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Another World Transcript Tuesday 11/8/05

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Jamie: I appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Amanda: Who was that, somebody about Steven?

Jamie: No, I wish. I was calling your head of circulation.

Amanda: Jeff?

Jamie: Yeah, I asked him to contact all the major European newspapers. I had them post my reward with them.

Amanda: Europe?

Jamie: Yeah, Amanda, the more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Vicky took Steven out of the country.

Amanda: No. No, Jamie, she did not.

Jamie: How do you know that?

Amanda: I--I--I donít--uh...

Jamie: Amanda, how do you know that?


Donna: Evan, what is wrong? Did you talk to the Coryís?

Evan: Nothing. Uh, no, no. Of course I did not.

Donna: Then why do you look so strange?

Evan: Because my car is a lease, and I am a little worried about it. And I also have some very important papers in the glove box.

Vicky: Excuse me.

Ty: Yeah, what can I do for you?

Vicky: Uh, well, I wanted to apply for a job.

Ty: Oh?

Vicky: Uh-huh--waitress. You have got a sign posted.

Ty: Wait a minute. This is weird. Do we know each other from somewhere?

Vicky: Uh, no. No, I do not think so.

Evan: Well I think we should get going, Donna. What do you say? I mean, it is a long drive back to Bay City.

Ty: What is the matter?

Vicky: Let's just talk about this job, ok?

Evan: Well, I--I--I think we should be going.

Jake: Wait, you are coming with us?

Evan: Well, yeah. I really do not have much of a choice, do I? I cannot believe that Vicky stole my car.

Vicky: That is because she is so desperate, the poor darling.

Jake: Let's hit the road.

Evan: Would you do me a favor? Would you two just wait in the car? I want to make one more phone call--

Jake: Come on, Evan. You have wasted enough time as it is.

Evan: I just want to let them know I am on my way.

Jake: Hurry up.

Evan: It would be just a... a minute or so, ok?

Donna: What are we going to do now?

Evan: [Clears throat] You have to be more careful. I cannot believe you.

Vicky: Well, how was I supposed to know that they were here?

Evan: You did not see your mother's car in the parking lot?

Vicky: If I had seen her car, I would not have come in, now would I, Evan? Now, what were they doing here?

Evan: What are they doing here? They're looking for you.

Vicky: Ok, what did you tell them?

Evan: I told them you stole my car.

Vicky: Did they buy it?

Evan: For now.

Vicky: What now?

Evan: What now is I talked them into driving back to Bay City and they offered me a ride.

Vicky: You are leaving? Now?

Evan: Look, I do not have much of a choice.

Vicky: Oh... well...

Evan: Well, this is good-bye.

>> I know that there's no crying

Jamie: Answer me, Amanda.

Amanda: Jamie, I did not--I do not know any--

Jamie: You just got through saying, Amanda, that--

Amanda: I know, but I did not mean to say that. It came out wrong.

Jamie: Well, what did you mean to say?

Amanda: I just have a sense that Vicky would not take Steven out of the country.

Jamie: Oh, you have a sense, huh?

Amanda: I could be wrong. I guess I'm just being really optimistic about this.

Jamie: I wish I could be.

Amanda: You should try, Jamie. I know it would make you feel better.

Jamie: It is just kind of hard, Amanda. When I go into his room, and I--it is just like he has never been there.

Amanda: You have to believe that she is going to bring him back, Jamie.

Jamie: Listen, you have been really great. I donít know if I could have made it without you.

Amanda: I have not done anything.

Jamie: Canít I at least say thank you to my little sister?

Amanda: No, you cannot because I love you, and you are not allowed to say things like that.

Jamie: If it had not been for my family, I do not know if I would have made it through all of this. So thank you.

Amanda: Jamie--

Cass: Hello?

Jamie: Hi, Cass.

Cass: I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Amanda: No. No, you're not.

Jamie: Well, what's up?

Cass: Well, this is the nonprofit agreement for Macís memorial foundation, and I need Rachelís signature.

Jamie: Oh.

Cass: Hilda said that she was in here.

Amanda: Is it really important? I can go wake her up. She's upstairs--

Jamie: She has not been sleeping much lately, Cass.

Cass: Oh, well, this can wait. Why donít you just have her sign it and messenger it to me tomorrow?

Amanda: Sure, ok.

Cass: And tell her that I want to speak with her.

Amanda: About this?

Cass: No, about something else.

Amanda: Oh, all right, sure. Thanks.

Cass: Thanks. Jamie, I know you have probably heard this hundreds of times, but any news?

Jamie: No.

Cass: I can only imagine what hell this is for you.

Jamie: Well, that about describes it. It is the not knowing that really drives you crazy.

Cass: Have you had any news besides Vickyís call to Michael?

Jamie: No, that is it.

Cass: I know you have also heard this once or twice, but if there's anything at all that I can do, please, donít hesitate--

Jamie: I'll call, Cass. Thanks a lot.

Cass: Ok. Listen, do not worry her about that tonight. Tomorrow will do just fine, ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Cass: Thanks.

Jamie: See you.

Cass: See you.

Amanda: You are up.

Rachel: Hi.

Amanda: Hi.

Rachel: Come on in.

Amanda: Did you get any sleep at all?

Rachel: A little. What is that?

Amanda: Well, I came up to bring you papers that Cass left for you, and I found this in the hallway.

Rachel: For me?

Amanda: You are Rachel Cory, right?

Rachel: Who is it from?

Amanda: I do not know. It does not say.

Rachel: Why isnít there a card? Looks like a dress box.

Amanda: Must be from Jamie.

Rachel: Jamie is buying me gifts now?

Amanda: Well, I know he really wants the two of you to go to the ball.

Rachel: Yes, I know.

Amanda: So you are the slowest present opener in the world. Come on. What is the matter?

Rachel: Nothing. I just had a dream.

Amanda: Really? Tell me about it.

Rachel: Oh, it was sort of eerie. I do not know why. I was dressed to go to some function. I had a beautiful gown on. It was deep burgundy and brocade.

Vicky: I guess you better go.

Evan: Yeah, Jake and Donna are waiting for me in the car.

Vicky: And we would not want them to come back in here and look for you.

Evan: No, we wouldnít. So are you feeling better?

Vicky: It's not too bad.

Evan: That is good.

Vicky: I cannot afford to be sick though, right?

Evan: No, not now. Well, I--

Vicky: Evan, before you go, I want to thank you for not turning me in.

Evan: Yeah, you just take care of yourself, ok?

Vicky: Mm-hmm.

Evan: And will you remember all of the things I told you?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. You have been a good friend. Thanks.

Evan: I really gotta be going. One more thing.

Vicky: What?

Evan: You gotta keep your door locked. You have got to keep your eyes open all the time.

Vicky: Yeah.

Evan: And you have always gotta be aware who is around you.

Vicky: Ok.

Evan: Ok. All right, I will see you.

Vicky: Evan? Remember to smile once in a while, would you?

Evan: What? You like the smile?

Vicky: No. It will keep you out of trouble, though, maybe.

Evan: Well, I will have to remember that.

Vicky: I owe you one.

Evan: Yeah, well, you hurry up and come back soon. I want to get you to pay up on that.

Vicky: You know that wonít happen.

Evan: Promise me you'll take care of yourself.

Vicky: Will you get the hell out of here, please?

Evan: I'm going. I'm going.

Vicky: You take care, too, ok?

>> Just in case you change your mind just in case you ever change your mind if you suddenly decide to give me one more try I'll be waiting in the wings just looking for a sign

Cecile: Yes, yes, yes. I think you will do.

Fiona: Do what?

Cecile: Play me.

Fiona: I do not get it.

Cecile: Tomorrow is the winter fantasy ball.

Fiona: I heard about it in the paper.

Cecile: And you will be going to it, Fiona.

Fiona: Get out of here. That's for guys like you--high society.

Cecile: You are going to be a guy like me. In fact, you are going to be me.

Fiona: Run this by me again.

Cecile: I need someone to impersonate me at that ball.

Fiona: Why?

Cecile: [Sighs] Because I need to make a quick getaway.

Fiona: Hey, I do not do nothing that is not, like, on the up and up, you know.

Cecile: This is, like, on the up and up, you know. See, there is this man.

Fiona: Uh-huh.

Cecile: And he and I are--well, we have sort of this mad thing.

Fiona: Now I get it.

Cecile: Good.

Fiona: You and your man are planning to elope while the ball is going on. You will have a fancy car waiting out back, and you will jump into it and drive into the night, hop on a private jet and fly to a deserted island where you will do nothing but make wild, passionate love day and night.

Cecile: Do you, by any chance, read Felicia Gallant?

Fiona: Is she an astrologer?

Cecile: Never mind. Now, look, you cannot say anything to anyone about this, ok?

Fiona: It is a secret, sure.

Cecile: That is right.

Fiona: I mean, if eloping was not a secret, it would not be eloping, right?

Cecile: Good thinking.

Fiona: I will not breathe a word.

Cecile: Excellent. Now, I want you back here tomorrow night at 7:30, ok?

Fiona: 7:30 right here, got you.

Cecile: Good, and I will have your gown and your instructions.

Frankie: Am I interrupting something?

Cecile: Oh, my goodness, and look at the time. We will be late for our reservation.

Amanda: Come on, Mom. Open it.

Rachel: Maybe later.

Amanda: Was it your dream?

Rachel: Why?

Amanda: Well, I mean, I know how real some dreams can be, especially when you are under a lot of stress.

Rachel: I'd be able to handle the stress if I could get a decent night's sleep or just any sleep.

Amanda: Maybe it would help you to get out around people a little more.

Rachel: Is this about the ball?

Amanda: All your friends are going to be there.

Rachel: I do not think I could stand spending another whole evening trying to pretend that everything

Amanda: What about Jamie? I do not think he can make it through the night without you.

Rachel: Another public function without Mac.

Amanda: I know. Well, whatever you decide I'm sure it is going to be the right thing.

Rachel: Thanks, honey. Oh, my gosh.

Donna: I guess Angela must have taken Michael to nursery school already. She is so good with him.

Jake: I'm going to get out of here and try to get home and get some shuteye.

Donna: Right now?

Jake: Donna, I drove that gas hog of yours all night long so I could get back here from Lassiter.

Donna: But it is such a beautiful morning. You are going to waste it in bed?

Jake: Do you have any better ideas?

Donna: Come and have breakfast with me. Come on, we can turn the heaters on outside, and we can set out on the terrace. It will be lovely.

Jake: Donna, y--

Donna: Please, the house is so empty. Please.

Jake: I would love to have a cup of coffee.

Donna: Thank you. All right, go sit down. Take your coat off. Make yourself at home. I will be right back. I will go put some coffee on.

Jake: Sorry we did not have any luck finding Vicky.

Donna: Well, we almost did. Thanks to you.

Jake: Yeah, if we had got there a little sooner, we would have had her.

Donna: Well, at least we were doing something. We were not just sitting around waiting for word.

Jake: We were doing something all right. We stayed up 48 hours without sleep. We had the worst pizza this side of the Mississippi.

Donna: Oh, please. Donít remind me.

Jake: You are pretty game, though, for someone who is not big on pizza to start with.

Donna: If it did not have all of those little slices of prosciutto all over it.

Jake: Pepperoni.

Donna: Well, whatever it was, it was a very strange color and it looked very unappetizing.

Jake: You know something?

Donna: What?

Jake: You are not bad to travel with.

Donna: And you are being sarcastic.

Jake: No, I am not. I would always think that you would be a pain in the neck.

Donna: I am. I pride myself on that.

Jake: You are a good sport, seriously.

Donna: Well, seriously, why did you think I would be a pain in the neck?

Jake: Well, 'cause usually you are demanding, spoiled, obnoxious.

Donna: I am obnoxious?! You give new meaning to the word.

Jake: What are you talking about? I am a prince of a guy. I am sensitive, caring.

Donna: You should try being your business partner for a few days.

Jake: Why? What do I do?

Donna: Well, it is your temper for one thing.

Jake: Oh, get out of here. I have my temper under control, Donna.

Donna: In your dreams you have it under control. You're rude. You're arrogant. You're annoying. You're crude.

Jake: Then why did you want me to stay?

Donna: When?

Jake: Now.

Donna: Now?

Jake: Right now.

Donna: Right now?

Jake: Is there an echo in here?

Donna: Well, because. You have to have breakfast, donít you?

Jake: That is it?

Donna: And I appreciate the fact that you took me to Lassiter.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Donna: And you understand that I am very worried about Victoria, and I have seen a different side of you in all of this traveling.

Jake: Oh, this I have got to hear.

Donna: Now, I am not going to take back the fact that you are crude and you are arrogant and you are annoying.

Jake: You be careful with all of these compliments, Donna. They are liable to go right to my head.

Donna: You're all of those things and you always will be.

Jake: Is this supposed to make me feel good?

Donna: And I have to admit that in the past I have had a lot of anger towards you.

Jake: How did I miss that?

Donna: And I have not always felt that you were the right man for my daughters.

Jake: Donna, you gave me absolutely no indication that you felt that way.

Donna: Now, stop it. Stop joking.

Jake: Ok, I'm sorry.

Donna: What I am trying to say... is that the coffee is ready.

Jake: What were you trying to say?

Donna: I was...

Jake: Yes?

Donna: Perhaps... I have been wrong about you.

Vicky: Hi.

Ty: You are late.

Vicky: Yeah, I know. I had something to take care of.

Ty: The bar opens at 8:00. [Indistinct] If you want this job--

Vicky: This was really important, ok?

Ty: Yeah, well, so is this bar. It's important, and if I cannot count on my waitresses--

Vicky: No, you can count on me. Really, I'm very punctual... tidy, thorough, everything.

Ty: How are you with people?

Vicky: With people... oh, great. I--I love people. People are my favorite. Not that I do not like other creatures--dogs, goldfish. Why do you ask?

Ty: I just had to fire somebody because she was nasty with the customers.

Vicky: Nasty? Oh, that is bad. I am personally never nasty. I make it a point never to resort to nastiness.

Ty: She was clumsy, too. She broke 6 glasses in a week.

Vicky: Oh, 6 glasses? Bad, she's a klutz.

Ty: Yeah, you sure you can do better?

Vicky: Of course I can. I do not break anything ever. And I will be so nice to the customers, you will not have to put sugar in their coffee.

Ty: Here, let's see you in action.

Vicky: Yeah? What? No apron? Thanks. Ok, I am ready. First customer is here.

Vicky: Hi. Welcome to...this place. Oh, Ty's bar and grill. What can I get for you?

Man: Gin martini.

Vicky: At 9:00 in the morning? Oh, great. I mean, that is an excellent choice. Um, be right back. I have my first order.

Ty: Shoot.

Vicky: A gin martini.

Ty: Straight up or rocks?

Vicky: Um, well, rocks probably. It tastes better that way, doesn't it?

Ty: Not if you like it straight up.

Vicky: Good point.

Ty: Olive or a twist?

Vicky: I donít drink martinis.

Ty: Not you, him.

Vicky: Oh, right.

Ty: Look, go find out what the man wants, all right?

Vicky: I guess I'd better. Excuse me. I just have a little question to ask you, ok? Um, do you want that martini straight up or on the rocks?

Man: Rocks, not too many.

Vicky: Not too many--you know, that is a good idea because you do not want to water down the drink, right? Another question--do you want a twist or...oh, darn, what's--

Man: What I want is the damn martini on the rocks with a twist.

Vicky: Easy enough. Ok, I know what he wants now.

Ty: What?

Vicky: A gin martini.

Ty: Yeah, we know that already.

Vicky: And he wants, um... he wants, uh...

Ty: What?

Vicky: On the rocks, not too many.

Ty: Ok, olive or twist?

Vicky: Oh, that was the other thing.

Ty: Oh, look, would you just go find out what the man wants in his drink, please?

Vicky: I forgot! I forgot! Haven't you ever forgotten anything?

[Glass falling and breaking]

Ty: Oh, what the hell? Jeez.

Vicky: Um, I am sorry.

Ty: What a mess.

Vicky: I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I will try. I will try. I am just--I am--

Ty: Look what you just did. You broke 3 glasses in 5 minutes.

Vicky: I know. I was just nervous. Please, you have got to give me another chance.

Ty: Loretta! Loretta, get someone in here. We got a mess out here.

Vicky: No, I will clean it up.

Ty: Get a mop.

Vicky: It is all my fault. I will clean it up. I'm sorry.

Ty: Yeah, you are damn straight you will clean it up. Yeah, you will pay for the damages, too.

Vicky: I will. Today. My tips will cover it, right? Please, you have got to give me another chance.

Evan: [Voice-over] I know how hard it is for you to hear me say this, but I do love you. I wish I did not. God knows we would all be a lot happier.

Evan: Thank you, Hilda.

Amanda: Evan, where is Vicky?

Evan: She is not here. I could not convince her to come back.

Amanda: Please tell me you are joking.

Evan: I think it is only a matter of time before she comes back on her own.

Amanda: You are serious.

Evan: Listen, the most important thing is that Steven is safe and he is happy.

Amanda: I could kill you. I could just kill you.

Evan: Amanda, things got out of hand. There was nothing I could do about it.

Amanda: All this time--all this time, I kept this secret for you.

Evan: I tried, Amanda.

Amanda: I kept it from Sam, from Jamie, my whole family. I covered for you. You were supposed to bring her back here.

Jamie: Am I hearing this right?

Amanda: Jamie... uh--

Jamie: You knew what was happening with my son? And you did not tell me?

Amanda: Jamie, I can explain it.

Evan: Jamie, it was all my doing. I called Amanda, and I made her promise not to say anything.

Jamie: Obviously, she was happy to go along with that. Where is Vicky?

Evan: The most important thing now is Steven is safe.

Jamie: Where are they, Evan?

Evan: I do not know.

Amanda: Evan.

Jamie: All right, Evan, then tell me exactly what happened.

Evan: Ok, it will be my pleasure. You see, Vicky tricked me into driving her. I had no idea that Steven was in the car.

Jamie: How could you not know that?

Evan: Because she had hidden him in the back seat under some blankets.

Jamie: All right, where did you go?

Evan: East. We just drove east. I thought I had her convinced to come back and turn around, and I made a mistake.

Jamie: What mistake?

Evan: Well, I stopped to get gas. I get out to pay the guy, and she takes off in my car.

Jamie: Then how did you get back here, Evan?

Evan: With Jake and Donna.

Jamie: Jake and Donna.

Evan: They had a hunch that she might go back to Lassiter.

Amanda: Did they see her with Steven?

Evan: No, I ran into them right after she left. Now, listen, that is the story. You can take it or leave it.

Jamie: When--where did you see her last?

Evan: It was near Lassiter. Then she was gone.

Jamie: When?

Evan: Yesterday.

Jamie: Ok, I'm going to call the police.

Evan: Do not do that, Jamie.

Jamie: And let them get farther away? She has probably made it all the way to New York by now.

Evan: Listen, why donít you give her a chance to come back on her own?

Jamie: You must be kidding. I am going to get her back here, and I am going to get custody of my son. Any judge in the country would give me--

Evan: You do not have a clue about Vicky, Jamie! I'm really sick of you playing the innocent victim.

Amanda: Evan!

Evan: He drove her to this.

Jamie: I drove her to this?!

Evan: Yes, going for total custody. You made up this stupid, ridiculous schedule that she could not adhere to. You dangle that little baby in front of her, and then you jerk it away from her at the last minute!

Jamie: If you are talking about Thanksgiving, Bates...

Evan: No, I am talking about the fact that you never took her consideration for Steven seriously and her need.

Jamie: You want me to take the rap for her kidnapping my son?

Evan: What I want you to do--

Jamie: Why donít you tell me?

Evan: I want you to take a good hard look at yourself.

Jamie: I am taking a good hard look at you, Bates, and I see an accessory to a crime.

Evan: I told you I had no idea that baby was in the car. It was snowing. So what was I supposed to do? Just leave her, Jamie?

Jamie: Supposed to call me, the kid's father.

Evan: Well, I thought I could talk her out of it.

Jamie: So much for your powers of persuasion, pal.

Evan: Let me tell you something. She was so desperate, Jamie, that nobody would have talked her out of it. And I tried. But you know what she said to me? She said, "Now, at least I can hold my baby without asking for permission."

Jamie: Yes, well what about me, Mr. Bates? What do I do when I want to hold my son, huh?

Evan: Well, I guess you can just sit around and be right. Isnít that the most important thing to you anyway?

Amanda: Evan.

Jamie: You're a son of a bitch.

Amanda: No, Jamie, stop it!

Jamie: You're gonna stick up for this guy?

Amanda: I just do not want to see anybody hurt.

Jamie: Now I know why you were so positive that my little boy was ok. I do not think I will ever forgive you for this, Amanda. And as for you, you are going to pay for this.

Amanda: There's more to it than that, isnít there? What really happened?

Evan: That is the whole story, just like I told you.

Rachel: Evan? How was your vacation?

Evan: I did not really take a vacation.

Rachel: Why not?

Evan: Because I have been with Vicky.

Jake: You better do something with this.

Donna: Oh, that. That invitation.

Jake: That is tonight, right?

Donna: Uh...I do not know. Today is the seventh.

Jake: Mm-hmm.

Donna: Yeah, yeah, it is tonight.

Jake: What are you doing?

Donna: Putting it where it belongs.

Jake: You're not going?

Donna: Well, what on earth for?

Jake: Well, I just thought it would mean a lot to you what with Mac Cory and all.

Donna: Well, it does. I mean, normally it would, but with everything going on in my life right now and knowing that Michael is going to be there with his mistress and several other people, who I would just as soon never see again as long as I live, I just think it would be best...

Jake: Best if what?

Donna: Good lord.

Jake: You all right?

Donna: What am I thinking? What am I saying? Was I actually planning not to attend the gala event of the year? I must be temporarily insane. Come here, you little darling. At least I did not crumple it all up.

Jake: Donna, what the hell are you talking about?

Donna: I am talking about the ball.

Jake: You are going?

Donna: Of course I am going. Do I look like the kind of woman who is going to sit around feeling sorry for herself? Do I strike you as the kind of woman that cannot put on the sexiest dress she owns and the highest heels she can stand in and walk right over to Michael and his tacky little girlfriend and say... what should I say?

Jake: I think that is entirely up to--

Donna: Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know. I know. I will say, "Hi. This is just a marvelous party, isnít it?" Now, that is simple and that is to the point, and then I will bend over and I will pick something up and I will show a little cleavage. And then I will waltz right out to the dance floor.

Jake: With who?

Donna: What?

Jake: I'm just trying to picture this. I mean, I am watching you waltz right onto the dance floor and, um... are you alone?

Donna: Of course I am not alone. Do not be ridiculous.

Jake: I was just wondering. I mean, you are putting this whole scene together. I am just--

Donna: Yes.

Jake: Yes.

Donna: Yes!

Jake: [Whispers] What?

Donna: You. That is with whom--or who with or whatever.

Jake: Wait a minute, Donna--

Donna: You are going to go to the ball with me. Jake, you will look smashing. Now even though you have always been hateful, your looks have never been in question. Oh, I will be the envy of every woman there. Michael is going to be miserable. Yes, and his tacky little girlfriend is going to be so intimidated that she is going to have to go to the ladies' room to check her makeup every 5 minutes. And then he is going to stare at us for a few minutes until he cannot stand it anymore. Then he is going to come over. He is going to approach us very nervously and hesitantly and pathetically and he will look longingly at me. And he will say, "Donna, Donna, you just--you look--" and I will not let him finish! And I will say, "Jake, darling. Jake, darling, they're playing our favorite song." And then you will whisk me onto the dance floor and we will dance for the rest of the night locked in each other's arms. Oh, this is going to be fabulous! Just stay right here, and I'm going to go upstairs and put on the dress. It is a fabulous cut, and it's-- I just hope it is low-cut enough on me.

Jake: Donna?

Donna: What? What?

Jake: Aren't you forgetting something?

Donna: Oh, it is all right. I can eat later. I am just too excited. Let me go put the dress on.

Jake: I am not talking about breakfast.

Donna: Oh, what, then? What? What?

Jake: Me.

Donna: You? You.

Jake: You seem to be under the impression that I'm going to this ball with you tonight.

Donna: You are.

Jake: How do you know?

Donna: Well, I just assume--oh. Oh, no, Jake, I am sorry. I was just so carried away. I just thought that--oh, dear, I did not even ask you, did I?

Jake: Nope.

Donna: Oh, well, I guess you are too busy, huh?

Jake: Nope.

Donna: But you donít want to go. You probably think I'm trying to use you. Well, maybe you're right. I probably am trying to use you. I guess maybe it is a good idea that you do not go.

Jake: Donna.

Donna: What?

Jake: I did not say I would not go.

Donna: But you did--said you'd--didnít say you would go.

Jake: You did not ask me yet.

Donna: Oh, you want--I ask you. All right, all right.

[Both laugh]

[High-pitched voice] Jake, would you go to the ball with me tonight?

Jake: [Pretentiously] Actually, Donna, I wouldnít miss it.

Donna: [Shrieks] Oh, you had me worried. Oh, this is going to be perfect. Just perfect.

Jake: Why donít you go try that dress on?

Donna: Ok.

Frankie: Cecile. The little devil, it is locked.

[Suitcase clicks] Have not lost my touch. Airline tickets?

[Door closes]

Cecile: My goodness, Frankie. Here yet again.

Frankie: Yes, I am.

Cecile: What do you want?

Frankie: I would like to buy a ticket to the ball.

Cecile: The winter fantasy ball?

Frankie: How many balls are there, Cecile?

Cecile: One ticket?

Frankie: Two tickets. I will be taking Trevor, who by the way wants some information.

Cecile: About what?

Frankie: About how the ball works.

Cecile: You arrive, you dance, you have fun--not terribly complicated.

Frankie: I mean the fund. This winter fantasy ball is going to help finance the Mac Cory memorial fund, right?

Cecile: That is right. Cass has set up a nonprofit organization with me as treasurer.

Frankie: Oh, so we make the contribution to you.

Cecile: That is right. I take it--cash, check, or money order--and I put it into an escrow account.

Frankie: Oh, sounds simple enough.

Cecile: For you, I doubt it.

Frankie: Think you will make a lot of money, Cecile?

Cecile: If the ball is as successful as I think it will be, Iris will hand over a very large check.

Cass: Frankie.

Cecile: Darling.

Cass: Hi. What are you doing here?

Frankie: I had to get some info from Cecile.

Cecile: About Macís fund.

Frankie: Yes, I am sure Trevor will be very generous.

Cecile: Well, that is lovely.

Frankie: I really must fly. Donít want to keep Trev waiting.

Cass: Well, wait just a minute.

Evan: I thought I could get her to give in, but she gave me the slip.

Rachel: Where are they now?

Evan: I do not know. Last I saw, my car was burning rubber right out of the gas station.

Rachel: Steven is all right, you are sure?

Evan: Yes, Rachel. She loves that boy.

Rachel: So does Jamie. So do we all.

Evan: Well, I understand that, but I did not mean to--

Amanda: Look, he has told me how much he has tried to convince Vicky to come back. I believe him.

Rachel: I wish you had been more successful. When did you get back?

Evan: I came straight here. I have not even been home. I just wanted you to know that--

Rachel: And you have known about this all along?

Evan: Rachel, I asked her to keep quiet. I wanted someone in this family to know that Steven was ok.

Rachel: I do not like the way this was handled.

Evan: Well, I am sorry.

Rachel: Strange things have been going on around here.

Amanda: Why, what else?

Rachel: Did you answer the door yesterday when the dress arrived?

Amanda: You opened it? Is it beautiful?

Rachel: It is beautiful. Did you answer the door?

Amanda: No.

Rachel: Who did?

Amanda: I do not know... Hilda or grandma.

Rachel: You do not know?

Amanda: No, I told you I found it in the front hallway. Why?

Rachel: I do not know who sent it. I have to talk to Hilda. Evan, thank you for trying to help.

Evan: Yeah, I wish I could have done more.

Rachel: So do I.

Amanda: So Vicky really stole your car, huh?

Evan: Amanda, how many times do I have to go over this?

Amanda: Why would you stay with her so long if you were not getting through to her?

Evan: Because I thought I was. She needed me.

Amanda: Oh, I'll bet.

Evan: Come on, Amanda, this was not planned. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. She was not prepared.

Amanda: Please, believe me. This whole thing is just a lark to Vicky. It is an adventure.

Evan: You are wrong.

Amanda: Soon as the cold, hard reality sets in, she is gonna be right back here wanting things to be just the way they used to be.

Evan: You were not there, Amanda. You think you know Vicky, donít you? You do not know her at all.

Vicky: 7 and $7.25.

Ty: That is all?

Vicky: Hey, you do not have big tippers around here.

Ty: Yeah, well, maybe you do not know what the hell you are doing.

Vicky: All right, is this enough? Here, it is all of it. Is that enough to cover them?

Ty: I guess this will have to do.

Vicky: Listen, mister, um...?

Ty: Just call me Ty.

Vicky: Ty, let me explain something to you, ok? I know I am not very good at this, but I'm a little nervous and I am new at it, and I will try harder.

Ty: Look, we do not want people who will try, we need people who can do it right away--

Vicky: I will do it. I swear, if you just watch, you will see. I have got a little boy at home and we are all alone.

Ty: Wait a minute. You have a kid?

Vicky: Yeah, I mean, he is not even a year old yet, but he's sweet--

Ty: You did not say anything about a kid.

Vicky: I do not understand.

Ty: Let me just explain things to you, ok? I run a business here. We got truckers who come in off the turnpike, and I got to serve them, right? I do not have time for babies being sick, for sitters not showing up, for earaches, for a hangnail, you know?

Vicky: Wait, what are you saying?

Ty: I got to make a living.

Vicky: Yeah, so what?

Ty: I am saying arrivederci, bye-bye, uh, do not call us, we will call you.

Vicky: You do not hire women with kids?

Ty: I guess that is right.

Vicky: Wait a min--

Ty: Hey, Loretta! Loretta, get in here. We got 3 people waiting to be served. Come on, move it.

Cass: Cecile, would you leave us alone, please?

Cecile: Oh, sure. I wanted to run myself a bath anyway, darling, and use that incredible body oil you gave me. Frankie, it has been real.

Frankie: Right.

Cass: There were two reasons why I came to see you.

Frankie: Do tell.

Cass: First of all, Rachel needs a private investigator. She thinks someone is following her.

Frankie: Oh, really--

Cass: Donít worry. I had to hire someone else.

Frankie: Fine--

Cass: Well, you slammed the door in my face be--

Frankie: What was the second thing?

Cass: I do not want things left the way they were. I never wanted to hurt you, Frankie.

Frankie: Well, you didnít. I think it is for the best. You two should see this thing through.

Cass: Really?

Frankie: You love her, right?

Cass: Well... I...

Frankie: So... go for it. Really. Good luck, Cass. I want you to be happy.

Cass: Me, too. I want that for you, too.

Frankie: Donít you worry about me.

Cass: You'll be fine.

Frankie: I will be better than fine.

Cass: I'm glad we talked.

Frankie: Yeah, me too. I really should be going.

Cass: Sure.

Frankie: You happy?

Cass: Oh, yeah.

Frankie: Good. I will, uh, see you around.

Cass: I will see you, Frankie.

Man: Cecile de pun-yacker?

Cass: Ha ha, yeah, that is close enough.

Man: I need a signature.

Cass: Ok, you got a pen?

Man: Yeah.

Cass: Ok. Pun-yacker. Thank you.

Man: Thanks. Here you go.

Cass: Wait a minute. Two identical dresses? What is my queen up to now? When I'm sleeping that's a whole different story.

Vicky: Hi. Hi. You know what, honey?

[Steven babbles] What? You do not have to worry about it because you know what I am going to do? Tomorrow, I'm going to go and get a better job, a better job for both of us. You know what I did today?

[Steven babbles] What? I stopped by a five and dime, and you know what I picked up for you? Want to see? Look. Look. Oh, what is that? It was a little too much money, but I just could not resist. Look at that. Oh, honey, I love you. You are a little warm. I hope you are not getting my cold. Oh, baby. It is just you and me. It is just you and me from now on. Come here. Give Mommy a hug.

[Steven whining] A little cold, huh?

Amanda: Evan, there is still something that you are not telling me.

Evan: I'm sorry, Amanda. I told you everything I can tell you.

Jamie: Where is Mom?

Amanda: I do not know. Jamie, I am really sorry. I never meant for this to happen. I wanted things to turn out differently. I'm really sorry.

Jamie: We will talk later after Evan leaves.

Amanda: I should have told him as soon as I got off the phone with you.

Evan: Amanda, listen to me. I am sorry. I did not mean to put you in that kind of position with anybody in your family... and you know how I feel about you, donít you?

Amanda: Go.

Evan: What is that? Where did you get that?

Jamie: Did you see Evan?

Rachel: Yes.

Jamie: I cannot believe that Amanda knew they were together and did not say anything to anyone.

Rachel: Did you tell the police what Evan said?

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Rachel: What are they going to do?

Jamie: They said they would get right on it.

Rachel: I am sure they will find them now, darling. This gives them a better chance.

Jamie: I hope so.

Rachel: Sweetie, you still do not want to go to this ball, do you?

Jamie: Well, yeah. Yeah, I do. I think for Mac, I do. And I donít think it would hurt either one of us to get out for the evening.

Rachel: All right. You know, I had the strangest dream yesterday afternoon when I was napping. I dreamt that I was in this beautiful gown and then when I received this gown that you sent me--the oddest thing. I mean, it is exactly like--well, nearly like the one I dreamt about. Isnít that strange?

Jamie: Mom, I did not send you a gown.

Rachel: You didnít?

Jamie: No, why would I send you a gown?

Rachel: Well, I could not imagine why. Amanda thought you sent it. She thought maybe this was one way you were going to get me to go to the ball.

Jamie: I am sorry, but it was not me.

Rachel: Well, who on earth would send me this?

Mrs. Johnson: I delivered the dress to Mrs. Cory as you asked.

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