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Another World Transcript Monday 11/7/05

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Sharlene: I couldn't stop you from doing what?

Josie: This is my life, Mama. Mine--not yours.

Sharlene: Josie, listen to me.

Josie: Why should I listen to you? This is the second time you've come in here shrieking about Lucas.

Sharlene: Because he's always here!

Josie: I need his help and he's giving it to me.

Sharlene: And what does he get out of it, Josie? How grateful are you supposed to be?

Josie: I canít believe my own mother would ask me something like that.

Sharlene: Josie, I donít want to see you hurt.

Josie: You're the one that's hurting me, not Lucas. Why canít you see that? Why canít you trust me?

Olivia: Is this a bad time?

Iris: I remember when Daddy bought this.

Amanda: Iris, what are you doing here?

Iris: It's a social call. I came to finalize the plans for your table at the winter fantasy ball.

Amanda: You had to do this in person?

Iris: I realize you are under a lot of stress at the moment with Vicky and Steven gone.

Amanda: Yes, that's right.

Iris: I was just wondering if Rachel and Jamie would be attending.

Amanda: I really donít know.

Iris: I assume that you are still coming with Sam. Which reminds me--should I put Evan at your table or not?

Amanda: Iris, you didnít come here to discuss the ball; you came here to gloat.

Iris: My, my, things really are getting to you, aren't they? How about some lunch?

Amanda: Cut the act, Iris. I know exactly what you're up to.

Vicky: Yes, the names were Donna Hudson or Jake McKinnon.

Evan: You know, that's a nice color. Are you going to wear all that junk?

Vicky: Yes, it's right for the look. Yes, Hudson. You're sure they said they were only staying one night? All right. And when is your check-out time? Great. That's way past--no, I donít. Thank you. They've already left. They're probably back in Bay City.

Evan: Unless they've moved to another motel.

Vicky: Oh, no, Jake could check out this town in one day.

Evan: Maybe your mother would like to double check. You know, they almost found us here yesterday.

Vicky: Yep, but they didnít. Now it's time to get back to normal, whatever that might be. Here, eat.

Evan: Vicky, I've been thinking about something.

Vicky: Mm-hmm, what?

Evan: Going home myself.

Hank: It's worth a beer, man.

Ty: Come on, not to me. 

Hank: Come on, Ty.

Ty: Cash only, Hank. This ain't no pawn shop.

Hank: Ok, listen, I'll tell you what.

Jake: Things will go better if you just keep quiet. Just let me handle everything, all right?

Donna: All right, but I donít see any harm in being direct.

Jake: Just--

Jake: ...Sit down, relax. This will just take me a couple minutes. Table for two. Sit. Two drafts, please.

Ty: Sorry, bottles only.

Jake: Ty Robinson?

Ty: Jake McKinnon. Hey, I donít believe it.

Jake: How you doing?

Ty: I thought you left Lassiter a long time ago.

Jake: I did. Coming back just shows you how bad a mistake you can make, huh?

Ty: What's been going on?

Hank: You look like a lady who appreciates fine jewelry. And look here--I just happen to have some.

Michael: Got your message.

Lucas: Michael, how are you?

Michael: About the same, thanks.

Lucas: Coffee?

Michael: No. Let me have a double bourbon, neat, all right? So, have you given some thought to the offer I made to you the other day? The offer is only good for a couple more days.

Lucas: I have. It's intriguing.

Lucas: Well, it should be.

Michael: I mean you--member of the club, super spy--deciding to play both sides. It's out of John le Carre.

Michael: This is not a book, all right?

Lucas: Michael, I donít know who you think I am, but I take great pains in keeping every aspect of my business legitimate. I mean--you understand that.

Michael: Absolutely, I do.

Lucas: But I must say that I've been thinking about expanding, maybe taking on a partner.

Michael: Partner?

Lucas: If the right circumstances came into play.

Michael: Well, what would those right circumstances be?

Lucas: Oh, I donít know. Let's see, something that might inspire trust. I mean, I'm just thinking out loud, of course.

Michael: Uh-huh. Well--just thinking out loud, of course--what if a certain shipment of stolen art were to find its way to you completely undetected?

Lucas: It's highly improbable.

Michael: Yes, but would that inspire trust?

Lucas: I donít know. It's hard to judge how one would react to something as far-fetched as that, unless, of course, it happened.

Michael: [Chuckles] Right.

Lucas: Now you understand?

Michael: Mmm... perfectly.

Iris: I suppose you are referring to this morning's budget meeting.

Amanda: Yes, that's exactly what I'm referring to. You must really think you've gotten away with something.

Iris: Oh, no, but I did get what I wanted--more money to promote "Sophisticate."

Amanda: That money should have stayed in "Brava's" budget and you know it.

Iris: Well, the board did not agree with you.

Amanda: That's because my mother and Evan weren't there.

Iris: Oh, sure, they might have been able to convince the board to go along with your more conservative attitude, but I doubt it.

Amanda: It's always about winning with you, isnít it, Iris?

Iris: Please, donít let's get personal, Amanda.

Amanda: You waited until Jamieís son was missing, until my mother had to concentrate on something else, and then you went ahead and moved this budget meeting right up. I think that's personal.

Iris: I'd call it business. And maybe when you're a little older and you have a little more experience you might know the difference.

Amanda: You made it sound like I was attacking you at this meeting.

Iris: Look, all I said was that I expected "Brava" to work with "Sophisticate," not against it.

Amanda: And you put me on the defensive.

Iris: Naturally, because you didnít help by complaining about all the free publicity I got from my fresh faces campaign. Darling, you never ever complain about free publicity. It makes you look like a petulant child.

Amanda: You took my words and you twisted them right around.

Iris: Well, you didnít help very much. If Evan had been there, he would have supported my point of view.

Amanda: Iris, I think it's time you've left. I've really wasted enough time with you and your little petty victory.

Iris: But it wasn't a little petty victory. Well, perhaps when Evan gets back, he'll explain it all to you. That's, of course, if he gets back.

Amanda: He will be back, donít you worry.

Iris: Oh, I'm not worried, but if I was you, I wouldnít be too sure. If Evan is with Vicky and Steven, well, it could prove to be a lifelong adventure.

Vicky: Canít take too much of a good thing, huh?

Evan: Yeah, whoo.

Vicky: No, I knew you were going to go back. Your hot tub must be getting cold by now.

Evan: Vicky--

Vicky: I just didnít think it was going to be today, that's all. Evan, you've done a lot for Steven and me. I just wanted to thank you. I will never forget it.

Evan: Well, I wish I could have done more, like making you see what this really is--a mistake.

Vicky: You've said all this already.

Evan: Ok, maybe I have.

Vicky: You have.

Evan: Bay City is going to be pretty dull without you. Who is going to drag me to all those stupid parties?

Vicky: Oh, you'll find someone.

Evan: And who am I going to laugh with?

Vicky: Donít use flattery, my boy.

Evan: See? I need you. Who is going to see through my scams?

Vicky: Not me.

Evan: And who is going to set Jamie Frame straight?

Vicky: Not my problem.

Evan: Wouldnít you like to be there when it happens?

Vicky: You know how to tempt a girl, that's for sure.

Evan: Vicky, your money is burning the biggest hole in the side of Bay City bank. It's almost Christmas and we could go shopping together. We could do some--come on. Why donít you come back? Please?

Vicky: I canít.

Evan: Why not?

Vicky: Because...one thing you forgot to mention is that I can go into that little room and hold my little boy whenever I want to. I know Christmas may be a little scarce, but I will have him. That's all that matters.

Evan: Ok. I can see you've made up your mind.

Vicky: Yes, sir.

Evan: I donít agree with you, but I respect your choice.

Vicky: I'm glad. Now, we better get you packed.

Evan: Yeah, that's going to take all of 30 seconds.

Vicky: Donít worry about me. I already have a lead on a new job.

Evan: Oh, yeah? Doing what?

Vicky: I saw this sign for help wanted down the road.

Evan: Are you talking about that beer joint? You canít be serious.

Vicky: Yeah. Dora's going to sit for Steven when I'm working, and he'll be sleeping.

Evan: No, no--that's a bad plan.

Vicky: Evan, it wonít be for long but at least I'll have some money coming in.

Evan: Yeah, by the looks of that place and those people I saw coming in and out... they donít exactly look like lavish tippers.

Vicky: Well, I donít have much of a choice. I've got to be close. I canít leave Steven here all day long, and I donít have a car.

Evan: Would you at least let me check it out first? I mean, I'd sleep better at night.

Vicky: You know something?

Evan: What?

Vicky: You really are cute. You...boo-boop-be-do.


Josie: Hi, Olivia. Please, come in.

Olivia: Hi, Mrs. Hudson.

Sharlene: Hello, Olivia.

Olivia: Josie asked me to come on by and see her new place.

Sharlene: She's very proud of it.

Olivia: Well, I can see why. This place is beautiful.

Josie: Yeah, donít you love it?

Olivia: It's great. Just great. Is this a bad time? I just came from the spa and I thought I'd take a chance.

Josie: Your timing is perfect.

Sharlene: Yes, I was just leaving actually, Olivia.

Josie: Come on, Olivia, we'll make some tea and I will give you a tour.

Olivia: Ok, tea. That's great. Why donít I put the water on? Where's the kitchen?

Josie: That way.

Sharlene: We are not finished talking about this, Josie.

Josie: Oh, yes, we are.

Sharlene: I'm not going to let this drop--I canít. Bye, Olivia.

Olivia: Bye, Mrs. Hudson.

[Door slams] Well, let me guess--she's not thrilled about all this.

Josie: Oh, she just hates the fact that I'm living here alone.

Olivia: She'll get used to it.

Josie: Yeah, well, she's not showing any signs of it.

Olivia: Well, Aunt Liz would probably be worse. She'd probably think it was a scandal.

Josie: Did she say that?

Olivia: I donít think she knows.

Josie: Well, would she tell Russ?

Olivia: What doesn't she tell Russ?

Josie: And he's really strict, right?

Olivia: Always has been with me.

Josie: That's great. That's really great. That's all I need... having both parents angry with me. Unless...

Olivia: What?

Josie: I got a roommate.

Olivia: That might help.

Josie: Especially if it were you.

Olivia: Me? Why me?

Josie: Well, it sure beats living alone or with a stranger. And you wouldnít have to spend every single night with Aunt Liz.

Olivia: That would be a plus.

Josie: You can have your own bedroom.

Olivia: What about Lucas?

Josie: What about him?

Olivia: Well, this apartment is supposed to be for the fresh faces girl.

Josie: Well, I'll talk to him.

Olivia: I donít think this is a good idea.

Josie: Would you at least think about it? Please?

Olivia: You really want me to?

Josie: Yes. Come on, I'll show you around. Maybe that will help you make up your mind.

Olivia: I love the view.

Josie: Yeah, you should see it at night. You know what? Why donít you bring you and your date here the night of the fantasy ball?

Olivia: We already told your mother we'd meet at the farm.

Josie: Oh, right. Aren't you looking forward to it?

Olivia: I donít know; I hate fix-ups.

Josie: You wonít once you meet Keith.

Olivia: You've met him?

Josie: Sure, he's one of Matthewís friends.

Olivia: And he's ok?

Josie: He's more than ok.

Olivia: Well, then it wonít be so bad.

Josie: Yeah, sure. It's only for one night. Besides, sometimes you meet the most interesting people when you are with someone else.

Olivia: Maybe you are right.

Sam: I agree that they should all go on one wall, but I donít think that the Frames should be identical.

Caroline: Sam, if the Frames aren't uniform they're just going to draw attention to themselves.

Sam: You think so?

Caroline: The work should be the focus.

Sam: Ok, the Frames stay identical.

Caroline: That's it? No fight?

Sam: No.

Caroline: Incredible.

Sam: You believe in my talent. I believe in your judgment. It works out better that way.

Caroline: Usually.

Sam: Besides that fact, I want this show to go well, especially after that fiasco in New York.

Caroline: You weren't ready for New York and vice versa.

Sam: Then why did you let me go?

Caroline: Because you needed to grow, and you have.

Sam: Great, now you tell me.

Caroline: Now I can.

Sam: That's another thing--you haven't spent this much time with me in months.

Caroline: I haven't had that much time in months.

Sam: Is the gallery doing ok?

Caroline: It's my personal life that's come to a screeching halt.

Sam: I thought you and Cass were sort of--

Caroline: I was and he wasnít. I just wish it changed the way I felt.

Sam: Cass is an idiot, ok.

Caroline: I know that. I just wish it changed the way I feel. [Phone rings] I guess I'd better get that. Look, you just keep going with those preparations, ok?

Sam: You got it.

Caroline: Wonít be a minute.

Amanda: Good, I'm so glad you're still here.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: You're not going to believe what just happened.

Sam: What, Steven is back?

Sam: No, I wish that was it. It's Iris.

Sam: Oh. I should have figured it would be.

Amanda: First of all, she moves up the budget meeting so that Evan and my mother canít be there.

Sam: That's smart.

Amanda: What?

Sam: Iris is cagey. Go on.

Amanda: All right. So then she uses the fact that Mom and Evan are not there to convince the board that she needs more money for "Sophisticate." Now "Sophisticate" has more money than "Brava" does.

Sam: Yeah, it's a new magazine.

Amanda: What are you saying? You agree with her? Sam!

Caroline: Hello, Amanda.

Amanda: Hi.

Caroline: How's it coming? We've really got to get this finalized. I've got to go and see a new artist this afternoon.

Sam: Oh, somebody good?

Caroline: Yeah, he is promising.

Amanda: Sam, can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Sam: Amanda, I'm kind of right in the middle of something.

Caroline: And I'm really pressed for time.

Amanda: This is important.

Sam: Amanda, look, my work has been on hold for months now, and I just told Caroline that I wanted to get my career back on track.

Amanda: Sam--

Sam: You just have to wait for a couple minutes, please? Ok, now, where were we?

Caroline: I was wondering if we should change the color of the background.

Sam: Well, I want to contrast to that because--

Caroline: No, it shouldnít be blue.

Sam: No, I donít want that color, because otherwise it will bleed in.

Caroline: That's what I think.

Sam: All right, so if we try--

Caroline: Beige is always safe.

Sam: Well, itís...

Hank: Come on; take a look.

Donna: No, thank you. Really, I never purchase jewelry for myself. They say it's bad luck. Excuse me.

Ty: Bay City. I donít know what's harder, Jake--leaving or staying.

Jake: So how you doing?

Ty: Good. You remember Carla Duncan?

Jake: Sure.

Ty: We got married. We have a little kid--4 years old.

Jake: Congratulations, good for you.

Ty: You married?

Jake: Not anymore. That's a long story.

Donna: Certainly is.

Jake: Ty, this is my partner. Donna Hudson, Ty Robinson.

Ty: Nice to meet you.

Donna: How do you do? Nice to meet you.

Ty: Your partner?

Jake: Yeah, Donna and I opened up a video business up in Bay City.

Ty: Well, I wish you a lot of luck. I used to have a roofing business a while back, until it went belly up.

Jake: Yeah.

Ty: These are on me.

Jake: Thank you.

Donna: Thank you. How nice.

[In a low voice] Beer at this hour?

Jake: Just drink it.

Ty: Say, you ever hear from that girl you used to hang out with, blond, great legs--what was her name?

Jake: Vicky.

Ty: Yeah, Vicky, right.

Donna: Isnít that strange that you should bring her up because that's exactly why Jake is here.

Jake: I'm trying to find her.

Ty: Well, I haven't seen her.

Jake: I'm serious, man, I really am.

Ty: She left a couple of years ago. You know how it is--people leave Lassiter, they never come back to this hellhole.

Jake: Vicky is different, she just might.

Ty: Well, I donít know, I haven't seen her. But, you know, people change.

Jake: Not Vicky. Listen, can you do me a favor? If you see her will you give me a call, collect?

Ty: Sure.

Jake: Got a pencil? Well, Ty, it was nice seeing you. You tell Carla I said hi.

Ty: No, listen, this is not a tip. This is for your kid. It's a present from me, all right?

Ty: That's going to make one happy kid.

Donna: Goodbye. Well, you really learned a lot.

Jake: You said you wanted to see Lassiter--this is it.

Donna: Let's get out of this place before we have to burn our clothes, please.

Hank: I thought we were going to do some business.

Olivia: Sam!

Sam: Hi.

Olivia: Hi. I just came in to look around. I didnít expect to see you here.

Sam: I'm glad you're here. I wanted to show you something.

Olivia: What?

Sam: We are going to take my sketches of you and we're going to put them on that wall.

Olivia: No kidding, you're going to show them?

Sam: I donít think anybody is going to recognize you, but I figured--

Olivia: I donít care. Just knowing that it helps you with your work is enough for me.

Sam: Good, thanks.

Olivia: Look, I am so happy that I ran into you because I really need some advice.

Sam: Ok, about what?

Olivia: Josie asked me to move in with her.

Sam: In her new place?

Olivia: Yeah. Do you think it is a good idea?

Sam: Well, I donít know. I thought you didnít have too much use for Josie?

Olivia: Well, I donít. But we are--

Sam: Sisters. Yeah, I know.

Olivia: So, what do you think?

Sam: Why not give it a try and find out?

Olivia: Well, I'll tell you one thing. We have nothing in common whatsoever--

Caroline: Sam, can I speak to you for a minute?

Sam: Be right back, ok?

Olivia: All right, I'll wait.

Liz: Olivia, I was just about to lunch at cafe Paradise with Marge Nelson and I saw a car, thought it might be yours, so I decided to check in here. I'm glad I did. I came in just in time to see you whispering with Sam Fowler.

Olivia: Oh, Aunt Liz. That was nothing at all.

Liz: It didnít look like nothing to me.

Olivia: We weren't whispering.

Liz: Your father warned me about this very thing.

Olivia: What very thing?

Liz: Your penchant for older, married men.

Lucas: One more thing, Michael.

Michael: Yeah.

Lucas: I know you've had a few setbacks at home.

Michael: Look, I really donít want to talk about Donna, ok?

Lucas: I wasn't referring to Donna; I was talking about Victoria. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that the judge took your daughter's baby away. I know she wouldnít have taken him out of town if he hadn't done that.

Michael: I didnít know that you knew Victoria.

Lucas: Yeah, we've had a few conversations about her holdings in Cory, but she always ended up talking about her son.

Michael: That sounds like my daughter.

Lucas: Felicia and I had our daughter taken away. You never get over something like that.

Michael: Well, I'm not going to have to get over something like that. My daughter is coming home.

Lucas: You think she will?

Michael: I'm hoping.

Lucas: Yeah, I'm sure you are. I know that you've only had a few years to get to know her and her sister.

Michael: Who told you that?

Lucas: I've done a little checking into your past.

Michael: Yeah, of course you would. Are you and Felicia still looking for your daughter?

Lucas: Yes. We've had a few leads but I thought we'd be together by now. I waited too long to try and find her. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted her to be proud of me. I...think I'm talking too much. Anyway, I have an appointment. You know where to get in touch with me.

Michael: Yeah.

Donna: No thank you, really. I told you that I didnít want--

Jake: Do you play pool?

Hank: What?

Jake: Do you play pool? I've got a $20 bill that's just burning a hole in my pocket.

Hank: Yeah, no problem.

Jake: All right.

Donna: Jake, I thought we were leaving?

Jake: We are leaving, Donna, just not right now.

Donna: Jake!

Jake: Do you want to wait in the car, Donna?

Donna: No, I donít.

Jake: Then I'm going to have a nice friendly game of pool with my pal...?

Hank: Uh, Hank.

Jake: Hank. Hank. 8 ball ok with you?

Hank: Sure.

Jake: Good. You donít mind if I break, I'm sure.

Donna: We donít have time for this, Jake. We have to talk first, Jake.

Jake: Excuse me, Hank.

Donna: [In a low voice] This man doesn't have any money.

Jake: Then if I win I'll just kill him.

Donna: Jake!

Jake: Donna, I think this guy knows something.

Donna: What could he possibly know?

Jake: The locket that he's trying to pawn off on you--Jamie gave it to Vicky. Donít--you're going to blow this. You're going to scare the guy away. Let me handle it, ok? Take a deep breath. Good.

Donna: Fine, I'll just sit right over there where I wonít get any diseases.

Jake: Good. Well, it looks like I'm solids. So, Hank, you from Lassiter?

Hank: Yeah, born and bred. What about you?

Jake: I'm from Lassiter. I live up in Bay City now.

Hank: Nobody comes back here without a real good reason. What's yours?

Jake: I'm looking for somebody.

Hank: Oh, yeah? Who?

Jake: You wouldnít know her.

Hank: Try me.

Jake: You ever hear of Vicky Hudson?

Hank: Vicky?

Jake: Yeah, blond hair. Used to live over top Martin Elliís grocery store.

Hank: Sorry, doesn't ring a bell.

Jake: Damn. Your shot.

Donna: All right, I'm through with games.

Jake: Not now, Donna.

Donna: You've seen this woman?

Iris: Well, if you canít fit any more tables in the ballroom you'll just have to put more people at the tables. What? Well, no, that--Cecile, that's fantastic. Do you know, we have managed to raise more money for this fantasy ball that even I expected? Why donít you come by tomorrow morning and I'll give you all that stack of checks. Ok, bye.

Sharlene: Iris.

Iris: Mm-hmm, Sharlene?

Sharlene: Hi, I--have you got a minute?

Iris: You look upset. Is something wrong?

Sharlene: I'm not sure, that's why I would like to speak to you in person. Your secretary told me you were here. I hope you donít mind.

Iris: No, I'm just a little surprised, that's all.

Sharlene: I donít know how to say this. It's Josie. I think her new position might be a bit overwhelming for her.

Iris: For her or for you?

Sharlene: Iris, a while ago you and I agreed to work together when it came to Josieís future.

Iris: I remember.

Sharlene: Now, I think she could stand some guidance right now...from you.

Iris: I thought you weren't exactly thrilled by my influence.

Sharlene: I would appreciate it if you could find a way to spend some more time with Josie.

Iris: Why? I mean, why is it necessary?

Sharlene: Because I know you have her best interest at heart. And frankly... it seems to me that she's leaning too heavily on Lucas.

Iris: That's only natural.

Sharlene: I donít like it.

Iris: Why not?

Sharlene: I donít know the man all that well. He seems very worldly.

Iris: Sharlene, why donít you just try being honest with me?

Sharlene: What do you mean?

Iris: I mean that at her age you were seduced by all the money and the glamour and you've paid a very high price for it.

Sharlene: Yes, I have.

Iris: And you donít want the same thing to happen to your little girl, right?

Sharlene: This is a very big change for her, Iris.

Iris: There are a lot of people looking out for Josie... especially her mother.

Sharlene: And what about Lucas?

Iris: Lucas? Well, Lucas is not interested in a girl of Josieís age. I know that... for a fact.

Vicky: Ugh! Still pale as a ghost. All right... blush. Where's my blush?

Tina: You look funny in Mama's clothes.

Vicky: Is that funny like, "ha, ha," or funny weird.

Tina: Different.

Vicky: Different? Yeah, it sure is different, isnít it? Do you think Stevenís going to recognize me, huh? Hey, where is your locket I gave you?

Tina: I lost it.

Vicky: You did?

Tina: I donít care; jewelry is dumb.

Dora: Tina, hey, that's not very nice. I want you to apologize.

Tina: No way.

Vicky: Tina, just donít slam the door--

Dora: Tina, come here. I'm sorry. What am I going to do with her? She acts like she doesn't care about nothing.

Vicky: It's ok. She does care; she just has a problem expressing herself.

Dora: You think so?

Vicky: I know so. I was just like Tina when I was her age. Who am I kidding? I'm still like Tina. Sometimes it's just easier to hate the things that you lose, you know?

Dora: Yeah, but that locket was real expensive.

Vicky: I've given up a lot more than a locket.

Dora: Really?

Vicky: Yeah. A couple of months ago I never would have dreamed of looking for a waitressing job so I could scramble up a couple of bucks. I was quite spoiled, actually.

Dora: Listen, you really going to wait tables?

Vicky: If they hire me looking like this. Are you going to be ok with Steven? He's a little fussy.

Dora: Oh, yeah, we'll be fine. Are you leaving now?

Vicky: Actually, the job said, "Apply before 2:00."

Dora: Well, it's almost that now.

Vicky: It is?

Dora: Yeah.

Vicky: Shoot, I was just waiting for Evan. He said he was going to come back because he was going to check the place out.

Dora: Well, you donít have a lot of time. If you want to get that job, you better not wait for him. But listen, I've got to tell you, that dive is no place for a woman like you.

Vicky: It's just temporary.

Dora: That's what you think. You're going to be so exhausted from dealing with them low-lifes that you're not going to have the energy to look for another job. Believe me, I speak from experience.

Vicky: Well, then I will force myself.

Dora: Honey, look, this is none of my business.

Vicky: Then donít talk about it, Dora.

Dora: Listen to me.

Vicky: What?

Dora: You see, I never really had a choice, but I got the feeling that you do. I just want to be sure that you make the right choice for yourself and for your baby. Besides, you look terrible in that wig.

Vicky: It's bad, isnít it?

Dora: It's really bad.

Vicky: I'll work on it.

Dora: Pull it back or something.

Vicky: Ok.

Hank: She still look like this?

Donna: Yes, she does.

Hank: Maybe I seen her, maybe I havenít.

Donna: Well, I keep thinking.

Hank: I think better with a beer.

Donna: All right, I'll get you a beer. Excuse me.

Jake: Donít shake the lady down--it would be a mistake. The question is pretty simple--has she been here?

Hank: That's what I'm trying to remember.

Donna: Here you go. Here, here's the beer.

Hank: How tall is she?

Jake: 5'4".

Hank: About your size?

Donna: This isnít getting us anywhere.

Hank: Hey, look, we were shooting pool. Are you going to finish this game or pay up?

Jake: I think we should finish this first.

Hank: All I can think about right now is getting my 20 bucks.

Donna: Evan? Evan Bates?

Evan: Boy and I glad to see you.

Donna: What are you doing here?

Jake: Where's Vicky, Evan?

Evan: She just stole my car.

Josie: Hello, Lucas.

Lucas: Come on, you ready to celebrate?

Josie: Sure.

Lucas: You know, I expected just a tad more enthusiasm, even if this is just lunch.

Josie: I'm sorry. My mother was here earlier.

Lucas: Did you two have another fight?

Josie: I donít want to make this your problem, Lucas.

Lucas: You arenít. Let's just sit down and talk about it.

Josie: No, I would rather go.

Lucas: Listen, you have got to try to get along with your mother, especially now.

Josie: I am trying. She is just so uptight. She thinks--

Lucas: What?

Josie: That I'm too young and inexperienced to live alone. That I'm going to get taken advantage of.

Lucas: I see.

Josie: It's just driving me crazy.

Lucas: Listen, your mother is being overprotective because she loves you very much, you know that.

Josie: I know, but it's not making it any easier.

Lucas: So why donít you try and reassure her, to include her in things. Tell her what you're going to be doing, things like that. That'll help.

Josie: There is something that I could do that might help.

Lucas: What's that?

Josie: Get a roommate.

Lucas: Matthew?

Josie: No, no. I was thinking of Olivia.

Lucas: Really?

Josie: What do you think?

Lucas: I think it might work.

Josie: Then it's ok?

Lucas: Yeah, I like it.

Josie: Oh, Lucas, that would be great.

Lucas: Well, good. We better go if we're going to keep our reservation.

Josie: Well, I'm ready.

Lucas: Yeah, I can see that.

Josie: I feel so much better.

Lucas: Good.

Josie: Thanks for making me talk it out.

Lucas: Sure.

Josie: You give the best advice, you know that? You know, I bet there isnít a situation you couldn't handle.

Arianne: Lucas still hasn't admitted anything.

Michael: Fat chance of that. If you found Lucas opening your apartment door, he'd tell you he was closing it because he just chased away the guy who was trying to break in.

Arianne: I get the picture.

Michael: This guy is always one step ahead. He's so slippery. And I know he's not going to buy me leaving the club. I just canít be sure he's not trying to set me up.

Arianne: Oh, I can be sure of that.

Michael: Oh, that's just great.

Arianne: Michael, look, let's just take this one step at a time.

Michael: No, I want this settled now, all right? I've put Donna through enough.

Arianne: Calm down. Everything is in place. You've put out the feelers; we will provide the contraband.

Michael: This canít be some two-bit lure, Arianne.

Arianne: Donít worry. We will make sure Lucas is suitably impressed.

Michael: You know, it is possible that he will not acknowledge receiving the shipment from us once we give it to him.

Arianne: I agree.

Michael: I need something to raise the stakes. I mean, right now I'm handling everything and I'm giving him all the cards. I'm giving him the money, I'm giving him the art.

Arianne: You have something in mind?

Michael: Maybe. I mean, I saw a crack in his facade today. We are talking about his missing daughter. That's the first time I've ever seen him act like a normal human being.

Arianne: You know, no one's been able to locate her.

Michael: Yeah, but if we could find her first...

Arianne: Lucas would be vulnerable.

Michael: She's his daughter. He would do anything to find her... and I know what that feels like.

Liz: At least your father and I are here before any real damage can take place.

Olivia: Yes, and who cares about feelings, especially mine?

Liz: Your father and I care about you. We love you.

Olivia: Oh, Aunt Liz, is that why he went away and got married and didnít even invite me to the wedding?

Liz: Oh, Olivia, dear, you're not doing this to hurt him, are you?

Olivia: No, I'm just trying to have my own life.

Liz: Darling, Sam has a life without you, and so did that other man.

Olivia: Art has a life of its own.

Liz: This has nothing to do with art!

Olivia: Shh! To me it does. Guys my own age aren't interested in anything that has sensitivity or depth. I mean, they would rather play basketball--canít you understand that?

Liz: Yes, I do understand. You like older men, married men. This has to stop!

Olivia: I donít care what people think.

Liz: Well, you should. You certainly want to keep yourself from making a fool of yourself by just throwing yourself at Sam.

Olivia: Shh! I am not throwing myself at Sam.

Liz: I saw you, Olivia. I promised your father that I would look after you. I'm going to do that whether you like it or not.

Olivia: This is none of your business, Aunt Liz. You stay right out of this.

Liz: As long as you are in my house, young lady, everything you do is my business. I will see you at home.

Sam: Well, Liz looked like she was giving you the riot act. What was that all about?

Donna: Does she have Steven?

Evan: Yes.

Donna: Thank God.

Jake: What do you mean she stole your car?

Evan: Well, she just took off. You see, I had her convinced to go back to Bay City. So, we stopped in to get some gas. I went in to pay the guy, I come out, she takes off with the baby.

Jake: Where did she go, Evan?

Evan: If she had plans she certainly wasn't telling me.

Donna: Is she all right? Is Steven all right?

Evan: Oh, yeah, everything is ok. She's panicked because she knows everybody is looking for her.

Jake: Isnít this a coincidence that you just happen to show up in a bar with Donna and me.

Evan: You see, I had to walk all the way here from the gas station because they didnít have a phone there.

Donna: But how did you end up in Lassiter?

Evan: Donna, that's a long story.

Jake: That's ok, we've got a long time. Come on over; have a seat.

Evan: Ok. You see, Vicky tricked me into driving her here on Thanksgiving. We were alone.

Donna: Did she have any money?

Evan: Well, she does now. She just took off with my wallet.

Jake: Wait a minute, Evan, I thought you said she took the car when you were paying for the gas.

Evan: I did, but I have a few bucks in my pocket, but my wallet was sitting on the dashboard.

Donna: Did she have any clothes with her?

Evan: No, I think the only thing she brought was an overnight bag for Steven and some blankets.

Donna: This is terrible.

Jake: That means she didnít think any of this out.

Evan: No, not at first, I donít think so.

Jake: What do you mean, Evan?

Evan: Well, I think she was just running, and I didnít get it. I didnít even know Steven was in the car, because what she'd done, she had put him in the back seat and she'd hid him under some blankets.

Donna: Oh, that poor baby!

Evan: And when I finally did catch on, it was snowing so hard that...well, she wouldnít turn back, you see, so I had to drive her here.

Jake: So if you got to Lassiter on thanksgiving, what have you been doing in the meantime?

Evan: I've been trying to convince her to come home, and I thought I did until a half an hour ago.

Jake: You mean, Vicky wanted to come back to Lassiter, Evan?

Evan: She wanted to come back here and start all over. She said this is a world that she understands.

Donna: Understands this? This is all Jamieís fault. He's the one who is responsible for this. He's been pushing her too hard.

Evan: No, it's the police, because she's read it in the papers they're looking for her, and I'm going to going to call the cops right now and give them a description of my car and the plates.

Jake: Donít do that.

Evan: Why not?

Jake: She's already in enough trouble as it is, Evan, she doesn't need to have grand theft auto added to that.

Donna: Jakeís right. He's right.

Evan: Well--I guess you're right. I wouldnít want her to panic anymore than she already has.

Donna: What do you think we should do, then?

Jake: You are asking him?

Evan: Yes, she's asking me. What I think we should do is we should all go back home. She's alone and she's scared, and she may try and call one of us.

Jake: And just give up? That's it?

Donna: I agree with him. I think that's what we should do. You can ride with us, Evan; we'll take you.

Evan: That's great. Would you excuse me, I just want to make one quick phone call to the Coryís. Excuse me.

Donna: Coryís? If he tells them, they're going to get the National Guard after Victoria.

Jake: Donna, donít worry about it. Vickyís smart, she'll figure that out.

Evan: Hello, Vicky?

Dora: No, it's Dora. Vicky left.

Evan: Well, when did she leave?

Dora: A little while ago.

Evan: Damn--thanks.

Lucas: May this be just the first of many, many successes.

Josie: Thank you, Lucas.

Lucas: You're very welcome. Well, now let's get down to work.

Josie: Ok. I never thought work would be like this.

Lucas: Now, this is your first week, right? Let's see what we have here.

Olivia: Well, you know Aunt Liz. She was just upset... because I've decided to take your advice and move in with Josie.

Sam: Oh, Liz doesn't approve.

Olivia: She doesn't like Josie.

Sam: Well...ah, she'll come around. She used to hate me. Besides that fact, Josieís a nice kid. I think you two will both get some good out of it.

Olivia: The thing is, it's about time I had some freedom. I need to ask you a favor, though.

Sam: Sure. What?

Olivia: I know you're busy and everything, but would you help me move?

Sam: For you, anything.

Olivia: Ok.

Hilda: Ms. Amanda?

Amanda: Hilda. Were there any messages?

Hilda: No.

Amanda: Did Mr. Bates call?

Hilda: No one called.

Amanda: Great. Just great. Where is Alli?

Hilda: She's at her playgroup. I'm just on my way to pick her up now.

Amanda: That's right, I forgot. Can you bring her in to me as soon as you get back?

Hilda: Of course.

Amanda: Thanks.

Evan: [Voiceover] I know how hard it is for you to hear me say this, but I do love you. I wish I didnít, God knows we'd all be a lot happier.

Donna: My life has become a total nightmare. First Nicole, then my husband leaves me, and now Victoria.

Jake: Donít worry about it, Donna. Everything's going to be fine. It's going to be ok. You ready to go or what?

Evan: Uh, yeah.

Singer: Everybody's talkin' 'bout the way you're never talkin' about me...

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