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Another World Transcript Tuesday 11/15/05

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[Missing the first few seconds.]

Derek: Hey, Cass, chill, man.

Cass: Oh, yeah, right, chill. Look, the last thing I need is to have some clammy hand slapping a Santa hat on my head in the middle of the afternoon.

Stacey: Did I tell you or did I not tell you? Does not believe in S. Claus.

Cass: What are you doing here anyway?

Stacey: We just came in to get warm and wrap up these presents.

Cass: So, go wrap.

Derek: Hey, we are going to give a party for the homeless kids down by the dock. Do you want to come with us?

Cass: No.

Derek: But we got a great Santa outfit. We didnít pay a lot for it, either, did we?

Cass: Yeah, complete with fleas, no doubt.

Derek: [Under his breath] Your brother's a geek.

Stacey: Oh, I know why he is in this mood.

Cass: I think I will leave.

Stacey: Cecile is gone, and Frankie wonít talk to him. Am I right, Cass?

Sharlene: All right, let me see if I've got this straight. Cecile was going to steal the money from the Mac Cory foundation.

Frankie: Which is why she started the Mac Cory scholarship fund.

Sharlene: Yeah, but you caught her.

Frankie: Ah, so did Cass. I do not think she thought out her plan real well.

Sharlene: And she took off, and he did not go with her like she wanted him to.

Frankie: That's what he says.

Sharlene: He instead came to your apartment and told you how much he cared about you.

Frankie: Yeah, right.

Sharlene: And then you threw him out.

Frankie: Right.

Sharlene: I know I am missing something here.

Frankie: What is to miss? The guy's a scuzzball.

Sharlene: But isnít that what you wanted?

Frankie: For him to be a scuzzball?

Sharlene: No, for him to come to you and tell you how much he cares about you.

[Phone rings]

Frankie: Let me clue you in on something, Sharlene. If that guy ever, ever ev--

Sharlene: Hello? Oh, sure. Yeah, wai--wait just a minute, ok? Are you here?

Frankie: Why?

Sharlene: It's Cass.

Josie: Where in the world are we going to put all this stuff?

Olivia: The bedroom is that way, Reuben--if you can call it that.

Josie: Oh, now, it is a large dressing room. It will be cozy.

Olivia: Well, Aunt Liz wonít be hovering.

Matthew: This is heavy.

Josie: You know, I thought I had a lot of closet space, but I guess I was wrong.

Olivia: It's ok.

Josie: Olivia, we did not even get everything into the van this time.

Olivia: So, we will make another trip, no big deal. Have you seen Sam?

Josie: Sam?

Olivia: Yeah, things would go a lot faster around here if we had an extra hand, and he said he would help. I wonder where he is.

Evan: Let's see, we got--

Amanda: All right, it is looking good.

Evan: You got some nerve. I'm glad to see you smiling. But your Christmas spirit right now is killing me.

Amanda: Hey, you told me to smile, so I am smiling.

Evan: [High-pitched voice] "So I am smiling."

Amanda: Oh, it looks fantastic.

Evan: Does it?

Amanda: You know what? The only thing is we are missing music. I know the perfect song.

Evan: Music? She wants music now. She wants music. Ok, she's got music. [Mumbling] I've got a wreath.

Amanda: [Laughs]

Singer: 'Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la

Iris: Oh, this is so exciting. We are finally beginning to roll.

Lucas: Not yet. I want to re-shoot the fashion stuff from the center section.

Iris: Oh, well that will only take one shoot.

Lucas: Yeah, but it's got to be done right. I'm going to go talk to Josie about that right now.

Iris: Well, darling, canít you just call?

Lucas: Josie? What difference does it make?

Iris: Well, aren't you carrying this mentor thing a bit too far?

[Phone buzzes]

Lucas: No, and what is that supposed to mean?

Iris: Hello? Who? Richard Mallory? Yes, of course. That is wonderful. Show him in.

Lucas: Who is Richard Mallory?

Iris: You haven't heard of him?

Lucas: If I had, I would not have asked.

Iris: Richard is very charming, very rich, and very old line Wall Street.

Lucas: Oh, you mean the takeover specialist?

Iris: Exactly, you'll like him. He is very powerful.

Lucas: Iris, what are you up to?

Iris: What do you mean?

Lucas: Why are you meeting with a takeover specialist right before we're about to ro--

Iris: Calm down, calm down. I am not up to anything. This is strictly personal. Ah-ha!

Richard: Hello, Iris, oh.

Iris: Oh, Richard, you look wonderful.

Richard: You look fantastic.

Iris: Oh, thank you. So do you, but then you always look fantastic.

Josie: So, Sam said he'd help out, huh?

Olivia: Sure, sure. Why not?

Matthew: Oh, ah, Olivia, he is not coming.

Olivia: Well, he said he might be a little bit late, but I am sure he's--

Matthew: Well, if he promised, then that was before. There has been a lot going on at the house lately.

Olivia: Oh--no problem. Ok, how about you and I go and get the rest of the boxes?

Matthew: Ok, wait--once we get all the stuff here, where are we going to put it?

Olivia: Matthew, for the last time, I do not have all that much stuff. It is just that the bedroom is so small.

Matthew: Oh, the bedroom is small? The bedroom? Oh, I understand now, the bedroom is small. Excuse me, it is the bedroom's problem.

Olivia: Yes!

Reuben: It's not bad. You really landed on your feet, farm girl.

Josie: Sure beats my room at the boarding house, doesn't it?

Reuben: How about that roach hotel we stayed at in New York City?

Josie: I loved New York. That is where I met my first agent, the great Reuben Lawrence.

Reuben: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Josie: You know, in case I have not told you, thanks. I mean, you have done more for me than I can say.

Reuben: Reuben Lawrence, the star maker.

Josie: That is right.

Matthew: Help with the box, please!

Reuben: What is in here?

Matthew: Josie, I've been trying to get Olivia to tell us whether or not she liked Keith.

Olivia: I said he was fine.

Josie: Oh, just fine? But you two had so much in common.

Matthew: Yeah, yeah, yeah. The skiing--the skiing?

Josie: Trips to the Bahamas?

Olivia: He was not my type.

Josie: You are kidding.

Olivia: No, he is headed straight for business or law school when he graduates. I could not get excited about somebody like that.

Reuben: So, you got something against people who make money?

Matthew: Put this down--yes, I am going to business school.

Olivia: But you know what I mean.

Josie: Ok, ok, ok. What is your type?

Olivia: I do not know.

Matthew: Come on, you know. You know. Tell her, come on.

Olivia: All right, oh--somebody a little older... somebody who is very creative... somebody who really cares about the arts.

Josie: Oh, like you do?

Olivia: Yeah, somebody a little bit unpredictable... and very physical.

Amanda: Sam, what in the--what are you doing?

Evan: All right, fella, I am tired of your cheap shots.

Sam: Come on, give me an excuse. Get out of the way!

Amanda: Stop it, both of you!

Sam: Or you think maybe writing love letters to my wife is ok, is that it?

Amanda: Sam?!

Evan: Look, why donít we talk about this in private?

Sam: No, let us talk about this right here and right now. Aw, the hell with talking. C'mon, man. C'mon, let's go.

Amanda: The two of you stop it right now. I'm serious! Sam! Donít, both of you!

[Men grunting] No!

Sam: You think this is some sort of game, is that it?


Rachel: What on earth is going on around here? Stop it, both of you! Stop it!

Cass: I do not understand. I really do not understand.

Stacey: Life?

Cass: Oh, women.

Stacey: Women? Va-va-voom, Cass, huh?

Cass: What more could I have done? Tell me, what more could I have done?

Derek: I do not know what you did.

Cass: I went to her. I practically had to beg her to listen to me--I did beg her. It was humiliating.

Stacey: I wish I had been there.

Cass: Oh, your sympathy is overwhelming.

Stacey: No, I'm--I'm very sympathetic, Cass. I just wish I had been there.

Cass: Yeah, you just like to see me in pain, that's all.

Stacey: Uh-uh, Jimmy Linemueller.

Cass: What?

Stacey: Fourth grade--this kid jimmy Linemueller.

Cass: Oh, the kid with braces?

Stacey: Ah-hah. Ok, this kid lies and he says that Cass stole his lunch money. So, Cass ends up going to the headmaster's office--he does not get out of there until the last bus has already left and we end up walking home.

Cass: [Chuckles] Next day she beats Jimmy to a pulp.

Stacey: I did not beat him to a pulp, I hit him once hard.

Cass: You broke his braces.

Derek: She did?

Stacey: Well, yeah. I mean, I should have stuck up for you, right? I mean, wouldnít you if you had a brother and he was unjustly accused? You'd hit him.

Cass: He was not lying, I did steal his lunch money.

Derek: What?

Cass: Well, he owed me on some football bets.

Derek: In the fourth grade?

Cass: Actually, he had been welching on me since the third grade.

Stacey: So that is why I do not sympathize with Cass until at least a week I have had to check out the facts.

Cass: Ok, fine. Who cares? You sympathize with me, donít you, Derek?

Derek: Hey, I still do not know what happened.

Cass: Well, I tell--I went over to--to see Frankie, and I told her that it was over with Cecile and me. You know, I said that being with Cecile made me realize how important she was to me, or words to that effect--

Stacey: You said what? Are you kidding, you said that?

Cass: I told you I humiliated myself, didnít I?

Stacey: Oh, Cass, you are lucky she kicked you out the door and not out the window.

Cass: What? What is wrong with what I said?

Stacey: Let me ask you one question. Did you or did you not sleep with Cecile?

Cass: What--what the hell does that got to do with it?

Stacey: It's got to do with everything!

Cass: It is totally irrelevant!

Stacey: Absolutely not, Cass. You blew it. You had a good thing going with Frankie and you blew it.

Cass: Oh, thanks, thanks.

Stacey: Any time. I got to go call Jamie, I'll--

Derek: She broke his braces?

Cass: Yeah, listen, Derek, you're really close to Frankie, right?

Derek: Yeah.

Cass: Would you talk to her for me? Would you--would you just--no, no--get her to at least see me.

Derek: I do not know about that, Cass.

Cass: What's the matter?

Derek: Frankie is my friend. I do not want to see her hurt any more than she has already been.

Cass: All I want is a chance to make things up to her. Come on, what do you say?

Frankie: Coffee is ready. You want some?

Sharlene: Oh, no thank you.

Frankie: Are you still mad at me?

Sharlene: I was never mad at you.

Frankie: Oh, Sharlene, you gave me one of those looks.

Sharlene: Well, honey, I just donít understand why you will not even take a phone call from the guy.

Frankie: Because I do not want to talk to him.

Sharlene: Then you tell him next time. I'm not going to keep fielding calls for you.

Frankie: Ok... Sharle-- nah.

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: Nothing. You sure you do not want coffee?

Sharlene: Positive.

Frankie: Ok.

>> ...With every Christmas card I write

Frankie: Sharle--aww...

Sharlene: Frankie, what is it?

Frankie: What did Cass say?

Sharlene: Nothing, I told him to call you later.

Frankie: You did wha--why didnít you tell him that I donít want to talk to him--why didnít you--

Sharlene: Canít-- well, hello, stranger.

John: Hi; hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Hi.

Sharlene: Oh, you realize this man has been healing the sick for 12 straight hours?

Frankie: Well, I am impressed. How do you feel?

John: Like I am going to collapse.

Sharlene: Well, tell me all about it. I will fix you something to eat, ok?

John: No, no, no. First--first I want to hear what happened at the end of the ball. Did I miss anything?

Frankie: Oh, it was terrible.

Sharlene: It was fine.

John: I guess you had to be there.

Frankie: Yeah...

Sharlene: Ah, Frankie is having trouble with her love life.

John: Oh...

Sharlene: Cold meat loaf sandwich ok?

John: That would be great, great, yeah. So, what is going on with Cass?

Frankie: Cass is not part of my life.

Sharlene: He left Cecile for Frankie.

Frankie: Oh, did not.

Sharlene: Did too.

John: Look, I am really tired. I am not following all of this. Maybe one of you could help me out here.

Sharlene: It's ok. Why donít you go upstairs, put your feet up, and I will bring you lunch on a tray?

John: Oh, no, you do not have to do that.

Sharlene: I know that, but you have to go back to the hospital again tonight, donít you?

John: Yeah, I really do not think I am going to be able to sleep.

Sharlene: Not even if I come tuck you in?

John: Well, that puts a whole new spin on things, doesn't it?

Frankie: You guys are sickening. Would you go on up? I will bring your sandwich.

John: Cold meat loaf.

Frankie: Got you.

Iris: You must have been in the islands to have got that tan.

Richard: Oh, just a couple of days. I mean, you always look wonderful.

Iris: Oh, thank you. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Richard: Yes, I remember.

Lucas: Excuse me, but I have to be going.

Iris: Oh, darling, I am so sorry. Lucas, this is Richard Mallory. Richard, this is Lucas.

Richard: Yes, Lucas--the man with just one name, I remember.

Lucas: Pleasure.

Richard: You are handling the publicity for Iris' new magazine?

Iris: Oh, he handles absolutely everything. I could not exist without him.

Lucas: She exaggerates. How long are you going to be in town?

Richard: Well, that depends.

Lucas: Oh, depends on what?

Richard: Business.

Lucas: Well, I have to be going. Nice to have met you.

Iris: All right, darling, I will catch up with you later.

Lucas: Ok.

Iris: Bye.

Richard: Do I detect a somewhat proprietary air from Lucas?

Iris: Possibly, possibly.

Richard: Hmm, how serious is it?

Iris: Well, it could be very.

Richard: Oh, congratulations. Does he know what he is getting into?

Iris: Yeah, I think he does. Tea?

Richard: You are not easy, Iris, but you are definitely worth it.

Iris: Well, thank you, kind sir. Talking of which, who are you entwined with at the moment? Oh, not still that awful Charlotte Samuels?

Richard: [Chuckles] I put an end to that months ago. She was too bland for me.

Iris: I'm glad to hear it.

Richard: By the way, how's Rachel doing?

Iris: Rachel--what do you mean?

Richard: Well, just with your father's death and all--

Iris: Richard, that is not why you are in Bay City--I mean, you're not interested in Rachel?

Richard: Iris, I just asked a question.

Iris: Richard, you are interested in Rachel. No--no, no, no, my darling. She is totally wrong for you. You need someone glamorous and fun and exciting.

Richard: Iris, you have always misread me.

Iris: I have not. Sit.

Richard: My idea of a perfect companion is someone quiet, intelligent, kind.

Iris: Oh, not the hard-driven businesswoman, hmm?

Richard: Oh, definitely not. I want someone who can be with me--travel, enjoy life.

Iris: Sweet little homemaker.

Richard: That is not what I mean and you know it. I am talking about a woman who has a tremendously aggressive drive.

Iris: Uh-huh, that sounds like Rachel.

Richard: But a drive that's driven at me.

Iris: Oh, I see. You want a career woman who is going to make you her career. Do you really think you can find someone like that?

Richard: What is this, Iris, an interview?

Iris: You know, on second thought, hmm--are you free this evening? Maybe we will give Rachel a call.

Rachel: What on earth do you two think you are doing? I thought you were adults.

Amanda: Obviously you were wrong.

Sam: Another time, Bates.

Amanda and Rachel: Sam?

Sam: Later!

Rachel: All right, people, back to work. You two, I want to see you in my office, please.

Amanda: Later, I am not in the mood for a lecture. I'm going to go find Sam.

Sharlene: Well, what is the matter?

John: I could not sleep.

Sharlene: Oh, am I making too much noise?

John: No, no. I am just too wired.

Sharlene: You want to talk about it? Or--


John: Sharlene, I donít know, I was just thinking this-- everything just seems so right.

Sharlene: Medicine?

John: Well, medicine and... being married to you.

>> I sing jingle bells...

Sharlene: You want to tell me about it? Sit down.

John: You know, I was so busy all night long in the hospital, I did not stop the whole time I was there.

[Yawns] I was so busy, I donít think I realized how tired I was.

Sharlene: You didnít have time to think about me, either?

John: I always have time to think about you. What are you doing?

Sharlene: Oh, nothing. I was--I was looking at what jobs were available.

John: Jobs? Why, is construction that bad?


[Knock on door]

Sharlene: I made some coffee. Do you want some?

John: No, that is the last thing I need.

Iris: Hello, May I come in?

Sharlene: Yes, please. Oh, Iris, it's cold.

Iris: Yes. Oh, hello, John. I'm--sorry, did I wake you up?

John: No, no, I worked last night, so...

Iris: Oh, yes, I had forgotten. That's right, you're a resident now. Congratulations.

John: Thank you very much.

Sharlene: May I get you a cup of coffee?

Iris: Ah, no, thank you. I just--I just want to talk to you for a minute.

Sharlene: Well, all right. Please, sit down. I do not have any secrets from John.

Iris: Oh, it is nothing secret. It is about Josie.

Sharlene: What about her?

Iris: Well, I realize how concerned you have been lately about her spending so much time with Lucas.

Sharlene: You think I am being overprotective?

Iris: Oh, no--well, not necessarily.

Sharlene: What then?

Iris: Well, it is just--look, I donít think Lucas would do anything improper. He is a very attractive, very handsome, powerful man, donít you agree?

Sharlene: I suppose.

Iris: And Josieís very young, and she's very impressionable, and I think that maybe she feels she owes him a lot.

John: Josie has a good head on her shoulders. I am sure she can keep things in perspective.

Iris: Well, normally I would agree. But we both know, donít we, that someone as young as Josie can be attracted by the excitement of power.

Sharlene: What--what are you saying?

Iris: I am simply saying that I would hate for Josie to mistake that attraction for something else. I am sure no one wants that, including Lucas.

Sharlene: Well, this is--Iris, you know I have been worried about that.

Iris: Exactly. I just want to tell you that I intend to talk to Lucas. I want to make sure he understands the situation and does not...encourage Josie.

Sharlene: That would be wonderful. Iris, that would be wonderful. I would appreciate that.

Iris: Not at all. I really want Josie to be happy and for nothing to ruin her future.

John: Absolutely.

Josie: Oh, uh...

Lucas: What are you doing?

Josie: Oh, hi. Want to give me a hand?

Lucas: Would you put that down--put it down. Did you hear me?

Josie: What is wrong?

Lucas: Look at you.

Josie: Oh, we're helping Olivia move in.

Lucas: Your skin--and that mark on your arm. How is that going to photograph?

Josie: Oh, I bumped into the door of the van.

Lucas: Let me see your hands.

Josie: You know, we're all trying to pitch in and help Olivia get settled.

Lucas: Look at these nails.

Matthew: Take it easy.

Lucas: You call Jeannie first thing in the morning and you get a manicure, you got that?

Josie: Yeah, I got it--

Matthew: Lucas, this is Josieís free day, remember that--free day.

Lucas: Josie, come here. Your face, your hair, your skin--they are your paycheck. They are your future. You do not get a day off as far as your appearance is concerned.

Josie: I am sorry.

Matthew: Something wrong? Excuse me.

Lucas: You take your work seriously if you want me to take it seriously.

Josie: I will.

Lucas: Otherwise, the deal is off.

Reuben: Coming through!


Matthew: Ok, you're fine. Bring it on in. A little further. Let it down.

Olivia: Hi, Lucas. I figured that had to be your limo downstairs.

Lucas: Hello, Olivia. Excuse me, I need to talk to Josie, please.

Olivia: What was that all about?

Matthew: Man, that guy bugs me, know what I mean? He comes here yelling at Josie because she has a smudge on her face--a broken nail. Who does he think he is, Svengali or something?

Olivia: She is a model.

Matthew: He is acting like he owns her, Olivia.

Olivia: She wants it that way. All right, so, how about you guys move this into the bedroom.

Reuben: Ha. Who do we look like? Arnold Schwarzenegger or something?

Matthew: Did--do you have a dolly?

Olivia: Oh, come on, macho men. You can do it.

[Knock on door] Oh, Sam, hi.

Sam: I promised, didnít I?

Olivia: I knew you would not let me down.

Sam: So what needs moving?

Matthew: Ah, Olivia, I really like you, I do, but I am not getting a hernia for you. You are going to have to get a dolly, sorry.

Matthew and Reuben: Well hello, dolly well, hello, dolly

Sam: Where do you want it?

Matthew: Well...

Reuben: Yeah...

Amanda: Sam? Sam? Sam?

Evan: Amanda? I'm sorry, I did not mean to scare you.

Amanda: What are you doing here?

Evan: Well, I left right after you did. There is something we have to talk about. I am sorry.

Amanda: Why, it was not your fault.

Evan: Well, I never should have left that letter lying around.

Amanda: That was not your fault either. I was the one that left it where Sam found it.

Evan: So what happened?

Amanda: I left it in my coat pocket. God, he was already mad at me because I did not tell him that you were with Vicky.

Evan: Amanda, I wish there was something I could do.

Amanda: I will be fine.

Evan: At least now it is all out in the open.

Amanda: What do you mean?

Evan: Amanda, look at me. I love you. And I know that you love me. Look, it is time that we face this head-on.

Sam: Amanda, I am tired of pretending.

Amanda: Pretending what?

Sam: Pretending that you and I are in love and happy.

Amanda: I am in love. I am happy.

Sam: I meant with each other.

Amanda: I'm going back downstairs.

Sam: No you're not.

Amanda: I will not be made to feel guilty.

Sam: I gave you a choice in Bermuda. I said if you wanted him, go for it.

Amanda: And I chose you.

Sam: So what? You've lied to me. You've lied to Jamie. You've lied to your whole family--all for Evan.

Amanda: I did what I thought was right.

Sam: For whom?

Amanda: I am not even going to answer that.

Sam: No, of course not. Because you know damn well you did it for him. Everything that guy says or does, you go along with it.

Amanda: This is ridiculous.

Sam: I gave you one last chance, lady, and you blew it.

Amanda: Oh, no, no. You blew it. You do not give someone that you love last chances.

Sam: Oh, yeah? Then how do you treat someone you love? By keeping secrets from them. By running around behind their backs.

Amanda: Running around--what are you implying?

Sam: I do not have to imply it. I will spell it out for you. I think Evan is more important to you than me, our marriage, or your family.

Amanda: That is a lie!

Sam: No, I wish it was, but the lie is us, Amanda. And I will not have anything to do with this anymore.

Amanda: Do you even know what you're saying?

Sam: You say you want a marriage because that is what all good Cory daughters are supposed to want. But that is a lie, too.

Amanda: This is insane!

Sam: You want him, you got him.

Evan: And we both know that your marriage is falling apart.

Amanda: My marriage is fine.

Evan: Amanda, I think we should be honest about how--

Amanda: Look, just because Sam and I are angry at each other, it is not the end of the world.

Evan: You cannot keep saying that. Now, you know your marriage is in trouble. I know it's in trouble. And so does Sam, for that matter.

Rachel: I thought I would find you here.

Evan: Well, it is a good thing that I--you are here, because I was just telling Amanda that everything that happened today is my--is my fault.

Amanda: No, it is not.

Evan: See, I wrote a letter to Amanda and I had no idea that she would find it--

Amanda: He did not expect me to read it. I found it. I kept it. Sam found the letter this morning.

Rachel: Wonderful.

Amanda: I feel terrible.

Rachel: Well, I guess it does not much matter why there was an explosion--we have all been expecting one.

Evan: Look, Rachel, I know that you talked to us about this before--

Rachel: You bet I did. I warned you, I threatened you, I tried reasoning with you and none of it worked.

Amanda: Mom, this is not something that's--

Rachel: Obviously, there's nothing I can do to help. You are going to have to handle this situation by yourselves. But let me make one thing perfectly clear.

Evan: What is that?

Rachel: If there is ever another scene like the one we had in the office today, you will both be fired.

Sam: All right, what else?

Olivia: There is one more load down in the lobby.

Sam: Fine.

Olivia: Are you all right?

Sam: Me? Yeah, I am perfect.

Matthew: Ok, would you lift up your end?

Reuben: I am trying, man.

Matthew: Let it down, let it down.

Olivia: Thanks, guys, that is great. Look, why donít you take a break. Grab something to drink.

Matthew: Refreshments, yes, thank you.

Reuben: You know, I could really get used to a place like this.

Matthew: Yeah, it's nice, it's nice. It is.

Reuben: So how does it feel? Having a girlfriend in the big time?

Matthew: [Chuckles] You know what the best part is? She really wanted this, and she got it.

Reuben: Yeah, yeah, she is really doing what she likes.

Matthew: Gosh, I wish I was that sure of what I wanted to do.

Reuben: What is there to be sure about? You ain't got to do nothing.

Matthew: Why, because I'm a Cory?

Reuben: Well, being a Cory donít hurt.

Matthew: Well, it is not that simple, Reuben.

Reuben: What is the matter, your family might cut you loose or make you scrounge around for a living?

Matthew: No, but I'm going to business school. I'm going to graduate with a business degree--be out there in the real world. And I donít--I do not know, I donít know about it.

Reuben: What is to know? You're a Cory. You ain't got to work.

Matthew: Of course I have to work. What am I going to do? I'd go nuts if I didnít work.

Reuben: You could play around.

Matthew: No, not me.

Reuben: Why not?

Matthew: Because I want people to respect me for who I am, not because my checks say Cory on them.

Reuben: Rich people sure are weird sometimes.

Cass: Did you talk to Jamie?

Stacey: Yes, where is Derek?

Cass: Hopefully, he is talking some sense into--into Frankie.

Stacey: You sent him to plead your case?

Cass: Well, I have not been doing too well on my own, now, have I? And no smart remarks from you, please.

Stacey: Cass, for your information, I do sympathize with you. I just do not know what the hell you were doing with Cecile.

Cass: I wasn't doing--nothing happened. She is gone. It is over.

Stacey: I cannot believe you would let her back into your life.

Cass: I knew it was not going to work. I knew it from day one.

Stacey: So what were you thinking about? You had a good thing going with Frankie. It was finally starting to come together, and?

Cass: I guess that is the reason.

Stacey: What?

Cass: Things were going too well. I got scared.

Frankie: Scared?

Derek: Yeah, look, you want to borrow my jacket or something?

Frankie: No--who says I'm scared?

Derek: I do.

Frankie: Look, I just know it would be all wrong, ok? Why court disaster?

Derek: What makes it wrong?

Frankie: The guy loves moving from woman to woman. He prides himself on leaving a path of destruction equaled only by the black plague.

Derek: You do not think you are exaggerating a little bit?

Frankie: Come on, Derek, look at me. I am a straight-forward, keep it simple kind of girl, right? No pretenses, no exaggerations. Cass, on the other hand--he is as phony as a $3 bill. Not to mention arrogant, obnoxious, conceitedó

Cass: She is stubborn and-- well, fundamentally she is crazy.

Stacey: Uh-huh.

Cass: I mean, when you look at it logically, we are totally wrong for each other.

Stacey: Well, I, myself, am leaning towards the idea that love just doesn't make any sense.

Cass: Because of you and Derek?

Stacey: Everybody told us that we were not right for each other and we're happy as can be.

Cass: Yeah, but you are crazy and that is you and Derek.

Stacey: You want Frankie?

Cass: Follow my heart?

Stacey: Uh-huh.

Cass: Aren't you ever afraid that your heart might be wrong?

Stacey: Sometimes.

Cass: Doesn't that bother you?

Stacey: To tell you the truth, it scares me to death.

Cass: Ah-ha, I thought so.

Frankie: I knew it. He put you up to this.

Derek: No, he strongly suggested it. So, what am I going to tell him?

Frankie: I do not know. Maybe just say that I am trying to protect myself, you know?

Derek: Afraid of getting hurt.

Frankie: Yeah--again.

Derek: Ok.

Frankie: Who needs it?

Derek: I cannot tell you what you can--what you have to do. No doubt about it--love is a risky business.

Frankie: Ain't that the truth.

Derek: The problem is, once you have felt that feeling, how can you live without it?

[Country music playing]

Frankie: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: Hi, Frankie.

Frankie: Still canít sleep, huh?

John: Oh, it will happen.

Sharlene: Guess what Iris had to say when she came by? Guess what Iris had to say when she came by--she was very nice.

Frankie: Iris? What, did she have a lobotomy or something?

Sharlene: She is going to speak to Lucas about being careful not to lead Josie on.

Frankie: Has he been doing that?

John: No, probably not. Josie might see it that way.

Frankie: Hey, great. Hey, what brought this on?

John: What? Oh, Iris?

Frankie: Yeah, I mean, since when is she a big family friend?

Sharlene: Lenell, I--I do not know why she suddenly decided to be so helpful, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

John: Yeah, well, maybe this will put an end to things, huh?

Sharlene: John thinks I worry about Josie too much.

Frankie: Oh, Sharlene, everybody who knows you thinks you worry about Josie too much.

Sharlene: I know that. Maybe that is because I have just too much time on my hands. Which is one of the reasons I have been looking over these want ads.

John: Sharlene, the only reason you need a job is if you run out of money.

Sharlene: John, would you just listen to me for just one moment?

John: Ok.

Sharlene: Now, the construction business is going to be slow all winter long, right?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: And you are going to be working at the hospital, what, 4, maybe 5 nights a week?

John: Easily.

Sharlene: And--so doesn't it make sense that I stay busy, too?

John: Well, that depends. Doing what?

Sharlene: I do not know yet--I donít know. But I have found 3 hostessing jobs in a restaurant.

Frankie: Aw, you are kidding.

John: You do not want to be a hostess in a restaurant.

Frankie: Yeah, is this some secret ambition you never let us in on?

John: [Laughing] Hostessing...

Sharlene: No--just something that came to me this morning right out of the blue--


Iris: I'm so sorry I'm late. I went out to John and Sharleneís.

Lucas: Oh, why?

Iris: Because I wanted to reassure Sharlene.

Lucas: Ha ha ha--that I am not going to play Humbert Humbert to little Lolita?

Iris: Well, you aren't, are you?

Lucas: Of course not.

Iris: Good, that is what I told Sharlene.

Lucas: Iris, what is this nonsense about? All I'm trying to do is make this girl into a top model.

Iris: Look, please do not get upset. I know you do not have any ulterior motive.

Lucas: Then what is this all about?

Iris: You remember what Sharlene was like last night at the Pelican Club?

Lucas: Sharlene has her own problems.

Iris: Right, and the main one seems to be Josie. I mean, she is just so uptight about the situation.

Lucas: Sharlene is upset about a lot of things, but, my God, why should that interfere with--

Iris: Exactly. And I donít want her to be a problem, so I've just taken care of it.

Lucas: Oh, you have, huh? Well, thank you very much. I appreciate that.

Iris: That is all right. I always have your best interests at heart. Oh, I'm sorry, I do not have the time. I have to go.

Lucas: Where are you going now? Off to a rendezvous with your friend Mallory?

Frankie: Look at this one.

Sharlene: Oh, no, that--that is in Chicago.

Frankie: Yeah, I know, but this would be great. "Perform in a live jazz club, south side." Lots of smoke, funky sounds--

Sharlene: Your fantasy.

John: That does not make any sense at all.

Frankie: Oh, come on, we're just looking. It's fun.

John: You've been a hostess at "Tops." You hated it.

Sharlene: That was a long time ago, John. A lot has changed since then.

Frankie: Yeah, I mean, come on--she's just doing this for fun.

John: Yeah, showing people to tables is a lot of fun.

Frankie: Check this one out. "Wanted, bartendress." Do you believe that? "Bartendress."

Sharlene: Frankie, that is still in Chicago.

Frankie: Oh, yeah, right.

Sharlene: Well, I'm sure I will find something. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. Bah! Frankie? If you have started smoking again, I'm going to wring you--

Frankie: Not in this lifetime--oh, Pelican Club! That's where Ronnie Lawrence sings, right?

Sharlene: I do not know, and I donít--I do not know how those got here.

Frankie: It is a sign, Sharlene.

Sharlene: What, that I am supposed to work at the Pelican Club?

Frankie: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

John: Who is it?

Frankie: Oh my God, it is Cass. I am not here.

Sharlene: Frankie, no. I am going to lie for you!

Frankie: Just tell him I'm not here.

Sharlene: No, you tell him.

Frankie: No, I will--Sharlene, I canít deal with this right now.

Sharlene: Yes you can. At least tell him to his face that you do not want to see him.

Frankie: Oh, Sharlene--

John: What are you going to do, let him freeze out there while you two debate?

Frankie: I'm getting changed to go to the spa. I canít do this.

John: Hi, Cass, come on in.

Cass: Thank you, John.

John: Cold out there, isnít it?

Cass: Ho-ho, yeah. Hi, Sharlene. Frankie here?

Sharlene: Yes.

Cass: Yeah?

Sharlene: Frankie, Cass is here to see you.

Frankie: I'm getting dressed to go to the spa.

Cass: Well, this will only take a minute.

Frankie: Not now.

Cass: Why not now? I said, why not now?

Frankie: Because I said so.

Cass: Well, that is not good enough!

Frankie: It'll have to do, Winthrop.

Cass: Hey, you are going to have to talk to me sometime.

Frankie: We have nothing to talk about.

Cass: Of course we do! I--I explained to you what happened with Cecile, but you're so damn pig-headed! Excuse us, ok?

John: Yeah, fine.

Sharlene: You want to go upstairs?

Cass: No, thanks anyway. I am afraid if I go up there that she might knock me back down and my back is not what it used to be. I think that we're going to have to carry this on some other time, some other place.

[Yelling] I meant what I said, you dweeb!

[Calmly] I am sorry for the interruption.

John: No problem.

Cass: [Yelling] I am not giving up!

Frankie: Take a hike, Winthrop.

Cass: [Yelling] Ah, I can be as stubborn as you! I can even be more stubborn!

>> ...And he's checking it twice gonna find out who's naughty or nice Santa Claus is coming to town

John: Good I was having a hard time sleeping, huh?

Rachel: I am afraid I have not gotten around to looking at the layout for "Sophisticate."

Iris: Oh--oh, that is all right.

Rachel: It has been a trying day.

Iris: Yes, I heard about what happened with Evan and Sam.

Rachel: Oh, I am sure that the office is talking about nothing else.

Iris: Oh, they will have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.

Rachel: Well, I canít forget it--I do not know what to do about Amanda.

Iris: Rachel, we cannot be responsible for our children.

Rachel: Yeah, I suppose not.

Iris: I hope you will not take this the wrong way, but I would really like to give you a little advice.

Rachel: I will try not to.

Iris: Why donít you stop worrying about your children and get out a little bit--see some people. Really.

Rachel: You think that I'm too wrapped up in my family?

Iris: No, but they are adults and they're going to do what they're going to do anyway.

Rachel: You're right about that.

Iris: As a matter of fact, why donít you join me tonight at Tops? I'm having drinks with Richard Mallory.

Rachel: Who?

Iris: The financier--Richard Mallory. He is an old friend.

Rachel: Well, then I will not intrude.

Iris: No, actually, he'd like to meet you.

Rachel: Why?

Iris: Because he is a great admirer of Daddyís.

Rachel: I do not think so--not tonight.

Iris: I am not trying to arrange anything, Rachel.

Rachel: I did not mean to imply that you were.

Iris: But Richard could be a great help to Cory enterprise if we ever needed to expand.

Rachel: I do think I remember the name now.

Iris: Yes, you have--you've met him. So why not mix a little bit of business with pleasure. There is nothing wrong with that, is there?

Rachel: No, there's nothing wrong with it.

Iris: And the fact that Richard is attractive and handsome-- well, it could be an added bonus.

Rachel: I do not think so--not tonight.

Iris: Well, that's a pity. Suit yourself. Could be fun. And you look like you could do with a little of that.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Iris, I need-- great.

Evan: Well, we never finished our discussion.

Amanda: Evan, look, I told you just because Sam and I are in a fight does not mean that we stopped loving each other.

Evan: What about how you feel about me?

Amanda: Whatever that is, I am not going to let it ruin my marriage.

Evan: Well, that may not be possible.

Amanda: I do not feel like talking about this right now. I do not need you badgering me into something that I do not believe.

Evan: Ok, would you just give me a break? And when you are going to stop kidding yourself?

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: Come on, I am tired of being made to be the villain. If you did not want me in your life, I would've been gone months ago. And for your information, Sam is not the brooding, starving artiste he claims to be. He's got something going with Olivia, in case you have not noticed.

Amanda: Olivia is just a young girl who happens to be--

Evan: The hots for your husband and he loves it! Your marriage is falling apart, Amanda. And if you were not so damned stubborn, you just might see it.

Amanda: Hilda, hi, it is Amanda. Is Sam home? He did? Did he say where he--he was going? Oliviaís.

Olivia: Hey, where is--well, how do you like that? Matt and Reuben went Christmas shopping.

Sam: Yeah, well, those guys would do anything to get out of moving furniture.

Olivia: Well, let us just hope they left us some soda.

Sam: No, listen, I should go.

Olivia: No, donít. Stay.

Sam: Look, it's--you're all moved in, right?

Olivia: Yes, but something is bothering you. Do you want to tell me about it?

Sam: Nah, it is nothing. There are some problems at home.

Olivia: Like what? Sorry, Sam. I just--I hate to see you so upset. Did you have a fight with Amanda?

Sam: Yeah, some sort of fight, yeah.

Olivia: About Evan?

Sam: How do you know about that?

Olivia: I have eyes. I have seen him hanging around Amanda. Sam, I did not mean to hurt you.

Sam: I know that.

Olivia: The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you.

Sam: Ok--I'm ok. You're a sweet kid.

Olivia: I would do anything to help--anything, you know that. And I am not a kid. Hey, come on. Look, if you need a friend, all right? Come on.

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