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Another World Transcript Wednesday 9/21/05

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Jamie: All right, what's going on?

Matt: Jamie. You're up bright and early.

Jamie: Where's Steven? He's not in his crib.

Matt: You just noticed that now?

Jamie: Yes, I was on a date last night, remember, Matthew?

Matt: That's why I did what I felt was right.

Jamie: What the hell are you talking about?

Matt: Stevenís with his mother. He spent the night with Vicky.

Frankie: What happened?

Cass: Nothing. You're fine. I'm sorry I woke you.

Frankie: I'm fine?

Cass: Yes, here with me.

Frankie: Where?

Cass: In my office.

Frankie: Hmm. What time is it?

Cass: A little after 7:00.

Frankie: Oh. I have to go.

Cass: Why?

Frankie: I canít be late for Lucas.

Cass: Sure you can.

Frankie: No, I'm not working on this with you anymore, Cass. We stayed up all last night and we came up with nothing, nada, zip.

Cass: I told you I saw that body. Somebody took Catherine away.

Frankie: Somebody should take you away. How you get messed up in -- how you get me messed up in these things --

Cass: Wait, Frankie.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Before you go, we have to talk about what happens now.

Frankie: I know what happens now. I take a 45-minute shower and try to wake up, you stop talking about bodies that disappear.

Cass: No, that's not what I meant.

Frankie: What do you mean?

Cass: What happens now to the two of us?

Felicia: Mitch? Mitch? God, where are you?

Rachel: How's it going?

Mitch: Almost have it.

Rachel: Is the painting ok? Here's some coffee.

Mitch: I'm trying not to tear it.

Rachel: Here, let me hold this, ok? You've got something there. It's a photograph. Should I pull?

Mitch: Yeah.

Rachel: Oh, you've got it, you've got it. Will it come out? Great. It's Mac. In a uniform.

Mitch: Looks like some sort of army fatigues. Who's this?

Rachel: I have no idea.

Mitch: Looks like he's on some sort of patrol or something.

Rachel: Yeah, I know, but -- but Mac didnít stay in the service after the Second World War.

Mitch: Are you sure?

Rachel: Well, yeah, I think so. And who is this guy and why is this just a half -- half a photograph?

Mitch: I donít know.

Rachel: And why would he keep it --

Lucas: Sorry to intrude, Rachel, but I think you have something that belongs to me.

Frankie: Us?

Cass: Yeah.

Frankie: Look, I canít be late for work.

Cass: Oh, yes, you can.

Frankie: Look, Lucas will get suspicious again.

Cass: Lucas can go to hell. I donít care about Lucas. I care about you.

Frankie: You do?

Cass: More than I've admitted.

Frankie: You haven't admitted a whole hell of a lot, that's for sure.

Cass: Will you let me get this out, please?

Frankie: You think I want to stop you?

Cass: But --

Frankie: Aha! I knew there was going to be one of those in there.

Cass: Frankie.

Frankie: Sorry.

Cass: But I'm not ready to get involved with anybody.

Frankie: Yeah. It's ok. Forget it.

Cass: But if I were, it would be with you.

Frankie: Why are you telling me this?

Cass: Because you're flip and funny and you give the impression that you donít give a damn about anything.

Frankie: It's not an impression, it's the truth.

Cass: But deep down, you're the kind of woman that a man has to be serious about.

Frankie: I hope you realize that what you just said makes no sense whatsoever.

Cass: It doesn't?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Oh. Fair enough. Let me try to put it another way.

Frankie: Yeah, get the words in the right order this time, would you?

Cass: Thank you for being such a big help in making this so easy for me.

Frankie: Why should I make this easy for you?

Cass: If things continue on the way they've been going, at some point in the not-too-distant future, I'm going to have to tell you that I love you. And I donít know if I can.

Frankie: It's ok. Donít worry about it.

Cass: No, it's not ok. I do worry about it. You deserve a whole person, not someone who's half empty. Our timing is off.

Frankie: May I say something now?

Cass: Oh, sure, of course.

Frankie: You're taking on a lot of responsibility for the way I feel -- too much, way too much.

Cass: Maybe I am.

Frankie: How I react to what happens between us is my business. Frankie Frame decides how Frankie Frame feels, you know?

Cass: I know.

Frankie: So are you really afraid of hurting me or are you just scared that you might find out that you're able to love somebody again?

Cass: Hey, I'm just scared, period.

Frankie: Well, that makes me really mad, Cass --

Cass: Come on, Frankie, I'm trying to be honest here.

Frankie: Because you act as if you're the only one that finds relationships difficult. Well, I'm scared to death of them and the feelings that I have for you.

Cass: Fair enough.

Frankie: Oh, would you stop with the "fair enough" and let me talk?

Cass: Ok, talk.

Frankie: You're right. A year ago, I could've had a terrific affair with you, all fun and games. But I didnít know you then. And maybe I didnít know myself, and I want more than that now.

Cass: See? I'm right.

Frankie: I just said that, didnít I?

Cass: Right.

Frankie: If you canít give me all of yourself, it's not good enough.

Cass: I canít.

Frankie: It's ok. But what that means is that I have to get you out of my system, you know?

Cass: Oh. Right.

Frankie: Yeah. And the best way that I know how to do that is by working really hard.

Cass: Frankie, are you nuts? Lucas could have killed Catherine.

Frankie: Anybody could've killed Catherine.

Cass: But all the signs point to Lucas.

Frankie: There is no body, Cass. You could've imagined the whole thing.

Cass: Would you stop with that?

Frankie: No, I'm going to work.

Cass: He's a dangerous man, Frankie.

Frankie: And I am a careful woman. I always take care of Frankie.

Cass: And put your shoes on before you go out on the street, would you, please?

Frankie: Shut up.

Mitch: You're not welcome here.

Iris: Oh, and it's obvious you are, Mitch.

Rachel: How did you get in here?

Iris: I used my key, the one Daddy gave me.

Rachel: Guess I'm going to have to change the locks.

Lucas: I came for my portrait of Amanda.

Rachel: Oh, I donít think so. That's out of the question.

Lucas: Oh, there is no question. I own it and I'm taking it.

Rachel: You donít own this painting. You substituted paintings.

Lucas: You have no proof of that.

Rachel: Ah, people who point out lack of proof are usually hiding something, Lucas.

Lucas: Donít play this game with me, Rachel.

Rachel: I'm not playing any game. Get out of my house.

Lucas: If I donít get my picture back right now, I'll slap you with a lawsuit.

Rachel: Not before I charge with you stealing, Lucas.

Mitch: Lucas, canít you hear what she's saying?

Iris: We're not leaving without the painting.

Rachel: Why is this painting so important to you?

Iris: Donít act so innocent. I saw you hide it.

Rachel: Hide what?

Iris: Daddy's will. You found it in the painting, didnít you?

Jamie: I donít believe this.

Matt: She's at home. You can pick him up anytime.

Jamie: That's not the point, damn it!

Matt: What is the point? Stevenís with his mother. He's safe and happy. What more do you want?

Jamie: Matthew, you had no right to make that kind of decision!

Matt: It was my responsibility to take care of Steven last night. You asked me to take care of him, right?

Jamie: I didnít ask you to hand him over to Vicky.

Matt: She wanted to spend one extra night with him.

Jamie: Oh, you said, "sure, fine, no big deal," huh?

Matt: Sure, fine. What's the big deal?

Jamie: The big deal, Matthew, is that you are now part of her plan to take Steven away from me!

Matt: Whoa, what plan?

Jamie: She has given up trying to make a fool of me and now she's working on you.

Matt: She's not working on me.

Jamie: Then why isnít Steven here where he belongs?

Matt: Because Vicky asked me very nicely, very calmly if she could spend one night with her child since you were out anyway.

Jamie: And you fell for that?

Matt: I didnít fall for anything. I couldn't think of one good reason to say no to her.

Jamie: Oh, and so you decided to hand over my son without my permission?

Matt: What did you want me to do? You were out on a date! Track you down?

Jamie: I wanted you to look after Steven like I asked you to! I wanted you to use your brain, for God's sakes!

Matt: She spent one extra night with her child! Will you stop making such a big deal about this?

Jamie: It is a big deal, Matthew. It's a very big deal. But it's made me realize something very important. She is no longer going to take advantage of us because I'm going to see to it that she is not allowed to get near us anymore. I'm going to do everything I can to keep her out of our lives. What are you staring at?

Matt: You. So full of hate. What the hell's the matter with you?

Stacey: Hey! Good morning! Mmm, mmm. Ah. Your silence indicates that you do not share my sentiment?

Cass: What?

Stacey: You're not having a good morning?

Cass: That's right.

Stacey: Hmm. Should I probe a little further and maybe try to ascertain the reasons for this dark mood?

Cass: I wouldnít bother if I were you.

Stacey: Oh, Frankie.

Cass: What about her?

Stacey: That is the reason.

Cass: I'd better get to work.

Stacey: Did you guys have one of your famous fights?

Cass: It was nothing like that.

Stacey: You have a thing for Frankie.

Cass: Not anymore.

Stacey: Excuse me?

Cass: Hey, I was just trying to be a nice guy.

Stacey: And you failed.

Cass: No, we parted friends.

Stacey: "Parted"?

Cass: Yeah, she went over to Lucas'.

Stacey: Forget about Lucas. Tell me about this parting thing.

Cass: Oh, you have to know the whole story.

Stacey: Well, why donít you try to tell me?

Cass: Forget that, too.

Stacey: Why?

Cass: Because I donít want you to get involved, that's why.

Stacey: Cass?

Cass: What?

Stacey: I am your sister. I am your partner in law. I am your love counselor.

Cass: Oh, would you give me a break? If there's something that I think you should know, I'll tell you, all right?

Stacey: Cass!

Cass: Tell me about Catherine March, Lucas' secretary.

Stacey: Oh, go ahead, change the subject on me.

Cass: No, no, this is important. When you saw her yesterday, what was she like?

Stacey: Nervous.

Cass: Yeah, Derek said she seemed scared.

Stacey: Uh -- yeah, I'd say she was scared. Why do you ask?

Cass: I wonder if she was on to something.

Stacey: What, about Lucas?

Cass: Did she say anything about that or indicate anything like that?

Stacey: No. But I got the impression that any employee of Lucas' better remain faithful or else.

Cass: I got to go.

Stacey: Cass? Cass, where are you -- I --

[Door closes]

Rachel: What will?

Iris: You know what I mean.

Rachel: No, suppose you tell me what you mean.

Iris: Well, you said it.

Rachel: Said what?

Iris: You said when Daddy -- well, before he -- he left a message, and naturally I presumed it was the new will.

Rachel: That's what you naturally thought?

Iris: Well, didnít you?

Rachel: Oh, I see. So you thought if he left another will that you would naturally be left out of it?

Iris: No, I did not.

Rachel: And that's why you have been so desperate to get this?

Iris: It's just that if my father left me a message, I want to know about it.

Lucas: What did you find, Rachel?

Rachel: What?

Lucas: In the portrait.

Rachel: Goodbye, Lucas.

Mitch: She said goodbye.

Iris: I'm not going anywhere.

Lucas: I've taken enough of your time.

Iris: No, I demand to know.

Lucas: Another time. Have a good day.

Rachel: Boy, what a creep. He comes barging in here for a painting that he stole and then he just leaves.

Mitch: Well, there's no reason to stay. He took his shot and missed.

Rachel: I have a feeling we haven't heard the end of this.

Mitch: I'm sure you havenít.

Rachel: I'm glad you were here.

Mitch: Forget it.

Rachel: I'm not going to forget it.

Mitch: It's already daylight. We've been at this all night.

Rachel: Oh, my heavens. Feliciaís going to be worried to death about you. Call her.

Mitch: I'm going to go home.

Rachel: Ok.

Matt: Dad? Hey, what are you doing here?

Mitch: Hi, Matthew. Off to class?

Matt: Yeah. What, did you stay all night?

Mitch: Yeah, most of it.

Matt: How come?

Rachel: He was helping me with something.

Cass: Good morning, o lovely proprietress of Bay City's Toniest art gallery.

Caroline: Good morning, Cass. What are you doing here?

Cass: Well, I'm just a Tony kind of guy, so what better place to be?

Caroline: Where's my present?

Cass: Your present?

Caroline: Yes.

Cass: Uh -- I'm not following you.

Caroline: The painting that you bid on especially for me.

Cass: Oh, right.

Caroline: Didnít you bring it with you?

Cass: No.

Caroline: That's because it's downstairs in the basement. You switched it for Samís portrait of Amanda.

Cass: I beg your pardon?

Caroline: Then you stole the portrait.

Cass: I did what?

Caroline: Donít bother denying it. You did it. No one else had access to the basement.

Cass: Caroline, you know, you have a very suspicious streak in you.

Caroline: You stole that portrait!

Cass: Caroline --

Caroline: Is that all you've got to say for yourself?

Cass: No, I've got plenty to say for myself, just nothing to say about any portrait.

Caroline: Cass, how could you do this? How could you use me this way?

Zack: Ok, coast is clear.

Ronnie: Nobody's here?

Zack: Cass? Stacey? See?

Ronnie: Good.

Zack: Ronnie, what's the big deal? I mean, we left the auction, we went to the restaurant and talked till 2:00, and then we walked around the lake.

Ronnie: And talked.

Zack: Until 6:00, and then we had breakfast.

Ronnie: Mm-hmm, and talked.

Zack: Mm-hmm, and then we -- till we got here. I mean, what's wrong with that?

Ronnie: Nothing. But if a couple our age had been out all night long --

Zack: Mm-hmm?

Ronnie: And told you that story, would you believe it?

Zack: I donít care what anybody thinks.

Ronnie: Yeah, I know, but you know Cass. I mean, he'd be nodding his head, going "oh, yeah, sure."

Zack: Yeah, and winking at me the rest of the day.

Ronnie: Right.

Zack: I could make some coffee. It'd wake both of us up.

Ronnie: No. You know something? I feel just fine.

Zack: Yeah, it was a great night.

Ronnie: You know, I think I know you better than any man I've ever known in my life.

Zack: I wish you didnít have to go to work.

Ronnie: I donít. Today's my day off.

Zack: Great. I'll cancel all my appointments and we'll just keep talking.

Ronnie: I canít do that.

Zack: Come on, Ronnie.

Ronnie: Well, mama -- she's going to get out of her bible study class in about 30 minutes. If I'm not home by the time she gets there --

Zack: Ronnie, your mother?

Ronnie: She depends on me.

Zack: Well, what about Reuben or Jesse?

Ronnie: Well, Jesseís just a kid, and Reuben -- well, you know how he is.

Zack: Yeah, I know, and you know what, sometimes I wish you were a little more like him.

Ronnie: Zack. Look, when my father died, my mother had to scrub floors to put food in my mouth and clothes on my back.

Zack: Yeah, I know.

Ronnie: I know you do.

Zack: Look, I donít mean to put any more pressure on you. I mean, I know you're supporting your mother and Jesse, you're working two jobs --

Ronnie: Look, that's another thing. I mean, you should see her face every time I walk out that door to go sing at the Pelican. I mean, she wouldnít be caught dead in a place like that, but she never says a word.

Zack: Why should she have to?

Ronnie: What?

Zack: Come on, Ronnie, she's got you so well-trained, you crucify yourself every time you sing in that place, I mean, for having a second job that you enjoy, for paying her rent by singing, not by scrubbing floors like she used to do.

Ronnie: How can you say that about her?

Zack: Ronnie, look, I care about you. I may even love you. And I donít mean any disrespect to your mother, but you got to cut all this guilt stuff loose or I'm afraid what we may have might wither up and die.

Ronnie: Well, I knew you so well. I guess I donít.

Zack: Come on, Ronnie Ė

[Door closes]

Iris: So all you do is turn around and walk out?

Lucas: That's right.

Iris: I mean, we had it, we had it. We had it right there in our hands.

Lucas: No, we didnít.

Iris: We bloody well did.

Lucas: I had to stop you from talking. Otherwise --

Frankie: Excuse me.

Lucas: What are you doing here, Frankie? You're early.

Iris: Yeah, about two hours.

Frankie: Well, I thought if the European offices called, I should be here.

Lucas: Did they?

Frankie: No.

Iris: Well, if the European offices do call, we can handle it, thank you.

Frankie: Well, fine, but there is some typing I should do.

Lucas: You can do that later. I want you to run an errand for me.

Frankie: Oh, sure.

Lucas: At the newsstand down on third, pick up all of the Florida newspapers you can get your hands on.

Frankie: Florida?

Lucas: Yes, Florida. There's a merger pending between two advertising companies. I may want to sink it.

Frankie: Why?

Lucas: It's sinkable.

Frankie: Ok. I'll be back in a flash.

Iris: Take your time, dear.

Lucas: 20 minutes.

Frankie: Right.

Lucas: Something's bothering her.

Iris: Oh, who cares?

Lucas: I do.

Iris: You're a damn fool for trusting her in the first place.

Lucas: I donít trust her. That's why it's troubling me what's bothering her.

Iris: Well, I know what's bothering me.

Lucas: You blew it, Iris.

Iris: I did not.

Lucas: It's because of your big mouth that Rachel knows that there's a will.

Iris: There was a will! I saw it!

Lucas: You saw something, but it wasn't a will.

Iris: Well, how do you know?

Lucas: Because I was looking at Rachel when you mentioned a will. She had no idea.

Iris: But what do you think it was then?

Lucas: Who knows?

Iris: Well, whatever it is, we've got to find it.

Lucas: Excellent. That's exactly what we have to do.

Iris: Oh, and I suppose you know exactly how to go about it?

Lucas: Carefully, Iris, very carefully. The big question is, what does it have to do with us and is it potentially dangerous?

Iris: Well, she's sure to move it to a safer place.

Lucas: She could've done that already.

Iris: Well, what are we going to do about it?

Lucas: Find it before she uses it against us.

Mitch: Hi.

Felicia: Oh. It's you.

Mitch: You expecting someone else?

Felicia: Well, certainly not my husband. My husband is so busy these days, he canít even pick up a phone to tell me where he is.

Mitch: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute.

Felicia: Oh, sure, I mean, I've been up all night waiting. What's another minute?

Mitch: Whoa, didnít you get my message?

Felicia: No, no message.

Mitch: Look, I called. I even spoke with the auctioneer.

Felicia: No one told me.

Mitch: I told him to please tell you that I would be late. I told him, he said that he would tell you.

Felicia: It doesn't matter. It really doesnít. I mean, that was last night. I donít consider this getting home late. I consider this not getting home until the next day.

Mitch: I'm sorry.

Felicia: God, Mitch, you know how much I worry. I mean, why couldn't you just at least pick up a phone and call me?

Mitch: I did pick up a phone. I did call.

Felicia: Oh, but you were just too busy, is that it?

Mitch: I should've called again.

Felicia: Yes, you should have!

Mitch: I'm sorry. You know, it's been all night. I've been involved with this painting.

Felicia: I got a message on my machine about that painting.

Mitch: Well, it also involves a good friend of yours.

Felicia: Go on.

Mitch: No, I donít think you want me to go on. I donít think you want to hear this.

Felicia: I do, I want you to tell me.

Mitch: Lucas.

Felicia: Oh, I see. So now you're going to blame the fact that you spent the night with Rachel on Lucas?

Mitch: No, I'm not going to do that.

Felicia: Well, you know what, I donít want to hear it. I really donít.

Mitch: Felicia, I think you need to know exactly what your good friend Lucas is involved in.

Caroline: I'm waiting.

Cass: Yes, I can see that.

Caroline: Damn it, Cass, I'm not asking for some sort of confession. I'd just like you to be honest with me.

Cass: Well --

Caroline: Oh, here we go, another lie.

Cass: Oh, no, no, no. I was only thinking that you've never in the past seemed to put any premium on honesty.

Caroline: I admit that there's been times that I haven't been forthcoming with you.

Cass: So I'm not sure why you want to make this a moral issue.

Caroline: I think you're using me, and that hurts.

Cass: Well, I'm sorry.

Caroline: So you admit it? You are using me?

Cass: No, I'm not admitting anything.

Caroline: No, you never do. I wouldnít have even started thinking this way if I hadn't seen you with Frankie.

Cass: Caroline.

Caroline: Why canít you be open and honest with me?

Cass: This is rather convenient timing, donít you think?

Caroline: Oh, what do you mean?

Cass: Well, you're asking me for honesty when you suspect me of something.

Caroline: Oh, donít play the trial lawyer with me, Cass.

Cass: No, no, you think about what I'm saying.

Caroline: Lucas' painting got stolen from my gallery and he could hang me out to dry.

Cass: Donít worry, he wonít.

Caroline: Forget the portrait. I donít care whether you did it or not. I really donít want to know.

Cass: What do you want?

Caroline: Your word that from now on when you're coming to see me, you're coming because you want to, no ulterior motive. If you canít handle that, get out of here right now and never come back.

Felicia: And you think it's possible that Mac has made out another will?

Mitch: One that would cut Iris out.

Felicia: She and Lucas were there?

Mitch: Yes, they're trying to get to it before anybody else does.

Felicia: I see. And that's why you were helping Rachel steal back the painting?

Mitch: Yes, but no will.

Felicia: Only the picture.

Mitch: Rachelís about had it, and now she's got to deal with Lucas and Iris.

Felicia: You know what? I think -- I think I'm starting to really figure all of this out.

Mitch: You actually understand what's going on?

Felicia: Yeah, I think I understand everything, probably better than you know.

Mitch: What does that mean?

Felicia: Lucas was here the other day. He told me he was thinking about marrying Iris.

Mitch: So what did they do, make their unholy alliance official?

Felicia: No, that's not it at all.

Mitch: Then what is it?

Felicia: It's so obvious, Mitch. Iris is setting Lucas up.

Ronnie: Zack?

Zack: Well, didnít think I was going to see you again today -- or ever maybe.

Ronnie: I donít want to lose you.

Zack: I donít want to lose you.

Ronnie: Look, I've kept my family a closed subject because it's my life, it's my problem. I thought I could deal with it, so --

Zack: Look, I just told you to change. But you didnít give me a chance to tell you that I'll help you, all that I can.

Ronnie: And I really need your help. I really need you.

Zack: And you're not going to be all alone again, I promise you.

Matt: Thought you were going to get some Z's.

Rachel: Oh, well, I lay there staring at the ceiling, and then I gave up and took a shower.

Matt: Haven't slept all night.

Rachel: I'll go to bed early tonight.

Matt: What are you doing?

Rachel: Looking at this.

Matt: What is it? It's a picture of Mac.

Rachel: Yeah.

Matt: Who's this other guy?

Rachel: I donít know.

Matt: Donít know? Wait a minute, these aren't World War II uniforms.

Rachel: Yeah, I know. I didnít think so.

Matt: What are they?

Rachel: I donít know. A uniform of some sort.

Matt: He looks younger.

Rachel: Yeah. Funny, isnít it?

Matt: What is?

Rachel: There are whole areas of Macís life that I -- I donít know anything about.

Matt: He was a journalist, right?

Rachel: Right out of college, before he went into World War II.

Matt: Well, so what's the picture mean?

Rachel: I donít know. But he's older here. He's not young enough to be in World War II. I wish I knew what it meant.

Matt: I know one person who could help you.

Rachel: Iris?

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Rachel: Oh, she wouldnít.

Matt: Why not?

Rachel: She wouldnít give me the satisfaction.

Matt: Too bad.

Rachel: Yeah. No, if I want to know what's going on here, I'm going to have to do it by myself.

Matt: Dad would help you. I know he'd like to.

Rachel: I know. But he's already involved enough. No, I'll investigate this on my own.

Jamie: Just when I think she's backing off --

Stacey: Hi, Jamie.

Jamie: Just when I think that maybe, just maybe she is capable of being remotely dignified about things --

Stacey: "Oh, hi, Stacey. Catch you at a bad time?"

Jamie: She pulls something like this.

Stacey: "No, no, it's fine. Come on in, sit down."

Jamie: What?

Stacey: Hello. You did not even say hello to me.

Jamie: Oh, God, Stacey, I'm sorry. Hello. Hello, hello. Is this a bad time?

Stacey: No, it's fine.

Jamie: Stacey, I canít let things go on like this any longer. I'm getting so angry, I canít even function.

Stacey: I'm sorry that you even had to find out about last night.

Jamie: What, you know about last night?

Stacey: Well, of course I do. I was the one that Vicky confronted. Why wouldnít I know?

Jamie: Wait, wait, wait. I'm not following this.

Stacey: Wait. You didnít come here to talk about what happened to me last night?

Jamie: No. No, but I want to hear about this confrontation. What happened?

Stacey: Well, I went to the art gallery, and Vicky -- well, she said that she was going to start talking about me to the press.

Jamie: What could she possibly say about you?

Stacey: That I lost my child and that I was in collusion with you because I -- I wanted you and I wanted your baby.

Jamie: I donít believe it.

Stacey: She's desperate, so --

Jamie: Something that hurt you that much? And she threw it back in your face?

Stacey: I'm ok. It's all right.

Jamie: God. First, she does something like that, and then she talks my little brother into letting her have the baby.

Stacey: You said she talked Matthew into --

Jamie: Yeah, well, he was over there, he was babysitting last night at the farm with Josie, and Vicky came over and cajoled him into letting her take Steven for the night.

Stacey: For the night?

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. I canít believe he let her do that.

Stacey: Well, she put him in a tough position.

Jamie: Yeah, well, no, he feels sorry for her and she knows that.

Stacey: It was for one night?

Jamie: Yeah. Now, can I use that to fight for tighter control?

Stacey: How?

Jamie: Well, she commandeered my son.

Stacey: Yes, but she had Matthewís consent.

Jamie: No, but she had no right to do that.

Stacey: Sure she did.

Jamie: Wait a minute.

Stacey: Wait a second. She did not take the baby by force, and Matthew allowed it.

Jamie: Damn it.

Stacey: Jamie, it was just for one night.

Jamie: I canít take this any longer, Stacey.

Stacey: Sure you can. You have custody of Steven.

Jamie: Yeah.

Stacey: You make all the decisions for him.

Jamie: Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's true.

Stacey: Jamie, your baby is the most important thing to you right now. You canít let your anger get the best of you.

Jamie: You're right. You're right. I'm sorry.

Stacey: For what?

Jamie: Well, for barging in here and screaming like a banshee.

Stacey: Hey, as long as you weren't screaming at me, I donít care.

Jamie: You know, Matthew says that he doesn't even -- doesn't even know me anymore.

Stacey: Well, I know you, and you're still Jamie.

Jamie: Yes, but I donít have the right to lay my problems on you all the time.

Stacey: I'm your lawyer, but I'm also your friend.

Felicia: I'm telling you, Lucas is being conned by Iris.

Mitch: Felicia, come on.

Felicia: No, their relationship -- there has always been something, and I knew it.

Mitch: Right, that makes a lot of sense.

Felicia: It does make sense! Iris is a very charming woman.

Mitch: And if Lucas wants to, he can see through it.

Felicia: Why would he? He wasn't in town when she did that terrible thing to Mac. He has no idea what kind of woman she really is.

Mitch: He knows exactly what kind of woman she really is. That's why he's with her.

Felicia: Why would he be going after Macís will? I mean, if he is doing that, he is only doing it for Iris.

Mitch: Whoa, whoa, what are you saying, that he's so selfless that he's going to go through all of this and there's nothing in it for him?

Felicia: All right, let's say that Mac did write a new will and he excluded Iris from it and Cory Publishing. Iris is the only one that can lose everything.

Mitch: Felicia, Felicia, he has a stake in it, believe me.

Felicia: Why would he have a stake?

Mitch: Otherwise, he wouldnít be getting involved.

Felicia: He's an independent businessman.

Mitch: Oh, right.

Felicia: For heaven's sakes, he can go anywhere and work.

Mitch: What makes you so sure of that?

Felicia: You know what -- I bet he didnít even know about the will.

Mitch: Right. Well, why did he spend $30,000 on a painting of Amanda?

Felicia: Because Iris pushed him into it!

Mitch: Iris is not going to push him into something like that.

Felicia: She can be very persuasive, Mitch!

Mitch: Lucas is guilty, just as guilty as she is.

Felicia: You're wrong. It's her problem. I just didnít know it until now.

Mitch: Where are you going?

Felicia: I'm going to go find Lucas. I'm going to warn him about Iris.

Mitch: Felicia, will you wait a minute? Felicia.

Cass: Never come back?

Caroline: You heard me.

Cass: Well, that's a little strong and extreme, donít you think?

Caroline: I mean it.

Cass: So what am I supposed to say now?

Caroline: You figure it out.

Cass: Ok, I will figure it out. I have genuine feelings for you, Caroline.

Caroline: Go on.

Cass: But that's all they are.

Caroline: Feelings?

Cass: I canít promise you any more. I canít promise you love.

Caroline: All right.

Cass: "All right"?

Caroline: All right.

Cass: You can live that way?

Caroline: Absolutely.

Cass: You're kidding.

Caroline: Love's overrated.

Cass: It is?

Caroline: I donít need that from you.

Cass: No, I guess you donít.

Caroline: You have other assets.

Cass: I see.

Caroline: So, we can put our friendship back on the track?

Cass: Well, you certainly have given me a lot to think about.

Caroline: Donít think too hard, darling.

Cass: No, I wonít.

Caroline: And remember, friends donít use each other.

Cass: Right. Oh. Oh. Sorry. Last night took a lot out of me.

Caroline: You need some sleep.

Cass: I'm sorry, I didnít realize I was this tired.

Caroline: Hmm. Why donít you go and get your little beauty nap, ok?

Cass: Yes, I think I'd better.

Caroline: Hmm. You know something?

Cass: What?

Caroline: Before Frankie came on the scene, this conversation wouldnít have been necessary at all.

Cass: Well.

Caroline: Hmm.

Cass: See you later.

Caroline: See you later.

Caroline: Hello, it's Caroline. Give me everything you can on that one Frankie Frame. Right.

Jamie: You know, I could use a friend right now more than I could use a cup of coffee.

Stacey: Well, I'm always here if you need me for anything.

Jamie: Yeah, I'm beginning to realize that.

Stacey: I mean, even if you just want to talk or --

Jamie: Thank you. Or let off steam, perhaps?

Stacey: Yeah. Really, I'd love to help you with Steven, if there's anything I could do. I'm sure you have all of that covered, though.

Jamie: Well, actually, I donít. I mean, I do in most ways, but I have to make some decisions about him and I could use the advice of a friend.

Stacey: Ok. Well, what kind of decisions?

Jamie: Well, it's about hiring a nanny, for one thing. I have to do that at some point.

Stacey: Mm-hmm, a nanny.

Jamie: And then there's the question of finding a good preschool. Amanda tells me there are waiting lists like you wouldnít believe for the top schools, you know?

Stacey: Oh, it's incredible.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I mean, not that my mother wouldnít help, but I donít like to lay my problems on her, you know?

Stacey: Yeah, I know. Well, I'd love to help if there's anything I can do.

Jamie: Would you?

Stacey: Mm-hmm. Is this what you wanted to say to me?

Jamie: Yeah. Listen, Vickyís threats -- they donít intimidate you, do they?

Stacey: No, not in the least.

Jamie: Good.

Stacey: You know, I'd love to see that baby. I'd love to just hold him in my arms. Can I come by sometime?

Jamie: Well, would that --

Stacey: What?

Jamie: Never mind. Never mind.

Stacey: Would that cause me too much pain? Is that what you were going to say?

Jamie: I thought that maybe --

Stacey: No, it wouldnít, not in the least. So if you can tell me what kind of toys he likes --

Jamie: Toys? You donít have to buy him any toys.

Stacey: Yeah, I'd like to! Like does he like the building blocks or like the stuffed animals, real cushy --

Jamie: Stacey, just bring yourself.

Stacey: No, come on, it gives me a good excuse to go to a toy store.

Jamie: Well, ok, then max out your credit card.

Stacey: Ok, I will.

Jamie: I'm sure he'll love whatever you get him.

Stacey: Terrific. So I can come by and see him?

Jamie: Absolutely.

Stacey: Next week?

Jamie: I'll give you a call, ok?

Stacey: Terrific.

Jamie: Listen, I think maybe I should let you get back to work.

Stacey: Oh, yeah, well, I do have to make a living.

Jamie: Yeah. Listen, thanks again for listening.

Stacey: Will you quit thanking me?

Jamie: Yeah, ok.

Stacey: Jamie?

Jamie: Yeah?

Stacey: I wanted to tell you that I'm glad that you're getting out and meeting people, going on dates.

Jamie: Yeah, well, it was your suggestion.

Stacey: How'd it go with Natalie?

Jamie: Oh, fine, fine, but I donít think I'll be seeing her again.

Stacey: Why not?

Jamie: Well, it has nothing to do with her connection to Michael Hudson or Vicky. It's just that she wasn't for me.

Stacey: Oh. Well, that's ok.

Jamie: Yeah, yeah -- ahem -- it kind of makes you realize how very rare it is to -- to feel good with somebody, to feel like it's -- like it's right.

Mitch: Matthew.

Matt: Hey, Dad, you busy?

Mitch: No, come on in.

Matt: Great. Felicia around?

Mitch: No, she's doing some errands. Do you need to see her?

Matt: No. You, actually.

Mitch: What's up?

Matt: I want to talk to you about Mom.

Mitch: Ok.

Matt: I'm worried about her.

Mitch: Why?

Matt: Well, you've spent time with her. You've seen how she is.

Mitch: Yeah, she's going through some rough times.

Matt: Well, she needs help.

Mitch: Well, she has help. She's got her family, she's got her mom, she's got you.

Matt: Yeah, well, I -- I think she needs you.

Mitch: Why me?

Matt: Someone that she can count on, someone that she doesn't have to feel she has to take care of.

Mitch: Well, I've told her if there's anything that I can do, I'll do it.

Matt: Yeah. Well, I know Mom, you know Mom. She's not going to ask for help. I mean, now she's found this old photograph.

Mitch: What photograph?

Matt: The picture of Mac.

Mitch: In fatigues?

Matt: Yeah.

Mitch: You've seen it?

Matt: Yeah, why wouldnít I have seen it?

Mitch: Uh -- no reason.

Matt: Well, you've seen it, right?

Mitch: Yeah.

Matt: Well, she wants to do an investigation on it. She's all bound up in the meaning of it.

Mitch: I can understand that.

Matt: Well, I understood at first, too, but then I started thinking about it.

Mitch: And you donít think she should?

Matt: Well, first, the red swan, now this picture? I mean, I know how much she loved Mac. I loved him, too.

Mitch: Yes?

Matt: But I donít think she's accepting the fact that he's gone.

Mitch: Like I said, Matthew, if there's something I can do, I'll do it.

Matt: Ok. Yeah, I just -- that's all I wanted, to make sure you'd stand by her. Thanks.

Frankie: Hello. Is Catherine March there, please? Oh, she's not. Who am I speaking to? Oh, her sister. Hello. When do you expect her back? She hasn't? Not for two days? Oh, oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Lucas: Get my newspapers?

Frankie: Miami, Tampa, Palm Beach.

Lucas: Thank you.

Frankie: You're welcome.

Lucas: Anything else?

Frankie: No.

Lucas: No?

Frankie: No, it's been real quiet.

Lucas: Oh. Who was on the phone?

Frankie: Uh -- nobody, wrong number.

Lucas: Funny how many of those I seem to be getting since you started working here.

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