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Another World Transcript Monday 9/19/05

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James: And since it is a late arrival, I'll give you a moment to consider 16, "Family Love" by Sam Fowler.

Evan: I donít understand it. Sam swore he'd never sell that portrait.

Vicky: Well, maybe some people are more willing to let go of Amanda than others.

Lucas: That's it. The red swan is under the lot number.

Iris: And you really think the will is hidden behind it?

Lucas: Something is.

Iris: The red swan is painted on the old canvas, right?

Lucas: Yeah. I guess it's a clue of some kind.

Iris: Yeah, from Daddy to Rachel.

Lucas: From your father to whomever owns the canvas, and I promise you it's going to be us.

James: Lots of interest in this one. I open the bidding on 16 at --

Caroline: 1,000.

James: 1,000. Is -- there is the interest that I see manifested. Please understand, the auctioneer's decision is final. In the event of two paddles being raised, the auctioneer will decide which one to accept.

Lucas: Let me handle this.

Rachel: This isnít right. Sam wouldnít want to sell this painting. He's still working on it.

Mitch: How do you know that he didnít change his mind?

Rachel: I'm calling him.

Mitch: Where, in Bermuda?

Rachel: Yep. I donít know what happened to Hilda. She was supposed to make sure that they got the right painting. I donít get it.

Mitch: Well, there's obviously been a mix-up.

Rachel: No.

Mitch: What else?

Rachel: Lucas and Iris are up to something.

Mitch: What are you saying?

Rachel: The people from the gallery came to pick up the painting, right?

Mitch: And?

Rachel: And when they did, Lucas was there in the studio and Hilda said, "Oh, he was very helpful." I'll just bet he was.

Mitch: Wait, why would he want a portrait of Amanda?

Rachel: I donít know why. But whatever the reason is, we've got to stop him. Yes. Sam Fowler, please.

Amanda: Sam?

Sam: Shh. Quiet.

Amanda: "Quiet"?

Sam: I'm enjoying the quiet.

Amanda: Oh. Ok.

Sam: I can hear myself think for the first time in weeks.

Amanda: Good thoughts?

Sam: Whatever they are, I'm not going to be disturbed by anything.

Amanda: Are you sure that's such a good idea?

Sam: Uh-huh. And I also put out a "do not disturb" sign on the door. Nothing is going to break my concentration.

Amanda: And what are you concentrating on?

Sam: Guess. So how about you? Is your mind here or back in Bay City?

Amanda: All of me is right here with you.

Sam: I hope you mean that.

Amanda: It's perfect here, you know. There are no distractions, nothing to spoil our second honeymoon.

James: $1,000, I have. Who will make it 1,500? 1,500? Do I have --?

Iris: It's open to her. No one else is bidding.

James: 1,250? Do I have -- thank you, number 12. 1,300.

Iris: Looks like we've got some competition.

Lucas: Not for long.

James: 1,400? 1,400, looking for 1,400.

Mitch: Canít you get through?

Rachel: It's busy.

Mitch: Look, I'm going to put a stop to this.

Rachel: Wait a minute.

Felicia: What's going on?

Mitch: Lucas is not getting away with this.

Rachel: Ok, here, take my paddle.

Felicia: Mitch, what is it? What's happened?

Rachel: Just bid it up, ok?

Mitch: There's plenty and this might be the only way to stop him.

Felicia: Stop him? What has Lucas possibly done wrong now?

Mitch: He's done plenty.

Felicia: What, at a fundraiser?

Rachel: Go, go, bid it up, ok?

Mitch: Look, I canít explain.

Felicia: Mitch.

Mitch: I donít have time.

Rachel: Excuse me.

Felicia: Rachel.

Rachel: What?

Felicia: This is between Mitch and me.

Rachel: No, it isnít, not anymore.

James: I have 4,000, seeking 4,500. Where do I find 4,500? Who will bid 4,500?

Vicky: I donít believe this.

James: Thank you, number 12. 4,500's been bid, 5,000 is sought. 5,000 -- Where do I find that?

Caroline: This charity is going to make a bloody fortune off that portrait.

Jamie: Yes, and I wonder why.

James: Thank you, sir. 6,000 -- Who will make it 6,000? 6,000? Where do I find 6,000?

Vicky: Donít you think you're being a bit obvious?

Evan: You donít like it, you can leave.

Vicky: Amanda isnít going to thank you for this if that's what you think.

James: 6,500 -- thank you, 33. 7,000 -- Who will make it --?

Iris: This was easier than I thought.

James: 7,000.

Iris: Why is Mitch bidding?

James: Do I hear 7,000? Thank you, number eight.

Cass: This is rather surprising. Lucas doesn't usually legitimately buy the stuff in his collection.

Frankie: Stop it, Cass.

Cass: Are you a part of his collection now?

Frankie: I said stop it.

James: Let's make this a little faster. We'll make it 10,000. 8,000 was bid and 10,000 is asked. No takers at 10,000? I'm seeking 10,000 -- let's make it 9,000. Who will give me 9,000? 9,000 -- thank you, 33. 9,000 -- 10,000.

Iris: What does he want with it?

James: Number eight. Thank you, number eight. We are now -- we're up to 11,000. Who'll make it -- 11,000 for number 12?

Natalie: Your sister's so beautiful. No wonder all these men want her picture.

Jamie: Her husband would never go for this. This portrait has too much meaning for him to give it up.

James: Where is 13,000? 13,000 -- Thank you. 13,000 -- Where is 14,000? Remember, this is a worthy cause. Bid high and wide. 14,000 -- Thank you. 15,000 -- Where is 15,000? 15,000 -- thank you, 12. 16,000 is sought --

Ronnie: And you wanted to stay home and watch football on TV.

James: Thank you, 33.

Zack: Do auctions always get like this?

Ronnie: Donít ask me. How much higher you think it's going to go?

Zack: I donít know about Mitch, but for the other guy, money is no problem.

Ronnie: Well, you just make sure you donít make any sudden moves.

Zack: Hey, donít worry. I had a feeling these guys were going to outbid everyone else.

James: You have an opportunity to make it 19,000. Do you wish to -- thank you, sir. 19,000 is had -- where is 20,000? 20,000 is had by number eight.

Vicky: Careful, your obsession is showing.

James: Number 12. 22,000 -- Who will make it 22,000?

Amanda: It was a wonderful day.

Sam: Yeah, it was.

Amanda: I'm getting a little nervous, though, about this. I mean, what if -- what if something happens to Alli?

Sam: Rachel will call the desk and someone will come find us.

Amanda: You're right. You're always right. You never have any doubts, do you?

Sam: Hey, are you kidding? Every time I start a painting, I wonder whether or not I should be selling shoes. That isnít what you meant, is it?

Amanda: No, I didnít mean anything.

Sam: You meant about you, didnít you?

Amanda: No. I guess so.

Sam: Do you remember when we first found out you were pregnant?

Amanda: You and I had broken up. I was so scared.

Sam: I knew I loved you, but I almost walked away from the most important thing in my life -- being your husband, being Alliís father.

Amanda: What about now?

Sam: We're going through a rough time, but I never think I made a mistake.

Amanda: I never got to study in Paris.

Sam: Among other things. But that's all right. See, I have what I want.

Amanda: How people told us that it was going to be hard getting married so young. They said we were going to change.

Sam: Well, I suppose that can be true if you donít know who you are or what you want.

Amanda: Well, you donít have that problem?

Sam: No. Are you sorry?

Amanda: Sam, how could you even ask that?

Sam: Because if you are, we have to deal with this now before it's too late.

James: 30,000 is the bid. I have 30,000. Who will make it 35,000? We're seeking 35,000 for this fine work of art, 35,000. Do I have a 35,000?

Vicky: Evan?

James: 34,000?

Vicky: Are you ok?

James: Who will make it 34,000? 33,000, then. 33,000. Who will make it 33,000?

Iris: Evanís left.

James: 33,000, anyone? 33,000? 32,000 -- Anyone make it 32,000? 32,000? 31,500?

Rachel: That's your bid.

James: 31,500 -- 31,000. 31,000? 31,000, going once, going twice -- sold to number 33.

Evan: Vicky, would you just leave me alone.

Vicky: Evan, you put on quite a show in there.

Evan: Well, I was just trying to give Sam a hand, you know, help him out with his reputation. Can I have a double shot of tequila, please?

Vicky: Nothing for me, thanks. So this was all to make Sam look good?

Evan: Sure, why not? And besides, they give us -- you know, I help out with a worthy cause.

Vicky: When did you get so noble?

Evan: And when did you start keeping tabs on me, Vicky?

Vicky: All right. Evan, I know what this is all about.

Evan: Ah. Oh, really? What?

Vicky: Amanda. Evan, you canít hide that you feel for her, no matter how hard you try.

Iris: Well, wasn't that sporting?

Lucas: Aren't you going to congratulate me?

Mitch: What are you trying to pull?

Lucas: I told your brother I would buy something of his that I liked when I saw it and I like this.

Rachel: That was not the painting that he wanted to donate, Lucas.

Iris: Oh, it wasn't?

Mitch: No, you know it wasnít.

Rachel: Somehow that painting got here by mistake, but I guess you know all about that.

Lucas: What are you implying?

Mitch: I'm implying that you made a switch of the paintings, that somehow Amandaís portrait ended up at the auction.

Lucas: Why would I do that?

Rachel: I want the painting back.

Iris: I'm afraid it's too late for that.

Rachel: Sam would never willingly part with that painting.

Lucas: You know, I think that it's a big mistake for artists to become too attached to their work -- sentimentalizes them, you know.

Rachel: He hadn't finished with the painting, Lucas.

Lucas: You prove my point -- it's perfect now. If Sam got a hold of it, he would ruin its simplicity.

Rachel: I want the portrait back.

Iris: Well, that's absolutely fascinating, but I am famished. Come on, darling, let's have -- ciao.

Rachel: You got to do something -- talk to Felicia, make sure that he doesn't get his hands on that, ok?

Mitch: I'll do what I can.

Rachel: I'll be back in a minute.

Felicia: Mitch? You want to tell me what's going on? Why were you bidding against Lucas?

Mitch: Can you stop the sale of a painting?

Felicia: What?

Mitch: After the painting has been sold, can it be withdrawn?

Felicia: No, of course not.

Mitch: Are you sure?

Felicia: Yes, I'm positive. Auctions have very strict rules. That's how they're kept legitimate. You want to tell me what's happening here?

Mitch: Rachel wants the painting back. It's not the painting that Sam submitted.

Felicia: I spoke to Rachel. She was going to make sure the right painting was picked up.

Mitch: Yes, but Lucas saw to it that the -- Amandaís portrait was substituted for the other painting.

Felicia: Right! He also started World War II, didnít he?

Mitch: Felicia, will you listen to me?

Felicia: He is part of our family and he always will be, especially after we find our daughter.

Mitch: I want to get the painting back.

Felicia: It belongs to Lucas now, Mitch. When are you going to stop treating him like he's some kind of an enemy? You know what? You know what? I donít treat your ex-lovers that way.

Mitch: No, you donít understand what I'm saying.

Felicia: Oh, honey, I do understand. I understand everything. I understand that Rachel is the mother of your son and I understand that Rachel has a real problem with Lucas. But you know what? I donít and I really wish you didnít.

Jamie: Hello! How are you?

Natalie: Hi, Stacey.

Jamie and Stacey: Hi.

Jamie: Excuse us a minute.

Cass: Hey.

Stacey: Cass!

Cass: There you are. I was getting worried.

Stacey: We went to see an art expert, Dr. Jasper.

Derek: Trying to find out more about the red swan.

Cass: Did you learn anything?

Derek: Not from him. We didnít even see him.

Stacey: But get this -- Lucas' old assistant, Catherine?

Cass: Yeah?

Stacey: You know, the one with the blond hair?

Derek: Yeah, well, she's working for jasper now.

Cass: Yeah?

Derek: And she knows where the swan is.

Cass: Did she tell you that?

Derek: She said she wanted to show us some proof and she left the room.

Stacey: Right, but she never came back, so either she changed her mind --

Cass: Or something happened to her.

Derek: Now, I'm beginning to think that she was stringing us along the whole time because it took me hours to get her to admit that this red swan was stolen from a dig in the first place.

Cass: It was?

Derek: Yeah.

Stacey: Yeah, I know. I was surprised, too.

Cass: Did Catherine say why she stopped working for Lucas?

Derek: He fired her.

Cass: Why?

Derek: She said that he was tough and he had his own rules.

Stacey: Well, she just didnít like him, that much was clear.

Derek: I think she was afraid.

Cass: Maybe with good reason.

Catherine: Lucas?


Catherine: Who's there?

Ada: Well, how's the auction going?

Natalie: A painting by your son-in-law went for almost $30,000.

Ada: 30,000 whats?

Natalie: The bidding was intense.

Ada: Well, Samís a good painter. I could've told you that.

Jamie: Yeah, I agree with you, grandma, but I think the -- this bidding had more to do with the subject matter.

Ada: What are you talking about?

Jamie: Would you excuse me just a moment?

Ada: What's he talking about?

Jamie: Vicky? Can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Vicky: Do you have a habit of interrupting conversations?

Evan: Would you two take this outside? I'm really not in the mood for another scene.

Jamie: Like the one you made over my sister's portrait?

Vicky: Donít. What do you want, Jamie?

Jamie: Let's talk in the lobby, ok?

Vicky: No. Just say what you have to say. I have no secrets from Evan.

Jamie: All right, fine. I've been thinking over a few things, and I've decided you're right.

Vicky: About what?

Jamie: You should have more say in what happens with Steven. And although my lawyer advises against it, I think we can relax visitation. And I hope this would make things between us a bit easier.

Vicky: Jamie, I donít care if we fight. I want one thing from you -- my son.

Jamie: I'm trying to meet you halfway, Vicky.

Vicky: Why, you finally got a conscience?

[Evan taps glass]

Evan: Round one.

Jamie: And I'll be honest with you, Vicky -- I was hoping this might keep you from parading around with this guy every chance you get.

Vicky: Your date's getting lonely.

Jamie: Ok, Vicky. Fine. We'll just forget what I just said and we'll keep things just the way they are. But you know, in spite of everything you say, Vicky, I think you're much more interested in getting even than getting your son.

Vicky: I hate him.

Evan: Donít let him get to you. Donít you see -- you're playing right into his hand.

Vicky: He's so smug. And I just lose it every time I think of one of his lovers raising my son. In fact, that gives me an idea.

Evan: Oh, no.

Vicky: Stacey just walked in.

Evan: Oh.

Vicky: I think I might go talk to her.

Evan: Oh, you're going to walk over there and you're going to sweet-talk Jamieís lawyer?

Vicky: Not quite. Evan, I've got a plan.

Evan: Not again, Vicky.

Vicky: You and I can be useful to each other.

Evan: How?

Vicky: I'll do just about anything to get my son. And I have a feeling you feel just as strongly about getting the most married woman in Bay City.

Evan: You know, you are crazy.

Vicky: Evan, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you're in love with Amanda.

Evan: I need some air.

Amanda: Our lives are so complicated now. I miss the loft.

Sam: Me, too.

Amanda: Everything seemed so simple then, you know? Just you and me and Alli.

Sam: Very safe.

Amanda: I never should've asked you to move.

Sam: We donít have much of a marriage if we have to hide out to make it work.

Amanda: Our marriage is fine.

Sam: Is it?

Amanda: Sam, it's everything else. Everything is just changing so fast.

Sam: You're changing, too.

Amanda: Look, I've never been driven like this or been this moody. Oh, I donít know what it is. Ever since Daddy died, I've been working so hard at "Brava."

Sam: Ever since Evan Bates. That's the real trouble, isnít it?

Amanda: I donít want to talk about Evan.

Sam: I donít want to talk about Evan, either, but he isnít going away. I donít think your feelings for him are, either.

Amanda: I want them to.

Sam: Then they're still there.

Amanda: I donít want to hurt you.

Sam: I'd rather you hurt me now than later when Alliís older.

Amanda: Sam, donít even say that!

Sam: Amanda, I have to say that. We have to deal with this now. I mean, if you're this unhappy with me --

Amanda: I am unhappy with myself.

Sam: I asked you once if you'd slept with Evan -- you said you hadnít.

Amanda: I have been completely faithful to you.

Sam: Are you angry about that?

Amanda: Sam, look, I --

Sam: Amanda -- I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth. Are you still thinking about having an affair with Evan?

Jamie: Just give me one minute, though. I want to -- I want to say good night to my mother. I'll be right back, ok?

Natalie: Why donít I meet you at the door?

Jamie: Ok.

Natalie: Donít be long.

Jamie: I wonít.

[Jamie chuckles]

Rachel: No. No, no, no message. I'll call him again tomorrow. Thank you. I was trying to get through to Sam.

Ada: Oh, did -- were you dying to tell him how much his painting went for? Thanks.

Rachel: It's not the painting.

Ada: What, then?

Rachel: No, I mean, that is the painting, but that was the wrong painting. It should -- it's too long to go into. Anyway, Mitch and I are going to try to get that painting back.

Ada: Mitch and you?

Rachel: Yeah. What was that all about?

Ada: Well, you're starting to depend on Mitch an awful lot lately. That hasn't always been good for you.

Rachel: What are you talking about? He's trying to help me get this painting back.

Ada: How?

Rachel: I donít know how. Does that matter?

Ada: Well, how come he's involved?

Rachel: Because he's my friend.

Ada: Oh. Well, maybe he has another reason for wanting to help you.

Rachel: What?

Ada: To get closer to you.

Rachel: Oh, Mom! That was years ago. We resolved all of that years ago. Donít worry about it. I know what I'm doing.

[Ada laughs]

Ada: Oh, boy.

[Jamie chuckles]

Jamie: Is she ok?

Rachel: She's Mom.

Jamie: Yeah, how can you tell? Listen, you're going to handle this thing with the portraits, right?

Rachel: Yeah, I hope so.

Jamie: Ok, good because I think I'm going to be leaving now.

Rachel: Oh, yes. How's it going with Natalie?

Jamie: Well, I'm giving it the old -- the old college try.

Rachel: Good.

Jamie: Yeah. But, you know, it's funny. It's not -- it's not that easy, though, you know.

Rachel: What? Becoming involved with somebody -- yeah, I know.

Jamie: Yeah, it's -- it's like I'm -- I watch myself go through the motions. It's funny, the only person I'm really comfortable with these days is --

Rachel: Stacey.

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah, how did you know that?

Rachel: I just know.

Jamie: Well, it doesn't make any difference anyway. She's -- she's involved with Derek, so --

Rachel: Do you think that's going to last?

Jamie: Well, I donít know, but if he makes her happy, then -- then I hope it does.

Rachel: That's my boy.

[Stacey chuckles]

Stacey: I canít believe we're doing this.

Derek: Why?

Stacey: Making out in public like a couple of teenagers.

Derek: Who gives a damn? I never felt like this before.

Stacey: Neither have I.

Derek: I wanted last night to go on forever.

Stacey: I know. I didnít want it to end, either.

Derek: No, no. I wanted to make that happen for you all the time. I wanted to give you carved furniture and sterling silver and white dishes and flowers --

Stacey: Derek, I donít need --

Derek: And all those beautiful things all the time because you deserve that and I want to make sure that no one took that away from you. You do deserve it, not some junked-up room in a warehouse.

Stacey: Everything I want is right here in my arms.

Derek: That's crazy, Stacey.

Stacey: Uh-uh. It's not crazy. I feel like I'm just waking up after years of sleepwalking.

Derek: I'm going to find that red swan, and then nothing's going to stand in my -- our way.

Stacey: You're going to be cleared -- you know that.

Derek: I donít want the past to mess things up.

Stacey: It wonít. Remember? We're starting all over again.

Derek: Oh, yeah. I'm going to make sure we do it right because as soon as all this is finished, I'm going to take you to the most romantic place in the world.

Stacey: Well, that would be just about anywhere I am with you.

Derek: Are you warm enough? Because I'm going to go in and get us some champagne.

Stacey: Mm-hmm.

Derek: You want my jacket?

Stacey: I am. I'm not going anywhere.

Derek: Ok, good.

Vicky: Hello, Stacey.

Stacey: Oh, hi, Vicky.

Vicky: I just had a very enlightening conversation with Jamie. It's time you and I went to the mat.

Mitch: Look, can we stop this? You know, I happen to love you.

Felicia: I know you do -- at least most of the time.

Mitch: What do you mean, "Most of the time"? What is going on here? Rachel is not causing a problem -- you are.

Felicia: I am?

Mitch: Yes. I mean, will you stop telling me what I should be feeling, what I should be feeling about Lucas, what I should be feeling about Rachel?

Felicia: I'm not doing that, Mitch.

Mitch: Look, maybe I --

Felicia: You know what I'm doing? I'm trying to get you to see how many times you attack this man, even tonight? I mean, do you have any idea how much money he donated? You know how many homeless children he will help with that money?

Mitch: You know, maybe I'm not getting through to you.

Felicia: Oh. I think that Rachel has gotten through to you. Look, I canít do anything about this ridiculous grudge she has against Lucas, but it's just a little bit embarrassing that my husband is the one doing it to him. Well, on that note, I've got to go count money.

Cass: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, where's the fire?

Felicia: Well, I'm sorry, Cass, I really have to go --

Cass: You and Caroline did an absolutely outstanding --

Mitch: Could you excuse us for a second?

Cass: Am I missing something here?

Felicia: Actually, you are. Excuse me, please. Excuse me.

Cass: Was that a fight?

Mitch: It certainly has all the earmarks.

Cass: Is there anything I can do?

Mitch: Yes -- can you get the painting that Lucas bought back?

Cass: Yeah, Caroline told me about the mix-up.

Mitch: She knows about it?

Cass: She also said that Lucas has every right to keep it. He's not budging.

Mitch: I donít know why he even wants it, but there's got to be something.

Cass: You can --

Mitch: Cass, I -- look, I canít get involved.

Cass: Because of Felicia?

Mitch: Yes, and I know that he's up to something.

Cass: Yeah, so do I.

Mitch: Look, there's not a lot of time, but I know that they keep the paintings that have been sold today for 24 hours -- at least they keep them in the gallery overnight.

Cass: So what do you want me to do, steal it? You're joking, right?

[Mitch pats Cass' shoulder]

Cass: Mitch?

Catherine: No!

Vicky: Do you know that Jamie tried to rape me the other night?

Stacey: I'm sure you were capable of defending yourself, Vicky.

Vicky: I'm sure the judge would love to hear about it.

Stacey: Oh, just like the time that you said that Jake raped you?

Vicky: Oh, no. Jakeís just a guy. Not a Cory. The press doesn't care about people like him.

Stacey: Oh, the press, huh?

Vicky: A good old-fashioned scandal. A nice, respectable doctor and his love-starved lawyer.

Stacey: What?

Vicky: You helped him concoct those phony pictures. Now, you're helping him cover an attempted rape. I know why, Stacey. Soon the newspapers will, too.

Stacey: You've lost your mind, Vicky.

Vicky: And you've lost your child. Now you're trying to get mine.

Stacey: What?

Vicky: It makes a good story, doesn't it? Going after your ex-fiancť. The two of you trying to raise my son together.

Stacey: That's absurd. Everybody's going to see right through that.

Vicky: Maybe, maybe not. In any case, I'm sure it would do wonders for the business at Winthrop and Edwards.

Stacey: Are you joking? Oh, so you're threatening me? You really think that I would do any of those things?

Vicky: It's something to think about next time you give advice to Jamie. Isnít it, Stacey?

Cass: Nice dress.

Frankie: I didnít think you noticed what I wear.

Cass: Yeah, well, tonight I do. It's different.

Frankie: "It's different"?

Cass: Yeah. Because I like basic black. It's -- it's perfect. You can do so much with it.

Frankie: Ok, I'll bite. Perfect for what, Cass?

Cass: Stealing paintings.

[Frankie gasps]

Cass: Am I going to have to kiss you again?

Frankie: You are a genuine lunatic. Do you think I am really going to pull another caper with you?

Cass: You will if you want to prove that your boss, Lucas, is what you say he is.

Jamie: No, not at --

Vicky: Well, isnít this a coincidence.

Jamie: I wonder if it is.

Vicky: Why, Jamie, your paranoia is starting to show.

[Jamie laughs]

Vicky: Hello, Natalie.

Natalie: Nice to see again, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, Natalie, Evan.

Evan: Nice to meet you.

Vicky: Goodbye!

Natalie: Nice to meet you. Next time, a movie. And I pick the restaurant.

Jamie: Oh, you've got a deal. Let's go.

Iris: Congratulations.

Lucas: Thank you. I like winning.

Iris: Do you always get what you want, Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah, I do now. I learned to take what I want.

Iris: Even if it belongs to somebody else?

Lucas: Forgiveness is easier than permission.

Iris: Yeah, I used to believe that, but since Daddy's --

Lucas: Iris, donít get emotional on me, ok? There are people watching. We have to keep a low profile. Hello, Rachel.

Rachel: Hello.

Lucas: Sit down.

Rachel: Thank you.

Lucas: Champagne?

Rachel: No, thank you. I owe you an apology, Lucas.

Iris: Well, that's a first.

Lucas: Iris --

Rachel: I realize now that you're being terribly generous, donating all that money to the homeless -- and to Sam.

Iris: Oh, I'm glad to see you've come to your senses.

Rachel: But I'm very fond of that painting, so I'm willing to offer you twice as much money for it. I will donate the money, and you will have your choice of any of the other paintings of Samís that he's willing to part with.

Lucas: I'm sorry, I prefer that one.

Rachel: I'm prepared to offer you a lot of money.

Iris: Do you think you can buy everything, Rachel?

Rachel: I just want that painting. You donít want it. You loathe Amanda.

Iris: But I'm very fond of Samís technique.

Rachel: That's why you bought the painting, Lucas?

Lucas: I told you, it appeals to me.

Rachel: There's no other reason than that?

Iris: Will you stop hounding us?

Rachel: I thought Lucas was the one who bought this painting.

Lucas: I did.

Iris: And he's not selling it.

Rachel: Then why donít you let him say so, Iris?

Iris: If you'll excuse me for the moment --

Lucas: Iris, please, I'm expecting a phone call here.

Iris: Then you stay. But I'm not going to sit here and listen to Rachelís excuses about wanting the painting for sentimental reasons when we all know it was her mistake that made it go to auction in the first place. Ciao.

Lucas: Excuse me, Rachel.

Ada: I just heard that it was Lucas who paid all that money for Samís painting.

Rachel: Lucas and Iris. Now, what would they want with that painting? Are they just being vicious?

Ada: Oh, well, that's our girl.

Rachel: Yes, but what's in it for Lucas?

Ada: That is the big question.

Derek: Stacey. You were a million miles away.

Stacey: I'm sorry.

Derek: Hey, did something happen?

Stacey: No. Nothing you want to hear about.

Derek: Oh, if it's bothering you, I want to hear it.

Stacey: No, there's nothing I can do about it tonight, so I wonít worry about it.

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: You want to distract me?

Derek: Absolutely.

Stacey: Why donít you tell me about that romantic place you're going to take me when we can get away from here?

Derek: Oh, I think about that all the time.

Stacey: You do?

Derek: Oh, yeah.

Stacey: I'm glad we waited. I feel like I'm finally over what happened. And I just want to be with you.

Derek: I waited all my life for you. I can wait a little while longer.

Cass: Ok, Lucas is into the restaurant. Now's our chance.

Frankie: Oh, where is Caroline, anyway? Doesn't she have some breathtaking plan for you this evening?

Cass: Donít worry about Caroline. She's with Felicia right now. Follow me in. Donít be too obvious about it.

Frankie: Where are we going?

Cass: All of the pieces that have been auctioned off are being kept in a room overnight in the basement.

Frankie: Oh, great. I love basements. Hmm.

Amanda: I wouldnít sleep with Evan.

Sam: Be honest.

Amanda: I am being honest! I care about Evan. That's it. Why wouldnít I? I mean, he saved my life.

Sam: Yeah, that I know.

Amanda: He's done everything that he can to help my mother and I keep my father's company together. I'm very grateful to him.

Sam: Is that it? Then why did he try to wreck our trip?

Amanda: He just didnít want me away from work.

Sam: Oh, come -- the man admitted he tried to wreck our trip, Amanda. I think that's a little vindictive for a coworker.

Amanda: All right, so he got a little carried away.

Sam: There's a lot more to that. There's one reason why he stays at "Brava." He wants to be near you. You know that. I know that. What I donít know is what you want.

Amanda: I love you.

Sam: That doesn't answer my question. You said you were attracted to Evan bates once. What about now? Is that still true?

Evan: Vicky, make yourself at home. Why donít you let me make you a drink or something?

Vicky: Uh -- no. No, Evan, this was a bad idea.

Evan: Wait -- that's even a worse idea. Come back here. It's early. We can still have some fun.

Vicky: I'm not quite sure what you mean.

Evan: Donít be coy, Vicky. You wrote the book. You said you wanted to cut loose, have some excitement.

Vicky: Excitement, not trouble.

Evan: There's a difference?

Vicky: You know there is.

Evan: Aren't you a little tired of being good? I know I am.

Amanda: Look, I hate the idea of Evan coming between us. Can you just tell me what I'm supposed to do?

Sam: I canít do that. You have to make up your own mind. It's your choice.

Amanda: Sam, I made my choice. Why canít you believe that?

Sam: I've tried. I've even had it out with Evan a number of times, but he keeps coming back.

Amanda: What am I supposed to do?

Sam: Amanda, he makes me crazy. I see the way he looks at you, and I have to fight like crazy not to kill him.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Sam: I'm not blaming you for this. But I canít take any more of this. I love you, but this is just tearing me up.

Amanda: What are you doing?

Sam: Getting dressed. I'm going for a walk. I'm going to give you some time to think.

Amanda: I donít want time to think.

Sam: You have to.

Amanda: Sam, I donít want to lose you!

Sam: I donít want to lose you, either. It would probably kill me. But I hate seeing you this unhappy.

Amanda: It'll get better!

Sam: No, it wonít. I have tried waiting this out.

Amanda: You are not going to let Evan end this marriage.

Sam: If this marriage ends, it wonít be because of Evan, it will be because of you.

Amanda: That's not what I want!

Sam: Amanda, you have to figure out how we can go on. I canít do it with Evan in the picture.

Amanda: Where are you going?

Sam: For a walk on the beach. When I get back, you tell me what you've decided. I'll accept whatever you think.

Vicky: It would be too easy to make a mistake, Evan.

Evan: What's a mistake?

Vicky: Jumping into bed for comfort or revenge, or whatever feels good or sounds good tonight. Why should we take the chance?

Evan: Hey, are you just afraid that Jamie might find out?

Vicky: To hell with Jamie. I donít want to wreck another friendship.

Evan: Friends sleep together.

Vicky: I'm not very good at that.

Evan: I'm disappointed.

Vicky: Well, I'm glad I haven't lost my touch. Besides, I know I'm a stand-in.

Evan: No, no. No, you're not.

Vicky: It's ok. It's ok. I know this heart of yours is someplace else.

Evan: Vicky, I was hoping that we could forget about that. You want to try?

Vicky: I'd better leave before it gets too late.

Evan: Will you at least let me kiss you good night?

Mitch: Why donít you go home? There's really nothing more you can do now.

Rachel: Did you talk to Felicia?

Mitch: I've taken care of it. I will get the painting back in 24 hours.

Rachel: How did you manage that?

Mitch: Well, I canít explain now.

Rachel: Well, why donít you and Felicia come back to the house, ok?

Mitch: Um -- I'm not sure.

Rachel: Oh, please? I want to hear about this.

Mitch: Ok, let me -- let me talk to her.

Rachel: Ok.

Caroline: You're right. We should make the deposit tonight.

Felicia: I think so.

Mitch: Excuse me, but I want to take Rachel home. Would you like to come along?

Felicia: No, I really canít. We've got to figure out who bought what.

Mitch: I will explain all of this to you later.

Felicia: Mitch, I'm sorry I blew up. I do trust you.

Mitch: Ok.

Felicia: Rachel, good night.

Rachel: Oh, you're not coming back with us?

Felicia: No. No, I canít. I've got to stay.

Rachel: All right, we'll see you.

Felicia: All right.

Mitch: I'll see you later.

Felicia: Yeah.

Iris: Well, I got you away from Rachel, didnít I?

Lucas: You were very effective.

Iris: Right now, we can go home and celebrate. And tomorrow we'll find out all about the painting.

Lucas: Look, Iris, you -- you go on ahead. We -- I'll join you later, ok? I have a little unfinished business to do here.

Iris: Ok.

Cass: Listen to me -- be careful.

Frankie: Oh, I am!

Cass: And hurry up. We have to move fast.

Frankie: Would you stop bossing me around? I canít believe I let you drag me into this.

Cass: Hey, donít blame me, blame Lucas.

Frankie: Would you just go?

Cass: Hello?

Frankie: What, you found it?

Cass: Looks like. Now the question is, how do we get it out of here?

Frankie: We pick it up.

Frankie: What was that?

Cass: The door.

Frankie: Oh.

Cass: It's locked.

Frankie: Oh, my God.

Cass: Looks like the only way out of here, too.

[Frankie sighs]

Frankie: We're locked in. Oh.

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