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Another World Transcript Thursday 10/27/05

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[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Oh. It's you.

Jake: Why donít you answer your phone?

Donna: Excuse me, you're getting snow all over the carpet.

Jake: I have left 5 messages on your answering machine, now I get a busy signal!

Donna: Well, my phone must be broken.

Jake: You knew I was going to be calling! Why didnít you check?

Donna: I didnít feel like talking to anybody.

Jake: Donna, we have a business to run, not to mention a major shoot in less than an hour!

Donna: I know that.

Jake: Then why are you avoiding me?

Donna: I do not know why Iris booked this thing for tonight, anyway. Only Iris--

Jake: Donna, what is wrong?

Lucas: I assume everything is set. Good. Shipment goes out at 8:00 tonight, no slip-ups.

Iris: Now I'm going to make a brief statement, and then I will announce the winner, right? "Sophisticate" is class, and that is what I want this press conference to be. Understood? Josie!

Josie: Hi, Mrs. Wheeler.

Iris: Well, what are you doing here? Hello, Matthew.

Matt: Iris.

Josie: Well, I know I am a little early.

Iris: Well, yes, you are. You're very early.

Josie: Well, I'm just getting a little anxious, and I could not decide what to wear! I thought maybe you could help me.

Iris: Josie, this is a very bad time. I have got a million and one things to do. I'm sorry.

Josie: I donít suppose you know who won--

Iris: Lucas?

Lucas: This place is really shaping up.

Iris: Yeah, look, we have to decide about this announcement. Now, am I going to do it, or are we going to do it together, or what?

Lucas: No, you do it alone.

Iris: Well, if that is what you want.

Lucas: I will not be here.

Rachel: Think, Hilda.

Hilda: Oh, dear.

Jamie: It's very important, Hilda.

Hilda: Oh, I know, Dr. Frame! Poor little Steven.

Rachel: Could any of the staff have gotten him up and taken him for a walk without telling us?

Hilda: Oh, I donít see how. We were all in the kitchen.

Jamie: Every one of you?

Hilda: We were having our holiday dinner.

Ada: We have looked in every corner of every room.

Amanda: Even the attic. I checked on Alli. She's still sound asleep.

Rachel: I donít understand it. We were all here. There's no sign of anybody breaking in.

Jamie: Yeah, well, I am not surprised.

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Come on, it is obvious.

Rachel: What?

Jamie: Vicky took him.

Vicky: Evan, there was no other way to do this.

Evan: Yeah, you could have done it without me.

Vicky: My car broke down, I could not get anyone to come and fix it on Thanksgiving. Evan, you're the one who told me to call you if I needed you.

Evan: And you knew you were going to do this, didnít you? That is why you're tried to get rid of me earlier, wasn't it--

Vicky: Evan, I did need you! We knew we could count on Uncle Evan, didnít we? What are you doing?

Evan: I'm taking you and Steven back to Bay City.

Vicky: No, you're not.

Sam: Olivia, I thought you went home with Matt and Josie? Look, how long have you been here?

Olivia: Sam, please do not disturb me.

Sam: Listen, this is important, has anybody come through here with Steven, the baby?

Olivia: I am trying to focus my energy.

Sam: To hell with your energy! I'm looking for my nephew.

Olivia: What?

Sam: The baby is missing. Steven is missing.

Olivia: Oh, my God! Since when?

Sam: Just a couple of minutes ago. Has any--

Olivia: No, I have not seen anything.

Sam: Damn it, I wonr--

Olivia: Can I do anything?

Sam: Yeah, I'll let you know.

Olivia: Sam, wait.

Sam: What?

Olivia: Can I ask you just one quick question.

Sam: I've got to get going, hon.

Olivia: Sam, please, just one.

Sam: Ok, one.

Olivia: Do you think I'm going to win the fresh faces contest?

Sam: A baby is missing and you are asking me a stupid question like that?!

Olivia: I'm sorry, but it means a lot to me.

Sam: It is not a life-and-death situation.

Olivia: No, Sam, you are an artist, aren't you? Come on, you have got to understand this. I mean, aren't you passionate about your work? Donít you have ambition? Look, if I win this contest, it will prove to Griffen Sanders and everybody else out there that I have something special. It will boost me right out of the corps de ballet into a lead role--

Sam: Fine, I have got to go, hon.

[Phone rings]

Olivia: Look, if you're not passionate, if you're not single-minded about your work, then you're no good.

Sam: All right--

Olivia: I am sorry I wasted your time!

Sam: Hello? Yes, a second--where are you going?

Olivia: To a special session that Griffen is giving, and then to the press conference.

Sam: Good luck.

Olivia: I do not need luck, and you know why? Because I'm talented. I'm going to win because of that... not that you care.

Sam: What? Huh? Just a second. Hold on.

Olivia: I'm sorry. It is just that I'm really kind of crazy today.

Sam: It is ok. Forget it.

Olivia: I am just really, really nervous. And I hope that everything is fine with your nephew.

Sam: Thanks. See you. Yeah?

Amanda: Vicky?

Ada: Does she still have a key?

Jamie: Yes, I gave her a key because of Steven.

Ada: Well, she used it.

Amanda: While we were eating Thanksgiving dinner?

Jamie: I should have figured on this.

Rachel: Why?

Jamie: Because when I told Vicky that I wanted Steven here for Thanksgiving, she got terribly upset.

Amanda: But I donít understand. How could she do something like this?

Ada: I hope Vicky did take Steven, at least that way we know he is safe.

Jamie: Bridget, this is Jamie.

Rachel: Hilda?

Jamie: Is Vicky there?

Rachel: Talk to the groundskeepers, and anyone--ask them if they saw Vicky arrive.

Hilda: Yes, ma'am.

Jamie: Bridget, when did you get back? Ok, Bridget, listen--the moment you hear anything, Bridget, anything at all--that's right. Thank you, Bridget.

Rachel: What did she say?

Jamie: She just got back. Vicky is not there, but her car is in the driveway.

Ada: What do you suppose that means?

Jamie: She thinks that Vicky may be over at Donna and Michaelís house.

Rachel: Of course she went over there. They will talk some sense into her.

Amanda: What if they canít? If she has enough time, she could have left town with the baby by now.

Evan: Your baby is in this car! What the hell is the matter with you?

Vicky: I wonít go back, Evan! I wonít go back!

Evan: The hell you wonít.

Vicky: I want to be with my baby, please.

Evan: You're only making things worse.

Vicky: Those people are out to get me, Evan.

Evan: Oh, this is really going to help what they think about you now.

Vicky: I donít give a damn what they think about me any more.

Evan: Did you at least leave Jamie a note?

Vicky: There wasn't time.

Evan: Well, then how did you get in there?

Vicky: I still have a key.

Evan: Oh, they were not all there?

Vicky: Yes, they were enjoying their Thanksgiving, Evan, it was a piece of cake.

Evan: Yeah, for you.

Vicky: Whose side are you on?

Evan: Put yourself in Jamieís position, just for a minute.

Vicky: What's this sudden concern for Jamie?

Evan: Jamie does not deserve this.

Vicky: Or is it Amandaís-- Amandaís reaction you're worried about?

Evan: You're certifiably nuts, do you know that?

Vicky: Oh, yeah, she's going to be really upset about this, isnít she? "My poor brother, what has that awful woman done to you now," right?

Evan: You and I are going back to Bay City and we're taking you and Steven back, we'll try to fix--you stay here.

Vicky: Evan! I will rent a car. We donít need anyone, do we, sweetheart?

Jake: Do you realize what time it is? We have to be set up in less than an hour.

Donna: I understand that.

Jake: Well, do you also understand that this is going to be possibly covered by the news? That covering the fresh faces campaign could be the break this business needs?

Donna: Jake, I do not think that we are going to be able to work together anymore.

Jake: Oh--

Donna: There are just too many problems.

Jake: There are too many problems? Our first major shoot, and she decides that there are too many problems.

Donna: I'd like for you to leave, actually.

Jake: Wait a minute. This is about last night, isnít it?

Donna: I do not want to talk about last night.

Jake: So you got a little drunk, big deal.

Donna: A little?

Jake: Just forget about it, all right?

Donna: I cannot forget about it.

Jake: Although I must admit, you were good.

Donna: Good?

Jake: Dancing. I had no idea you could move like that.

Donna: That is enough. That is enough, that is enough!

Jake: You had a crummy night. We went to a bar. We had a couple of drinks. You had fun--you can admit that.

Donna: I will admit nothing of the sort.

Jake: Well, you sure looked happy.

Donna: That is because I kept drinking all those martinis that you kept ordering me.

Jake: That's another thing, I have to hand it to you, young lady, you can handle your alcohol.

Donna: And that is a disgusting complement from somebody who dragged me out to that club!

Jake: Dragged you? Donna, I rescued you when Michael embarrassed you in front of everybody.

Donna: That is a real charming way to talk about the most painful thing that ever happened to me in my whole life.

Jake: Well, honey, you were feeling no pain last night. Especially when you wiggled out on the dance floor.

Donna: If I was wiggling, it was because you were holding me so tight I could barely catch my breath.

Jake: I wonder why that was.

Donna: What are you implying?

Jake: What do you think?

Donna: You're out of your mind.

Jake: No, Donna... you are.

Donna: Where are you going?

Jake: You know something? I think you were right. I think this video business was doomed from the very beginning.

Donna: Jake, all I said--

Jake: Sh, sh! I should have known better than to count on another Hudson woman.

Donna: Jake, wait. Jake! Jake, wait!

Michael: You out of cigarettes, Arianne?

Arianne: I do not know why: I've only been sitting here 45 minutes.

Michael: Sorry. I got hung up on the phone.

Arianne: Are you all right, Michael?

Michael: Well, I have been better.

Arianne: Well, how was your Thanksgiving?

Michael: Oh, my Thanksgiving was terrific. I sat in my hotel room and watched football. But I did have room service. How about yours?

Arianne: Mine? Oh, I had a turkey sandwich in the back of a surveillance van.

Michael: Ah-hah. Festive.

Arianne: Yeah. I guess I should be used to it by now.

Michael: Do you ever think of packing it in? I mean, why did you stay in?

Arianne: I like getting bad guys, I guess.

Michael: When you do.

Arianne: I used to be a little more optimistic, all those years ago, when we started.

Michael: So, did you ever think of not doing it any more?

Arianne: And do what?

Michael: Settle down and find a nice guy. Have a couple of kids.

Arianne: I donít know, Michael. I guess I've been with the club too long. It is addictive.

Michael: Having a family is addictive, too.

Arianne: Yeah. Well, could we get on with this before I have a nicotine fit?

Michael: You know anything about the shipment? When it is going out?

Arianne: Tonight.

Michael: Tonight?

Arianne: On a freighter, registered in Panama.

Michael: Great. I'll be there.

Arianne: No, you wonít.

Michael: What do you mean?

Arianne: Your instructions are to stay far away and squeaky clean.

Michael: Why?

Arianne: Because after tonight, Lucas is going to be in a lot of trouble.

Michael: So what?

Arianne: So you are going to be the one to bail him out.

Iris: You are not leaving.

Lucas: Iris, you can do it yourself.

Iris: Lucas, this whole damn press conference was your idea.

Lucas: Look, my job is to put-- is to come up with ideas to put my clients in the spotlight, not myself.

Iris: Oh, for heaven's sake.

Lucas: This is your moment. It is your magazine, you do the honors.

Iris: And you're just going to walk out?

Lucas: Exactly. Good luck.

Iris: Lucas!

Josie: Lucas.

Lucas: Oh, hi, Josie.

Josie: Hi, I know you must be pretty busy.

Lucas: Yeah, I'm just on my way out.

Josie: Well, I wonít keep you--

Lucas: Ok, well, listen--

Josie: I was just wondering if maybe you have--

Lucas: You have a wonderful time and just enjoy yourself. Relax, ok?

Josie: I will try.

Lucas: Ok. And good luck.

Josie: I hate to ask, but do you know who the winner is?

Lucas: Of course I know.

Matt: What is wrong?

Josie: I didnít win.

Matt: What? How do you know?

Josie: Lucas--

Matt: He told you?

Josie: It was the way he looked.

Matt: Oh, he did not tell you.

Josie: But he looked--he looked grim.

Matt: You are crazy, you know that?

Josie: I wanted to win this so badly.

Matt: Josie, it is not over. Listen, I'm with you, whatever happens. Everything is going to be fine.

Josie: I wish you would stop saying that. How can everything be fine if I do not win?

Rachel: What is happening?

Amanda: Where were you?

Sam: Out looking for Steven.

Amanda: All this time?

Sam: Yeah. Well, I ran into Olivia at the studio.

Amanda: So you stopped and talked to her?

Sam: No, I asked her where--if she had seen Steven. She had not. She also was kind of upset.

Amanda: What on earth was she upset about?

Sam: Oh, that fresh faces contest.

Amanda: Sam, who cares about that?

Sam: All right, donít get upset about it.

Amanda: I just canít believe that you're taking time to talk to Olivia about the stupid contest when your nephew's missing.

Sam: It was just two minutes, hon.

Amanda: It does not matter. Look, while you were gone playing big daddy, we think we figured out where Steven is.

Sam: What, so he is not missing?

Amanda: We think Vicky kidnapped him.

Jamie: Damn it!

Rachel: What?

Jamie: They said that the line must be off the hook at the Hudson's house.

Rachel: We've got to make sure that they're there.

Amanda: Should we call the police again?

Jamie: I am going over there first.

Amanda: What if he's too late, Mom? She could have left the country with him by now?

Rachel: She would not do that.

Amanda: Mom, she is crazy. She would do anything. This is the first time

Ada: Did Jamie go over to the Hudson's?

Rachel: He should be there by now.

Ada: How could Vicky have done this? I know things were rough between them, but this.

Rachel: Ever since Mac died, it's been one thing after another. Nothing but trouble.

Ada: It does seem that way sometimes, doesn't it?

Rachel: I'll put this away.

Ada: Why?

Rachel: I donít want to see it.

Ada: Do you think it is jinxed or something?

Rachel: I do not know what I think.

Griffen: Please remember, on the arabesques, the arms start low. The first one. The second one a little higher. The third one a little higher. It is continual movement. It has momentum. There is no break. You understand?

Olivia: I hope so.

Griffen: Hoping will get you nothing; you must do.

Olivia: It is beautiful.

Griffen: The firebird. Put it on.

[Classical music plays]

Donna: Why are you here? Did you come to humiliate me more than you did last night?

Michael: I am sorry. I didnít think you'd be here.

Donna: I'm going to the studio.

Michael: You are working tonight?

Donna: Yes, I am.

Michael: I just came by to get a few of my things.

Donna: All right. Go ahead.

Michael: Thank you.

Donna: Right.

Michael: How was your Thanksgiving?

Donna: It was just lovely, thank you. [Doorbell rings] Is that for you? I'm not expecting anybody.

Michael: No one knows that I am here.

Donna: Jamie?

Jamie: Is Vicky here?

Donna: No, she is not. Why?

Jamie: Steven has disappeared, and so has Vicky.

Evan: You are out of your mind.

Vicky: It's cold out there, isnít it?

Evan: Just kidnapped your kid--

Vicky: Would you keep your voice down, please?

Evan: Do you know what you are letting yourself in for?

Vicky: Evan, I am not going to argue with you.

Evan: No, you just tricked me. You dragged me to this whole fiasco, now that you're telling me what your plan is.

Vicky: I did not drag you in here.

Evan: Then what the hell am I doing here?

Vicky: You asked me out.

Evan: Remind me never to do that again.

Vicky: With me comes my son. If you donít want to help us, that's fine, you just get right back in your car, because we'll do just fine without you, Evan.

Evan: No, I'm not going anywhere or doing anything until we talk.

Vicky: Talk? Oh, yeah. You mean you talk and I listen?

Evan: Go in there and sit down.

Vicky: Evan, would you please be a little care--

Evan: Sit down. Sit down.

Vicky: All right, sweetheart.

Evan: You are out of your mind.

Vicky: You said that already.

Evan: Shut up and listen to me.

Vicky: Not if you talk to me that way.

Evan: You cannot do this. Do you understand that?

Vicky: Want to take your little snow suit off?

Waitress: Well, hello, there, little guy.

Vicky: Say, "hi!"

Waitress: Want a high chair?

Vicky: Ah, no, thanks. He will just sit on my lap.

Waitress: Ok. What can I get you folks?

Evan: I would just like some coffee, please.

Vicky: Yeah, me, too. And could we have a little oatmeal for him?

Waitress: Sure. And I will get you some menus.

Evan: Thanks.

Vicky: Thank you.

Evan: I'm taking you back to Bay City. We'll give him back and we can straighten this whole thing out.

Vicky: I donít want to straighten it out.

Evan: Vicky, it was Thanksgiving. You were emotional; you missed Steven; you wanted to see him. Jamie will understand.

Vicky: Yeah, because he is such a sensitive guy.

Evan: Listen to me. He will be angry, but he will understand.

Vicky: Yeah, why would he start trying to understand me now, Evan?

Evan: Vicky, do you want to lose everything?

Vicky: No, I want my son. All right, sweetheart.

Evan: You cannot have your son by kidnapping him.

Vicky: I have got him now, donít I?

Evan: Sure. But what about when they find you? You wonít ever, ever be able to see him again.

Vicky: If they find me.

Evan: Oh, you think they wonít?

Vicky: I know they wonít, because we are not going back to Bay City. We are never going to see that Cory family again.

[Classical music plays]

[Music stops]


Olivia: Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Olivia: Hi. Um.

[Clears throat] Sam, this is Griffen Sanders. This is a friend of mine, Sam Fowler.

Sam: Hi.

Griffen: I donít like people walking in on my classes.

Olivia: Sam is an artist--a wonderful painter.

Griffen: So?

Sam: I did not mean to disrupt your class. I could not help myself. Olivia is so good.

Olivia: Thanks to Griffen.

Griffen: Yes, not bad. Class is dismissed.

Sam: Well, he is a sweet guy.

Olivia: He is a perfectionist.

Sam: Yeah.

Olivia: I cannot believe you are here.

Sam: I cannot believe you can dance like that.

Olivia: Did you really think I was good?

Sam: I'm not an expert, but I thought you were brilliant.

Olivia: Thank you. That makes me feel great.

Sam: Oh, oh listen, I forgot the reason I came here.

Olivia: Why?

Sam: Well, they've changed the time for the press conference.

Olivia: Oh, really? When is it?

Sam: A half an hour earlier.

Olivia: What?! It's earlier?

Sam: Relax, you have got time.

Olivia: God, I have to get ready--

Sam: You will make it, you will make it. Trust me.

Olivia: Thank you for driving all the way over here.

Sam: I did not think you should miss it.

Olivia: Oh, have you heard anything about your nephew?

Sam: Yeah. Jamie has an idea where he is.

Olivia: Good, good. Do you think you could come with me to the press conference?

Sam: I really should not. Not until we find out more about Steven.

Olivia: Right, right, of course, of course. Well, I guess I have got to get ready.

Sam: Yeah. All right, well then I guess I will see you.

Olivia: Thank you again.

Sam: Olivia?

Olivia: Yes?

Sam: I owe you an apology.

Olivia: What for?

Sam: For treating you like a kid. If you can dance like that-- well, hey, I think you know what I mean.

Jamie: Donna, I have to know where she is.

Michael: Jamie, if she said she does not know, she does not know.

Donna: And even if I did--

Jamie: You would not tell me, right?

Donna: I am not saying anything to you, Jamie.

Jamie: Donna, I have to know. If she doesn't have Steven, then something very terrible has just happened.

Michael: Are you sure that maybe the baby is not with someone over--

Jamie: Of course I am sure. Why do you think I am here?

Donna: To yell at us and to accuse Victoria.

Michael: Wait a minute, Donna, you know, Jamie could be right.

Donna: You think she took Steven?

Michael: Unfortunately, it is possible.

Jamie: It is more than just possible.

Donna: Well, she did not say a word to me.

Michael: Nor me.

Jamie: Have you talked to her today?

Donna: Yes, I spoke to her this morning to wish her a happy Thanksgiving.

Jamie: Did she hint at anything?

Donna: Jamie, how many times do I have to tell you, I do not know anything?

Jamie: Donna, I have to find out if she is the one who has Steven. Donít you understand that?

Michael: Jamie, even if she does have Steven, probably she will bring him back by tonight.

Jamie: Well, if I were you, I would make damn sure she does, because I will get that girl in court so fast it will make her head spin.

Donna: And if she did take him, it's all due to your family.

Jamie: How do you figure that, Donna?

Donna: I tried to get everybody to settle this divorce maturely, as if they cared about this child.

Jamie: Oh, for God's sake!

Donna: But your family preferred to threaten Victoria with schedules and rules and court actions!

Jamie: Do you agree with this, Michael?

Michael: Yes, I do.

Donna: I would not blame her if she tried to get Steven.

Jamie: All right, look. If you love your daughter, you will have her back here with Steven... unless you want to see her lose that child for good.

Vicky: Oh, wow! Oh, wow.

Waitress: Here you go.

Vicky: Oh, great, that looks great.

Waitress: Hey, you guys stopped just in time. Look at it coming down out there.

Vicky: Yeah, the roads are going to be pretty bad, huh?

Waitress: You little doll. You look just like your daddy, you know that?

Vicky: That man is not my son's daddy.

Waitress: Oh, sorry.

Vicky: No, do not worry about it. Is there a car rental place around here?

Waitress: Car? Well, yeah, you can try Al's garage.

Vicky: Oh, great. Do you have the number?

Waitress: Yeah, it is right on the wall by the phone. Hey, look--I wouldnít suggest driving anything out in that storm. There's a little motel around the corner--

Vicky: I want a car.

Waitress: Suit yourself.

Evan: You donít listen to anybody, do you?

Vicky: I am a big girl, Evan.

Evan: Then act like one. Now, if you get a car, where are you going to go?

Vicky: What do you care?

Evan: Where, Vicky?

Vicky: Lassiter.

Evan: What?

Vicky: Lassiter. Would you like me to spell it out for you?

Evan: I thought you said you hated that place.

Vicky: Yeah, I did. That's why no one will think to look for me there.

Evan: This is nuts.

Vicky: Evan, nothing was working. No matter what plan I came up with, no matter how hard I tried, Jamie just did not listen to me. When he said I couldn't have my little boy on Thanksgiving, something inside me just snapped.

Evan: So you want to take Steven and live in Lassiter?

Vicky: Yes.

Evan: And what are you going to do when they come looking for you there? Where are you going to go next?

Vicky: They donít bother you in Lassiter. That is what I want. I want to be with my son and I want to be left alone.

Evan: Oh, that is real love, Vicky. Real love. You love him so much that you are willing to put him in a rental car in the middle of this snowstorm, drive to some Godforsaken town where nobody knows you any more? That is real love, Vicky. Real motherly love!

Vicky: Evan, just go!

Evan: Why are you doing this, Vicky? Is it for Steven? Or is it to show Jamie that nobody tells you what to do any more?

Vicky: Jamie did not give me any choice. All I want is to be with my son. Please just do me this favor-- call the car place for me? And then you can be on your merry little way, all right? Please? It's just you and me, pal.

Michael: How could she do something like this?

Donna: Obviously she was very determined.

Michael: To what, Donna? To risk everything that she cares about?

Donna: Like father, like daughter.

Michael: Hey, this is not about me, this is about Victoria and Steven.

Donna: You donít think I'm worried sick about this, too?

Michael: All right, all right. Do you think she could have done this just to scare Jamie?

Donna: Why would she do that? Why would she even take Steven?

Michael: I donít know... unless she was not going to come back. Damn! Why, Donna, why would she do something like this?

Donna: Because she loves her son. She cares about that baby more than anything in the world. All she wants to do is be with him.

Michael: All right. All right, then I'm going to do everything I can to get her back. I will go after her myself if I have to, but I will get her and Steven back, I promise you that.

Donna: I hope so.

Michael: Just try not to worry, ok?

Donna: I will be fine, Michael. You donít have to worry about my feelings any more.

Michael: Donna, please.

Donna: I am going to work. Leave a message with Angela if you hear anything.

Michael: Yeah.

Griffen: You got to be careful, otherwise you're going to get your head blown off.

Lucas: I am always careful. Lose the gun.

Griffen: What?

Lucas: The gun.

Griffen: Are you kidding?

Lucas: If I were kidding, I would be laughing.

Griffen: You are getting soft, Lucas.

Lucas: Let me make something very clear. The shipment that is going out tonight is going to be my last, then I'm out. You can play it any way you want.

Griffen: Fine.

Lucas: But until then, you play by my rules, and I say no gun.

Griffen: It is a little late for citizen of the year, isnít it? I mean, who will Lucas settle down with--the lovely Iris, or the world-renowned Felicia?

[Beeping] What? What? All right, fine. You had better get over to that press conference now and make yourself very public.

Lucas: Who was on the phone?

Griffen: That was a tip. The club is planning on attending our little party this evening.

Lucas: Says who?

Griffen: Lucas...

Lucas: The shipment has to go out.

Griffen: Yes, otherwise you are in big trouble.

Lucas: I didnít think this town was going to be a problem. This cannot be put off, you know.

Griffen: Well, I suppose you'd better carry out the plan, then. Who knows? Maybe the tip will be wrong.

Iris: Jake, just keep shooting, ok?

Jake: Donít worry.

Iris: Look, I've got fashion editors from all over the world today.

Jake: Great.

Iris: People like Jean Jacques, Piastrelli, Nubakov, Allingford--I want to make sure you get them all on tape.

Jake: Iris, Iris, Iris--if they show up, I will shoot them, ok?

Iris: But do you think you will recognize them?

Jake: I'm learning. Just relax, will you?

Iris: Ok, ok. This is absolutely vital.

Donna: What is vital, Iris?

Jake: Iris wants to make sure that we put all these fashion-heavies on tape.

Iris: Jake, they aren't fashion-heavies. They're people of impeccable taste, and they can make or break you.

Donna: Iris, I know every one of them personally. If you would like me to set up a few interviews for you, I would be glad to do it.

Iris: Donna, I think I can organize my own interviews. I just wonder if your technical people will be able to manage your jobs. Excuse me.

Jake: I am very happy that you showed up.

Donna: You are?

Jake: Partners, right?

Donna: Right. Have you spoken to Victoria?

Jake: No, not today. Why?

Donna: I will tell you later. Let's just make her nibs happy right now.


Jake: Here we go!

Josie: I'm back.

Matt: Hey--oh, wow. You're more than just back. You look sensational.

Josie: You do not think it is too much?

Matt: If being beautiful is too much, yes, you're definitely too much.

Josie: I'm so sorry I snapped at you before.

Matt: It is ok.

Josie: I could not get through this without you.

Matt: I know.

Josie: You do, do you?

Olivia: Hi, hi. Am I late? Did I miss anything?

Matt: No, not much.

Olivia: But they did change the time, right?

Matt: Right.

Josie: You're right on time, Olivia.

Olivia: Oh, good.

Josie: You've got plenty of time. How are you?

Olivia: I am fine! Excited, but--but fine. How are you?

Josie: Fine.

Matt: You know what would be fine? If you two would make peace.

Josie: Matthew--

Matt: You're sisters. Whatever happens here tonight, whoever gets this thing, you are still going to be sisters. Why donít you wish each other a little luck?

Olivia: Good luck.

Josie: You, too.

Matt: That is a little better.

Iris: There you are. You guys look absolutely fabulous. Have you seen Gretchen and Noelle? I know they were here around a minute ago. Oh, there they are. Ok. We better get started. Well, here we go.

[Both sigh]

Josie: Well, here I go.

Matt: Ok. This is for luck.

Josie: Thanks. I broke it.

Matt: That's ok, you donít need that. Go on.

Josie: Ok.

Donna: There's Jean Jacques over there in the leather; make him look pretty.

Jake: [Imitating a French accent] I will make him look so good he will fall in love with himself all over again.

Donna: You are terrible. Oh, there's Diane de la Coeur.

Jake: Oh my God, she's so old. She's lucky I'm using a filter on this lens.

Donna: Darling, you could shoot her through inlaid linoleum and she would still look old, but she's very powerful. Just make her look pretty.

Jake: So tell me you're doing this all for Iris, huh?

Donna: Iris? I'm doing this for me. This business has become very important to me.

Jake: Me, too.

Iris: Ladies and gentlemen--

Jake: Here we go.

Iris: Ladies and gentlemen--

Lucas: If I may have your attention, please? First of all, I would like to welcome you all. This is quite an elite gathering we have here. Well, all of you giants from the fashion and advertising world are here to witness a major event--sophistication. "Sophisticate," the magazine that will take us all into the 21st century, is about to announce its first cover girl. As you can see, we are joined by our 4 finalists on the stage, and beside me is the heart of it all. The creator and driving force, Ms. Iris Wheeler.

Iris: Thank you.

[Applause] Thank you very much, Lucas, and a big welcome to you all. We have 4 very beautiful and very anxious women. I would like to introduce you to Noelle and Gretchen, Olivia and Josie. Unfortunately, only one of them can adorn the premier issue of "Sophisticate." And I know waiting is absolutely excruciating, so without any further ado, I would like to announce the winner of the fabulous fresh faces campaign, the face that will grace the cover of "Sophisticate," belongs to...

Rachel: Did you find them?

Jamie: No. Michael and Donna have no idea where Vicky is.

Rachel: Oh, honey. Have you called the police?

Jamie: Yes, I have already done that. Where the hell is my son?

Rachel: Come on, let us go in.

Ada: Do the Hudsonís know anything?

Jamie: No.

Ada: Well, come on, have some tea. It's cold out.

Rachel: What is going on here?

Ada: What?

Rachel: I put this in the closet. What is it doing here?

Ada: I saw you do it.

Rachel: Did you bring this back in?

Ada: No, not me.

Rachel: Hilda?

Ada: Nobody has been in here but us.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Where were you?

Sam: I had something to do.

Amanda: Can you be a little more specific?

Sam: I went to warn Olivia about the new time for the press conference.

Amanda: I do not believe this.

Sam: Do you have a problem with that?

Amanda: We're having a crisis here, and you take off with Olivia again?

Sam: I did not take off with Olivia. I delivered a message.

Amanda: What if we needed you here?

Sam: To do what?

Amanda: Steven is missing, or have you totally forgotten?

Sam: No, I have not forgotten that, but I also know that everybody in this family is working on it, and there's a limit to what I can do.

Amanda: I just thought maybe you would realize that I am really scared. I just wanted you here.

Sam: I'm sorry. I really am.

Amanda: I am sorry, too. I'm just worried. Oh, no.

Sam: What? What is it now?

Amanda: I was supposed to call Evan and tell him about the press conference.

Sam: Evan will be there.

Amanda: No, just let me make one phone call, all right? Could I speak to Evan Bates, please? Oh. Really? Ok. Has he left a message or anything? All right. Thank you. That is really strange. It was the answering service.

Sam: What is so strange about that?

Amanda: Well, Evan said that he'd be in the office by 3, and he never showed up. They have no idea where he is.

Vicky: You name me one thing that I have not screwed up.

Evan: You are a good friend.

Vicky: Oh, terrific.

Evan: And you are a good mother.

Vicky: Yes. Yes. I am a very good mother. That is the one thing that I have done right, Evan.

Evan: Steven loves you. And he will always love you.

Vicky: I hope so. Thank God for that little boy. Because Evan, if I did not have him on Thanksgiving Day, I do not know what I would do.

Evan: No, I do not need a compact car. I need something heavier. Yeah, that will be fine. I donít know. I guess she'll need it for a couple days. Ok, the name is Victoria Hudson. And I want to put that on my-- hello? Hello?

Waitress: The line go dead?

Evan: Yeah. Do you have another phone I could use?

Waitress: Honey, if that one is dead, they all are. It is the storm.

Vicky: Skinnamarink-a dink-a-dink skinnamarink-a-doo I love you ah, no!

Evan: Hey, would you mind if I just took those?

Waitress: Oh, yeah, sure I will go get some more.

Evan: Really?

Waitress: Yeah, go ahead.

Evan: Here you go.

Vicky: Pumpkin pie.

Evan: Well, you did not have much of a Thanksgiving.

Vicky: Yeah, somehow, I doubt this will make up for it. Why are you looking at me like that?

Evan: Because you're in the middle of this whole mess, and you seem so happy, so at peace with yourself.

Vicky: Well, why shouldnít I be?

Evan: Vicky, aren't you scared?

Vicky: I know what I'm doing is right... for Steven, and for me. What did they say?

Evan: The phone went dead.

Vicky: Oh. Well, that is ok. We will just stay in a hotel, wonít we? That one the waitress was telling us about? Ok? Oh, you had better get going. You're going to be stuck here with us all night.

Evan: I know I am going to regret this.

Vicky: Regret what?

Evan: Finish your pie. I will drive you to Lassiter.

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