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Another World Transcript Friday 9/2/05

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Vicky: You still have your wedding ring on Jamie. What does that mean?

Jamie: I guess itís just habit.

Vicky: Is that what I am to you now Jamie? Just an old habit?

Franco: I'll see to it that Mrs. Fowler gets the message.

Evan: Excuse me. Did you just say that was for Mrs. Fowler?

Franco: Yes. Mr. Gordan must cancel his dinner with her.

Evan: Oh. I tell you what Iím going to do. Iím going to give her at message for you.

Franco: Oh, thank you, Mr. Bates.

Evan: Hi. Do you mind if I join you?

Frankie: What are you, crazy?

Cass: Well, I had to think of some way to shut you up.

Frankie: Do you kiss everybody to make them shut up?

Cass: Frankie --

Frankie: Is that what you do to people who talk in the movies?

Cass: Hey, it worked, didnít it? You stopped yelling at me, at least for a minute.

Frankie: Hey, Winthrop, I have a right to be ticked off.

Cass: No, you donít.

Frankie: You stood me up so that you could --

Cass: No, I did not stand you up.

Frankie: What do you call being almost an hour late and being in Carolineís office with your arms around her?

Cass: Her arms were around me! Let's keep that straight.

Frankie: Oh, yeah, right.

Cass: And I'm trying to explain to you that she called me and said it was urgent.

Frankie: Urgent?

Cass: So I thought it might have something to do with the red swan.

Frankie: Oh, so you just hustled your butt right over here.

Cass: Look, I must've spent all of five minutes there, I was on my way to pick you up.

Frankie: Oh, and who were you going to pick up after me?

Cass: Oh, come on, Frankie.

Frankie: Look, Winthrop, I donít need this, ok? From now on, I think that maybe we should just forget about the whole thing.

Cass: Am I going to have to shut you up again?

Frankie: Yes! Uh, no, no. I -- I donít know what to think. God, I canít --

Cass: Come here, come here. Time for another minute of silence. Come here.

Cass: Thatagirl.

Caroline: Hello. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Woman: It's been a long time.

Michael: What are you doing here?

Woman: Looking at you and enjoying every minute of it. You are a terribly good-looking man, donít you know I?

Michael: Arianne I'm warning you, get out of the car.

Arianne: Michael, you've been avoiding me. I'm very disappointed in you.

Michael: I have been avoiding you because I donít want to talk to you

Arianne: You've always been so considerate.

Michael: Now would you get out!

Arianne: Michael, please. I donít want to have a scene any more than you do.

Michael: Then leave.

Arianne: But you have to talk to me sometime.

Michael: No, I donít have to talk to you, Arianne. It is over.

Arianne: No, it's not, and you know it. Why not admit it? People are leaving the party.

Michael: So?

Arianne: So we can stay here and argue and risk having someone see us, or we can go someplace private. What's it going to be?

Vicky: No, Jamie. You talk divorce one minute, want to get me into bed the next.

Jamie: Why is it that words always spoil things for us?

Vicky: It's not the words.

Jamie: Then what is it?

Vicky: It's the way you use them. I canít live like this, Jamie. You say you want me, but only physically. Is that the only thing you miss about our marriage?

Jamie: No.

Vicky: Then tell me one other thing that you miss.

Jamie: I miss your smile. And I miss never knowing what you're going to do next.

Vicky: Then why are you divorcing me?

Caroline: You know, it's funny. I never saw this as a romantic spot before.

Frankie: I'm surprised there's a place in Bay City that you missed.

Cass: Caroline -- what are you doing out here, Caroline?

Frankie: Yeah. Donít you have a few paintings to sell or something? Aren't you afraid somebody's going to rip off some of your precious paintings?

Caroline: The gallery is closed and I was helping a few people out, and I just happened to see you draped all over Cass.

Frankie: You know, Caroline, the way you see things --

Cass: Frankie and I were just having a private conversation, which we could carry on somewhere else.

Frankie: You just happened to be outside. Admit it, Caroline.

Caroline: This is my gallery.

Frankie: And this is your boyfriend, is that it?

Caroline: You said it, baby, not me!

Frankie: Cass and I were having a conversation, Caroline. Some women are capable of having a friendship with a man.

Cass: Ok, all right.

Caroline: Oh, are you normally this close to all your friends?

Cass: All right, ladies, please, let us be a little more civil. We've had enough misunderstandings tonight to last us a lifetime. No --

Frankie: Admit it, Caroline. You were following us.

Cass: Frankie?

Caroline: You're the one who's jealous, or why on earth would you have come here this evening?

Cass: Caroline?

Frankie: Fine, delude yourself. It's ok by me.

Cass: Hey, would you -- neutral corners for just one minute? Come on.

Caroline: I donít trust you and I donít like you.

Frankie: But how do you really feel? March your little designer back inside and leave us alone.

Caroline: Oh, why should I be the one to leave, huh?

Frankie: Because if you donít, you might get hurt!

Donna: Alright Michael, I'm ready for you.

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: Jake.

Jake: Ooh.

Arianne: Do you mind if I smoke?

Michael: I always did, and that never stopped you.

Arianne: Why are you being so hostile?

Michael: You know why. I donít like sudden visits.

Arianne: This isnít sudden at all. I've been trying to call you, but you never return my calls.

Michael: Well, you should have taken the hint. We have nothing to say to each other.

Arianne: We used to.

Michael: Well, those are days gone by.

Arianne: Oh, come on, that's not true and you know it.

Michael: I cannot get mixed up with you again.

Arianne: You made certain promises, Michael.

Michael: Well, those promises were a long time ago. I'm married. I have a life, I have a family. I have a normal, stable life.

Arianne: Doesn't make any difference to me if you're married or about your normal, stable, boring life. You made a promise.

Michael: Well, I made that promise a lifetime ago.

Arianne: I know you'd like that to be true, but it's simply not. A promise is a promise.

Michael: Promises are not forever, and that promise was made in the past.

Arianne: The past has a way of catching up with everyone. Yours has finally caught up with you.

Michael: Well, I hope you bought yourself a roundtrip ticket because you are going to need it, Arianne.

Arianne: Let's talk.

Michael: Give me one reason -- one -- why I should talk to you.

Arianne: Lucas.

Caroline: If you're going to make threats, you just better be prepared to back them up!

Cass: Both of you, come on!

Frankie: Fine, because you've had it in for me since the day we first met!

Caroline: I donít even remember the day I met you.

Frankie: Probably because you were meeting a woman instead of a man!

Cass: Quiet!

Caroline: God.

Cass: Thank you.

Caroline: Yeah.

Cass: Now, please, ladies, let us be a little more civilized --

Frankie: You want civilized? I'll give you civilized.

Caroline: We wouldnít be having this conversation if you weren't leading us on.

Cass: What?

Frankie: You know, Caroline, the way you -- you're right.

Cass: I'm leading you on?

Caroline: Absolutely. You're playing us off against one another.

Frankie: Right.

Cass: What are you talking about?

Frankie: You canít date two women at the same time and expect them to just accept it.

Cass: Why not?

Caroline: Because you just canít.

Cass: I've been doing it all my life.

Frankie: Which just proves how insensitive you are!

Caroline: You donít care less about people's feelings.

Frankie: Just fun and games, that's all we are to him.

Caroline: Yeah, and you just expect us to sit back and take it all.

Frankie: Talk about low.

Cass: Hold it, hold it!

Caroline: It's disgusting.

Cass: Wait a second now. Hold on here. One minute you're scratching each other's eyes out, and the next you're like two long-lost sorority sisters.

Frankie: That's not the point, Winthrop.

Cass: Neither one of you is going to t tell me how to run my life. Good evening, ladies.

Amanda: I donít understand what could be keeping Ross.

Evan: Well, he was late for our first meeting, Amanda. Some people like to keep other people waiting. It gives them a sense of power.

Amanda: Yes.

Evan: You nervous?

Amanda: Well, it is an important meeting, yeah.

Evan: I mean me. Am I making you nervous?

Amanda: No, why should you make me nervous?

Evan: I donít mean to.

Amanda: Evan, I'm fine, really.

Evan: You know what I'd like to do right now?

Amanda: What?

Evan: I'd like to dance. You know what Fred Astaire said? "Dancing is making love to music."

Amanda: Evan, stop.

Evan: Stop what? Stop telling you how I feel?

Amanda: I donít want to talk about this.

Evan: Look, I know I'm pushing you away. I kissed you and I tell you how I feel --

Amanda: Evan, please.

Evan: Even at the risk of knowing that you may shut me out totally. But, Amanda, I canít help myself.

Amanda: Maybe you should take your drink to the bar.

Evan: Even when I try to conceal my true feelings, you still go out of your way to avoid me, so tell me -- what difference does it make?

Amanda: Evan, donít.

Evan: You know what the worst part of this whole scenario is? The saddest thing is that I've lost you as a friend.

Amanda: I miss having you as a friend, too. If I thought that we could just be that again, but --

Evan: All right, listen, I'll try if you will.

Amanda: Right. Look, I better go call Ross. I want to know where he is.

Evan: Listen, why donít you just -- why donít you order?

Amanda: I canít.

Evan: You're hungry, aren't you?

Amanda: Yes, but if Ross walks in, what am I supposed to do?

Evan: If Ross comes in, I'll simply get up and I'll move to another table and you can finish your meeting. I'll just keep you company till he gets here. That's ok.

Jake: Donna Love Hudson, nice nightgown.

Donna: Peignoir.

Jake: Whatever.

Donna: Good night, Jake.

Jake: No, I -- I wonít stay long.

Donna: Jake!

Jake: Whoo.

Donna: Now, the last time I saw you, you were taking Victoria home and you didnít give me a chance to remind you for the 400th time that you're supposed to leave her alone?

Jake: Donna, I took her home. I left as soon as Jamie showed up, so donít give me any grief --

Donna: What? Jamie was there? What did he say?

Jake: Yeah, I donít want to talk about Jamie, all right?

Donna: No, if he was there, what did he want?

Jake: We have other stuff to talk about.

Donna: Not tonight, we donít.

Jake: You keep going on about what a great deal we have, and other than one measly little check, all you've done is talk my ear off. Donna, can I please have an apple?

Donna: Oh, here.

Jake: Thank you. Where you going?

Donna: I'll be right back.

Jake: You see, Donna, my point is that a video business cannot survive on good looks and charm.

Donna: I should hope not. But we're not going to discuss my investment tonight.

Jake: When? You keep saying that.

Donna: Tomorrow.

Jake: Why donít we settle this tonight, Donna?

Donna: Tomorrow.

Jake: I donít get you. Oh. You have a nice, quiet little dinner. I understand.

Donna: Thank you.

Jake: You know, you haven't served dinner yet, though, have you?

Donna: No.

Jake: No? And the -- the candles are half burned down. Where's Michael? Is he in the shower?

Donna: Jake, it doesn't make any difference where Michael is or what he's doing. Would you please leave?

Jake: Oh, I get it. Michaelís not here. What did he do, stand you up?

Amanda: I donít understand. Ross would've called by now.

Evan: Amanda, why donít you just relax and enjoy your shrimp cocktail? He'll be here.

Amanda: No, I think I'm going to go call his service.

Evan: No, no, no. Why donít you sit here? I'll go call for you.

Amanda: Ok, thanks.

Evan: Be my pleasure.

Evan: Caroline, how are you?

Caroline: Fine. Ahem.

Evan: Listen, I'm really sorry I missed the show. How'd it go?

Caroline: Fabulous. I have a proposition for you.

Evan: A what?

Caroline: I have a proposition for you. If you can keep that crazy cousin of yours away from me, I'll do anything you want.

Evan: "Crazy cousin." I assume you're talking about Frankie, huh?

Caroline: Yeah.

Evan: What's she been up to?

Caroline: Plenty. I mean it. I'll even help you with Amanda. What do you think about that?

Evan: Help me with Amanda? I'm a little confused. I donít understand what you mean.

Caroline: Oh, come on. As soon as I came in here, I saw the two of you sitting over there with your heads together.

Evan: Sorry to disappoint your clever observation, but we're having a business dinner.

Caroline: Fine, call it what you want, but I'm still serious about my offer.

Evan: Even if I was interested in Amanda --

Caroline: Mm-hmm?

Evan: I wouldnít want to get you involved.

Caroline: Oh, yes, you would. Remember, I know you, Evan, and you're not exactly the noble type.

Evan: Ok, what happened, Caroline? Frankie giving you a run for your money with some man?

Caroline: She's a nuisance.

Evan: Let me take a guess. Who is it? Winthrop?

Caroline: Do you want me to help you with Amanda or not?

Evan: No, I donít. I am not interested in Amanda at all.

Caroline: Oh.

Waiter: I am so happy you did not have to dine alone.

Amanda: Pardon me?

Waiter: I mean, I'm glad you could stay even though Mr. Gordon canceled.

Amanda: Mr. Gordon canceled? Why didnít anybody here tell me?

Jake: Donna, why donít you just admit it. Michael didnít show up, you got a nice new nightgown, and he blew you off.

Donna: It's a peignoir! I just finished explaining that he called me from the office. He told me he was going to do a few things there at the office --

Jake: A few things? Donna, in a couple of minutes, these candles are going to be stubs.

Donna: I was just going to replace those candles. He said he was going to be a few minutes late.

Jake: Great, we got a little bit -- I'll talk about some money then.

Donna: I donít want to talk about money!

Jake: Rich people never want to talk about money. Why is that? Donna, look, either you're interested in investing or you're not.

Donna: I am. I told you I am.

Jake: Where's the money?

Donna: Not tonight, Jake.

Jake: Oh. 

Donna: This is a completely independent investment.

Jake: I mean, he hasn't changed his mind about it?

Jake: He loves you. Nothing like a little love to brighten your day. I still donít have any money.

Donna: All right. All right. How much do you want?

Jake: Well --

Donna: Quick, quick.

Jake: I've taken the liberty of jotting down a couple figures here. Ah-ah-ah-ah. Sit, sit.

Donna: Excuse me. This is supposed to be a small business venture.

Jake: It is.

Donna: Look, "equipment" -- look, this is astronomical. Cameras donít cost that much.

Jake: Astronom-- you spend more money at the hairdresser in six months than that is.

Donna: How much are you keeping in your pocket?

Jake: Ok, that does it. I'm going to go see Vicky. At least she wonít call me --

Donna: I didnít mean it the way it sounded.

Jake: No, the hell with you!

Donna: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Please donít go to Victoria. I'm sorry.

Jake: Ok, I flew off the handle.

Donna: Let me just think about this tonight. Let me look it over. I'll call you, I promise.

Jake: Tomorrow?

Donna: Tomorrow.

Jake: In the morning?

Donna: In the morning.

Jake: Ok.

Donna: First thing.

Jake: Ok.

Donna: Ok. Good night.

Jake: Good night. You know, it's a funny thing, though.

Donna: What?

Jake: Well, it's just funny to me that Michael would go to the office and leave you in that nightgown.

Donna: It's a peignoir!

Jake: It must be very important business.

Donna: Good night.

Jake: Good night. Could you stick this someplace? Thank you.

Donna: I donít know what you're doing, Michael Hudson, but I'm going to find you.

Michael: Of course I knew who Lucas was when I met him. I was onto him in Europe, as you'll recall.

Arianne: We're interested in what he's doing here.

Michael: So am I. That's why I called.

Arianne: Good. Then we'll be a team again.

Michael: No, we wonít.

Arianne: The club needs you on this one, Michael.

Michael: Well, I have done enough for the club, all right? It's over.

Arianne: It doesn't work that way and you know it.

Michael: I donít know that. I am out, Arianne. Out.

Arianne: You took an oath. You are legally bound to uphold that oath. There's no such thing as "out" -- not now, not ever.

Michael: Look, I have sacrificed enough, all right? I have lied to a lot of people. My brother thinks I had some cushy job while he was in Vietnam getting himself blown apart. I've lied to too many people. My own wife is wondering what the heck I'm doing with my time right now. I am tired of lying.

Arianne: You canít tell her about us. You know that.

Michael: I wouldnít tell her about us. I would never endanger her life like that.

Arianne: Sorry.

Michael: Donít give me that "sorry" routine. I am not going to help the club -- not now, not ever. Period.

Arianne: I have a direct order for Michael. I'm sure you'll obey a direct order, wonít you? Easy and sometimes I think it's the hardest thing I've ever done.

Vicky: Getting divorced?

Jamie: No, divorce is just the legal part. It's the letting go. And it's the emptiness.

Vicky: It's because the emptiness is where all the love was.

Jamie: Did you love me that much?

Vicky: Are you kidding?

Jamie: Then you know how I feel.

Vicky: Hurts?

Jamie: Yeah, it hurts.

Vicky: Good, because misery loves company, you know.

Jamie: Yeah. Jamie: You know, maybe it's just par for the course.

Vicky: You think?

Jamie: Well, we had problems.

Evan: Why wonít you admit that Frankie's giving you some trouble?

Caroline: I said I'm annoyed.

Evan: Well, she's good-looking.

Caroline: I wouldnít go as far as to say that.

Amanda: You lied to me.

Evan: What?

Amanda: I just spoke with the maitre d'.

Evan: Oh.

Amanda: Ross Gordon called here 45 minutes ago. You were supposed to tell me.

Evan: Yeah, Amanda, that slipped my mind. Listen, why donít we go sit down and I can explain it to you?

Amanda: No, I'm not going to sit down. You said over there before this whole conversation about how you valued our friendship. That was a big farce.

Evan: No, it wasnít.

Amanda: A friend shouldnít have to decide what's the truth and what's lies.

Evan: Amanda, listen, all I wanted was just --

Amanda: All I wanted was to trust you. But I canít, not about anything.

Evan: Amanda, wait. Amanda.

Caroline: Still claim you donít need any help with Amanda?

Arianne: Please donít look at me like that.

Michael: Well, what do you want me to do? You want me to smile? You want me to be happy?

Arianne: Michael, the club isnít the threat here. Lucas is.

Michael: I know that.

Arianne: And you know what he's capable of.

Michael: Yes, I do.

Arianne: What do you think would happen to you and your family if Lucas found out you were poking into his business? We can help you.

Michael: Yes, but being associated with the club -- it can also hurt me. I'm better off by myself.

Arianne: What makes you think that?

Michael: If Lucas finds out I am onto him, he will underestimate me if he thinks I am by myself.

Arianne: It's not that simple. Our people are going after Lucas, with or without your help. If it turns out the help you've already given us should ever be exposed --

Michael: Wait a minute. Are you -- are you threatening me?

Arianne: This is all hypothetical. But there have been leaks.

Michael: Really?

Arianne: If the worst were to happen, would you want to have to face Lucas on your own? Plus, working together again -- we can put him away that much faster.

Michael: Look, I will not have my arm twisted.

Arianne: No one likes his arm twisted. Think of your wife, your children. Let's see -- one of them is in Europe, isnít she? Lucas would have no problem getting to her over there. And then your other daughter just had a baby, didnít she? And then there's that -- that young boy, the adorable --

Michael: All right! All right, all right. I got the point. I will have to think about it.

Arianne: Thank you. That's all I can expect from one man. We'll be in touch.

Donna: What are you doing? You said you'd be home in a few min--

Michael: I love you.

Donna: Well, I just thought that you wouldnít be so late. I didnít expect you to be so --

Michael: I would never, ever do anything to hurt you, do you know that? Never.

Donna: I --

Michael: Do you know that?

Donna: Yeah, I just didnít expect that you would be so late.

Michael: I'm sorry, I really am. You know, I came in here and, I donít know, I just got busy. It got complicated, work.

Donna: You work too hard.

Michael: I do, you're right. But I'm not going to do that anymore. As a matter of fact, what I think I'd like to do is have a nice little candlelit dinner for two with me and my wife. And then maybe play the night away. You still up for that?

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: Good. I'll get my briefcase. I'll be right with you. Donít go away. I have to tell you, no more of this late-night business. From now on, I'm coming right home.

Donna: Right.

Jake: Hey, how you doing? Young man, I would like a beer, please.

Caroline: Jake.

Jake: Hello, Caroline. Can I buy you a beer?

Caroline: No, I'm sitting on my vodka, thank you. So what did you think of the show tonight?

Jake: I thought it was incredible.

Caroline: Yeah?

Jake: Yeah, very colorful. Very busy.

Caroline: Busy?

Jake: Yeah, some of the paintings were --

Caroline: Busy?

Jake: It was wonderful. No, I enjoyed it.

Caroline: Look, donít let me put you on the spot. I just hope the critics really liked it.

Jake: No, I thought it was great. The critics should love it.

Caroline: Well, they'd bloody better. It was a hard day's work, I can tell you that right now.

Jake: I can only imagine.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Jake: Whew.

Frankie: Hi.

Jake: Hi.

Caroline: Hello.

Frankie: I donít want to fight.

Jake: Excuse me.

Caroline: Good. Neither do I. I'll even buy you a drink.

Frankie: Thanks. After all, it's not as if any problems we have are really between us, right?

Caroline: Absolutely not.

Frankie: Club soda with a twist, thanks.

Caroline: Well, we certainly made fools of ourselves this evening, didnít we?

Frankie: Oh, boy, did we ever. I'll bet Cass loved it.

Caroline: I'll bet he did. I wouldnít even put it past him if he'd engineered the whole damn thing.

Frankie: Think so?

Caroline: He's quite a manipulator, you know.

Frankie: Yeah, but -- yeah, how could he know that we would react that way? I mean, even for Cass that's a bit of a stretch.

Caroline: Donít underestimate him.

Frankie: Well, I donít underestimate him, Caroline. I just think that that's a little bit far-fetched.

Caroline: He invited you out to make me jealous and then engineered the situation so I'd see it all happen.

Frankie: Whoa. Wait one second here. You think that Cass asked me out to make you jealous?

Caroline: Of course.

Frankie: No! He asked me out because he enjoys my company.

Caroline: Frankie, I really donít mean to hurt your feelings. I really donít.

Frankie: What's the matter? You donít think Cass would go out with somebody like me?

Caroline: Look, I think it's really important you donít buy every line he feeds you.

Frankie: Caroline --

Caroline: As I said, he's quite a manipulator.

Frankie: I donít buy lines, Caroline, especially from guys like Cass. It's --

Caroline: Good.

Frankie: Thanks. Um -- you know, the whole thing was just a -- a fling, anyway.

Caroline: Yeah, a real little fling.

Frankie: Mm-hmm. Yeah, nothing serious.

Caroline: And you donít care about him?

Frankie: No.

Caroline: Nice try.

Frankie: What?

Caroline: You're bluffing.

Frankie: I am not.

Caroline: Look, I know when another woman's after my man. You're bluffing.

Frankie: Caroline, I'm perfectly serious with you. The guy doesn't mean anything to me. It's just --

Caroline: The truth hurts sometimes, honey.

Frankie: Oh. You are so sure of yourself, aren't you?

Caroline: I can afford to be. Cass was using you to get to me.

Frankie: I donít think Cass would do that.

Caroline: Look, I think it would be really good if you heard the truth now and accepted it rather than waiting around till your heart gets broken.

Caroline: I'm on my way. Sweet dreams.

Evan: I miss you, Amanda.

Amanda: What?

Evan: I said to myself -- I said -- I tried to stay away from you. I canít. This keeping apart -- it's getting to me.

Amanda: Evan, donít.

Evan: Amanda, I'm just telling you how I feel.

Amanda: We have to stay just friends. I mean, anything else would -- I canít talk about this, all right?

Evan: Why not?

Amanda: Look, we can stay friends. We can work together.

Evan: Friends donít fight the way we do.

Amanda: We donít fight.

Evan: Oh, sure we do. No matter what we talk about and no matter what the subject, we always get into an argument.

Amanda: That's just because you're so unreasonable, that's all.

Evan: Yeah? Well, then why donít you reason with this?

Amanda: Evan --

Amanda: Hello, Jake.

Jake: Hello, Amanda. How you doing?

Amanda: Fine, how are you doing?

Jake: Great, great. I saw you at the -- at the gallery over there.

Amanda: Yeah, I saw you, too. I'm sorry I couldn't make my way over to say hello.

Jake: Well, Vicky and I -- we had to leave early.

Amanda: Hmm. I heard that you're going into video production.

Jake: Well, I'm going to give it a shot, yeah.

Amanda: Well, good. We'll keep you in mind at Cory.

Jake: You'll keep me in mind?

Amanda: Sure. I mean, I know we can throw some work your way. A lot of books are being promoted --

Jake: Oh.

Amanda: By videos now.

Jake: Yeah. Listen, can I buy you a drink?

Amanda: No, thanks.

Jake: No?

Amanda: You know, I noticed you were with Vicky tonight. What's she been up to lately?

Jamie: And I've spent a lot of time trying to understand what happened.

Vicky: I think it's pretty simple. We just flunked the marriage test.

[Jamie laughs]

Jamie: Yeah, yeah. But there were some good times.

Vicky: Yes, there were.

Jamie: It seems to me all the good times got mixed up with the bad times.

Vicky: Tell me about it.

Jamie: And they sort of took over.

Vicky: Yeah, just kind of lost control.

Jamie: Yeah. Too many things just kept being piled on.

Vicky: Well, that's why I said we needed time. You know, I just kept saying, somebody give us some time so we can work this all out.

Jamie: Strange, isnít it?

Vicky: What?

Jamie: How we can sit here now and talk now that we've split up?

Vicky: Afraid that happens.

Jamie: I guess the pressure is off.

Vicky: Right.

Jamie: I'm glad we can be this way.

Vicky: What way is that?

Jamie: Adult.

Vicky: Civil.

Jamie: Yeah.

Vicky: Want another drink?

Jamie: Uh, no, no, no. I haven't eaten.

Vicky: You haven't?

Jamie: No.

Vicky: Well, why donít I fix you something?

Jamie: Have you eaten?

Vicky: No.

Jamie: Chinese. Let's go out and get some Chinese.

Vicky: No, really, I would rather not go out. Why donít I just fix something in the kitchen?

Jamie: I got a better idea.

Vicky: What?

Jamie: How about if I go in and whip up some of my famous fettuccine Cory, huh?

Vicky: Oh, I get it. My cooking is not good enough for you now.

Jamie: Did I say that? Did I say that? No, I just know how much you like my fettuccine, and you look like you could use some meat on your bones. You're getting kind of thin.

Vicky: No, I was kidding. Really, I would love some fettuccine.

Jamie: Great. That way I can stay and -- and we can talk.

Vicky: I'd like that, too.

Jamie: I'll be right back.

Vicky: Hi, this is Vicky Frame. Is Kenneth Martin in, please?

Jamie: You want some wine?

Vicky: Yeah, there's some in the refrigerator.

Jamie: I got it.

Vicky: Hi, Kenneth, this is Vicky. I'm sorry to call you so late. I just need to ask you a question. Uh, speaking hypothetically, of course -- what would happen if Jamie and I slept together again? I mean, would that influence the judge's decision when he went over the custody arrangement? Right. That's what I thought. Thank you. Good night.

Michael: Hi.

Donna: Michael, I have to talk to you.

Michael: Oh, look at this. This looks wonderful! Look what you did.

Donna: I really need to talk to you.

Michael: I canít believe what an idiot I am, you know? A beautiful woman like you waiting for me here at home, who's gone to all this trouble.

Donna: Michael --

Michael: To make me a wonderful meal, and I spend my time with business at the office.

Donna: When we were in the office before --

Michael: I just canít believe it.

Michael: You mean everything to me, you know that?

Donna: Do you -- do you want to tell me some bad news?

Michael: No.

Donna: You -- you donít want to tell me anything? I mean, you didnít do anything that you shouldnít have done?

Michael: No. Not that I can remember. I donít think I have anything to be guilty of. But I have an awful lot to be grateful for.

Michael: Honey --

Donna: Hmm?

Michael: I have you. I have my family. I have so much to be grateful for. Did I tell you how much I love you?

Donna: Well, sometimes you do.

Michael: Well, then let me tell you all the time, because I want you to know it all the time.

Donna: Oh. I donít think I can eat dinner. I think it's going to be too much food now.

Michael: Well, the food kept this long, didnít it? It'll --

Donna: Yeah.

Michael: Keep until tomorrow morning.

Donna: I suppose it will.

Michael: Yes, it will.

Donna: Aren't you hungry at all?

Michael: I'm only hungry for you, baby.

Donna: Oh!

[Michael growls]

Donna: I love it when you pick me up.

Michael: [Foreign accent] Come with me to the casbah.

Donna: You know, you're really crazy.

Arianne: It's Arianne. I just spoke with him. No, I donít think we'll have any problem. Michaelís too caught up in this. He'll continue to help.

Jake: So if we can get some regular clients and people find out they donít have to go all the way to Chicago to shoot a commercial or a promo, then we should be doing all right.

Amanda: Right. You know, I noticed when Vicky left, she looked a little upset tonight. Is she ok?

Jake: You are awfully interested in Vicky, aren't you?

Amanda: Well, we used to be very good friends.

Jake: I thought all that was different now.

Amanda: Oh, things have changed a little, I guess, since she and Jamie broke up. But, you know, I'm still curious.

Jake: Right.

Amanda: So is she ok?

Jake: Well, I guess so.

Amanda: Is she dating anybody?

Jake: I donít know, Amanda. After all, I figured it's her life, you know?

Amanda: Well, for a little while, I heard she was seeing Evan.

Jake: Yeah, I've seen them together.

Amanda: So is she still seeing him, then?

Jake: I really donít know, Amanda, but you know Vicky. She's always up to something.

Vicky: And that's when I told you I had the snow tires, remember?

Jamie: Oh, yes, the famous snow tires, the ones that weren't there.

Vicky: That was the first time I ever heard you curse, you were so upset.

Jamie: Now, come on, admit it. You set the whole thing up, didnít you?

Vicky: What?

Jamie: Oh, now come on, I want the truth. You fixed it so that we'd get stuck in that snowstorm, didnít you?

Vicky: Now, donít overestimate me, Jamie.

Jamie: Now, come on, come on, come on. Fess up, fess up.

Vicky: Well, I wanted to be with you.

Jamie: See?

Vicky: I didnít know what would happen, so I said, "yeah, sure, I've got snow tires."

Jamie: Well, I always underestimated you.

Vicky: Meaning?

Jamie: Meaning underestimated, in almost every possible way.

Vicky: And now I donít know whether to take that as a compliment or a putdown.

Jamie: A putdown for me and a compliment for you.

Vicky: I'll accept that. Once again, this was the best fettuccine I've ever had.

Jamie: Well, I'll accept that compliment, especially considering the restaurants we've eaten in.

Vicky: Well, we never went to Rome, so I could never really compare you with the masters.

Jamie: I knew there was a reason why this marriage went wrong. It was Rome. I didnít take the lady to Rome.

Vicky: We had good times. But the best times were always here, in this house.

Jamie: Eating fettuccine.

Vicky: Doing anything. You were always the best at everything, Jamie. Why donít we go upstairs?

Evan: Well, what have we got here?

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