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Another World Transcript Tuesday 10/4/05

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Donna: Cecile? Depoulignac?

Vicky: How many Cecileís do you know?

Donna: One is enough. She's an awful person.

Vicky: How? Be specific.

Donna: She's ill-mannered, she's coarse, duplicitous --

Vicky: Pretty.

Donna: In a cheap kind of a way.

Vicky: Is she sexy? Does she have a good body?

Donna: Her legs are too short.

Vicky: Oh.

Donna: Why are you interested in Cecile Depoulignac?

Vicky: Well, wait till you hear this one. You're not going to believe it, the way you talk about her all the time.

Donna: Did she die?

Vicky: No, mother. She's here.

Donna: Here?

Vicky: Yes.

Donna: I thought she was in Tanquay.

Vicky: Tanquir.

Donna: Whatever. She's here?

Vicky: Yes! I called Hilda to find out about Steven, and she said that -- that Cecile is staying with the Coryís.

Donna: Rachel has completely lost her mind.

Vicky: Well, I want you to come with me to pick up Steven. How do I look?

Donna: You look beautiful. I canít believe that she's got the audacity to show her face around here after all the stunts that she pulled.

Vicky: What stunts?

Donna: She slept with every wealthy man in Bay City, for one thing.

Vicky: She's a gold digger?

Donna: She's a gold digger, she's a social climber, she's a tramp.

Vicky: Oh, mother, please, donít mince your words.

Donna: All she's interested in is money, social position, and she goes after anything in pants. She was hung up on Cass Winthrop for years.

Vicky: Well, I thought she was in love with Jamie.

Donna: If what she feels you can call love.

Vicky: Do you think she's going to go after him again?

Donna: I wouldnít put anything past her.

Vicky: It is time I meet the famous queen Cecile. Let's go, mother.

Donna: I donít want to see Cecile.

Vicky: Mother!

Donna: I donít --

Vicky: Let's go!

Donna: I donít want to see Cecile! Victoria? Victoria, you come here!

Rachel: I'll take that.

Cecile: Oh. Is that yours? I had no idea. I was just looking for Cass' number.

Rachel: Well, you'll have to look somewhere else.

Cecile: Do you see him often, Rachel?

Rachel: I found new digs for you, Cecile.

Cecile: What? That's -- that's very sweet of you, and I appreciate it very much, but I'm quite comfortable, actually, where I am.

Rachel: At Iris'.

Cecile: Iris'? I heard she was back.

Rachel: Bay City seems to be attracting filings like a magnet.

Cecile: I understand why you want me to leave.

Rachel: Do you?

Cecile: Yes. I haven't behaved all that well in the past.

Rachel: You've behaved abominably.

Cecile: I know. But I want to make amends. That's why I want to stay here just for a few days, just long enough to set up the Mackenzie Cory memorial fund.

Rachel: That's lovely, Cecile. And you can do that very nicely over at Iris'.

Cecile: "And you can do that very nicely over at Iris'." Oh, she's always been rude. Oh, well. Time to get dressed and go find Cass.

Iris: Hello.

Lucas: Oh.

Iris: Hi, darling.

Lucas: You're wearing the earrings I bought you.

Iris: Yes, they're gorgeous.

Lucas: That's why I bought them.

Iris: Oh, because you've got impeccable taste.

Lucas: In women.

Iris: Vivien has got a wonderfully large pot of fresh coffee on the boil.

Lucas: I am all coffeed out.

Iris: Oh, already?

Lucas: Yeah, I've been up since 4:00 talking to those imbeciles in London.

Iris: What about?

Lucas: Well, here are the photos of the candidates of the "Fresh Faces" campaign, including Josie, of course.

Iris: Oh, that reminds me -- I've been invited to Sharleneís wedding.

Lucas: That's nice.

Iris: Nice? Do you remember that deadly dinner we had at the farmhouse?

Lucas: It wasn't that bad.

Iris: I'm considering asking you to be my guest.

Lucas: I wouldnít miss Sharleneís wedding for the world. I mean, after all, Josie is our leading candidate for "Fresh Faces."

Iris: Oh, then it's strictly business, huh?

Lucas: Absolutely. What are you doing?

Iris: I'm going to get this ridiculous thing out of the way.

Lucas: Well, keep it handy. I mean, the art director is going to need it for a -- for a photo shoot.

Iris: Donít worry. I know exactly where to put my hands on it.

Lucas: Uh-huh.

John: Sharlene.


Sharlene. Donít go, donít leave me! Please! Sharlene! Sharlene!


John: Oh. Oh, Sharlene. Oh, you're here.

Sharlene: Yeah, of course I'm here.

John: It was so real.

Sharlene: You have a bad dream?

John: You were -- you were walking towards me, and I called your name but you just walked right by.

Sharlene: Well, how rude of me. I'm sorry.

John: It was like you just didnít even see me.

Sharlene: Oh, John, I'm here.

John: It's like I wasn't even there.

Sharlene: It was just a dream, John.

John: I know. I know.

Sharlene: Whoa.

John: What do you suppose it means?

Sharlene: Well, maybe you're nervous about your exam. Come on, I know you've been anxious to hear if you pass, so --

John: No. No, no, that's not it.

Sharlene: John, you're not having second thoughts about getting married, are you?

 [Cecile groans]

Ada: Hope that wasn't China.

Cecile: Taiwan.

Ada: Do they need a queen in Taiwan?

Cecile: It was Bay City information.

Ada: What do you want to know?

Cecile: Cass Winthrop's telephone number.

Ada: Did you get it?

Cecile: No, it's unlisted.

Ada: Why donít you call his office?

Cecile: Too impersonal.

Ada: Tacky.

Cecile: Hmm. Ada, you wouldnít happen to know Cass' private phone number, would you?

Ada: I wouldnít happen.

Cecile: I didnít think so.

Ada: If I did --

Cecile: You wouldnít tell me.

Ada: You got it right on the first guess.

Cecile: Mm-hmm. I really wish that you could find it in your heart to believe that I've changed.

Ada: Yeah, well, that's show business.

Cecile: I have really, Ada.

Ada: I keep getting this thing in my head about leopards and spots, and things like that.

[Doorbell rings]

Ada: Hilda, I'll get it! Oh, by the way, Rachel told me to tell you that she has a car arranged to take you to Iris'.

Ada: Ex-Mrs. Frame, meet almost ex-Mrs. Frame.

John: Sharlene, how -- how can you even ask a question like that?

Sharlene: John, I just thought maybe --

John: Now, you know -- now, you know that I love you and that I really want this marriage.

Sharlene: But your dream -- in your dream, you said you felt like you weren't there, like you had lost your identity.

John: No, wait, I didnít say anything about losing my identity, I said that I felt like I wasn't there because it was just like I was invisible. Whoosh -- you walked right by me.

Sharlene: All right, I know, I know. Maybe it's me. I think sometimes I just keep waiting --

John: For what?

Sharlene: Oh, for it all to -- to end.

John: To --

Sharlene: I know --

John: Come on, Sharlene!

Sharlene: It's stupid, John. It's -- no. It's stupid.

John: I should never have told you about the dream. That's it.

Sharlene: But, John -- but, John, you said -- you said you felt like maybe you were losing yourself. Maybe you're afraid of being a couple, part of a couple.

John: Now, you listen to me. Sharlene, I love you more than anyone I've ever loved in my whole life. I want this marriage. I want to marry you.

Sharlene: So you're not nervous about it?

John: No, no, of course I'm not nervous. Yeah, I might be a little anxious maybe, a little, you know, excited, impassioned, and inflamed at times, but I'm not nervous. I'm not.

Sharlene: Ok. Ok, fine, fine. Then maybe you're nervous about the same thing that I'm nervous about.

John: Oh, Sharlene, come on now. What are you nervous about?

Sharlene: I want to know if you've passed the foreign graduate exam.

John: Wait a minute. Hold it now. I'm the one that's supposed to be nervous about that.

Sharlene: No, whoa, you said you weren't nervous!

John: Yeah, all -- all right, so I lied. I've gotten a little nervous about it.

Sharlene: Well, me, too.

John: Why? Oh. Oh, all right. I know why. I know why you're nervous. Because you think that I failed it, donít you?

Sharlene: Oh, John, no! No, no, no! Now, look, I just said that I was nervous. Canít I be nervous?

John: No, you canít be nervous, because there's no point in both of us being nervous now.

Sharlene: Well, I canít help it.

John: You know what it is?

Sharlene: What is it?

John: It's just too much.

Sharlene: It's too much?

John: There's too much. We're getting married --

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: I'm moving into your house --

Sharlene: No, John -- John, it is going to be our house.

John: Oh, all right. We're getting married --

Sharlene: Married, moving into the house.

John: Moving into our house, and I'm hopefully embarking on a whole new career.

John and Sharlene: It's too much.

Sharlene: Maybe we should -- maybe we should wait to get married.

John: No! Oh, no, no, no. I -- no. No, I donít want to -- I donít want to wait till -- I just -- I just want it to be over with.

Sharlene: Oh. Well, now, there's an interesting choice of words.

John: Well, now, come on, you know what I meant.

Sharlene: John, your life is turning upside down.

John: Yes.

Sharlene: And of course, you know --

John: Yes.

Sharlene: My life is moving along just as straight and normal as usual, like always.

John: Yeah. I see. It's -- no, it's not. It's not moving.

Sharlene: No, John, it's not. It's not.

John: I'm being stupid, aren't I? Aren't you going to say anything? Well?

Sharlene: "Well," what?

John: Well, say something.

Sharlene: John, what can I say? You're a wreck.

John: Would you be interested in marrying a wreck?

Sharlene: Will you, John, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wreck?

John: I will. You know what?

Sharlene: Hmm?

John: I donít think that my life has turned upside down after all. I think that for once things are turning right side up.

[Sharlene laughs]

Iris: Hmm. This one's -- well, she's sort of kittenish, isnít she? But she's a bit -- a bit tawdry, donít you think? This one's a bit vapid.

Lucas: Mm-hmm.

Vivien: Ahem.

Iris: Yeah, I think so. Maybe.

Vivien: Ahem, ahem.

Iris: Do you want something, Vivien, or have you just come in to clear your throat?

Vivien: I have an announcement.

Iris: Well? Announce.

Vivien: I was speaking on an intercom with Mr. Clarence. Mr. Clarence is on the phone and he's asking --

Iris: Vivien, announce.

Vivien: For my resume for --

Iris: Vivien, announce!

Vivien: Mrs. Rachel Coryís on her way up. Scratch that! She's arrived!

Donna: Hello, Cecile.

Cecile: Hello, Donna dear.

Donna: You here on business of state, or is there some mundane reason for your presence?

Cecile: Are you asking why I'm here?

Donna: Actually, I was just wondering whose life you came to ruin. There aren't too many left, you know.

Cecile: Oh, but enough about me. Tell me about you. You look wonderful.

Donna: Cecile, really.

Cecile: You do.

Donna: Oh, really.

Cecile: Absolutely. I mean, there's this glow about you, a soft loveliness.

Donna: Thank you.

Cecile: I only hope that when I reach your age, I can look half as good.

Donna: I wouldnít count on it. Ada, could I see Steven now?

Ada: I was just on my way up there.

Donna: Coming, darling?

Vicky: I'll let you have five minutes alone with him.

Ada: He's got this neat new trick. He puts his foot behind his ear. I'm telling you, that boy is going to be a world-class gymnast.

Vicky: So, you're Cecile.

Cecile: And you're Jamieís latest wife.

Vicky: Not for long.

Cecile: No, I was sorry to hear about your divorce.

Vicky: Were you really?

Cecile: No, not really. Actually, I rather envy you.

Vicky: Why?

Cecile: I've never had more fun in my life than right after my divorces.

Vicky: Is that so?

Cecile: Yeah. It's sort of a freeing kind of feeling, like taking off tight shoes. Donít you agree?

Vicky: No. Not at all. Not when there's a child involved.

Cecile: Ah, yes, a child. Little Steven. Now, he is such an adorable little boy.

Iris: That will be all. Thank you, Vivien.

Vivien: I thought you'd want some gnocchi.

Iris: No, I'll call you if I need you.

Vivien: Yes, ma'am.

Rachel: Nice to see you, Lucas.

Iris: Yes?

Rachel: I've come over to tell you to expect a houseguest.

Iris: What?

Rachel: She'll be arriving later today.

Iris: Who?

Rachel: Cecile.

Iris: No.

Rachel: Yes.

Iris: Oh, well, that's -- that's wonderful. I didnít know she was coming back to Bay City.

Rachel: Well, actually, she's already arrived. Her majesty stayed at my house last night, and tonight you may do the honors.

Lucas: "Her majesty"?

Rachel: Mm-hmm.

Iris: Yes, she's the queen of Tanquir.

Rachel: Well, I'm not so sure about her status. There may have been a spat or a coup.

Lucas: Who is this person?

Iris: She's the daughter of my oldest and dearest friend, the countess Depoulignac, and she's absolutely the sweetest thing.

Rachel: Well, the sweetest thing gets to stay with you tonight.

Iris: I'd be delighted. I'm looking forward to having her. I canít wait for you to meet her, Lucas.

Lucas: She sounds fascinating.

Rachel: Oh, there are more apt descriptions of Cecile. Anyway, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about, Iris.

Iris: Oh, what's that?

Rachel: I've been trying to reach you at the office, but it seems you're hardly ever there.

Lucas: Well, if you will excuse me, I have something I have to do.

Iris: Hurry back.

Lucas: Yeah.

Iris: Well? What do you want?

Rachel: Well, actually, it's something you want.

Iris: Which is?

Rachel: What I found behind the painting of the red swan.

Iris: What was it?

Rachel: I thought I'd show it to you.

Matt: There we go, mm-hmm.

Josie: Did you come here to see me or have breakfast?

Matt: You know, I think my favorite breakfast is pancakes.

Josie: I know. You've told me a million times.

Matt: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Wait, hold it -- lox, bagels, cream cheese -- got hooked on that in New York. Oh, it's so good.

Josie: I remember, I remember.

Matt: Do you think you could make homemade bagels?

Josie: What?

Matt: Homemade pie. Your mom's homemade pie -- that was the best breakfast I have ever had.

Josie: That's it, that's it!

Matt: Hey!

Josie: I canít take any more!

Matt: Hey, hey, hey!

Josie: Food, food, food -- that's all you can talk about!

Matt: What is it with you?

Josie: I'm hungry!

Matt: So eat.

Josie: I'm on a diet.

Matt: What for?

Josie: Matthew, I've told you a million times.

Matt: Oh, yeah, for that "Fresh Faces" thingamajig.

Josie: That's right, that's right. And it's not the "fat faces" campaign.

Matt: Hey, I think you're perfect just the way --

Josie: Well, I'm not for modeling.

Matt: Why the hell not?

Josie: Matthew, the camera adds weight. Lucas told me --

Matt: No, donít, donít. I donít want to hear it. I donít want to hear it. I'm tired -- I'm sick and tired of hearing what Lucas has told you. I donít want to hear it.

Josie: Well, Matthew, I'm sorry, but this happens to be my career. I'm very --

Matt: What, losing weight?

Josie: No, modeling. I'm very serious about it, and if you canít understand that, well, you're the most insensitive person I've ever encountered.

Matt: Oh, come on.

Sharlene: Mmm, oh. Well, I hope there's some batter left.

Matt: Oh, no problem. Josieís into her "throw the melba toast across the kitchen table" diet.

Sharlene: Oh, come on, Jos, you have to eat something.

Josie: Mama, donít start with me.

Sharlene: Ok. All right, fine. John, how many?

John: Wait, wait, wait.

Singer: One, two

Sharlene: What are you listening to?

John: "Jumpin' Jack Flash." I haven't heard this song in 20 years.

Matt: Hey, I listen to the oldies station, hear that song all the time.

John: Isnít it amazing how you listen to a song and it takes you right back to where you were the first time you ever heard it?

Sharlene: Where were you?

John: When I heard this song?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: I was in Vietnam. There was this disc jockey on Armed Forces Radio. He used to play it all the time.

Sharlene: Really?

John: Sometimes it would just take me right out of there, even for just a few minutes. Remember this song?

Sharlene: The melody's familiar.

John: Sharlene, what's the matter? You never listened to the radio? This is "Jumpin' Jack Flash."

Sharlene: Well, I donít know, music wasn't a part of my life the way it was yours.

John: Oh! I -- oh, that does it.

Sharlene: John --

John: That does it.

Sharlene: What?

John: That's it. Now, I've been thinking about this for a long time, thinking this over. It's time for some action.

Sharlene: John, what are you talking about?

John: I'm talk--

Sharlene: "Talk--"

John: I'm talking about The Stones.

Josie: Oh, you mean The Stones, The Rolling Stones?

John: Do I mean "The Rolling Stones"? Only someone who was born in 1970-something could possibly come up with a question like that. Of course I mean The Rolling Stones!

[Sharlene laughs]

Matt: Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute. They're on tour, right?

John: Right. Look, I am going to go and get some tickets for all of us.

Matt: Great!

Sharlene: No, wait, where are you going?

Josie: Far out!

John: I'm going to go and get us all tickets for the rolling stones concert.

Josie: Well, cool, man. I'd love to go.

John: Well, great!

Sharlene: Well, I'm not sure I'm the rock concert type.

John: What do you mean, you're not the rock --

Sharlene: Well --

John: Sharlene, listen, there are rock concerts --

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: And there are Stones concerts.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm.

John: This is a Stones concert. There's a difference. Would you tell her, please?

Matt: Hey --

John: Now, I'm going downtown and I'm going to get us some tickets before they're all sold out.

Josie: Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute.

Sharlene: Ok.

Josie: I donít want to sit around here and watch you eat all day, so I think I'll join you.

John: Great, I'd like the company. Matt, do you want to come?

Matt: No, I have 11:00 school, you know. Sorry.

John: Understand.

Sharlene: Well, now, wait a second. How about breakfast? We were doing pancakes.

Josie: Oh, I'm sure that Matthew can polish off whatever John and I were going to eat.

John: Come on, Josie, I'm sure we can find a takeout Melba toast stand on the way. Let's go before they're all sold out.

Singer: Yeah, yeah, I frowned at the crumbs of a crust of bread.

Iris: A photograph?

Rachel: It's an enlargement of part of a photograph.

Iris: Oh. Oh, yes -- Daddy. Oh, he looks so young and so handsome.

Rachel: Do you know when it was taken?

Iris: No, I donít.

Rachel: Well, do you know where it was taken?

Iris: No, I've never seen it before.

Rachel: What about the man in the picture with him? Do you recognize him?

Iris: I can barely make him out, no.

Rachel: Are you absolutely sure?

Iris: No, I've never seen him before either. I'm sorry. Where's the rest of the picture?

Rachel: That's all I found. I would -- I would like to ask you some questions.

Iris: About what?

Rachel: About your father's early life.

Iris: How early?

Rachel: From college on.

Iris: I thought you knew everything there was to know.

Rachel: I donít.

Iris: Well, you know, he graduated from Dartmouth, and then after the war he went to graduate school in journalism.

Rachel: Where?

Iris: Northwestern. Then he got his M.A., then he went to work for a newspaper, and -- you know, he used to say it took him about a week to get tired of working for someone else. So he started his own newspaper and -- he never told you any of this?

Rachel: Some of it. He said it would bore me. The newspaper was a success?

Iris: Oh, yes. Well, why wouldnít it be? Daddy willed it to be. It was the beginning of Cory Enterprises.

Rachel: The period from the war to when he started the newspaper -- did he ever tell you anything more specific about that period of time?

Iris: No. No, he didnít. He didnít talk about that time at all.

Rachel: No, he didnít with me either.

Iris: It's unsettling, isnít it? It's unsettling to think that there's a whole -- a whole part of Daddy's life we donít know about.

Rachel: Somebody must know.

Iris: Well, why do you think -- why do you think he hid this behind that painting?

Rachel: I have no idea. I'm not even certain he was the one who hid it. But I'm going to find out.

Iris: He -- he was so wonderfully good-looking, wasn't he?

Rachel: Yes, he certainly was.

Iris: I miss him.

Rachel: I know.

Rachel: Thanks for your help.

Iris: Rachel -- would you -- would you mind? Could I keep the photograph, please?

Rachel: Yes, of course you can. Mitch and I made several copies. Iris, if anything else about any of this occurs to you, you will let me know, wonít you?

Iris: Yes, of course.

Rachel: Thank you.

Iris: Rachel? Thank you.

Vicky: You've seen Steven?

Cecile: Jamie didnít hear him when he first woke up this morning, and I was just down the hall.

Vicky: So you got up with him?

Cecile: Yeah, but it was no trouble at all. He's adorable.

Vicky: And he's mine.

Donna: Ok, there's Mommy!

Vicky: Hi. Hi, sweetie.

Donna: There's Mommy!

Vicky: I told you!

Donna: Look how happy he is to see you.

Vicky: Well, of course he is. He's only the best guy in the world.

Donna: Here's his little jacket.

Vicky: Hi, you. Hi, you.

Donna: All right, darling, I have to go because I have a meeting with Sharlene.

Vicky: Ok, give her my best.

Donna: I will. I'll see you later.

Vicky: Hi. Ok.

Donna: Goodbye, my angel.

Vicky: "Bye, grandma."

Donna: Bye. Oh, dear. Oh, Victoria --

Vicky: Yeah?

Donna: Watch out for yourself. You know what I mean.

Cecile: Lovely to see you again, Donna.

Vicky: Oh, where's the little boy? Hello, you! Ok, let's get your little jacket on.

Cecile: You really do love him, donít you?

Vicky: Didnít you believe me before?

Cecile: Yes, but it's different actually seeing you with him.

Vicky: I love this little guy more than anything on this earth. What, you donít want your jacket on?

Cecile: Nothing like the love between a mother and child.

Vicky: Cecile, let's get something straight.

Cecile: What do you mean?

Vicky: Did you come back here to get Jamie?

Cecile: Now, why would you care about that? You couldn't be jealous.

Vicky: Oh, no, I donít give a damn about Jamie. But I wonít allow anyone -- not you or anyone -- to come between me and my son.

Cecile: Oh. That's why you've been so tense.

Vicky: You think this is funny?

Cecile: Well, the thought of me and Jamie together is very funny.

Vicky: Uh-huh.

Cecile: No, donít worry, you have nothing to fear on that count. There'll be no repeat performance of Mrs. Jamie Frame. Once was quite enough.

Vicky: So why are you here?

Cecile: Actually, because Bay City is the closest thing to home I've ever known.

Vicky: That's it? You're homesick?

Cecile: Nobody around here seems to be glad to see me. Oh, well. As they say, you canít go home again.

Vicky: I know what it's like to be a persona non grata around here. I think I filled the vacancy you left.

Cecile: Hmm. I knew there was something in common other than Jamie.

Vicky: Did you?

Cecile: I think you felt it, too. Listen, there's something that I need to know. Nobody around here is willing to tell me.

Vicky: What's that?

Cecile: Cass Winthrop's private phone number.

Vicky: Actually, I do happen to have that at home.

Cecile: Oh.

Vicky: I'll be sure to get it to you.

Ada: Guess what. Your bags are all packed and in the car.

Cecile: Oh, how terribly kind of you, Ada.

Ada: So long, Queenie. Have a ball at Iris'.

Vicky: Iris? You're staying with Iris Wheeler?

Cecile: By popular request, yes.

Vicky: Oh, well, why donít I drive you over there and we can chat?

Cecile: Oh, wonderful idea. Thank you.

Vicky: Ok.

Cecile: Oh, you grab that.

Vicky: All right.

Cecile: And this.

Vicky: Oh, thank you. Ok, let's get your little jacket on.

Cecile: And I'll grab these, and I'm sure that I can find somebody to put my bag in your car.

Vicky: Let's go! We're going for a ride!

Singer: The poor Prince of Wales he gave up his crown.

John: Excuse me. Oop -- excuse me. Right over here. There you are.

Josie: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.

John: Well, I hope you're not too bored. I think that'll warm you up a little bit. This has got to be an afternoon I'm sure that you'll soon forget. I can just hear it 20 years from now -- "say, John, did I really stand in a line with you to get Stones tickets? No, I donít think so. Oh, yes, yes, as a matter of fact, I do remember because you brought me some hot coffee."

Josie: John!

John: What?

Josie: I'm not bored.

John: You're not?

Josie: Uh-uh.

John: That's amazing.

Josie: I feel like I know you so much better now.

John: You do, huh?

Josie: Yeah. I never realized. When you were my age, everything was so different.

John: Yeah, it sure was.

Josie: Here I am wondering, worrying about being a model, and you were seeing people die.

John: Ok, come on. There were a lot of good things that came out of the 1960s, too, like -- like the Stones.

Josie: But really, the only thing I worry about is whether I'm skinny enough or whether I look pretty.

John: Well, donít minimize what you're doing.

Josie: Well, it seems pretty shallow when I think about what you went through.

John: Well, I spent a lot of time thinking about real shallow things, believe me.

Josie: No, but your life stood for something. You struggled, you survived. I canít imagine how scary that must've been. I could never have gone through something like that.

John: Two things. One, you never know what you're going to do in a particular situation until you're thrown into it. And second, I really donít take any pride in having been in that war. It just happened. Hopefully, I learned something from it. When you see people suffer like that, your life changes. It's never the same again.

Josie: I never really knew you before. I think you're a wonderful person.

John: No, I'm just a lucky person.

Josie: Now, donít -- donít start! Come on.

John: All right, all right. I'm a lucky and wonderful person.

Josie: John, I am trying to be serious here.

John: Well, I'm sorry. I find it very difficult to accept a compliment.

Josie: Well, that's ok. So do I.

John: Well, maybe that's why we get along so well.

Josie: We do, donít we?

John: Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Josie: What?

John: I donít know, I was just -- I was just thinking the more I get to know you, the more I happen to like you.

Josie: Well, I happen to like you, too. You are so funny.

John: What, me?

Josie: Yes, you. I love the way you make my mom laugh.

John: You do? I make her -- well, that's good. That -- that makes me feel real good.

Josie: Good. I think -- I think you're nice, but you know what? You donít take any garbage.

John: Well, do go on.

Josie: All right, all right. I think that you'd probably do just about anything for the people you care about.

John: Well, I'd like to think that I would.

Josie: I know you would.

John: Ah. Well, you know what I like about you? I like the fact that you think that I'm funny.

Josie: Come on!

John: Well, I do, and I like the fact that you're honest. And you're not blasť about anything, and you have a wonderful, warm smile, and you stand on long lines with me.

Josie: In the freezing cold.

John: Yes, in the freezing cold. And since I've probably already embarrassed you, I think I might as well go all the way with this.

Josie: Oh, no, I'm scared.

John: No, because I've been thinking about this a lot recently, and I mean this. I think that one of the great things about marrying Sharlene is that I will inherit a daughter like you. That makes me very, very proud.

Rachel: In Evanston? For Northwestern University. School of Journalism. Yeah, wait a minute. 2301. Thank you.

Matt: What, you going back to school, Mom?

Rachel: Oh, hi. How was your class?

Matt: Boring. Why are you calling Northwestern?

Rachel: It's where Mac went to school.

Matt: He did? Northwestern? You never told me that.

Rachel: Well, graduate school. I -- I have a feeling that there's a lot we donít know about his past. Anyway, I'm wondering if maybe he didnít go there at about the time this picture was taken.

Matt: Yeah, Mom, donít you think that --

Rachel: What?

Matt: Donít you think you're getting a little obsessed with that picture? I mean --

Rachel: No.

Matt: Ok, I'm sorry. I guess I just donít understand why it's so important to you.

Rachel: Because it's about Mac. Because this photograph was found hidden behind the canvas Sam brought back from the cabin.

Matt: You mean the one that he used for the portrait of Amanda?

Rachel: Yeah, you know, he painted over another canvas, and on the other canvas was a red swan.

Matt: Did it look like our red swan?

Rachel: Yes.

Matt: Is that why Mac sent it?

Rachel: I donít know, but there must've been some reason it was hidden behind that canvas.

Matt: And you want to find out the reason, and you haven't found it out yet.

Rachel: I have a feeling that Mac would want me to know.

Matt: Well, what are you going to do next?

Rachel: I'm going to go to Northwestern, see what I can find out.

Matt: Well, not alone, you're not.

Rachel: Honey, you're not going to cut classes.

Matt: No, I'm not. I'm going to call Dad right now.

Rachel: No!

Matt: Why not? He'll be happy to help you.

Rachel: I donít want him.

Matt: Why not?

Rachel: He canít keep helping me with everything.

Vivien: Royalty.

Iris: What?

Vivien: Royal visitor on the way up.

Iris: Oh, my goodness, I forgot about Cecile.

Vivien: Your highness.

Cecile: Oh, you'll have to get that curtsy just a little lower, Vivien.

Vivien: She remembers me!

Cecile: Oh.

Iris: How wonderful to see you.

Cecile: You look terrific.

Iris: Oh, I've missed you.

Cecile: Well, it must be years.

Vivien: This is a queen. I remember her when she was a regular old countess' daughter.

Iris: Well, how long are you going to stay?

Cecile: Well, I'm not sure.

Iris: The longer, the better.

Cecile: Now, are you sure this isnít an imposition?

Iris: Absolutely. You'll be like a breath of fresh air.

Cecile: Good.

Iris: Oh, Vicky, you'll have to excuse us. Vivien?

Vivien: Uh-huh?

Iris: Why donít you take Cecile to her bedroom and get her settled?

Vicky: Come here, you.

Vivien: More bags?

Vicky: Come here, you.

Cecile: Yes, they're coming up on the service elevator.

Vivien: Ok, right this way, your royal highness. Is it true what they say about the prince of Tanquir, that he makes Donald Trump look like a panhandler?

Cecile: He's not quite that rich.

Vicky: Well, we're going to leave you two and you guys can go talk --

Iris: Oh, no, no, no, nonsense. I haven't even had a chance to say hello to the baby.

Vicky: Well, that's right. Say hello, Iris.

Iris: Hello, darling.

Vicky: Hi.

Iris: Besides, I want to show you the work that Lucas and I have been doing.

Vicky: Oh.

Iris: These are the candidates for the "Fresh Faces" campaign.

Vicky: Wow, interesting.

Iris: Mm-hmm.

Vicky: Ooh -- different.

Iris: We haven't got, you know, the exact right tone yet, but we're working on it. It'll come.

Vicky: Look at all these pretty girls.

Iris: No, no, no --

Vicky: Oh, look, he likes that!

Iris: Maybe I should get him something to play with. Let me think.

Vicky: A toy? A toy?

Iris: Uh, hang on. I've got just the thing, just one minute.

Vicky: She's going to get my baby a toy. Where's my big boy?

Iris: Oh, look at this, Steven!

Vicky: Oh! What's that?

Iris: Here it is!

Vicky: What's that?

[Music box plays]

Vicky: It's singing.

[Vicky hums]

Vicky: I want to dance with him. What is that?

Cecile: Oh, Iris, it's perfect. And the view --

Iris: Well, thank you. If you haven't got enough closet space, I've got lots down here.

Cecile: No, I didnít bring that much, and Vivienís unpacking for me now.

Iris: Great.

Vicky: Ok. Let's leave these two lovely ladies alone to talk. We'll see you later.

Iris: Vicky, hold it. I think Steven would like mother goose. Would you like to take mother goose home? Yes, he does.

Vicky: Would you like that? Really, Iris, that's too much --

Iris: Honey, no. I insist.

Vicky: Well --

Iris: I want him to have it. It'll keep him quiet on the way home.

Vicky: How generous. Isnít that sweet? Thank you.

Iris: Bye.

Vicky: Bye-bye. Oh, look at this precious thing. Oh, by the way, I'll call you with the information you wanted.

Cecile: Oh, terrific. Thank you.

Vicky: Ok. Bye.

Cecile: Bye.

Vicky: Say "bye-bye." Bye, everybody. Bye. Thanks, again.

Matt: Mom, Dad would be glad to help you.

Rachel: That's not the point.

Matt: Well, what is?

Rachel: He's got his own life -- his work, his marriage.

Matt: Felicia wouldnít mind.

Rachel: I canít keep taking his time.

Matt: Listen, if he needed help, you'd be there for him.

Rachel: That's not the point either.

Matt: Why not?

Rachel: It just isnít, that's all.

Matt: Wait a minute, is there something else going on here?

Rachel: Yes, but I donít want to talk about it.

Matt: Would you come on? I'm not 5 years old. You can talk to --

Rachel: People are getting the wrong idea.

Matt: About what?

Rachel: About Mitch and me.

Matt: What? You're kidding. What do you mean, you two --

Rachel: Look, just forget it. It's not true anyway.

Matt: Now, who thinks that?

Rachel: People. It doesn't matter. They're wrong.

Matt: Ok. I know that, you know that, Dad knows that. It doesn't matter.

Rachel: Well, it's not that simple.

Matt: Has Amanda been bugging you?

Rachel: How did you know?

Matt: Well, she's just been on this high horse lately about everything.

Rachel: Ok, well, you go easy on her.

Matt: Ok, I know she's got her own problems, but donít let that stop you from getting help.

Rachel: I have asked Mitch for enough help.

Matt: Ok, I'm going with you.

Rachel: Honey, look, I donít need anybody with me. I donít need a caretaker.

Matt: I'm not a caretaker. I'm there to help. That's what families are for, right?

Rachel: Yes, they are.

Matt: Good. It's settled. We're going to Northwestern together.

Rachel: You're a good kid.

Matt: I know.

Iris: They're beautiful, aren't they?

Cecile: Yes, lovely. So young.

Iris: Disgusting, isnít it?

Cecile: Hmm.

Iris: It's going to be very difficult to choose.

Cecile: I donít know how you'll do it. Those faces are all fresh.

Iris: Very. You used to work at "Brava," didnít you?

Cecile: In another life.

Iris: You know, I'm not all that thrilled with the art director. Maybe if you're interested.

Cecile: Well, I'm flattered, but I really donít think that's --

Iris: I know you've got other obligations, but maybe -- I mean, perhaps you could just help us get "Sophisticate" off the ground?

Cecile: "Us"?

Iris: My partner, Lucas, and I. I canít wait for you to meet him.

Cecile: Lucas who?

Iris: Oh, just Lucas. He's so dynamic. He's -- he's adorable. You'll like him.

Cecile: Well, I can see that you two like each other.

Iris: Yes, we're -- we're close.

Cecile: Well, good. I canít wait to meet him.

Vivien: Jeweler.

Iris: What?

Vivien: You had me call your jeweler, remember?

Iris: Oh -- oh! Oh, my goodness, yes, Mr. Clayton. Oh, I'm thinking of buying a wedding present for Sharlene.

Vivien: Mr. Clayton.

Iris: Well. Hello, Mr. Clayton.

Mr. Clayton: Good afternoon.

Iris: How are you? What have you got for me?

Mr. Clayton: What haven't I got for you, would be more like it. May I set up here?

Iris: Oh, yes, please do.

Cecile: Ooh -- goodies. May I help you pick? I just love jewelry.

Iris: Why donít you model them, hmm?

Cecile: All right.

Iris: You could be the model.

Mr. Clayton: Be my guest.

Cecile: Ooh, let's see.

Iris: That's all right. Donít worry about that.

[Cecile gasps]

Cecile: Ooh, they're gorgeous. You have beautiful things, Mr. Clayton.

Mr. Clayton: We only carry the best.

Cecile: Let's see.

Iris: I think perhaps that's not right for Sharlene. That's --

Cecile: No?

Iris: No, no, no, no. It's not her.

Cecile: All right, let's try something else. How about this?

Iris: Oh, no, no.

Cecile: Oh, gorgeous.

Iris: We need something more down-to-earth for Sharlene, I think.

Cecile: Uh-huh.

Mr. Clayton: Your earrings.

Iris: Hmm? Yes, they're lovely, aren't they?

Mr. Clayton: Yes, but I thought they were one of a kind.

Iris: Well, I'm sure they are. The man who chose them for me has impeccable taste.

Mr. Clayton: Yes, I know. I sold them to him.

Iris: You did?

Mr. Clayton: I sold them to a man called Lucas. But they were made especially for this TV personality, Felicia Gallant.

John: Sharlene! Sharlene, we got them! After only 2 1/2 hours on line, we got them! We got Stones' tickets!

Sharlene: John, John! It came!

John: What?

Sharlene: It came!

John: The F.M.G. medical exam results.

Sharlene: I'm going crazy waiting for you to get home!

John: Oh, wow.

Sharlene: Oh, come on, aren't you going to open them? Open them.

John: Uh, yeah, yeah. I guess I'd better open it.

Sharlene: Read it to me.

John: "Dear Dr. Hudson, we inform you --"

Sharlene: John?

John: I passed.

Sharlene: What?

[John screams]

[Sharlene screams]

John: Yes! Yes! Yes! I passed!

Sharlene: Whoo!

John: I passed it! I'm a doctor!

Sharlene: Whoo!

Cecile: Ooh. Even your machine voice sounds sexy. I've missed you. If you haven't guessed by now, it's Cecile. That's right. I'm back in Bay City and I'm dying to see you. I've missed you terribly, darling. Now, I'm staying at Iris Wheeler's, so I want you to call me. Ok?

Lucas: Iris? Iris, I'm back.

Lucas: Where is it?

Iris: Did you call, Lucas?

Lucas: Yes, Iris. The music box, the prop -- where is it?

Iris: Would you hold out your hand, please?

Lucas: What?

Iris: I said hold out your hand.

Iris: I know what you did and who those were for. I want you out of my life, Lucas. We're through.

[Music box plays]

Vicky: Kootchie, kootchie --

[Vicky hums]

Vicky: When the pie was opened the birds began to sing what a dainty dish that was to set before the king

[Vicky hums]

Vicky: Whoo!

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