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Another World Transcript Tuesday 10/11/05

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Matt: Yes, traffic was murder going through Chicago, but what else is new?

Rachel: Well, I'm sorry I couldn't go with you, but I had that meeting I couldn't get out of.

Matt: Oh, no problem.

Rachel: So, did you talk to Dean Reynolds? That was the man I talked to on the phone.

Matt: Yes, he was very nice.

Rachel: And he showed you Macís records?

Matt: Yes. He said I could make a copy of everything that he had on Mac.

Rachel: Oh, great. Great. Where's the rest of the copies?

Matt: That's the problem.

Rachel: What?

Matt: I donít know how to tell you this, Mom.

Rachel: Well, just say it.

Matt: There seems to be a few other things that we donít know about Mac.

Olivia: Josie, I --

Josie: Olivia. Hi.

Olivia: Hi. Um -- I'm sorry, I didnít mean to stare.

Josie: I take it you donít like it.

Olivia: Oh, no, sure I like it. It -- it just -- it just takes a little bit of getting used to, that's all.

Josie: Well, it was one of the hairdresser's ideas, you know, for the fresh faces campaign.

Olivia: Oh, well, you know what? Sure, if you like it, great. Go for it. It'll certainly get your picture taken.

Josie: Olivia --

Olivia: You know what? I really need to talk to you. It's very important, but I'm going to make a call first. I'll be right back.

Michael: Hey, Josie.

Josie: Hi.

Michael: Hi. Donít you look great.

Josie: Oh. Do I?

Michael: Yeah, donít you think so?

Josie: Well, I wasn't sure, and then -- thank you, Mr. Hudson.

Michael: Tell you what -- why donít you call me Michael? After all, we are going to be related.

Josie: All right, Michael.

Michael: Good, that was much better. You excited about the wedding?

Josie: Oh, yeah. I canít believe it's so soon.

Michael: Yeah, me, neither.

Josie: I mean, my mother and John are so happy. It's -- it's really -- am I -- am I keeping you from something?

Michael: Oh, no, I'm sorry. It's just I was supposed to meet Donna here and she's late, and she was so emphatic about being on time.

Josie: Oh. Well, I saw her down in the parking lot when I drove in.

Michael: How long ago was that?

Josie: Five or 10 minutes ago. Maybe she dropped off at one of the boutiques.

Michael: No, I donít think so. Thank you, Josie.

Michael: What are you doing with my car, buddy? Come on, what are you doing with my car?

Donna: Michael?

Michael: Donna? Donna? Donna! Donna.

[Donna coughs]

Michael: I'm right here, baby. I'm right here.

Donna: Michael.

Michael: Honey, come on. Can you sit up for me?

Donna: He was strangling me.

Michael: Well, can you breathe?

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: Are you hurt? You ok?

Donna: His hands were so strong. Everything went black. Where is he?

Michael: He's gone.

Donna: Where is he?

Michael: He took off. He got away, but, look, can you stand?

Donna: I think so.

Michael: Ok, good. I'm going to help you here. Come on. Just try to stand. Come on. You ok, huh? Honey, I want you to try to remember exactly what happened before you were attacked, all right? Did he say anything at all?

Donna: No, no. He was just a mugger, I guess.

Michael: Careful -- ok, come here.

Donna: I'm still very weak.

Michael: Look, there's a doctor I know right in this building. We're going --

Donna: I donít want a doctor.

Michael: I really donít care what you want, Donna.

Donna: I just want to go home.

Michael: Donít worry. I'll come back and get your purse later.

[Donna coughs]

Rachel: This canít be all there is.

Matt: I donít know what to tell you. That's all they gave me.

Rachel: But this doesn't make any sense.

Matt: Yeah, that's what I said.

Rachel: Honey, this -- this isnít the whole transcript.

Matt: Well, that's the first thing I told the dean, but look, on the second page here at the bottom there's a mark indicating this is the end of the transcript.

Rachel: Did you ask him to check and recheck?

Matt: He checked and double-checked, the whole bit.

Rachel: But Mac didnít just go to one semester, darling. He got his M.A. in journalism at Northwestern. That's what Iris said.

Matt: Well, he received an honorary doctorate. Maybe that's what she meant.

Rachel: When was that?

Matt: It was much later. It was -- right there.

Rachel: Yes, but Iris knows the difference between an honorary doctorate and an M.A.

Matt: Well, maybe he said he went there and she assumed he finished.

Rachel: Well, that could be.

Matt: Well, no, it's kind of weird.

Rachel: It's another mystery.

Matt: Well, it's no big deal, I guess.

Rachel: No. No, of course it isnít.

Matt: Oh, I went through a couple of old yearbooks, too.

Rachel: Oh, yeah?

Matt: I was hoping to find a picture of Mac or that other guy.

Rachel: Well, what did you find?

Matt: Nothing. It was a dead end.

Rachel: This isnít like Mac.

Matt: I know. If there's one thing that I knew being raised by Mac was that he's always honest and never kept any secrets, not like this at all.

Iris: No, it certainly doesn't sound like Daddy. So what does all this mean?

Reuben: Josie! Josie, look at you! Whoo-hoo-hoo! Well, if you've got it, then flaunt it.

Josie: Reuben, please.

Reuben: Check you out!

Josie: Would you keep your voice down, please?

Reuben: Oh, what's the matter? You worried somebody's going to look at you? Josie, you look great!

Josie: Well, it -- it's just -- it's just one of my looks for fresh faces.

Reuben: Yeah?

Josie: Yeah. Tell me the truth -- do you really think it looks all right?

Reuben: You know how I always say how you always got that farm girl look?

Josie: Yeah.

Reuben: Well, trust me, you definitely ain't got it no more. That is six feet under.

Josie: I donít know if that's good or bad.

Reuben: Hey, Josie, what's the matter?

Josie: Well, a certain person who shall remain nameless thinks it's too much.

Reuben: Well, what certain person? I mean, who would say something like that? Ok. I get it, I get it. What'd she tell you? She said some kind of crack or --

Josie: Oh, just forget about her. The main thing is, will Matthew like this?

Reuben: Are you kidding? I mean, like the man said, what's not to like?

Josie: Yeah?

Reuben: Really! Count on it.

Josie: Ok, I will.

[Reuben chuckles]

Josie: So, did you want to get our table or do you want to wait for Matt and Tess?

Reuben: No, no. Let's give them a few more minutes, ok?

Josie: Oh, all right, sure. You know, Reuben, I was wondering --

Reuben: What?

Josie: Well, why did you pick this place for dinner?

Reuben: I didnít pick it.

Josie: But I --

Reuben: It was all Tess' idea.

Josie: Oh.

Reuben: And, see, she was raised like some kind of princess, you know? I mean, she had the best of everything. She probably had servants by her bed so every time she turned over, they changed the sheets.

Josie: Oh, come on.

Reuben: No, I'm serious, though. I mean, she's used to places like this.

Josie: Oh. Well, then, I guess if she wants to treat, she can pick any place she wants, right?

Reuben: No, no, no, no, no, no. She thinks she's paying. I'm picking up the tab.

Josie: Reuben --

Reuben: Look, it's cool. I just cashed my check from Winthrop and Edwards.

Josie: Oh, but, Reuben, you canít go spending all your money on dinner.

Reuben: Josie -- I'm not going to have her think that the only thing I can afford is the hospital cafeteria.

Josie: Reuben, I know where you're coming from. It used to really bother me that Matthewís family had so much money.

Reuben: It doesn't bother me.

Josie: But -- just listen. I felt a lot better after I realized that it was just a lot easier to face the fact that I donít have any money and he does. You could do that, too. It doesn't have to be a problem.

Reuben: I ain't got no problem. Do I look like I got a problem, Josie, huh? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm going to check on the reservations, ok?

Josie: Ok.

Olivia: Ahem. Josie? What I wanted to ask you was, have you heard from father?

Josie: Well, no. I got a letter from him last week. Why?

Olivia: Well, the last time we spoke, I got the definite impression that he wanted me in Europe with him.

Josie: Really?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. Didnít you get that impression from him?

Josie: Well, actually, I haven't talked to him in a couple weeks.

Olivia: Oh, really? Boy, that's funny. We talk every weekend, sometimes twice a week. Oh, but then, you know, of course --

Josie: But what?

Olivia: Well, I mean, you can hardly expect to have the same relationship with him that I do -- only because you didnít grow up with him, you know? That's all. Oh, here's my friend. See ya.

Reuben: Josie, what's wrong?

Josie: Nothing.

Reuben: Yeah, and my name is Dan Quayle. Now, what did Olivia just say to you?

Josie: She just really knows how to get to me.

Reuben: Josie -- Josie, you got to start learning how to hit back.

Josie: I canít. I canít do that.

Reuben: Why not?

Josie: Because. Our father really wants us to get along.

Reuben: What if she donít want to get along with you?

Josie: Oh, let's not talk about her, please. Did you see about our table?

Reuben: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. It's right over here.

Josie: Oh.

Reuben: Classy, huh?

Josie: Yeah. You must really want to impress her.

Reuben: Well, you know, um, Tess is ok. I mean, she's cool. I mean, I like hanging around her. It's no big deal --

Josie: Yeah.

Reuben: Or nothing like that. She's just --

Josie: Well, you know what?

Reuben: What?

Josie: She's here.

Reuben: I got to go. Got to go see her.

Tess: Hi.

Matt: Iris, I donít think Mom wants any company right now.

Rachel: It's all right, I was expecting her. How long have you been here?

Iris: Long enough to hear that there is something wrong with Daddy's school records. Am I right?

Matt: Yes, and we'll let you know as soon as we find out, Iris.

Rachel: Donít you have to go meet Josie?

Matt: I can cancel.

Rachel: It's all right. I want to talk to Iris. Honest. Come on.

Matt: Ok.

Rachel: Listen, thanks for doing this for me.

Iris: Please give my love to Josie, Matthew.

Matt: Sure.

Rachel: I'll talk to you later.

Matt: Bye.

Rachel: Thanks.

Iris: So will you tell me what's going on?

Rachel: I wish I knew.

Iris: Well, if there's some confusion about Daddy still, I mean, maybe I can help.

Rachel: This is your father's transcript from Northwestern.

Iris: Mm-hmm. Yes. Four Aís. Well, so?

Rachel: So that's all there is to it. He only attended for one semester.

Iris: No, he didnít. He got a degree.

Rachel: He got an honorary doctorate.

Iris: Well, I can see why there's the confusion. Obviously, there's some mistake.

Rachel: No, I donít think there's a mistake. Matthew asked them to check and double-check.

Iris: Oh, he didnít just go to Northwestern for a term and then disappear, Rachel.

Rachel: Well, apparently that's exactly what he did do. The question is why.

Iris: He earned a master's degree!

Rachel: Did he ever tell you that he earned a master's degree?

Iris: Well, not in so many words, but, I mean, everybody knew.

Rachel: Yes, that's just it -- I think everybody assumed, but obviously he didnít.

Iris: What are you saying? Daddy never took credit for something that wasn't his due, ever.

Rachel: No, I'm not saying he is taking credit for anything, but did you ever really hear him talk about his years that he spent in Evanston or -- or working hard on his thesis or getting his master's at Northwestern? Did you ever hear him talk about it?

Iris: Hang on, hang on. I must've. I must've.

Rachel: I donít remember once.

Iris: Well, I -- I donít either, now that I think about it.

Rachel: You see, it's one more mystery.

Iris: But he couldn't have gone just for a term.

Rachel: He was hiding something, some secret he hid from us all these years. What is it?

Michael: Honey, I still think you should let me take you to the hospital.

Donna: Did you hear what the doctor said? I'm fine.

Michael: Yeah, well, I also heard what the police said. The first thing they asked you was, "Mrs. Hudson, have you gone to the hospital?"

Donna: Yes, and we explained to the police that you took me to a doctor in the building.

Michael: All very much against your will, as I recall.

Donna: And he said I was fine.

Michael: I still say an x-ray wouldnít hurt.

Donna: Why are we still talking about this, Michael? Donít I look all right?

Michael: Honey, you look fine. It -- oh, I'm just so glad that you're ok.

Donna: Well, let's just forget about it. Do you see any bruises?

Michael: You're too much. You're lucky to be alive and you're worried about bruises?

Donna: Yes, I'm worried about bruises. If I have to be bruised, then I'm going to have to wear makeup.

Michael: Is it -- is it sore?

Donna: It's a little bit sore. Dr. Carson said I'd be a little sore for a couple of days, but he said I was fine.

Michael: Donna, you're not fine. You're scared and I donít blame you -- believe me, I'm scared.

Donna: Well, I'm not going to let it -- I'm not going to let it get to me.

Michael: Honey, it has gotten to you already. Come on, let's talk about it.

Donna: I donít want to talk about it. It's a mugging. It happens to people every day.

Michael: No, it doesn't happen to you every day.

Donna: Well, I donít want to talk about it, so would you just please stop asking me questions? Now, I want to think about pleasant things. I want to think about Sharleneís party, I want to think about Johnís --

Michael: Oh, baby. Come on. It's ok. It's ok.

Michael: Come on, let's sit down. Come on. Come on.

Donna: I just suddenly felt these hands on my throat and I -- I -- I saw this horrible mask, this thing on his face and --

Michael: I know, I know.

Donna: It would -- oh, when he was choking me, it was as if I was watching my death. And my ears were ringing and -- oh, how my heart was pounding and all I could just see was this -- this horrible thing over his face!

Michael: It's ok. Donna, did he say anything?

Donna: I donít know the police asked me that. All I could just see was this -- this mask, this thing over his face.

Michael: Did he say my name?

Donna: Why would he say your name?

Michael: Um -- no reason, really. I was just grasping at straws.

Donna: Michael, why would he ask about you?

Michael: I really donít --

Donna: Do you know something about this?

Michael: No.

Donna: You do. You know something about this and you're not telling me, Michael. What is it? What is it?

Michael: Donna, come on. You know as much about this as I do.

Donna: Why do you think that he would say your name?

Michael: Just a guess, really. I -- I thought maybe he recognized you, you know? Our picture is on the society page an awful lot. I thought maybe he knew who you were, knew who I was -- that's all -- and that maybe he followed you.

Donna: Oh, God.

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. Hey, relax, ok?

Donna: Oh, dear God.

Michael: While you were at the doctor's, I ordered 24-hour security on this apartment.

Donna: I didnít see anybody when we came in.

Michael: Well, you're not supposed to -- that's the point.

Donna: Oh. Well, it's still a very strange question.

Michael: Well, I -- look, I was just looking for a reason, that's all.

Donna: Well, I suppose. When people are as wealthy as we are, it'd fill up the fantasy life of a lot of people.

Michael: Exactly my point.

Donna: It's certainly not the first time I've been the target.

Michael: Yeah. Look, you must be awfully tired. Do you want to get some rest?

Donna: No, we argued about this in the car. I am going to Sharleneís shower.

Michael: Of course you are. No -- but I think you ought to get a little rest first, donít you? Come on.

Donna: Where will you be?

Michael: I'll be right here, ok? I'm going to call the police. They said they were going to dust the car for prints, so I'll be right here.

Donna: Have I said "thank you"?

Michael: Honey, it's me that's grateful.

Donna: I love you.

Michael: I love you, too. Now, come on, get some rest, ok?

Donna: You'll wake me in an hour or so?

Michael: I'll wake you in an hour.

Donna: All right.

Michael: Ok.

Donna: Thank you. I love you.

Michael: Ok.

Michael: Arianne, it's me. I need to see you now.

Rachel: Well, I've gone over the new budget proposal and I've made some notes for you on it.

Iris: Thank you.

Rachel: I think everything's in order.

Iris: Well, I wish these records were. Are you sure that Matthew didnít get anything else?

Rachel: He had them check and double-check.

Iris: Yeah. Well, would you please let me know if anything else turns up?

Rachel: Of course I will.

Iris: I'll go over these notes later on, ok?

Rachel: All right.

[Phone rings]

Iris: Donít worry -- I know my own way out.

Rachel: Thank you. Hello?

Mitch: Rachel. Listen, I'm glad I got you.

Rachel: Mitch? I can hardly hear you.

Mitch: I canít talk very loud.

Rachel: Are you all right?

Mitch: Yeah, I'm fine. Listen, I may have found the red swan.

Rachel: Why?

Mitch: I said I may have found the red swan.

Rachel: That's terrific! Have you actually seen it?

Mitch: Um -- listen, I canít talk to you now. I'm trying to keep an eye on somebody.

Rachel: What? I canít hear you.

Mitch: I said I canít talk to you, but as soon as I can, I'll let you know. I've got to go.

Rachel: Who? Wait a minute. Mitch, donít hang up -- Mitch?

Iris: Well, you and Mitch have certainly gotten close again, haven't you?

Olivia: My friends and I decided to go someplace less chichi. I'll call you later if I hear from father.

Josie: All right.

Olivia: I canít imagine why he wouldnít say anything to you.

Josie: Well, you know, Olivia, maybe he did call and I just wasn't home.

Olivia: Oh, no, he always leaves a message. Well, anyway, I'd better go. I'll see you later. That ensemble is -- interesting.

Josie: Olivia?

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Josie: Does this mean if you get the fresh faces contract that you'd just give it up and go to Europe with Russ?

Olivia: I never thought about it.

Josie: Yeah, you're always going after so many things at the same time. You may not realize this, but maybe neither of them will come through for you this time.

Olivia: Well, I'm not very worried, actually. I guess I'll just have to decide when the contest is over, wonít I? I must say, I'm growing more and more confident every day.

Josie: Good for you.

Olivia: I hear they're interviewing the candidates next week on tape.

Josie: That's right.

Olivia: I'm very happy that I'm experienced performing in front of people. That has to be a definite advantage. Bye.

Matt: Oh, hey. Oh. Excuse me.

Olivia: Oh. Hello, Matthew.

Matt: Leaving?

Olivia: Yeah. See you around.

Matt: See you later. Oh. How do you do?

Maitre d': May I help you?

Matt: Table -- oh. Ahem. Wowee!

Josie: Hi.

Matt: Whoo! Ok, come on. How many people tonight have come over to this table to tell you that you look fantastic? Come on, give me a rough estimate.

Josie: Oh -- at least 100.

Matt: "At least --" oh, well, that's good. Because I'm 101, and he gets to sit down next to this lovely lady. You look great.

Josie: Thanks. You donít think this is too much just for dinner?

Matt: Who's going to eat dinner?

Josie: Would you stop?

Matt: Stop staring? No way. Where's Tess and Reuben?

Josie: Oh, they're out on the balcony.

Matt: In November?

Josie: Yes. Reuben wanted to show Tess the skyline.

Matt: I've used that one before myself.

Josie: Do you really think I look all right?

Matt: I always think you look great. You look great. Are you kidding me?

Josie: You know, I have another test shoot coming up for fresh faces.

Matt: That's great. You ok?

Josie: Yeah, yeah, sure. Why?

Matt: You seem kind of tense.

Josie: Well, wouldnít you be? I mean, they pick the winner in a few weeks.

Matt: Yeah, but --

Josie: But what?

Matt: Well, you're keeping it in perspective, aren't you?

Josie: What perspective?

Matt: Well, I mean, whatever happens, it's been a great experience, right? I mean, you -- what?

Josie: Losing is not a great experience, Matt.

Reuben: And over there, look, look. Over there, see that? That's that old church you said you like.

Tess: With the gothic spires, right.

Reuben: Right, right. It's not so bad.

Tess: This is great.

Reuben: And you see over there? See the water?

Tess: It's gorgeous. Well, too bad all the leaves are almost gone.

Reuben: Yeah. Yeah, right.

Tess: It's still a great view.

Reuben: Yeah. Sure is.

Tess: Oh, look, Matthewís here.

Reuben: Well, good. Now Josie ain't got to sit by her lonesome.

Tess: But still, I donít want to keep them waiting. This is my party.

Reuben: No. You see, I forgot to tell you. Um -- I'm buying dinner tonight.

Tess: Reuben --

Reuben: And I donít want to argue about it.

Tess: Neither do I.

Reuben: Good.

Tess: We're celebrating my new job. We made a deal.

Reuben: That's right, and we're not going to argue.

Tess: We're not.

Reuben: You have beautiful eyes.

Tess: Donít change the subject.

Reuben: We weren't talking about your eyes before.

Tess: We were talking about how it's my treat.

Reuben: Canít be your treat. You canít even see your eyes.

Tess: You never quit, do you?

Reuben: No, never.

Tess: How am I going to get through to you?

Reuben: You just stay very, very still.

Rachel: Iris, your eavesdropping is getting really tiresome.

Iris: I didnít do anything of the kind.

Rachel: Why were you standing there listening to my conversation?

Iris: Oh, because on the way out, I happened to glance at the papers you gave me, and you forgot to initial a couple, so I came back to talk to you about it -- just in time to hear you begging Mitch to stay on the line.

Rachel: I wasn't begging him, Iris.

Iris: Oh. I misinterpreted.

Rachel: I wanted to find out where he was. I wanted a phone number.

Iris: You mind?

Rachel: I didnít initial them because I donít approve of them.

Iris: Oh, well, I donít know that I approve of you getting so close to Mitch again.

Rachel: I'm not getting close to Mitch, and it's none of your business.

Iris: I'd like you to remember that he hurt Daddy very deeply.

Rachel: Oh, if I were to bar my door against everybody who hurt Mac, then I wouldnít be talking to you, would I? You hurt him, Iris. That's why he kicked you out of Cory Enterprises, and that's why he wouldnít speak to you.

Iris: I think Daddy would be very proud of what Lucas and I are doing with "Sophisticate."

Rachel: I wonder.

Iris: And I think it'll be very good for Cory Publishing.

Rachel: Oh, if it succeeds.

Iris: It will succeed! And I'll be finally recognized as the true leader of Cory and get the power that I deserve.

Rachel: Power for who, you or Lucas?

Iris: I'm sorry, I donít follow.

Rachel: Well, your father's supposed to know Lucas, but I donít think he would approve of the way Lucas leads you around.

Iris: He certainly doesn't lead me around.

Rachel: He's a manipulator, Iris. He uses people to get what he wants.

Iris: Yes, he does get what he wants. And I think that's just the expertise that Cory needs.

Rachel: I would advise you to steer clear of him. Stay away from him, Iris.

Iris: I think that could be a little bit difficult.

Rachel: Why?

Iris: Because he's asked me to marry him.

Matt: What did I say?

Josie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Matt: No --

Josie: I didnít mean to sound like that.

Matt: I'm obviously missing something. Come on, donít leave me hanging.

Josie: Well, the -- the fresh faces isnít just something I want to win. It's my future.

Matt: Your career?

Josie: Right. And a model doesn't have that many years as a career, you know.

Matt: I know.

Josie: And this is something that I have that's all my own.

Matt: Well, canít be replaced, that's for sure.

Josie: You know, I love being around Iris and Lucas. They're such powerful people.

Matt: So you want to win this contest, huh?

Josie: More than anything. And I could really use your support. Ok?

Reuben: Whoo! Ok, you win.

Tess: Win what?

Reuben: The argument. You can buy dinner if you want.

Tess: Thank you.

Reuben: No, no, no, thank you. Believe me, thank you. And you know what?

Tess: What?

Reuben: Um -- tomorrow night, miles Davis is going to be in town, and I know this guy who can get us a table.

Tess: Really?

Reuben: Yeah. So, you want to go?

Tess: Reuben, I saw the ad for that in the paper. The cover charge alone --

Reuben: Oh, come on, donít worry about money so much. I mean, you're rich. Why do you got to look at prices so much?

Tess: I just mean, how can you afford to take me someplace like that?

Reuben: Why do you have to always be so suspicious?

Tess: I'm not being suspicious, I'm just asking.

Reuben: And I'm just asking to take you out, listen to little bit of jazz, not help me rob a bank.

Tess: Anyway, I canít tomorrow night. Sorry.

Reuben: Well, what? What, you have to work or something?

Tess: No.

Reuben: Then what's the problem?

Tess: Actually, I'm going out with Marshall.

Reuben: Marshall? You mean Dr. Marshall? Rich Marshall? That Marshall? That one?

Tess: Yes.

Reuben: Tess, why?

Tess: What?

Reuben: Why would you go out with a guy like that?

Tess: I donít like your tone.

Reuben: Damn. I guess I just got my answer, then, huh?

Tess: Excuse me.

Arianne: Please donít look at me like that.

Michael: Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to smile? You want me to be happy?

Arianne: Michael, the club isnít the threat here, Lucas is.

Michael: I know that.

Arianne: And you know what he's capable of.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Arianne: What do you think would happen to you and your family if Lucas found out you were poking into his business? We can help you.

Michael: Yes, but being associated with the club, it can also hurt me. I'm better off by myself.

Arianne: What makes you think that?

Michael: If Lucas finds out I am onto him, he will underestimate me if he thinks I'm by myself.

Arianne: It's not that simple. Our people are going after Lucas with or without your help. If it turns out the help you've already given us should ever be exposed --

Michael: Wait, are you -- are you threatening me?

Arianne: Oh, this is all hypothetical. But there have been leaks.

Michael: Really?

Arianne: If the worst were to happen, would you want to have to face Lucas on your own? Plus, working together again, we can put him away that much faster.

Michael: Look, I will not have my arm twisted.

Arianne: No one likes his arm twisted. Think of your wife, your children. Let's see, one of them is in Europe, isnít she? Lucas would have no problem getting to her over there. And then your other daughter just had a baby, didnít she? And then there's that -- that young boy, the adorable --

Michael: All right, all right, all right! I got the point. I will have to think about it.

Arianne: Thank you. That's all I can expect from one meeting. We'll be in touch.

Michael: Took you long enough.

Arianne: What's wrong?

Michael: Donna.

Arianne: She didnít find out what you're doing, did she?

Michael: That's what I like about you, Arianne. You really care --

Arianne: I'm sorry.

Michael: About the people who risk their lives, who risk their family's lives.

Arianne: Michael, I'm sorry, ok?

Michael: Being sorry does not help.

Arianne: What's going on with your wife?

Michael: Donna was almost killed today.

Arianne: Lucas?

Michael: If you mean, was it Lucas who personally had his hands around Donnaís neck in the Tops garage, I donít think so.

Arianne: But you think he might have been behind it?

Michael: I donít know!

Arianne: Calm --

Michael: All I know is my wife was almost killed today.

Arianne: Michael, calm down.

Michael: "Calm down, calm down"? We're talking about my wife!

Arianne: Michael, we're not going to get anywhere if you canít think straight. Now, you said it happened in a garage?

Michael: Yes.

Arianne: Was anything stolen?

Michael: Stolen? I donít know.

Arianne: Could it have been a mugging?

Michael: No, no, it was a real pro.

Arianne: Did you see his face?

Michael: No, he was wearing a mask.

Arianne: Then how did you know it was --

Michael: Because of the moves that he put on me when I had him cornered. Arianne --


Michael: This was not some street punk trying to steal my wife's purse. I know a pro when I see one.

Arianne: Do you want to attract a crowd, or can we go over this calmly?

Michael: Calmly. All right.

Arianne: You're upset. I understand. How's your wife?

Michael: She seems to be all right. She's resting.

Arianne: Michael, could it have been Lucas?

Michael: Lucas -- Lucas -- you know, if you keep trying to connect everything to Lucas, you may miss something, you know that?

Arianne: We're aware of that. The problem is everything keeps coming back to him. Donít forget about Catherine March.

Michael: Yeah. I still haven't figured that one out.

Arianne: Neither have we. But she did work for Lucas.

Michael: Yeah, and he fired her weeks before her body was found.

Arianne: Maybe he felt she knew too much. Maybe she was trying to blackmail him. Who knows?

Michael: That's right! Who knows? All I know is someone tried to kill my wife today. That's what I know.

Arianne: Look, it's scary. I know that. But we have to keep after him.

Michael: No, you -- you have to keep after him. You have to keep after the art thieves, you have to keep after Lucas, you have to keep after that red swan, the people who killed Catherine March -- everybody -- you and your club!

Arianne: We will.

Michael: Fine.

Arianne: But that still doesn't let you off the hook.

Michael: Meaning what?

Arianne: What are you going to do about your wife?

Michael: I have her under 24-hour surveillance.

Arianne: Michael, these people must know we're coming after them. If they've connected you to us, your 24-hour --

Michael: I know that! I know that! Donít you think I know that? Why do you think I called you here?

Arianne: Fine. The problem is we canít protect people without exposing ourselves even more.

Michael: Oh, that's great. That's just great. Thanks a lot. I call you, I need your help, and what do you do?

Arianne: It canít be done. You know that.

Michael: So what am I supposed to do?

Arianne: Make sure your wife's not the target.

Michael: Well, how do I do that, Arianne? Lock her in a tower somewhere?

Arianne: No. But there is something.

Michael: What?

Arianne: You could leave her.

Michael: Are you out of your mind?

Arianne: Not at all.


Michael: I wonít leave her.

Arianne: Shall we go over this step by step?

Michael: Hey, are you listening to me?

Arianne: Michael, if you love your wife as much as you say you love your wife --

Michael: I do, and I wonít do it.

Arianne: Shall we go over it?

Michael: Fine, fine. You go over it.

Arianne: If this art theft ring is onto you, the only way to protect Donna and your family is to remove yourself from them.

Michael: So what do I do, Arianne? Do I just leave Donna and the kids as if I donít care and pray that Lucas is stupid enough to believe it?

Arianne: They may already be trying to get to you through her. What else can you do?

Michael: I can take Donna and the kids away from you and the club and Lucas as far as humanly possible.

Arianne: Oh, and you think they canít be found if someone wants to find them?

Michael: I donít know.

Arianne: If it were a particularly bitter separation -- if the children sided with her, you could become the only target.

Michael: I canít believe that's the only way.

Arianne: It's the only way if you want to protect her.

Michael: No, I -- I wonít leave her.

Arianne: You have to.

Michael: I canít. She's -- she's vulnerable right now.

Arianne: She's vulnerable to whomever killed Catherine March, too.

Michael: Oh -- oh, yeah. You got an answer for everything, donít you?

Arianne: All right, what's the alternative?

Michael: Well, I tell you what. Why donít I just -- just say that I need some time to be alone, all right? I could -- I could chalk it up to some business deal or something, huh?

Arianne: That would be worse than doing nothing. If Donna knew you didnít really leave her, then these people we're after would know the same thing.

Michael: Fine! So I'll tell her what's going on, all right? She'll know exactly what I'm doing.

Arianne: She'd still be a target. Only this time, you wouldnít be there to protect her.

Arianne: You have to make a complete break. An immediate break.

Michael: Yeah.

Arianne: I care about you, Michael. I wish you understood that.

Michael: You care because the club wants to use me.

Arianne: No, that's not true. I care about you as -- but that's beside the point. We have to be logical.

Michael: Logical, huh?

Arianne: Later, theoretically, when this is all over, you can tell Donna the whole story -- minus your involvement with us, of course.

Michael: Well, what -- what am I supposed to do? I mean, I -- I canít -- I canít just walk out.

Arianne: Will you ever be able to forgive yourself if you donít do this, and they come after her to get to you?

Michael: God, what am I going to do?

Arianne: The way I see it, you really donít have any choice.

Iris: Yes, Felipe, so we'll make it 10:00. That will be fine. Bye.

Rachel: Lucas really proposed to you?

Iris: Yes. We were discussing the possibility last night.

Rachel: You're not seriously going to go through with this?

Iris: Well, of course I am.

Rachel: Iris, you donít know anything about him.

Iris: Oh, come off it, Rachel. We've been working side by side for some months now.

Rachel: Boy, I canít believe it. You're the one that was always worried about what your father would think.

Iris: Oh, yeah, well, what's this got to do with it?

Rachel: Well, what do you think he would think about you and Lucas?

Iris: I donít know. What do you think he'd think about you and Mitch Blake?

Rachel: What does that have to do with anything?

Iris: Are you really blind?

Rachel: Iris, Mitch and I are friends.

Iris: You believe that?

Rachel: Yes, I do. It's true.

Iris: Ok, Rachel. I think you really are blind, so I'll just spell it out. I think you're falling in love with Mitch Blake all over again.

Rachel: Oh, that's not true.

Iris: And the sooner you admit it, the better off you'll be.

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