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Another World Transcript Friday 10/14/05

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Amanda: You just donít give up, do you?

Evan: What do you mean?

Amanda: I mean you had me set up from the very start.

Evan: Amanda, do I have to remind you that your mother was supposed to make this trip, not you?

Amanda: Oh, come on, adjoining rooms? Donít you think you could be a teeny bit more subtle?

Evan: Amanda, we have a lot of work to do for tomorrow. I just thought it'd be more convenient.

Amanda: Convenient for what?

Evan: Can we get started, please?

Amanda: No, we cannot. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. We can discuss this tomorrow morning over breakfast.

Evan: Oh, no, you're not going anywhere, not without me.

Donna: There's somebody else? There really is?

Michael: It's been coming for a long time.

Donna: Is that why you denied it over and over again every time I've asked you about it?

Michael: I had to be sure.

Donna: Sure? Of what, for God's sake?

Michael: I'm leaving you.

Felicia: You've been here all this time and you didnít tell me that Mitch was hurt?

Lucas: Calm down, Fanny.

Felicia: Calm down? What did you do to him? Where is he?

Lucas: It was an accident.

Felicia: My God.

Lucas: Fanny, please.

Felicia: Damn you. Tell me what happened!

Lucas: He hit his head. I looked all over the docks, I couldn't find him.

Felicia: I'm never going to forgive you for this -- never.

Lucas: Fanny, you canít go down there alone.

Felicia: I'm going to go find Mitch!

Rachel: I've tried so hard not to depend on you.

Mitch: I want you to.

Rachel: It's just that when anything happens, when I get lonely or -- or if I need help, you seem to be the person I turn to.

Donna: Leave me?

Michael: Yes.

Donna: You want a divorce?

Michael: I think we should live apart for a while.

Donna: I -- I donít believe this.

Michael: I want a separation.

Donna: You want to leave me and go with another woman?

Michael: This is not just about you.

Donna: Oh, well, that's a relief. Wow!

Michael: Look, this is not very easy to --

Donna: Who is she?

Michael: To talk about. That's not important.

Donna: It is to me.

Michael: Hey, this is about me, all right? It's about me!

Donna: No, it's not all right!

Michael: I have begun to feel very removed, very distant, ok?

Donna: Well, maybe if you'd spend a little more time at home.

Michael: No, I donít think so.

Donna: I never thought this would happen to me. I mean, I know it's very common of men your age to start to feel older and you turn to other women?

Michael: Nothing. I -- I -- this is very hard to talk about.

Donna: Yeah, well, let's just try to talk about it, Michael. Let's talk about it! What's happened to us? What's happened?

Michael: Things change.

Donna: We donít change! We donít change!

Michael: Things change, people change, feelings change.

Donna: No, we donít, Michael! Not us. I know you better than anybody in the whole world! Oh, God.

Michael: And know that I didnít want to hurt you.

Donna: Then what did you start having an affair for?

Michael: I didnít. I mean, I --

Donna: You what? You what?

Michael: It's more complicated than just an affair.

Donna: You're leaving me for another woman. And you're not even sleeping with her. Are you in love with her? Oh, God, you're in love with her. Oh, no. You're in love with her, aren't you?

Michael: Yes.

Donna: Oh!

Donna: You're in love with her and not me, right? Huh? Michael! I donít believe you. You look at me! Look at me and tell me that you're not in love with me anymore! Just tell me to my face! Look at me and tell me!

Michael: I donít love you, Donna.

Donna: Oh. Oh, God.

Evan: Do you want to compete with "Sophisticate" or donít you?

Amanda: You know that I do.

Evan: Well, then you have to let me help you. Now, we need them to purchase advertising. We have to show them that we're confident in our product and that we know what we're talking about.

Amanda: All right, all right. I'm too tired to argue with you.

Evan: Well, you'd better wake up. I tell you, I'm going to order some coffee.

Amanda: No.

Evan: Amanda --

Amanda: Look, I have an idea -- why donít we just go down to the dining room, huh?

Evan: We canít.

Amanda: Why?

Evan: Because the dining room is closed for the night. I walked by when I checked in. We can order from room service.

Amanda: Well, then why donít we get to work, ok?

Evan: Well, I would like to order some coffee.

Amanda: You know, maybe we could go down to the lobby and work. They might even have a conference room here.

Evan: I'll tell you what, why donít I phone them up and they can send up a chaperone.

Amanda: That's ridiculous.

Evan: What's the matter, Amanda?

Amanda: Hey, look, you're the one that wanted to coach me. Let's not be up all night arguing, ok?

Evan: Are you afraid to be alone with me? Is that the problem, Amanda?

Mitch: Wait a minute, wait. That might be Lucas.

Rachel: I donít care, I've got to get you out of here. You're hurt. Hello? Please help us out of here? Get up. There. You all right?

[Door opens]

Man: Hey, what are you doing in here?

Rachel: Look, this man's hurt. I'll explain it to you later. We've got to get him to the hospital. Here, I have a Mercedes in the parking lot. Get it as close as you can to the docks and I'll help you out with him, ok?

Man: Well, all right. Mercedes in the parking lot?

Rachel: Yeah.

Man: I'll be right back.

Rachel: There.

Mitch: Ok.

Rachel: Ok. You all right?

Mitch: Yeah. Uh, I need to call Felicia.

Rachel: Ok, I'll call her. Here, take this and stay warm. Stay right here, all right? You ok?

Lucas: Fanny, stop this!

Felicia: Get out of my way, Luke.

Lucas: You donít understand.

Felicia: No, I donít understand and I'm going!

Lucas: Not without me you donít.

Felicia: Haven't you done enough already?

[Phone rings]

Felicia: Hello?

Rachel: Felicia, it's Rachel.

Felicia: Rachel.

Rachel: I'm at the docks. I found Mitch.

Felicia: How is he?

Rachel: He's taken a hit on the head, but I think he's going to be all right.

Felicia: You think?

Rachel: Listen, I'm bringing him home. Just make sure there's a doctor there to meet us. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Ada: Sam? I'm sorry.

Sam: That's ok. Hi, Ada. What can I do for you?

Ada: Well, Rachel isnít home yet. I'm worried about her.

Sam: She's with Mitch.

Ada: I know.

Sam: She's going to be fine. I'm not doing too well here, Ada.

Ada: Well, why donít you get a fresh start in the morning?

Sam: I'm not tired.

Ada: But you are jumpy. Did Amanda call yet?

Sam: No.

Ada: She should be there by now.

Sam: Yeah, I know.

Ada: We have this nifty little gadget. It's called a telephone.

Sam: I donít want her thinking I'm checking up on her.

Ada: You are checking up on her.

Sam: Yeah, that's right.

Ada: Well, do you have the phone number of her hotel?

Sam: Yeah, right here. Yes, ma'am.

Ada: And when you're finished, if you feel like talking, I'll be waiting up for Rachel -- again.

Sam: Thank you.

Evan: There you go.

Man: Thank you.

Evan: You're welcome.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Hello?

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: Hi, Sam.

Sam: How come you didnít call?

Amanda: I was supposed to call you?

Sam: No, but you usually do when you're away.

Amanda: Oh, why, were you worried about me?

Sam: I miss you.

Amanda: I miss you, too. How's Alli?

Sam: Sound asleep.

Amanda: Good. Give her a kiss tomorrow morning for me, ok?

Sam: I'd rather kiss you right now.

Amanda: What's the matter, you have insomnia or something?

Sam: Oh, you know I canít sleep when you're away.

Amanda: I know. Me, too. Thanks.

Sam: What?

Amanda: Uh, Evanís here with me.

Sam: In your room?

Amanda: Sam, I have a suite. We just have a lot of work to do before tomorrow morning.

Sam: I thought you wanted to crash when you got to New York.

Amanda: I know, I did, but --

Sam: But Evan convinced you to stay up, huh?

Amanda: Look, Sam, we're not going to start this again, are we?

Sam: Start what?

Evan: Listen, I'll be in my room if you need me.

Sam: Oh, I'm sorry, am I disturbing you?

Amanda: Sam, stop it.

Sam: Listen, I'll let you go since you've got so much work to do.

Amanda: I hate when you get that tone of voice.

Sam: What do you want from me, Amanda? You want my blessing? Fine, have a good time tonight.

Amanda: Sam, why did you call me if you just were going to argue with me?

Sam: I didnít know you'd be in the middle of a slumber party with Ev.

Amanda: You called me because you donít trust me. Isnít that it?

Sam: Oh, I'm sorry. Next time I wonít call to see if my wife arrived safely. How inconsiderate of me.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: And since you're in such good hands -- I think I'll hang up now.

[Dial tone]

Evan: Is everything ok?

Amanda: Fine.

Evan: He didnít like the idea of me being here so late, did he?

Amanda: What kind of food did you get?

Evan: Well, I ordered some munchies and I got quarts of caffeine.

Amanda: Wine?

Evan: Well, yeah, I thought we'd have wine first and caffeine later. You look like you could use a glass. Here you go. I really didnít mean to cause any trouble or anything.

Amanda: You didnít.

Evan: Ok. Let's drink a toast. To us. To tomorrow?

Sam: Ah!

Felicia: Honey?

Rachel: Is the doctor here yet?

Felicia: He's on his way. Are you all right?

Lucas: Feliciaís been worried sick about you.

Felicia: Shut up, Luke. Mitch!

Lucas: We have to talk.

Felicia: Mitch, Mitch -- not now, Luke.

Rachel: Just get him out of here.

Felicia: Come on, I'm going to get you into the bedroom.

Rachel: You know, it'd be a really good idea if you were to leave.

Lucas: I have to explain about the red swan.

Rachel: Explain what?

Lucas: What did Blake tell you?

Rachel: You heard him, Lucas.

Lucas: He's fine.

Rachel: Why did you do that?

Lucas: He doesn't understand.

Rachel: I donít understand! Why donít you just get out of here.

Lucas: Is he ok?

Felicia: I donít know. I want you to go.

Lucas: Fanny, listen, whatever Mitch tells you, I didnít steal the red swan. I was only --

Felicia: I want you to go now.

Felicia: Dr. Karns. Hello. Please come in. My husband's in the bedroom.

Dr. Karns: Let me examine him alone. I'll call you in.

Felicia: All right. What happened out there?

Rachel: Um, Mitch called me and wanted me to meet him at the docks.

Felicia: He called you?

Rachel: Yeah. When I got there, he was unconscious and he had the swan.

Felicia: And he and Lucas had fought?

Rachel: Yes. And we had to hide and we got locked in some shed.

Felicia: I only have one question, Rachel.

Rachel: What?

Felicia: My husband was badly hurt. He was in trouble. Can you please tell me why he called you?

Rachel: What difference does it make who he called? He's back here, he's going to be fine.

Felicia: No, I am glad, believe it or not, that you were there. But the point is, Rachel, if Mitch wasn't trying to help you find that damn red swan, maybe none of this would have even happened.

Rachel: He understood how much the swan meant to me.

Felicia: Oh, I know, I know, and if Mitch weren't so involved with you --

Rachel: What did Lucas say to you?

Felicia: That he and Mitch had fought over the red swan.

Rachel: They were arguing over you, Felicia.

Felicia: What?

Rachel: You're the reason they canít be in the same room together.

Felicia: Dr. Karns, how is he?

Dr. Karns: It's a shallow scalp wound. He's lost some blood, but he'll be fine. He may have a slight concussion, though I doubt it, but maybe you should check on him every half-hour or so. I'll come by in the morning.

Felicia: Ok. Is he in any pain?

Dr. Karns: Some, but I canít give him anything because of that head injury.

Felicia: Yeah.

Dr. Karns: He said that he was unconscious for a few minutes. He's very lucky.

Felicia: Thank you, doctor.

Amanda: "'Brava' has a well established, large circulation --"

Evan: That's an awkward sentence.

Amanda: "And very impressive demographics. We have outsold several of our competitors consistently over --"

Evan: What are you doing with your hands?

Amanda: Uh, "consistently over other magazines."

Evan: You've already said that, Amanda.

Amanda: Ugh!

Evan: Well, donít stop.

Amanda: You do the presentation to the Kerner people.

Evan: No. I'm finance, you're creative. They donít want to hear that from me.

Amanda: I canít do it.

Evan: Are you giving up?

Amanda: I'm a writer, I'm not a speechmaker. I never was any good at speeches.

Evan: Well, then that's your first mistake.

Amanda: What?

Evan: Well, donít think of it as a speech.

Amanda: Right, you're going to tell me to pretend that I'm standing there talking to a bunch of my friends, right?

Evan: Exactly. Just talk to them.

Amanda: Why would they listen?

Evan: Come here. All right, now I want you to look in there.

Amanda: There I am.

Evan: Tell me what you see.

Amanda: You donít want to know.

Evan: Ok, I'll tell you. I see someone who's beautiful, incredibly intelligent, she's articulate, and she's the envy of everyone in that room.

Amanda: Dream on.

Evan: Amanda, you are our ticket tomorrow.

Amanda: Come on, they wouldnít take -- they wouldnít accept Cory before. If my father couldn't win them over, how could I?

Evan: Your father would be telling you the same thing I'm telling you right now. And if you do it right, Kerner will be begging to advertise in "Brava."

Amanda: If I do it right.

Evan: Amanda, where is that Cory confidence that has me running for cover?

Amanda: It's back in Bay City.

Evan: Why are you fighting this?

Amanda: Evan, you're the salesperson, not me.

Evan: Oh, you think I'm confident?

Amanda: Yes, you are.

Evan: That's just an act.

Amanda: Right. Sure.

Evan: Amanda, I didnít know anything about this business when I broke into it. I was raised on a farm. They didnít come any greener than I did.

Amanda: Yeah, but I canít see that now.

Evan: Do you know how bad I used to look?

Amanda: No.

Evan: Well, every interview I went on was a disaster. I mean, just rejection after rejection. I started to fold.

Amanda: So what changed?

Evan: Well, I looked in the mirror one night, just like you did. Granted, I was living in some fleabag apartment building and the mirror was cracked right down the middle, but I saw something. I mean it. I made a personal assessment of myself.

Amanda: What were the results?

Evan: Well, I knew I was bright and ambitious. And I was -- well, I guess I wasn't bad-looking. But I had the wrong suit and I had a funky haircut.

Amanda: Should I get my hair cut?

Evan: Would you stop and let me finish? So what I did is I changed some things on the outside, which made me feel better about things on the inside. So I sold myself to that same employment agency that had rejected me the day before.

Amanda: How?

Evan: Well, I deliver. At least I act like I always know I will.

Amanda: Confidence.

Evan: Right. And if you've got it, you can get anything. Anything you want.

Donna: Michael?

Michael: Donít, Donna, all right? Just donít. Donít make this any harder than it has to be.

Donna: You're leaving me! Am I supposed to make it easy?

Michael: I am trying to protect you.

Donna: For God's sakes, from what?

Michael: From being hurt.

Donna: Oh, thanks. You're concerned about me. You just donít love me anymore.

Michael: Donít. Just stop it.

Donna: What about our children? What about little Michael?

Michael: What about Mikey?

Donna: What am I going to tell him?

Michael: I donít know, Donna. It'll be difficult, but you'll think of something, I know you will.

Donna: What am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong?

Michael: Donna --

Donna: Just tell me how I can change.

Michael: Just stop it.

Donna: Is it because of Victoria?

Michael: No.

Donna: Is it because of Jake?

Michael: No.

Donna: I didnít mean to keep you out of her life. I thought that you'd forgiven me for that.

Michael: Donna, it's not that!

Donna: Is that when you went looking for my replacement?

Michael: Just stop it, ok, stop it!

Donna: Michael? You're all I've ever wanted. We were apart for such a long time, and -- oh, I just -- I just canít bear to have you leave me, Michael. This isnít real. This is like a nightmare. This is just a nightmare.

Michael: It's real, Donna, and you have to accept it.

Donna: I donít have to accept it! I deserve to know who she is!

Michael: It's not important.

Donna: Is it Iris?

Michael: No.

Donna: Then I have to find out for myself.

Michael: No, donít you do that.

Donna: You watch me.

Michael: Donít you ever do that. Donít you ever, ever try to find out who that is.

Donna: Or what? Or what? Or what?

Michael: Just donít.

Donna: Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God, Michael, what's happened to you?

Sam: Ugh!

Olivia: Sam?

Sam: What are you doing here?

Olivia: I just had a coaching session with Griffen.

Sam: Isnít it a little late for that?

Olivia: Well, yes, but it's the only time he has for instruction. I think I have a pretty good shot at the ballet. Why were you throwing things?

Sam: Excess energy!

Olivia: Where's Amanda?

Sam: In New York.

Olivia: She went after all?

Sam: That's what I just said, isnít it? Ah, why -- what are you doing here?

Olivia: Well, I know you like to work late a lot, so I took a chance.

Sam: I'm not real good company right now, Olivia.

Olivia: Were you working on my sketches?

Sam: Yeah, background.

Olivia: Well, listen, why donít you work on the subject? Here I am.

Sam: Because I'm not in the mood.

Olivia: Come on, Sam, it'll calm you down. Besides, I have a feeling you do your best work at night anyway. Come on, what do you say?

Michael: Arianne, it's me.

Arianne: How did it go?

Michael: Well, how do you think it went?

Arianne: Michael, I'm sorry it had to come to this.

Michael: I cannot believe what I just had to do to my wife.

Arianne: Remember, it was for her own sake.

Michael: I almost told her the truth.

Arianne: Someday, when this is all over, you can tell her.

Michael: Yeah. God, I swore I would never let those bastards intimidate my family.

Arianne: Well, they wonít now.

Michael: Well, they already have, all right? It'll never be the same again.

Arianne: She'll understand.

Michael: Oh, will she?

Arianne: I am so sorry.

Michael: Well, they're going to pay.

Arianne: Michael, take it easy.

Michael: Donít you tell me to take it easy. I've spent my entire life wishing I was with my family, and now that I'm with them, I've hurt them. Someone is going to be accountable for this. Someone is going to pay.

[Door closes]

Ada: Rachel? Is that you? Rachel, why canít you call? You know I worry about you all the -- I donít believe it.

Rachel: Believe it.

Ada: Where did you get it? How?

Rachel: It's a long story.

Ada: I'll bet it is. You donít look so hot.

Rachel: Oh. I'm exhausted.

Ada: Well, do the police know you found it?

Rachel: I'll call them in the morning. Oh, no.

Ada: What?

Rachel: I'm supposed to be in New York.

Ada: Amanda went.

Rachel: She did?

Ada: Yeah. What happened to it?

Rachel: Oh, they painted over it. It's terrible, isnít it? I guess it was some sort of disguise, but I think maybe we can restore it. It's sort of battered and everything.

Ada: What's that?

Rachel: It's a drawer.

Ada: Is there something inside?

Rachel: Oh, Mom. There's got to be. Mac -- Mac sent me a message. I know he did.

Ada: Well, what?

Rachel: Nothing's in here. It's empty. What are you doing here? This is the first time

Lucas: I'm sorry to intrude so late.

Rachel: You donít give up, do you, Lucas?

Ada: How did you get in here?

Lucas: Look, I know I am in no position to bargain, but I want you to hear my story.

Rachel: I know what happened, Lucas.

Lucas: No, you donít!

Ada: Hey.

Lucas: I am very sorry, but this is very frustrating. I'm the only one who knows what happened to that statue over the past few weeks, but no one will listen to my story.

Rachel: I know what happened -- you stole it.

Lucas: Why would I do that after working so hard to get established in this town?

Ada: You want me to get Sam and have him escort this guy out of here?

Rachel: That's all right. I'll listen to you.

Lucas: Thank you.

Rachel: I said I'd listen. I didnít say I'll believe you.

Lucas: All right, that's fair enough, because this is a pretty incredible story.

Ada: Why doesn't that surprise me?

Lucas: Look, I found the statue in the Tops parking garage and I was on my way to bring it back to you.

Rachel: By way of the docks?

Lucas: I had a meeting there.

Rachel: A meeting?

Lucas: Yes, a "Fresh Faces" campaign shoot. I had to check the location.

Rachel: Wait a minute, wait a minute, let me get this straight -- you found a valuable piece of stolen art, the object of a police investigation, and you took it to the worst part of town in the middle of the night?

Lucas: Yes.

Rachel: For a meeting to check out a location?

Lucas: I tried to explain that to Mitch, but he wouldnít listen.

Rachel: Gee, I wonder why.

Lucas: Listen, I recognized it as soon as I saw it.

Rachel: Dressed like a duck?

Lucas: I'd seen it before.

Rachel: When?

Lucas: Someone had given me a musical prop of some kind for a shoot, but it was really the red swan all covered up.

Rachel: To use as a prop?

Ada: Do we look like we just fell off a turnip truck, or what?

Lucas: Let me finish. So I gave it to Iris to hold for me.

Rachel: Iris? She knew all about this?

Lucas: No, no, no, she gave it to Vicky Frame.

Rachel: Vicky?

Lucas: Yes, and somehow Donna Hudson got a hold of it. She's the one who dropped it in the parking lot, I guess.

Ada: Oh, Donna dropped the statue in the parking lot and she kept right on going?

Lucas: I donít know. All I know is I saw it and I realized that it was the prop I was looking for. I picked it up and I saw that the paint was peeling. Then I realized what I had. You see, I had had the statue all that time and had no idea. That's the truth.

Rachel: This is a really ridiculous story, Lucas. But if you want me to believe this, suppose you tell me who gave it to you?

Lucas: I donít know.

Rachel: You donít know.

Ada: I know -- it flew into his hotel window, right?

Lucas: It was some kind of a setup. It had to be.

Ada: Oh, of course. How foolish of us not to see that.

Lucas: The story I just told you is the truth. I hope you believe me.

Rachel: Well, thanks a lot for telling us all about it. Now I think it's time for you to go home.

Lucas: Yeah, but --

Rachel: No, it's time for you to go home. It's really late.

Lucas: Ok. Well, thank you for listening, and -- there's a drawer on the bottom of that, isnít there?

Rachel: Yes, there is. I know that.

Lucas: Yeah. Well, I'm glad for you, Rachel.

Rachel: Why?

Lucas: Well, I know what a mystery it all was, the statue and everything, and now I guess you know why Mac sent it to you.

Rachel: What do I know?

Lucas: Well, why would he put the drawer there if he wasn't going to leave you some kind of a message?

Rachel: He didnít.

Rachel: It's empty.

[Music plays]

Olivia: If you donít ease up, that charcoal's going to go right through the paper.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Evan: That's not it at all.

Singer: No matter how long it takes no matter how long

Olivia: Tomorrow is the personality segment for the "fresh faces" contest.

Sam: Yeah, and how do they judge that? If you have a personality, you win?

Olivia: They ask you questions and put your responses on videotape, smart guy.

Amanda: "Look at the top budget and you can see in 1984 we were still a creation of --"

Evan: You're not even trying!

Olivia: That's another reason why I came by tonight. Much too excited to sleep. I think my chances are pretty good because I know how to perform in front of an audience. I know the other girls donít know how to do that. Josie, she'll probably crumble in a situation like that.

Singer: Set that spirit free fight the good fight

Amanda: "And furthermore --"

Evan: Stop for a second, stop. I want you to relax.

Amanda: I am.

Evan: Drop your hands.

Olivia: Only I canít be too nice. I've got to play tough to win, right?

Sam: How am I supposed to work with your jaw flapping like that?

Singer: Little bit of fire it gives you

Evan: Keep your hands at your side.

Amanda: I canít do that.

Evan: And just concentrate on what you're looking at.

Sam: Donít crane your neck like you're in "Swan Lake." Will you relax, please, and try to look real?

Evan: Pick one person out and really talk to them, just like he's your friend. Come on, you can do it. Just talk. Go ahead.

Sam: Move your arm.

Olivia: Which one?

Sam: Not the one you're leaning on, unless you want to fall flat on your face. That one. The left.

Evan: Relax, ok?

Olivia: If you would show me what you want me to do, I'd be more than happy, Sam.

Sam: Forget it, forget it. I canít work this way. Why I got an amateur to do the job of a professional I have no idea!

Olivia: Hey, who the hell are you calling an amateur?

Sam: Is there anybody else in this room?

Olivia: You're acting like a child because you're mad at your wife, and I'm getting the brunt of it.

Sam: Then fine, why donít you just leave?

Olivia: I'm not going anywhere, buddy boy, until you figure out what you've got standing in front of you right here is one finely trained, cooperative professional, right down to my pretty pink slippers, got it? Now, stop your whining, pick up your charcoal and all your little tools, and sketch, Picasso.

Amanda: All right.

Evan: Ok, just relax. Just read it. Go ahead.

Singer: All the way home

Amanda: "So joining the 'Brava' team I think we've proven will be in your best interests." Well, come on, that was better, wasn't it?

Evan: So you thought that was better?

Amanda: I guess you didnít.

Evan: I certainly did not.

Amanda: So what are we going to do?

Evan: Amanda?

Amanda: What?

Evan: It was better.

Amanda: It was?

Evan: It was better than better.

Amanda: Really? You mean you liked it?

Evan: It was perfect.

Amanda: Yay!

Evan: You were great. You were just perfect.

Amanda: Great!

Evan: You're perfect.

Evan: Well, I think we both worked really hard and I think you deserve a break.

Amanda: Yeah, well, I couldn't have done it without you.

Evan: You think you can remember all that for tomorrow?

Amanda: Yeah. I canít believe I was going to walk in there cold. I mean, if you hadn't helped me --

Evan: That's my job.

Amanda: I'm sorry I yelled at you before.

Evan: Forget it. So listen, I think we both could use some sleep.

Amanda: I'm so wired, I donít know if I can.

Evan: Well, try, because we donít need any of those unsightly bags underneath your eyes.

Amanda: Evan?

Evan: Yes?

Amanda: Thanks. You've been a really big help to me. This isnít the first time. I guess I'll see you in the morning.

Evan: It is morning. Good night, Amanda.

Amanda: Good night.

Michael: What's this?

Donna: It's your luggage. Donít you recognize it?

Michael: I didnít mean I wanted to leave tonight.

Donna: Why wait?

Michael: Donna --

Donna: You said you wanted to leave me, didnít you?

Michael: Honey --

Donna: "Honey"? You call me "honey"?

Michael: I donít want to part like this.

Donna: I donít want a man in this house who doesn't want me, not for one more second.

Michael: I understand.

Donna: Wear your coat. It's cold outside.

Michael: I've hired a security team to watch over you and --

Donna: I know, I know.

Michael: Well, at least I know you'll be safe. Give Mikey a, uh, kiss for me in the morning, and I'll be by to talk to him myself, ok? I want you to know, Donna, that I -- I didnít want it to be like this.

Rachel: There's got to be another drawer in here.

Ada: Well, where?

Rachel: I donít know, a false bottom or something?

Ada: Honey, there's nothing there.

Felicia: Hi.

Mitch: Hi.

Felicia: How's your head?

Mitch: Is that what's on my shoulders?

Felicia: The doctor said you're going to be just fine.

Mitch: Good. Is Lucas gone?

Felicia: Yes, a while ago.

Mitch: I want him out of here.

Ada: Rachel, there's nothing there.

Rachel: There has to be.

Ada: What happened tonight?

Rachel: Mom --

Ada: Why did Mitch call you?

Felicia: Would you like some tea?

Mitch: Do you know how much I love you?

Felicia: Yes. Of course I do.

Mitch: I hope I tell you enough.

Felicia: You tell me every day. Why donít I go get you that tea, ok?

Felicia: Be right back.

Rachel: I was so sure that this swan was carrying a message for me from Mac.

Rachel: I know he was trying to tell me something. I guess now I'll never know what it is.

Mitch: "My dearest Rachel, I'm feeling strange tonight. I'm a little worried. In case something happens, find Ken Jordan at Kl5-687- Mac." What is it, Mac? What did you want to say to her?

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