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Another World Transcript Monday 10/3/05

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Stacey: Well, what's the verdict, Doc?

Jamie: You're on the mend, Counselor.

Stacey: All right. Then I guess I'm discharged, huh?

Jamie: Well, you'd guess wrong.

Stacey: Well, you just said I was fine.

Jamie: Just like a typical lawyer -- changing my words around.

Stacey: No, but that -- that's what you said, isnít it?

Jamie: "On the mend" is not the same as "fine." You're going to stay right here where I can keep an eye on you.

Stacey: I am?

Jamie: Yeah, just at least for a couple of days.

Stacey: A couple of days? I got to get back to work. I canít --

Jamie: Stacey, you have a head injury. Now, you know if you go back home, you'll be in the office by 4:00. You know I'm right.

Stacey: Look, a concussion isnít that big of a deal, right? It's just like a big headache.

Jamie: Kiddo, kiddo, come on, please. You've got to take care of yourself, ok?

Stacey: Ok, so maybe one or two more days here, but I have to call Derek. I tried to call him last night and I couldn't get in touch. I want him to know that I'm all right.

[Jamie sighs]

Stacey: What is it? What's wrong?

Jamie: Derek was here last night.

Stacey: He was?

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Stacey: Well, why didnít he come in and --

Jamie: Because I wouldnít let him see you.

Ada: Aah! Oh, you scared me.

Derek: I'm here to see Stacey --

Ada: Ok.

Derek: And I want to see her now.

Ada: Ok.

Evan: Hi.

Amanda: I've really got a lot of work to do.

Evan: Oh, I know. I just need you to sign. This is the terms for the new marketing director. Come on, you approved the terms of the contract last week.

Amanda: Oh, right, yeah. It's fine. Here. I've really got a lot to do.

Man: Excuse me. The receptionist said you were in here.

Amanda: Flowers!

Man: I went to the wrong floor first and --

Amanda: Oh, they're so wonderful. Look at them. Here.

Man: Hey, thanks.

Amanda: Thanks.

Man: Thanks a lot. Enjoy them.

Amanda: Oh, wow, that's so thoughtful of Sam. He's out of town at an art show.

Evan: With Caroline?

Amanda: Caroline is his agent.

Evan: Just asking, just asking.

Amanda: That's so thoughtful of him. I canít believe it.

Evan: Oh, here --

Amanda: Oh, they're beautiful.

Evan: There's your little card.

Amanda: It's addressed to you.

Evan: You're kidding.

Amanda: I'm sorry, I guess I shouldnít have assumed.

Evan: No, donít assume. There's nothing going on between me and Sam. Just kidding. That little devil.

Amanda: Evan, please. I have a lot to do here, ok?

Evan: "Evan, thanks for a wonderful evening. Vicky."

Rachel: Are you sure you're not busy?

Mitch: I'm positive. Come on in.

Rachel: How did it go last night?

Mitch: Everything went fine.

Rachel: Felicia wasn't upset?

Mitch: Well, not for long.

Rachel: She had every right to be. It was your anniversary.

Mitch: There's no problem.

Rachel: Good, because there's something else I thought of.

Mitch: About the photograph?

Rachel: Yeah, and you're the one who can help me with it.

Matt: Hold it.

Josie: What?

Matt: Let me think about it.

[As James Cagney] You dirty rat! You dirty -- mister, you ain't never taken bullets, Cory!

Josie: Matthew, Matthew, you'll frighten people. You're starting to scare me.

Matt: [Normal voice] My moniker is "bullets," "bullets." I keep telling you, damn it, call me "bullets"!

[As James Cagney] Doll face, you're going to be looking at a grapefruit right in your kisser, you understand?

Josie: I'm sorry.

Matt: [As Humphrey Bogart] It's ok, sweetheart.

[Josie laughs]

Matt: You know, I've been in tight jams before, always made it out alive. How about you and me, the Sierra Madre, check out some petrified forest? What do you say?

Josie: 23 skidoo.

Matt: Here's lookin' at you, kid.

Olivia: Oh, sorry.

Matt: [Normal voice] Ah.

Josie: Oh, Olivia, there you are.

Olivia: Hi. I was just on the phone with an old friend from Switzerland.

Josie: You're not ready.

Matt: Yeah, where's your costume?

Olivia: Well, I decided not to go to the party. I tried to call you, but you had already left.

Matt: What, you feel sick?

Olivia: No, I feel fine.

Josie: Then why donít you come with us?

Liz: I can answer that. Oh, my goodness, the two of you look marvelous!

Matt: Ha-ha-ha.

Liz: This girl is very busy preparing.

Josie: Preparing?

Liz: When she commits herself to something, she is awesome.

Matt: Prepare for what?

Liz: Didnít you know? Olivia has decided to enter the "fresh faces" competition.

Evan: I'm really touched.

Amanda: Hmm. I bet you are.

Evan: I mean, it was a great evening, but I never expected her to send me flowers.

Amanda: The hell you didnít.

Evan: What?

Amanda: You knew that Vicky was sending you flowers. In fact, you had it planned so well that you were standing directly in front of me when they delivered them.

Evan: I canít believe you think that way of me.

Amanda: How dense do you think I am?

Evan: You know, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Amanda: You and Vicky are only trying to make me jealous.

Evan: That would be a fruitless exercise, wouldnít it, because you're so devoted to Sam? You told me that last night.

Amanda: And then you went over to Vickyís.

Evan: That's none of your business.

Amanda: Look, I know this whole thing is a setup.

Evan: You know, aren't you being a little paranoid?

Amanda: Aren't you being a little obvious?

Evan: Hold on a minute. These flowers arrived and you thought they were from Sam for you and you were gushing. "Oh, how thoughtful. Isnít it nice of him to let me know that he's thinking about me?"

Amanda: That's different. That would've been for real.

Evan: Isnít it possible that she sent these flowers to me to let me know that she was thinking about me for real?

Amanda: No.

Evan: Would you just -- do you mind?

Amanda: Yes, I mind. How many times -- I have a lot of work to do here. How many times did I tell you that? Just take your flowers and leave.

Evan: Just hold on a minute. Just hold on a minute. Just take a minute.

Amanda: Maybe you didnít hear me.

Evan: Look, she's going to get angry with me if I don't go and thank her. She gets very upset.

Amanda: So thank her from your own phone!

Evan: Look, it's going to ring a couple times, she's going to pick up. It'll --

Amanda: I canít believe you.

Evan: One, two --

Vicky: Hello.

Evan: Vicky, you are there. Hi.

Vicky: Evan.

Evan: Vicky, you are too much.

Amanda: I think I'm going to be sick.

Vicky: Ooh, good. You obviously got the flowers. And poor, jealous Amanda is standing there going crazy.

Evan: Yeah, and they're absolutely beautiful.

Amanda: You have one minute to get off that phone.

Evan: Well, yeah, it was great for me, too.

Vicky: She must be going nuts.

Evan: That's right. You know, that was very sweet of you. I just -- I'm really touched, really.

Vicky: Evan, you are a lousy actor.

Evan: I mean it, honey.

Vicky: Evan, if you want to be convincing, you've got to be more subtle. Amandaís going to see right through you. I mean, "I'm really, really, touched, honey"? Bleh!

Amanda: All right, 30 seconds.

Evan: Yeah, anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I got them, and it's -- it was very, very nice.

Vicky: Ah, now, that's better. There's something I can work with.

Evan: Now, listen, I'm really going to have to call you later.

Vicky: I'm not finished with you yet.

Evan: No, I've really got to get off the phone.

Amanda: Yes, you do.

Vicky: Tell Amanda to shut up and relax.

Evan: Listen, why donít we just get together later?

Vicky: I want to know why I've been picking up the tabs for everything lately.

Evan: Dancing? Now, that's a great idea.

Vicky: If we're supposed to be equal partners in this venture, I think we should be paying for things equally.

Evan: I donít know. I'm not that big on Latin music, actually.

Vicky: You make a lot of money, Bates. It's time you shell out your fair share.

Evan: Well, it's not that I donít like that kind of music. It's just that I donít know how to mambo or anything like that.

Vicky: Now, I happen to be calculating exactly how much you owe me right now.

Evan: Oh, well, it's -- and I donít know how to meringue --

Amanda: All right, that's it.

Evan: For that matter.

Amanda: Time's up.

Vicky: Now, that lunch the other day, that picnic we had came to $100 or more probably with the wine, but I'll let you off for, say, $55.

Evan: Vicky, Vicky, slow down now. There's no sense in trying to tell me how to do the mambo over the phone. You can just show me when we get together.

Vicky: Oh, honey, I'm not going to show you anything until you shell out. You get that?

Evan: Yeah, right. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that it meant a lot to me. Those flowers are really, really beautiful.

Vicky: Oh, donít thank me. I charged them to you, 45 bucks.

Evan: Oh, great. Well, I feel the same way. Listen, honey, I'll see you later. Bye-bye. Amanda, I'm sorry about that.

Amanda: No, you're not.

Evan: Where are you going?

Amanda: I'm going to a Halloween party. I came in early so that I could take the rest of the day off with Alli.

Evan: But I thought you said you had a lot of work to do.

Amanda: My family comes first. Always.

Stacey: You didnít let him see me?

Jamie: Stacey.

Stacey: You have no right to make a decision like that.

Jamie: Stacey, I was worried about you.

Stacey: Why?

Jamie: Because from what I've seen, Derek is -- is someone who canít hold on to his emotions.

Stacey: Yes, but you shouldnít judge him like that.

Jamie: Look what happened last night, Stacey.

Stacey: None of that was his fault.

Jamie: No?

Stacey: No, it was my fault. I'm the one who was stupid enough to go down to that longshoreman by myself.

Jamie: Yes, and that's another thing, Stacey. You are devoting yourself to this guy.

Stacey: Because he needs my help. He's innocent.

Jamie: And you are losing your sense of perspective.

Stacey: No, I'm not, Jamie.

Jamie: Stacey, you went down to this bar last night because of Derek, and you almost got yourself killed.

Ada: Excuse me?

Jamie: It's ok, grandma.

Ada: Stacey has a very anxious visitor.

Stacey: Derek.

Derek: Thank you.

Jamie: I wish you had told me he was here, grandma.

Ada: He didnít ask for you, Jamie.

Stacey: I'm glad you're here.

Derek: Are you all right?

Jamie: She has a concussion, Derek, and she needs rest.

Stacey: But I'm allowed visitors, aren't I?

Ada: Oh, well, the Cory hospital has very liberal visiting hours. Dr. Frame, donít you think we should let them have a visit in private? Dr. Frame?

Derek: Hey, donít worry, man. I wonít be that long.

Stacey: Did you get my note?

Derek: Look, I got back to the hospital and you weren't there. Are you all right?

Stacey: Come on, yeah, I'm well enough to have you come and sit down beside me.

Derek: I feel so bad.

Stacey: Why?

Derek: It's all my fault.

Stacey: None of it is your fault.

Derek: I should've figured what Cal was doing instead of just running in there like a jerk.

Stacey: Come on, you could never be a jerk. Now, sit down beside me. I heard you came by last night.

Derek: Yeah, and Jamie said that you needed your rest, so --

Stacey: Well, I tried calling you before I went to sleep.

Derek: Come on, let's talk about this someplace else. Get your stuff, come on, I'm going to take you home.

Stacey: But I'm not going home.

Derek: What?

Stacey: I'm staying here.

Mitch: If we'd have had the negative, this might have turned out clearer.

Rachel: Yeah, and then we'd have the whole picture.

Mitch: Well, it's bigger, but it's not necessarily better.

Rachel: Oh, his face is still blurred.

Mitch: The only thing that I can see that I didnít see on the original was this guy's wearing some sort of signet ring.

Rachel: Yeah. Yeah, but that doesn't tell us what's in the rest of the picture, does it?

Mitch: No. You know, we can do it again, but it's not going to really be any better.

Rachel: No, it's that I thought it was worth a try.

Mitch: Got to have the negative.

Rachel: I went through boxes of negatives last night, but I didnít find anything.

Mitch: This guy seems to be a lot younger than Mac.

Rachel: Who is he?

Mitch: I looked for a date on this photograph. I thought it might have been put on there when it was developed, but I couldn't find anything.

Rachel: It's probably on the other half.

Mitch: Did you go back and look at the painting?

Rachel: I searched over every inch of the back of that painting.

Mitch: You know, if we knew when Mac might have hidden the photo --

Rachel: I didnít even know about that painting. I donít know where it came from. Sam just found it up there in the cabin.

Mitch: So it could've been any time.

Rachel: Mac went up there a half a dozen times every year. I did -- I did think of one thing, though. One of the first times Mac took me up there, one evening he got very serious. He said there was something he wanted to tell me about.

Mitch: About what?

Rachel: About his past. But he looked so serious it frightened me, so I told him not to tell me.

Mitch: And he accepted that?

Rachel: He looked at me for a long time. It was as though he were debating with himself, and, yeah, then he accepted it. I just rattled on about the fact that, you know, we were together now and it didnít matter what had happened in our past.

Mitch: And he never brought it up again?

Rachel: No.

Mitch: What are you saying, that somehow that the man connected in this photograph is part of the story Mac wanted to tell you?

Rachel: I donít know. But I guess from what I said to him, maybe there's a lot in his past that I donít know anything about.

Mitch: There is someone who might be able to fill in the blanks.

Rachel: Yes, I know. I've been avoiding it.

Mitch: Maybe you canít avoid it any longer.

Rachel: You know, you're right. The one person who might be able to tell me something about the man in the photograph is probably Iris.

Derek: Staying?

Stacey: Yes.

Derek: Now, I donít get it. Why?

Stacey: Because Jamie thinks it's a good idea.

Derek: Oh, Jamie.

Stacey: Yeah, it's just for a couple of days.

Derek: Sure.

Stacey: Look, he knows I'm a workaholic and how much I hate hospitals, so --

Derek: Stacey, you're going to be ok, right? I mean, everything's fine?

Stacey: Yes.

Derek: You wouldnít hold anything back from me?

Stacey: No.

Derek: Then I donít get it. Why are you staying here at his house?

Stacey: I thought about going home. But then Courtney would see that I was hurt --

Derek: Oh.

Stacey: And she'd start asking questions and maybe get the police involved in this.

Derek: Right. I wasn't thinking.

Stacey: It'll only be for two or three days.

Derek: I want to be able to see you.

Stacey: You will. I'll make sure you can come by any time you want.

Derek: Yeah, well, I guess it is safer here and I couldn't watch you 24 hours a day anyway. Cal is still out there. Damn him!

Stacey: What are you thinking about now?

Derek: I had him and I let him go, you know?

Stacey: You're not going to go after him. You canít.

Derek: Yeah, I had him right in my hands.

Stacey: Come on, he's on to us. He's dangerous.

Derek: I'm not going to do anything stupid.

Stacey: Promise me that you're going to stay out of his way.

Derek: Sure.

Stacey: Where were you last night? I tried calling you.

Derek: I went back to Dr. Jasperís.

Stacey: What for?

Derek: To try to find Catherine. I haven't heard a word from her since she said she was going to tell us about the red swan.

Stacey: Well, was Dr. Jasper there?

Derek: Nobody was. Look, I got to go. Johnís having me look at some renovations by myself and --

Stacey: Well, good.

Derek: I got to get to work.

Stacey: Ok. Well, will you come back later?

Derek: Yeah, I hate leaving you.

Stacey: I love you.

Derek: I love you, too.

Josie: But you never said a word, Olivia.

Liz: Oh, dear, did I put my foot in it?

Josie: I never even knew that you were interested in modeling.

Liz: Well, why shouldnít she? Olivia's a stunning young woman.

Olivia: Aunt Liz, please.

Liz: Did you expect her just to sit back and let this opportunity fly by?

Josie: I expected her to be honest with me.

Olivia: I was going to tell you, Josie.

Josie: When, Olivia? When you became the "fresh faces" girl?

Liz: Just because you're in the contest, that doesn't mean that Olivia canít take chances and have it --

Matt: Liz, Liz, why donít we let those two talk it out themselves?

Liz: Matthew, all I'm trying to say is Olivia has every right to participate.

Olivia: I guess Josie doesn't think so.

Josie: It's not what I think, Olivia. I just -- I thought you were a dancer.

Liz: Just because she's a dancer, that doesn't mean --

Josie: Aunt Liz, please. This is between Olivia and me.

Liz: Ahem.

Olivia: I am a dancer, but that doesn't mean that I donít have other interests.

Josie: Well, I just wonder how interested you'd be in this if I wasn't in it.

Olivia: That's not fair.

Liz: Not fair at all.

Olivia: I entered this contest for the same reasons you did.

Liz: Exactly the same reasons.

Olivia: And if you feel threatened by it, that's your problem, isnít it?

Josie: Ok, hey, wait, Olivia. I never said anything about feeling threatened. I just thought that my sister of all people would never go behind my back.

Liz: Now, she's overreacting. You can see that, Matthew.

Josie: Matthew, let's go.

Olivia: I'm sorry, Josie. I had no idea that you had such problems with a little competition.

Matt: It's a job, it's a job. Come on, who's ever best for the job is going to get the job.

Liz: Matthew, that's a very healthy way to look at all this.

Josie: Come on, Matthew. I've got to make it an early night. I have an important test shoot in the morning and I want to look my best.

Matt: Yeah, ok. See you later.

Liz: Oh, I'm terribly disappointed in that girl. After all this family has done for her, that she actually could resent the fact that you are trying to make a place for yourself in this city. I mean, does she think she's the only person who can be famous, that you're supposed to sit back and let her become the celebrity? What's the matter, dear?

Olivia: Her last comment -- about an important test shoot in the morning?

Liz: Oh, she probably made that up.

Olivia: She thinks she's some high-power model --

Liz: Well, that'll be the day.

Olivia: And I'm just some rank amateur.

Liz: Who cares what she thinks? You're the winner with breeding and talent. Oh, you're a dancer, you're poised. You look elegant in an evening gown, stunning in a swimsuit.

Olivia: Aunt Liz, please. Liz, I donít want to hear any more.

Liz: Well, I'm just trying to give you some confidence, Olivia.

Olivia: I have confidence. What I need is the right look, and I know exactly who has it.

Liz: What's the right look? Who has it?

Ada: Will you hold it right there, young lady?

Stacey: Whoa, what is it? What's wrong?

Ada: Well, you're up and walking around a lot, that's what's wrong.

Stacey: Oh, it's ok. Jamie said I could.

Ada: Oh, yeah?

Stacey: No, I promise, Ada. He -- he said I could meander about the place, maybe sit down on the couch for a little --

Ada: Well, then sit first.

Stacey: Ok.

Ada: Later for meandering about the place, ok?

Stacey: You guys have been so nice to me, I really appreciate it.

Ada: Yeah, well, a concussion is nothing to fool around with.

Stacey: So I hear.

Ada: There you go.

Stacey: Thank you.

Ada: Ok.

Stacey: Mmm.

Ada: Jamie was very worried about you last night.

Stacey: Yeah, I know. He's a wonderful doctor.

Ada: Oh, he is that, and he has a patient he cares about a lot.

Stacey: Yeah. Well, we're really good friends.

Ada: I could see that. He doesn't always bring all his patients home, you know.

Stacey: Yeah, I know. I felt a little bit strange about being here, but it feels nice and safe, and I guess I was a little bit scared in the hospital.

Ada: Is Derek a good friend, too?

Stacey: Mm-hmm. Well, actually, he's more than a good friend.

Ada: But you're staying here?

Stacey: He understands that. That isnít what you're concerned about.

Ada: Well, Jamie has been through a lot the last couple of months.

Stacey: I know.

Ada: You're one of the people who helped get him through it.

Stacey: Like I said, we're good friends.

Ada: Jamie has his mother's talent for seeing things the way he wants them to be.

Stacey: So do you think maybe I should've stayed someplace else?

Ada: Oh, no, no. You're more than welcome to stay here anytime. I just wish Jamie had somebody like you to come home to every day.

Stacey: Yeah. I know, I'm --

Ada: But if it isnít going to be that way, I wish you'd let him know. See, he might think that your staying here means something that it doesnít.

Stacey: I'm not going to hurt him again, Ada. I promise.

Ada: Enough said. It is said all over the world that my chicken soup cures concussions on the spot.

[Stacey laughs]

Stacey: Oh.

Ada: What do you say? How about some?

Stacey: Ok.

Ada: Good.

Vicky: Oh.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Hold on a second!


Vicky: All right! Hi!

Jamie: What the hell is the matter with you, Vicky?

Vicky: Um, you have no right to come barging in here, Jamie.

Jamie: And you have no right to interfere in my life.

Vicky: What are you talking about?

Jamie: I'm talking about that little stunt you pulled at the hospital last night.

Vicky: Hmm. You sure do have a way of making something out of nothing.

Jamie: It was not nothing, damn it! Stacey had just been injured.

Vicky: She looked fine to me.

Jamie: And the last thing she needed was to be harassed by you.

Vicky: Oh. She obviously needed to go home with you, right?

Jamie: And who are you to say what she needs, Vicky?

Vicky: I have a right to my opinion.

Jamie: You had no right to speak to Derek that way, either.

Vicky: Derek, yes. That's that interesting-looking friend of Staceyís, right? I hardly know him.

Jamie: You knew him well enough to persuade him to visit Stacey last night.

Vicky: Did she object?

Jamie: None of your damn business.

Vicky: Jamie, you donít come into my house and yell at me anymore. You understand?

Jamie: Fine, I'll stop doing that, Vicky, as soon as you stop playing games!

Vicky: I'm tired of this conversation.

Jamie: Well, that's just too bad.

Vicky: You can leave now, Jamie.

Jamie: Not until I'm finished. You are going to leave my family and my friends alone. Do you understand? Do you understand?

Vicky: I understand.

Jamie: Good!

Vicky: You finished? Are you ready to leave now?

Jamie: No, I'm not finished. Now we're going to talk about Steven.

Vicky: Is he all right?

Jamie: Yeah, he's just fine and I want him to remain that way, Vicky, so there are going to be a few changes around here. You are going to observe a very strict schedule with Steven.

Vicky: What the hell do you mean by "strict"?

Jamie: You are going to pick him up on time and you are going to return him on time.

Vicky: I always do.

Jamie: No, Vicky, you are consistently late.

Vicky: My watch is slow.

Jamie: Get a new one. Because from now on, if you are so much as one minute early, you will not be let in the house.

Vicky: You are so --

Jamie: And if you are so much as one minute late, I'm going to call the police!

Vicky: Petty, mean, selfish --

Jamie: Well, that's just fine, Vicky, because if I am, I learned from a master. You made this situation. You can live with it.

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: What the hell do you want now, Jamie, you son of a -- Derek.

Derek: Can I come in?

Amanda: Those are coming along quite nicely.

Olivia: Oh, Amanda, hi.

Amanda: Hi. Sam is really good with form, isnít he?

Olivia: Oh, yeah. He's so talented.

Amanda: He's also out of town.

Olivia: Oh, I know -- at an art show.

Amanda: But if you know that, then what --

Olivia: I came here to see you.

Amanda: Me? What about?

Olivia: Well, remember how you promised to help me with the "fresh faces" campaign?

Amanda: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I donít remember promising anything.

Olivia: Well, sure. You said you'd give me some makeup and hair tips.

Amanda: I did?

Olivia: Yes, you were so sweet about it. Donít you remember? You said any time I was ready to just say the word.

Amanda: Are you sure you didnít dream this?

Olivia: It was just the other day. Donít you remember?

Amanda: I remember saying that I'd never been a model, and, well, that I -- I didnít know how I could help you.

Olivia: But I think you're stunning.

Amanda: Stunning?

Olivia: Amanda, please, can -- couldn't you just give me some advice? I really need somebody to talk to. I -- like, do you think I should wear liner or just mascara? Should I wear my hair up, down? Should I cut my hair maybe?

Amanda: Uh, Olivia? I really canít think about this right now. I have to turn Alli into Captain Hook.

Olivia: Captain Hook?

Amanda: Halloween party.

Olivia: You're turning your little girl into a pirate?

Amanda: Well, I figure all the other little girls are going to be princesses, so we decided to do something different.

Olivia: Oh, that's terrific.

Amanda: Yeah, so can we talk about the "fresh faces" thing another time?

Olivia: Sure, sure, whenever it's convenient for you.

Amanda: All right. I'll give you a call this week sometime, all right?

Olivia: Ok, great.

Amanda: Ok.

Olivia: That's perfect. Thanks a lot. Oh, good.

Evan: Trying to figure out how she does it?

Olivia: What?

Evan: Hi.

Olivia: Hi. I was just leaving.

Evan: No, donít. You're just the person I want to see.

Olivia: I am?

Evan: Yes. I think it's time the two of us had a nice, long chat.

Evan: Well, maybe I should introduce myself first.

Olivia: I know who you are. You're Josieís cousin.

Evan: Ah. Well, then you're obviously on top of things.

Olivia: So why are you here at the Coryís?

Evan: I work for the Coryís.

Olivia: Ah.

Evan: But enough about me. I'd rather talk about you first.

Olivia: Why?

Evan: Well, I'm interested in these sketches Sam has done of you, for one thing.

Olivia: Well, Sam is a very talented artist.

Evan: He also has a very beautiful model.

Olivia: It's Sam. He's going to make it very big one day.

Evan: Well, you're obviously one of his biggest fans.

Olivia: Yeah, I'm a fan. And I have to go.

Evan: Oh, surely you have just a few more minutes.

Olivia: What do you want from me?

Evan: What do I want? Good lord, canít somebody just be friendly nowadays?

Olivia: No.

Evan: No? That's very funny.

Olivia: And I'm very late. I have an appointment.

Evan: Well, let me just ask you one thing.

Olivia: Look, Evan --

Evan: Why do you spend so much time at the Coryís?

Olivia: Well, the Coryís have been very good to me since I came to town.

Evan: Uh-huh.

Olivia: Matthew, Rachel, Amanda --

Evan: Sam.

Olivia: That's none of your business.

Evan: Uh, just one more thing, Olivia. Was the water cold?

Olivia: What?

Evan: Well, I saw you in the Cory pool.

Olivia: Yes, I know.

Evan: With Sam.

Mitch: I know asking Iris for help is the last thing you want to do.

Rachel: Yes, but if she knows anything about the man in the photograph --

Mitch: Also, if she tells you what she knows --

Rachel: Then I guess I ought to talk to her.

Mitch: Is there anything that I can do?

Rachel: No, you've done quite enough.

Mitch: Enlarge one photo? Big deal.

Rachel: You're always there for me when I call you, and I call far too often.

Mitch: If you need me, call me. You can count on me.

Rachel: I do. Well, thank you for bringing me home.

Mitch: Sure.

Rachel: Guess I'd better get up and check on the babies.

Mitch: Talk to you.

Rachel: Ok, thanks again.

Amanda: Ok, Alli, you just sit still for one more second. We got to put something down here, you know, ok?

Stacey: Did she pick this outfit out by herself?

Amanda: She was the only girl that saw "Peter Pan" and didnít want the lead.

Ada: She knows who gets all the laughs.

Alli: Mommy!

[Alli cries]

Amanda: What's the matter? What? It's the hat maybe. You know how difficult it is to find a pirate's outfit in a toddler size two?

Ada: I can imagine.

Amanda: What, what?

Stacey: You want a cracker?

Jamie: Hey, well, shiver me timbers! This couldn't be Alli, now, could it?

Amanda: Yes.

Jamie: She looks marvelous.

Amanda: I'm sure the hat's too big, though.

Jamie: Oh.

Amanda: Wow, you got a cracker, huh?

Jamie: So how are you doing, huh?

Stacey: I'm doing fine.

Jamie: I donít want you to work too hard, now, ok?

Stacey: Come on, I'm just sitting around here.

Jamie: Well, it's a welcome sight and we're glad you're here. Hello, sweetheart. Hello.

Amanda: Yes, she's got a cracker, she's all happy.

Jamie: She looks --

[Helicopter approaches]

Amanda: What's that?

Ada: What the heck is that?

Jamie: What is that? It's a helicopter.

Ada: What is that? Hey!

Stacey: Oh!

Jamie: A helicopter!

Ada: Why is it so low?

Jamie: I think it's going to land!

Stacey: Looks like it.

Ada: On our terrace?

Jamie: On our lawn. And there's somebody getting out.

Ada: Oh, but they canít --

Stacey: No, it canít be!

Jamie: It is.

Ada: Oh, no!

[Alli cries]

Cecile: Trick or treat. This is the first time

Matt: This is kind of embarrassing.

Josie: What is?

Matt: We're the only couple in this whole restaurant who are in costume.

Josie: Who?

Matt: "Who? What? Huh?" You should be in a space cadet outfit, at least for tonight.

Josie: I'm a little disoriented, I know.

Matt: A little disoriented? Ok, you haven't touched your food, you wonít talk.

Josie: Look, I'm sorry.

Matt: I just wish you wouldnít be so upset about this -- this "fresh faces" thing.

Josie: Did you expect me to just get over it already?

Matt: No, I expect you to put it into a little perspective.

Josie: She did this behind my back.

Matt: She was going to tell you.

Josie: How do you know?

Matt: I donít know. What difference does it make? It's one extra person in your contest.

Josie: It's not just one extra person, it's my sister.

Matt: It's not going to spoil your chances to get the job. Iris and Lucas love you.

Josie: That's not the point.

Matt: What is?

Josie: Olivia entered this contest just because I did.  Why are you siding with her Matt: I'm not siding with her? I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. Please.

Matt: She entered this contest for the same reason you did.

Josie: No, she didnít. She entered this contest because she knew it would hurt me.

Matt: Olivia?

Josie: It's true, Matt. She had to act like she liked me when her father was around, but now that he's gone -- well, it's quite obvious how she feels.

Matt: How do you feel?

Josie: I tried. I have! I've called, I've asked her to get together, and there's always an excuse.

Matt: Well, that should change.

Josie: She doesn't want it to.

Matt: I think she would like to be close to you.

Josie: All she wants is to beat me at my own game. I'm a model, so now she's going to be one, a better one.

Matt: Oh, come on, Josie.

Josie: Matthew, it's true. She -- she wants everyone around her, including our father, to think that she's better.

Matt: No, I --

Josie: Well, I have news for her, Matt. There's no way I'm going to let her win this contest. No way.

Vicky: I'm sorry I used that tone of voice to greet you, Derek.

Derek: Kind of scared me a little bit.

Vicky: Good, it worked better than I thought.

Derek: Well, John said you want to do a lot of renovations.

Vicky: John? John -- oh, I get -- you work for John?

Derek: Yeah, Frame Construction.

Vicky: Ok.

Derek: John sent me over.

Vicky: Yeah, all right, so you're doing the renovations?

Derek: Well, I donít know. Maybe you ought to get somebody else.

Vicky: All right, Derek. Let's get something straight, ok? I know every time you've seen me or heard me, I've been yelling.

Derek: Pretty much.

Vicky: At Jamie or Stacey or both.

Derek: You got a set of lungs.

Vicky: Thank you. Anyway, I'm truly sorry for all the yelling. But I've been going through this divorce. It's been very difficult for me. I'm sure you understand that.

Derek: Yeah, I do. But it's you and Stacey that bothers me. You know, you're not exactly friends.

Vicky: No. We're nowhere near being friends. But I donít think that should interfere with our relationship. I mean, you and I can still be friendly, donít you think?

Derek: Maybe.

Vicky: Derek, I'm sure if Uncle John sent you over here, you are the man for the job.

Derek: Uncle John? I mean, you're related to him?

Vicky: Only by blood.

Derek: Well, I like John.

Vicky: So do I.

Derek: Ok. Let's give this thing a try.

Vicky: Good man.

Derek: So, what needs renovating?

Vicky: All right, come here. Now, down this hall is Jamieís study.

Derek: Yeah.

Vicky: I want that ripped out and turned into a gym.

Derek: A gym?

Vicky: Yes. By looking at you, I'm sure you can relate.

Derek: Everything ripped out?

Vicky: Everything. I want every trace of Jamie Frame obliterated.

Cecile: Thank you, Raul.

Raul: It was my distinct pleasure, your highness.

Cecile: Perhaps we could fly together again sometime.

Raul: I look forward to it. Good evening, everybody.

Cecile: Well, let me look at you all. Oh, the Coryís. How wonderful it is to see you lovely people again.

Ada: Great entrance, Cecile. One of your best.

Cecile: I've missed you, Ada.

Ada: I wish I could say the same.

Cecile: And Amanda, my goodness, all grown up. And with a little baby of your own, I hear.

Amanda: If you'll excuse me, Cecile, my daughter and I have a Halloween party to go to.

Cecile: Was it my imagination, or was my ex-sister-in-law just a tad cool towards me?

Stacey: Well, surely you donít think anyone in this house would actually welcome you, Cecile?

Cecile: Stacey, Stacey, Stacey. Didnít expect to see you.

Stacey: Sorry to disappoint.

Cecile: No, it's just that I didnít know you were part of the picture again.

Jamie: Ok, Cecile.

Cecile: Jamie. Havenít even gotten to you.

Jamie: I'm sure you will. You must be getting tired, Stacey.

Stacey: Yeah. Funny thing, all of a sudden, I'm exhausted.

Jamie: Why donít you take a rest, huh?

Stacey: Yeah, good idea.

Jamie: Ok.

Cecile: Oh, Stacey -- how's Cass?

Stacey: He's been fine. Till now.

Jamie: Listen, grandma, I would like to speak to Cecile alone, if you donít mind.

Ada: Oh. Ok. I'll just go and take care of Stacey.

Jamie: Thank you. All right, what are you doing, Cecile?

Cecile: I am giving you a hug. I'm so happy to see you looking so well.

Jamie: Why are you here?

Rachel: That's exactly what I would like to know.

Matt: This doesn't sound like you, Josie.

Josie: Why not? You think I'm too insecure to compete with her? Too scared?

Matt: That's not it.

Josie: Matthew, I have news for you. I have changed. I believe in myself. I know how to get what I want.

Matt: It's just a contest!

Josie: It's not "just" anything. This is very important to me!

Matt: I didnít mean it the way --

Josie: And there is no way I'm backing off! Now, let's go.

Matt: I haven't even had dessert yet.

Josie: Well, I donít care. I've got to get home, I have to get plenty of sleep. We can make an appearance at that party, and then I'm going home.

Matt: Fine.

Josie: From now on I am giving 110%. I want that cover, and I'm going to get it. There is no way in hell Olivia is going to get it.

Olivia: You saw me --

Evan: Getting into the pool.

Olivia: Without --

Evan: Right.

Olivia: So how long were you standing there?

Evan: Long enough.

Olivia: Did you hear anything?

Evan: No, but it did seem like you and Sam were having one hell of a time.

Olivia: Well, it was all his idea.

Evan: Oh, really?

Olivia: Yes. He talked me into it. I mean, I was completely embarrassed.

Evan: You didnít seem embarrassed to me.

Olivia: Well, I'm very good at covering up my emotions.

Evan: So Sam is the one that's been coming on to you?

Olivia: Evan, please donít say anything to anybody, ok? It's never going to happen again. Now that I know Sam is attracted to me, I'm making a point of keeping our relationship strictly professional.

Evan: Are you sure?

Olivia: Yes, of course I'm sure. I love the Coryís. I donít want to cause any trouble. Please, just forget what you saw last night.

Evan: I have to.

Olivia: Evan? Evan, you wonít say anything, will you? Evan!

Vicky: So, do I get my gym?

Derek: Yeah, I'll start work next week.

Vicky: Good, I'll look for the equipment.

Derek: No, hold off on that until we find out what it is that we want dimension-wise.

Vicky: Ok, you give me the word.

Derek: Yeah, I'll give you a call next week.

Vicky: Fine. Uh, Derek, by the way, how is Stacey?

Derek: Better.

Vicky: She didnít look too seriously injured.

Derek: She's going to be just fine.

Vicky: I'm sure you're relieved.

Derek: Very much so.

Vicky: It was nice of Jamie to let her stay at the mansion, although he is some kind of modern-day saint, according to everyone in this town except me, of course.

Derek: Me, too.

Vicky: You, too?

Derek: I donít think your husband is any kind of a saint at all.

Vicky: Hmm. Hmm.

Jamie: It's Halloween. Cecile flew in on her broomstick.

Rachel: Yes, so mom said.

Cecile: You're looking lovely, Rachel.

Rachel: Thank you.

Jamie: I'm late for the hospital.

Rachel: You go ahead. I'll take care of this.

Jamie: Bye-bye.

Cecile: Jamie, I hope I get to see you later. Really, Rachel -- why, you look as lovely as I've ever seen you look.

Rachel: Why are you here, Cecile?

Cecile: Well --

Rachel: What happened to Tanquir and being queen? And why on earth have you landed at my house?

Cecile: I'm awfully tired, Rachel.

Rachel: Oh, I think I want some answers, Cecile.

Cecile: No, not right now. Later we'll talk. But I will answer that one last question of yours. I came to the Coryís because I wanted to tell you all how terribly I feel about Macís death.

Rachel: Thank you.

Cecile: I didnít get the news until very recently. So the reason I'm here in Bay City is that I want to honor Mac.

Rachel: I beg your pardon?

Cecile: I want to fund a charitable institution in his name.

Rachel: What kind of an institution?

Cecile: Um, I have a few ideas.

Rachel: Why would you do this, Cecile? You never had any time for Mac.

Cecile: I've been in the air for hours. Absolute -- it feels like days. I must have been through 10 time zones. I donít know whether I'm coming or going.

Rachel: You're going.

Cecile: Why donít we just discuss all of this over breakfast, shall we?

Rachel: I donít think you're listening, Cecile.

Cecile: Oh, and could you have one of the servants bring my luggage up to my room?

Rachel: You really want to stay in this house?

Cecile: Well, I know you wouldnít have me stay in a hotel.

Rachel: Oh, I donít know about that.

Cecile: I'm just going to drop if I donít find myself a bed immediately.

Rachel: Some things never change.

Cecile: Why donít we just skip the banter? I'm staying, and you and I both know it.

Rachel: Refreshing to have you back, Cecile. You may stay one night, but I think after that it might get just a little unpleasant.

Cecile: Oh, and could you have the maid or somebody draw me a hot bath? My clothes -- they must be terribly crushed in that suitcase.

Rachel: Oh, I wouldnít put any extra burdens on this welcome wagon, Cecile. It just wonít hold the weight.

Cecile: Fine.

Rachel: Now I'll go find Hilda. We're a little full up right now, but I'm sure we can find a cot to set up somewhere.

Cecile: I did it. I'm back! Oh!

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