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Another World Transcript Wednesday 10/26/05

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John: How did you sleep?

Sharlene: Oh, it's funny you should ask. Someone kept waking me up.

John: [Laughs] How annoying.

Sharlene: Actually, it wasn't so bad.

John: Come on.

Sharlene: What?

John: Oh, let's get dressed and go get some breakfast.

Sharlene: John, why would I want to leave this beautiful room?

John: Well, I just thought that maybe you might want to--

Sharlene: Unless you do.

John: No, no. I think I've got everything I need right here.


Sharlene: [Laughing] My husband. I like the sound of that.

John: You do, huh?

Sharlene: Yeah. This is my husband. Excuse me, have you all met my husband?

John: [Laughs] Are you happy?

Sharlene: I am so happy. I love you. And you know what?

John: What?

Sharlene: I haven't heard you say it yet.

John: Say "it" yet. What is it"?

Sharlene: You know, you know. You are my husband.

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: And I am your... it's one syllable, John.

John: I'm your... tax deduction? No? Um, you're my wife.

Sharlene: Ooh, that's good. That's very good.

John: Happy Thanksgiving, wife.

[Doorbell rings]

Cass: Hi.

Stacey: Hello.

Cecile: Happy Thanksgiving, Stacey.

Cass: Happy Thanksgiving.

Stacey: Thank you. You, too. Come on in.

Cass: Something smells good around here.

Cecile: Yes, delicious. And I hope this will complement your wonderful meal. Cass tells me you're an accomplished cook.

Stacey: Well, either he's lying or you are. Yeah, you are. Yeah, I figured. What do we have in there, a cake?

Cecile: No, pumpkin pie with an incredibly light and subtle cream sauce--at least that's how the man at the patisserie described it.

Stacey: Mmm. Sounds like it'll be good.

Cecile: Well, it wonít be good if I donít get it refrigerated right away.

Stacey: Oh, right through there.

Cecile: Ok, good.

Stacey: [Whispering] Cass, she's--she's being--

Cass: What?

Stacey: Nice?

Cass: Yeah. Hey, listen, thank you for letting me bring her here. She had nowhere else to go.

Stacey: I wonder why?

Cass: Yeah, uh, I just couldn't see leaving her alone, you know?

Stacey: I know. No matter how bad she is, it's Thanksgiving, right?

[Doorbell rings]

Cass: Where's Courtney?

Stacey: Oh, um, she's at her sisterís. She goes to her sister's every Thanksgiving. Hello.

Derek: Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you donít mind, I brought Frankie.

Stacey: [Whispering] Frankie?

Derek: Yeah, she called me this morning. She sounded kinda down. Hey, Frankie, where did you--

Frankie: Hi, Stace, I hope that this isnít a big pain, it's just... Cass.

Cass: Frankie.

Cecile: Stacey, your fridge was so full, I just shoved a few things out of the way.

Frankie: I know exactly how they feel.

Rachel: Hilda. Hilda. Where are the napkins we always use for Thanksgiving?

Hilda: I couldn't find them.

Rachel: Well, find them. I want the ones we always use.

Hilda: I'll go look again.

Jamie: Hi, is their problem?

Rachel: I just want everything to be right. I'm sorry I snapped at Hilda, I shouldnít have.

Jamie: Mom, you are like this every Thanksgiving, and every year it turns out to be a major triumph. So please, donít worry. It's all going to be perfect.

Rachel: How could it possibly be perfect?


Jamie: [Whispering] I know. I know.

Rachel: Hey, happy Thanksgiving, honey. You want to come to me and let me see your little suit? Oh, it's so cute. Yes, it is.

Jamie: You know, he had dressing for breakfast.

Rachel: You did? Did you have dressing for breakfast?

Jamie: Yeah, well, it wasn't by design quite. His high chair just happened to be right next to the bowl.

Rachel: It did? And you just helped yourself?

Jamie: [Chuckling] Yes, he did.

[Both laugh] You know, he doesn't know anything about all the other Thanksgivings we've had... when Mac was here.

Rachel: You're going to have a lovely Thanksgiving, and we'll tell you all about it, ok? Ok? Pretty, yes.

[Indistinct chatter]

Vicky: If you wear your wonderful new hat that I brought you, you look gorgeous.

Bridget: Now, listen to me.

Vicky: What?

Bridget: Now, listen.

Vicky: Yes.

Bridget: Mabel can have Thanksgiving dinner with somebody else.

Vicky: You're her only friend, Bridget.

Bridget: She's got a boyfriend.

Vicky: In Ireland.

Bridget: Oh, well.

Vicky: No, you are going. You're going to have a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, and you're going to do it... in a cab.

Bridget: Victoria, I'm not going to leave you alone today.

Vicky: Bridget--

Bridget: Especially since Jamie didnít let you to have Steven.

Vicky: Bridget.

Bridget: Now wait a minute. It's not fair, you know that. I mean, you're here all by yourself, and there he is out with the Coryís, out with all of his family.

Vicky: Bridget, I'm not going to be alone.

Bridget: What do you mean?

Vicky: I have a date.

Bridget: Who with?

Vicky: Evan.

Bridget: Evan who?

Vicky: Evan Bates. Why do you think I'm so anxious to get rid of you? We're going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. He's bringing over a couple of frozen turkey dinners, and I'm--

Bridget: Now wait a minute. I know you better than that. You know that.

Vicky: Goodbye.

Bridget: Victoria.

Vicky: Have a wonderful time. Goodbye.

Bridget: I'm not going; you know I'm not. I'm not going until you tell me exactly what it is that you're up to.

 [Alli crying]

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: I thought I'd give her some lunch.

Sam: I've done that.

Amanda: You did?

Sam: Yep. Alli and I have lunch together every day. Isnít that right, Alli? It's a standing date.

Amanda: Oh, I didnít realize that.

Sam: Well, you're at work.

Amanda: Look, Sam, I know that you're angry, but can we at least try not to fight today? Let's pretend everything is all right.

Sam: Even if it's not?

Amanda: For Mom, please?

Sam: Look, Amanda, I want everything to be ok.

[Doorbell rings] I'm not trying to act like a jerk.

Amanda: I donít know what to do about this.

Sam: I do. You get Evan Bates out of our lives.

Liz: Hello, Coryís. We let ourselves in.

Amanda: Hi, Aunt Liz. Happy Thanksgiving, you lovely people. Here's a little present, my dear.

Amanda: Mom will be down soon.

Liz: Oh, Sam. Oh, who is this lovely young lady? Donít tell me this is Alexandra!

Amanda: Yeah, she's grown so much since you last saw her.

Olivia: Oh, I'm not surprised. You should have seen what she had for lunch the other day--a whole bowl of tortellini. A very big bowl.

Amanda: Did she?

Olivia: Oh, yeah. She's a great baby. You're so lucky to have her.

Amanda: Yes, I know I am, Olivia.

Liz: Oh, raising the children was the best part of my life. I devoted myself to Susie and Bill. I really couldn't have done what you're doing.

Amanda: Well, things have changed a little, Aunt Liz. I mean, a career can be very rewarding.

Liz: Oh, I'm not arguing that. It's just I hate to see you missing all the young years. You know, when they're growing step-by-step. Oh, beaut--

Amanda: Aunt Liz.

Sam: Liz, Amandaís a good mother.

Liz: Oh, I know that dear.

Amanda: I made a decision, Aunt Liz. Someday, Alli will be free to make the same decision.

Liz: But you donít have to work. It's not a matter of money. Just--

Amanda: Would you like a drink, maybe, Aunt Liz. We have great hors d'oeuvres over here.

Liz: Ah, mimosa. Oh, I love Thanksgiving.

Olivia: Will you be needing me tomorrow?

Liz: Olivia, let's find Rachel. I want to tell her that I talked to Alice this morning.

Olivia: Ok, ok. I'm free all day; I can pose anytime you want.

Sam: Yeah, I'll let you know. I'll let you know.

Olivia: I'm coming, Aunt Liz.

Sam: I meant what I said, Amanda. You're a good mother.

Amanda: Oh, that isnít what's bothering me.

Sam: What's bothering you now?

Amanda: Do you really think you should be spending so much time with Olivia?

Bridget: Victoria--

Vicky: Bri--uh--Evan! Just in time.

Evan: Well, I wasn't sure--

Vicky: I'm all ready to go on our date, you see?

Evan: Well, that's good.

Bridget: Now, wait a minute, you haven't answered my question.

Vicky: I told you I had a date, didnít I? Bridget was just leaving.

Evan: Bridget, happy Thanksgiving.

Vicky: Yes, have a wonderful day with your friends.

Bridget: Well, see, I--

Vicky: See, I'm going to be ok. Aren't I, Evan?

Evan: Sure.

Vicky: Good.

Bridget: Well, I just wish you--

Vicky: And donít you forget to bring me back a piece of Mabelís pumpkin pie, because I love it. Goodbye! Oh. God, that woman is stubborn.

Evan: Now you tell me why you kicked her out of here like this?

Vicky: Well, because she deserves to have a Thanksgiving dinner with her friends, and otherwise she would have sat around here fussing with me all day long.

Evan: Oh, and where do I come in in all this?

Vicky: Well, I told her I had a date with you--perish the thought.

Evan: Perish the thought? Now, what is that supposed to mean?

Vicky: Well, it means I've had enough trouble for one year, Evan.

Evan: I just thought we could spend the day together.

Vicky: What good would that do?

Evan: Well, we wouldnít be alone.

Vicky: Amandaís not gonna find out, Jamie isnít gonna care. What's the purpose?

Evan: You said we were friends last night.

Vicky: Yeah, so?

Evan: So I thought that we could spend Thanksgiving with a friend.

Vicky: [Laughs] Thank you, Evan, but I have other plans. Could you get me that hat over there, please?

Evan: Yeah, sure. Now, where exactly are you going?

Vicky: Well, I thought since I donít have Steven and I'm a single woman, I would go out on the town and have a wild and crazy time.

Evan: Alone, huh?

Vicky: Yeah. Why not? I mean... it's Thanksgiving. It's not New Yearís. A lot of people donít have dates on Thanksgiving, right?

Evan: No, you're the only one, and it's really pathetic. You realize you're the only woman on earth who doesn't have a date? Now, I feel so sorry for you-- I'm so sorry for you I'm going to cancel all my plans and take you out instead. Now, am I a gentleman or not?

Cecile: It was always the holidays that made me the most homesick.

Stacey: Yeah, I can imagine.

Cecile: I mean, I tried having Thanksgiving at the palace, but it was always a disaster. The turkeys in Tanquir are about the size of pigeons.

Derek: I've eaten pigeons.

Cecile: Really? And no one there had even heard of a cranberry.

Derek: If you put 'em on a spit and you roast 'em for a long time over a low fire, they're not bad.

Cecile: I'll have to try that some time.

Derek: Well, it's not palace food. It's more like for freight cars. You know... open road.

Frankie: You missed a great wedding, Cass.

Cass: Frankie, I tried to call you afterwards to explain.

Frankie: Yeah, but I'm not in the habit of sitting around by my phone waiting. Where were you?

Stacey: Hey, nobody's eaten the dip.

Cecile: He was with me.

Cass: Thank you, Cecile, but you've already caused enough trouble, you know?

Cecile: Hmm, you really are something, Cass. I mean, we end up kissing and you want to blame me for it.

Stacey: It's too garlicky, is that it? It's got that--[Smacks lips]-- Garlicky taste? Is that why nobody's eating--

Derek: Anybody wanna watch the game? There's a game on.

Frankie: Thank you, I've had enough of games.

Cass: Frankie, Cecile and I were in jail.

Frankie: Kissing! You went to jail so you could kiss.

Cass: I think maybe we should talk about this.

Frankie: Yeah, where have I heard that one before?

Cass: Please, just give me a few minutes, all right?

Stacey: Um--baste the turkey, I think would be a good idea. Would you like to baste the turkey?

Derek: Yeah, sure.

Stacey: Let's go. Uh, Cecile?

Cecile: Mm-hmm?

Stacey: I'm going to let you do the green beans.

Cecile: Beans?

Stacey: Mm-hmm. You're gonna cut 'em up French style for us.

Cecile: Well, my dear, I do everything French style except beans.

Derek: Well, Stacey showed me. I'll show you.

Cecile: I know nothing about cooking.

Stacey: Terrific, then you'll fit right in, doll. Come along.

Frankie: I know what you're going to say, Cass.

Cass: No, you donít.

Frankie: Your kissing her meant nothing, right?

Cass: As much as I want to, I canít tell you that.

Ronnie: [Giggling] Zack! Mama's in the kitchen.

Zack: Oh, good. Give her these, would you?

Ronnie: She'll be right out.

Zack: Look, I have to go.

Ronnie: No--where?

Zack: I just got one quick stop at the office, and then I'll be right back.

Ronnie: Ok, dinner will be ready in about an hour.

Zack: I'll be back in about 20 minutes.

Ronnie: All right. I'll see you later.

Zack: Oh, did you get a chance to think about what we talked about?

Ronnie: Yes.

Zack: And?

Ronnie: We'll talk later.

Zack: Well, you can tell me if you're saying "yes" or "no."

Ronnie: Later. Go, get out of here. Hurry back.

Zack: Ok.

Ronnie: [Giggling]

Esther: I've got to get off my feet this minute.

Ronnie: Hmm?

Esther: Where's Zack? I heard his voice.

Ronnie: Oh, he just stopped by on his way to the office. He'll be back in plenty of time.

Esther: You ok, honey?

Ronnie: Fine. Is there anything else to do in the kitchen?

Esther: Nothing till it's time to serve. Do you think Reuben will be coming?

Ronnie: I donít know, Mama. He'll probably be seeing Tess.

Esther: Well, he could've brought her.

Ronnie: I'm sure he would have, but... she's got a lot of friends at the hospital.

Esther: That's not it, and you know it, Veronica. He's ashamed of this house.

Ronnie: What?

Esther: Isnít he?

Ronnie: No.

Esther: You donít need to lie to protect him or me.

Ronnie: Mama, Reuben is just Reuben. You canít change him.

Esther: I know I was hard on all you kids, but I was trying to prepare you for life.

Ronnie: I know, Mama. I know.

Esther: Come, sit down here with me. Come. You're looking over my shoulder all day when I talk. What are you thinking?

Ronnie: I have to talk to you about Zack, Mama, and you're not going to like it.

Vicky: Are you asking me on a date?

Evan: What's so strange about that?

Vicky: Now, why would we want to spend Thanksgiving together?

Evan: Mmm... I'll make you laugh?

Vicky: What do I have to do for you?

Evan: Well, you could start by--

Vicky: Evan.

Evan: You know that sexy green dress you wore the other night? The one that's cut down--

Vicky: Since when do you notice what I wear?

Evan: I always notice what you wear.

Vicky: Oh, boy!

Evan: Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. Now, wait a second.

Vicky: What?

Evan: You donít even know where I want to take you.

Vicky: It doesn't matter where you're going to take me because all I'll hear about is Amanda all night long.

Evan: No, no, listen. I wonít bring her name up at all, and I wonít even talk about myself.

Vicky: Oh, that'll be the day.

Evan: Come on. We'll have dinner, we can have a little dance...

Vicky: Oh, my.

Evan: We can laugh. Who wants to be alone on Thanksgiving?

Vicky: Well, why weren't you invited to the Coryís? Didnít you get invited last year?

Evan: Well, yes, but when you fall in love with the dau--with the boss's married daughter, you donít exactly get invited to all the parties. You know what I mean? So would you go put that green dress on?

Vicky: No. Evan, I have other plans. But thank you for the offer.

Evan: Ok, but you call me if you change your mind.

Vicky: Ok.

Evan: I'll be at the office.

Vicky: The off--you'll be at the office? That sounds like a hell of a place to spend Thanksgiving.

Evan: Well, what about you? Stepping out on the town all by your little lonesome.

Vicky: I intend to enjoy Thanksgiving... my way.

Evan: "My way"?

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Evan: I'll see ya.

Rachel: I understand how you feel, Olivia.

Liz: I donít.

Olivia: I donít know anything about the woman, Aunt Liz.

Liz: You've read Russ' letter and Alice has met her. Veronique is a very important person in Monaco. She's a friend of Prince Rainier.

Olivia: But that doesn't tell me anything about what she's like as a person.

Liz: Russ has asked her to marry him. Now, that's enough of a character reference for me.

Olivia: It just happened too fast.

Liz: Oh, well, when it's right, it's right. C'est la vie. Olivia, try to understand. Your father needs someone to help him.

Olivia: I looked after him. I helped him.

Rachel: Yes, I know he can count on you, and he loves you.

Liz: Well, of course he loves her. He adores her.

Rachel: But there's a loneliness in a parent that a child canít take away. They can help, but they canít take it away.

Liz: I know about that.

Rachel: Oh, sure. We both do.

Liz: Now, in a little while you're going to be grown up enough to fall in love for yourself, and then you're going to understand.

Sam: You're being ridiculous.

Amanda: Keep your voice down; she might hear you.

Sam: You were supposed to sit for me, remember that? But you couldnít.

Amanda: I know--

Sam: Olivia offered to do it, and I'm glad she did. She's perfect for it.

Amanda: Things are starting to make sense now--things that she's done.

Sam: Like what?

Amanda: She seems to be studying me.

Sam: Amanda, you know how young girls are.

Amanda: Yes, I know, and that's just what worries me.

Sam: Well, I figured with your relationship with Evan, you would understand this.

Amanda: What do you mean by that?

Sam: People can get infatuated, but if you're happy and you love somebody else and you let them know that, eventually they'll get the idea--if, and only if, you want them to.

Matt: Mom, would you tell Josie she's gonna eat more than just turkey without any gravy?

Josie: Matthew, please.

Rachel: I think that's up to your grandma; she's putting the plates together. Donít you look lovely?

Josie: Thank you.

Jamie: Cider, anyone?

Matt: Oh, yes. She will have some. It's not going to ruin your chances for the fresh faces contest. Have a little cider.

Jamie: Happy Thanksgiving, Josie.

Josie: Thanks, cuz.

Jamie: Now, what's this I hear about the fresh faces campaign?

Josie: Oh, they're making the announcement tonight. I'm getting a little nervous.

Rachel: Of course you are.

Matt: You know, we're going to have to leave a little early for the press conference.

Rachel and Jamie: Press conference?

Josie: It is exciting, isnít it?

Rachel: Of course it is.

Josie: And I want to win. I mean, I'd do anything in the world to do it. Wouldnít you, Olivia?

Sharlene: This honeymoon. John... there ain't no words.

John: There ain't no words for it, is there? Do you even remember the wedding?

Sharlene: I remember I was happy. I was so excited.

John: Well, it's all a blur to me... except for seeing you walk down the aisle.

Sharlene: Now, wait--was I graceful at least?

John: Mmm... you did trip.

Sharlene: I did not trip. I did not trip. Now come on, I made it down the aisle ok, didnít I?

John: Yes, you did. Perfectly.

Sharlene: Ok. And I remember I made it through the vows. I remember that very clearly.

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: I remember the look in your eyes. Love.

John: You know why there was love in my eyes? Because I was thinking, "this lady is mine. She belongs to me, and she wants to share her life with me."

Sharlene: Did you see my girl?

John: Josie.

Sharlene: Did you see her.

John: Did she look beautiful? You know what occurred to me? It occurred to me that you are entirely too young to have a daughter that looks like that.

Sharlene: Oh, well, finally someone noticed. She looked out for me, didnít she?

John: All day.

Sharlene: I just wish that...

John: What? Are you worried about her?

Sharlene: Well, John, I canít help it.

John: Donít worry. She's going to be very, very well taken care of. Today she's having Thanksgiving dinner with the Coryís. She'll be with Matthew. She's going to have a great day.

Sharlene: It's not that, John.

John: Then what is it?

Sharlene: It's--it's the fact that they're announcing this fresh faces thing today.

John: Sharlene, whatever the outcome, Josie can handle it.

Cass: I was so desperate to get out of there, to get to the wedding.

Frankie: So what happened?

Cass: I shot off my mouth to the cop that arrested Cecile. How dumb can I get?

Frankie: You really donít want me to answer that question.

Cass: Anyway, that's how I ended up in jail with her.

Frankie: Kissing.

Cass: That--that came a little later. Frankie, you know me pretty well--maybe even better than I know myself.

Frankie: Of all the ridiculous things you have ever said--

Cass: Help me out, ok?

Frankie: Ok.

Cass: You said you thought that I still had feelings for Cecile.

Frankie: And you said I was wrong.

Cass: I didnít want to see it.

Frankie: Oh, but your time in the big house together made you open your eyes, huh?

Cass: I have a history with her, you understand? Most of it bad, but some of it was--

Frankie: Look, I--you donít have to explain this to me, ok?

Cass: What we have Frankie is so new. The thought of taking chances, starting something new--

Frankie: Yes, you're a little gun shy, right?

Cass: Look, there were times when I held you or when you made me laugh, I really felt that I was starting to fall for you.

Frankie: And you always pulled back.

Cass: I can be myself with Cecile. She's known me for so long.

Frankie: It's more than that, Cass. It's more than her being first.

Cass: Yeah, you're right. She reminds me of a time in my life when everything was simple.

Frankie: It does sound pretty good.

Cass: I just have to try to figure out what I lost when I lost her.

Liz: Amanda was always the good girl, and Matthew was always the bad boy.

Jamie: He was so good throughout the entire game. He cheered every single touchdown, and then exactly at the two-minute warning, he suddenly keeled over in his crib and crashed.

Rachel: [Laughing] What a fan.

Jamie: Isnít he terrific? He's the greatest.

Rachel: He is, you know? You're lucky to have him.

Jamie: I was just thinking about that. The marriage may have been a complete disaster, but at least something really terrific came out of it.

Rachel: Yes, it did.

Jamie: Yeah. Vicky wanted to have him part of the day.

Rachel: I didnít know.

Jamie: Yeah, I had to turn her down. I didnít feel very good about it. I just hate this back and forth stuff, Mom.

Rachel: Of course you do.

Ada: The turkey is out of the oven and resting comfortably, thank you very much. It has to stay that way for 20 minutes, and then we'll cut Matthew loose on it.

Jamie: Speaking of cutting, grandma, I can--I can cut the turkey.

Ada: With your scalpel, Dr. Frankenstein?

Jamie: Yes, please, please.

Amanda: So Josie, tell me, how is the modeling going?

Josie: I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Liz: Olivia's up for that prize, too.

Amanda: Yes, I know she is, Aunt Liz.

Liz: "Sophisticate" would be very lucky--

Matt: To have either one of them, right?

Olivia: Of course, if they're looking for somebody with more professional experienceó

Josie: They're looking for a fresh face.

Olivia: Or somebody who knows what she's doing.

Josie: You know, that is almost exactly what Lucas said to me.

Olivia: Oh, when did you talk to Lucas?

Josie: When he told me I was the frontrunner.

Sam: Well, looky here.

Matt: Snow.

Sam: That would be my guess.

Matt: Come on, everybody. It's snowing out.

Sam: First snow of the season.

Liz: It's right for the holidays. Oh, the holidays.

Matt: Mom, can we take out the sleds?

Rachel: Yeah!

Matt: The little--the little red ones...

Matt: Excuse me. Excuse me. Can I have your attention, please? I would like to make an announcement while you're all here.

Jamie: You want dibs on the dark meat as usual, right?

Matt: Very funny, very funny. Yes.

Rachel: What is it?

Matt: I've come to a decision.

Ada: Oh, my goodness.

Jamie: Congratulations, Matt, that's a giant step.

Sam: We're all very proud of you.

Jamie: Very proud.

Matt: As soon as Heckle and Jeckle finish their little routine--you done?

Ada: Ignore them, Matthew.

Rachel: Well, what's your decision?

Matt: I'm declaring a major.

Sam: Whoa!

Jamie: Oh, my God!

Sam: It couldn't [Indistinct] be a nicer guy!

Matt: Give me a break. I'm majoring in business, and after I graduate--

Jamie: If you do.

Matt: Ha--I would like to work at "Brava"...if I could get a job there. I donít know--

Rachel: Well, I know a few people on the inside. Oh, honey, that's great.

Matt: I'd like to do what Mac did, or least be a part of it.

Amanda: Oh, you'll love it. I'll teach you everything you need to know. I figure between you, Mom, and Evan, I'll be able--

Amanda: Evan?

Matt: Yeah, I've been watching him at "Brava." He seems to know his way around and knows what he's doing.

Rachel: He's got a very good business sense.

Matt: Yeah, I would like to do what he does--finance, right?

Amanda: Well, you can learn a lot from Evan. He has a real commanding way with people.

Sam: Oh, yeah, and he definitely knows what he wants.

Jamie: I think I'll check on Steven. If you'll excuse me.

Rachel: Jamie. Wait a minute. Jamie, before you go up.

Jamie: What? What's wrong?

Rachel: Why do you think something's wrong?

Jamie: Well, it's your voice. It's a dead giveaway.

Rachel: Well, I'll work on it. Would you talk to Amanda?

Jamie: About what?

Rachel: About Evan. I canít talk to her any more; all we do is fight.

Jamie: Mom, I have tried to talk to her about Evan also. It's like talking to a stone wall.

Rachel: Well, go talk to the stone wall again, please.

Jamie: Oh, Mom, come on. I--I just--

Ada: Dinner is served. Or to put it another way, come and get it!

[Loud talking]

Ronnie: Zack should be here soon.

Esther: You care for him, donít you? He's a good man.

Ronnie: Yes, he is, Mama, and he loves me.

Esther: I'm happy for you.

Ronnie: But Mama.

Esther: Yes? I know I'm not a little girl anymore, but I still worry about your approval.

Esther: Oh, I'm crazy about Zack, honey.

Ronnie: I know, Mama. That's not what I mean. I want to be with Zack, Mama, spend time with him, stay over at his place some nights.

Esther: What?

Ronnie: That's what I'm going to do, Mama.

Esther: I see.

Ronnie: Look, I just want to be honest with you.

Esther: I raised you to have good values.

Ronnie: I still have values, Mama, but I'm me, not you. Times have changed.

Esther: Right and wrong doesn't change. Donít give yourself away.

Ronnie: Oh, Mama, why is it giving myself away? Why canít it be sharing something wonderful with the man I love?

Esther: You're doing this because it's easier, aren't you? Because he's pressuring you.

Ronnie: No, Mama. I thought a lot about this. I donít mean any disrespect to you, but your way of doing things isnít necessarily right for me.

Esther: What do you want me to say?

Ronnie: That you understand. Please, Mama. It would mean so much to me.

Esther: I have to go and check on my dinner.

Sharlene: She doesn't read people very well, John.

John: Who did at her age?

Sharlene: Oh, is that supposed to make me feel better?

John: No, it's not supposed to make you feel any better. It's just that she's gotta learn to do these things on her own.

Sharlene: At what price, John?

John: Sharlene?

Sharlene: I keep doing this, donít I?

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: I'm spoiling things.

John: You haven't spoiled everything.

Sharlene: I will if you give me the chance.

John: I'm not going to give you the chance.

Sharlene: No, but here I am, I'm on my honeymoon with the man I'm so crazy about I can hardly stand it, and I'm sitting here worrying.

John: Sad, isnít it?

Sharlene: But I do do that a lot, donít I?

John: Mm-hmm.

Sharlene: I mean, I take a happy, wonderful moment, and I--I just put a little old damper on it.

John: Sharlene...

Sharlene: Hmm?

John: I wouldnít let you put a damper on anything, would I? I mean, if I truly loved you, as I have just espoused to have loved you--

Sharlene: John--

John: ...I wouldnít do that, would I? 'Cause I want you here more than anything, more than life itself.


Sharlene: You know, I really, really thought this might never happen.

John: What?

Sharlene: Us... getting married.

John: Why?

Sharlene: John, I donít know. I just had this feeling that things wouldnít work out.

John: Because you felt that you didnít deserve it?

Sharlene: How did you guess?

John: Heard that somewhere before. When are you gonna give yourself a break?

Sharlene: I try.

John: When are you gonna realize how much you're loved?

Sharlene: John, I do. I realize it.

John: I want to make you happy. I want to make you as happy as you make me.

Sharlene: Come on, John. Being here with you, being anywhere with you, is as happy as I've ever been.

Vicky: Ok. Honey, it's ok. It's ok. This is an emergency. I need to get somewhere fast. Because my car stalled and it is snowing outside! Please, you've gotta help me. Yes, I understand that it's Thanksgiving, but you've got-- why the... what are we going to do? What are we going to do? We're gonna--Evan. I'll call Evan, and Evanís going to be there. It's ok. God, Evan, please be there. This is an emergency. Evan, please pick up the phone. It's ok, sweetie. It's ok.

Cecile: I'd like to make a toast.

Frankie: Oh, why not?

Stacey: Oh, thanks.

Cecile: Cass, here and one more. To my new friends... and to dear Cass, who took me in and cared enough about me to help me.

Cass: Thank you.

Frankie: How long will you be staying with us, Cecile?

Cecile: Here in Bay City?

Frankie: Yes, it must be very boring for you here.

Cecile: No, actually. I think that I might just stick around for awhile.

John: I keep looking at that wedding band on your finger.

Sharlene: I know, I canít take my eyes off it.

John: [Laughs]

Sharlene: I canít.


John: You know what you've done for me?

Sharlene: [Laughing] What?

John: Oo, I mean besides that. You've made me an optimist.

Sharlene: Me?

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: No.

John: You have. I'm a complete optimist, and that's why I know that Josieís going to be just fine, because we're going to get everything we want.

[Kissing] Including some oxygen.

Esther: We give thanks for this bountiful table, and we ask that you bless the unfortunate. Amen.

All together: Amen.

Esther: Zack, since you're our guest, you go first.

Zack: Where to start?

Jesse: It's where you end that's important. Just dig in, man.

Esther: Jesse.

Ronnie: Oh, my little brother. Look at this, the gourmand.

Zack: Go ahead, Jess, lead the way. All right.

Jesse: It's a good thing Rueben isnít here. Well, he's a gravy man.


Rachel: Well, here we all are once again. And here I am trying to stand in for Mac. Pretty hard act to follow. He loved holidays, you know, because it brought friends and family together. But this holiday was particularly special for him. Thanksgiving. Remember what he used to say? "Thanksgiving, a uniquely American celebration. A time to remember the spirit that helped that small band of pilgrims survive their first winter in their new world. In spite of all the hardships they were to face beginning their new life, they saw the wisdom of taking the time to stop to be thankful for being alive, for each other, for food and shelter, and for this land on which they were to build their future... and for the chance to begin again." You know, all of us here today-- friends, family... Americans--we have all the same things to be grateful for. What blessings and what a responsibility. I know how Mac felt standing here looking at all of you. Where would I be without all of you? I feel very blessed. I love you all. To our unique American family.

All together: Cheers.

Vicky: All right, let's go.

Evan: Just get in.

Vicky: Evan, damn it, just start the car.

Evan: What's the matter with you?

Vicky: Nothing, I just want to get going.

Evan: No kidding.

Vicky: Before the snow gets too bad. Look at it already.

Evan: Well, would you just relax?

Vicky: Sorry.

Evan: Now, what's going on?

Vicky: Why do you ask?

Evan: Why do I ask? Look at yourself. You act like some crazy person.

Vicky: I was cr--I'm crazy with boredom.

Evan: I thought you were going to go out on the town and have some fun.

Vicky: Yeah--yeah, I was, but plans changed.

Evan: You know, actually I'm glad you called because I was feeling kind of low.

Vicky: Yeah, I'm glad you came and got me.

Evan: Slow down here, now. Are you sure that you're not upset about anything?

Vicky: I'm positive. I just want to have a nice Thanksgiving. I want to go to my parents' ski lodge. It's by the airport, so let's just keep driving, ok?

Evan: Ski--that's great. You know, I haven't skied in a while? That'll be so much--you know, I could use some private lessons. You know what I mean?

Vicky: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Evan: And you know, I decided to take a week off. I said, "I need a vacation," and I left Rachel a note right on her desk. And I want Amanda to know that I'm not always going to be there for her beck and call.

Vicky: Right.

Evan: Right? And I think this should be a Thanksgiving that we'll always remember. What do you say?

Vicky: Oh, I know I'll always remember it.


John: Do you realize that we haven't left this room since we got here?

Sharlene: [Laughing] Why would we?

John: 'Cause there's a whole world out there, that's why.

Sharlene: There's a whole world in here, too.

John: But you know, I feel like I should be taking you out to fancy restaurants, taking you to plays, and maybe a drive along Lakeshore Drive.

Sharlene: What if I donít want to go to a restaurant or fancy place or... a drive on Lakeshore Drive?

John: Then to hell with it. Where you going?

Sharlene: Just to light a candle or two.

John: Oh, you incurable romantic, you.

Sharlene: I likes 'em.

John: Sharlene?

Derek: I've been thinking about something.

Stacey: What?

Derek: The dinner you have to go to next week.

Stacey: The bar association dinner?

Derek: Mm-hmm. I'm going with you.

Stacey: Derek, it's not that important, really.

Derek: Donít you want me to meet the people that you work with?

Stacey: Sure.

Derek: Well, then it's settled.

Rachel: Stevenís taking a long nap.

Ada: I have a feeling his daddy will bring him down here any minute.

Amanda: Mm-hmm. Jamieís checking on Alli, too.

Rachel: Both of them together in the same room?

Ada: I smell a food fight.

Liz: I hope Matthew will drive carefully in the snow.

Sam: Oh, I wouldnít worry about it, Liz. Matthew knows he's driving the future miss fresh face--whoever that may be.

Liz: I trust Josie wonít be too upset.

Amanda: From what I understand, Josie is the frontrunner.

Liz: Who said that?

Sam: I donít know, I think Olivia's got a really good chance.

Ada: The thanksgiving toast was beautiful, honey.

Rachel: Thank you.

Ada: I kept having this feeling that Mac thought so, too.

Rachel: I hope so.

Ada: He would be so proud to see how you're carrying on for him.

Rachel: He made it possible. He made me believe in myself.

Ada: He knew you had it in you. He knew you could do it.

Jamie: I have just called the police, everybody.

Liz: What for?

Jamie: Steven is missing.

Rachel: What?! What?!

Evan: I tell ya, Vicky, I can barely see where I'm going.

Vicky: Well, we've got a long way to go yet, so donít worry about it.

Evan: Well, I am worried about it.

Vicky: Evan, God, it's just a little snow. Just please--

Evan: Just a little snow? You want to try driving in this?

Vicky: Yeah, I will, ok?

Evan: The hell you will. I'm turning--

Vicky: Evan, what are you doing?

Evan: I'm turning around.

Vicky: No!

[Baby crying] No.

Evan: What was that?

Vicky: I--I didnít hear anything. I love this song.

Evan: Cut that off.

[Music stops]

[Baby crying]

Evan: Oh, my God.

Vicky: Donít be upset.

Evan: Donít be upset--Vicky, I canít--God! Vicky, you've kidnapped Steven!

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