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Another World Transcript Thursday 8/4/05

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Mitch: Good morning.

Felicia: Good morning.

Mitch: Do you know how much I hate it when I wake up and I reach over and you're not on your side of the bed?

Felicia: I couldn't sleep. I kept thinking about what if Lucas and I donít find our daughter, ever.

Mitch: Look, it hasn't been easy, but look at it this way. It's just possible.

Felicia: And then I remembered I made some notes, places we could still search and people we could contact, you know, things like that, so I started to look for them.

Mitch: Why didnít you wake me?

Felicia: And I went through all the closets and all the drawers, and you know what I found?

Mitch: No, I donít.

Felicia: A bill -- from Frankie Frame to you. You hired her, didnít you, to follow Lucas. And what, you weren't ever going to tell me about it, were you?

Jamie: "Bridget, it's the red baron, and he's coming in. And he's going to come in for a three-point landing, if he can make it! He's almost out of gas, so -- oh, my goodness! Oh, he crashes right into your stomach! Oh, no!" Give him some air. Squeeze this. Yes. There you go.

[Airplane squeaks]

Amanda: Hey, it's almost time, right?

Jamie: Yeah, it's almost time.

Matt: Ok, I talked to Mom. She should be here in an hour, so --

Amanda: Her plane was delayed again?

Matt: Yeah. Airport's jammed up, but she's positive she'll make it soon.

Jamie: Good, good.

Amanda: There you go.

Jamie: You know, I donít know why, but I feel a little strange going off and leaving Steven today.

Amanda: He'll be fine.

Jamie: Yeah, I know, but he had a slight fever last night.

Amanda: Well, Mrs. Martin is here watching Alli. I'll just tell her to keep an eye on him.

Jamie: Right, right. That's right, I talked to her. Come here, big fellow. You know, I wish Mom was going to watch him today, though.

Amanda: Hmm.

Matt: Can you take him with you?

Jamie: No, no, I donít want him in that courtroom.

Matt: Well, is it going to be rough in there?

Amanda: Jamie is going to do fine.

Matt: I know. I heard about Vickyís lawyer -- what's his name?

Jamie: Kenneth Martin.

Matt: Yeah.

Amanda: Matthew --

Matt: He's supposed to be some kind of shark.

Jamie: Yes, he is. And the whole point of moving up the court date was so he wouldnít be there to represent Vicky.

Matt: That's not -- that's not too fair, is it?

Amanda: You think Vicky is going to be fair?

Jamie: Listen, I'm not so worried about her lawyer as I am her. One never knows what she's up to. Do we?

Vicky: All right. Now, the thing we have to handle is Jake.

Bridget: Jake is very angry.

Vicky: Yes, but it is my neck on the line in the courtroom today, not his.

Bridget: Jake has to tell the truth.

Vicky: All right. There's truth, and then there's truth. And that's where you come in.

Bridget: What do you mean?

Vicky: I want you to come with me to the courtroom and talk to Jake before we go in, Bridget.

Bridget: What am I supposed to say?

Vicky: You can sort of remind him how we used to have to pull together. We had some good times. You can tell him how --

Bridget: Jake is not stupid. If I'm there, he's going to be very angry, and that's only going to make things worse.

Vicky: Well, that's a risk I am going to have to take, Bridget. Now, come on, we have to go soon.

Bridget: Victoria --

Vicky: Bridget, donít back on me now. I really need you today.

Bridget: All right, all right, dear, all right.

Donna: Darling, you look perfect. Doesn't she, Michael?

Michael: You look beautiful.

Vicky: Well, good. It's always nice to be well dressed on your way to the gallows.

Michael: Hey, now, donít you worry. Everything's going to be fine.

Donna: How do you feel?

Vicky: Fine. Awful.

Michael: We love you, and we're behind you 100%, ok? Come on, come on, come on.

Vicky: Ok. All right. I've got to go on ahead and meet Kenneth, all right?

Michael: Fine, we'll meet you there.

Donna: You be brave. Be brave.

Vicky: I'm trying.

Donna: Ok.

Vicky: Thanks for everything.

Donna: All right.

Michael: We love you. Hmm, hmm?

Vicky: Ok.

Michael: Ok.

Vicky: All right. Come on, Bridget --

Bridget: Oh, well, Victoria, I really --

Vicky: Bridget --

Bridget: Victoria --

Vicky: Come on.

Bridget: All right, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Michael: You about ready?

Donna: No.

Michael: Well, about how long?

Donna: I need to talk.

Michael: About?

Donna: About whether we have a future or not.

Derek: Stacey?

Stacey: Derek.

Derek: Good luck.

Stacey: Oh. Thank you.

Derek: But I didnít mean to take your mind off of work or anything.

Stacey: Oh, no. No, you didnít.

Derek: I should probably be going.

Stacey: No, please, donít go.

Derek: You got to get inside.

Stacey: I know. But I have to tell you something, and it's not good news. The police found out that you have a record for burglary. You never told me that.

Derek: No, I didnít. No, I --

Stacey: As a lawyer and because I care about you, you've got to tell me the whole story.

Derek: Look, Stacey --

Stacey: No, you have to tell me the whole story now.

Amanda: I'll tell you what. I'll take Steven upstairs, ok? Come on, cutie. Let's go.

Jamie: Bye.

Amanda: Fix your tie.

Jamie: What?

Amanda: Your tie.

Jamie: Oh, yeah, I can never get it right when I'm nervous.

Amanda: Oh, Sam wanted me to tell you, too, that he wishes he could come with us.

Jamie: Oh, well, thanks, but we need him too keep working on finding the red swan.

Matt: Yeah. That's the last thing Mom needs, is to come home here and find that thing stolen.

Jamie: Thanks, Amanda. So how does this look? Ok?

Matt: Perfection, yes.

Jamie: Good.

Matt: Hey, I feel bad I wasn't here for you, I mean, to help you, support you on this.

Jamie: Oh, hey -- oh, forget about it. You know, I'm just glad that you found Josie.

Matt: Yeah.

Jamie: And I'm really glad things worked out for the two of you.

Matt: Yeah, they have.

Jamie: How was dinner at the Matthews' last night, by the way?

Matt: Eh -- a little tense.

Jamie: Oh, so Aunt Liz was there, huh?

Matt: Yeah, in spades.

[Jamie laughs]

Matt: Russ seems happy, though.

Jamie: Well, that's good. I'm glad to hear it.

Matt: I donít know, it's wild. I mean, finding -- finding out that you have a daughter after all this time.

Jamie: Yeah, I'm sure it is. And I may be about to lose my son.

Matt: You think it's going to go against you?

Jamie: I donít know. I donít know. The courts are changing. But in the past, they've tended to side with the mother.

Matt: Yeah, but I think you have a better chance.

Amanda: Look, maybe this judge will -- I wish Mom was here. She would know what to say.

Jamie: Yeah, I miss her, too. But I have my brother and my sister. And that means a lot to me.

Matt: That's right.

Amanda: All right, come on, why donít we go show this judge what kind of family Steven has, huh?

Matt: A strong one.

Jamie: Ok, let's do it.

Amanda: Let's go.

Michael: Do we have to talk about this now? Victoria needs us.

Donna: I need to talk.

Michael: We talked last night.

Donna: Michael, we made love last night. You haven't touched me in weeks. I donít understand why, especially since you're still withholding everything.

Michael: Are we back to that again?

Donna: Yes, we are. I want you to say something to me that makes some sense.

Michael: Donna, I donít bring my work home with me, all right? That's not the kind of businessman I am.

Donna: Michael, this isnít the quarterly report. This is a serious discussion.

Michael: It's just business.

Donna: Why are you so secretive about your business?

Michael: I donít know -- I'm not. Look, I guess I just figured that you wouldnít be interested, that's all.

Donna: You donít think I'd understand?

Michael: No.

Donna: Then there's no reason to be secretive, is there?

Michael: I just think you'd find it boring.

Donna: I'll be the judge of that.

Michael: Ok. Fine. I'll bring work home and we can sit here and go over it detail by detail, all right?

Donna: If you shared your work with me, it might help our marriage.

Michael: Our marriage?

Donna: Well, things are far from perfect, Michael. And that's why I've decided from now on I'm going to work with you.

Michael: What?

Donna: Come on, we have to get to the courthouse.

Michael: What do you mean, work? Wait, what work?

Donna: It's really wonderful sleeping together again.

Michael: Work, how? What are you thinking of doing?

Donna: When we're working together, we'll be closer than ever.

Michael: Yes. How close? What work?

Derek: Ok, so they got me down for burglary. It was a long time ago.

Stacey: But it was under a different name.

Derek: When you live on the street, what difference does it make what your name is?

Stacey: When did it happen?

Derek: I was a kid. It was nothing.

Stacey: Derek, burglary isnít nothing. It's a felony.

Derek: It's no big deal.

Stacey: Why are you trying to shrug it off like this?

Derek: What do you want me to say, that I was so hungry that night that it felt like my stomach was on fire and that these guys kept saying that if I just joined their gang I could have a place to sleep and some friends who'd stick by me? Look, I know it was wrong. I was young. I was a dumb, stupid kid. I trusted them. I said, "Yeah, I'll be your lookout."

Stacey: Were you all caught?

Derek: No, are you kidding? I was the only one. I was standing there with these two hot radios, my friends are long gone.

Stacey: Did they charge you with burglary?

Derek: The judge -- he told me that if I just pleaded guilty the judge would probably go easy on me.

Stacey: Did he?

Derek: Yeah. I walked. So now what?

Stacey: What do you mean?

Derek: Well, you think I'm dirt, right?

Stacey: No, I didnít say that.

Derek: Yeah, but that's what you're thinking.

Stacey: I donít think that at all.

Derek: If you want to know if I have any other convictions, the answer is no.

Stacey: Good.

Derek: I tap into the phone system when I have to, and I sleep rent free. Other than that I'm not a thief.

Stacey: I believe you.

Derek: Good.

Stacey: And fortunately, I'm not the police. But my roommate is.

Derek: Oh, Courtney doesn't scare me.

Stacey: Courtney is going to be watching you like a hawk from now on.

Derek: Let her.

Stacey: Promise me something.

Derek: What?

Stacey: Promise me that if Courtney tries anything -- questioning you, anything at all -- you'll call me before you do, make one move?

Derek: Ok.

Stacey: Ok. Good.

Derek: Weird.

Stacey: What is?

Derek: How different I am when I'm around you.

Vicky: My, how some lawyers get close to their clients. And ex-clients. I just donít know how you find the time, Stacey.

Vicky: Hi.

Bridget: Hello, Jake. How are you?

Jake: Whoa.

Vicky: What?

Jake: Well, I figured you'd want to talk to me before I testified, but bringing Bridget to soften me up? That's really stretching it, Vick.

Vicky: I need to know what you're going to say, Jake.

Jake: I already told you I'm going to tell the truth.

Vicky: But there are different ways to say it.

Jake: True.

Vicky: No matter what you say, you canít deny that I love Steven --

Jake: I'm not the judge.

Vicky: And that I'm a good mother.

Jake: I am not the judge.

Vicky: Steven should be with me.

Jake: Stop talking to me like I'm the judge, Vicky.

Vicky: And if you feel the way you say you feel about him, you'd better hope that I win custody.

Jake: Oh, why is that, Vick?

Vicky: Do you think if Jamie wins he'll let you see Steven? I will, anytime. But Jamie? Forget it. Think about that.

Mitch: I'm not going to fake it. Yes, I hired Frankie. I hired Frankie to follow Lucas.

Felicia: Why?

Mitch: Because I donít trust him.

Felicia: And what? You weren't going to ever tell me about that, were you?

Mitch: Because I didnít have anything to base it on. I didnít want to see someone that could be dangerous to you.

Felicia: He's not dangerous.

Mitch: How do you know that?

Felicia: Mitch --

Mitch: Look, I've seen his anger, not to mention a heavy dose of arrogance. You know, he's the kind of person that thinks they can do something and then thinks they can get away with it.

Felicia: That doesn't mean that he's dangerous, does it?

Mitch: Maybe, maybe not, but he's certainly been secretive about his life since you last knew him.

Felicia: You know, there's way for you to know this, but I have seen a different side to Lucas lately.

Mitch: Oh, really?

Felicia: Yes, really, especially since our last dead end. He's been -- he's been compassionate with me. He's been very sensitive.

Mitch: Oh, great, great, that's wonderful. That's the way I want to start my day, is hearing about what a wonderful, warm human being Lucas is.

Felicia: Are you jealous?

Mitch: Am I jealous? No. No, I am not jealous.

Felicia: Oh, I see, I see. So, then, answer the first question I asked you, you weren't ever planning on telling me that you were having Lucas followed, were you?

Mitch: No, I wasn't going to tell you.

Felicia: Well, how about this business of being so open and honest with one another, I mean, about everything, Mitch?

Mitch: I couldn't tell you.

Felicia: I'm your wife, remember?

Mitch: Yes, and when it comes to Lucas, you're blind to him. You donít see it.

Felicia: Oh, and that justifies lying to me. Is that it?

Mitch: I didnít lie to you. I just didnít tell you.

Felicia: No, you couldn't tell me, because I am so blind about Lucas!

Mitch: That's right.

Felicia: What did you think, that I was going to run off and tell him that? Oh, my God. That's it, isnít it? Is that what you thought?

Mitch: I didnít say that.

Felicia: You have no faith in me, do you? Mitch?

Mitch: I've got to go.

Felicia: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Mitch? Do you or do you not trust me as far as Lucas goes?

Man: So we donít know how McKinnon's going to tell it?

Vicky: I tried to make him understand how important this was.

Man: I'll get a crack at him when Staceyís through.

Vicky: He's just so angry with me.

Man: We'll handle it.

Donna: How?

Man: We'll discredit his testimony. From what your daughter's given me, it shouldnít be that difficult.

Donna: I'll say.

Man: Look, the guy is a habitual liar. He's still blaming Vicky because his wife left him.

Michael: Wait a minute. You're not going to bring Marleyís name into this, are you?

Man: Look, we want the kid, donít we?

Vicky: Yes.

Man: Then we do what we have to do. We can always make amends later, after we've won.

Donna: But if Jake starts saying that this is all Victoria's fault, I think what you should do is --

Bridget: No, wait a minute. Just a minute, just a minute. I mean, Jake may not try to make Victoria look all that bad, you know. He may just tell the truth.

Man: Let's hope so. Your husband's attorney is definitely counting on Jake to bring you down.

Stacey: Ok, how do you feel?

Jamie: I'm ready if you are.

Stacey: Good. Now, you just fix your tie there and we'll be ok.

Jamie: I thought you said it was fine, Matthew.

Matt: It was fine before --

Amanda: You keep twisting it.

Matt: Yeah.

Jamie: It's got to be my nerves.

Stacey: We're going to be fine, Jamie, absolutely fine.

Matt: When did we let the spectators in?

Stacey: They're not going to. I filed a motion with Judge Dunlay for privacy. Did Rachel get back yet?

Jamie: She just got home, she's taking care of Steven, and I didnít want her to hear what was going to be said today.

Bailiff: All rise. The family court of Bay County is now in session, Judge Marcia Dunlay presiding.

Judge: Be seated. The case before us today is Frame vs. Frame. Counselors?

Stacey: Stacey Winthrop for Dr. James Frame, your honor.

Man: Kenneth Martin representing Victoria Hudson Frame, your honor.

Judge: Ms. Winthrop, please proceed.

Stacey: Thank you, your honor. Dr. Frame is suing for sole custody of his son, Steven. The marriage ended because of his wife's infidelities and deceitful behavior. Furthermore, her emotional state has led again and again to actions which are detrimental to her son's welfare. We will prove that Mrs. Frame is an unfit parent to Steven.

Judge: Mr. Martin?

Kenneth: Thank you, your honor. If there is an unfit parent in this courtroom today, it is Dr. James Frame. He has shown a history of ambivalence toward his son, part of a lifelong inability to make a lasting commitment. Mrs. Frame, who, unlike her husband, intends to devote all her time to raising her son, has been the child's primary caretaker since birth and, despite all arguments to the contrary, has demonstrated herself to be an excellent mother. Sole custody to Mrs. Frame would be in the best interests of that child.

Judge: Yes, well -- thank you for being brief. Call your first witness, Ms. Winthrop.

Stacey: We call Jake McKinnon.

Rachel: Hi, Mitch.

Mitch: Hi. Did you just get back?

Rachel: Just. Can I get you something?

Mitch: No, no. I was just hoping to see Matthew.

Rachel: Oh -- he's over at the courtroom with Jamie.

Mitch: Oh, that's -- I forgot. I'm sorry. I'll get out of here.

Rachel: No. What is it? What's wrong?

Derek: What the hell is going on?

Courtney: This is Derek Dane, gentlemen.

Derek: Get out of here!

Courtney: Derek, we are conducting a search.

Derek: Hey, that's my stuff, man. You canít do that.

Officer: Hey, take it easy, pal.

Courtney: Look, it's completely legal. We're looking for leads on the red swan.

Derek: You canít just bust in here and search my stuff!

Courtney: Look, unless you would like to tell us about it.

Derek: Where's your warrant?

Courtney: Look, it's already been served, on the owner of this warehouse. You donít live here legally, so you're not entitled to a warrant.

Officer: Courtney?

Courtney: Yeah? What's this? I want you to answer a few questions, Derek.

Stacey: And now we come to June of 1988. You and Victoria had sexual relations late in that month.

Kenneth: Objection, your honor. Anything prior to the birth of Steven has no bearing on Mrs. Frame's fitness as a mother.

Stacey: But it does, your honor. I intend to prove that the actions Victoria took following that incident will demonstrate an unstable and desperate character.

Judge: Very well. I'll allow it.

Stacey: Thank you, your honor. You slept with your sister-in-law.

Jake: Once.

Stacey: Shortly after that, Victoria told you that she was pregnant.

Jake: Yes.

Stacey: However, Victoria insisted that the baby was Dr. Frame's, whom she later married.

Jake: Yes.

Stacey: But you had reason to believe that the baby might, in fact, be yours?

Jake: Yeah, that's true.

Stacey: So you asked that a paternity test be administered.

Jake: Yes.

Stacey: Did Victoria agree to that?

Jake: Eventually.

Stacey: What do you mean, eventually?

Jake: She said she had the test.

Stacey: But that was a lie.

Jake: Yes.

Stacey: So, you forced Victoria to take the paternity test.

Jake: Yes.

Stacey: What happened?

Jake: She switched some things at the hospital, some blood samples, to make it look like I definitely wasn't the father.

Stacey: So she lied and you found out about it.

Jake: Yes. I told her she had to take the test. And --

Stacey: And what?

Jake: Then Jamie found out.

Stacey: So Jamie uncovered the fact that you and Victoria had slept together and that you might actually be the true father of Steven.

Jake: Yeah.

Stacey: What did Mrs. Frame tell her husband when he confronted her?

Kenneth: Objection, your honor. The witness was not there.

Stacey: If you will allow me to continue, your honor, I shall prove that this witness has ample knowledge of what Mrs. Frame told her husband.

Judge: For now I will allow it.

Stacey: What did Dr. Frame tell you that Mrs. Frame said?

Kenneth: Objection. Hearsay.

Stacey: And did not Mrs. Frame confirm that what Dr. Frame had told you was the truth?

Jake: She said --

Stacey: Speak up, please.

Jake: She said I raped her.

Stacey: Yet another lie.

Jake: Then Jamie came to punch me out, and we figured it out. I told him what really happened.

Stacey: And he believed you rather than his wife. So the paternity test was administered to both you and Dr. Frame, and Steven was clearly proven to be Dr. Frame's son and not yours. Isnít that true?

Jake: That's true.

Stacey: And because of Victoria's lies and deceit, your wife, Victoria's twin sister, ended her marriage to you and left Bay City?

Kenneth: Objection. Speculation.

Judge: Sustained.

Stacey: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: Mr. Martin?

Vicky: He didnít mean to make me look bad.

Kenneth: He did a good enough job.

Vicky: I've known him since I was 5 years old. He's ready to break.

Kenneth: Ahem. Jake, all of this happened over a period of many months, didnít it?

Jake: Yes, sir.

Kenneth: Is there anything you'd like to add to the story of what happened?

Jake: See, it wasn't as simple as all that. Vicky was scared. She loved Jamie a lot.

Stacey: Objection, your honor. Mr. McKinnon's speculations and opinions aren't material.

Judge: I'll allow it. Proceed.

Kenneth: So you were saying that Vicky loved her husband very much?

Jake: Like I said, Vicky was really scared. And that was my fault. See, I kept pressing her and pressing her. I threatened to tell Jamie. And I just wouldnít let up on her, you know?

Kenneth: So Vicky wasn't acting out of the blue, then? She wasn't trying to deceive anyone just for the thrill of it or because she didnít have feelings for other people.

Jake: No. She loved Jamie and she wanted to make the marriage work.

Kenneth: And during all this time, did you ever see any signs of Vicky being an unfit mother?

Jake: I wanted her to.

Kenneth: I beg your pardon?

Jake: See, I -- I was hoping the kid was mine. So I did anything I could to try to show that Vicky was an unfit mother.

Kenneth: In order for you and your wife to get custody of that child?

Jake: Yes, sir.

Kenneth: There's nothing unusual about that tactic. So how did you set Vicky up?

Jake: I did things like making it look like the baby formula wasn't at their house, and I made it look like she had left Steven all alone once, things like that.

Kenneth: But none of these things were true, were they?

Jake: No. I was just trying to convince Marley.

Kenneth: Marleyís your wife, Mrs. Frame's sister?

Jake: Yeah. I wanted to convince Marley that Steven didnít deserve to be with Vicky.

Kenneth: Do you feel that he would be better off away from his mother?

Jake: No. Vicky loves Steven. She worships him. She's a good mother. Steven deserves to be with Vicky.

Courtney: How long have you had this book, Derek?

Derek: A while.

Courtney: You must really like art, then.

Derek: So?

Courtney: I donít guess I have to tell you that's a picture of the red swan which was stolen a couple of days ago --

Derek: Yeah, I didnít take it.

Courtney: You know, Zack was really impressed on how much you knew about it. No wonder.

Derek: Look, just because I have a book with a picture of the swan in it doesn't prove anything.

Courtney: Just a coincidence, huh?

Derek: Yes!

Courtney: Well, there's an awful lot of coincidences whenever you're around, Derek. You were one of the few people who knew the red swan was in the law office. You saw Zack put it into the safe.

Derek: And I didnít see it again.

Courtney: Do you have 20/20 vision, Derek?

Derek: Well, I donít know.

Courtney: I mean, do you squint or, I mean, do you -- can you see things pretty clearly?

Derek: Yeah.

Courtney: How's your memory?

Derek: What?

Courtney: Do you have a good memory?

Derek: I guess so, yeah. What's the point?

Courtney: Could you have watched Zack work the combination on the safe and memorized it?

Derek: Oh, you are crazy. I was upstairs with Stacey.

Courtney: Yes, afterwards you were upstairs with Stacey, but then you had enough time to come downstairs and take the swan out of the safe and hide it somewhere else.

Derek: I told you I didnít take it.

Courtney: Well, prove to me that I'm wrong, then. You have an interest in art and a record for burglary and one of the few people I know with a picture of a red swan.

Derek: Hey, you say you want proof, but what you got doesn't prove anything at all.

Courtney: Oh. It's too many coincidences, Derek. I think we better finish this conversation at the police station.

Derek: Uh-uh. No, I ain't going nowhere with you.

Courtney: Yes, you are. Derek, you're under arrest.

Bridget: Jake?

Jake: Yeah.

Bridget: I wanted to thank you.

Jake: For what?

Bridget: For what you said up there on the stand, you know.

Jake: I just told the truth.

Bridget: Are you all right, hmm?

Jake: I'm alive.

Bridget: No word from Marley yet, eh?

Jake: She made it very clear, Bridget, that I was not going to hear from her again.

Bridget: What are you going to do?

Jake: Pick up the pieces. It's what I tried to do in there.

Bridget: With what you said?

Jake: You know, what Vicky said was right. All the mistakes I made with Marley were my mistakes. I lost her because of what I did.

Bridget: Do you forgive Victoria now?

Jake: Oh, she's got a lot to answer for.

Bridget: Aye. Why did you help her, Jake?

Jake: I did it for Steven.

Bridget: Yes. You love the little boy, eh?

Jake: Vickyís a good mother. Steven shouldnít have to grow up without that. Oh, man. What was that for?

Bridget: Well, laddie, it was for old time's sake, you know.

Jamie: Yes, I spend a great deal of time with Steven.

Stacey: How are you at changing diapers?

Jamie: Just fine.

Stacey: How about feeding?

Jamie: Well, I've had to change a few white shirts, but we're getting better every day, and I wouldnít miss it for the world.

Stacey: Sounds to me like you're very close to your son.

Jamie: Definitely.

Stacey: Would you like that to continue?

Jamie: For the rest of my life. I've loved him from the day he was born. I love being with him and caring for him. I look forward to watching him grow up. He gives my life a meaning it's never had before.

Stacey: Thank you. Your witness.

Kenneth: Ahem. Dr. Frame, you're a general practitioner and a surgeon, aren't you?

Jamie: Yes.

Kenneth: So I imagine you're at the hospital a good many hours, then.

Jamie: It varies.

Kenneth: Between what and what, would you say, two and four hours a day? 14 and 18 hours a day?

Jamie: Some days are long, but Steven and I are living in my mother's home. There's a staff and other family members.

Kenneth: So it doesn't matter that you're away for long hours every day?

Jamie: Well, if I'm gone. That doesn't mean Steven isnít always on my mind.

Kenneth: Oh, I'm sure. You sound like a completely devoted father.

Jamie: I am.

Kenneth: And you say you've loved Steven from the day he was born.

Jamie: Yes.

Kenneth: Then why did you tell Mrs. Frame that you didnít ever want to have anything else to do with Steven? You did tell Mrs. Frame that, didnít you, on more than one occasion?

Jamie: We were quarrelling.

Kenneth: Yes, and didnít you once at one point say that you didnít want to even play with Steven, or even hold him?

Jamie: Vicky was trying to get to me by using --

Kenneth: Just yes or no will do.

Jamie: Yes. But that was all around the time I found out that Steven might be Jakeís baby.

Kenneth: You're a doctor, aren't you? The test results weren't in yet, were they? There was no proof, was there?

Jamie: No.

Kenneth: No. And yet you refused to even hold the baby that you now say gives new meaning to your life.

Jamie: I was very confused at that time. My marriage was crashing down around me.

Kenneth: Yes, I believe that this is the third marriage of yours that has come crashing down, isnít it?

Jamie: Yes.

Kenneth: And didnít you once break off an engagement with the woman who is now your attorney?

Stacey: Objection.

Judge: Overruled. Let's see where this goes. Now, make your point, Mr. Martin.

Kenneth: Weren't you once engaged to Ms. Winthrop?

Jamie: Yes.

Kenneth: So you've had several relationships with women, yet none of these relationships have lasted more than a couple of years. Isnít that true?

Jamie: Yes.

Kenneth: Yet you still claim that you want to be there for Steven, that you're looking forward to his growing up.

Jamie: Yes.

Kenneth: Doctor, it takes longer than two years for a child to grow up. Perhaps you would like to reconsider.

Stacey: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Sustained. Now, let's skip the sarcasm, Mr. Martin.

Kenneth: I'll withdraw the question, but I do think it's fair to point out that Dr. Frame has a history of, shall we say, faltering commitments.

Jamie: I love that child.

Kenneth: I'm sure you do. But love and commitment are not always the same thing. How can you assure this court that you will still care about Steven two years down the road, or seven or 15?

Jamie: He's my son. I just will.

Kenneth: That's it? That's your assurance? After all of those times you said "I do" and then just walked away from the commitment?

Stacey: Your honor, he is badgering my client.

Kenneth: I'll withdraw the question, and I have nothing further. Thank you, doctor.

Judge: You may step down, Dr. Frame.

Jamie: That was bad, wasn't it?

Stacey: It wasn't good.

Jamie: I have to win this. Use anything you've got -- anything. He

Felicia: Hmm. I know.

Matt: Felicia.

Felicia: Oh, Matthew. Hi.

Matt: How are you?

Felicia: Listen, can you tell me what's going on in there? You know, they're not letting me in.

Matt: Yes, closed for everyone but the immediate family. We're just on a short recess right now.

Felicia: Listen, how's Jamie?

Matt: Oh. Things aren't going the way people thought they would. Staceyís still confident.

Felicia: Good, good. Listen, Mitch didnít drop by to see you here, did he?

Matt: No.

Felicia: Oh. Well, I might as well just say it. I mean, your father and I had a little disagreement.

Matt: Oh, I'm sorry.

Felicia: No, no, it's all right. We'll work everything out. It's just I really would like to see him and I canít seem to find him anywhere.

Matt: Oh, oh. Well, I was just on the phone with my mother, and she said Mitch was there with her.

Mitch: So then I just left. I know I should have said something, but I -- I just left.

Rachel: Well, I can certainly understand why Feliciaís upset.

Mitch: Yes, I know, but I shouldnít have kept it from her.

Rachel: How long have you had Lucas followed?

Mitch: Three weeks, for all the good that it's done.

Rachel: Nothing?

Mitch: Nothing. Look, I'm sorry. You donít need to be hearing about all of this.

Rachel: No, no, no, it's all right.

Mitch: No, I know you want to be with Jamie in court.

Rachel: No, I'm not going. He doesn't want me to be there.

Mitch: Well, I probably should go back and tell Felicia that I'm sorry and find Frankie and tell her to just drop it.

Rachel: What was your reason for having Lucas followed in the first place?

Mitch: Because I didnít trust him. I still donít trust him. I know I've been overprotective since Feliciaís trial, but --

Rachel: And you haven't found anything that makes you feel better about Lucas?

Mitch: No.

Rachel: I didnít think so.

Mitch: You donít trust him, do you?

Rachel: Of course I donít trust him. I mean, he works with Iris. How can I trust him? I haven't understood why Felicia can trust him so easily.

Mitch: You know, the thing about it is she hasn't seen this guy in 23 years and she acts like he's the same kid that she knew when they were back in Chicago.

Rachel: You know, that probably has more to do with the fact that she feels a connection, you know, because of her daughter.

Mitch: Well, becoming a father doesn't make him a saint.

Rachel: True.

Mitch: I know what gets to me.

Rachel: What?

Mitch: He was the first guy that she loved and that brings back a lot of memories.

Rachel: Oh. I know what that's like.

Mitch: So do I.

Vicky: Matthew said Steven has a fever.

Jamie: Yes. I was just calling home to find out how he is.

Vicky: Well, is he crying? Is he in pain? Is he all right?

Jamie: No, no, no. He's fine, he's fine. It's just a slight fever. It's only a mild virus that's self-limiting. Donít worry.

Vicky: It's easy for you to say. You can go home and hold him.

Kenneth: Vicky? Donít be nervous. We've got the momentum on our side.

Vicky: My hands are shaking.

Kenneth: Just hold them in your lap and keep your voice calm and quiet.

Vicky: Ok.

Bailiff: All rise.

Judge: Be seated. Mr. Martin, are you ready to proceed?

Kenneth: Yes, your honor. I call Victoria Frame to the stand.

Vicky: And a lot of women told me this before it happened to me. So I know it sounds trite, maybe even a little corny. But when you give birth, when your child that grows inside your body comes alive and clings to you, trusts you, and depends on you for his life, well, it changes you. I know it changed me. People can say a lot of things about me, but I'm a good mother.

Kenneth: Thank you, Vicky. No further questions.

Stacey: Mrs. Frame, you say that you're a good mother.

Vicky: Yes.

Stacey: An example to your son?

Vicky: I hope so.

Stacey: And yet you accused your best friend of raping you.

Vicky: I was scared. I didnít know what to say. I got carried away. I know it was wrong.

Stacey: So were you carried away all those months you lied to your husband about who might be the baby's real father?

Vicky: I didnít lie.

Stacey: You lied on a daily basis, didnít you?

Vicky: I didnít lie! Jamie is Stevenís father.

Stacey: But until the test results came in, you didnít know that.

Vicky: I always knew that in my heart.

Stacey: Well, that's very touching, but we've already heard testimony of your untruths.

Vicky: All right. I may have been dishonest. But I was trying to hold my family together. I know now that it was wrong.

Stacey: Let's move on. Were you being a good mother when you decided to take Steven out of town shortly before the paternity test results came back?

Vicky: I was scared.

Stacey: And when you're scared you'll do just about anything.

Vicky: I didnít say that.

Stacey: The point is that you were willing to deprive your son of ever seeing his father again. Is that what a good mother does?

Vicky: You're twisting everything around. Jamie turned his back on me. Jake and Marley were going to fight for custody if Jake was the father. I couldn't let them take my baby away.

Stacey: So you didnít know what to do. You were just a helpless victim.

Vicky: Yes.

Stacey: So helpless a victim that you tried to bribe Dr. Frame's mother with stock from Cory Publishing, attempting to buy Steven back in exchange for your proxy?

Vicky: I --

Stacey: Is that what a good mother does?

Vicky: I --

Stacey: Or perhaps a -- a poor, innocent victim?

Kenneth: Your honor, this is entirely irrelevant.

Stacey: Withdrawn. Tell me, Victoria, how does a good mother spend her nights?

Vicky: What are you talking about?

Stacey: I submit these photographs as exhibit A. Take a look at these, Mrs. Frame, and tell me if you recognize yourself in them.

Kenneth: Your honor, I object to the submission of these photos as evidence.

Judge: Your objections are duly noted. Now, proceed, please?

Stacey: You recognize yourself in these photographs, Mrs. Frame?

Vicky: This is all wrong.

Stacey: Yes, they are rather compromising pictures of you and a man who is not your husband. Isnít that true?

Vicky: Nothing happened. Evan did come over. These just look bad. Nothing happened. You can ask Evan.

Stacey: Nevertheless, they are pictures of a woman who is perhaps not a good mother and not sitting at home pining for her child.

Vicky: You liar! You are twisting everything around.

Kenneth: Your honor?

Vicky: Jamie and his family took my baby away from me. They took my baby, and they're trying to fix it so that I never see him again.

Stacey: No. I believe that was your intention when you bought a ticket to Canada and took your son to the airport.

Vicky: Do something! You get away from me!

Kenneth: Your honor, I would like to request a short recess so my client --

Stacey: Were you or were you not trying to take your son out of the country?

Vicky: Yes. All right? Yes, and I will do it again if I think my son is going to get taken away.

Kenneth: Your honor --

Stacey: Right. Illegal or legal, Vicky will get her son.

Vicky: I donít give a damn about the law!

Judge: Mrs. Frame?

Vicky: I donít give a damn about the Coryís! I will disappear with my son if I think I'm going to lose him!

Judge: Mrs. Frame, will you please try to control yourself. I will not tolerate this sort of behavior in my courtroom.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Courtney: I'm not going to discuss this any further, Derek. I said you are under arrest.

Derek: I didnít do anything.

Officer: Hands behind your back, buddy.

Courtney: I'll Mirandize him in the car.

Officer: Come on.

Derek: You canít do this to me.

Officer: I said come on!

Derek: Hey, man --

[Officer yells]

Courtney: Derek, stop it! Are you all right? Stop it, Derek!

Derek: No, no.

Courtney: Turn around!

Derek: No!

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