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Another World Transcript Monday 10/17/05

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Donna: Jake.

Jake: What are you trying to pull?

Donna: Nothing.

Jake: "Nothing." Well, in less than an hour, four finalists for the fresh faces contest are going to show up, and they're expecting us to videotape them, Donna -- us.

Donna: I told you something came up.

Jake: What, did they run out of mixed nuts at the bridge club? What are you trying to do, Donna, just squelch the business before we even get it started?

Donna: No, of course I'm not.

Jake: I was counting on you, Donna! There is no way that I can handle Lucas and Iris and four nervous girls all by myself!

Donna: Well, you'll just have to do it, Jake!

Jake: God, that is --

Donna: There's a harvest home at the hospital.

Jake: What?

Donna: I volunteered to fill up baskets for Thanksgiving, to fill them up with canned goods.

Jake: Whoa, whoa, Donna --

Donna: I got my schedule mixed up.

Jake: Baskets?

Donna: I'm sorry.

Jake: You did not get your schedule mixed up. I deserve an explan--

Donna: Jake! Jake! Michael moved out!

Donna: I threw him out. He finally admitted it. There wasn't anything else I could do. Yes, there's another woman, and he's in love with her.

Felicia: Ok, now, let's see if that whack on the head affected your appetite, shall we? We have English muffins, fruit, coffee -- voila.

Mitch: You know, I could've gotten up and come to the table.

Felicia: No, you donít, not now anyway. Here you go.

Mitch: Will you stop making such a big fuss about this?

Felicia: I want to make a big fuss about you, at least before I go to Sharleneís. How's your headache?

Mitch: It's better.

Felicia: Good.

Mitch: Will you stop worrying about me? Did you get the paper?

Felicia: No. Do you want to read the paper?

Mitch: No, no, no, no. You didnít get a plate?

Felicia: No.

Mitch: You're not eating, you're not reading. Is something wrong?

Felicia: I donít know, you tell me. When you were with Rachel last night, something serious happened between you two, didnít it?

Rachel: I still have a lot of questions about all of this.

Cass: Sure, like how did Lucas really end up with the red swan?

Rachel: That was a very long story. The short version is he just happened on it.

Cass: Oh, that's rich! Pure coincidence, right?

Rachel: Yeah, a little hard to believe.

Cass: Yeah, I find it impossible to believe, especially considering the fact that his former assistant just happened to turn up dead.

Rachel: Catherine. You think she was involved with the red swan?

Cass: I'd lay odds on it.

Rachel: Well, I've got to find out about all of this today.

Cass: Be careful, and let me know what you find out.

Rachel: I'm going to turn it over to the police, so you're out of it.

Cass: Hey. I want to learn who broke into my safe and stole the bird from me in the first place.

Rachel: I'm not certain we'll ever find out about that.

Cecile: Oh, Cass, I had the most wonderful night. Good morning, Rachel.

Jake: So when Michael told you that it was a spiritual attraction, you kicked him out?

Donna: Of course, he asked me to reconsider.

Jake: Then why did you do it?

Donna: "Why"?

Jake: Yeah, I mean, you just said that Michael didnít sleep with the woman.

Donna: He wants to sleep with her, Jake. That's worse.

Jake: Donna, that is a typically female response!

Donna: It means that he cares about her. In case you're not aware of it, all men are not beasts even when they're despicable, two-faced liars.

Jake: I get it.

Donna: Get what?

Jake: Well, I know Michael well enough to know that if he wanted to be here, he'd be here.

Donna: Not after what happened.

Jake: What did you do?

Donna: I didnít do anything.

Jake: Then why did Michael leave, Donna?

Donna: He was going to leave anyway, Jake. I decided that it would be last night.

Jake: Because of the woman I saw down at the docks?

Donna: Well, obviously.

Jake: Did you ask him?

Donna: He wouldnít tell me anything. He's been lying about this for weeks, Jake, probably months! This is all to protect her.

Jake: Ok. What are you going to do?

Donna: I'm going to call Kenneth Martin, the lawyer that handled Victoriaís divorce. If Michael Hudson thinks that I'm going to sit around while he's out on this town prancing around with some woman --

Jake: Donna?

Donna: To try to make me look like a fool, he's got another thing coming.

Jake: I know you're hurting.

Donna: I'm furious. I've loved Michael Hudson all my life. He's the father of my children, and he left me.

Jake: Hey. I donít -- I donít want to be too rough on you, but pining for him is not going to get him back.

Donna: I know. I tried that, too.

Jake: See, you canít -- you have to prove to everybody, Donna, that you can stand on your own, you know.

Donna: Oh, who cares? Who cares?

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Who is that?

Iris: Morning, Donna.

Donna: Iris, what are you doing here?

Iris: Beg your pardon?

Jake: She means, why are we not down at the loft? Ahem.

Iris: Well, that's a coincidence. I was just about to ask you the same question. When I called, there was just your machine.

Jake: Well, Donna and I were going over some technical problems, Iris.

Iris: I just hope Lucas hasn't made a mistake hiring an inexperienced production house.

Donna: He wonít be disappointed.

Iris: Well, he wonít if you're not late. The semifinalists are due to arrive, well, any minute. I just hope someone will be there to greet them.

Jake: Oh, that's no problem.

Iris: Good. In that case, I'll see -- I'll see you shortly.

Jake: Oh -- we better get going. Are you coming?

Donna: I wouldnít miss this for the world.

Jake: Here.

Donna: Michael may have practically destroyed my life, but it doesn't mean that I canít handle Iris.

Jake: I was very proud of you just then.

Donna: Iris, Lucas, Michael -- they donít know who they're dealing with. I'm still Donna Love. Come on.

Jake: Whoo.

Frankie: Look at this. Well, hi.

Josie: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi. You need some help?

Josie: Nope, nope, nope.

Frankie: Oh, my.

Josie: God. These modern machines.

Frankie: Yeah, technology is a killer, isnít it?

Josieís voice: Hi, this is Josie Watts. I'm sorry I'm not here to take your call, but if you wait for the beep and leave your name, your number, and the time you called, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks.

[Answering machine beeps]

Frankie: Ooh. Very big-league, Josie.

Sharlene: Josie, where did that come from?

Josie: I bought it. Lucas suggested I get one.

Sharlene: Josie, I can take your messages for you.

Josie: Well, mama, this will be a little more professional.

Frankie: Yeah. Lucas told you that, right?

Josie: Yeah.

[Josie gasps]

Josie: Frankie, you're wearing the green one?

Frankie: Yeah.

Josie: Looks great.

Frankie: Thank you. So are the rest of us peons going to be allowed to use the phone now?

Josie: Well, actually, I'm going to get my own phone. That way I'll make sure that I get all my own messages.

Sharlene: Now, where are you going to get all the money to afford these things, Jos?

Josie: Well, I just happened to get a great big, fat check from my test cover shoot for "Sophisticate," thank you very much.

Sharlene: They paid you for that?

Josie: Of course they paid me.

Sharlene: They paid --

Josie: It was a job, wasn't it? Although it didnít really feel like one, you know? I was having people do my hair and my makeup.

Frankie: Well, it's very big-league now, you see? You know, it's really big-time, big-league, high-class.

John: Your mother said that you're being videotaped today?

Josie: That's right. I've never been interviewed on camera before.

Frankie: And you're not at all nervous?

Josie: Well, maybe just a little teensy bit. This is the most important part of the contest, you know? And, I mean, they want to make sure you can go out in public and not, like, act like you're incompetent, I guess.

Sharlene: Josie, you're not incompetent. You just be yourself and you'll be fine.

Josie: Oh, mama, you always say that. You always say that.

Sharlene: Because I mean it, Jos. Well, I mean -- what are you looking for?

Josie: Oh, my God! Oh, my God, it's here!

Sharlene: What is?

Josie: The limo!

Frankie: The limo?

Josie: Yes!

Sharlene: The limo's --

John: The limo is here.

Sharlene: She gets a limo.

Josie: Lucas sent it.

Sharlene: I know.

Frankie: Oh, a limo.

Josie: Can you imagine me in the back of a limo? Oops!

Sharlene: Honey --

Frankie: Klutz.

Josie: I am not a Klutz. Ok, maybe I am.

[Frankie laughs]

Sharlene: Maybe you are.

Josie: Wish me luck.

Sharlene: I wish you luck. Now, you breathe.

Josie: And I promise to remember all of you little people. Bye-bye.

Frankie: Oh, thank you so very much.

John: I donít think I'd be stretching it to say that she's happy about all this.

Sharlene: She really wants to win this contest.

John: And?

Sharlene: And I probably shouldnít say this in front of you, Frankie, but it's Lucas. He bothers me. I'm not sure he's the best influence on Josie.

Frankie: Well, neither am I.

John: Donít you work for the guy?

Frankie: Yeah, but, actually, that's going to be changing.

Sharlene: What?

Frankie: I'm quitting my job.

Felicia: Mitch, would you please tell me why you called Rachel instead of me?

Mitch: Is that what's bothering you?

Felicia: Partly.

Mitch: Look, it happened so fast. I mean, I suddenly had the swan. I called to let her know, you know? I mean, she's been trying to get this back for months.

Felicia: You were hurt.

Mitch: I -- well, I didnít think it was that bad. I wasn't worried about that.

Felicia: Oh, so that's why you called her? Because you thought, what, I would be scared?

Mitch: No, I saw the swan. I had it and I called her. I called her automatically.

Felicia: And you didnít even think about me?

Mitch: Well, is that what's bothering you, because I called her first?

Felicia: I could've helped you, too.

Mitch: Well, wait a minute. Why should you have? It wasn't -- it wasn't your problem, it was her problem. Look, canít you just let it go at that?

Felicia: Fine, ok? Besides, it's over now. Rachel has back her red swan, and maybe our lives can get back together again.

Mitch: If you mean about spending so much time with Rachel --

Felicia: It's not just that, Mitch.

Mitch: You're right. From now on, my free time, I'm with you.

Felicia: Really?

Mitch: Really.

Felicia: Really?

Mitch: Really. I love you. You know that? I donít want to see you hurt. I donít want to see you upset. Do you know that?

Felicia: You're starting to convince me a little.

[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Oh. I'd better see who that is.

Mitch: Why?

Felicia: I donít know. I just should. You stay right here, ok?


Lucas: Morning, Fanny.

Felicia: Luke. This really isnít a good time.

Lucas: I came to see Mitch. I need to see him alone. Now.

Sharlene: Turn a little this way.

Frankie: Ok.

John: It's going to look nice.

Frankie: Thank you.

Sharlene: I thought you loved working for Lucas.

Frankie: Well, I did in the beginning, but, you know, being cooped up inside all day and all that paperwork -- it kind of gets to me, you know?

Sharlene: So what are you planning to do?

Frankie: Well, I think I'll go back to Winthrop and Edwards maybe. You know, Cass has been asking.

Sharlene: Yep. Asking for what?

Frankie: There is nothing going on, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Hmm.

Frankie: I'm talking about working for the guy. That's it, period, end of sentence.

Sharlene: Well, that's a start.

Frankie: Sharlene, donít do that.

Sharlene: Do what?

Frankie: You people who are in love, you're all alike. You want everyone to be just like you.

John: What's wrong with being in love?

Frankie: Well, I wonít mind it, I guess, if it happens someday, but, you know --

John: Hasn't happened yet, huh?

Frankie: Do I look like a lovebird to you, Hudson?

John: Um --

Sharlene: Well, I thought maybe you and Cass --

Frankie: You thought wrong.

John: Sharlene.

Sharlene: Well, that's too bad. I mean, I like Cass.

Frankie: You -- after what he did to both of you at that trial?

John: That -- that's in the past. That's over with. Cass just did what he had to do, that's --

Sharlene: Yeah. You could do a lot worse than Cass Winthrop.

Frankie: Uh --

John: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Well, I just want Frankie to be happy, John.

Frankie: I think us Frame women have bad luck when it comes to matters of the heart.

Sharlene: Mary Frances!

Frankie: Well, it's like a family curse, isnít it?

John: Oh, I donít think it's a curse. If it is, it's changing.

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: Donít you think?

Sharlene: Yeah.

Frankie: Hey, that's true. Oh, God, here we go. You've got each other, Josieís got Matt. Our luck must be changing.

Sharlene: And you can have what you want, too, ok? All right, it's finished! Frankie?

Frankie: Hmm? You know, you're right? It would be stupid to just give up, wouldnít it?

Sharlene: On what?

Frankie: I'm going out.

Sharlene: Where are you going out?

Frankie: Look, guys, donít make any plans without me, ok?

Sharlene: Oh.

Frankie: Well, except for your honeymoon. I'm going to leave that up to you, ok?

Sharlene: All right.

John: Night, Frankie.

Sharlene: Would you be very careful? There are pins all through that.

Frankie: Ok, I got it.

Sharlene: Ok.

Singers: You've been lookin' for love all around the world baby, donít you know

[Sharlene whistles]

Sharlene: Johnny?

Singer: This country girl's still free?

John: "Johnny"? Forget it, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Oh, come on!

John: No, no, no.

Sharlene: No, just a little, little hint.

John: I'm not going to tell you a thing, no.

Sharlene: Oh --

John: All I'll say is that I wish we had more time. I can only get a few days off from work, and, you know, I mean, being a first-year resident, you donít have a lot of clout.

Sharlene: But you're not going to -- you're not going to tell me anything?

John: No, I'm not going to tell you anything. Nope, sorry, sorry. Ok, well, maybe one little thing.

Sharlene: What?

John: You're going to have a very good time on your honeymoon.

Sharlene: Oh, duh.

Singer: Baby, why not me?

Cass: Wouldnít you like to get dressed, Cecile? This is an office, not a bus-and-truck production of "Pajama Game."

Cecile: What's the matter? Am I distracting you?

Cass: No, Cecile, not in the least.

Cecile: Hmm.

Cass: Rachel and I were talking.

Cecile: Well, donít let me stop you.

Rachel: Well, I've got to go. When are you leaving, Cecile?

Cecile: I donít know, Rachel. I haven't even begun to work on the memorial for Mac.

Rachel: Yes, I noticed.

Cecile: These things take time. Actually, I've decided to endow the Mackenzie Cory chair in journalism at Northwestern.

Rachel: How ambitious.

Cass: Uh -- let me walk you to your car, Rachel.

Rachel: You know what you're getting into having her stay here?

Cass: I can handle Cecile.

Rachel: Ha-ha. That's what they all say.

Cecile: Oh! Whispering to you as if I couldn't hear. She's so unfriendly!

Cass: No, no, she was civil. And considering your track record with her family, that's saying a lot, Cecile.

Cecile: Oh, spare me. She believes everyone in Bay City thinks she's one step away from sainthood. She doesn't fool me.

Cass: Listen, we donít have time for any of this. We have to hurry.

Cecile: We do?

Cass: Yes, yes. Go upstairs, pack your things right away.

Cecile: Well, where are we going?

Cass: We're going to a hotel.

Cecile: What?

Cass: You're moving out, Cecile, today.

Jake: Hey, you guys are looking good. We'll be ready to go in a couple minutes. No, Donna, move that upstage.

Donna: Upstage?

Jake: Over there.

Donna: Just stop trying to push me around, ok?

Jake: Get the cables out of the way, otherwise somebody's going to trip, all right?

Donna: I have to do that?

Jake: Just move the cables.

Iris: Well, well, Donna. I never thought I'd see the day.

Jake: She's doing a great job.

Iris: Oh, yeah.

Jake: Donna, why -- why donít you make some coffee, ok?

Donna: Excuse me?

Jake: We need more coffee.

Donna: I have to make the coffee?

Jake: Who else?

Donna: Why donít you do it?

Jake: Donna, I cannot do everything around here.

Iris: The man's right.

Donna: Fine, no problem. I'll make coffee. I donít know how.

Jake: Put the coffee in the filter, pour the water in the top of the machine.

Donna: That's it?

Jake: That's it.

Iris: May I use the phone?

Jake: Yeah, Iris, it's right up on the box right there.

Donna: The water --

Jake: No, no. Just relax.

Donna: I just wish Iris weren't here today of all days.

Jake: Donna, you look fine. Iris does not have a clue, ok?

Josie: Hi, I'm Josie.

Woman: Gretchen.

Second woman: I'm Noelle.

Josie: You guys aren't from Bay City, are you?

Gretchen: Boston. I'm a sophomore at Wellesley.

Noelle: I almost went there. But I'm from Atlanta and I hate cold weather.

Gretchen: Well, have you ever done a video before?

Noelle: Just my sister's wedding.

Gretchen: Because I took a course in commercial acting, and it takes a while to relax in front of the camera.

Noelle: Not for me. It's like looking in front of a mirror, only better.

Josie: Well, this will be a first for me.

Gretchen: Well, maybe they'll let you practice. Hey, wait a minute. You did the test cover.

Josie: You saw it?

Gretchen: Lucas showed it to me.

Noelle: To me, too. You look really different in person.

Josie: Do I?

Gretchen: Well, that just goes to show you what the right makeup can do. Too bad there aren't any makeup artists today.

Josie: Well, actually, the makeup artist at the test shoot showed me exactly what to do.

Noelle: Really?

Josie: Mm-hmm. All I have to do is use what's ever in this little case.

Gretchen: Convenient.

Josie: Mm-hmm. There was supposed to be four of us. Was the other girl staying at your hotel?

Noelle: Not that I know of.

[Door opens]

Olivia: Oh. Hi, everybody. Sorry I'm late. We got stuck in traffic. It was a mess.

Iris: It's ok, darling. Just relax. Donít worry about it.

Jake: Hello, Olivia.

Olivia: Hi.

Jake: [Garbled] Nice curlers. Good.

Olivia: Donít look at the curlers, Jake.

Josie: Olivia.

Gretchen: You know her?

Josie: She's my sister.

Noelle: Is that allowed?

Olivia: Hi, Josie.

Josie: Olivia. What a surprise. You nervous?

Olivia: No. Uh-uh.

Josie: Great. That's great.

Iris: I want to borrow you two for a minute. I've got a message from your father. He said he wishes you both the best of luck.

Gretchen: Do you believe that?

Noelle: They're both pretty cozy with the judges.

Gretchen: Especially that Josie.

Noelle: Well, they couldn't be all that happy with her if they're still looking.

Gretchen: Good point. Maybe all she needs is a little push.

Noelle: You mean, get her out of the running?

Gretchen: Let's give Josie a little shove, shall we?

Cass: Yes, this is Cass Winthrop again. I guess we got cut off. Um -- right. No, it doesn't have to be a suite just because she's royalty. Ma -- sm-- hello? Hello? Ah -- hopeless!

Cecile: You donít have to do this, Cass.

Cass: Yes, I do.

Cecile: No, you donít. If I've overstayed my welcome, just say the word. I'm all packed.

Cass: That's it? No devious little plan? Nothing up your sleeve, huh?

Cecile: Nope. I'll go quietly.

Cass: Is that possible?

Cecile: When I was upstairs changing, I had a chance to think.

Cass: I thought I smelled something burning.

Cecile: You know, I didnít want it to be like this. I really wanted things to be different, to start over.

Cass: With me?

Cecile: With everybody. But I've only been here a few days, and despite my best intentions, it's like the bad old days.

Cass: Oh, I wouldnít go that far.

Cecile: No wonder you donít want me to stay. No wonder. I mean, I've disrupted your life, your work. Looks like I'm only thinking of myself again.

Cass: Who else would you be thinking of, Cecile?

Cecile: My friends -- or the people I thought were my friends -- and Mac Cory. You donít believe me.

Cass: No, not yet.

Cecile: Well, it's the truth.

Cass: Maybe, but it still remains to be seen.

Cecile: I've never lied to you, Cass.

Cass: What did you say to me just now?

Cecile: All right, all right. So not successfully, anyway. You used to know exactly what I was after.

Cass: Well, not this time, Cecile. So why donít you fill me in, your majesty.

Cecile: Donít call me that. Donít call me that! I thought that you would be the one person able to see through my Bravado.

Cass: Come on. Why donít you tell me what's going on here, the whole story.

Cecile: Well, as usual, nothing in my life has turned out the way I thought it would.

Mitch: For once, Lucas is right about this. This has been a long time coming.

Felicia: Are you sure you're up to this?

Mitch: Yes, I'm sure, and I want to get this over with.

Felicia: All right. But you have to promise me there wonít be any bloodshed.

Lucas: Fanny.

Felicia: I'm serious about that. All right, I'll be back in a couple hours, all right?

Mitch: That's fine.

Felicia: Ok.

[Door closes]

Lucas: How are you?

Mitch: Let's knock off the small talk, Lucas. What do you want?

Lucas: I know Rachel has the red swan.

Mitch: Why shouldnít she? It's hers.

Lucas: I stopped by there last night to explain how I came across it.

Mitch: I'm sorry I missed hearing that.

Lucas: It looks bad.

Mitch: I think you've had the swan the whole time.

Lucas: I know, but I didnít know it. To me, it was a prop for a shoot.

Mitch: What did it do, fall out of the sky? Who gave it to you? Where did it come from?

Lucas: Well, I'd have to look for the receipt. Came in a bulk shipment.

Mitch: I donít believe you, Lucas. Derek Dane doesn't believe you, and there are several other people who are willing to testify when the time comes.

Lucas: Are you going to the police?

Mitch: It's up to Rachel. If she wants me to, I'll cooperate.

Lucas: Well, the authorities might have trouble believing how I came across it.

Mitch: That's putting it mildly.

Lucas: So then I would have to tell them the few things that I know.

Mitch: And what do you know?

Lucas: I think Rachel would be a little distressed at what you did.

Mitch: And what's that?

Lucas: Mitch, I'm not the only person with a secret here.

Mitch: Wait a minute, what are you implying?

Lucas: The note in the secret compartment in the statue -- the one you took? I mean, you're really not going to deny that, are you? You're keeping Macís last message to Rachel.

Mitch: Lucas, you're off base. You're way off base.

Lucas: Mitch, when I got to Rachel, she had already discovered the secret compartment, the one I saw on the dock and you saw on the dock.

Mitch: I donít know what you're talking about.

Lucas: But, funny thing -- when she looked in the compartment it was empty.

Mitch: What's the point of all this?

Lucas: The letter -- I read it.

Mitch: Good for you, Lucas.

Lucas: Yeah, it was a letter from Mac telling Rachel she should get in touch with a Ken Jordan.

Mitch: Never heard of the guy.

Lucas: Maybe I should just tell Rachel what I saw and let her get in touch with Jordan herself. Donít you think I should do that? But then I think she might be a little upset that you kept the letter.

Mitch: I want to make sure Rachel is in no danger. I want to check out the guy first.

Lucas: That's very noble, but do you think she'd want you to disregard her husband's final wishes?

Mitch: I know that he wouldnít want anything to happen to her that might hurt her.

Lucas: Well, donít you think that's her choice? But then again, we both know that there's more to this than what meets the eye.

Mitch: What are you talking about? She's the mother of my son.

Lucas: Yeah, well, nobody knows better than I do how important that tie is. That's why I'm willing to let this matter drop if you are.

Mitch: So what are you proposing?

Lucas: I'll keep quiet about the letter, and you stop any investigations on the red swan. Deal?

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: Allow me.

Rachel: What are you doing here?

Lucas: I think I'll let Mitch explain that.

Rachel: What was he doing here?

Josie: This is crazy. I know I put my makeup piece right here.

Gretchen: Oh, then it'll turn up.

Noelle: Sure, just keep looking.

Olivia: Where'd you put it?

Josie: I put it right here with all of my stuff. Then I started taking my stuff out, and then Mrs. Wheeler came over and got us.

Olivia: I think I'm starting to get the picture.

Gretchen: Well, I'm all set.

Noelle: I'd let you use my makeup, but the colors are all wrong for you.

Gretchen: Hey, donít let her throw you, ok?

Josie: Great!

Olivia: Josie, you can share mine.

Josie: Oh, you donít have to.

Olivia: No, take it. Really. The colors are perfect for you.

Josie: You mean it?

Olivia: Yes, I hate stuff like that.

Josie: What? What?

Olivia: Those girls -- they hid your makeup.

Josie: What? They -- come on, they wouldnít do something like that.

Olivia: Oh, Josie, please, open your eyes. They already did! Donít you get it? They want to win and they donít care how. Use that.

Josie: Well, why are you coming to my rescue? I mean, donít you want to win, too?

Olivia: Sure, I do, but not that way. I want to beat you at your best.

Josie: Well, at least you're honest.

Olivia: It's not my style to take advantage of people. Even you.

Iris: Ok. You ready, Gretchen?

Gretchen: Yes, thank you.

Jake: All right, let's rock and roll.

Iris: All right.

Jake: We're rolling.

Iris: Ok, what does sophistication mean to you?

[Music plays]

Gretchen: Feeling at ease no matter where you are or who you're with. It's knowing how to handle yourself wherever you are, and I try to live like that.

Man: Walking like a man hitting like a hammer she's a juvenile scam never was a quitter tasty like a raindrop she's got the look

Singers: Heavenly bound 'cause heaven's got a number when she's spinning me around kissing is a color her loving is a wild dog she's got the look she's got the look.

Woman: She's got the look

Man: She's got the look

Woman: She's got the look

Both: What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn blue? When everything I'll ever do I'd do for you?

Josieís voice: Um --

Man: And I go la-la-la-la-la she's got the look

Josieís voice: Sophisti-- Sophistication is -- um -- I think it's a great concept. And I -- I think the -- um -- the idea for the magazine is a really good. And -- um -- I never miss an issue.

Iris: Uh -- darling, this is the first issue.

Singers: She's got the look

Jake: You're doing great. Just look right in the camera, honey. You're doing great.

Man: She's got the look

Woman: She's got the look

Both: What in the world

Josie: Um -- "Sophisticate" -- it means --

Both: When everything I'll ever do I'd do for you?

Josie: I donít know what it means.

Iris: That's all right. We've got enough anyway. We've got -- ok, everyone, that's a wrap, that's a wrap, that's a wrap.

Jake: That's a wrap. Kill the lights.

Iris: Thank you very much. This was great. Thank you.

Jake: You guys did a good job. Good job.

Gretchen: Thanks.

Jake: Good job.

[Music stops]

Olivia: Well, that was fun.

Jake: Yeah, you look like you really got into it.

Olivia: Well, you made it easy.

Jake: Oh. I made it easy?

Noelle: I think you pulled your practical joke on the wrong girl.

Gretchen: No kidding. The competition isnít Josie, it's her sister. She didnít make a false move.

Olivia: Well, I'd better get changed.

Jake: Ok.

Olivia: I'll see you before I leave.

Jake: All right. Donna?

Donna: What now? What?

Jake: That's a wrap, kid. You're all done.

Donna: Am I dreaming?

Jake: I want you to know you did a really good job today.

Donna: Thank you.

Jake: You're welcome.

Donna: I think I'll go before you change your mind.

Jake: Whoo!

Frankie: Hi.

Donna: Hi, Frankie. Can I help you?

Frankie: Yes, I'm looking for Lucas. He said he'd be here.

Iris: Well, obviously, he's not.

Frankie: But he is expected, though, right?

Iris: That's right, yes. Now, if you'll excuse me --

Frankie: Mrs. Wheeler, I donít mean to bother you --

Iris: Yes?

Frankie: But I just want to tell you that I really do think you did the right thing.

Iris: About what?

Frankie: Getting rid of Cecile.

Iris: What?

Frankie: Look, you had her at your house. I mean, I just met the woman --

Iris: Frankie, I donít know where you get your information, but my dear friend Cecile left of her own accord.

Frankie: She did?

Iris: Uh-huh. Not that it's any of your business, but Cass invited her to stay. Apparently, he was very insistent.

Frankie: Is that right? Oh, that is fascinating.

Iris: Yes. And from what I heard, he wouldnít take no for an answer.

Cass: So, marriage to his majesty was no day at the beach?

Cecile: You know, at first I thought, "This doesn't have to be so bad." As you know very well, after the king's death I was forced by Tanquirian law to marry the next in line to the throne, that being the king's 13-year-old brother, the little --

Cecile and Cass: Prince.

Cecile: So I thought, "what an opportunity. Take the kid under my wing, show him the ways of the world. You know, just sort of teach him a few things, offer my guidance, my wisdom." The little twerp didnít want any of it. Oh, what a brat, and he just got worse as he got older!

Cass: Puberty is a terrible affliction.

Cecile: Try facing an obnoxious, humorless 15-year-old across a banquet table every night. Oh, Cass, it was the most miserable time of my life.

Cass: What hell.

Cecile: And there was no one else to talk to. Everyone in the palace was either his relative or his spy, and he was jealous.

Cass: Of you?

Cecile: Insanely jealous. And he was obsessed with -- with computer games and video games and pinball machines.

Cass: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Cecile: Yeah, imagine conversations centering around the Super Mario brothers.

Cass: So Tanquir was no Paradise after all, huh?

Cecile: Oh, no, just the weather. Of course, I did have everything money could buy.

Cass: Of course.

Cecile: But, Cass, I donít know how I did it for so long. I really donít. I mean, I need love. I need passion.

Cass: Well, I'm really confused now, Cecile. What should I feel? Should I feel sorry for you? Aren't you the woman who kidnapped me? You are, aren't you?

Cecile: Oh, Cass, come on!

Cass: And then you tried to force me into siring a royal offspring for you and the monarch. Didnít you?

Cecile: Yes.

Cass: That was you. Yeah.

Cecile: Yeah, that was me.

Cass: Thought so.

Cecile: Right. I was under a lot of pressure. I was desperate. You know that.

Cass: And, what, now you've mellowed?

Cecile: I thought I'd like being queen, you know? I gave it a shot.

Cass: And left me holding the bag in my Majorca while you sailed off into the sunset with his majesty.

Cecile: You used to admire my spirit of adventure.

Cass: Yeah. Well, I think I'd rather appreciate it from a safe stance now. I've had enough upheaval in my life to last quite a while, thanks.

Cecile: You know, I -- I was sorry to hear about Kathleen. I really was.

Cass: I'll never forget her.

Cecile: I thought about you. I really donít know how you did it. I canít imagine going through that.

Cass: You discover that life goes on whether you want it to or not.

Cecile: Hmm. I'm discovering that. You changed, Cass. So can I.

Cass: Do you really want to?

Cecile: Just give me a chance to prove myself. That's all I'm asking. Canít you do that for me?

John: Come here.

Sharlene: What, John?

John: I want you to close your eyes.

Sharlene: John --

John: Now, just -- just bear with me, ok? Close your eyes. Close them up. There we go. Take a deep breath. Now, picture us getting married.

Sharlene: Ok.

John: Ok? Are there any cows there? Hmm?

Sharlene: What?

John: How about horses? Ar in the barn, ar? M?

Sharlene: No.

John: No? Where are we?

Sharlene: Uh -- we're in -- we're in Grace Church.

John: Grace Church. You want to get married in a church, Sharlene? Is that --

Sharlene: Oh, John, the invitations are out.

John: No, just answer the question.

Sharlene: There's not -- well, I guess a part of me feels -- it's silly, John. I mean, a part of me feels that it might be more real if we were married in a church and -- and we stood there, we stood there in front of God and everyone when we made our promises to each other. It's not that God isnít in a barn, too. It's not --

John: Sharlene, do you want to get married in a church?

Sharlene: John, it's a little late for --

John: Now, just let me worry about that, ok? Do you?

Sharlene: Yes, I would.

John: Mm-hmm, I thought so. Why didnít you tell me this before?

Sharlene: Johnny, getting married in a barn -- it's like -- it's like getting married in Central Park at dawn.

John: Whoa. Well, that's kind of a nice, hippie fantasy.

Sharlene: Well, see, I didnít know how to tell you, but I -- I would rather be married someplace where I wouldnít get my shoes dirty.

John: Yeah?

Sharlene: I'm old. I'm an old fogy.

John: Yeah.

Sharlene: I'm an old fogy.

John: Yeah. You hate dirty shoes, donít you?

Sharlene: Yes, I do. Bye.

Sharlene: Oh, thank you, thank you.

Felicia: Where are you?

Sharlene: Oh, I'm out here!

Felicia: Oh.

Sharlene: Hi. Hi.

Felicia: Hi. All right, that's it. I -- I got the tent --

Sharlene: The tent.

Felicia: And the band, and all the food, including the cake and the champagne, and I finally got the flowers.

Sharlene: You are so wonderful. Thank you so much.

Felicia: Oh, it's a lot easier when you're not doing your own wedding. Now, look, let me show you these.

Sharlene: All right. Oh, God -- oh, wait, I'll get it.

Felicia: I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Let me get --

Sharlene: Are you all right?

Felicia: Uh -- yeah. I seem a little rattled this morning, donít I? I didnít get a lot of sleep last night. Here, you want some of this?

Sharlene: Thanks. Did something happen?

Felicia: It's a long story. It really is.

Sharlene: Hey --

Felicia: Mitch -- Mitch found Rachelís red swan last night. I mean, you knew about that, didnít you?

Sharlene: Yes, I know about that. Matt told me how upset she was when she was -- when it was stolen.

Felicia: Yeah. Yeah, she was.

Sharlene: Well, she must be so grateful to Mitch.

Felicia: Yeah, I'm sure she is.

Mitch: I just heard Lucas' version of what happened.

Rachel: He's lying.

Mitch: What are you planning on doing?

Rachel: I'm going to the police.

Mitch: Are you sure that's a good idea?

Rachel: Why not? He's lying. I want to find out why.

Mitch: There's no evidence. I mean, there's nothing that's concrete that's going to contradict anything that he's saying.

Rachel: All right, well, we'll get proof.

Mitch: Where? I mean, what's going to happen to Cory Publishing in the meantime? What sort of trouble are he and Iris going to stir up for you?

Rachel: I donít want him to get away with this.

Mitch: Well, neither do I, but we donít have anything other than suspicions.

Rachel: Well, we know what he did to you.

Mitch: That's different, that's personal.

Rachel: It wasn't right.

Mitch: Look, we got into some sort of argument about Felicia, it got out of hand. The most important thing is that you get the red swan back.

Rachel: I know, and I never would've been able to do that without you. I'm very grateful.

Mitch: I've always said if there's anything that I can do, just let me know.

Rachel: Mitch?

Mitch: Yeah?

Rachel: I think we ought to talk about what happened last night.

Jake: Olivia, before the shoot, your aunt Liz dropped this off for you. I forgot to give it to you. Sorry about that.

Olivia: Oh, thanks. That's my -- my father's handwriting, but it wasn't mailed from France. Oh, no. No, no, no, no, this canít be.


Lucas: Rachel has the red swan.

Iris: What?

Lucas: Yeah, and I think it's time you know the whole truth.

Cecile: Cass, I know that I donít have any business asking you for -- for this favor.

Cass: But you're going to anyway, aren't you?

Cecile: Do you think that you could find it in your heart to let me stay here just a few more days, just -- just until I get my bearings? I would be so grateful.

Cass: Cecile --

Cecile: Cass, please, please?

Frankie: Do yourself a favor, Cass. Do not listen to a word this woman says. And you had better not say anything. Oh, I cannot wait to see how you worm your way out of this one.

Jake: Everything ok?

Olivia: No, I --

Jake: Olivia --

Olivia: I'm sorry, Jake, I canít talk about this right now.

Jake: Hey, wait, wait, wait -- no, come here.

Olivia: No!

Iris: So that mother goose thing was the red swan?

Lucas: Amazing, isnít it?

Iris: Yeah. And Rachel didnít find anything inside it?

Lucas: No.

Iris: So there wasn't another will?

Lucas: Doesn't look that way.

Iris: You know what that means donít you? It means that Daddy forgave me and that he wasn't going to push me out of his life.

Lucas: I'm happy for you.

Iris: Yeah. And --

Lucas: "And" what?

Iris: You told me you were going to tell me the w truth.

Lucas: I did.

Iris: Luke, no, you didnít. How did you manage to get the red swan?

Lucas: I donít know. That's all I'm going to tell you.

Iris: Well, I donít think Rachel would be very happy with that story. I know I'm not.

Lucas: Really?

Iris: Listen, Rachelís going to put the whole police department on this. They're going to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb.

Lucas: I'm not worried about Rachel. I think this situation will correct itself.

Mitch: Look, before you say anything, I want you to know that I love Felicia.

Rachel: I know that.

Mitch: What happened between us that moment -- our kiss -- it doesn't change how I feel about her.

Rachel: I know. I think it would be a good idea if we didnít see each other for a while.

Mitch: Ok. Maybe that's best for everybody.

Rachel: Good, I'm glad we agree on that. It's nice to have a friend that you donít have to hold back from.

Mitch: I'm glad you feel that way.

Rachel: I do. It means a lot to me, especially now. I've had so much disruption in my life, I donít think I could take any more.

Mitch: I know.

Rachel: All right, well I'm glad you feel better. Donít get up. I'll see myself out.

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