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Another World Transcript Friday 11/11/05

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Rachel: No--

Mitch: Rachel--

Rachel: I--we cannot do this.

Mitch: I canít keep looking at you without wanting to hold you. You feel the same way, donít you? Donít you?

Lucas: Josie, I will do whatever you need.

Josie: Great. I'm all yours, starting tonight.

Lucas: But I have plans for tonight. But I will call you first thing in the morning, all right?

Josie: It is a deal.

Lucas: How could I say no to such a beautiful woman?

[Classical music playing]

Donna: I just want you to know that we have not given up, that we're still trying to find Victoria and Steven, and we will--

Jamie: Yes, well if my sister had not misled me, we might have found them by now.

Amanda: Jamie, I am sorry. You know I am.

Jamie: Sorry does not fix things.

Amanda: I honestly thought that I was doing the right thing. I thought that Evan was going to bring Vicky back.

Jamie: Obviously, you were wrong.

[Music stops]

Jamie: Give him to me.

Vicky: Jamie--

Jamie: Is he all right?

Vicky: I am sorry for what I've done to you. I took Steven because I love him. I brought him back for the same reason.

Jamie: May I hold him?

Vicky: I know what I did was very wrong. But please try to understand. Can you do that, Jamie? Can you forgive me? Can we forgive each other?

Henry: I could build you another seltzer with lime.

Frankie: Forget the seltzer. Give me a double bourbon straight up with a beer chaser.

Felicia: I'll have one of those, thank you.

Henry: Coming right up.

Felicia: Let me guess. Does it have anything to do with Cass and Cecile?

Frankie: I never told you this, Felicia, but I caught her red-handed. She was prepared to filch every dime of that money. She had her little Swiss banker ready and waiting.

Felicia: Is that what happened?

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Henry: Here's your bourbon, ladies.

Felicia: Oh.

Frankie: Thank you.

Felicia: Thank you.

Frankie: Salud.

Felicia: Salud.


Frankie: [Sighs]

Felicia: You drink this stuff voluntarily?

Frankie: Try another slug. Your taste buds are dead now.

Felicia: So what did Cass say?

Frankie: When?

Felicia: When you told him about Cecile?

Frankie: Nothing.

Felicia: What do you mean, nothing? He's not that stupid.

Frankie: No, here is the stupid part: I didnít tell him.

Felicia: Why?

Frankie: Because I could not do it to him. Not again.

Felicia: Because of Nicole? Oh.

Frankie: I told Cecile that if she loved Cass at all, she would do the right thing.

Felicia: You mean if she loved him as much as you do. And Cass is none the wiser. Well, that is very noble of you, kid.

Frankie: Isnít it?

Felicia: Isnít it.

Frankie: Oh, yeah. Cecile is gone, Cass is gone, and here I sit with my nobility to keep me company.

Felicia: Sometimes I think we are too understanding.

Frankie: Where's Mitch?

Felicia: I think he is with Rachel.

Frankie: Rachel Cory?

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: You donít actually think that there's so--

Felicia: What? That they're having an affair? Not yet. But I do think that I have to stop playing the noble, understanding wife.

Frankie: To the end of noble gestures.

Felicia: I'll drink to that.


Cecile: Look, I've told you I do not have the money for the upgrade, but I never fly coach. I always fly--well, excuse me. I happen to know for a fact that first class is not filled up. Couldn't you just let me slip into first class where I can sit in the big seats?

Woman: I cannot do that unless you can pay for the upgrade.

Cecile: Ugh! I'm telling you I donít have the money for the upgrade.

Cass: Cecile?

Cecile: Oh--Cass!

Cass: Were you going to leave without saying good-bye to me?

Cecile: Well, you know me. Always leave them wanting more. I guess that's not the case this time, huh?

Cass: Well, at least you turned over the money. I was proud of you for that.

Cecile: Pshh. Really.

Cass: C'mon, it was not that bad.

Cecile: Yes it was! I should have kept a couple of hundred bucks a least, paying for an upgrade to first class.

Cass: Cecile.

Cecile: Stupid. All right, all right. So it was not--it's actually kind of...

Cass: You can say it.

Cecile: Nice.

Cass: That wasn't so bad.

Cecile: Yeah. So what's next?

Cecile: Oh, you know. Always something in the works.

Cass: Well, try not to rob any widows or orphans on the next venture, ok?

Cecile: Ok. You want to know something?

Cass: Sure.

Cecile: Even if you had not caught me, I donít think I could've gone through with this.

Cass: Your secret is safe with me.

Announcer: Final boarding call for flight 431. All ticketed passengers should be on board.

Cecile: Oh, well, that's me. That's my flight. Ok. Well...

Cass: I guess this is it.

Cecile: It never seems to work out for us, does it?

Cass: And I donít know why.

Cecile: I do. At least this time. You happen to be in love with Miss Frankie Frame, in case you hadn't noticed.

Cass: Oh, right, that is exactly what I need right now in my life.

Cecile: Oh, darling. You canít schedule love. It happens at the most inconvenient times. Oh, Cass... you're wonderful. You are just the best... for me, anyway. Take care.

Cass: You will be back again some day.

Cecile: Oh, yeah. When you least expect it. Now, can I talk to the stewardess about that first-class upgrade? Huh?

Cass: Hey, Cecile--

Cecile: Oh, yes, and thank you, darling. I love you, Cass!

Cass: No, no, no, Cecile, I just went to the bank. Cecile!

Cecile: Bye bye!

Cass: Donít do this! Hey! Cecile! Now I know how Achilles felt.


Michael: You picked a public enough place.

Arianne: You're supposed to be seeing another woman, aren't you? Lucas' stuff is here.

Michael: Great.

Arianne: Where do you want us to deliver it?

Michael: Lucas's place. He has got some very angry clients who are going to be very happy.

Arianne: That ought to make him a little friendlier.

Michael: I certainly hope so, because I want this over with, Arianne.

Arianne: Oh, Michael. I hate how much this is hurting you.

Michael: It is not me I am worried about, all right, it's my wife. I have hurt her terribly, and I know that she will never understand.

Donna: Of course Jamie will forgive you. All we want is for you and Steven to be back safe and sound.

Vicky: Is that what you want, Jamie? I wish you would say something.

Jamie: I said I would like to hold my son, please.

Evan: It's ok, honey, go ahead. It's ok.

Vicky: I want you to understand something first.

Amanda: Why doesn't she just shut up and give--

Sam: Shh! She will.

Vicky: I took Steven because I thought he was my whole life. I wanted to be his, too. But what I learned is that no one person can make someone's life. He needs all of us, Jamie... all of our love. We need to become friends again.

Jamie: I missed you so much.

Vicky: I think we need to try again, and start again. For his sake, Jamie.

Jamie: Is that what you would like to think?

Evan: That's unfair, Jamie.

Jamie: You--you shut up.

Vicky: Jamie--

Jamie: Do you have any idea what you have put me through, Vicky? Do you even care how I felt when I found out he was missing?

Vicky: Yes, I do.

Jamie: Where has he been since you took him away from his home? In hotel rooms? The back seat of some car? How dare you risk his life like that?

Evan: That's not true, Jamie. She took good care of him. She brought him back when she still could be running. If you quit being selfish for a few minutes, you would see that I'm right.

Jamie: You stay out of my life, and you stay out my son's life.

Vicky: Jamie.

Jamie: No more, Vicky. I want my son home in his own bed.

Vicky: Donít make the same mistake I made. Donít think that you can be everything to him. And please, donít punish me by keeping me from my baby. I am his mother, Jamie.

Jamie: As far as I am concerned, you have forfeited every right you ever had to call yourself that.

Mitch: But something's different. Something has happened. We can keep saying that it is friendship, we can keep saying that it is because you need someone.

Rachel: It is. That's all--

Mitch: I do not know that.

Rachel: I do.

Mitch: That it's just friendship?

Rachel: You have a wife, and she's my friend.

Mitch: What do you think-- that I've forgotten that?

Rachel: You are acting as though you have.

Mitch: I love Felicia.

Rachel: Then think about what it would mean to lose her. Or let me tell you what it feels like, because I know now.

Mitch: I have thought about it. But it does not change things. It does not change how I feel about you. Maybe it could be. Maybe I never stopped loving you.

Rachel: Please, please donít say this.

Mitch: Rachel... you know, when you went back to Mac, I accepted that. You know, maybe I felt that I should not love you, that I could not love you. But when Mac died...

Rachel: We should not be letting this happen.

Mitch: Maybe we shouldnít, but it is happening. When I kissed you, you wanted me to, didnít you?

Rachel: Yes, I wanted you to.

Iris: Oh, there you are, darling. Hello, Felicia.

Felicia: Hello.

Iris: I'm sorry to tear you away, but we have to go.

Lucas: We just got here.

Iris: I have been entertaining some of our top advertising people.

Felicia: Yes, Luke told me. And now they want to meet you.

Lucas: Tonight?

Iris: Uh-huh. They want to get a feel for Bay City, so I thought we would start at the Pelican club and take it from there.

Lucas: Well, Felicia and I were just--

Felicia: Oh no, it's all right. We're finished. Go ahead and go with Iris.

Iris: Good. Good night.

Lucas: Good night.

Vicky: I really blew it by running away like that, didnít I?

Donna: But you came back. You were very brave. Maybe he'll be more understanding in the morning. I'm sure he will be.

Jamie: I guess the story about the car getting stolen was a crock, huh, Evan?

Evan: I had to buy some time.

Jamie: You should have just told the truth.

Vicky: Listen, Jake, this was my fault. I told him not to tell anybody.

Jake: Vicky, did you really think you were going to raise the kid in Lassiter after we grew up like that?

Vicky: I donít know what I was thinking.

Sam: I've had it with this party. Are you ready to go home?

Amanda: Yeah, I am.

Sam: Good, let's go.

Amanda: Just wait a second, ok?

Amanda: Vicky?

Vicky: Amanda, I know what you're going to say.

Amanda: I just want to thank you.

Vicky: What?

Amanda: Thank you for bringing Steven back. I'm sorry that you and Jamie are so--that you felt that you had to do this. I wish you wouldnít have. Jamie was really scared.

Vicky: I know.

Amanda: But it took a lot of courage to bring him back, and to face everyone. I just wanted you to know that.

Vicky: Thanks.

Evan: Amanda. I need to speak to you privately.

Josie: Have you seen my mother? I need to talk to her.

Matthew: Oh, she left.

Josie: She did?

Matthew: As far as I know. John said Frankie was taking her home.

Mitch: You are beautiful.

Rachel: No.

Mitch: Rachel--

Rachel: This is not going to make anything better. You have a wife. How many times do I have to repeat that?

Mitch: And I donít want to hurt her.

Rachel: Then go home. I donít know what you are feeling. I donít know what I'm feeling. But we cannot do this. Not to her.

Jamie: Mom! Mom!

Rachel: Jamie, what are you doing here?

Jamie: Mitch, I didnít know you were here.

Rachel: What, what is it?

Jamie: Steven.

Rachel: What about him?

Jamie: He's back.

Rachel: He is?

Jamie: I just brought him home.

Rachel: How did that happen?

Mitch: Jamie, that's terrific.

Jamie: I just put him to sleep in his own bed!

Mitch: That is great news. Look, I'm going to let the two of you talk.

Rachel: All right.

Jamie: Thank you, Mitch.

Mitch: I'll see you tomorrow.

Rachel: No, I--

Mitch: Tomorrow. Jamie, that is great news. I am glad to hear that. I am happy for you.

Jamie: Thank you, Mitch. Steven is back! Ha ha!

Evan: I just want you to know that you were right. I lied to you.

Amanda: About Vicky stealing the car? You knew where she was.

Evan: Amanda, I hated doing that to you. But I knew if I told you the truth that you would have to go to Jamie, and I was trying to bring back Vicky and Steven. I'm sorry I put you in that kind of position with your family.

Amanda: It's ok. Jamie will understand now that Steven is back.

Evan: I guess I never should have called you in the first place, but... I needed someone to talk to.

Amanda: Well, I'm glad it was me. And at least I knew that Steven was ok.

Evan: Well, I've got to get back.

Amanda: Evan, thank you. God only knows how long it would've been before Vicky came back on her own if it wasn't for you. I will make sure that Mom and Jamie understand.

Evan: Amanda, I do not give a damn what Jamie understands, or your mom. Just as long as you do.

Amanda: I am very thankful. And I will be grateful always. Always.

Frankie: No. I canít do this. I canít be noble about this.

[Mumbles] Oh, damn you, Cass Winthrop!

[Knocking on door] Go away.

Cass: Frankie, what's going on in there? Are you all right?

Frankie: Cass? I donít believe this. I thought you would be on your way to Europe by now.

Cass: You thought wrong. Would you let me in, please?

Ronnie: Sorry to drag you away from the dance, but I promised to cover this last set.

Zack: I donít mind. Plus, I enjoy listening to you sing, anyway.

Ronnie: Well good, because tonight I'm singing just for you.

Zack: Mm.

Michael: Everything's set?

Arianne: All set. Lucas gets his goodies back.

Michael: Good. Now, you had better get out of here.

Arianne: Why?

Michael: Lucas just walked in the door.

Lucas: Where are your people?

Iris: Well, they had to check into a hotel. They are obviously not here yet. Lucas, there's Michael. Would you just excuse me for a minute?

Lucas: Certainly.

Iris: Michael?

Michael: Iris. Well, well, well. You didnít stay at the ball, huh?

Iris: No, Lucas and I have to meet some people here.

Michael: Ah, good. Well, donít let me keep you.

Iris: You know, I used to dream that this would happen.

Michael: What?

Iris: That you and Donna would break up and you'd be all alone, needing someone to comfort you--hopefully me.

Michael: You got your wish, Iris. Except it seems Lucas is getting all your comforting these days. I wonder why?

Iris: That isnít what I meant. And now that it has happened, I just donít understand it, Michael. Why do you suppose that is?

Michael: I haven't the foggiest idea, Iris, and I really donít want to talk about it.

Iris: Fine. I'm glad that Vicky brought the baby back. That must put your mind at rest. Michael, didnít anyone tell you?

Lucas: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Right.

Lucas: I didnít expect you to be here.

Sharlene: Oh, really. I thought this meeting was coming for a long time.

Lucas: I donít think I understand.

Sharlene: You will. You and I have business to discuss.

Josie: Lucas has agreed to take care of my entire career.

Matthew: Hmm. I donít get it.

Josie: Why not?

Matthew: Isnít he already taking care of your whole career?

Josie: That is just "Sophisticate."

Matthew: Oh, sorry.

Josie: He is going to make me into one of the hottest models in the country. I am going to be on the cover of every magazine.

Matthew: Well, that is great. Good old Lucas.

Josie: Oh. Here I am, going on and on about myself, and you must be thinking about what happened with Steven.

Matthew: Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

Sharlene: Is that how you do it?

Lucas: Do what?

Sharlene: The innocent face, the slightly puzzled look. Is that how you work it?

Lucas: I'm not sure.

Sharlene: But then, almost anything would work, right? A man in your position, a young girl who has never been any place? Wouldnít take much.

Lucas: You're talking about--

Sharlene: You know, it used to be a hundred-dollar bill on the nightstand. Now it is an expensive apartment and a modeling career. But you're still the same. You still want services rendered, no feelings involved.

Lucas: It's not like that.

Sharlene: No, it's not. Not with my daughter. I will see to it.

Lucas: Sharlene, there are a lot of things I used to do that I donít do any more. I'm sure you understand that. But I'll tell you something: My only interest in Josie is making her a top model. Now, if my behavior has been disturbing you, I will try and watch it in the future.

Iris: Sorry, darling. Oh. Sharlene?

Sharlene: Hello.

Lucas: Sharlene and I were discussing Josie.

Iris: How wonderful.

Lucas: I'm not sure Sharlene thinks so.

Iris: Well, she's in very good hands. Unless there's something I donít know about?

Cass: Frankie?

Frankie: Beat it.

Cass: No.

Frankie: I'm going to bed now.

Cass: Well, then I'm going to keep pounding on the door and make rude remarks out here until everybody in the place has called the cops.

[Knocking] Come on, chicky baby! Hey, do to me what you did last night! Frankie, the bowling alley is-- thank you.

Frankie: I want you to know that I consider this harassment. I was in the process of having a fit, ok?

Cass: I suppose I shouldnít ask why.

Frankie: Oh, you can ask. I was mad.

Cass: At me.

Frankie: Duh!

Cass: I realize that I have some explaining to do.

Frankie: No big deal.

Cass: Come on, Frankie. This place has got to be full of negative karma.

Frankie: Oh, that just shows what you know. Karma is neither negative nor positive; it just is.

Cass: Look, I was trying to make something happen with Cecile--

Frankie: Fine! Go for it.

Cass: Because I did not want it to happen with you.

Frankie: Oh, swell. Where was our queen now?

Cass: [Laughs] She and my wallet have taken to the friendly skies.

Frankie: She took your wallet?

Cass: Yeah.

[Laughs] But not my heart. I knew it was never going to happen. I knew that even before I found out that she had plans to bilk the Mac Cory foundation.

Frankie: She took your wallet.

Cass: Look, Frankie--

Frankie: Boy, you are some piece of work, pal. About one month ago you were telling me everything I wanted to hear. You wanted me to make love to you.

Cass: I remember.

Frankie: And then Cecile shows up, and bingo! 15 minutes later you are standing up for her. You're going to jail with her, and it's "bye-bye, Frankie!"

Cass: Now, it wasn't all that--

Frankie: And I'm supposed to understand, because you have been hurt. You have a fear of commitment. You have been wounded in love.

Cass: This is ridicule, isnít it?

Frankie: Yes, it is. You throw me over for some sleazy little con artist who takes your wallet, and I am supposed to understand because you're protecting yourself from me?

Cass: Maybe I was expecting--

Frankie: [Screaming] Get out of here!

Cass: I would, but that would mean that I would have to leave you, and I do not want to do that.

Frankie: Why the hell not?

Cass: Because maybe I've finally realized how much you mean to me. Are you going listen to me or aren't you?

Frankie: Why should I after you went to bed with Cecile? That is what happened, isnít it?

Mac: [Voice-over] My dearest Rachel, I'm feeling strange tonight. A little worried. In case something happens, find Ken Jordan.

Mitch: Felicia.

Felicia: You remembered.

Mitch: Please donít do that. That's not fair.

Felicia: So how is Rachel doing? That is where you've been, isnít it?

Mitch: She was upset because "M. Cory" was written on her dance card.

Felicia: So you spent the last 4 or 5 hours helping her through the trauma of a dance card?

Mitch: I know that you're angry.

Felicia: [Whispering] Yes.

Mitch: I am sorry.

Felicia: I think we need to get something straight before we go to bed.

Mitch: Ok.

Felicia: Are you my husband... or are you Rachel Coryís lover? I see.

Mitch: We are not lovers... but I have feelings for her. I'm not going to lie about that.

Felicia: Feelings.

Mitch: For whatever reason, I felt some sort of obligation after Mac died. And then with the swan and--just spending time with her again.

Felicia: So you started to feel more than just obligation.

Mitch: It's not going anywhere. Rachel and I are very clear on that.

Felicia: [Laughs] That really is wonderful. I am overjoyed that you and Rachel have worked this whole thing out.

Mitch: I did not mean for it to sound like that.

Felicia: You know, I have been alone a lot in the last few weeks, and I've done a lot of thinking. I'm not going to share you, Mitch. Especially with someone that I thought was a good friend. So you are going to have to make a choice, and you're going to have to make it right now. Is it Rachel... or is it me?

Ronnie: Tonight I give in to the feeling yes, tonight I give in to it all so hold me tonight I give in to believing darling, you're everything I ever dreamed you'd be and somebody walked into my life


Zack: That was great.

Ronnie: Thank you.

Zack: I mean, those songs. I never heard you sing those songs.

Ronnie: Well, I've been working with my accompanist for a whole week now. What did you think?

Zack: I think if I didnít know any better, that I would say you were trying to tell me something.

Ronnie: Well, why donít we go back to your apartment and maybe I can clarify things.

Zack: Lady, you are on.

Lucas: Josie wanted to do some projects outside of "Sophisticate." She came to me and asked for my help. I said yes. I donít want anyone to misunderstand.

Sharlene: Donít worry, Lucas. I intend to understand exactly what is going on.

Iris: Oh, there they are.

Lucas: The advertising people?

Iris: Yes, please excuse me.

Lucas: Excuse me. I'm glad we had this talk.

Henry: Hi, what can I do for you?

Sharlene: Oh, have you got anything that will make a man disappear?

Henry: What, is somebody bothering you?

Sharlene: No, it's nothing I canít handle. Glass of wine.

Henry: You like a refill?

Michael: Nah, I'm good, Henry. Look, let me pay for this, all right? I've only got a 100.

Henry: I'll have to get change.

Michael: All right.

Sharlene: Michael.

Michael: Sharlene. I didnít know you were here.

Sharlene: Well, I have not been here that long.

Michael: Where is my brother, the doctor?

Sharlene: At the hospital.

Michael: Oh. I guess it must get kind of lonely for you, with him keeping intern hours and all.

Sharlene: Actually, I came here because I heard Lucas was going to be here.

Michael: Lucas?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. I had something I wanted to talk to him about.

Michael: Problems?

Sharlene: Well, he is very involved with Josieís life right now. So, I donít trust him. Do you?

Michael: Well, you know that I would certainly like to know more about him.

Henry: Here is your change, sir.

Michael: Thank you.

Sharlene: I changed my mind. I will have a--

Michael: How about a ride home?

Sharlene: Never mind. I can drive myself home, Michael. I'm not drunk.

Michael: Hey, I did not mean to imply that you were. I just thought you might be as tired as I am.

Sharlene: That depends on how tired you are.

Michael: Yeah, it does, doesn't it? I will get our coats. Be back in a minute.

Cass: Whether or not I made love with Cecile is not the issue here.

Frankie: Did you sleep with her?

Cass: Would it bother you if I did? I guess it would.

Frankie: I'm not interested in being a mare in your stable.

Cass: I hate the way this is going. I am not expressing myself well at all.

Frankie: You said you had learned something. What was it?

Cass: I care for you. A lot. More than Cecile... more than Caroline.

Frankie: So I am the prize mare in your stable?

Cass: I want to be with you, Frankie. I want us to spend time together. I want to find out if what we've got is going to go anywhere. Well?

Frankie: I used to want that, too.

Cass: Used to?

Frankie: This thing with Cecile, Cass, it hurt me. I donít like being hurt.

Cass: I never meant to hurt you, Frankie.

Frankie: Boy, I hope you didnít sleep with her. If you just crawled back into bed with her after what you and I had--

Cass: What we had was nice, wasn't it? And yeah, Cecile came to town and--all right, I admit that I got a little waylaid.

Frankie: It's a good thing for you there are two syllables in that last word.

Cass: You still care about me, Frankie, I know you do, and I want you back.

Frankie: The moment is gone, Cass. Please go. Now.

Cass: I am not giving up. I mean it!

Matthew: I am sorry about tonight.

Josie: Why?

Matthew: I should have realized you wouldnít have a good time with Keith and Olivia. And that Susie Crawford? What a drip.

Josie: Oh, it wasn't their fault.

Matthew: They were jerks.

Josie: No, it was mine.

Matthew: How do you figure that?

Josie: Because I do this number. I tell myself that they're thinking I'm not good enough, and before long I am angry and then I'm acting like a jerk.

Matthew: That is not true.

Josie: Well, it doesn't matter, because I made myself a promise tonight. I'm never going to feel inferior again.

Matthew: Good for you. How about a dance?

Josie: It's a little late for that, donít you think?

Matthew: What?

Josie: Well, the party is over.

Matthew: Not for us.

[Piano plays] Would you care to dance?

Josie: How did you do that?

Matthew: Magic.

Lucas: It looks like our friends are having a pleasant time.

Iris: I'm sorry, what?

Lucas: Is there something the matter?

Iris: Sharlene, she is still looking at you.

Lucas: I hadn't noticed.

Iris: She's being so strange.

Iris: I hope she's not going to cause any trouble.

Lucas: Maybe she is upset about something.

Iris: What?

Lucas: Donít worry about it. I'll speak to her.

Michael: You about ready?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Sharlene: Look out, my friend. I'm going to get you.

Donna: I wish you would stay with me tonight.

Vicky: I've been dreaming of sleeping in my own bed.

Donna: You've been through such an awful time. I am very proud of you.

Vicky: It is weird. Everybody has been saying that.

Donna: They mean it.

Vicky: You know, I handed my baby to Jamie tonight knowing that I might be giving him up for good. But you know what? For the first time in a long time, I feel peaceful inside.

Donna: Oh, darling. I am so glad.

Vicky: I think Jamie is going to understand. I think he is going to forgive me.

Jamie: I going to call the police in the morning, and I'm going to charge Vicky with kidnapping.

Amanda: Jamie, donít you think--

Rachel: Why donít we talk about this in the morning?

Jamie: Yes, I want to look in on Steven. Every time I think about Steven being up there, I always wonder, like, if he is really there or not.

Amanda and Rachel: He's there.

Jamie: I know he is. Good night.

Amanda and Rachel: Good night.

Sam: I'll go with you; I'm beat.

Amanda: I'll be up in a minute.

Rachel: You go on. Your daughter is going to be up in 4 hours.

Amanda: I know. I want to ask you something first.

Rachel: What?

Amanda: Are you all right?

Rachel: Yes, of course. I'm fine.

Amanda: I saw you leaving the ball, and I wasn't sure.

Rachel: I'm sorry if I worried you.

Amanda: I love you, Mom.

Rachel: I know you do.

Amanda: I donít know why you would know. I've been awful.

Rachel: I think I understand. You have not been awful.

Amanda: Oh, yes I have. All those things that I said about you and Mitch?

Rachel: Donít worry about that, ok? I love you. Go on to bed. I'll lock up.

Amanda: Good night.

Rachel: Good night.

Mitch: When I kissed you, you wanted me to, didnít you?

Felicia: You know, it's funny. You always do this.

Mitch: Do what?

Felicia: I want you to talk to me. You always walk away.

Mitch: And I always come back, too.

Felicia: This time it is kind of important, Mitch, because we are talking about whether you should come back.

Mitch: You know, you are my wife, and I donít ever want to think of losing you. I'm just trying to be honest about my feelings. That's all.

Felicia: You know... I always knew this could happen. I just was hoping it wouldnít... I've changed my mind. I donít want to talk about it tonight.

Mitch: Ken Jordan?

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