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Another World Transcript Monday 10/10/05

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Evan: Hi.

Amanda: Hi. Thanks for meeting me here.

Evan: Well, yeah. You said you had something you wanted to tell me.

Amanda: Well, yeah. I wanted to catch you before you got too busy.

Evan: What is it?

Amanda: Have you talked to Iris?

Evan: Not today.

Amanda: I mean about Friday, your trip to New York City?

Evan: No, actually, I need to get on that right away because if she's going to rearrange her schedule, she should have enough notice.

Amanda: Donít bother.

Evan: Excuse me?

Amanda: I looked over your proposal for Kerner Associates, and I think this is going to be a pretty important meeting.

Evan: Well, I told you that yesterday.

Amanda: So, donít bother asking Iris. I'll be going with you.

Michael: Wait, are you sure it was Catherine March? No. No, no, that just means that no one is safe now. All right, look, I'll be there as soon as I can, Arianne. I will do my best. I have to go. Bye. Hi. You still here?

Donna: Yes, I am.

Michael: Well, sleep well?

Donna: No, not really.

Michael: No? Why? I had a wonderful time last night.

Donna: Once you got home.

Michael: You look beautiful. Is that new?

Donna: If you slept so well, why have you been up since dawn?

Michael: Oh, well, I just had to get up and read some contracts, that's all. As a matter of fact, I'm going to be late. I got to go to the office.

Donna: Ah -- I see.

Michael: Donna, it's a work day, ok?

Donna: There's one thing that we never did discuss last night, Michael.

Michael: Well, I got to tell you, nonverbal communication worked fine for me, hmm?

Donna: What was the crisis that sent you running out into the middle of the night?

Michael: Ah, rats. I donít believe it.

Donna: What?

Michael: I left the year-end report upstairs on the desk. I'm sure Mikey is drawing a mural on it right now.

Donna: Who is she, Michael?

Vicky: What I was thinking of doing was knocking down this entire wall between the bedroom and the study and having just this huge, enormous bedroom, the thought of working out in Jamieís old work space appealed to me much more.

Derek: We can handle it, Mrs. Frame.

Vicky: Please donít call me that. My name is Vicky. Anyway, I want all the carpeting ripped out, I want the wood floors instead, and I want mirrors over every wall.

Derek: Ok, you just tell me what you want and I'll build it for you.

Vicky: Good! The most important thing is that that room doesn't look like it ever housed a doctor or his medical books, ok?

Derek: I understand.

Vicky: Good.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: Oh, it's not a good time for company. I'll be back, ok?

Lucas: I decided to do this myself.

Griffen: I thought you might need some help.

Lucas: Like you did with Catherine March?

Griffen: You need the red swan.

Lucas: I'll get it. Now get out of here!

Vicky: Lucas. What can I do for you?

Lucas: You have something I want. May I come in?

[Knock on door]

Mitch: Hey.

Sam: Hey, bro. What are you doing here?

Mitch: Well, I came by to see Matthew, but Hilda told me that he's gone to Chicago for the day.

Sam: Yeah, he's doing some research for Rachel. I donít know what.

Mitch: She's not here either, is she?

Sam: Nope. She went to work early. So what's going on?

Mitch: Nothing. Why?

Sam: Well, I see your car here a lot, but I never see you. You're always with Rachel.

Mitch: Well, I've been helping her out with a couple of things.

Sam: Hmm. So, how's Felicia?

Mitch: She's fine.

Sam: Yeah. Well, I expect to see her every time I see your car here, but I never do, it's just you.

Mitch: Rachel and I are friends, you know.

Sam: Yeah. Well, you're also a lot more than that.

Mitch: So how's Amanda?

Sam: She's fine.

Mitch: Good, good. I'm glad to hear that. I was thinking about inviting the two of you over, maybe for dinner some night this weekend.

Sam: Well, but we're going to be out of town.

Mitch: Oh, yeah?

Sam: Yeah, Amandaís got some business meetings in New York.

Mitch: Are you going?

Sam: Yeah.

Mitch: That's good, that's good. I just saw her with Evan up at the house.

Sam: Oh, yeah?

Mitch: Does that bother you?

Sam: No. Why? Should it?

Mitch: Well, it used to.

Sam: Well, ever since we got back from Bermuda, his name hardly comes up.

Mitch: I'm glad to hear that.

Sam: Yeah. We've never been closer.

Mitch: Does that mean that she's talking to you more about everything?

Sam: Yeah. Why?

Mitch: Well, I just know that sometimes when things used to bother Rachel, she had a tendency to go underground, and Amanda is her daughter.

Sam: Mm-hmm. So listen, why donít you and Felicia go away for a while?

Mitch: Sounds like a good idea. It's just not a good time.

Sam: Oh, come on, make the time. I mean, hey, it's important to get in touch with your lady.

Mitch: You're right, you're right. What is this, you're lecturing me?

Sam: No, I'm not doing that.

Mitch: Everything is fine. Feliciaís happy, I'm happy -- we're all happy, ok?

Sam: Ok.

Evan: So what made you change your mind?

Amanda: I told you. I think this is going to be a very important meeting.

Evan: Well, that's great.

Amanda: Besides, Sam and I have been wanting to go back to New York for such a long time.

Evan: Hold on a minute here.

Amanda: What, didnít I mention that? Samís going to go with me.

Evan: Amanda, this isnít a vacation. We've got meetings scheduled from breakfast to dinner. I donít have time for you to run around the city.

Amanda: Sam knows how busy I'm going to be. He'll be busy, too. He'll be visiting the galleries in Soho.

Evan: You know, I donít believe this.

Amanda: What difference does it make to you? You're not going to see him.

Evan: You're a real piece of work, Amanda.

Amanda: Sam is going with me, and you have no say in the matter.

Evan: No, I guess I donít.

Amanda: Besides, New York is very special to us. That's where we decided to get married.

Evan: Oh, how nice for you.

Amanda: So I wouldnít imagine going there without him.

Evan: Let me ask you one question.

Amanda: What's that?

Evan: Why do you need Sam there?

Amanda: I just told you.

Evan: I heard what you said, Amanda.

Amanda: Well, then what's the problem?

Evan: What you're not saying is that you're bringing your husband along because you're afraid to be alone with me.

Olivia: Hi. Oh. Am I interrupting?

Evan: Actually, you are, we're right in the middle --

Amanda: No, not at all. It's fine, Olivia.

Olivia: You said you'd help me with my clothes today.

Amanda: Yes, I remember.

Olivia: Do you have time now?

Amanda: Yes, I do. Excuse me. I'll be right back, ok?

[Olivia hums]

Evan: Well, you're working all the angles, aren't you?

Olivia: What are you talking about?

Evan: "Help me with my clothes"?

Olivia: Yes. I might borrow something of hers for the fresh faces campaign.

Evan: What's next? Plastic surgery?

Olivia: Amanda is helping me get ready for my test shots.

Evan: Oh, really?

Olivia: Not that it's any of your business.

Evan: You know, you sure do spend a lot of time here, donít you?

Olivia: Well, Evan, you should know. You seem to be here an awful lot yourself.

Evan: No, I work with Rachel and Amanda.

Olivia: And I'm their friend.

Evan: "Their friend"?

Olivia: Sam and Amandaís.

Evan: Samís model. Well, you're just a busy little girl, aren't you?

Olivia: Look, Evan, why are you doing this?

Evan: Doing what?

Olivia: You're not going to cause any trouble, are you?

Evan: Trouble?

Olivia: Please donít tell Amanda what I told you about Sam the other night.

Evan: Oh, donít worry. My lips are sealed.

Amanda: Ok. Here, I've got a bunch of stuff that I picked out this morning, ok?

Olivia: Oh, this is really great, Amanda. Thanks so much.

Amanda: Right.

Olivia: Oh, but -- aren't these a little conservative?

Amanda: Well, you asked me what I would wear.

Olivia: Oh, I know, but I was hoping for something a little more -- these will be fine. Where can I change?

Amanda: Upstairs, first bedroom on the right.

Olivia: Ok. Thanks. Nice to see you, Evan.

Amanda: So, are we all settled?

Evan: Oh, sure.

Amanda: Good, no more hassles about Sam?

Evan: No, actually, I've thought it over, and you're right. You should bring Sam.

Amanda: Thank you.

Evan: And I'm going to bring Vicky.

Vicky: Huh.

Vicky: I'm sorry the place is such a mess, Lucas.

Lucas: Oh, what mess?

Vicky: He's not even a year old yet. I donít know how he does it.

Lucas: Donít worry about the house.

Vicky: Ok -- you said I have something you want.

Lucas: Yes, your signature.

Vicky: I see. Ok, can you just give me a second and I'll free my hands?

Vicky: All right, what do you need my signature for?

Lucas: You are a major stockholder of Cory, right?

Vicky: Yeah.

Lucas: Well, this is just to indicate that you understand the budget of "Sophisticate." 

Vicky: Lucas?

Lucas: Yes.

Vicky: I canít sign anything without my lawyer looking at it first.

Lucas: Oh, that's not --

Vicky: Lucas --

Lucas: What?

Vicky: I'm sorry. I may be irresponsible about some things, but I donít even sign a birthday card without my attorney approving.

Lucas: Fine.

Vicky: Good.

Lucas: Nice place.

Vicky: Thank you.

Lucas: Can I have a tour?

Vicky: I would normally love to, but I've got a contractor here. It's a very busy day --

[Bell rings]

Vicky: That is actually a casserole in the oven that I'm supposed to look after.

Lucas: Go right ahead.

Derek: What are you doing here?

Lucas: I came to see Vicky.

Derek: She told you to meet her, what, in her bedroom?

Lucas: Well, no, actually, she's doing something in the kitchen. I heard a noise, which was obviously you. What brings you here?

Vicky: Lucas, what are you doing in here? I told you I had a contractor here.

Lucas: Well, I heard a noise and just came in to see what it was.

Vicky: How heroic of you.

Lucas: Hmm. Well, I'll let you two get back to work. I'll see myself out.

Vicky: Yeah, I'll have my lawyer look at those papers.

Lucas: Great. Bye.

Vicky: That guy --

Derek: What did he want?

Vicky: Oh, I donít know. He said he had some papers for me to sign, but he knows I canít sign them without my lawyers looking at them.

Derek: He does?

Vicky: Well, of course he does. He's a businessman. He knows better than that.

Derek: Yeah, I guess it was pretty strange.

Vicky: Yeah. You know, I wonder if he was trying to pull something over on me.

Derek: Can we finish this a little later?

Vicky: Why?

Derek: I just forgot something at the office. See ya.

Vicky: Well, if you call me later, I may not be here when you get back --

Derek: Yeah.

Vicky: Oh, what is happening around here?

[Hip-hop plays]

Tess: Hello? Hello?

Reuben: Oh, Tess, how you doing?

Tess: Can you turn that thing off? Reuben, I waited for hours for you yesterday. You never came back.

Reuben: Oh -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Tess: I didnít even know if we're having dinner tonight. So I came here to talk.

Reuben: Ok, go ahead, shoot.

Tess: Well, I didnít know where you were. I was upset, and then I was worried.

Reuben: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really blew it. It's my fault.

Tess: I had to wait here with Cecile all alone.

Reuben: With Cecile?

Tess: The woman that was sitting here. She was waiting for Cass.

Reuben: There was nobody here when I got back.

Tess: Well, that's odd. She looked like she was planted here for the duration. She barged in and insisted she had to see Cass.

Reuben: Oh, a client named Cecile?

Tess: I donít know. She seemed to know him pretty well.

Reuben: Well, if it was important, I guess she'll come back. Look, thanks a lot for sticking around yesterday. Sometimes I just donít know where my head's at.

Tess: There's another thing, too.

Reuben: What?

Tess: I know you feel weird because I'm making more money.

Reuben: No, no, it's cool.

Tess: Oh, Reuben, I wish it was. You make money so important.

Reuben: It's important if you ain't got it.

Tess: Reuben, I donít care that you live in a boarding house and that your mother cleaned other people's offices.

Reuben: Well, I care! I care a lot.

Tess: I just meant that I --

Reuben: That you accept me for what I am. Swell. Maybe it matters to me. Maybe it always has, Tess. My mother worked until 2:00 in the morning just to feed us, and word on the street is if you're poor and honest, then you stay poor and honest. Can you understand that?

Tess: I'm sorry.

Reuben: No, no, no, I donít want your sympathy. I'm just trying to tell you something. Now, we had it bad, ok? We wore hand-me-downs, we lived in two rooms, and, Tess, we was hungry. Hungry, Tess. You wouldnít know about that, would you?

Tess: You know I donít.

Reuben: I really hope you never do. It's the worst emptiness.

Tess: Is that why you started getting in trouble?

Reuben: I stole some groceries and some stuff from a supermarket. My mama found out about it, and so she beat me with a belt -- me! Now, I'm trying to be the breadwinner, right?

Tess: You must have felt so helpless, and angry.

Reuben: I decided at that moment my family would never need anything ever again, and I didnít care how I did it, either. Now, if that's what you call having an "attitude," I'm proud of it.

Donna: What's wrong with you?

Jake: You didnít show up at the studio today. We had a 1:00 appointment with the guy from the chamber of commerce.

Donna: Oh -- oh, no, I forgot!

Jake: You're just forgetting Donna, left me in the lurch. I had to dance around questions about you for half an hour!

Donna: Me? Why?

Jake: Yeah, we're supposed to shoot some video for these people. Some friend of yours suggested it.

Donna: Oh, Jake, I'm sorry. I'm -- I forgot. I'll call him right now. I've just had a lot of things on my mind I've had to deal with this morning.

Jake: Is Michael home?

Donna: For now.

Jake: Did you ask him about what I saw?

Donna: Are you crazy?

Jake: Donna, if you want to know what's going on with him or who that woman was, you just ask him straight out.

Donna: I will. I will, in time.

Jake: This is really eating you up, isnít it?

Michael: Hey, Jake.

Jake: Michael.

Michael: I see more of you these days than I did when you were married to my daughter.

Jake: Oh, business will do that. You should know.

Michael: Oh, are you guys going to work here today?

Donna: Yes.

Jake: No. I'm giving your wife a ride to work.

Michael: Oh. Well, how considerate of you. Look, honey, I'm sorry, I got to go, got to be at work.

Donna: Yeah, Michael --

Michael: What? What, what?

Donna: I have to talk to you.

Michael: I'm sorry. Honey, I got to go to work. Look, I'll tell you what -- we can talk later, right?

Donna: Could we just have an early supper, perhaps, at Tops?

Michael: Sure, sure, that's fine.

Donna: Around 5:00?

Michael: Yeah, fine, that's great.

Donna: And you wonít be late? You promise, because this is very important to me.

Michael: Honey, I wonít be late. I promise you, ok? See you later. I got to go. Bye.

Donna: See what I mean? See how frantic he was to get out of here?

Jake: Ask him at dinner. Ask him at dinner.

Donna: I just have to figure out a way to put it. I canít let him know that I sent you to follow him.

Jake: Donna, I know you're upset. We have a lot of work to do at the studio. I need your help.

Donna: Me? Since when?

Jake: Since word got out that my partner is Bay Cityís biggest social butterfly.

Donna: Jake, I have to have time to think this out.

Jake: To think it out? What do you say -- you say, "Michael, I know you're seeing a woman." There's no thinking it out.

Donna: Jake, the concept of infidelity is new to me. I donít speak of it as easily as you do, all right?

Jake: I'm sorry.

Donna: Besides, I canít confront him with it unless I have facts. It's a very delicate situation.

Jake: You're not coming into work today, are you?

Donna: I canít. I have to see Victoria. I have to try to have this talk with Michael.

Jake: I donít want to hear your entire social calendar, Donna. Can I count on you tomorrow?

Donna: I'll try.

Jake: Donna, "I'll try" --

Donna: Jake, I said I would try! I canít do any better than that.

Jake: You be careful, ok?

Donna: I will.

Jake: Can I give you some advice?

Donna: You can try.

Jake: Sometimes, Donna, what you donít know can hurt you. If Michael is having an affair, make sure you're ready to deal with it.

Sam: Hey, hon, how you doing? I thought you'd be to work by now.

Olivia: Hi, Sam.

Sam: Olivia.

Olivia: What do you think?

Sam: For a minute there, I thought you were Amanda.

Olivia: Oh, Amandaís in the library with Evan Bates.

Sam: Still?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. He seems to be here an awful lot.

Sam: Yeah, well, he works for Cory Enterprises.

Olivia: Ah, he likes to make house calls, then.

Sam: Yeah, you could put it that way.

Olivia: I donít like him.

Sam: Well, I hate him.

Olivia: That must be difficult for you.

Sam: No, actually, I'm very comfortable with it.

Olivia: No, I mean that he and Amanda are so close.

Sam: They work together.

Olivia: Ah. Like us.

Sam: Yeah, like us.

Olivia: Well, I feel great today. I'm ready to pose if you're ready to sketch.

Sam: Well, I'm still mixing some paints. You can come back later if you want to.

Olivia: Oh, that's all right. I wonít get in your way. So I got a letter from my father yesterday. Says he'll have good news soon.

Sam: So he's not disinheriting you, I take it.

Olivia: Hardly.

Sam: Hmm.

Olivia: I think he's going to ask me to join him in France.

Sam: I thought you liked it here in Bay City.

Olivia: Oh, I do. But the south of France --

Sam: Oh, yeah, it's just a little bit more exotic, I guess.

Olivia: Yeah. I would miss things here. I've grown very fond of a couple people. If I had a good reason to stay -- so, you never told me. What do you think of Amandaís dress?

Sam: Oh, so that is Amandaís dress.

Olivia: Donít you recognize it?

Sam: Well, yeah. I just thought that there was --

Olivia: Oh, come on, Sam. If you didnít know better, you'd think that I was her. (Woman) you are my sister, young, old, red, black, or white.

Sam: Why are you wearing my wife's clothes?

Olivia: For the fresh faces thing. Amanda said she'd give me some fashion tips.

Sam: Oh, I see.

Olivia: Do I have to ask you again?

Sam: What?

Olivia: What do you think, Sam?

Sam: It's all wrong for you, Olivia.

Olivia: I thought you liked it.

Sam: I do -- on Amanda.

Olivia: Oh.

Sam: Look, Olivia, you're pretending to be somebody else. You should just be who you are instead.

Olivia: I really thought you'd like it.

Sam: Olivia, I like the way you dress.

Olivia: I donít.

Sam: Look, if you want to photograph well and if you want to be able to sit for me so I can paint you, you really have to relax and be comfortable with who you are. You have to move with your own style.

Olivia: That's the problem. I donít have any style.

Sam: Well, you're not confident enough to see it, not yet.

Olivia: Do you think I can be?

Sam: Yeah. I think you're well on your way there. Hey, you're a sweet kid. People like you for who you are, not what you wear. Boy, do I sound like a father.

Olivia: Mine, specifically.

Sam: I donít mean to.

Olivia: Oh, well.

Sam: So, look, do you want to get to work? I'm kind of tired of mixing paints.

Olivia: Actually, I donít feel very much like posing today.

Sam: I didnít mean to upset you.

Olivia: Oh, you havenít. I'm fine. I just -- I just remembered that Aunt Liz asked me specifically to run errands for her today, and I forgot, so maybe we can work tomorrow or something.

Sam: Olivia?

Olivia: Yeah.

Sam: Remember what I said, ok?

Olivia: How can I forget?

Amanda: Ahem.

Evan: Oh, hi. Is Alli ok?

Amanda: Yeah, she's fine. Can we continue our conversation, please?

Evan: Well, what else is there to say?

Amanda: You were going to bring your girlfriend on a business trip?

Evan: And you were going to bring your husband. I really donít see the difference.

Amanda: You're doing this just to spite me.

Evan: Amanda, this has nothing to do with you. I just want to have something to do at night after a long day in meetings, just like you.

Amanda: You know how I feel about Vicky.

Evan: And I'm also thinking about Sam.

Amanda: Oh. Yeah, sure.

Evan: No, he and Vicky like each other, right? So she can keep him company during the day.

Amanda: Over my dead body.

Evan: Amanda, you're not feeling threatened or anything, are you?

Amanda: By Vicky? Please.

Evan: Amanda, I'm trying to be reasonable. I've compromised. I hope you can do the same.

Amanda: Forget it.

Evan: No, ma'am. You bring Sam, I bring Vicky.

Amanda: I mean forget Sam and Vicky.

Evan: What?

Amanda: If this is a business trip, then let's just make it a business trip, all right?

Evan: What do you mean, exactly?

Amanda: I mean that I donít think I can sit through a whole weekend next to you and Vicky being as nauseatingly affectionate as you were last night at Tops.

Evan: You still haven't said what you mean.

Amanda: I mean that the two of us should go on the business trip alone. Deal?

Evan: Amanda, you drive a hard bargain, but it's a deal.

Lucas: You're late.

Griffen: Sorry.

Lucas: We'll meet here from now on.

Griffen: You donít have the red swan.

Lucas: No, it's still at Victoria Frame's house.

Griffen: Great.

Lucas: We have to do this right.

Griffen: Did you see it?

Lucas: Yes.

Griffen: Why didnít you take it?

Lucas: Because I donít work like you. What happened to you, Sanders? You used to know how to be careful.

Griffen: "Careful" doesn't mean much when you have a deadline, does it, Lucas?

Lucas: I want you to go to the house and take that statue.

Griffen: Fine.

Lucas: But be careful, because Victoriaís home and she's got a guy working there named Derek Dane.

Griffen: I can handle it.

Lucas: Dane can be very suspicious, and he may cause trouble.

Griffen: I know how to handle people who get in the way.

Lucas: Nobody else gets hurt. Do you understand?

Griffen: It's under control, Lucas.

Lucas: I am dead serious, Griffen.

Griffen: So am I.

Donna: You're going to have your own personal gymnasium?

Vicky: Yeah, well --

Donna: Canít you just be satisfied to renovate the study?

Vicky: Well, I thought the gym was an inspiration, mother.

Donna: What's that?

Vicky: Well, it's a music box. Steven loved it yesterday, doesn't like it so much today, but I think we should show you what it -- want to see what this does? Look at this. Ok, we turn this --

Donna: Darling, do you want to go into Stevenís bedroom and play with his toys? Why donít you go play with Steven? He's lonesome!

Vicky: Oh, come on! Let's go. You know what I have up there? I have some big trucks. Want to go look at the trucks?

Donna: Yeah, go see Steven.

Vicky: Stevenís not old enough to play with them yet. Come on, go -- now, you know where the room is. It's right down there. He's getting so big.

Donna: He certainly is. I just wanted to talk to you alone.

Vicky: Oh, you thought he would overhear something?

Donna: Well, he's a little precocious.

Vicky: Ah, so what's up?

Donna: Do you think I need a new look?

Vicky: What?

Donna: You know, cut my hair or a new wardrobe or something.

Vicky: No.

Donna: Really?

Vicky: Mother, really. You're beautiful. You have beautiful hair, gorgeous clothes, a beautiful life. Why change perfection?

Donna: Let's not gild the lily here.

Vicky: Now, come on. Now, what's really going on? You bored or something?

Donna: Well, I'm not bored, but maybe your father is.

Vicky: Oh, now I no you've lost it. Dad adores you.

Donna: Well, I know he adores me, but -- you know how men are.

Vicky: What's going on?

Donna: Nothing. Really, there's nothing going on. Is John going to help you renovate the study?

Vicky: Well, actually, not John -- Derek Dane.

Donna: What?

Vicky: What's wrong with him?

Donna: He's out on bail for theft! He might be responsible for having stolen my Ming vase!

Vicky: I donít have anything Ming. Besides, he's not going to do anything, I promise you.

Donna: How do you know?

Vicky: A gut feeling.

Donna: Well, you're going to be really surprised if all your valuables start disappearing when he's working here.

Vicky: Mother, I trust him. Believe me, nothing's going to happen, ok?

Donna: Are you insured?

[Vicky laughs]

Vicky: What? You're really serious about this whole thing.

Donna: You were always very careless --

Vicky: Look who's here! Did you come to play with toys? Did you come to play with this wonderful toy?

Donna: Steven, ok.

Vicky: Look at this. Look at this. Do you want to see how this works? Ok, listen. Listen to this wonderful music.

["Sing a song of sixpence" plays]

Donna: Well, it sounds pretty. It's too bad it's so hideous-looking.

Vicky: Oh, it's not that bad.

Donna: Look at him. He loves this.

Vicky: Yes, he does. You know, I have a great idea. Would you like to take this home with you? You would? Well, then it's all settled. You're going to have this wonderful toy.

Donna: All right.

Derek: Mitch.

Mitch: What's happening, Derek?

Derek: It's about Felicia. Can you keep her away from Lucas? Far away?

Mitch: What's happened?

Derek: It's Lucas. He's got the red swan, I'm sure of it.

Mitch: Tell me what you know.

Derek: Ok. When Stacey and I were looking for the swan, we met a woman named Catherine March.

Mitch: Right, she used to work for Lucas.

Derek: That's right. And she was about to tell us everything she knows about the swan when -- she just disappeared.

Mitch: What does this have to do with Felicia?

Derek: You remember that fence I told you about?

Mitch: Yeah.

Derek: Well, it's kind of a long story, but Fanny was at my place last night. Did she tell you about that?

Mitch: No, I got in late and she was still asleep this morning.

Derek: Cal -- he's the fence. Cops have him now. He started spouting off about Lucas, how he's the head of this huge ring that deals in stolen art all the time.

Mitch: Does Felicia know about this?

Derek: She heard it. She wouldnít believe any of it was true.

Mitch: No, she wouldnít believe that Lucas would do anything illegal.

Derek: Well, you know, I didnít, either. I didnít believe it myself for a long time, but -- because I know where Lucas is from, and Fanny knows that, too. You know, people like us -- we donít like to turn on people that we grew up with. It kind of sticks in our craw.

Mitch: Ok, ok. So what worries you about all of this?

Derek: He's getting antsy about something.

Mitch: About what?

Derek: I donít know. But I was at Vicky Frame's today for a construction job, and Lucas shows up. And he gives her some story about how he's got some papers for her to sign. Now, even Vicky thought that he was after something else. I just donít know what it was yet.

Mitch: What does she have that Lucas would want?

Derek: Oh, man, I donít know.

Derek: Oh, I donít believe this.

Mitch: What?

Derek: I know where the red swan is.

Tess: You had it tough growing up.

Reuben: I made it, didnít I?

Tess: But I donít want you to blow your future. Reuben, you've got a chance to make something of your life now.

Reuben: Here? Oh, yeah -- you, too, can have a rewarding career as a file clerk/messenger.

Tess: You're doing it again.

Reuben: There's nothing for me here, Tess.

Tess: Well, Reuben, you have options.

Reuben: What? Well, go ahead, name one. Tell me.

Tess: Choose a career. Go back to school. What's stopping you?

Reuben: You know what? Can we continue this over a walk? I mean, sometimes I think better on a fresh dose of air.

Tess: Sure.

Reuben: And then we can talk about this evening, and you celebrating your new job at Tops.

Tess: You're on.

Reuben: No, no, no. It's on me, though, ok?

Tess: Oh, Reuben, please! I canít believe you're doing this again.

Reuben: All right, ok, ok, ok. You win, all right? It's your party. One day I'm going to change that. One day I'm going to be the one celebrating. Come on, let's go.

Michael: I got here as quickly as I could.

Arianne: It's back.

Michael: What?

Arianne: We just got the word. The swan is back in Bay City. It has been for a few days.

Michael: Lucas has it?

Arianne: Yes, but not for long.

Michael: What do you mean?

Arianne: He's planning to move it very soon.

Michael: That means we have to get close to him as quickly as possible.

Arianne: You're in the best position.

Michael: Great. Great.

Arianne: Michael, the situation has escalated. You must be very careful.

Michael: I know that.

Arianne: If Lucas finds out you work with us --

Michael: He wonít, all right? He wonít.

Arianne: I know I donít have to tell you that.

Michael: I will watch my back.

Arianne: There's one other thing.

Michael: What?

Arianne: We spoke about this before. If Lucas perceives you as a threat, he'll strike at you where you're most vulnerable.

Michael: I know that! I know this puts Donna and the kids in great danger.

Arianne: What are you going to do?

Michael: I am going to protect my family, no matter what it takes.

Vicky: Sure you donít want to stay for lunch?

Donna: I canít.

Vicky: I didnít cook, I promise. Bridget made a casserole and left some fresh bread.

Donna: No, no, no, it's not that. I'm having an early dinner with your father at Tops, and I donít want to ruin my appetite.

Vicky: Ah. Is this little guy going, huh?

Donna: Heavens, no. That's why we have to run. I've got to drop him off over at the Hansonís' to play with their little monster child.

Vicky: Oh, you're not a little biased, are you?

Donna: Well, he is. He's a terror. 

[Vicky laughs]

Donna: Look at this one. He's so quiet.

Vicky: He is.

Donna: You give him toys to play with, he gets totally involved. He's very gifted.

Vicky: Yes, he is. Mom, do you mind if I ask you a question?

Donna: No.

Vicky: Why did you say you thought Dad was bored with you earlier?

Donna: Did I say that?

Vicky: Listen, you've stuck by me these last few months. I donít know what I would've done without you.

Donna: Excuse me, am I hearing you correctly?

Vicky: All right, I'm a brat.

Donna: Yes, you're a brat.

Vicky: But you've been really good to me, and I donít know what I would've done without you.

Donna: That means a lot to me, it really does.

Vicky: Well, now will you let me return the favor? Would you please tell me what's going on with you and Dad?

Donna: Donít worry about me and your father. We will riffle through whatever is going on --

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: Whatever it is. We always have.

Vicky: Do you promise that you'll talk to me if you need someone to talk to?

Donna: I promise.

Vicky: Ok.

Donna: Darling, let's go. Let's get over to Gregoryís house before he tears it totally apart.

Vicky: You're going to go play! All right -- well, Mom, aren't you forgetting something?

Donna: Oh, yes. All right.

Vicky: You want this to go home.

Donna: You want to take this home? Let's put this in the back seat and maybe he'll forget about it. Come on, darling.

Vicky: How cruel.

Donna: Can you open the door for Mommy?

Vicky: Oh!

Donna: Come on, you're a big boy. I know you can reach the door handle.

Vicky: He's a big boy! Ok. Oh, good boy.

Donna: Ok. Say goodbye.

Vicky: Bye. Drive safe. See you. Love you.

Donna: Goodbye!

Vicky: Bye! Kisses!

Donna: Bye. Come on. Come, come, come!

Jake: Hey, stranger.

Olivia: Hi, Jake.

Jake: Where have you been? The studio's been getting very busy. If you want me to shoot that video of your technique, you'd better get in there.

Olivia: I've been busy.

Jake: I see. So tell me, what are you doing here?

Olivia: Well, I came to talk to my -- to Josie Watts. Are you here alone?

Jake: I'm meeting a client.

Olivia: Oh. Well, I'll see you around. Hi. All right, thank you. I thought you had a meeting.

Jake: What's wrong?

Olivia: Nothing.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Olivia: Do you think I'm attractive?

Jake: What?

Olivia: Donít be polite. Just answer me honestly.

Jake: Yes.

Olivia: Really?

Jake: Really.

Olivia: I mean attractive.

Jake: Does that word mean something other than what I think it does?

Olivia: Do you think that I'm the kind of woman a man would like to be with?

Jake: You're a very gorgeous girl, Olivia.

Olivia: Woman.

Jake: Woman, right.

Olivia: That's the problem, right? I look too immature.

Jake: That's not what I said.

Olivia: It's true.

Jake: Olivia --

Olivia: What?

Jake: Are we having problems with a guy?

Olivia: Can you keep a secret?

Jake: I think so.

Olivia: There is somebody. I like him a lot.

Jake: Well, that's a start.

Olivia: He has a -- girlfriend.

Jake: That's a problem.

Olivia: He doesn't seem to know I'm around.

Jake: Well, why donít you find someone who doesn't have a girlfriend?

Olivia: I wish it were that easy.

Jake: Ok, you got it real bad for this guy and he has no idea, right?

Olivia: I donít think so.

Jake: That can get very messy. I've been there.

Olivia: What'd you do?

Jake: You donít want to know, believe --

Olivia: Yes, I do. I really need to know. I canít stop thinking about this guy, Jake. He's -- he's strong, he's independent, he's artistic, he's gorgeous.

Jake: Ok, all right. I'm sold.

Olivia: I want him.

Jake: I wonder.

Olivia: What?

Jake: Well, you look a lot classier than me, you know? But maybe underneath we're a lot alike.

Olivia: How do you mean?

Jake: This guy -- would he be as important to you if he wasn't with somebody else?

Olivia: Make your point, Jake.

Jake: Well, maybe you need to be honest with yourself. I mean, maybe the main reason that you're interested in him is because you canít have him.

Sam: Hey. Donít you have a job, lady?

Amanda: Hi. Well, it's good to see you, too.

Sam: I thought you'd be to work by now.

Amanda: Well, Evan and I had some things to discuss first.

Sam: Oh, well -- so did you break the news to him about New York?

Amanda: Yeah. That's nice.

Sam: Yeah, well, I wanted to get a lot of work done before this weekend.

Amanda: That's just what I wanted to talk to you about.

Sam: You mean you didnít come out here for sex? Jeez, and here -- ugh. You know, you have to admit it, you are insatiable.

Amanda: Come on, this is serious --

Sam: Ooh, it is --

Amanda: And I hope it doesn't upset you.

Sam: Oh! Well, what is it?

Amanda: Well, I've been thinking, I really think you might be too busy to go away.

Sam: Amanda --

Amanda: And I am not going to be -- I mean, I'm going to be exhausted at the end of the day. I'm not going to be much company.

Sam: Well, I'm used to that.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Hey, donít worry about it. I mean, donít feel guilty about it. I -- I was having second thoughts myself. You know, I donít want to leave Alli alone for that long.

Amanda: You sure you donít mind?

Sam: No, of course not. I mean, hey, you do what you feel comfortable with. Yeah, I'm just sorry that you have to be in New York alone.

Evan: No, not adjoining rooms. Connecting rooms. Right, one door. Yes, I would like to book that now. Well, sure, go ahead and confirm. Thank you.

Vicky: Hi.

Derek: I need to see the music box in your bedroom.

Vicky: Why?

Mitch: It's important, Vicky.

Vicky: Well -- oh -- what's -- what's going on? You know, that's -- that music box has every man I know in a trance. First it was Steven, then it was Mikey --

Derek: Vicky, it's very important.

Vicky: Oh, well, I'm afraid you're too late.

Derek: What do you mean?

Vicky: I gave it to my mother.

Mitch: Donna has the statue?

Vicky: Yeah, Mikey really loved it. He was sitting here playing with it, so I decided to give it to her.

Mitch: Where is she? Did she go home?

Vicky: No, actually, she was going to a friend's house to drop off Mikey, then going to Tops to meet my dad for an early --

Derek: Can we have the address of this friend?

Vicky: Something's really wrong, isnít it?

Mitch: No, it's ok, it's ok. We'll handle it.

Vicky: Yeah, I've got the address in the kitchen. Hold on a minute.

Mitch: Look, I'll tell you, I'll go back to Tops. Why donít you go check on the neighbors? Donít waste any time.

Derek: Ok.

Vicky: All right, here's the address, but I would really appreciate it if someone would tell me what's going on around here.

Derek: Thanks, Vicky. I'll explain it later, ok?

Michael: Uh-oh. It's 5:00, Donna. Where are you?

[Donna screams]

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