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Another World Transcript Friday 8/5/05

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[Doorbell rings]

Felicia: Mitch. Mitch, I -- oh, hi.

Lucas: Doesn't Mitch have keys?

Felicia: Yes, of course he has keys. Come on in.

Lucas: What's the matter, Fanny?

Felicia: Nothing. Nothing's the matter.

Lucas: Why was your voice a little desperate when you called out Mitchís name?

Felicia: Oh, I think that's all in your head, Lucas.

Lucas: Come on, Fanny, I know you.

Felicia: My husband doesn't have his keys. He, um -- he left here in kind of a hurry.

Lucas: Hmm. Why's that?

Felicia: You're so smart. Why donít you tell me?

Lucas: Did you two have a fight?

Felicia: Yeah. Yeah, we did.

Lucas: And it was about me?

Felicia: I donít believe it.

Lucas: What?

Felicia: You're thrilled to death.

Derek: I'm telling you I didnít steal anything.

Officer: Look, man, chill out!

Derek: Will you let go of me?

Courtney: Derek, this will go a whole lot easier if you would just stop struggling.

Derek: Easier for who, huh?

Courtney: Let him go. You're being charged with the theft of the red swan belonging to Rachel Cory. Do you understand that?

Derek: Did you find anything at my place? Did you find one trace of anything when you were snooping around my place, huh?

Courtney: I found enough. Now, I read you your rights in the car on the way over here, but I --

Derek: Man, I donít have any rights! Some rich people got their stuff ripped off and you need somebody to pin it on, and that's what this is all about, isnít it?

Officer: Hey, shut up!

Derek: Isnít it?

Courtney: Listen, he's going to need a lawyer. Look in my rolodex and get the number for Stacey Winthrop.

Derek: No!

Vicky: I donít give a damn about the law! I donít give a damn about the courts!

Judge: Mrs. Frame --

Vicky: I will disappear with Steven if I think I'm going to lose him!

Judge: Mrs. Frame, will you please control yourself? I will not allow that sort of behavior in my courtroom!

Stacey: That is exactly the kind of action that Dr. Frame is afraid of, your honor.

Vicky: I didnít mean it.

Stacey: No further questions.

Vicky: No, what you said -- it just upset me.

Stacey: No further questions, thank you.

Judge: Any redirect, Mr. Martin?

Kenneth: Yes, your honor, I'd like to talk about exhibit a, the photographs that were slipped into evidence by the plaintiff. Mrs. Frame, these photos of you and Mr. Bates -- is that it?

Vicky: Yes.

Kenneth: Were these taken while Steven was in your care?

Vicky: No.

Kenneth: How well-acquainted are you with Mr. Bates?

Vicky: I donít know how to answer that.

Kenneth: Just do the best you can.

Vicky: I thought he was my friend. He's not.

Kenneth: What does he do for a living?

Vicky: He's the vice president of Cory Publishing and also their hatchet man.

Kenneth: Can you explain that statement?

Vicky: Evan Bates was hired by the Coryís to do their dirty work for them.

Stacey: Objection, your honor. Mrs. Frame's opinion of Evan Bates' position at Cory Publishing is not material.

Courtney: You donít want Stacey here?

Derek: That's what I said, isnít it?

Courtney: Well, you're probably right. She's too personally involved in this case as it is.

Derek: She's always getting me out of a jam. She shouldnít have to do that.

Officer: You want me to take him down to booking?

Courtney: Wait just a second.

Derek: Courtney --

Courtney: What?

Derek: Can you please get these handcuffs off of me? I canít stand having my hands tied. I really canít stand it.

Officer: Aw, that just breaks my heart.

Courtney: Derek, you're going to need a lawyer. Now, if you donít want Stacey here, there's legal aide. They can help --

Derek: I can handle it myself.

Courtney: You waving your rights, then?

Derek: You break into my place and you go through my stuff and you got me standing here in handcuffs, and you're talking to me about rights?

Courtney: You resisted arrest, Derek. We can take the cuffs off. We can handle this case very simply if you would just cooperate.

Derek: Ok. All right.

Courtney: What?

Derek: I will tell you what I know about the red swan, huh?

Courtney: You will?

Derek: I saw it in Staceyís office and I watched Zack put it in the safe, and then I never touched it!

Courtney: I see.

Derek: Not what you meant by "cooperate," is it?

Courtney: Well, it's your story, Derek.

Derek: It's the truth! And if you think you're going to sweat a confession out of me, you're going to be waiting a real long time.

Officer: Come on, pal, you're going to really love our holding cell.

Courtney: Part of the booking procedure, Derek.

Derek: You made up your mind about this the minute you saw me, huh? I'll bet you never even looked for anybody else. I look the way I look, I donít live the way your friends live, and you decided to weed me out, huh?

Courtney: Derek, I am not out to get you!

Derek: Tell the truth, Courtney, the truth! You want me to tell the truth! Why didn't you, huh? I didnít take it! You know it! You know it! Let go of me, damn it!

Stacey: Your honor, Mrs. Frame has made a totally unsupported accusation based on nothing more than her desire to vilify the Cory family.

Judge: The objection is sustained. However, I will allow further clarification of Mr. Bates' relationship to the Cory family. Please proceed, Mr. Martin, and your client is confined and admonished to keep her remarks to the facts.

Kenneth: Mrs. Frame, how well do you know Evan Bates?

Vicky: I've seen him several times at Cory Publishing and I've seen him a couple of times at the Cory house. He's Jamieís cousin.

Kenneth: His cousin?

Vicky: Yes.

Kenneth: Have you ever entertained him at home alone before?

Vicky: No.

Kenneth: All right, these photos show you in his embrace. Can you tell the court how that happened?

Vicky: I thought he was nice. I invited him over for a drink.

Kenneth: A drink?

Vicky: That's all. He told me he felt sorry for me, that he wasn't a saint, either, and that people like us would make good parents. I guess that's what I needed to hear.

Kenneth: Exactly what you needed to hear.

Vicky: And I started crying and he put his arms around me. Before I knew it, we were kissing each other.

Kenneth: And then?

Vicky: I started wondering why he was being so understanding. I guess now I know.

Kenneth: And after this embrace?

Vicky: I told Mr. Bates to leave my house.

Kenneth: Fine. Now, regarding your statements regarding the law --

Vicky: I didnít mean that. I know everything we say up here is supposed to be true, but I would never run away with Steven.

Kenneth: But your husband's attorney has already pointed out that you tried it once.

Vicky: That time -- that one time that I was going to take him, I realized that I was going to be taking him away from all the other people who love him. I love my little boy too much for that. I'm scared. I just want my baby to come back to me more than I've wanted anything in my entire life. But I will abide by the law no matter what. I just want my baby back.

Kenneth: No more witnesses, your honor.

Judge: You may step down, Mrs. Frame. I'm going to order a short recess while I consider my decision. Court is in recess until further notice.

Stacey: Jamie, I told you this wasn't going to be any fun.

Jamie: Well, you were right.

Amanda: How did you get those pictures?

Stacey: I hired a photographer to hang out over at Vickyís place and I was hoping he'd come up with something that I could use.

Amanda: Well, I guess you did.

Jamie: This is what you meant when you asked if I'd do anything to get Steven?

Stacey: Yes.

Amanda: Do you think it worked?

Stacey: Not as well as I'd planned. I donít think the judge was too pleased with it.

Jamie: It wasn't a setup, was it?

Stacey: No. I donít know what Evan was doing over there. The setup was all in Vickyís head, but I think it might've helped us.

Jamie: Because she got so upset?

Stacey: Yeah, did you see how paranoid and vindictive she became? Then when she said thing about, "oh, I'll do anything, including breaking the law, if I have to"?

Jamie: Yeah, Vickyís always been her own worst enemy.

Stacey: That's right. She did more of a job on herself than we could've ever done.

Amanda: So you're saying Jamie is in good shape?

Stacey: I'm saying that her little outburst may get you back your son. You're lucky.

Evan: Hi.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: How long have you been here?

Evan: I got here a few minutes before you did.

Sharlene: Did you know anything about those pictures?

Evan: I couldn't believe it when I came here and I finally figured out what they were talking about.

John: Sure was convenient, though, wasn't it, for Jamie?

Evan: I'm telling you, I went home with her because I was worried about her. It happened just the way she said it did. It was far from a setup.

Sharlene: You didnít know anything about that photographer?

Evan: No. I mean, I wouldnít do anything like that. Not anymore.

Sharlene: Ok.

Evan: I just hope she doesn't lose her baby because of me.

Vicky: I blew it. I just saw those pictures and --

Donna: It was a shoddy, cheap tactic, and everybody in this courtroom knows it.

Michael: Where do we stand now?

Kenneth: I donít know. I was feeling pretty confident until --

Vicky: Until I opened my big, fat mouth.

Kenneth: Maybe we undid some of the damage on redirect.

Michael: Look, doesn't it matter that those pictures were a total fabrication?

Vicky: They were. You've got to believe that.

Bridget: Of course they were, dear. Of course.

Vicky: He spilled that drink on me. I had to go change.

Donna: But couldn't you have changed into something that was a little less obvious?

Vicky: All right, I know that, mother, but I stopped as soon as I figured out what was going on.

Michael: I got to tell you, I am really surprised that Jamie would pull something like this.

Donna: I'm not surprised, I'm outraged.

Vicky: He's twisting everything around. He's making it seem like I have men in the house all the time, even when Stevenís there.

Donna: All right, wait just a minute now. I think we're all being a little too pessimistic. I was watching the judge's face when you were over there talking, and she knows that Jamie and Stacey and his cousin over there are up to no good.

Vicky: I'm going to go give it to them.

Donna: No, wait.

Michael: Just wait until the judge renders her decision. Then, if you want me to, I'll go deck that clown, all right?

Vicky: I've got to tell him what those pictures did to me up there.

Michael: And you will. Just wait until she's done, all right? Choose your battles, pick the right time, be smart.

Bridget: Yeah, see, I saw this motto once. It was on the bumper of a car. It said, "donít get mad, get even." Well -- yes, I mean --

Vicky: What would I do without you guys? I donít know what I'm going to do.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. I have reached a decision.

Lucas: Come on, I take no pleasure in something that makes you unhappy.

Felicia: So you just assume that you're in the middle of anything that happens to me. I have this little, insignificant fight with my husband, and, boy, you just strut around here like a peacock with your male ego all puffed up.

Lucas: Was it a little fight?

Felicia: Yes, of course it was.

Lucas: And it wasn't about me?

Felicia: Look, it's been a little tense around here since you came back to tell me my daughter was alive. But you know what? You've never made one effort to include Mitch in any of it.

Lucas: Fanny, if I've caused you any problems, I'm sorry. You've always been important to me. I only want the best for you.

Felicia: I -- I suppose so.

Lucas: We're friends.

Felicia: Right.

Lucas: That makes you a very precious commodity. I donít have any other friends in Bay City.

Felicia: What about Iris? I mean, isnít she your friend?

Lucas: That's completely different.

Felicia: Oh, I see.

Lucas: Fanny, I want you to know that you can count on me.

Felicia: I know that.

Lucas: Then you can trust me, too.

Felicia: Yes.

Lucas: You had to think a minute about that, huh?

Felicia: Well, not a whole minute.

Lucas: You can tell me anything.

Felicia: Ok.

Lucas: Now, is there something I should know about this fight with Mitch?

[Door slams]

Derek's voice: No! Get off me, man! Get off me!

Officer: Get in there! Come on!

Derek's voice: No! No!

Derek's voice: Get off me!

Officer: Get in there! Come on!

Derek's voice: No! No!

Judge: I want to speak directly to Dr. and Mrs. Frame. The animosity and bitterness between the two of you has formed this case right from the beginning. I want to remind you of something. Your child is going to be affected by your feelings towards each other. Right now, I see a lot of pain in store for Steven unless the two of you can find a way to resolve this mutual bitterness. Now, if you want him to grow up and respect himself, you have got to find a way to respect each other. Let me also say that it is clear to me that you both love Steven very, very much. Now, I've had a chance to observe Steven, and he is, by all accounts, progressing very well. But he is an infant now and his awarenesses are those of an infant's awarenessís. His progress must be maintained. It is the welfare of Steven Michael Frame which must take precedence over the wishes and desires of either one of you. It is unfortunate that you could not come to an agreement regarding Steven and share custody. The bitter surroundings of this case prevents that. Now, I can make a decision regarding custody, but only you can undo the bitter feelings. For Stevenís sake, I hope you try. Now, regarding the photographs that the plaintiff's attorney introduced into evidence? Let me say that I deplore any attempt to smear the name of the child's mother. The pictures themselves had no influence over my decision. What did influence it was Mrs. Frame's apparent willingness to flout the laws of this state, including those concerning her child.

Vicky: I told her I didnít mean that.

Kenneth: You have to stay in control.

Judge: While I tend to believe Mrs. Frame when she says she doesn't want to run away, I am not sure she could be trusted to allow Dr. Frame the visitation that this court would stipulate or, if pressed by him, to remain in this jurisdiction. For that reason, I have made the following decision. The best interests of the child will be served by awarding custody to Dr. Frame.

Donna: No!

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! And liberal visitation to Mrs. Frame. By "liberal visitation," I mean that Stevenís time should be divided equally between both parents. Scheduling is to be arranged and approved by Dr. Frame.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise.

Donna: This is a travesty.

Michael: Does she have to accept this?

Kenneth: No, not indefinitely. In time, we can petition the court to reopen the matter.

Donna: How much time?

Kenneth: We'll talk, ok, honey?

Bridget: At least we'll get to have Steven with us for a little while, dear.

Amanda: I canít believe something good finally happened. I'm so happy.

Jamie: I know, I am, too.

Amanda: I canít wait to tell Mom. You know, I knew the minute the judge walked in here that she was going to award you custody of Steven.

Jamie: Well, I certainly didnít, especially after what she said in the beginning.

Amanda: What I donít understand is why they had to give her equal visitation rights.

Stacey: I have to go now.

Jamie: Now?

Stacey: Yeah, it's an emergency. I have to go down the police station.

Jamie: Well, Stacey, thank you for everything then. Thank you so much.

Stacey: Anytime, pal.

Amanda: Thanks, Stacey.

Michael: Look, I donít really care. The judge said 50/50, we're going to make sure that Jamie lives up to his side of the bargain and that's it.

Donna: That's right, and then you can show everyone what a wonderful mother you are.

Bridget: And you are, dear, we all know that.

Donna: And we can bring this case back to court and --

Vicky: I canít talk about this now.

Michael: Vicky --

Vicky: I have to go home.

Michael: All right, let me -- let me walk you out there, ok?

Vicky: Jamie.

Jamie: Hello, Vicky.

Vicky: Is this your style now? Window-peeping?

Jamie: I donít want to discuss that here.

Amanda: The point is, Vicky, that Jamie is the better parent to raise Steven. Thank God that's just what's going to happen.

Michael: You sound very sure of yourself, Amanda.

Amanda: I'm sure of my brother.

Michael: I was, too. I thought I knew what kind of a man he was until today.

Vicky: I'm a good mother.

Michael: Kenneth will be in touch with you about arranging visitation rights as soon as possible, all right?

Jamie: Fine.

Vicky: You're going to have to live with this, Jamie. You're going to have to live with what you've done today.

Jamie: I didnít want to have to do it.

Amanda: You made it necessary, Vicky.

Michael: But you did it. Come on, let's go.

Vicky: Nothing I've ever done to you could've possibly hurt you the way you hurt me today. Congratulations.

Felicia: Mitch, honey. I'm so glad you're back.

Mitch: Seems like my timing was pretty good.

Lucas: Hiya, Mitch.

Mitch: Lucas.

Lucas: I saw those contact sheets from the "fresh faces" campaign. Great stuff.

Mitch: Thanks. We need to talk.

Felicia: Yes, I know we do. Lucas, I'm sure you understand.

Lucas: But you know, I still didnít see anyone that really turned me on.

Mitch: Could've fooled me.

Felicia: Lucas?

Lucas: Are you still planning the trip to the Midwest?

Mitch: Lucas?

Lucas: Yeah?

Mitch: Go away.

Lucas: Sure. I'll be in touch.

Felicia: Right.

Felicia: Mitch, I know what you're going to say about what you think you saw when you came in here.

Mitch: I hope you didnít tell him about my hiring Frankie.

Felicia: No. No, of course I didnít. You know that.

Mitch: Ok, good.

Felicia: Besides, I think it's a great idea that you hired Frankie.

Mitch: Oh, yeah?

Felicia: Yes. I want you to be convinced that Lucas is on the up-and-up.

Mitch: Right.

Felicia: He only wants to find our daughter. We're nothing more than just good friends. Honey, please donít do this.

Mitch: Do what?

Felicia: Give me the silent treatment. I hate fighting, but, boy, I really hate that a whole lot more.

Mitch: I hate fighting, too.

Felicia: Honey, I would never go to Lucas or anybody and tell them anything that you told me in confidence. You know that, donít you?

Mitch: Yeah. Yeah, I know that.

Felicia: Well, thank goodness for that. I mean, you're my husband. You still are, aren't you? I mean, you didnít stomp out of here and go to Reno or anything like that, did you?

Mitch: No. No, not this time.

Felicia: Never had a fight like this, did we?

Mitch: I should've told you that I hired Frankie.

Felicia: Yeah. Yeah, you should have. Does Cass know about all of this?

Mitch: I told him not to say anything.

Felicia: Ah, I see.

Mitch: Listen --

Felicia: So I know everything now, donít I?

Mitch: Yeah.

Felicia: So this fight is now over, right?

Mitch: Officially.

Felicia: Where did you go?

Mitch: When?

Felicia: When you left here. Where did you go?

Felicia: Mitch, I know you went to see Rachel.

Mitch: You know already?

Felicia: Yeah, I was upset and I didnít know where you were. I went looking for you and I ran into Matthew. He mentioned it.

Mitch: Yeah.

Felicia: Look, you donít have to tell me what you and Rachel talked about. I -- I know that there are things that are between you that -- that donít concern me at all. It's just that, you know, we had this fight and -- if you donít start talking to me, so help me God, I'm going to pick up that camera, I'm going to smash you with it.

Mitch: Look, it's not important that I saw Rachel. It doesn't matter what we talked about.

Felicia: Oh, I see.

Mitch: Look, after it was over, I did some thinking. I made a decision.

Felicia: What kind of decision?

Mitch: I'm going to be leaving town.

Felicia: When?

Mitch: Tonight.

Vicky: Isnít this pushing it just a little bit far even for you, hatchet man?

Evan: Look --

Vicky: Did you come and pick up your merit badge from Amanda?

Evan: Donít embarrass yourself in public like this.

Michael: Wait a minute, I've seen how you donít mind embarrassing her in public.

Vicky: You know, I got it all wrong. I never bought that line of great concern for me, not really. But I thought you would give a deposition, be a surprise witness. I'm a pretty cynical woman, Evan. I thought I had seen the worst human beings had to offer. But phony pictures never entered my mind.

Evan: Vicky, I swear --

Vicky: Save it!

Donna: Michael --

Michael: Donna --

Vicky: What do you think of these, huh? Pretty nice little likeness, isnít it? Makes me look like the slut the Coryís really think I am.

Evan: I didnít have anything to do with those! I didnít even know -- I donít know anything about them, Vicky!

Vicky: You're good. You're real good. You fit right in there with the Coryís, donít you? Sincere face. And then the knife right in the back. Was it fun? Did you get a kick out of helping the Coryís take my baby away? I know, I'll go by myself!

Donna: Victoria, Victoria --

Bridget: No, no, no.

Donna: I want to go. I want to go after her.

Bridget: No, not now, not now. Victoria shows her anger, but she never shows her pain. She's always been like that.

Evan: What the hell just happened in here?

Jamie: I assume you're talking --

Evan: You know damn well what I'm talking about, Jamie!

Jamie: I told Stacey to do whatever she had to do to get my son.

Evan: Oh, I see. So you just took the liberty to use me to set Vicky up?

Jamie: I didnít set up anything, cousin. There was a photographer outside the house. But you got yourself inside with my wife.

Evan: That was nobody's business but ours, Jamie.

Jamie: Well, you can do whatever you want to do now, as long as my son isnít there when you do it.

Evan: I donít like being told what to do. You played me for a fool. That's a bad move on your part, cousin.

Sharlene: That judge was right, Jamie. You two have a son together. If you want him to grow up healthy and happy, it cannot be like this.

Jamie: I know.

Sharlene: You can still make it work, for Stevenís sake.

Jamie: I have to. Come by and see him, will you?

Sharlene: I will.

Jamie: Hey, come on, let's go home. I want to see my son.

Amanda: You got it.

Jamie: Bye.

Sharlene: Look, I know how hard it is to watch your child go through something like this.

Michael: It's just I kept telling her what a good mother she was and that everyone would know that.

Sharlene: Michael, she is still Stevenís mother.

Michael: Yeah, half the time. I'm sorry.

Sharlene: No, no, it's all right.

Michael: It's just nobody really knows how much pain that my daughter is in. I know that look on her face. She just lost the rights to a child that was her whole life.

Sharlene: I do know something about that.

Michael: I know you do. John told me that Josie was home.

Sharlene: Yeah, yeah, she is.

Michael: How is she?

Sharlene: To be perfectly honest, I just donít know.

Donna: Well, this has been a perfect ending to an awful day.

John: So what else is wrong?

Donna: Oh, nothing much, just my whole life is falling apart, my whole family. Nicoleís in the hospital. They wonít allow us to see her. Marleyís off somewhere in Europe, trying to find herself. And little Michael, he seems to be all right, but I'm not getting to spend any time with him with everything that's been going on and he's being raised by his nanny, just the way I was.

John: And Mike's been gone a lot, too.

Donna: Have you talked to him about that?

John: A little.

Donna: Has he told you about everything that he's been doing?

John: No.

Donna: Oh.

John: Are things still messed up between you and Mike?

Michael: Donna?

Donna: Did you talk to Victoria?

Michael: She just wants to be left alone.

Donna: I'll never forgive Jamie for this, or Evan.

Sharlene: Donna, I understand how you feel.

Donna: You do?

Michael: Wait a minute here. Jamie and Evan are not important. The person we have to worry about is Victoria.

[Knock on door]

Vicky: Go away!


Vicky: I said leave me alone!


Stacey: Courtney.

Courtney: You made it.

Stacey: Hi, yeah, I had to sign a bunch of documents down at court, but I got your note.

Courtney: Yeah, I figured.

Stacey: Well, it sounded kind of strange.

Courtney: I hope I didnít do the wrong thing by writing it.

Stacey: I donít understand.

Courtney: This is about Derek.

Felicia: You talked to Rachel, and now you're going away?

Mitch: Yeah.

Felicia: So what did she say to you?

Mitch: Look, it's not what we said.

Felicia: Oh, I see.

Mitch: Look, we talked about Matthew. But after that, I did some thinking about -- well, about your daughter and what I might be able to do to help find her.

Felicia: Oh.

Mitch: You know, Lucas has been trying to get me to take this trip through the Midwest.

Felicia: So is that where you're going?

Mitch: Well, at first, I didnít think it was a good idea, but I think it might be. I mean, I might be able to find out something about her.

Felicia: Mitch.

Mitch: You know, I still have some contacts from my inmate days.

Felicia: Right.

Mitch: You know, if the adoption wasn't up on the up-and-up, I donít know, maybe there's a chance I can find out something.

Felicia: I love you.

Mitch: Anyway, I donít want the two of you working on this, just the two of you without me. You're my wife. Your daughter's a part of my life, too.

Felicia: That's -- that's so sweet.

Mitch: It's not sweet.

Felicia: Well, I think it's sweet.

Mitch: Look, you know I want to find her.

Felicia: Yes, I know.

Mitch: But I also have another reason, one that I'm not bragging about.

Felicia: Tell me. What?

Mitch: Well, who knows, this might be a chance where I can ace the great Lucas. I might be able to find something, even something he canít manage.

Felicia: I really do love you. You know that?

Mitch: I love you, too.

Felicia: So, when do you have to leave?

Mitch: A few hours.

Felicia: Want me to help you pack?

Mitch: I'm going to be gone for a while. Are you going to be ok?

Felicia: Yeah, I'm going to be ok. I have Cass and Stacey and Derek.

Mitch: And Lucas.

Felicia: I'll be ok. Everything's going to be just fine. Except, of course, I'm going to miss you a lot.

Jamie: Ahem.

Amanda: How's Steven?

Jamie: Oh, he's much better. His fever's come down.

Amanda: Oh, good.

Jamie: Yeah.

Amanda: It must feel great to be able to look at him knowing Vicky will never take him away.

Jamie: I wish I could talk to him, you know, and explain to him what's been going on, why he never sees his mother and me at the same time.

Amanda: Yeah, well, his mother has her social calendar to consider.

Jamie: What's bothering you?

Amanda: Nothing.

Jamie: Every time I see you, you're looking at those pictures.

Amanda: I am not.

Jamie: Are you upset because Stacey used them at the trial?

Amanda: What, are you kidding?

Jamie: Well, it bothers me, making Vicky look --

Amanda: Nobody makes Vicky look like anything. She's got the name because she plays the game.

Jamie: Oh, now I know.

Amanda: What?

Jamie: What's bothering you. It's Vicky and Evan.

Amanda: Well, aren't you a little curious about the relationship between the two of them?

Jamie: You're the one who's curious.

Amanda: She's still your wife.

Jamie: And it's not because of Vicky or me. It's because of Evan. Right?

Vicky: You get the hell out! Stay out of my house, Evan!

Evan: No, not until you listen to me. Now, you know I had nothing to do with those pictures.

Vicky: Fine.

Evan: I didnít invite myself back here that night. That was your idea.

Vicky: It wasn't too difficult, Evan. Amanda and Jamie knew the kind of mood I was in. You could've followed me to Tops, had your photographer friend waiting here. I just -- I needed someone so badly that night. Wasn't too difficult to figure out.

Evan: Vicky, if I wanted to do a number on you, why didnít I just go up there and testify? I could've got up on that stand and said, "Sure, she tried to seduce me every way she could with the baby in the room right next to us."

Vicky: Well, I guess they figured the photographs were enough.

Evan: No. Stacey didnít call me up on the stand because she knew that I did not know anything about those pictures. And if I did, why would I be here right now? Donít you see? They used me to set you up. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry that -- that they hurt you.

Vicky: Doesn't matter. Nothing matters anymore. Except that I lost my little baby. And maybe I deserved it.

Evan: You donít believe that, neither do I. Now stop.

Vicky: All I had to do was keep it together on the stand. That's all I had to do. And I couldn't do it. I just -- I saw those photographs and I -- I realized what Jamie was doing to me. And all I could think about was just grabbing my baby in my arms and just running away from all of them. And I said it. Oh! I'm so stupid!

Evan: Shh, come on.

Vicky: I'm -- I'm stupid!

Evan: Vicky, come here.

Vicky: Maybe you didnít help them, Evan. But at least you now know what they're capable of, what those Coryís will do to people!

Evan: Vicky, you have to forget about them. What about you? Hey. What about you? Are you going to be ok?

Vicky: I donít know. I donít -- I donít know it, ok?

Evan: Come here, come here.

Vicky: I donít know. I donít know, Evan.

Evan: It's ok.

Vicky: I donít know.

Stacey: Derek?

Amanda: Of course I'm interested in what Evan feels for Vicky.

Jamie: And we both know why.

Amanda: Evan is a major part of Cory Publishing.

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Vicky is a major supporter of Iris. If the two of them get involved, I just want to make sure that Evan stays loyal to Mom.

Jamie: Ok.

Amanda: Look, what I told you before about Evan and me, that's over. Nothing ever happened.

Jamie: Good.

Amanda: I'm definitely not jealous.

Jamie: You know, I talked to Evan after the hearing.

Amanda: I know.

Jamie: And he was pretty angry.

Amanda: Well, he'll get over it. Look, the important thing is that you have custody of Steven.

Jamie: Yeah.

Amanda: Now you can divorce Vicky and you can just put her right out of your mind. I'm really happy for you.

Jamie: Thanks.

Amanda: Hey, I'm going to go see if Sam is still in the studio, ok?

Jamie: Ok.

Vicky: Let me be alone.

Evan: Why? I donít want to leave you, Vicky.

Vicky: This is the way I do things.

Evan: The night of that Cory party, that big anniversary party, I found out that everything that I'd been told about my past was just one big lie. I felt about the way you do right now, Vicky.

Vicky: I suppose you're going to tell me you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and started all over again, huh?

Evan: That's right. I had no choice. But you heard what that judge said. She says you're going to see your baby 50% of the time. You got a mother and father that just -- they love you, they'll do anything for you. You've got financial security. And you've got friends.

Vicky: What friends?

Evan: You've got me for one. You see, Vicky, life goes on.

[Door closes]

Vicky: You look like hell, Vicky.

Evanís voice: Vicky, life goes on.

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