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Another World Transcript Tuesday 10/18/05

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Cass: What do you think you're doing here?

Frankie: It's what I'm going to do that counts.

Cass: Did anybody see you come in?

Frankie: Oh, would you stop with that? I'm not being followed.

Cecile: What, followed? I'm confused.

Frankie: You're also a liar.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: Donít be so protective. She didnít lie to me. She lied to you.

Cass: What?

Frankie: I had a very interesting conversation with Iris Wheeler, Cecile.

Cecile: Oh, how is Iris? Haven't spoken to her since we parted.

Frankie: She said that she didnít kick you out of her place.

Cass: Oh?

Cecile: Well --

Frankie: She said that you told her that Cass absolutely insisted you move back in with him, wouldnít take no for an answer.

Cass: No.

Frankie: That's what she told Iris. Right, Cecile?

Vicky: And I was thinking that we could redecorate the dining room.

Bridget: Yes, of course we can, dear, but I just wish you --

Vicky: Really special. I want this really special because it's Stevenís first Thanksgiving in this house.

Bridget: It's Jamieís day with the baby. You know that.

Vicky: Yeah, well, I know that, but maybe if I ask Jamie just right, he'll let me have him for half the day.

Bridget: Well, you know he's been very strict lately.

Vicky: Yeah, but he's not going to keep Steven away from me on a holiday, Bridget.

Bridget: Look, dear, he's very upset.

Vicky: Yes, but Steven wasn't --

Bridget: You kept the baby away two hours longer than you should have and you know that.

Vicky: I know that, but he loved it. We had a wonderful time.

Bridget: But --

Vicky: Derek, I'm so sorry you're kind of getting drawn into my personal life here.

[Doorbell rings]

Derek: Oh, that's ok. I'll just get on with my work.

Bridget: I'll get it, I'll get it.

Vicky: Thanks. Now, you donít think Jamie would keep Steven away from me on a holiday, do you?

Derek: I canít believe he'd ever want to keep a mother away from her kid --

Vicky: Oh, that's the right answer.

Derek: Especially on Thanksgiving, you know.

Stacey: Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Hello, Stacey.

Stacey: Hi.

Derek: Hi.

Vicky: To what do we owe this honor?

Stacey: I brought by some papers. Jamie didnít want any trouble, so I'm handling it.

Vicky: Handling what?

Stacey: Oh, well, they're just some restrictions on the time you spend with Steven.

Vicky: What?

Stacey: Well, actually, they're more like clarifications, really. They're --

Vicky: I donít believe this.

Bridget: Victoria --

Vicky: Stacey, you were a mother. How can you treat me like this?

Stacey: I'm not persecuting you. I'm just giving you some papers.

Vicky: But then why not, right? Why not? We all know you'd do anything for Jamie, Stacey.

Sam: Hi.

Olivia: Hi.

Sam: What are you doing here?

Olivia: Oh, I'm sorry. I didnít really know where else to -- oh, boy. I'm sorry.

Sam: What is it? Did I ask you to -- I didnít ask you to come here and model for me today, did I?

Olivia: No, no, no. It's just that Matthew said that I could come by whenever I wanted to and -- oh, boy.

Sam: What is it?

Olivia: I just didnít feel like going home and talking to Aunt Liz today.

Sam: Gotcha.

Olivia: Yeah.

Sam: So you did the photo shoot for the fresh faces campaign today, didnít you?

Olivia: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Sam: Is that it?

Olivia: Oh, no, no, no, that went fine.

Sam: Oh, good. So what is it? Is it bad news? What?

Olivia: Well, this came from my father today.

Sam: Oh. Is he mad at you again?

Olivia: No. No, he's married again.

Evan: Help me out here.

Amanda: I got it, I got it.

Evan: Help me out. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.

Amanda: I think this is what they call crowded.

Evan: Do you want to go someplace else?

Amanda: No, no. I love it.

Evan: Yeah?

Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry.

Evan: All right. To Kerner Associates.

Amanda: May they always be so impressed.

Evan: You know, you were really terrific today.

Amanda: So were you.

Evan: Yeah, I loved it when you gave Aaron berg that list of writers. You said, "They will be working for 'Brava' this year."

Amanda: Oh, yes. But wait, wait, wait. Steve Richardsonís face when you guaranteed the circulation increase for 1990?

Evan: Oh, he looked like he was going to swallow his tie.

Amanda: Oh, no. I love it when a deal comes together, you know?

Evan: Yeah?

Amanda: When everything just clicks and you know you've done everything right.

Evan: Me, too.

Amanda: I wish the feeling would never end.

Evan: It doesn't have to, Amanda. Ahem.

Stacey: This is a legal problem with a legal solution. There's nothing personal involved.

Vicky: I'm sure.

Stacey: You violated a custody agreement by keeping Steven out --

Vicky: Stacey, we are talking about me and my son, not a bus schedule!

Stacey: The point is --

Vicky: Two hours -- I was taking him shopping, Stacey!

Stacey: The point is that this agreement says --

Vicky: I lost track of time! Haven't you ever done that? It happens.

Stacey: There are very specific rules. If you could learn to live with them for a little while, perhaps then maybe --

Vicky: Well, I didnít, so what are you going to do? You going to try to keep me from my son forever now?

Derek: Stacey, look, if she was just buying clothes for the baby, I donít see --

Stacey: Victoria, nobody is trying to keep your son from you, but let me warn you that if you continue to flout the rules we are going to have big problems.

Derek: Oh, come on. She's the kid's mother.

Stacey: And this isnít your problem, Derek.

Vicky: Well, maybe he doesn't like to see somebody getting shafted, Stacey.

Derek: Do you think you could maybe talk to Jamie --

Stacey: You are not involved, Derek. Now, you haven't even looked at the papers yet. You donít know that Jamie is being unreasonable.

Vicky: Yes, I do, because I know Jamie and I know you.

Bridget: Victoria --

Vicky: He gets all worked up about how he can get back at me --

Stacey: I am not going to argue --

Vicky: For all it's worth, so you have the pleasure of coming over here and sticking to me --

Bridget: Victoria --

Vicky: With that phony smile on your face!

Bridget: Now, that's enough. Now, we're going to go in the other room and we're both going to look over the new rules --

Vicky: I donít want to look at the new rules, Bridget.

Bridget: And we're going to read them, because if you donít read them, you wonít know what you're supposed to be talking about. Now, come on, let's go.

Derek: Why did you have to do that to her?

Stacey: I didnít do it.

Derek: It sure looked like it to me.

Stacey: I am Jamieís lawyer. He hired me to represent him.

Derek: She is the baby's mother.

Stacey: He is the baby's father and the court ordered that he got custody.

Derek: Yeah, but when -- why canít he accept the fact that Vicky loves the kid, too?

Stacey: You donít know anything about this case.

Derek: I was here listening. Donít you --

Stacey: And the next time I come over here, I would appreciate it if you would keep your mouth shut about a case that you know nothing about.

Derek: Doesn't sound very fair.

Stacey: Well, that's her opinion.

Derek: No, it's mine.

Stacey: Oh, obviously she's got you on her side now.

Derek: No -- why do I have to be on somebody's side?

Stacey: You have no idea how many rotten things she's done to him. I could go on and on about it!

Derek: Oh, look, I am really sick and tired of hearing how you always stick up for Jamie, and I've really had up to here hearing how great Jamie Frame is!

Stacey: So I see. This is about Jamie. It's not about Vicky.

Derek: No. Not really.

Stacey: Well, it sure sounds like it to me.

Derek: No, I was talking about us.

Stacey: What about us?

Derek: I'm sorry, but things are just getting to me, you know?

Stacey: It's all right.

Derek: I'm sorry.

Stacey: They're getting to me, too.

Derek: The trial's coming up on Friday. I haven't heard from Mitch. I haven't found that damn red swan. I donít know where the hell Mitch is.

Stacey: It's all going to work out. You just have to try to keep busy and not try to borrow trouble, ok?

Derek: I just wish your job didnít include comforting Jamie!

Stacey: Oh, I didnít realize it would take you so little time to be roped in by her.

Derek: But I'm remodeling a room, Stacey.

Stacey: Oh, right, and then she comes in with her little sob stories of the poor, put-upon little mother. Is that it?

Derek: This isnít getting us anywhere.

Stacey: Yeah, you're right.

Evan: Listen, why donít you sit here, try and relax, and have a good time.

Amanda: I am. I am.

Evan: Well, good. You want another one?

Amanda: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Evan: That's my kind of girl. Here you go. Bartender?

Amanda: I still donít understand how you got us in here, though. I mean, there's a line all the way around the block.

Evan: Well, let's just say I have a few connections.

Amanda: Well, it's a great place. I love it.

Evan: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Evan: That's a great dress.

Amanda: Thank you.

Evan: I've never seen that dress on you before.

Amanda: Nope. I've had it for a few months, actually, but -- oh, well.

Evan: But what?

Amanda: Well, I guess I donít go out very much in the city.

Evan: Yeah, I know --

Amanda: Thank you.

Evan: Thank you very much. Straight home and straight to work, huh?

Amanda: Yeah, something like that.

Evan: I love New York, donít you?

Amanda: Oh, yeah.

Evan: I mean, New Yorkís got this energy that's all its own.

Amanda: Hey, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Evan: Now, see, that sounds like a great lyric for a song.

Amanda: Thank you.

Evan: Let me tell you something. You know, there's something about New York. See, if you got something to celebrate, New Yorkís got all the places to do it in --

Amanda: Yeah.

Evan: All night long.

Amanda: I really should catch the next flight out, though.

Evan: Got bad news for you -- there aren't any.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Oh, I called the airline after the meeting, and it seems if you want a direct flight, you're going to have to wait for the morning.

Amanda: Well, I guess we could fly into Chicago.

Evan: Oh, right, and what are you going to do, drive all the way to Bay City?

Amanda: You know, I never realized how much I miss going out at night.

Evan: Well, now's your chance.

Amanda: I guess I've just been under so much pressure lately, you know?

Evan: Hey, hey, hey, hey, the pressure is off.

Amanda: Definitely.

Evan: Yeah. So, what do you say? Tomorrow it's back to reality. We've got to deal with the pressure of people calling us, people waiting, deadlines -- everything.

Amanda: Too depressing!

Evan: But donít think about that. Donít think about that. Tonight is our night, and we're going to make it count. What do you say, huh? Come on. Look out.

Cass: Well? Is that true or not?

Cecile: I think Frankie must have misunderstood Iris when she --

Cass: Oh, no, no, no, no stories, please, Cecile. I want the truth.

Cecile: I lied.

Frankie: Excuse me. Could you speak up a little bit, please?

Cecile: Canít you just be quiet a little bit, please? Yes, I admit it, I lied.

Frankie: Thank you.

[Cecile sighs]

Cecile: Look, I told you that Iris kicked me out because I wanted to spend a little time with you -- for reasons that are just between the two of us.

Cass: So you lied to me?

Cecile: Are you also a little hard of hearing, darling? Yes, I lied, ok, but I had to.

Cass: Oh, I think I've heard that one before, Cecile.

Cecile: I did, really. I really did, Cass. If I told you truth, you wouldnít have let me stay here, would you?

Cass: You're a real piece of work. You know that?

Cecile: I'm sorry. I really am. I promise it wonít happen again.

Frankie: I tell you what, Cecile. Provided that you get your butt upstairs, pack your bag, and move back into Iris Wheeler's before midnight, the apologies accepted, ok?

Cass: Hey, can I see you for a minute, please?

Frankie: Sure.

Cass: I am perfectly capable of dealing with Cecile myself.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Since when do you decide my life for me?

Frankie: But I'm not doing that --

Cass: If I want you to handle Cecile on my behalf, I'll let you know.

Frankie: Whoa. Wait one second here, ok? She just admitted that she lied to you, and I'm going to be the one that gets the lecture?

Cass: That -- that's between her and me! You -- you shouldnít be interfering in that, and, anyway, we had a nice conversation earlier today.

Frankie: Oh, really?

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: A little heart-to-heart thing?

Cass: Right.

Frankie: Wrong -- the only heart involved was yours. She runs off a computer.

Cass: Frankie, we're friends. For all that we've been through, we're -- we are friends.

Frankie: That's terrific, Cass.

Cass: And I'm not going to slam the door in her face. Do you understand that?

[Door opens]

Frankie: She just admitted that she lied to you and --

Cecile: Excuse me.

Cass: What?

Frankie: Would you get yourself back inside so we can finish this conversation, thank you!

Cecile: I'm -- I'm terribly sorry, I really am, but I would hate to be the one to cause bad feelings --

Cass: Cecile, get yourself back inside.

Cecile: Between the two of you.

Cass: Just get back in there and shut --

Cecile: No, that's not right, Cass.

Caroline: Hello. I didnít know you had company.

Olivia: So we said, "at our ages, why beat around the bush?" I didnít even know that he had met her.

Sam: You're kidding, right?

Olivia: Here I thought he was hinting around about having me come over to France for a while. He was talking about getting married.

Sam: Well, look, you know how hard it is to talk over the --

Olivia: He didnít even invite me to the wedding. Oh, oh, but get this -- he hopes that we can both come over and meet Vernique someday soon. Vernique.

Sam: "We"? Who -- oh -- you and Josie.

Olivia: I couldn't care less about meeting Vernique. Can you imagine what she's like? Somebody that could talk him into marrying her that fast?

Sam: Well, look, you donít know how long they were going out.

Olivia: She probably took one look at the M.D. on his license plate and decided to go for it. She's probably been married so many times she has rice scars. I mean, it's ridiculous. Children should be able to have their parents' marriages annulled. Can you believe he did this? I donít have to meet her if I donít want to, do I? I mean, what do you think?

Sam: I think you and I should go for a walk.

Olivia: What?

Sam: Come on, walk time. Let's go. Hi, guys.

Jamie: Oh, hello.

Stacey: Hi.

Sam: Listen, I'm going for a walk for a bit, so we'll see you later, all right?

Jamie: Sure.

Stacey: So long.

Sam: Bye-bye.

Stacey: She looked like she was really upset.

Jamie: Well, I'm sure Sam can handle it. So tell me, how did things go with Vicky?

Stacey: Not very well. She got upset, and I didnít really explain the injunction to her.

Jamie: Well, if she would just play by the rules, there would be no --

Stacey: That's exactly what I told her. Maybe her lawyer can talk some sense into her.

Jamie: Yeah, maybe. Listen, I want to say thanks for staying on top of this. I really do appreciate it.

Stacey: Oh, no problem.

Jamie: Oh, really? I would assume you would have had some big plans for tonight.

Stacey: No.

Jamie: Well, considering what happened --

Stacey: What happened?

Jamie: No one told you?

Stacey: No.

Jamie: I donít believe this. This is terrible. I canít -- I mean, it's great news, but you would think someone would have at least told you what happened.

Stacey: What are you talking about? Tell me --

Jamie: The red swan was recovered. Yes, and I'm sure the charges against Derek were dropped.

Stacey: Oh, my God. Oh --

Jamie: Yes.

Stacey: Oh! Oh, I donít believe it!

Jamie: Yeah.

Stacey: I got to go!

Jamie: Ok.

Stacey: Oh.

Vicky: Listen, Derek, I like you. I really do. I donít want you to think that I want to act that way with Stacey. I know you guys are really close.

Derek: Well, relax.

Vicky: Thanks for sticking up for me.

Derek: Yeah.

Vicky: I heard you guys arguing. I'm sorry.

Derek: It'll be ok. So, what about those papers that she gave you?

Vicky: It's some kind of injunction or something, a new set of rules.

Derek: Is it serious?

Vicky: I donít know. My lawyer's out of town for a couple of days, so I'll find out for sure when he gets back.

Derek: Well, good luck.

Vicky: Thanks. I do know one thing. When Jamie Frame puts the law up against me, I lose.

Derek: Vicky, do you really think that Jamie is going to try to keep you from seeing Steven?

Vicky: God, I'd die if it happened.

Derek: Could it?

Vicky: I donít know.

Derek: Well, there's got to be something you can do. I mean, you're his mom. Isnít there something?

Vicky: Maybe there is. Will you excuse me?

Derek: Yeah, sure.

Vicky: You just get right on working. I'll talk to you in a while.

Derek: Yeah.

[Phone rings]

Vicky: Hello. Yeah, he is. Hold on a sec. Derek, it's for you. It's Courtney. I'll see you later.

Derek: Yeah. Yeah? Oh, I'm just fine, thanks. Yeah, ok, Courtney, what's this all about? Yeah, yeah, I'm sitting down. It was? They are? Yes! Thank you! Oh, Courtney! Oh, Courtney! Courtney, I love you! I love you! Goodbye!

Bridget: Can I use the phone?

Derek: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bridget: What's happened?

Derek: Yes!

[Bridget screams]

Derek: Yes! They dropped the charges!

Bridget: Oh, that's --

Derek: There's going to be no trial! Isnít that great?

Bridget: Oh, that's grand!

Derek: Oh!

Bridget: Oh, that's grand! That's grand, I think.

[Derek growls]

Bridget: Oh, I think you'd better put me down.

Derek: Huh?

Bridget: I think you better put me down.

Derek: Oh, yeah --

Bridget: Yes.

Derek: You're right.

Bridget: Thank you very much.

Derek: Hey, Ms. Connell, you know, you're pretty sharp.

Bridget: Oh.

Derek: Oh -- hey, I'm going to take off the rest of the afternoon. This stuff -- if you need to move it, move it. I'm gone.

Bridget: Oh, all right.

Derek: There's no trial! They dropped the charges!

Bridget: That's grand! Oh, it's grand! Oh! Ooh!

[Bridget laughs]

Derek: Whoo!

Bridget: Whoo!

Derek: Whoo! Whoo! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Bridget: Soup on! Oh, my!

Cass: Well, say hello to Caroline.

Caroline: What?

Cass: Nothing, nothing. Oh, what is this? Is this for me?

Caroline: Yeah.

Cass: Oh, Caroline, you shouldnít have done that, but thank you anyway. I really -- you're so thoughtful.

Caroline: I think you'll like it.

Cass: Oh -- body balm. My other bottle was -- was running very low. Thank you. That is very thoughtful of you.

Frankie: Ahem.

Cecile: Hmm. What happened, couldn't find the passion fruit flavor?

Cass: Oh, shut up, Cecile.

Cecile: Who is she?

Cass: Shut up, Cecile.

Caroline: Well, I thought I'd buy it because I hadn't seen you in a few days.

Cass: Has it been that -- gee, I guess it has been that long, hasn't it?

Caroline: Hmm.

Frankie: Oh, give me a break.

Caroline: And I thought that you'd been working yourself to death.

Cass: If only I were.

Caroline: Imagine my surprise to walk in here and see you have a full house.

Frankie: If not a full deck.

Cecile: Well, actually, I'm an old friend of Cass'. We go back -- my goodness, how long has it been, Cass?

Cass: Dear me, an eternity.

Caroline: Cecile?

Cecile: Oh. Cass told you about me?

Caroline: Well, I was at Cass' birthday party when your little gift arrived.

Frankie: Yes, the lovely glossy with the autograph and the smooch.

Caroline: And everyone was talking about you that day.

Cass: Look, ladies, this could degenerate quite rapidly --

Caroline: Cass, what's going on here? Should we all take a number?

Cecile: You little devil, Cass. Haven't changed a bit, have you? Poor thing, he canít help himself.

Caroline: My question was to Cass. What do you suggest we do?

Cass: Anyone for bridge? This is the first time

Vicky: Hi.

Jamie: What are you doing here?

Vicky: Hilda told me you were in here.

Jamie: This isnít your day to visit Steven.

Vicky: I know.

Jamie: Did you read the papers that Stacey gave you?

Vicky: Yeah, but there was a lot of legal talk in there that I didnít understand.

Jamie: It's a petition for an injunction. I'm asking the court to order you to obey the rules I've set down, or you'll have to answer to the court.

Vicky: I was king of hoping we didnít have to go through the court.

Jamie: I would have preferred that myself, Vicky.

Vicky: But what did I do wrong, Jamie?

Jamie: Every time I've tried to be nice, Vicky, every time I've tried to work out some kind of informal arrangement for you to have Steven a little longer, you've taken advantage.

Vicky: By doing what? By taking my son out for a couple of hours to buy some clothes one time?

Jamie: It's hardly been one time.

Vicky: All right, a couple of times.

Jamie: Every time.

Vicky: Jamie, it's --

Jamie: You arrive early, you come back late, all because you want to make sure that I know that you've been out with Evan.

Vicky: I thought this was about Steven.

Jamie: Look, Vicky, I make plans for Steven, and you screw them up, so from now on I will know when Steven is going to be returned or you're going to have to answer to the court.

Vicky: Jamie, I'll have him back on time every time from now on, I promise you.

Jamie: Yes, you will.

Vicky: Canít we just forget about the court?

Jamie: No, I think the injunction will be better for everyone involved, including you. It will keep things cleaner.

Vicky: "Cleaner"?

Jamie: Between you and me. Think about it. Youíll see what I mean.

Vicky: All I see is that you're angry with me and you're trying to punish me by making it more difficult for me to see my son!

Jamie: All I want is for you to play by the rules.

Vicky: Your rules, Jamie.

Jamie: The judge put me in charge, Vicky.

Vicky: All right. Because you're in charge, can I ask you a question?

Jamie: Sure.

Vicky: It may not be the right time.

Jamie: Go ahead.

Vicky: I'd like to have Steven part of Thanksgiving Day.

Jamie: We're having a very big family get-together. And since this is the first Thanksgiving since Mac died, I thought that having Steven there would --

Vicky: Jamie, I'm going to be alone. And it's the first real family holiday and I wonít be with my son. I'm not asking for the whole day.

Jamie: I wish I --

Vicky: Remember last Thanksgiving when you came over and we talked?

Jamie: Yes, I remember.

Vicky: It was a real pleasant evening. God, I wish I could talk like that again.

Jamie: I'll think about Thanksgiving.

Vicky: Thank you. Good night.

Cass: Hey, this is really embarrassing, you know?

Cecile: The poor darlings. Why donít you just send them both home and we'll go out to dinner.

Caroline: I donít believe this. First, you start two-timing me with that hillbilly over there and then this potentate's bimbo.

Cecile: I beg your pardon. I was legally married to his majesty.

Frankie: And, kangaroo, find me one hill in Oklahoma, ok?

[Cecile whistles]

Caroline: I donít know what's so intriguing about you anyway -- aside from a monumental ego.

Cass: I never said that I was in --

Caroline: And for some reason, you think it's perfectly ok for the three of us to be quarreling over you.

Cass: Hey, I didnít ask for any of this.

Cecile: Wait, I'm not sure about the ego part, but, darling, you are a little insensitive at times.

Cass: Wait a minute, hey --

Caroline: And rather a slob.

Cass: What?

Cecile: Oh, yes, have you ever seen this man eat escargot?

Cass: What's going on here? Wait a second. First, each of you is waiting for me to kick the other two out, and then you're all ganging up on me. Come on.

Frankie: Well, maybe we have lost our patience.

Cass: Look, I have tried to be sensitive to how you feel, each one of you.

Caroline: Oh, my heart beats --

Cecile: Oh, give me a break.

Cass: Oh, yes -- I have. But if you think that means that I'm ready to commit to one of you for the rest of my life, you're crazy.

Frankie: Oh, three crazy people in this room and one sane one? How very interesting.

Cass: That's it. Ok, if this is how things are going to be, I'm out.

Cecile: What -- what?

Cass: Hey, the playground is closed. I'm not even going to date again, like, ever.

Caroline: Oh.

Frankie: Oh, well, I guess in that case, you wonít be needing this little black book.

Cass: Frankie!

[Cecile and Caroline laugh]

Amanda: You know, I never realized how many famous people come here.

Evan: Well, Amanda, they got to go someplace.

Amanda: Look, look, look, over by the door. See? The gray jacket?

Evan: Yeah?

Amanda: Right? Look, is that Diane Keaton?

Evan: No! It's Zsa Zsa!

Amanda: Evan.

Evan: I'm just kidding. Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Amanda: What? What?

Evan: 2:00. Christie Brinkley -- my kind of girl.

Amanda: All right, all right, hey --

Evan: Hey, hey, what? Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Amanda: Hey, I need some more champagne.

Evan: Yeah? You bet, baby. More champagne --

Amanda: Oh --

Evan: Hey, you ok?

Amanda: Yes. Thank you.

Evan: Hey. Well, this is my kind of place. I need to come back here more often. I like the way that these nice things just fall into my arms.

Amanda: I guess I'm going to have to be careful because people here can be a little rough.

Evan: Hey, you want to go someplace else instead?

Amanda: No, no. Really, I was only kidding. I donít want to leave.

Evan: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Evan: Ok!

Amanda: Ok! I should probably call the hotel, though. I know Sam left me a message.

Evan: What message?

Amanda: He knows how important this meeting was to me this morning.

Evan: Amanda, I'm going to tell you something. Donít take it wrong, ok?

Amanda: What?

Evan: Well, sooner or later, you're going to have to face the fact that you and Sammy be on different tracks.

Amanda: No, we arenít.

Evan: Uh-uh-uh-uh -- Amanda, I know you, and I know Sam. Think about it.

Man: Rubbing his hands, look out. Did you say something? Did you tell him to say that?

Amanda: Ah!

Evan: Oh, there you go.

Amanda: Thanks. How many of these have I had?

Evan: Hey --

Man: 18.

Evan: How about a toast?

Amanda: Great. I'm all for toasts.

Evan: Ok. To the most beautiful, exciting woman I've ever met.

Derek: Jamie? Jamie?

Jamie: Coming through the window again, Derek?

Derek: No. Your maid said that I could find you back here.

Jamie: What can I do for you?

Derek: Isnít Stacey here?

Jamie: No. She just left a little while ago.

Derek: Do you know where she went, any idea?

Jamie: Looking for you, I guess.

Derek: Any idea if she heard any news at all?

Jamie: Well, yes. That's when she left.

Derek: Oh, well, ok. I'll try someplace else.

Jamie: Ok.

Derek: Oh, hey -- tell your mother for me that I was really happy that she got her red swan back.

Jamie: I sure will. She's very happy about that. Listen, I'm -- I'm glad the charges against you were dropped.

Derek: Yeah?

Jamie: I'm sure it must make you very happy.

Derek: Right. Thanks.

Jamie: Sure. I'm sure that might -- might make things easier, too.

Derek: "Make things easier"? What -- I donít know what you mean.

Jamie: Well, it just seemed that Stacey was a little upset about something when she was here earlier.

Derek: Stacey was upset?

Jamie: Yeah.

Derek: What, about me? Something I did?

Jamie: I hope you know she can be hurt very easily.

Derek: Listen, I donít mean any disrespect, doc, but after the way you treated Vicky, I donít think you should be handing out any advice. Thanks.

Evan: You having a nice time?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm having a great time.

Evan: Good.

Amanda: I canít believe now that I was so uptight this morning.

Evan: Well, see, that's the great thing about these trips. It gives you a chance to get away and do things you donít normally do for a change and to be who you really want to be.

Amanda: I think I need a phone. Can I have a phone, please?

Evan: Phone, please!

Amanda: Thank you. You know what?

Evan: What?

Amanda: There are so many numbers to remember when you have a calling card.

Evan: Especially for you, huh? Just kidding, just kidding.

Amanda: Aha!

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Hello.

Amanda: Hey, brother dear, how are you?

Jamie: Amanda? Hi. Where the hell are you? It sounds like a war movie.

Amanda: It's a club, it's music.

Jamie: No kidding. How'd your -- how'd your meetings go?

Amanda: The meeting -- it went great, better than I expected. I called to tell Sam about it. Can you put him on?

Jamie: Well, he's not here right now.

Amanda: What?

Jamie: No, he went for a walk with Olivia Matthews.

Amanda: Oh. Isnít it a little late for a walk?

Jamie: Well, I donít know, sis. I haven't really thought about it. Why? Is there a problem?

Amanda: No. No, nothing's wrong. Just tell him I called, ok? And -- and kiss Alli for me.

Jamie: Sure, problem. I'll see you soon, I hope.

Amanda: Right. Yeah, around noon, I think.

Evan: Whew.

Amanda: Bye.

Evan: Boy, it's hot in here.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Evan: Listen, what do you think about going out and getting some dinner? What do you say?

[Music changes]

Amanda: I think that tonight is my night to celebrate, and I am going to celebrate. Ready?

Evan: Yeah! That's my kind of girl! Watch out, now, watch out.

Amanda: Excuse me.

Evan: I got to get her while she's good. Come on.

[Evan laughs]

Evan: May I have this dance?

Singer: Because sometimes it seems like this world's closing in on me and there's no way of breaking free and then I see you reach for me sometimes I want to give up want to give in I want to quit the fight and then I see you, baby and everything's all right everything's all right when I see you smile

Olivia: Why donít we talk about you?

Sam: Me? What about me?

Olivia: Your work. What's going to happen when you finish this series of studies?

Sam: Well, I'll get a show in the spring, I guess.

Olivia: That's great.

Sam: Yeah. Well, it means a lot of work for the next couple of weeks, you know, with the holidays and everything.

Olivia: Oh.

Sam: It's going to be kind of tough this year.

Olivia: Because of Mr. Cory?

Sam: Well, yeah. You know, Thanksgiving's always this big family soiree at the Coryís, and Mac used to sit at the head of the table and he'd give this big speech. What? What is it?

Olivia: Oh, oh, nothing. I was just thinking.

Sam: Yeah? About what?

Olivia: Thanksgiving. When I was a little girl, I mean, I didnít even know what it was.

Sam: Why not?

Olivia: Well, we lived in Europe.

Sam: What, you mean your dad never took you out for any kind of turkey feast or nothing like -- no, hmm.

Olivia: He was traveling all the time. But I remember one time he -- he did make us a great big dinner once. He -- it had everything, you know -- turkeys, cranberries -- the whole bit. God, he even -- he even made bread. Pretty heavy bread, but I loved it anyway. It was just the two of us, you know, the whole day.

Sam: That sounds nice.

Olivia: Yeah. It was really the only time I can remember that I came first. We weren't supposed to talk about this anymore.

Sam: It's ok.

Olivia: No, it's not. I'm sorry.

Sam: Listen, it's better to get this kind of stuff out in the open instead of bottling it up.

Olivia: I'm just so mad at him.

Sam: I donít blame you. Look, the least the guy could have done is told his kids he was getting married again.

Olivia: You know what it's like? It's like I'm this extra person in his life. I feel like I've spent my entire life trying to get him to notice me, you know, the schoolwork, the ballet --

Sam: Listen to me. When I talked to your father, he was very proud of you.

Olivia: Maybe, I donít know, but the thing that -- that should happen now, that I'm supposed to be grown up, is that I should be able to accept this, and I canít. Now that he's married, he'll -- he's never going to come back.

Sam: You'll see him again. You will.

Olivia: I donít understand why this still hurts so much. I -- he's never been there for me, you know, all my life. I donít understand why. How does this still hurt like this?

Sam: Come here. It's ok. Shh, it's ok. (Woman) you are my sister, young, old, red, black, or white.

Cass: Hey, congratulations on having the charges dropped. That's great. Frankie says great news, too, Derek. Ok, I'll tell Stacey you're looking for her if I see her. Yeah, you take care, too. Bye. Well, that's good for Derek, huh?

Frankie: Yep.

Cass: Carolineís gone home, Cecileís back upstairs, and I'm glad you stayed.

Frankie: What would have happened if I'd left and Caroline had stayed? You'd say the same thing, different names?

Cass: No, Frankie.

Frankie: Why donít I believe you?

Cass: I donít know. Have I ever lied to you before?

Frankie: When Cecile lied, you protected her.

Cass: I didnít protect her. I just didnít kick her out. Have you ever heard of tolerance?

Frankie: Did you really think that that was funny, having the three of us wait around while you decided which one of us you wanted?

Cass: Believe me, I didnít find it amusing in the least.

Frankie: Yeah, and you never decided, either.

Cass: What was I supposed to do?

Frankie: I donít know.

Cass: If you donít know how I feel about you --

Frankie: Look, I'm going to leave, ok --

Cass: Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Frankie: Why?

Cass: Sharleneís wedding -- didnít you say something about the two of us going together?

Frankie: I really donít think that we should go together.

Cass: Why not?

Frankie: Because it would imply that we care about each other.

Cass: I do care.

Frankie: How much?

Cass: Now, see, what is that supposed to mean?

Frankie: Cass, we almost made love the other night.

Cass: I know. I was there, remember?

Frankie: Well, thank God we didnít, because it obviously would have meant something very different to you than it would have to me.

Cass: No, I donít think so.

Frankie: You know, you were right when we first started dating each other. We really should stay very far apart.

Cass: Even if I donít think that anymore?

Frankie: Look, I'm sorry, I'm not good at being part of a harem. Excuse me.

Vicky: Jamie, I appreciate it. Thanks. We're going to have Steven for happy Thanksgiving!

Bridget: Oh, that's wonderful, dear.

Vicky: I told you it would work out!

Bridget: Oh -- oh, darling --

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Let me help you here.

Bridget: All right, that would be grand.

Vicky: Ok --

Bridget: Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Vicky: Well --

Bridget: Just put it over here.

Vicky: What -- ok.


Vicky: Oh -- I'll get the door.

Bridget: Ok.

Vicky: I told you this would be good news! Oh! Oh!

Stacey: Hi. Is Derek here?

Vicky: No. Actually, he left a while ago. Stacey, could you do me a favor?

Stacey: Well, sure, yeah, if I can.

Vicky: If you want to push me around anymore, pay your visits to my lawyer. You're not welcome here ever.

Bridget: That was very rude, Victoria.

Vicky: Why? Staceyís the one helping Jamie take Steven away from me.

Bridget: Jamie is not trying to take Steven away from you. Didnít he just call a few minutes ago? He told you you could have Steven for half a day on Thanksgiving.

Vicky: Yeah, well, that's not enough. Thanks to Stacey, I still have to go to court.

Bridget: I think you're making too much of this.

Vicky: I'm overreacting?

Bridget: Yes.

Vicky: I take my son to get clothes for two hours and I get taken to court by Jamie and I'm the one overreacting, Bridget? Please.

Bridget: Oh --

Vicky: God.

Bridget: Victoria. I just wish the two of you would sit down together and have a talk without all this bitterness, dear.

Vicky: Talking's not going to do it.

Bridget: Well, you're going to have to do something. You're going to have to find some kind of peace with each other or you're going to be in court all the time.

Vicky: Not necessarily.

Bridget: What does that mean?

Vicky: I may have thought of something else to do.

Bridget: And just what would that be, pray tell? Victoria? Victoria? Victoria?

Cecile: I really am sorry I lied to you.

Cass: You already said that.

Cecile: I want you to understand. Yes, I could have stayed at Iris', but I didnít come to Bay City to see Iris.

Cass: Right.

Cecile: I came to see you. Not like this, though. Oh, all I've done is cause you problems.

[Cass speaks French]

Cecile: Maybe. Look, if you really want me to go, then I'll go.

Cass: You can stay, Cecile, for now.

Cecile: Goody. I knew you wouldnít let me down.

Cass: Donít gloat.

Cecile: We are a lot alike, you know.

Cass: Please donít tell me that.

Cecile: Come on, we are. We're free spirits, and I hate it when people try to pin you down all the time.

Cass: You're one of those people, donít forget.

Cecile: No, I'm not. All I want to do is try to see if we can work out, and if we canít, I'm history.

Cass: Oh, yeah?

Cecile: Another thing --

Cass: What?

Cecile: I have absolutely no intention of trying to sleep with you while I'm here as a guest in your home, if that's what you're thinking.

Cass: Oh, you're not going to try to get me into the sack, huh?

Cecile: Donít laugh. I'm serious.

Cass: You're serious?

Cecile: Yes.

Cass: Come on.

Cecile: Ok. Well, then why donít we just bet on this to show you how serious I am?

Cass: A hundred bucks?

Cecile: Fine. Done.

Cass: The easiest hundred bucks I ever made.

Cecile: Donít count on it, Romeo.

Sam: Listen, are you going to be ok?

Olivia: Yeah, I'll be fine, thanks to you.

Sam: Come on, I didnít do nothing.

Olivia: Yes, you did. You were great, really.

Sam: Yeah, well, I -- I'm just glad you're feeling better.

Olivia: You know, it's -- except for Matthew, you're really the only other friend I have.

Sam: You'll have a lot of friends soon. Just give it time, ok?

Olivia: Ok. I'll never forget what you did for me. Thanks.

Amanda: Whoa -- whoo.

Evan: Whoa, slow down, slow down, now. Slow down.

Amanda: Doesn't this room look fabulous? I mean, look at the colors. When I get home, I am going to see about redecorating.

Evan: Oh, you know I didnít realize how much champagne you had to drink tonight.

Amanda: I only had a few classes -- glasses.

Evan: What?

Amanda: Glas-- ooh!

Evan: Watch out. Here, put this down, put this down.

Amanda: I feel so good.

Evan: Yeah, well, you're not going to feel that way in the morning, believe me.

Amanda: Oh, come on, loosen up. You have to live for the moment. That's what it's all about -- whoa.

Evan: Whoa, whoa, at least you're not going to fall down. Come on.

Amanda: You say the funniest things.

Evan: Oh, yeah, that was really funny. Here, lay back.

Amanda: Oh -- why is this room spinning?

Evan: Uh --

[Amanda laughs]

Evan: Your guess is as good as mine.

Amanda: Oh.

Evan: I knew I should have gotten you something to eat sooner.

Amanda: You know, you are so nice.

Evan: "Nice"?

Amanda: You're always looking out for me.

Evan: Yeah.

Amanda: You can be so sweet.

Evan: So are you.

Amanda: No, I'm not.

Evan: Oh, Amanda, I think you are.

Amanda: You know, I really love being with you.

Stacey: Derek!

Derek: Stacey!

Stacey: I have been looking for you all over town!

Derek: Oh, me, too.

Stacey: Can you believe about the news?

Derek: You know what this means?

Stacey: Well, of course I do. I haven't been thinking about anything but.

Derek: They got the red swan back. They donít have a case.

Stacey: That's right, and we have no more worries.

Derek: Uh-uh.

Stacey: So you know what that means? Hmm?

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Your place or mine?

Derek: No place.

Stacey: No place? Where's that?

Derek: No place is no place, at least for right now. Look, I know, I know, but I've been thinking about this for a while, and for us, it's got to be perfect.

Stacey: Oh, but it is perfect. It's more than perfect.

Derek: Oh, I know, I know, but I've had something special in mind for quite a while.

Stacey: Well, what?

Derek: You'll find out tomorrow. Just wait for --

Stacey: Tomorrow?

Derek: Stacey, we've been waiting for a very long time. What's one more night?

Stacey: One more night is much [Muffled] too long.

Stacey: We donít have to wait.

Derek: That's all -- one more night. See ya.

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