'd be glad to give you a ride down to the club.

Sharlene: No, I have to have a way to get back anyway. But Michael, I did want to thank you for letting me talk to you about Lucas.

Michael: Hey--

Sharlene: It helped.

Michael: ...Any time, really. I mean, well... merry Christmas.

Sharlene: Merry Christmas to you, Michael.

[Wind blowing]

Jake: Ok, big guy, you're next.

Donna: All right. Now, this is what you're going to do. You're going to go over and sit on Santaís lap and you're going to tell him what a good boy you've been. And I'm going to vouch for you. Then you're going to tell him what you want for Christmas. You can tell him that you want that little battery-driven sports car. Can you remember all that?

Jake: I hope so.

Santa: All right. Who is next?

Jake: It's your turn, Mikey. Go get him.

Donna: Right here.

Santa: Come on right up here on Santaís lap. Heh heh heh heh. Here we go.

Donna: Oops! Jump jump--jump.


Santa: There we go. Sit right here, young man.

Donna: Wait until you see this little car. It's faithful in every detail.

Jake: It sounds great.

Santa: All right, Mikey. What do you want for Christmas?

Mikey: I want my daddy come home.

Cass: I was just thinking about the night of your class reunion.

Frankie: Yeah? That was some night.

Cass: I learned a lot about you.

Frankie: What--that I was Mary Frances, the class nerd?

Cass: That there's a very secret part of yourself that you donít want to share with anybody else unless you feel close to them.

Frankie: Do you know what I remember about that night? You dancing me around the room. All of a sudden all of those people had to look at me in a new way. What I could never do for myself, you did.

Cass: It wasn't me.

Frankie: It was a magic night.

Cass: Yes, it was.

Frankie: But the magic came to an abrupt halt when I found Cecile in your bed.

Cass: I was as unpleasantly surprised as you were.

Frankie: And then when you said all of that stuff about taking up with Cecile because you were trying to avoid your feelings for me.

Cass: Aren't you doing the same thing?

Frankie: What?

Cass: You said tonight that you donít want to fall in love with me again. Aren't you using Cecile to do just that?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Frankie, we both know that nothing important happened between me and Cecile. She's gone now and I'm here with you, which is exactly where I want to be. Why are you fighting everything?

Frankie: Do you know what I did that night after I left you with Cecile?

Cass: You said that you were going over to Sharleneís.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I couldn't do that so I walked and walked and tried to convince myself that nothing had happened between us. So what did it matter that you were alone with Cecile in the middle of the night?

Cass: But something did happen between us.

Frankie: I donít think you're prepared for how much that night meant to me.

Cass: It meant a lot to me, too.

Frankie: No, not enough. It couldn't have meant the same thing. Talking to you like that, holding you... it was--

Cass: Intimate.

Frankie: Yeah. I donít think I've ever felt that way before. I donít think I've ever felt that someone knew me that well. And then when I left you with Cecile... Cass, I would rather say good-bye to you than find out that you went from that to sleeping with her.

Cass: Frankie?

Cass: I'm--I'm scum. I am. I'm the lowest form of scum.

[Chains jingling] Frankie? Who are--

[Exhales] What are you doing here?

Ghost: It's Christmas Eve. Where else am I going to be?

Cass: Oh, my God--the ghost of Winthrop past.

Ghost: Like the chains, babe? I think I look pretty good.

Cass: What are you doing here?

Ghost: It's a good thing I showed up. You're about to sentence yourself to life.

Cass: With Frankie?

Ghost: With Frankie? Of course with Frankie, you idiot. You think she's going to hang around and stand for this "only a couple nights a week" stuff. Forget about it.

Cass: Hey, I know.

Ghost: Hey, you got a good thing going here, Bubula. Caroline once in awhile, Cecile whenever she comes through town, anybody else you feel like.

Cass: Then why do I keep going after Frankie?

Ghost: Beats me. If I were you, which I am, I'd come clean about you and Cecile. Avoid the whole issue.

Cass: You? You never told the truth in your whole life.

Ghost: Oh, I did, too.

Cass: Yeah, when it served your purpose.

Ghost: But you're above that, huh?

Cass: I have grown, you know?

Ghost: That's growth? Going crazy over a woman who canít understand one little night with Cecile?

Cass: So she's sensitive.

Ghost: And I'm not? Listen to me, Dorkus; if you think I'm in chains, imagine what life would be like with Frankie.

Cass: Who are you?

Ghost: He canít hear you. He canít hear anything else but her.

Future Cass: [In nerdy voice] What, Frankie? Sure, dear, I'll pick up the kids after school.

Cass: Kids?

Future Cass: They can go with me to pick up that mulch for the garden.

Cass: [Imitating nerdy voice] Mulch for the garden?

Ghost: You think she'll settle for anything less than that?

Cass: You got her all wrong.

Ghost: Yeah, sure I do.

Cass: Even if you donít, what's so great about living over your office alone? What's so great about having a different woman every night?

Ghost: Oh, you're in big trouble, Winthrop. I think you should tell her about you and Cecile and get out while you still can.

Cass: What if I donít want out? What do I do? Lie?

Ghost: Hey, now there's a stupid idea.

Frankie: Cass?

Cass: [Whispering] What do I do?

Frankie: Who are you talking to?

Cass: I wasn't talking. I...I was waiting for you.

Jake: Everything ok?

Donna: He fell asleep the second his head hit the pillow.

Jake: Well, he had a big day.

Donna: You were wonderful with him tonight.

Jake: He's a good kid.

Donna: Made me think about you and Marley. I'm so sorry things didnít work out with you. You're going to be a wonderful father.

Jake: Yeah, well that's life. Things donít work out, you move on, you know?

Donna: That's right...if you're as brave as you are.

Jake: Donna, you're gonna be ok. You are tough in ways that nobody knows.

Donna: Merry Christmas, Jake.

Jake: Merry Christmas.

[Jake sighs]

Tree salesman: Hey, I'll give you a nice one for cheap. It's Christmas Eve.

Michael: Yeah, uh... I...donít think so this year, thanks.

Jamie: Hey, lady, you want to go home for Christmas?

Rachel: How about tonight?

Jamie: [Laughing] I got your test results back here.

Rachel: Oh, that's great.

Jamie: Donít push your luck. Tomorrow morning, though--first thing.

Rachel: Ok, really early, ok? Before breakfast, I donít want to eat breakfast--

Jamie: You got it, you got it.

Rachel: Oh, thanks.

Jamie: My pleasure.

Rachel: So, are you going home now?

Jamie: Well, first I have to bail Steven out of the nursery, and...and I hate leaving you here.

Rachel: Good. I want you to feel real guilty so you'll come get me really early in the morning.

Jamie: [Laughs] You know what I was thinking about? I was thinking about when I got my tonsils taken out.

Rachel: You were only 4 years old.

Jamie: I know, but I remember.

Rachel: I remember that, too. They had this dumb rule in hospitals that parents couldn't stay with their children.

Jamie: I was so scared. I wanted you so much that I thought--just before I was about to cry, I remember hearing your voice telling that nurse that no damn doctor and no damn hospital is going to keep you away from me. And you slept in a chair right by my bed.

Rachel: [Laughing] I know I've never been very good at being intimidated, especially not when my children are concerned.

Jamie: I love you, Mom.

Rachel: I love you, too, sweetie. Now go get Steven.

Jamie: Are you sure?

Rachel: Yeah, I'm pretty tired.

Jamie: Ok, I'll see you first thing in the morning.

Rachel: Ok, with bells on.

Jamie: You got it.

[Blows kiss]

Rachel: Night.

Vicky: Hello?

Jamie: Hi, it's me.

Vicky: Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah. Listen, I'd like to drop by for a few minutes, if that's all right.

Vicky: Tonight?

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: What for?

Jamie: I'll tell you when I see you. Good-bye.

Singer: Christ the savior is born

[Bells ringing]

Frankie: Do you hear bells?

Cass: Yes.

Frankie: Oh, that's a relief.

Cass: It must be midnight. Come on.

[Bells playing "silent night"] It's Christmas. Merry Christmas, Frankie.

Frankie: Merry Christmas, Cass.

[Chains jingling] What's the matter?

Cass: Nothing. Nothing I canít handle.

Rachel: John.

John: Rachel, I was just about to wake you up.

Rachel: Did you bring in the tree?

John: No. No, sorry, I didnít. It was here when I got here. There's a card.

Rachel: "Merry Christmas. Happy--happy new beginnings." There's no name.

Singer: Silent night

Rachel: Carolers.

John: Yeah, they've been in the hospital most of the day wandering up and down the hallway.

Rachel: Oh, how sweet.

Singer: All is calm

John: I think we're going to have a very merry Christmas.

Singer: 'Round yon virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild sleep in heavenly peace

Sharlene: [Sighs]

Singer: ...Peace

Vicky: You brought Steven!

Jamie: Can we come in?

Vicky: [Gasping] Sure. Hi! Oh.

Jamie: I've been thinking that it's been a long time since you two have had--spent some time together, and I thought maybe Christmas would be a good time to catch up.

Vicky: Oh. Does this mean I--

Jamie: What it means is that itís...it's Christmas.

Vicky: I donít believe this.

Jamie: I'll pick him up tomorrow.

Vicky: Ok. Just tell me the time and I'll have him ready, ok?

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Jamie? Um...

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Want to stay? I have some eggnog.

Jamie: No, I'd better go before I--

Vicky: Change your mind?

Steven: Aaah.

Jamie: Vicky, I want things to be different.

Vicky: So do I.

Jamie: I hope so. You have a merry Christmas, pal, huh? And I'll see you tomorrow. Ok.

Vicky: Oh, Jamie. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

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