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Another World Transcript Tuesday 9/20/05

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Josie: You finally got him down!

Matt: Shh.

Josie: Shh. Well, how'd you do it?

Matt: Easy. Piece of cake. Gave him his bottle, changed him, burped him, put him down, picked him up --

Josie: Oh, no.

Matt: Changed him, burped him, put him -- oh. Little angel wouldnít stop screaming.

Josie: Yeah, well, he's got quite a set of pipes on him.

Matt: Yep, so I walked him again. I rocked him, I patted him on his back for a good part of 20 minutes.

Josie: And then he finally conked?

Matt: Amazing, huh?

Josie: Well, you've got quite a way with babies, Matt.

Matt: You know, you could've helped me.

Josie: I wanted to show you I had faith in you.

Matt: Thank you very much.

Josie: Besides, there's a lot more to taking care of babies than getting them to go to sleep.

Matt: Mm-hmm.

Josie: You -- you make him laugh. He's crazy about you.

Matt: He's crazy about you, too. You would've had him asleep in two minutes.

Josie: Well, I've just had a lot more experience at babysitting, that's all.

Matt: Have you --

[Music turns on]

Matt: Had any experience dancing while you baby-sit?

Josie: Well, I canít say that I have.

Matt: Well, why donít we give it a try?

Josie: Why not?

Matt: So?

Josie: "So," what?

Matt: So I'll try to make this as subtle as possible -- when's your mom coming home?

Josie: Not for another hour at least.

Matt: An hour. Well, we're going to have to be awfully clever about this.

Josie: About what?

Matt: How to make this hour go by as fast as possible.

Josie: Got any ideas?

Matt: Yeah.

Singers: Donít want to wait until our time has come and gone.

Vicky: Sorry to interrupt.

Matt: Vicky, what are you doing here?

Vicky: Well, uh --

Josie: What happened to your face?

Vicky: It's -- it's nothing. Donít worry about it. I've got a favor to ask you guys, and I think you can help me out.

Singers: I'm gonna love you from now on

Sharlene: Thank you very much.

John: Well, looks like things are kind of winding down here, doesn't it?

Sharlene: It's my fault.

John: Of course it's your fault. What do you mean, it's your fault?

Sharlene: It's my fault. It's my fault we're late. I'm sorry.

John: Well, we're only fashionably late, and that's very chic.

Sharlene: That's very chic?

John: Yes.

Sharlene: If we were any more fashionably late, we'd have missed the whole thing. As a matter of fact, I think we may have. Boy.

John: There's Lucas.

Sharlene: I know. I saw him when we came in.

John: When he has a minute, I'm going to go over and talk to him.

Sharlene: About what?

John: You.

Lucas: I saw Mitch leave with Rachel.

Felicia: Yeah, he's driving her home.

Lucas: Yeah. And Iris left early, too, so --

Felicia: Did she?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm free for chauffeur service.

Felicia: Uh-huh.

Lucas: Yeah, I really would like to drive you home, Fanny.

Felicia: No. I mean, it's very nice of you, thank you, but Mitch will be back soon. He will.

Lucas: Ok.

Mitch: Are you ok?

Rachel: Yep. I'd feel better if I had gotten in touch with Sam, though.

Mitch: It's going to work out.

Rachel: How can you say that? We donít have the painting. Lucas isnít going to give us the painting back.

Mitch: It's all been taken care of.

Rachel: Yes, you said that before. I'm not so sure I believe you.

Mitch: There's nothing to worry about. You're going to get the painting back.

Rachel: Is this another one of your hunches?

Mitch: Lucas and his wise guys donít have the painting. They're going to discover they're holding nothing but an empty bag.

Rachel: What have I gotten you into?

Cass: Locked!

Frankie: What else? The way my life has been running, it's no surprise.

Cass: Oh, hey, this is not a story about just you, you know. We're not doing "the life and times of Frankie Frame here. I exist. I'm in this, too.

Frankie: Because you want to be. Did I ask to be locked in the basement of an art gallery?

Cass: No! Did I ask?

Frankie: No.

Cass: Aw, just hold still, would you please?

Frankie: What are you doing?

Cass: Trying to get a thingamajig.

Frankie: Wait a minute, would you -- what, there's a thingamajig in my hair?

Cass: Will you just hold still?

Frankie: Ow!

Cass: A pin, I'm talking about a pin. Well, donít pull away! Where is it? I got one. Hold still.

Frankie: Ah, ah.

Cass: Ah, ah. Ok. Sorry about that. Here's your hair.

Frankie: Thank you. Ugh, you're going to try to tell me you're going to pick the lock now, right?

Cass: No, I wonít tell you. I'll just pick it.

Frankie: I donít believe myself sometimes.

Cass: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Frankie: How I ever let you talk me into stealing Lucas' painting.

Cass: It's not his painting.

Frankie: Hey, he bid on it and he won.

Cass: Whoa, hey, your loyalty to your new boss is really touching.

Frankie: Well, at least he treats me like an intelligent human being, which is more than you ever did.

Cass: I was a fool to ever hire you in the first place, you know that? All you've ever done is give me trouble.

Frankie: Oh, I give you trouble? Now, I'm so glad you corrected me on this because I thought you got me into trouble.

Cass: Damn! See what -- you made me break this!

Frankie: Oh, yeah, I do everything. It's obvious. I'm the one that does everything wrong. I'm the one who always gets us into trouble.

Cass: Let's stop arguing. There's got to be another way out of here.

Frankie: Ugh.


Frankie: Cass?

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: Listen.

Cass: Get under the stairs.

Frankie: What?

Cass: Donít ask questions. No, no, that's no good. Behind the paintings.

Frankie: Would you stop pushing me?

Cass: Better yet, get in the other room. Quick, get moving! Ahem.

Caroline: Cass.

Cass: I thought you'd never get here.

Rachel: You stole the painting?

Mitch: Nothing much else we could do, was there?

Rachel: Who's "we"?

Mitch: Those of us who donít think Lucas should have the painting.

Rachel: Oh, Mitch, this is illegal!

Mitch: Who said anything about anything being illegal?

Rachel: If you stole it.

Mitch: I think Lucas is the one that did the stealing. In fact, I've already spoken with a lawyer about it.

Rachel: Cass. You and Cass are involved in this?

Mitch: Look, it's ok, it's ok. Donít worry.

Rachel: I am worried, especially about you.

Mitch: Lucas' interest in this painting is more than artistic, donít you think?

Rachel: Well, yeah. Actually, you're right about that. He was the one who took it out of the studio. Actually, he set us all up, didnít he?

Mitch: So what's the problem with getting it back?

Rachel: Well, the problem is, is if you get caught.

Mitch: I'm not going to get caught. Am I there? Do I have the painting?

Rachel: Mitch --

Mitch: It's a good painting as a matter of fact. I think my brother is very talented.

Rachel: Well, ok, so you've done enough. Who are you calling?

Mitch: I'm calling Felicia to tell her that I'm going to be late.

Rachel: Well, just go back there to her.

Mitch: I'll leave when we get the painting back.

Caroline: The door was locked. How did you get in?

Cass: It wasn't locked.

Caroline: What?

Cass: It wasn't locked. I -- I came in and then I guess a draft blew the door shut, and then it locked accidentally. Boy, I'm glad you're here. I was -- I just came down to pick up my painting.

Caroline: Why?

Cass: Why? Uh, well, because it's mine. I won -- I won the bidding war, right? So it's mine.

Caroline: It will be delivered.

Cass: Not in time.

Caroline: Why not?

Cass: Caroline, what's with all the questions?

Caroline: I'm just curious.

Cass: You are just beautiful, and I am just out of here. I -- I want to have this hanging on my office wall by morning because I have a --

Caroline: Uh, just wait.

Cass: What?

Caroline: I canít let you leave without checking exactly the --

Cass: No, no, no, donít touch it!

Caroline: Why not?

Cass: All right, I might as well tell you. I bought this painting as a surprise gift for you.

Caroline: You're not serious.

Cass: I took one look at this painting and I thought, "I've got to get this for Caroline."

Caroline: I donít believe you.

Cass: Well, would you believe this?

Caroline: Oh, yes, I would believe that.

Cass: Yeah?

Caroline: I have a wonderful idea.

Cass: And what's that?

Caroline: You come back here --

Cass: Mm-hmm.

Caroline: After everyone's gone, and we'll just continue with this conversation.

Cass: Oh, that's a great idea. I wish I could.

Caroline: I haven't seen you all evening. Are you turning me down?

Cass: I'm afraid I am. I have a pile of briefs at home to work on.

Caroline: I'm very good with briefs.

Cass: I wouldnít touch that with a 10-foot pole. But tomorrow night I should be all caught up.

Caroline: Tomorrow night?

Cass: Are you free?

Caroline: Well, yes.

Cass itís date? Tomorrow night? Shouldnít you be upstairs mingling with the wealthy art connoisseurs, by the way?

Caroline: Yeah.

Cass: Yeah?

Caroline: There was one or two that I had to speak to still.

Cass: Well --

Caroline: Thanks.

Cass: Donít let me keep you. And donít lock me out.

Caroline: Tomorrow?

Cass: Oh, we'll be very wicked.

James: Uh, excuse me, Lucas. Have you seen Miss Blake?

Lucas: Who, Fanny?

James: Well, it's Felicia, isnít it?

Lucas: Yes, it is. Why do you want to see her?

James: I have a message for her.

Lucas: I'll give it to her.

James: Please tell her that Mr. Blake said he'd be home late.

Lucas: Mr. Blake will be late.

James: Yeah.

Lucas: She'll get it.

Cass: Catherine.

Amanda: Sam, where are you going?

Sam: I told you, I'm giving you time to think about it.

Amanda: I donít need time to think. This is crazy!

Sam: You have to make a decision.

Amanda: Sam, I made my -- you are my husband!

Sam: And Evan Bates is in love with you.

Amanda: I would never leave you. Donít you know that?

Sam: Enough of this. I am going for a walk on the beach.

Amanda: Sam!

Sam: Amanda, I donít want to lose you, but I've seen the way you look at him. I canít take that anymore.

Lucas: John, I wanted to thank you for dinner the other night. I had a great time.

John: There was something that I wanted to talk to you about, too.

Lucas: Ok.

John: It's personal.

Lucas: Want to go someplace private?

John: No. No, I guess this will -- this will be all right. I know about your history with Sharlene.

Lucas: Oh.

John: She told me about it.

Lucas: She told you about her and me?

John: Yes.

Lucas: Well, that was --

John: Look, I am very proud of Sharlene and the life that she's made for herself and her daughter.

Lucas: She's done wonderfully, I agree.

John: I would hate to see anyone from her past threaten that.

Lucas: You donít actually think I'd do anything like that, do you?

John: I just want to make sure that we understand each other.

Lucas: I have great regard for Sharlene, particularly now that I've gotten to know Josie. Josieís a remarkable young woman.

John: And Sharlene has been a remarkable mother. Look, Josie knows about Sharlene, but she doesn't know all the particulars and I'd like to leave it that way.

Lucas: I wouldnít do anything to hurt her.

John: Good. Because I happen to love Sharlene, and I think she deserves a second chance at a better life.

Lucas: I couldn't agree more.

John: That's what I wanted to hear.

Lucas: She's marrying into a fine family. You two should be very happy.

John: I think the Hudsonís are just regular folks, not dissimilar from the Frames.

Lucas: Well, I donít know. Your brother is fast becoming a legend in the corporate world. I ran into him in Europe a couple of years back.

John: Oh, yeah?

Lucas: And I canít come up with the circumstances of the meeting. You wouldnít happen to know what his --  European holdings were?

John: If I didnít know better, I'd swear you were pumping me for information about my brother.

Lucas: No, no, no. It's just something that keeps nagging at me, you know, like who played third base for the 1954 Indians?

John: Al Rosen.

Lucas: That's great. You're a good man, John. I'm sure you two will be very happy.

[Music plays]

Vicky: I need to see Steven.

Josie: Well, Vicky, this is Jamieís night to have him.

Matt: I'll take care of this, Josie.

Vicky: Really, I was at the art auction and I started to miss him. You know, I just miss him all the time, and I heard that you two were taking care of him and --

Matt: And you thought I was a pushover, right?

Vicky: No. I just thought that you would understand.

Matt: Oh. He's upstairs.

Josie: Matt --

Vicky: Thank you.

Josie: Vicky, Steven is sleeping. It took forever for Matt to get him --

Vicky: No, I'm not going to wake him up. I promise. I just love seeing him sleep, ok? You two go back to whatever you were doing, please. Thanks.

Singers: From now on I'm gonna love you like there's no tomorrow

Matt: I'm telling you, she loves that kid a lot.

Josie: Yeah, well, how long do you think she's planning on staying?

Matt: Well, I donít know. I haven't given it much thought.

Josie: Ok, I just hope Jamie doesn't find out.

Matt: So what if Jamie finds out? She's having a little visit with her child.

Josie: Are you sure that's all there is to it?

Matt: Unless she's going to plant some vegetables or bake an apple pie.

Josie: Matthew, I'm not joking.

Matt: What are you worried about?

Josie: I think she's up to something.

Matt: She's his mother, we're here. What could possibly happen?

Josie: I donít know. Just -- I donít like leaving her with him, ok?

Singer: Now there's no distance between us

Rachel: I hate the waiting.

Mitch: We'll know something soon.

Rachel: Something's gone wrong.

Mitch: No, nothing has gone wrong.

Rachel: Well, then where is Cass? I mean, something's happened to him.

Mitch: He'll be fine. He's on his way. He has his own schedule. You know that.

Rachel: We never should've left the gallery.

Mitch: There was no reason to stay.

Rachel: Felicia.

Mitch: Look, she knows where I am. I told her that I was going to help you, and I am.

Rachel: Was she upset when you called her?

Mitch: As soon as she gets my message, she'll be ok. Do you want to go back inside?

Rachel: I canít. I want the painting back. What is it about that painting that Lucas would spend $30,000 for a painting of my daughter?

Mitch: We'll find out soon enough.

Rachel: The painting. It's not Samís painting. It's not Lucas. We've got to get that painting back. Mitch, I have got the same feeling. I've had this feeling on and off ever since Mac died. It's the painting. It's something about the painting.

[Music plays]

Amanda: "Amanda Cory, will you marry me?"

Singer: Shattered

Sam: You got to say yes. See, I canít take it back after it's been engraved. Well?

Singer: Broken by a storm each tiny piece of me lies alone and scattered far beyond repair

Sam: I love you so much. We still got a problem, though.

Amanda: What problem?

Sam: Well, you haven't said whether or not you're going to marry me.

Amanda: Well, Sam Fowler, looks like you've got yourself a wife.

Singer: It's the sound of falling glass I hope that you wonít mind if I should cry in public while I wait for this to pass 'cause, sweet darling I'm shattered

Sam: Your name is Alexandra --

[Alli babbles]

Sam: Yeah -- Cory Fowler. This is your mom. This beautiful lady here is your mom. And I'm your dad -- that's me over here. Yeah. We're a family.

[Alli coos]

Sam: And Granddad was right. We have a date for the best times of our lives, starting right now.


Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Yeah.

Singer: Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah oh, yeah oh, yeah

Josie: Matt?

Matt: What?

Josie: Did you hear that?

Matt: What, Vickyís leaving?

Josie: I heard footsteps.

Vicky: Hi.

Josie: Where are you going, Vicky?

Vicky: Oh, donít worry. We were just going to go for a little walk, weren't we?

Matt: At this time of night?

Josie: He was asleep.

Vicky: Well, he got a little fidgety, and I thought some fresh air would do him some good.

Matt: Wait, no. I donít think so. Let me take the baby back upstairs, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, Matt, why should he be upstairs when he can be with his mommy?

Matt: That wasn't the arrangement.

Josie: Donít fall for this, Matt.

Vicky: Josie, I just want to be with my son.

Josie: Well, he's our responsibility tonight.

Vicky: Well, I was responsible for bringing him into this world. I am certainly not going to let anything happen to him, I promise.

Matt: I let you see him for a little while. Now, I think that's fair.

Vicky: No, a little while wasn't enough, was it? Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry.

Matt: That wasn't the deal.

Vicky: Please, Matt. It would mean a lot to me if I could just have this one night with him.

Josie: And what about Jamie?

Vicky: Well, Jamieís on a date. Please, guys, I wonít ask you another favor ever. Just let me spend one night with my little guy. Please?

Felicia: Video?

Michael: It's a booming business.

Felicia: Yeah, but what does Donna know about video?

Michael: Well, not much, but I think she's going to learn as she goes along.

Felicia: Yeah. You know what surprises me, I mean, really surprises me? Her choice of partners. I thought she hated Jake.

Michael: Well, so did I, but he doesn't worry me as much as another of her business associates.

Felicia: Who?

Michael: In particular, Lucas.

Felicia: Lucas is going into business with Donna?

Michael: Well, she wants him as a client.

Felicia: Oh, a client. I see.

Michael: Felicia, do you know the real reason that Lucas came to Bay City?

Felicia: Of course I do. He came to find our daughter.

Michael: Yes.

Felicia: You know, I donít understand why everybody just doesn't accept that as fact. You know, everybody in town has investigated Lucas and they've come up with nothing.

Michael: Well, I know that, but --

Felicia: But what?

Michael: Look, I know that you have very warm feelings for him.

Felicia: Yes, and why wouldnít I?

Michael: No reason. No reason. I just wanted to ask you a couple questions about him, that's all.

Felicia: Oh, Michael, you're not investigating him, too, are you?

Michael: No, no, no, of course not. I'm just curious.

Felicia: Sounds like you want me to say something against him, is that it?

Michael: Look, I'm sorry if I made it sound like that. No, it's just that -- well, he's slick, and if he's going to be working with Donna --

Felicia: I think that Donna can take care of herself.

Michael: Well, that's my point. Is she going to have to?

Felicia: No, of course not.

Michael: Well, then what are you saying?

Felicia: All right, he is a little slick. But he had to be in order to be successful. I mean, when he grew up, it was tough, Michael. I mean, you know about that. When you get pushed into a corner, sometimes you have to push hard to get out of it.

Michael: I know, I understand. That's what worries me.

Felicia: Lucas, hi.

Lucas: Hi, Fanny. I've been looking for you. Hi, Michael.

Michael: Hi, Lucas. I understand you made a very generous donation this evening.

Lucas: Yes.

Michael: Well, Samís paintings must mean a lot to you.

Lucas: Well, homeless children mean a lot to me.

Michael: Of course.

Lucas: So where's your lovely wife?

Michael: At home. I took her home early. She wanted to spend a little time with our son.

Felicia: Oh, how is Mikey? I haven't seen him in so long.

Michael: He's terrific.

Felicia: Is he?

Michael: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I think it's about time for me to head home myself.

Felicia: Ok.

Michael: Good night.

Felicia: Yeah.

Lucas: Good night.

Michael: Lucas.

Lucas: Say hello to Donna for me. I'm looking forward to doing business with her.

Michael: I will.

Felicia: I wonder --

Lucas: What?

Felicia: Nothing, nothing.

Lucas: What were you talking to Michael about so seriously?

Mitch: There's no point in this.

Rachel: I canít go on waiting here.

Mitch: You know, the auction is over. No one is there.

Rachel: I'm going back there.

[Rachel and Frankie gasp]

Rachel: You scared me.

Frankie: I'm very sorry. Is Cass here yet?

Rachel: He's not with you?

Frankie: No, we split up at the gallery. I went by my place first, so he should've been here by now.

Mitch: Is there any problem?

Frankie: Well, Caroline did walk in on us, but he handled --

Rachel: You mean he could've been here by now?

Frankie: Yeah, the painting was all ready to go. How long does it take to get here?

Rachel: 20 minutes.

Mitch: At the most.

Rachel: What's happened to him?

Frankie: I donít know.

Rachel: Now I'm really worried.

Frankie: Yeah.

Rachel: Oh, no.

Cass: Anybody want a hot painting?

Rachel: Oh, thank goodness you're here!

Cass: Hi.

Rachel: You got it. Terrific!

Cass: Yeah, it was nothing at all.

Rachel: What took you?

Cass: Well, there was a tractor trailer jackknifed on the river road, but I'm here, mission accomplished.

Rachel: Oh, Cass, I'm so grateful to you.

Cass: It's my pleasure. We've got to go.

Frankie: What?

Cass: We're going.

Frankie: Now?

Cass: Now.

Frankie: But I want to see the painting.

Cass: Later. We have to talk right now.

Frankie: Cass.

Cass: You take care, ok?

Rachel: Ok. Thanks a lot.

Cass: All right. Mitch, I'll see you later.

Mitch: Cass, hang on a second.

Cass: Come on.

Rachel: Wow. All right.

Rachel: Let's see. What is it about this painting that Lucas saw?

Rachel: Well, we donít need this anymore.

Rachel: Mitch?

Mitch: What is it?

Rachel: Look. Look. It's the red swan.

Matt: If anything should happen to Steven --

Vicky: Oh, Matt, I'll guard him with my life.

Matt: Fine, fine, fine.

Josie: What?

Matt: Go ahead, take him.

Vicky: Oh, thank you. Thank you. Matt, you are just the sweetest, kindest guy in the world.

Matt: Just never mind. Have him back first thing in the morning.

Vicky: Ok. We'll be back at sunrise, wonít we?

Matt: Well, not that early. No one will be awake.

Vicky: Right. Thank you very much. This means so much to me.

Matt: Just go before I change my mind.

Vicky: Ok. Josie, thanks for understanding. Bye, guys. Ok, let's cover you up to go out in the cold. Here we go. Thanks again. Come on, sweetheart. Thanks.

Josie: I -- I canít believe you just did that.

Matt: Well, she wants to spend one night with her baby.

Josie: Well, it wasn't exactly your decision to make, Matt.

Matt: She's going to have him back before anyone even knows he's gone.

Josie: And if she doesn't?

Matt: I happen to trust her.

[Car starts, pulls away]

Josie: Why?

Matt: Because I do. It's done, it's over. Can we forget about it, please?

Josie: No, I donít understand why you're acting like this is no big deal. I mean, Jamie trusted you.

Matt: This isnít a big deal. And I'll have to talk to Jamie about it, ok?

Josie: Well, I hope you have a chance after this.

Matt: Listen, do you think it's been fair the way he's been treating Vicky?

Josie: Matthew, that's not your business.

Matt: Look, I love Jamie. That doesn't mean I agree with everything he does.

Josie: And that doesn't mean you can just get involved with his relationship with Vicky.

Matt: I am involved. Stevenís my nephew. How can I not be involved?

[Door opens]

Sharlene: Matt, Josie, what -- what was Vicky doing with Steven?

John: Weren't you two supposed to be watching him tonight?

Josie: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah. There's been a change of plans.

Lucas: I rescued the last of the champagne.

Felicia: Thank you.

Lucas: Well, you want to stay here, or you want to go inside?

Felicia: No, I like it out here. It sort of reminds me of Gold Street.

Lucas: You liked Gold Street?

Felicia: Yeah, some of it. I liked sitting out on the stoop on an autumn night -- sort of, you know, before it got really cold.

Lucas: Yeah. We didnít dress like this --

Felicia: No.

Lucas: And drink champagne on Gold Street.

Felicia: I had that one little black dress. You remember that?

Lucas: Yeah. I was trying to buy you pearls to go with it. And I thought I raised the money.

Felicia: We got out of there.

Lucas: Well, let's toast.

Felicia: To what?

Lucas: To our new life.

Felicia: Sure.

Lucas: Mitch?

Felicia: Well, he was supposed to call me. He never did, of course.

Lucas: Hmm. Does he make a habit of breaking promises? I'm sure he had a good reason.

Felicia: Rachel.

Lucas: Why would anybody married to you even think of another woman?

Felicia: Thank you. That's very sweet of you.

Lucas: I'm not being sweet, I'm serious.

Felicia: You donít understand. Mitch and Rachel --

Lucas: They're friends.

Felicia: Yeah. Friendship.

Lucas: Yeah.

Felicia: Do you remember that family that lived above me on Gold Street?

Lucas: No, I donít.

Felicia: Oh, I'm sure you do. Come on, the Warrens. That is it, the Warrens. They had the pigeons up on the roof.

Lucas: No, I donít remember them.

Felicia: Yes, you do. They had a daughter, Theresa. She was such a hell-raiser. Theresa Warren.

Lucas: Fanny, I know how proud you are. That's -- that's one of the things I love most about you. If this thing with Mitch really starts getting you down -- or anything -- I'm there. If you need me for anything, you just holler. I'll come running.

Felicia: I know that.

Lucas: Good.

Felicia: I'm grateful, too.

Lucas: So, now, what were you and Michael talking about?

Felicia: You.

Lucas: Oh, what about me?

Felicia: He wanted to know what you were like as a kid.

Lucas: Oh.

Felicia: Mm-hmm.

Lucas: So what did you tell him?

Felicia: I told him that when you were young, I was very much in love with you.

Lucas: Fanny, if you -- if you ever hear anything really bad about me --

Felicia: Like what?

Lucas: Remember one thing. All the money, the power -- the only thing I ever really wanted was you and the baby. You remember that, huh? Come on, I'll take you home.

Amanda: Sam.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: I didnít expect you back so soon.

Sam: If I didnít give you enough time --

Amanda: No, no, you gave me plenty -- too much time. I was just about to come looking for you. Look, I've been thinking a lot --

Sam: No, wait, wait, wait, wait. Can I talk first?

Amanda: Yeah, ok.

Sam: Um -- as I was walking on the beach, I -- I went all the way back to when we first met and when we fell in love. When we found out you were pregnant, our marriage. When the contractions were two minutes apart, and when -- I thought how I always assumed that this relationship would be forever. Especially when Alli came along.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Wait a minute. Let me finish, ok? I donít assume it's forever now. Because I'm not naive anymore. And I know that people change and needs change, and that's not anybody's fault. It's just the way the world is.

Amanda: Sam, I'm your wife. I will always be your wife.

Sam: Because you want to be, or because you feel you should be? See, that's not what I want. I donít want you to feel like you're supposed to be my wife. That's not the kind of love that I want.

Amanda: Sam, it's not like that.

Sam: I've been married to you because I wanted to be. Because I love you. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, you donít owe me anything.

Amanda: I never felt that I did.

Sam: But you do owe it to yourself to figure out what's in your heart, to go with your instinct and stick by it. Whether or not it's -- whether it's Evan or me, you have to make that decision. You have to decide whether or not we still have a marriage.

Vicky: Here we are. Just in time to --

Michael: Hey.

Vicky: Mommy is dead on her feet. Hi, Dad.

Michael: Oh, hi.

Vicky: Hi, Grandpa.

Michael: Hi, hi.

Vicky: Hi.

Michael: Hey, what happened to your face?

Vicky: I cut myself shaving.

Michael: Well --

Vicky: Come on, let's go sit down.

Michael: How you doing?

Vicky: Well, I'm a little dead on my feet, but other than that we're ok.

Michael: Well, you have himself, huh?

Vicky: Yes, I sure do. Jamie went out. He asked me to take care of Steven tonight.

Michael: Come on, Victoria.

Vicky: "Come on," what?

Michael: Jamie? Huh? I mean, out all night?

Vicky: Dad -- well, if he doesn't get lucky, he will be.

Michael: Victoria --

Vicky: Oh, Dad, drop it. Come on, let's just enjoy this time with Steven. Steven, you're here --

Michael: Hi, Steven.

Vicky: With Grandpa and Mommy. No matter how weird things seem, we love you.

[Steven whimpers]

Vicky: And he loves us. And we'll always have love for you, my honey. Always. I love you.

[Steven coos]

Vicky: Yes.

Cass: Ok, come on. Where are you?

Frankie: Here.

Cass: Well, you're not doing anybody any good out there. Get in here.

Frankie: Ok, ok, I'm in here! You happy now?

Cass: No, I'm not happy! There's a dead body down there. Why would I be happy?

Frankie: You sure it's Catherine?

Cass: I'd recognize her body anywhere.

Frankie: What's that supposed to mean?

Cass: Just come on.

Frankie: Why donít you call the police anyway?

Cass: Oh, yeah, right. And have them ask me all kinds of neat little questions like, what was I doing here in the first place? Come on. Look. Just look, come on. What the --

Frankie: "What the," what?

Cass: She's gone!

Frankie: Well, maybe she was never there in the first place.

Cass: No, she was right here! I saw her!

Frankie: Well, she's not here now!

Cass: Obviously, somebody must have taken her.

Frankie: Well, maybe she took herself.

Cass: She was dead. I know dead when I see it.

Frankie: Yeah, that's a relief, Cass.

Cass: I donít like this. Derek said that Catherine knew about the red swan.

Frankie: How did he know?

Cass: She told him today. And now tonight she's dead. All of a sudden, this red bird is turning deadly.

Amanda: There is no choice, Sam.

Sam: Look, I donít want you to decide too quickly, ok?

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Look, this is not a trivial decision. You need to have time to think about it.

Amanda: Sam, listen to me, please.

Sam: This affects a lot of people! I donít want you to decide without really thinking about it.

Amanda: Sam, look at me. Look at me. There is no choice.

Sam: But you --

Amanda: No buts. Look, I'm yours. I've been yours since the moment I first saw you. I loved you when you were parking cars at my coming-out party. When I was that fool, Mandy, and you were my boss. The first night that we made love, I was so crazy about you that night. I knew I'd never be closer to any other human being. And I was right. I never will.

Sam: What are you trying to say?

Amanda: I canít believe you canít figure it out.

Sam: I guess I can. I just want you to --

Amanda: I'm trying to tell you that I love you. I love you so much, I canít stand it. I never want to be without you. When you walked out this door, I thought -- I know. I've always known. And no matter what life brings, I want to face it with you. I'm saying I want you to hold me and never let me go.

Sam: Oh, Amanda.

Amanda: I love you, Sam. I'll always love you.

Sharlene: I've never heard Josie and Matt argue before.

John: Maybe we're a bad influence.

Sharlene: What are you talking about?

John: Well, they see the way that you treat me. You're always badgering me and hounding me all the time.

Sharlene: I'm serious.

John: What are you worried about?

Sharlene: I just -- I hope they're not having any problems.

John: Well, if they're having problems, they'll work them out. They'll handle them.

Sharlene: I wonder if this had anything to do with Vicky. Hmm.

John: Sharlene?

Sharlene: Hmm?

John: You said once Josie moved back in, things were going to be different.

Sharlene: All right.

John: Didnít you?

Sharlene: Yeah, I did.

John: All right.

Sharlene: You're right. You're right, you're right, you're right. I canít -- I'm not even going to think about it. I'm not.

John: Good.

Sharlene: If there is something wrong, then Josie can deal with it all by herself.

John: Yeah, she can, because she's strong, just like her mother.

Sharlene: You really think I'm strong?

John: Do I think you're strong?

Sharlene: Yeah.

John: Do this. Come on, do this. Go ahead.

Sharlene: No.

John: Come on, yes.

Look at that. Of course you're strong. And you know it, too.

Sharlene: I'm beginning to suspect it. Only since you've been a part of my life.

John: Oh, now, come on, donít start that. My head will swell.

Sharlene: Well, it's true, swelling or not.

John: Well, yes, it is true. But we need not dwell on it. I think we ought to talk about some other things. Like wedding plans, guest lists, invitations. Things of that sort.

Sharlene: Can I just say one more thing?

John: Sharlene, you have never said one thing in your entire life.

Sharlene: Will you hush up?

John: You go on and on and on and --

Sharlene: Let me get this out.

John: All right, go ahead.

Sharlene: The way you've handled this whole situation with Lucas -- not only accepting it, but actually confronting him with it -- you amaze me sometimes.

John: Well, you amaze me all the time.

Sharlene: Do we deserve all this happiness?

John: You bet.

Felicia: I want to thank you for driving me home.

Lucas: Do I rate a cup of coffee?

Felicia: Instant?

Lucas: Fine.

Felicia: Really? Ok. Let me check the answering machine.

[Answering machine beeps]

James' voice: Mrs. Blake, this is the auctioneer from the gallery. I've tried to track down Lucas. I have some very bad news. Lot 16, the painting he bid on -- it's been stolen.

Mitch: I donít believe it. It's the red swan.

Rachel: I donít believe I've never noticed it before.

Mitch: You mean, it's been under this painting the whole time?

Rachel: I think maybe you're right about that.

Mitch: Well, where did the canvas come from?

Rachel: Macís cabin. Macís cabin. Sam said that he found this canvas against a wall. It looked like it was going to be thrown out, so he just wanted to get the painting of -- this is really strange.

Mitch: What is?

Rachel: It's too coincidental.

Mitch: What do you mean? It's like a setup?

Rachel: You're going to think I'm nuts.

Mitch: No, I donít think that.

Rachel: The red swan -- it means something. Something about this canvas -- wait a minute. There's two paintings here. Maybe there's another canvas on top of this stretcher. No, it's just a single one. Wait a minute, this is --

Rachel: There's something in here.

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