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Another World Transcript Thursday 9/22/05

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Felicia: Oh, good. Come on in. Let me take your coat.

Lucas: No, that's ok. I really canít stay. You said this was urgent?

Felicia: I know this is going to sound crazy to you, but I think Iris is using you.

Lucas: I donít understand.

Felicia: You could be headed for prison.

Rachel: Oh, Evan, good. I'm glad you're here.

Evan: Yeah, hi. Listen, I brought by that budget for the meeting.

Rachel: Oh, no, I donít have time for that today. I've got a lot of interviews and then I've got to get back to the office.

Evan: Well, I thought that was the reason I came out here.

Rachel: No.

Evan: Interviews for what?

Rachel: Well, you know, I'm a part of the search committee, the chairman of the search committee for the ballet board. We're looking for ballet masters today.

Evan: Well, good luck.

Rachel: Anyway, I donít have time to go over the budget and talk to you about "Brava."

Evan: All right.

Rachel: I wanted you to come over because I wanted to talk about something personal. Do you remember the conversation we had the other day in the studio?

Evan: About Amanda?

Rachel: Yes. I was hoping you would take my advice on that.

Evan: Well, it's not that I didnít take your advice. It's just that --

Rachel: Then, the other day at the auction, it was clear from the way you were bidding on the portrait of Amanda that you weren't about to take my advice on that. You weren't even close to it.

Evan: You know, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say here.

Rachel: You donít have to say anything. I'm just explaining to you that I'm going to have to take control over the situation.

Evan: Meaning?

Rachel: Meaning from now on I will have to separate you and Amanda.

Jamie: You know, I've been thinking -- I've been thinking about you, Stacey, and what we had.

Stacey: Oh. Yeah. Well, that's all in the past now, so I guess we should probably --

Jamie: No, I -- I should have made you marry me. You know that? I should have -- I donít know -- I should have kidnapped you or something. I should have made you listen to me back then.

Stacey: Is this your way of telling me that I'm too stubborn?

Jamie: You know, we had a lot of good times.

Stacey: Yep, we did.

Jamie: Do you remember when I proposed to you?

Stacey: Hmm, very well. But, you know, that was a long time ago and a lot of things have changed since then.

Jamie: Yeah. Tell me about it.

Stacey: You have to concentrate on the future.

Jamie: I know.

Stacey: And the most important thing is to make sure that Steven has a good life, that you and he both do --

Jamie: Right.

Stacey: With as few hassles from old Vicky as possible, and I am here to make sure that that is going to happen.

Jamie: Thank you.

Stacey: You donít have to thank me. Just trust me.

Jamie: You know, it's a good thing that at least one of us has things in perspective.

Stacey: Well, donít you worry. Everything is going to be fine -- guaranteed.

Jamie: Thank you. It means a lot to me. I canít tell you how much.

Lucas: Prison?

Felicia: I'm serious about this, Luke.

Lucas: I can see that, Fanny, but what makes you think that Iris is going to do anything that will send me to prison?

Felicia: I just donít think you know how dangerous she is.

Lucas: Ok, hold on. Let's start this from the beginning, ok?

Felicia: Ok.

Lucas: Now, what made you start thinking that Iris was so dangerous?

Felicia: I've known that for a long time. I'm really talking about dangerous to you.

Lucas: Ok, dangerous to me?

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: What brought this on?

Felicia: It was Iris' idea, wasn't it, to bid on Amandaís portrait at the auction?

Lucas: What if it was?

Felicia: I thought so.

Lucas: What does that mean?

Felicia: Mitch told me something that could be very important. Mac may have written a new will, a will that was never found.

Lucas: Really?

Felicia: And if he did, it's very possible that Iris would be cut out of it completely.

Lucas: Yeah, because she and Mac were at odds.

Felicia: "At odds"? I mean, she practically ruined Cory Publishing by a takeover scheme.

Lucas: So, ok, Mac might have cut her out.

Felicia: Right.

Lucas: I donít understand what this has to do with the auction, Fanny.

Felicia: All right, now, listen to me. Iris has it in her head that the will might be hidden in that portrait.

Lucas: Where?

Felicia: I donít know. It could be anywhere. It could be in the Frame. It could be in the canvas. Who knows? The point is, Luke, she needed you to bid on it.

Lucas: Fanny, we never even got the portrait.

Felicia: No, I know that.

Lucas: Rachel said something about Sam not wanting to sell it, then they took it back.

Felicia: What exactly was Iris' reaction to that?

Lucas: Oh, they were always battling. You know that. I mean, was there a will?

Felicia: I donít know, but that's not really the point.

Lucas: What is the point?

Felicia: The point is she's using you.

Lucas: How?

Felicia: By trying to get the will and then destroying it.

Lucas: Oh, the will.

Felicia: She's got you involved in something that is very wrong, and it might even be illegal.

Lucas: Fanny, I can take care of myself, honey. You, too.

Felicia: Luke, now, I want you to listen to me. I'm not kidding. Your association with Iris has everybody in this bloody town turned against you.

Lucas: Look, there's nothing I can do about that. I happen to work for her.

Felicia: You're willing to go to prison because of her?

Lucas: You're so terrific.

Felicia: Luke, please.

Lucas: You're worried about me.

Felicia: Of course I'm worried about you. You need to get away from her before -- well, before it's too late.

Lucas: You really do. You really do still care about me.

Stacey: Derek. Hi!

Jamie: Hello, Derek. Good to see you.

Stacey: Jamie and I were just finishing up some business.

Jamie: Yeah, well, listen, I have to go retrieve my son now. Listen, I'll -- I'll talk to you later.

Stacey: Right. If you have any problems, give me a call, ok?

Jamie: Will do, will do.

Stacey: Ok.

Jamie: So long, Derek.

Stacey: What's wrong?

Derek: What was going on when I came in?

Stacey: Oh, we were going over a custody arrangement.

Derek: That's it?

Stacey: Yeah. Oh, come on, Derek. I thought we were finished arguing about Jamie.

Derek: Yeah, I thought so, too.

Stacey: Then what's the problem?

Derek: You always hold hands with your clients?

Stacey: Oh, we were shaking hands.

Derek: I've seen you shake hands lots of times, not like that.

Stacey: Look, you're making this into something it isnít.

Derek: Stacey, people talk with their bodies -- the way they look, the way they touch.

Stacey: I know, I --

Derek: So it doesn't really matter what they're saying. It's what their bodies are saying.

Stacey: Ok. It's very simple. Jamie is having a tough time dealing with everything that's happened to him and he needs a friend.

Derek: I thought you wanted to keep things strictly professional.

Stacey: Derek, he's a friend. He's got a lot of problems, and I just want to help him as much as I can.

Derek: By holding his hand?

Stacey: He's an old friend. Why canít I help him?

Derek: Ok, you two were engaged, right?

Stacey: Yeah.

Derek: You were lovers.

Stacey: So?

Derek: That's more than an old friend.

Stacey: Give the guy a break, Derek. His personal life is a mess right now.

Derek: Yeah, and you want to get right back in the middle of it, donít you?

Evan: I really think there's been some misunderstanding here.

Rachel: I donít.

Evan: Oh, when I was bidding for Amandaís portrait, it was just --

Rachel: It was all there in your eyes, Evan.

Evan: Well, see, I knew that Sam and Amanda would like it back, and I thought that if I was to buy it for them, I could --

Rachel: Evan --

Evan: It had been taken out of the studio by mistake. I --

Rachel: Evan, I was there.

Evan: It was purely innocent what I was doing.

Rachel: Evan, please. Donít try to reinterpret what happened. That's not going to work with me.

Evan: So you want to separate Amanda and me?

Rachel: Yes.

Evan: And just how do you propose to do that?

Rachel: I donít think you ought to come out to the house anymore. It's not good for you or for Amanda or for Sam.

Evan: Ok, that's fine. I think we can handle everything at the office.

Rachel: And at the office, I'm going to make sure that you and Amanda are no longer working on the same projects.

Evan: Rachel, what am I to you? Am I some fifth-grader in a playground or am I a vice president of Cory Publishing?

Rachel: You're a very important part of Cory Publishing. You know that, Evan.

Evan: Oh, and this is how I get treated?

Rachel: You get treated very well. You're very valuable to the company.

Evan: Oh, and you make me more valuable by tying a hand behind my back and telling me not to have anything to do with one of Coryís key executives.

Rachel: This is about my family, Evan. They come first. You ought to understand that by now.

Evan: No, I donít, because I've worked really hard to get where I am.

Rachel: Everybody works hard to get where they get.

Evan: And maybe I've done some things in the past that aren't necessarily honorable.

Rachel: This isnít about that, Evan.

Evan: Well, then what the hell is all this about, Rachel?

Rachel: This is about your feelings for my daughter, who happens to be married.

Evan: Nobody has ever accused me of not being able to handle my personal feelings.

Rachel: I'm not accusing you of that.

Evan: Then donít cut me off in a professional situation.

Rachel: I'm trying to create a situation here that will be best for everyone, Evan.

Evan: Well, maybe it's best for you, Rachel, and your family. But it's not what's best for me.

Rachel: Clearly.

Felicia: Luke, I care about anybody that's going to be hurt by Iris.

Lucas: Oh, I think there's more to it than that.

Felicia: Well, I donít. I donít -- I donít want you to read anything more into this than there is.

Lucas: Listen, I think if this whole town turned against me, you'd still be on my side.

Felicia: I'm your friend.

Lucas: I know that and that's always been very important to me. No matter what was going on, you always -- you still cared.

Felicia: Ok, now, if that's true, it means that you trust me, donít you?

Lucas: With my life.

Felicia: So then you should be confident about what I'm telling you. You have to get away from Iris.

Lucas: I canít do that, Fanny. I have a contract with her --

Felicia: Oh --

Lucas: A very lucrative contract, I might add.

Felicia: You really donít need Iris' business, and you know as well as I do that a contract can be broken. I mean this. You have to get away from her.

Lucas: I have to make my own decisions. And besides, I donít think this is a good time to walk away from her.

Felicia: Why?

Lucas: Well, if what you say is true, she's a very desperate woman.

Felicia: Yes, who doesn't care who she uses.

Lucas: Who also is denying the fact that she -- that she had a terrible, terrible falling-out with her own father right before he died.

Felicia: Oh, for heaven's sakes. Have her go to a psychiatrist.

Lucas: Fanny, I helped another woman who was having a terrible time with her father once.

Felicia: That was a long time ago.

Lucas: Yeah, well, I'm glad I was there.

Felicia: Yes, I am, too, but -- we're talking about Iris now. I think your heart is in a good place, but she is dangerous.

Lucas: Maybe she can be.

Felicia: Would you listen to yourself? You admit that she's dangerous. You even came over here last week and said you were thinking about marrying her.

Lucas: Yeah, I was kind of toying with the idea.

Felicia: Ok, so that means you're not thinking very clearly, right?

Lucas: It really does bother you that I'm with Iris.

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: Well, as much as I hate to, I have an appointment. I got to go.

Felicia: I hope it's not with Iris.

Lucas: No, and you've given me a lot to think about, and I promise I will think about it, ok?

Felicia: I hope the next time I see you --

[Phone rings]

Felicia: You've got some good news for me. Hello. Oh, yes, he is. Just a moment.

Lucas: Oh, thanks. I have to leave them a note.

Felicia: That's all right.

Lucas: I'm sorry.

Felicia: That's all right. I've got something on the stove anyway.

Lucas: You're cooking?

Felicia: No. I'm giving myself a facial.

Lucas: Oh. Hello. Yeah. What are you doing in town?

Vicky: Flying, oh, up in

[Doorbell rings]

Vicky: The doorbell oh, no. Who could be at the door for my Steven? Ok, you sit right in there and be a good boy while Mommy's at the door. Here. A toy? Who's that? There you go! I'll be right back.

Jamie: I'm here to get Steven.

Vicky: Come in. Oh, we had such a wonderful breakfast today. You should have seen what --

Jamie: Yeah, I really donít care, Vicky. Is he ready?

Vicky: He's not quite dressed yet. The big boy! Look at you, standing right up! Sweetie, Daddy's here, and it's time to go. You know where you're going to go? For a ride in the car 'cause you like it so much

Jamie: Vicky, try not to make this all day, ok?

Vicky: Jamie, just because you're angry with me, let's not upset Steven, ok?

Jamie: You know, you've been awfully busy, haven't you?

Vicky: Excuse me?

Jamie: You threatened my attorney, and then you went over to the farm and fed Matthew some sob story about motherhood so you could steal Steven for the night. That's pretty darn good for one 24-hour period.

Vicky: I donít owe you any apologies.

Jamie: I'm not asking for any apologies.

Vicky: Good.

Jamie: I just want you to know that playing hardball with my attorney wonít get you anywhere --

Vicky: Jamie, I --

Jamie: Nor will trying to turn my brother against me.

Vicky: You're getting a little paranoid, Jamie.

Jamie: But I think you will regret that stunt you pulled.

Vicky: I will never regret wanting to have my son with me.

Jamie: I think you'll regret the whole game, Vicky.

Vicky: You're awfully sure of yourself today.

Jamie: Yes. Why not?

Vicky: Calm, cool, collected?

Jamie: Oh, you would like it if I was out of control, if I was upset screaming, wouldnít you?

[Steven fusses]

Vicky: I didnít say that.

Jamie: Well, that way you could turn everything to your advantage. Well, those days are over, Vicky. You canít touch me anymore.

Stacey: I donít want to get involved in Jamieís personal life, but he needs help right now.

Derek: Yeah, from an old lover?

Stacey: Oh, you're making this into something it isnít, Derek.

Derek: Am I?

Stacey: Yes.

Derek: I donít think so.

Stacey: We were engaged, and now we're friends.

Derek: Pretty special friends.

Stacey: Just friends. Why are you looking at me like that?

Derek: Oh. You are always so honest, except when it comes to that guy.

Stacey: That guy happens to be a friend of mine. Why do you find it so impossible to believe that a woman can have a guy for a friend? You're friends with Frankie, aren't you?

Derek: We were never lovers.

Stacey: Oh, so what you're saying is because I was engaged to Jamie we canít be friends?

Derek: Stacey, there's a lot of memories there.

Stacey: Yeah.

Derek: Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of memories of what it felt like to be in love, to make love.

Stacey: Oh, come on, Derek. Donít you understand? I care about you.

Derek: Why are you getting so upset?

Stacey: Because I'd appreciate it if you'd give me a little credit.

Derek: Yeah, I'm not saying you did anything wrong.

Stacey: Oh, no, just that I'm planning to, right?

Derek: It's just that when you start digging up all those old feelings things happen.

Stacey: You donít understand. It's not that simple.

Derek: Yes, it is.

Stacey: No, it's not. Just listen to me for a second. I am not judging you and I'm not putting you down, but I want to explain something to you, ok?

Derek: Go ahead, go ahead.

Stacey: In my world, there are a lot of variations, a lot of different ways that people can feel about one another.

Derek: Oh, that's because everybody is so sophisticated, huh?

Stacey: Look, you donít have to be sarcastic with me.

Derek: Why not? Do you really think that there's that much of a difference between our worlds when it comes to feelings?

Stacey: All I'm trying to say is that some people can put things behind them, they can be friends. You just haven't seen that yet.

Derek: I've seen plenty. In your world, there's all kinds of people who are together for all the wrong reasons, while people who should be together are apart.

Stacey: Well, I can see that this is getting us nowhere.

Derek: For the first time since I walked in here, we agree on something.

Stacey: Derek, come on. Derek, come on! Donít leave if you're going to -- if we're arguing!

Rachel: Well, it looks like you really enjoyed being ballet master at Edinburgh.

Man: Well, it meant a lot to the students, and that's what made it fun.

Rachel: Good. You enjoy teaching?

Man: Oh, definitely, but only if I can work professionally at the same time. That's why I was so interested when this position became available at Bay City.

Rachel: Well, good, because you'd have to carry the major teaching load as well as choreographing and as well as fundraising.

Man: I like a lot of work.

Rachel: Good. You'll get it.

Man: May I ask you a question?

Rachel: Yes.

Man: And I donít mean to seem rude, but the first letter I received from the ballet company was from Mackenzie Cory.

Rachel: My husband.

Man: Ah.

Rachel: He passed on in the spring.

Man: Oh. I'm sorry. My sympathies.

Rachel: Thank you.

Man: This must not be an easy time for you.

Rachel: Oh, some days are harder than others. Well, your resume certainly reads very well, and you have excellent credentials.

Man: Thank you.

Rachel: You might be just what we're looking for.

Man: I think with some work and some support from the community, this could be a first-rate company.

Rachel: So do I. So, I will get back to the board and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Man: Thank you, thank you for --

Rachel: Thank you for coming over.

Man: Thank you for your time.

Felicia: Oh.

Rachel: Hi, honey.

Felicia: I am sorry.

Rachel: Come on in and meet Griffen Sanders. This is Felicia Gallant.

Griffen: Oh.

Felicia: How do you do?

Griffen: My pleasure. The author?

Felicia: Yes.

Rachel: Oh, our brightest star at Cory Publishing.

Felicia: Well, I think Rachelís exaggerating a little.

Rachel: No, I'm not.

Griffen: Well, my pleasure indeed.

Felicia: Thank you.

Griffen: I'm off.

Rachel: Ok.

Griffen: Thanks, again. I hope to hear from you soon.

Rachel: Yes, you will. Hildaís out. She'll show you outside.

Griffen: Goodbye.

Felicia: Goodbye.

Griffen: Goodbye.

Felicia: Well, he's very charming.

Rachel: Yes -- hopefully, the new ballet director.

Felicia: Oh. For Bay City ballet?

Rachel: Yep.

Felicia: That's terrific. I really am sorry to interrupt. Hilda just let me in.

Rachel: No, no. We were finished. Can I get you something?

Felicia: No. No, nothing. I'm fine.

Rachel: You're -- you're upset, aren't you, because of last night.

Felicia: I was, yes. But it's not really what you think. Mitch told me all about that there might be another will.

Rachel: Iris' idea. It makes a certain amount of sense.

Felicia: I hope you find it, I really do, and I hope Iris' name is not even mentioned in it.

Rachel: Yes. Cory Publishing would be better off without her.

Felicia: And so would Lucas.

Derek's voice: Donít -- donít move.

Staceyís voice: Why? What's wrong?

Derek: Nothing. I just want to look at you for a few minutes.

Stacey: Tsk --

Derek: No, no. It's like you stepped out of a dream or something.

Stacey: Oh, Derek.

Derek: Stacey, you are so beautiful.

Stacey: Thank you. I never realized what a romantic you really are.

Derek: This is what we've always wanted, isnít it? I mean, we're here, together, alone. Nobody else is around.

Stacey: So you think that this was meant to be?

Derek: Oh, yeah. Donít you? I canít imagine a more perfect night.

Derek: I -- I love you. Does that upset you?

Stacey: Why in the world would it upset me?

Derek: I donít know. Maybe you donít feel the same way.

Stacey: No. I do. I think I've always felt that.

Derek: It's not just this place?

Stacey: No.

Derek: You are beautiful.

Staceyís voice: I didnít think that I could ever feel like this again.

Stacey: Come on, Derek. We canít let it stay like this.

Vicky: Jamie, you've got the wrong picture.

Jamie: Of what?

Vicky: Me.

Jamie: I doubt that.

Vicky: Anything I said to Stacey or to your brother was not meant to make you angry.

Jamie: Oh, it didnít.

Vicky: I was just expressing the way I feel.

Jamie: Well, good. I'm all for people expressing themselves.

Vicky: It had nothing to do with you.

Jamie: Fine, fine. Just so you understand, you can do anything you want to do, Vicky. You can start lawsuits, you can try to turn my brother against me -- anything at all. You're still not going to get custody of Steven.

Vicky: God, I hate that tone of voice.

Jamie: Pardon?

Vicky: You see that -- "pardon"?

Jamie: Give it up, Vicky. I'm not playing that game anymore.

Vicky: What game?

Jamie: Letting you provoke me.

Vicky: How come everything has to do with you? Suddenly, everything I do is to provoke you.

Jamie: Vicky, I just donít care anymore. And when you donít care about someone, they canít get to you.

Vicky: Fine.

Jamie: My advice would be to just accept the way things are with Steven because they're not going to change.

[Doorbell rings]

Evan: Hi.

Vicky: Hi. Come in.

Lucas: Anybody ever explain to you the advantages of the modern elevator?

Derek: What are you doing here?

Lucas: I was thinking about you. I wanted to see you.

Derek: Staying out of trouble.

Lucas: Good, good.

Derek: If you're worried about your bail money, donít. You'll get your cash back. I'm staying here.

Lucas: I told you not to worry about that. I'm just thinking about the trial. It's coming up pretty soon, you know.

Derek: Yeah.

Lucas: Yeah. Does your lawyer think she can break the D.A.ís case?

Derek: She's working on it.

Lucas: Good. I mean, what do they got on you, anyway? You were able to steal the swan. You had a book with the red swan in it. That's about it, isnít it?

Derek: That's about it.

Lucas: Well, that's a pretty flimsy excuse for a case, isnít it?

Derek: They donít have anybody else.

Lucas: Yeah. I guess if you found the swan, you'd really prove you didnít do it, huh?

Derek: Sure.

Lucas: Yeah. You -- you have any -- you having any luck with that?

Derek: Why are you so interested?

Lucas: What?

Derek: What are you after?

Lucas: Well, we started to get to know one another. I mean, look, we're both from Gold Street, so I figured --

Derek: Oh, come on, man. I was a little kid then. Why donít you just forget about Gold Street?

Lucas: You were whole lot friendlier the last time I saw you. Is something wrong?

Derek: I met someone who used to work for you.

Lucas: Oh? Who?

Derek: Catherine March.

Lucas: Catherine?

Derek: I met her -- yeah -- a few days ago.

Lucas: Too bad about Catherine. I had to let her go.

Derek: She said not to trust you.

Lucas: I'll bet she said a lot of things about me.

Derek: Some.

Lucas: Let me take a wild guess. I bet maybe you might have been fired once or twice from a job.

Derek: Hmm, yeah, once or twice, yeah.

Lucas: Do you have a lot of nice things to say about the guy who fired you?

Derek: Uh-uh.

Lucas: I rest my case.

Derek: She said you like to collect art.

Lucas: That's not a big secret.

Derek: She also said you never minded cutting corners.

Lucas: Meaning what?

Derek: You were real interested in the red swan.

Lucas: You think I have it, donít you?

Derek: Yeah, I know. Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

Lucas: No, it sure doesnít. Why would I bail you out? Why wouldnít I let you take the fall? Take the suspicion off me?

Derek: I donít know.

Lucas: Why would I bail you out and connect me with you?

Derek: Ok. Let's suppose you donít have the red swan. Maybe you figure I could lead you to it.

Lucas: Can you?

Derek: Not yet.

Lucas: You have anything to tell me?

Derek: We'll see.

Lucas: Ah, you know, we really are both a lot alike.

Derek: How do you mean?

Lucas: Well, we're both from Gold Street. Neither one of us are about to be pinned down.

Jamie: You do visit a lot, donít you?

Evan: I'm here to see Vicky, not you.

Jamie: No kidding.

Evan: You donít live here anymore, remember?

Jamie: Thanks for the tip.

Evan: And as I told you before, if I visit Vicky -- whenever I visit Vicky -- it's really no concern of yours.

Jamie: That's just fine by me, Evan.

[Steven coos]

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Come on, little fellow, say goodbye to Mommy.

Vicky: Goodbye, sweetheart. I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much. Bye. Ok. Bye. I love you. Amazing!

Evan: What?

Vicky: Just when I thought that there was nothing I could do to get to Jamie, you walk in and his jealousy comes roaring out.

Evan: So what?

Vicky: So what? Evan, you are the key to getting my son back.

Felicia: Assuming there is another will, obviously, Iris would do anything to get her hands on it.

Rachel: We saw a little bit of that when she came storming in here this morning.

Felicia: Oh, this really scares me sometimes, Rachel.

Rachel: Why? Why would Iris scare you?

Felicia: No, it's not what I mean. It's the way she's using Lucas.

Rachel: Oh.

Felicia: I mean, I think that's the worst part about all of this.

Rachel: That Lucas is working with Iris?

Felicia: No. No. That he just refuses to see what she's really like.

Rachel: Felicia, I know how much Lucas means to you.

Felicia: I know what you're going to say. You suspect him. I know that.

Rachel: I do.

Felicia: And I donít blame you. I mean, people have been whispering in your ear about how terrible he is from the moment he got to town.

Rachel: I wouldnít listen to that. It's what he's done, Felicia.

Felicia: Ok. Ok. I can also understand how you might think he's very ruthless.

Rachel: He's also very secretive.

Felicia: You canít see what I can see. Rachel, I know him.

Rachel: And you knew him a long time ago.

Felicia: I know the other side of him, the side that nobody else sees.

Rachel: What side is that?

Felicia: He can be very sweet and very caring.

Rachel: Yes, he can be.

Felicia: I can remember a boy who stuck by me when he found out I was pregnant, and believe me, that was a very tough thing to do. I mean, my stepfather made the word "tyrant" -- he gave it a whole new meaning.

Rachel: Honey, that was a very many years ago.

Felicia: It doesn't matter. He is still that same person, deep down.

Rachel: Are you sure?

Felicia: Yes. Yes, I'm sure. I know he's not a saint. I know that. But I just know if he can get away from Iris, he might surprise everyone.

Rachel: You really believe that?

Felicia: Oh, yes. People can change. I mean, haven't you? Haven't I? I mean -- and look at Mitch.

Rachel: Honey, that's what I'm talking about. People do change --

Jamie: Hello, Mom. Hi, Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, Jamie, hi.

Rachel: Hi, sweetie.

Felicia: You look terrific.

Jamie: Thank you. I feel great. I didnít mean to interrupt, so --

Felicia: No, no, no, I've really stayed long enough. I have to go. Rachel --

Rachel: Hmm?

Felicia: Just think about what I said, will you?

Rachel: Ok, but you think about it, too.

Felicia: Ok.

Rachel: All right, bye.

Felicia: I'll talk to you soon.

Rachel: Ok, good.

Felicia: Ok. Jamie, nice to see you.

Jamie: Hope to see you soon.

Felicia: Thank you. Bye.

Jamie: Bye-bye.

Rachel: Bye. Well, sweetie --

Jamie: I just brought Steven back.

Rachel: Is he upstairs?

Jamie: Sound asleep, yes.

Rachel: How'd it go?

Jamie: With Vicky?

Rachel: Mm-hmm. Is there somebody else you're having problems with?

Jamie: She's up to her old tricks, that's for sure.

Rachel: Trying to provoke you?

Jamie: Hmm, yes, the whole bit. But actually, I'm feeling very good, because this time she didnít get to me.

Rachel: Good.

Jamie: I think I've finally learned how to deal with Vicky.

Stacey: You got my message.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Oh, Derek --

Derek: Oh, you feel so good.

Stacey: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Derek: No, I'm sorry. It was my fault. I shouldnít have stormed off like that.

Stacey: Look, I'm not holding anything back from you, and I --

Derek: I know, I know. My problem is that when things get rough I like to take off and work things out alone.

Stacey: But you donít have to do that anymore. We've got each other.

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: We share the good times and the bad times. And a fight is not the end of the world, ok?

Derek: I guess.

Stacey: We even get to kiss and make up.

Derek: Well, that sounds good to me.

Stacey: Hmm?

Stacey: Oh --

Derek: Are you cold?

Stacey: Hmm.

Derek: There.

Stacey: Thanks.

Derek: You bet. Come on.

Stacey: You know what I keep thinking about?

Derek: What?

Stacey: I keep thinking about the time we spent in that old house.

Derek: It was kind of nice there. Strange, but nice.

Stacey: It's magical.

Derek: Yeah. Like time stopped. No problems.

Stacey: It was like a dream where everything was perfect.

Derek: It was.

Stacey: Just us. You know, we said some things that we probably wouldnít have said anywhere else.

Derek: I meant everything that I said.

Stacey: You did?

Derek: Yes. I love you. You know that, donít you? You changed my life. It was like I was empty inside until you.

Stacey: I've changed, too.

Derek: I used to be an expert on sidewalks.

Stacey: A what?

Derek: Sidewalks. Someone would pass me on the street, I'd look down, count the cracks on the sidewalks, and I donít do that anymore. Sometimes, I even smile.

Stacey: No.

Derek: I never thought I was going to love anybody. And then you came along and there was no turning back.

Stacey: I'm glad.

Derek: I just need to know one thing.

Stacey: What?

Derek: How do you feel about me?

Evan: So you threatened to go to the papers?

Vicky: Well, yeah. Precious Miss Stacey isnít perfect, you know.

Evan: And Jamie found out, too. That's how Jamie found out, huh?

Vicky: Well, of course. Why do you think I did it?

Evan: Right.

Vicky: Have you heard a word I've said?

Evan: Yeah, sure. I mean, that's why when I came in the door Jamie was looking was looking so grim.

Vicky: You haven't heard a word I've said.

Evan: Vicky, I'm sorry. I just --

Vicky: All right, listen. I told you that I would do anything to get Jamie off-guard. I tried to seduce him, make him mad, and it all seemed to roll off his back.

Evan: Well, then why was he so edgy when I came in the door?

Vicky: Now, that's the good part. There is still one thing that gets to him.

Evan: Me?

Vicky: You.

Evan: Oh, good old jealousy?

Vicky: Yes. Remember when we were at John and Sharleneís? That was the first time he came back to me, remember?

Evan: Yes. So what do you figure? That maybe deep down he still wants you?

Vicky: Obvious as can be.

Evan: Vicky, do you still want Jamie?

Vicky: Are you kidding? Of course not. The one and only thing I want from Jamie is my son.

Evan: Well, that's just great. You see, the both of you can sit around wanting something that you canít have.

Vicky: Well, you're in a great mood today. What's wrong?

Evan: Absolutely nothing.

Vicky: Then why is steam coming out of your ears?

Evan: You know what Rachel has decided to do?

Vicky: With that woman, God only knows.

Evan: Amanda and I are to be separated from each other.

Vicky: What does that mean?

Evan: That means no working together. No projects, no meetings, not even phone calls.

Vicky: You've got to be kidding.

Evan: Do I look like this is a joke?

Vicky: Wait a minute. You're not allowed to talk to each other?

Evan: Oh, you got that right.

Vicky: Oh, that woman's really gone off the deep end.

Evan: You know, at first, I couldn't believe it. She's standing in front of me like some schoolmarm laying out the rules.

Vicky: Oh, haven't you heard? She's the new queen. Everyone in Bay City's her subjects.

Evan: You got that right.

Vicky: Actually, it is something Rachel would do.

Evan: What?

Vicky: Defend her supposedly perfect child against the evil outsider.

Evan: Right, because she said that it was for the good of the family.

Vicky: Oh-ho, no doubt.

Evan: I'll tell you -- you know what she made me feel like? Like I was a kid. You know, what I want to tell her to do is take that job and shove it.

Vicky: Why didnít you do it?

Evan: Well, I still might.

Vicky: It would serve her right.

Evan: I just canít believe Amandaís going to sit still for this.

Vicky: Well, of course Rachel thinks it's all your fault. Her perfect daughter wouldnít go away from Sam if you weren't pushing her.

Evan: And I'm sick of people saying "oh, you're so bad for Amanda and Samís so good."

Vicky: Well, then why donít you tell someone that?

Evan: Well, you know, Amanda should be with me. You know why? Because when we're together she's full of life, she's got fire in her eyes, and she's happy and we laugh. We want the same things. We're right for each other. Amanda should be with me.

Vicky: I couldn't agree more.

Evan: What?

Vicky: Amanda should be with you, and I know how to make that happen.

Lucas: What are you doing here? Things are getting close with the red swan. I canít afford any trouble right now, and the last place I want you is Bay City. So why are you here?

Griffen: Opportunity knocked.

Stacey: How could you even ask me that?

Derek: You donít have to answer. Just let me look in your eyes and I'll know.

Derek: I used to wonder what this would be like, to love somebody and have them love me, too.

Stacey: Let me tell you something.

Derek: What?

Stacey: A lot of guys have tried to get to me. And I wouldnít let them because I didnít care. Hmm -- of course, they thought I was cold.

Derek: You're the warmest person I've ever known.

Stacey: But then you somehow cut right through to my heart, past all the confusion.

Derek: And all the pain?

Stacey: All the pain. Oh, God, I love you.

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Because you love me, you need me, you saved me, and because you wouldnít let me run away.

Derek: Oh, never. I'm never going to let you run away.

Evan: What kind of smart remark is that?

Vicky: It's not. Now, I told you, Evan, I have a plan.

Evan: For me to be with Amanda?

Vicky: Mm-hmm. It's very simple, actually, but we canít be too obvious about it.

Evan: Vicky, what are you talking about?

Vicky: Jamie hates when I'm with you, and Amanda hates when you're with me.

Evan: I'm telling you, this is not about us --

Vicky: Just hear me out!

Evan: This is about --

Vicky: Just hear me out.

Evan: All right.

Vicky: Now, Jamie can claim that he doesn't want to be with me as much as he wants, and Amanda can claim that she doesn't want to be around with you.

Evan: And?

Vicky: We know better.

Evan: So what?

Vicky: We also know that the last thing they want is for the two of us to be with anyone else.

Evan: Vicky, I keep telling you this is not about us.

Vicky: And it puts them through the roof when the two of us are together.

Evan: So what?

Vicky: Think about it.

Evan: Oh, I see. We're going to drive them crazy?

Vicky: It will work.

Evan: Maybe.

Vicky: It will. All we have to do is pretend that we're a hot item and make sure that they know about it.

Evan: Well, it might work.

Vicky: It will. Nothing too graphic, just a hot item. Lots of hot looks, back and forth, phone calls, things like that. Let their imaginations run wild.

Evan: See, that may work for Jamie, but I really donít think it's going to work for Amanda.

Vicky: Of course it will. I was Amandaís best friend, remember? I know how her mind works.

Evan: Vicky, it's not that simple.

Vicky: She wants you. You know that.

Evan: Still, Vicky, we're talking about --

Vicky: And the fact that Rachel wants to separate you two will make it even worse because you will be the one thing that Amanda canít have.

Evan: Maybe.

Vicky: And what will make it even worse than that is that Amanda will see the two of us together.

Evan: So that's going to put pressure on their marriage.

Vicky: Yes, and very soon Sam will not be a happy man. Oh.

Evan: What?

Vicky: I forgot about Sam.

Evan: Well, what about him?

Vicky: I like him. Evan, I really like him. He's the one person in that family that has been nice to me when they all treat me like dirt.

Evan: Vicky, spare me, please.

Vicky: I'm really serious, Evan.

Evan: Come on. Now, this is a good plan.

Vicky: But I canít do this to Sam.

Evan: Hey, come on, you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.

Vicky: Yeah, but I donít want to hurt him.

Evan: Listen to me. Do you want your baby back or not? Well, then this is just the way it has to be.

Vicky: Right. And in the long run Sam will probably be better off without Amanda anyway.

Evan: Right. So, do we have a deal?

Vicky: Ok. I'll help you get Amanda --

Evan: And I'll help you get your baby back.

Vicky: Deal.

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