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Another World Transcript Wednesday 11/9/05

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Vicky: Who is it?

Dora: Dora.

Vicky: Oh, Dora, come in. It's open. Dora's here.

Dora: Hi.

Vicky: Hi.

Dora: How'd it go?

Vicky: Oh, I got fired.

Dora: Already?

Vicky: Yeah. The guy said, "Single mothers aren't reliable." What a pig.

Dora: Ah, I should have warned you about that.

Vicky: Doesn't matter. I hate leaving Steven here alone, donít I? Oh, oh, you!

Dora: You got to have a job, donít you?

Vicky: Oh, Dora, would you feel his head? I think he's a little warm. He's really cranky.

Dora: Well, he was fine before. Let me see. Let me see.

Vicky: Oh, honey, it's ok.

Dora: No, he's not warm. He's hot.

Vicky: Oh, honey.

Evan: Where did you get that, Amanda?

Amanda: I want to know what this is about.

Evan: You were not supposed to see that letter.

Amanda: But I did.

Evan: So what difference does it matter to you? There's nothing going on between us anyway, is there?

Amanda: "I know how hard it is for you to hear me say this, but I do love you. I wish I didnít. God knows we'd all be a lot happier, but I donít know how to stop it or make it go away. If anything, it just gets stronger. That's why I made a decision."

Evan: Amanda, you shouldnít have gone through my things.

Amanda: What were you going to say, Evan?

Sharlene: Whoa. Oh, Josie.

Josie: What do you think?

Sharlene: Oh, honey, you're going to look...did you buy that?

Josie: Donít get crazy, mama. Lucas had it sent over for me. It's a famous designer original. Do you believe it?

Sharlene: Actually, yes, I do.

Josie: Look, I have to--everyone's watching every move I make now. I have to maintain a certain image.

Sharlene: Get down from there.

Josie: It's in my contract. No, it's not ready yet. It has to be perfect.

Sharlene: Certain image--

Josie: Yes.

Matthew: [Whistling] Hey, hey.

Josie: Get out. Get out!

Sharlene: Hello.

Josie: Get out!

Matthew: Well, well, well. Get out?

Josie: I just took my dress out of the bag. It's not time yet.

Matthew: You're going to look--excuse me, Mrs. Hudson, do we have a knockout on our hands, or donít we?

Sharlene: I guess we do.

Matthew: How am I going to keep all the guys away from you tonight?

Jamie: [Voice-over] I didnít send you a dress, Mom.

[Knock on door]

Rachel: Yes?

Ada: Honey?

Rachel: Yeah?

Ada: Can I come in?

Rachel: Yeah.

Ada: Do you want any help getting ready for tonight?

Rachel: What about this dress? It was delivered yesterday. Do you know anything about it?

Ada: Oh, sure. I opened the door myself.

Rachel: You did? Hilda said you weren't even around. Who brought it?

Ada: Some woman.

Rachel: A delivery person or a woman?

Ada: A woman.

Rachel: What did she look like?

Ada: Oh, I donít know. She was your basic average middle-age woman.

Rachel: Was she short, with sort of blond hair to here?

Ada: Yeah, right. Why?

Rachel: Nothing. It was Mrs. Johnson.

Ada: Which Mrs. Johnson?

Rachel: This is still here. I dreamt about this in my dream.

Ada: What dream?

Rachel: Who took this out of the safe? It's supposed to be in the safe. What's going on around here?

Cecile: Ok, ok, ok, ok. Ok, perfect, perfect. Overseas operator? Yes, I'd like to make a collect call to Le Banque GenŤve, a Mr. Ivan Hessman. Cecile Depoulignac. Come on, come on, come on. Ivan, darling, yes. Is everything ready? Wonderful. All right, I've made arrangements to make the deposit in Bay City tonight and get the certified check. Now, certified checks are still good as cash these days, right? Wonderful. All right, Ivan, I will be there first thing tomorrow morning. Thank you so much for everything. Wiedersehen.

Frankie: [Whispering] Founder [Indistinct] of non-profit organization... Mackenzie Cory scholarship fund. Treasurer Cecile de-plu-plu.

Cecile: Lose something, sweetie?

Frankie: Hmm.

Ada: I took it out of the safe.

Rachel: What?

Ada: I put it there. I thought you might want to wear it tonight.

Rachel: Well, why didnít you tell me? [Knocking] What?

Jamie: How's my date doing?

Ada: Hi.

Rachel: Oh, hi, come on in.

Jamie: Ok.

Rachel: This has been in the safe ever since Mac gave it to me.

Ada: Well, nobody can see it if it's sitting around in the safe. You're supposed to wear it. I thought I'd save you some time.

Jamie: Yeah, there's nothing to worry about.

Ada: Why are you so upset about a dress and a necklace, anyway?

Rachel: Somebody's been following me.

Jamie: What?

Ada: Who?

Rachel: I donít know.

Jamie: Have you called the police?

Rachel: I talked to Cass. He's putting somebody on it.

Jamie: That's not enough.

Rachel: I'm not in danger.

Ada: How do you know that?

Rachel: I donít want the police involved.

Ada: I donít like this. I wish I wasn't going out tonight.

Rachel: You're not coming with us?

Ada: Well, no, Sharkey has other plans.

Jamie: What other plans?

Ada: He and I are going to Chicago for the evening. Sharkey does not like to mix with the elite of Bay City.

Rachel: I wish I was going with.

Ada: Me, too. Why not? We'll have fun.

Jamie: Donít worry about it, grandma. I'll take good care of her. You can rest assured about that. I just want you to get ready so I can escort the most beautiful woman in Bay City to the winter fantasy ball. See you soon. Good-bye, grandma.

Ada: Have a good time.

Ada: You will look fabulous in this dress. I donít care where it came from.

Rachel: It's beautiful.

Ada: So are you. I could call Sharkey, you know. We could stay home tonight.

Rachel: No, it's all right.

Ada: I know how upsetting tonight is for you. You went to the ball with Mac last year.

Rachel: I've just been having some strange dreams again.

Ada: It's the holidays, honey. Be a lot easier when they're over.

Rachel: I hope so. I have this feeling something's going on.

Mrs. Johnson: Do you have everything you need? You'll need this to get in.

Felicia: We need to make sure that this Mike is on, and we need to do a light check for the Christmas trees so at the right time it'll go on, all right? Thanks. Ok, food, drinks... ah! Oh, Mitch, you're early. What are you doing here?

Mitch: You know, this place looks wonderful. You've done it again.

Felicia: Yeah, it looks all right, I guess. It just needs a few more things.

Mitch: It does?

Felicia: Yeah. I'm having some trouble with the florist.

Mitch: What happened to Iris?

Felicia: Nobody can find Iris, surprise, surprise. Anyway, I've got to--

Mitch: Oh, wait a minute. Why donít you and I go home and have some time alone before all of this starts? Yeah, come on.

Felicia: Really? Now?

Mitch: Yes, we've got to go home and change anyway.

Felicia: Ok, soon. I just want to--

Mitch: Wait a minute. I've got this idea.

Felicia: Like what?

Mitch: Well, what I thought we would do, we'd get a transistor radio, go up on top of love tower, get a nice bottle of the good stuff, and we'll have our own party and just ditch this. Come on.

Felicia: Mitch, Mitch, we canít ditch this party.

Mitch: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Think of it as a scene from one of your novels.

Felicia: Why donít you want to go to this party?

Mitch: Because I would rather be alone with you.

Felicia: Mitch, this is a fundraiser in Macís honor.

Mitch: I know that. I know, but you've done your job. You've done more than enough. Let the partiers have their party, and we'll have our own.

Felicia: What's the real reason?

Mitch: I just told you.

Felicia: You do a lot of things very well, but you are a terrible liar.

Mitch: What are you talking about?

Felicia: You're trying a little too hard. I just wish you were honest with me.

Iris: I've arranged for us to have a room upstairs to get dressed.

Lucas: Spare no expense, eh, Iris?

Iris: Oh, it's as beautiful as it was last year.

Lucas: I know you gave everyone those dance cards.

Iris: Yeah, it's a great icebreaker.

Lucas: Am I going to get at least one waltz with you?

Iris: Oh, I'll try and find the time to dance with you before I leave.

Lucas: Now, couldn't those a people have come tomorrow?

Iris: No, and I didnít want to put them off. It's too important now that we've started production on "Sophisticate." But it wonít be like last year, because Daddy was here then, and we danced after everyone had left, just the two of us. We danced and danced. So I'm glad I wonít be here till the end, anyway. I canít think about that now.

Lucas: Of course you can, and you should.

Iris: You know he was the most important man in my life?

Lucas: Now you have me.

Iris: Do I, Lucas, do I really?

Cecile: You going to answer my question or what?

Frankie: I haven't lost anything except a little more innocence.

Cecile: Whatever that means.

Frankie: I really thought I had seen everything.

Cecile: You want to translate, please? I'm in a hurry here.

Frankie: I'd actually kind of gotten used to the idea of you and Cass together. I mean, I figure he's a jerk, you're a bigger jerk--

Cecile: Am I going to have to call security?

Frankie: This ain't the palace, princess. In case you haven't noticed, there is no security. How long before Cass finds out?

Cecile: What are you blabbering about?

Frankie: It's a pretty neat plan. Rotten but clever, I do have to say.

Cecile: All right, that's it. I am calling the police. I donít think Cass would be too pleased to know a former employee has been rifling through his desk.

Frankie: You're no amateur, are you? You're a real pro.

Cecile: What are you talking about?

Frankie: Take the money and run.

Cecile: What money?

Frankie: The Mackenzie Cory scholarship fund. It's pretty low, your highness.

Cecile: Obviously you're so lovesick for Cass, you're prepared to say anything. If you go now, I wonít call the cops.

Frankie: I'm going, but apparently not as far as you are. Where to, by the way? Monaco, Reno, Pangopango?

Cecile: Switzerland, actually.

Frankie: Of course. Neutral territory. How silly of me? How could...

Cecile: It's a doctor's appointment, a very important doctor's appointment, but I will be back in time for an intimate dinner for two Sunday night.

Frankie: Oh, come off it, Cecile. You're a liar and a fraud, and worst of all, you have taken that poor sap's heart out once again and stomped all over it with your stilettos.

Cecile: Oh, spare me the imagery.

Frankie: You are caught, Cecile.

Cecile: And I am shaking in my slippers. Nancy drew discovers an airline ticket. Big deal. Is this how you intend to win Cass back, by running to him with this cockamamie theory?

Frankie: Oh, no way. I have already ruined his life once by telling him more than he wanted to know. I'm not going through that again.

Cecile: Good thinking.

Frankie: But at least poor Nicole was just crazy. You're trash, Cecile.

Cecile: I donít really care what you think. Now, if you're not leaving, I will.

Frankie: Look, for some strange reason, Winthrop wants you, and for some even stranger reason, I think the poor guy deserves at least half a chance of being happy.

Cecile: So?

Frankie: So I am going to give you a chance to be a human being. You leave the money alone, and I wonít tell anyone.

Cass: Frankie, what are you doing here?

Frankie: Losing my appetite.

Cass: What was hat all about?

Cecile: [Laughs] Nothing, darling. I'm going to run upstairs and finish--

Cass: Oh, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.

Cecile: Oh, what?

Cass: Why did you purchase two identical gowns to the ball?

Amanda: Did you leave with Vicky because you weren't planning on coming back?

Evan: No. You see, I wrote that letter long before I knew what Vicky was up to.

Amanda: But you left Bay City because of me?

Evan: Well, I knew...I just had to get away, Amanda.

Amanda: For how long?

Evan: I wasn't sure. Did it make a difference to you?

Amanda: Yes. I mean, you would have left a lot of projects unfinished.

Evan: I know. You see, and that's why I didnít send the letter. That would have been pretty irresponsible of me, wouldnít it?

Amanda: It was hard for me while you were gone.

Evan: Why?

Amanda: I had nobody to talk to about work.

Evan: Well, what about Sam?

Amanda: He doesn't understand work, my work, why it matters so much. Are you going to the winter fantasy ball?

Evan: That's tonight, isnít it?

Sam: Amanda, we need to start getting ready. I haven't taken a shower or shaved yet.

Amanda: You're right. It is late.

Sam: Besides that fact, I think we should spend some time with our daughter before we go.

Amanda: Sure. Hi, cutie.

Alli: Hi, Mommy.

Amanda: Yes, come here. I guess maybe we'll see you tonight.

Dora: Now the best thing in the world for him is to sleep.

Vicky: He never sleeps this much.

Dora: Oh, you let him rest. Now, come on. He knows what's best. Check his temperature in an hour or so.

Vicky: I gave him the same stuff I always give him, and it just doesn't work.

Dora: Donít worry. It's going to kick in soon.

Vicky: I hate when he's sick. It just drives me crazy.

Dora: Well, you'd better get used to it. Wait till he goes to school with all them other kids. I swear, if Tinaís nose isnít running, I think something's wrong.

Vicky: [Laughs] I'm glad you're here, Dora. I hate panic alone.

Dora: Listen, can we talk about something else?

Vicky: Hmm?

Dora: Now, what happened with the job?

Vicky: Guy was a jerk.

Dora: You never should have told him that you had a kid.

Vicky: Everybody has kids.

Dora: Yeah, but most people have husbands.

Vicky: Oh, now, isnít that discrimination?

Dora: Yeah, well, you going to bring him up on charges? Look, I mean, the guy is running a business. He doesn't want to have to worry that his waitress is going to be running home every time her kid has the sniffles. You know what I mean?

Vicky: It isnít fair.

Dora: Well, welcome to reality.

Vicky: You know, I checked out the want ads again.

Dora: Slim pickings in this town.

Vicky: Tell me about it. I mean, I'm either under qualified, it doesn't pay enough money, I donít have my union card, or the hours are insane.

Dora: Vicky, there's something that you should know.

Vicky: What?

Dora: I canít take care of Steven every day even if I wanted to.

Vicky: I know that. I'm going to put him in a childcare day program or something.

Dora: With what? Your good looks?

Vicky: No, the state has them. I've read about them.

Dora: Uh-uh, not in Lassiter, they donít.

Vicky: Are you sure?

Dora: Ye the state decided they'd spend their money someplace else.

Vicky: So what am I going to do?

Dora: Can I ask you something?

Vicky: Yeah.

Dora: Why'd you leave?

Vicky: What do you mean?

Dora: Well, I can tell from the way you act that you're not used to living like this. Why'd you give it up?

Vicky: It's a very long story.

Dora: Well, was it your husband?

Vicky: You could say that.

Dora: Oh, well, that's different. He was running around, right?

Vicky: No.

Dora: What then, he hit you? I mean, did he hurt you?

Vicky: No.

Dora: Well, then, he didnít pay to help take care of the kid? I mean, he didnít have a job?

Vicky: He's a doctor, actually.

Dora: Wait a minute, let me get this straight. You're telling me that your husband didnít run around with other woman and he never belted you and he was rich?

Vicky: Yes.

Dora: Vicky, what the hell are you doing here?

John: [Whistles]

[Laughs] How is it that you get to be more beautiful every day?

Sharlene: Must be married life. I think it agrees with me.

John: Well, isnít that nice?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. And I'm not used to seeing you in tails.

John: What do you think?

Sharlene: Oh, I think we look good.

John: Yeah, not too bad. You are so beautiful. I wish I didnít have to leave the ball early.

Sharlene: You're the one who wanted to be a doctor when he grew up.

John: How much time you think we have before we have to go?

Sharlene: Enough for you to get those red lips off... stop it, John.

John: Why?

Sharlene: You're getting...

Matthew: Ba da ba ba, ba ba! Excuse me. For your dining and viewing pleasure, Miss Fresh Faces 1989.

Josie: 1990.

Matthew: Like I said, Miss Josephine Watts.


Sharlene: Wait till you see this. Oh!

Matthew: Bravo!

John: Josie.

Josie: You like it, John?

Sharlene: Honey.

John: What's not to like?

Sharlene: ...So beautiful.

Josie: Thanks. I donít know what I'd do without Lucas.

Sharlene: Olivia.

Olivia: Hi. Wow.

Sharlene: You look beautiful.

Josie: You look really pretty.

Olivia: Thank you. You, too.

Matthew: Keith's not here yet.

Josie: Who's Keith?

Matthew: Olivia's date.

Josie: Blind date.

Sharlene: Oh.

Matthew: Olivia, relax. He's a friend of mine.

Olivia: I donít want to do this, Matthew.

Matthew: Keith is great. Are you kidding me? That little skin problem I was telling you about, it's all cleared up, and I think he's trying to get under 300 pounds for tonight. I'm not sure.

Josie: Matthew, stop.

Olivia: Next to having my teeth pulled, this is my favorite thing in the world.


Matthew: Oh, you'll have fun. That's him now.

Olivia: Better not be as weird as you.

Sharlene: It'll be fine.

Matthew: Keith.

Keith: Hi, Matt. How you doing?

Matthew: Close the door behind you. What, do you live in a barn?

[Laughter] I'd like to introduce to you Sharlene and John Hudson.

Keith: Hello.

Matthew: Of course, you know Josie.

Josie: Hi, Keith.

Matthew: This is Olivia Matthews. How did I do?

Keith: Pretty good. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Olivia: You, too.

Josie: We really should get going.

Sharlene: [Giggling] Well, donít know how we're all going to fit in the car.

Josie: We're not going in a car.

John: What are we going to do, take my pickup truck?

Josie: No, silly. Lucas sent a limo for us.

Cass: Ok, so far so good.

Cecile: What?

Cass: Well, the hair poofed up very nicely, Miss Grable, and the makeup is put together, a good shade for you that lipstick, yeah, but what about the dresses? Would you care to explain?

Cecile: Why are you so suspicious?

Cass: Well, given my history with women, and you in particular, I might add, I believe I have good cause.

Cecile: Why would any woman buy two identical gowns for the same evening?

Cass: My point exactly!

Cecile: Exactly!

Cass: So? I know this is a stretch for you, but please try to be honest.

Cecile: Darling, these are not identical dresses.

Cass: I just asked you to be honest! They are identical! I've seen them.

Cecile: Calm down. Honestly, men, I mean, you donít know anything.

Cass: Well, talk to me.

Cecile: One is a size 4, and the other is a size 6.

Cass: In case you had a big lunch today.

Cecile: No. I didnít have time when I bought the dresses to try them on, so I knew that one of them would fit, and I bought both.

Cass: A little extravagant for a deposed monarch.

Cecile: No, not at all. The sales girl is coming by any moment to pick the other one up.

Cass: The 4 or the 6?

Cecile: Hmm-hmm. I'll never tell.

Cass: Oh, ok, I'll buy it. Boy, I'm beat.

Cecile: What are you doing?

Cass: What? I'm relaxing. Do you mind?

Cecile: Yes, I do. You have to get ready.

Cass: What? We have plenty of time.

Cecile: No, we donít, Cass. I have to get there early. I have to supervise ticket sales and donations--

Cass: I canít just close my eyes for 15 minutes?

Cecile: No, you canít! Look, get into the shower, you'll feel like a new man.

Cass: What about you?

Cecile: No, I'm going to stay down here and wait for the sales girl.

Cass: Oh, fine, fine, fine. Everybody's rushing around here. I'm getting older. I just had a birthday, you know?

Cecile: I know.

Cass: I need more rest, especially with the demands you're putting on me. All night, oh.

Cecile: [Murmuring to self]

[Knocking] Get in here, Fiona. What took you so long?

Fiona: I couldn't get a cab!

Cecile: All right, here's your gown. Ok, now, listen, wear your hair exactly like mine, ok?

Cecile: How do you get it to curl like that?

Cecile: Fiona, this is very important to me. You've been prepaid, remember?

Fiona: Donít worry.

Cecile: Now, you know exactly what to do?

Fiona: Yeah. Do I have to talk to anybody?

Cecile: Oh, God help us if you do. Go.

Fiona: See you there, Mrs. Depoulignac.

Cecile: Yeah, bye.

[Sighs] This is going to work. It's going to work.

Dora: So why'd you leave Lassiter in the first place?

Vicky: Oh, I got out of here first chance I got.

Dora: Oh, I know that feeling.

Vicky: I found my parents, my real parents, and my sister.

Dora: Oh, how'd they take to that?

Vicky: They took me in, gave me a home, and, actually, my grandfather left me a lot of money when he died.

Dora: You've got money?

Vicky: Yes, but I canít get to it because my husband will figure out where I am.

Dora: Oh, yeah, the doctor.

Vicky: Listen, it sounds a lot better than it is, believe me.

Dora: What? What? Does he drink?

Vicky: No.

Dora: So you sure he wasn't running around?

Vicky: Dora, please.

Dora: All right, all right, all right, so then what happened?

Vicky: We shouldnít have gotten married in the first place. I got pregnant, and Jamie didnít love me.

Dora: And what about the kid?

Vicky: He loves Steven very much.

Dora: You know, the same thing happened to me.

Vicky: It did?

Dora: Yeah, got pregnant with Tina, except my prince took off the morning after I told him. Tina doesn't even know him. She makes up stories about her Daddy, though, all the time. She thinks he's coming home.

Vicky: But he isnít.

Dora: You kidding?

Vicky: It must be hard.

Dora: You'll find out. You're doing the same thing. You donít see it that way, do you? I mean, do you actually want to live like this? You know how old I am?

Vicky: No.

Dora: I'm 29, but I bet you thought I was 40. Vicky, take a look around you. I mean, this is a nightmare. You got no job, no prospects, no money, and nobody to help you take care of your kid so you can find money. I mean, you're living a fantasy. What's in store for you? Welfare.

Vicky: No.

Dora: Now, what could be so bad that you would volunteer yourself for this life?

Vicky: It's not that bad, Dora. I have my son with me, donít I?

Dora: Yeah, what about your son? Can you deny him what's his?

Vicky: If I go home, I could lose him.

Dora: And if you donít go home, you could lose everything. Oh, honey, I mean, come on. Can you honestly live with yourself knowing that you could have given him a better life? And do you think he'll ever forgive you for doing that?

Vicky: I donít know.

Dora: Do you know what I would give to know that the father of my child wanted to help? I mean, not to have him here for me, but to know that he actually cared about his own kid. You have that, and you have a mother who loves you enough to come looking for you. Donít you see, Vicky? I have nothing. Please, please donít do this to yourself, and for God's sake, donít do it to Steven.

Lucas: What are you doing here?

Griffen: I bought a ticket.

Lucas: Damn it, Griffen. You take too many chances.

Griffen: I am the artistic director of the ballet. It would seem conspicuous if I were not here.

Lucas: Fine, just stay away from me.

Griffen: You're not on my dance card; however, Frankie Frame is.

Lucas: What?

Griffen: Someone has got to stay on top of the situation, Lucas. Speaking of which, have you taken care of our little financial problem?

Lucas: No.

Griffen: They want their money, Lucas.

Lucas: They'll have to wait.

Griffen: I want my legs for dancing. I donít want them broken.

Lucas: Griffen, they want an awful lot of cash. Do you have any idea where I can get that much?

Griffen: As a matter of fact, I do. You can marry it.

Iris: Hello. How are you? I'm sorry I was so moody earlier.

Lucas: You have a lot of memories here. I understand that.

Iris: No, it's just that you asked me to marry you once, and you haven't brought up the subject since. I just wish you hadn't mentioned it if you weren't seriously considering it.

Lucas: Iris, I've never been married. I'm not sure I can handle it.

Iris: Fine. I'll find somebody else.

Lucas: Is that an ultimatum?

Iris: I know what I want, darling. Sometimes I believe that you know what's good for you, as well.

Lucas: Do you love me, Iris? Guess that's a pretty good indicator of where we stand.

Iris: Lucas, I'm very attached to you.

Lucas: This is ridiculous.

Josie: Oh, Matthew, look! It's more beautiful than last year.

Matthew: Very nice, very nice.

Josie: Oh, there's Lucas.

John: Come on, Sharlene. Let's go and take a look around.

Olivia: So, Keith, were you here last year--

Liz: There she is, my beauteous niece. Oh, you look so wonderful, darling.

Olivia: Hi, Aunt Liz, this is Keith Moorland. This is my aunt, Liz Matthews.

Liz: Moorland. Moorlands of Chatting Hill?

Keith: Well, actually, yes.

Liz: Oh, Olivia, do you know how long I know the Moorlands? Why, we were brownie scouts together. In fact, our first year at camp, we were in a thunderstorm, his grandmother and me...

Jamie: Mom?

Rachel: I'm fine.

Jamie: Yes, you are. Come on.

Liz: Your cousin Biff is my friend Sophieís Godson. Did you know that?

Keith: No, I didnít.

Liz: Well, it's true. When we were at college, we were like sisters. They used to call us members of the third-floor gang. Our class play was St. Joan, and Sophie played St. Joan...

[Orchestral fanfare]

Liz: ...Is what made her decide not to be an actress.

Olivia: You really are pathetic, Olivia.

Liz: Oh, did you say something, darling?

Sam: I wanted to talk to you alone.

Amanda: Now?

Sam: Jamie just told me.

Amanda: Told you what?

Sam: Evan was with Vicky and Steven.

Amanda: Yes, I know.

Sam: How long have you known?

Amanda: You know, Sam, I really felt like I was having a very good time in there. Canít we just maybe one--

Sam: I donít think this can wait.

Amanda: I think it can.

Sam: How long have you known about Evan?

Amanda: A couple of days. He told me that he was trying to get Vicky to come back on her own.

Sam: How long you going to keep protecting him? You've already lied to your family. You've lied to me.

Amanda: Oh, no, I am not going to do this here, not now. I am not going to do this to my family tonight.

Felicia: Everything seems fine.

Keith: So where does your family winter, Josie?

Josie: Winter?

Liz: Olivia, haven't you told Keith about Josie?

Rachel: The two of you look lovely.

Matthew: Oh, well, thank you very much.

Josie: The dress is beautiful, Mrs. Cory.

Rachel: I never got a chance to congratulate you. We're very proud of you.

Josie: Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Woman: Excuse me, are you Josie Watts?

Josie: Yes, I am.

Woman: May I have your autograph?

Josie: Ah! Sure.

Matthew: She's the veritable toast of the ball.


Cecile: Oh, the room looks lovely, doesn't it?

Cass: It does, absolutely spectacular. Shall we?

Cecile: Absolutely.

Man: You look lovely, Iris. Amanda, I need to talk to you.

Amanda: Sure.

Lucas: I'm sorry about before.

Iris: Me, too.

Lucas: This is a big night for you, for us.

Iris: Yes, it is.

Cecile: Iris, are we ready to begin?

Iris: Definitely. Uh, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, and welcome to the winter fantasy ball. Please--thank you very much. This evening's proceeds will be going to a very special cause, one that is very dear to me and, of course, to my family. As you all know, my father, Mackenzie Cory, passed away last spring, and in honor of his memory, the funds that are raised this evening will be donated to the Mackenzie Cory scholarship fund, which will go to scholarships for students of journalism. It is my dream that my father's strengths and passion will live on in them, so in that spirit, I would like to ask you all to have a wonderful night tonight and, in fact, right through the holiday season. I would like to say, let the winter fantasy ball begin.

[Waltz plays]

Man: Excuse me, Mrs. Cory, someone is looking for you.

Rachel: Oh, who?

Man: I'm sorry. I didnít get the gentleman's name.

Rachel: Excuse me.

Matthew: Sure.

Jamie: Would you care to dance?

Rachel: Oh, it was you.

Jamie: What?

Rachel: Weren't you just looking for me?

Jamie: No, I wasn't, but I'm glad that I found you. What's wrong?

Rachel: Nothing.

Jamie: Let's dance. Come on.

Matthew: Hey! I thought I'd lost you.

Josie: Well, I had to touch up my makeup. I have to look my best.

Matthew: Well, you look great. A little sham-pong-ye?

Woman: That's her?

Man: Yes.

Woman: God, donít you think her dress is low cut enough, or what?

Lucas: Josie, what's the matter?

Josie: Nothing.

Lucas: Come on, my "fresh faces" girl canít be unhappy. Let's dance.

Josie: All right.

Cecile: Iris.

Iris: Cecile, I canít thank you enough. This is a wonderful tribute to my father.

Cecile: Oh, have we raised lots of money?

Iris: We certainly have, and it's all here.

Cecile: Oh, well, I should probably put this in a safe place.

Iris: Why donít you do that? Oh, look, can you just excuse me?

Cecile: Of course.

Cass: Do you want me to accompany you?

Cecile: No. No, no, darling, I mean, this will only take me a second.

Cass: Oh.

Cecile: I tell you what, why donít you get us a drink?

Cass: All right. Be careful. Hurry back.

Cecile: So long, handsome.

Mitch: Is your mom doing ok?

Jamie: She's putting up a good front, Mitch, but I'm concerned about her.

Mitch: Why?

Jamie: She said someone was following her.

Mitch: Maybe I should go talk to her.

Cass: Mmm, that was fast.

Fiona: Hey, watch it, buddy, or your lips will end up on the floor under my foot.

Cass: Who the hell are you?

Vicky: Oh, he's burning up. His temperature must have risen to 103 or 104.

Dora: Oh, it looks like this isnít going to break without some help.

Vicky: Call me a doctor, Dora. You've got to call a doctor.

Dora: I donít have one.

Vicky: You donít have a doctor?

Dora: I mean, there's just the clinic over in Coleville. That's what I use with Tina. But I donít think they're open--

Vicky: There's got to be someplace that handles an emergency around here. Oh, honey, there's got to be someplace. There's got to be someplace.

Mitch: Well, we just have to find Mrs. Johnson.

Rachel: But what if I'm imagining it?

Mitch: But your mother said that a woman brought this dress to the house.

Rachel: Yes, and then she described Mrs. Johnson to a "T."

Mitch: Ok, ok. We'll find her, I'm sure.

Lucas: You look beautiful, Fanny.

Felicia: Luke, would you dance with me?

Lucas: I'd love to.

Rachel: I guess I'll take my dance card now, thank you.

Mitch: I'll wait. Thank you.

Rachel: I donít know why Iris insists on these. Oh, look at Felicia. Lucas has her. You better go and whisk her away. Iris always insists on these dance cards. I think...

Mitch: Rachel?

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