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Another World Transcript Tuesday 8/2/05

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Singers: I just wanna stop.

Singer: And thank you, baby

[Sharlene whistles]

Singer: Whoa, yes

Singers: How sweet it is to be loved by you

Singer: It's just like sugar sometimes

Singers: How sweet it is to be loved by you

[John sniffs]

John: You know, if I didnít know better --

Sharlene: John --

John: I would swear that was apple pie.

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. Hey, what do you think of this print?

John: Floral.

Sharlene: You donít like it?

John: I didnít say that.

Sharlene: Well -- see, I donít know about the color. I'm not sure.

John: I thought you were finished with baking.

Sharlene: How are things going at the site?

John: Other than the fact that people are dropping like flies from the heat, everything is all right. Am I right?

Sharlene: Are you right what?

John: Did you say that?

Sharlene: You know, I just -- I'm not sure that this isnít too busy.

John: I'm talking about baking.

Sharlene: Yeah, well, all I have to do is hem it, anyway.

John: Well, I guess I'll go check it out myself.

Sharlene: Donít -- donít you dare open that oven. Yes, it's an apple pie.

John: Aha.

Sharlene: Aha. Just in case.

John: Just in case.

Sharlene: Just in case.

John: Oh, just in case?

Sharlene: Mm-hmm. So I'm going to go up and see how these look in Josieís room. I hope she's happy about us.

John: How about you? You happy about us?

Sharlene: Unbelievably.

John: Josieís supposed to be home today?

Sharlene: I donít know. You know, she never gave me a definite date. All I know is it's any day. I'm a nervous wreck about it. Oh -- John!

John: What?

Sharlene: I donít know -- come tell me that these donít clash with the bedspread.

Singers: How sweet it is to be loved by you

Amanda: Anybody here?

Sam: Yo, anybody home?

Amanda: Come out, come out, wherever you are. Hmm. Hello, Hilda?

Sam: Well, there is nobody home.

Amanda: No. Nobody. This place is more quiet than up at the cabin.

Sam: Hmm, but not quite as fun.

Sam: What? Ugh.

Amanda: Uh-huh. Messages.

Sam: Anything important?

Amanda: Most of them are from Evan -- business.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Amanda: And here's one from Hilda. She took Alli out to play.

Sam: No Alli. No Hilda.

Amanda: Mom is in New York.

Sam: Alone in the mansion at last.

Amanda: I couldn't believe that it was possible.

Sam: Yeah, well, you know, there are probably 15 or 20 rooms that I haven't even seen in this house, and I bet -- oh, I bet that five or six of them are bedrooms.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: What do you say we go check out some rooms?

Amanda: You're so bad.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Oh!

Sam: Oh, I knew that would happen!

Amanda: Let me get rid of them.

Sam: No, no, no, donít even answer the phone. Donít even answer it.

Amanda: Sam, I have to. I canít stand a ringing telephone.

Sam: Come on -- please -- please donít answer the --

[Sam groans]

Amanda: Hello? Hi. What's up? Yeah? Oh, she's going to be so upset.

Sam: What's -- what happened?

Amanda: Hang on, Jamie. It's Jamie calling from the hospital. Mom's red swan --

Sam: The one your dad sent?

Amanda: It was stolen last night.

Vicky: Oh.

Evan: Hi, Vicky.

Vicky: I was told Iris was in here.

Evan: Wait, wait. I want to talk to you about last night.

Vicky: There's nothing else to say, Evan.

Evan: Oh, I think there is. I'm only going to say this one time. It's your choice to believe it or not. Now, what happened between us last night -- at least, what didnít happen -- it had nothing to do with the Coryís.

Vicky: Are you finished?

Evan: So you think I was helping the Coryís set you up?

Vicky: I know you were.

Evan: You're wrong, Vicky.

Vicky: What, do you think I'm some kind of idiot? You came into this town a con man.

Evan: That's not true.

Vicky: It would be just like you to get in tight with the Coryís by trying to seduce me.

Evan: That makes no sense whatsoever.

Vicky: Well, I'm the enemy. You could find out what I'm up to.

Evan: Nobody can make you say or do anything you donít want to do. So donít play the little victim with me.

Vicky: Get out of my way and I wonít play anything with you.

Evan: You're the one that invited me back to your place, correct? So if anyone came on to anyone, it was you.

Vicky: Really disgusting, Evan.

Evan: And, see, the reason that you're so suspicious of people is because you've become so accustomed to lying and deceiving yourself! You just expect that from everybody else.

Vicky: And I'm seldom disappointed. Even Jamie stooped to an all-time low.

Evan: Meaning what?

Vicky: He managed to get the court date pushed up.

Evan: Well, how does that benefit his case?

Vicky: My lawyer is in Seattle for his kid's wedding -- the one week he's not available and Jamie knew about it.

Evan: I find that hard to believe.

Vicky: What, that Jamie plays dirty? Oh, not Dr. Frame. Not the pillar of society.

Evan: So what are you going to do, Vicky?

Vicky: Well, there's nothing I can do, Evan, except do what I'm told -- show up the day they tell me to.

Evan: So what about a lawyer?

Vicky: I have a lawyer.

Evan: Who?

Vicky: Oh, no.

Evan: What?

Vicky: You're pumping me for information again.

[Phone rings]

Michael: Hello?

Caroline: Michael, it's Caroline.

Michael: I've been expecting your call.

Caroline: Everything is going according to plan.

Michael: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Caroline: I saw Lucas earlier.

Michael: And?

Caroline: He's interested.

Michael: Good.

Caroline: Very interested.

Michael: Well, I thought he might be.

Caroline: I have an appointment with him later today.

Michael: To discuss --

Caroline: Certain art objects you asked me to handle.

Michael: Good. Tell you what -- why donít you do what we discussed and get back to me, all right? Thank you. Ahem. Uh --

Donna: No, no.

Michael: "No, no," what?

Donna: I donít want to hear it.

Michael: I was just going to tell you who that was on the phone.

Donna: I donít want to know. I donít want to hear one word until you're ready to tell me everything.

Michael: Oh. I see.

Donna: Are you?

Michael: Are I what?

Donna: Ready to tell me everything?

Michael: Donna, the most important thing in the world to me is our marriage.

Donna: Oh, Michael, please stop it. If our marriage were the most important thing in the world to you, you wouldnít be disappearing for days without a word, and you wouldnít be having tÍte-ŗ-tÍtes with miss outback.

Michael: Ok, fine. Have it your way, Donna. I have to go.

Donna: I couldn't care less what you do.

Michael: I'd like us to get back on track.

Donna: Well, you certainly have a strange way of showing it.

Michael: I'm not going to play these games with you, all right? I'm too tired.

Donna: You my be tired, but you're certainly good at it.

Michael: I'm going.

Sam: Look, I'll call Courtney, see what the cops know.

Amanda: I tell you what -- if you find anything out, why donít you call me at the office, all right?

Sam: Yeah, sure.

Amanda: I'll be waiting.

Sam: Yeah, I'll tell -- call you as soon as I hear anything, ok?

Amanda: Ok. Why donít you tell Courtney that we'll offer a reward -- a big one.

Sam: That's a good idea. These lost art objects have a habit of turning up.

Amanda: I donít want Mom to come home and find that thing gone.

Sam: Yeah, Amanda, well, get going. I'll start making some phone calls.

Amanda: Ok. I love you.

Sam: I love you, too.

Amanda: Thanks.

Sam: Mm-hmm. Ooh, you better get out of here before you delay things any more. See you.

Lucas: Hello, Sam.

Sam: Lucas, what are you doing here?

Lucas: I came about the red swan.

Sam: What about it?

Lucas: I heard what happened. I was wondering how Rachelís taking the loss.

Sam: The cops haven't released this to the press yet. How did you hear it was stolen?

Josie: Hi.

John: Josie. We were just -- I mean, your mother said that you might -- she even put in an apple pie just in case, and -- here you are.

Josie: Yeah, I made up my mind this morning -- to leave New York, I mean.

John: Terrific. Matt -- is he --

Josie: He'll -- he'll be here later today. He stayed, though, to see his mom. She's there on some business.

John: Good. Well, you -- you look terrific.

Josie: Thank you.

John: Did you lose some weight -- not that you needed to or anything. You just look like you might've lost a tiny little bit.

Josie: No, no, I didnít lose any weight, I'm fine.

John: You look beautiful.

Josie: Thank you.

John: Uh -- your mother missed you an awful lot -- as if you didnít know. What other brilliant observations can I offer? How about I missed you, too?

Josie: Is she around?

John: Yeah. As a matter of fact, she's up in your room. She's fussing with some curtains. Not that she's trying to push you or anything, but she's rather determined --

Josie: I'm going to go find her.

John: No, wait, wait, because I -- I'd like to talk to you first.

Josie: All right.

John: I know you must feel rather unsure about things, and that's -- that's understandable, but you need to know how anxious your mother is to -- to have you love her and trust her again.

Josie: I know.

John: If she thought that you couldn't or wouldnít for some reason, I donít think that she could handle it. No, no, take that back -- she -- she could handle it. She's a strong woman. It's just that it would hurt her. It would hurt her so badly.

Josie: Well, John, I've been hurt, too.

John: Well, everything that your mother did, she did because she thought it was the right thing to do at that time. That's all any of us can do, isnít it? Look, maybe you'd like to have dinner with your mother and me later on tonight. There's something that we'd both like to talk to you about.

Josie: No, I have -- I have other plans.

John: Well, then maybe tomorrow or anytime this week. I mean, we're not locked into any kind of schedule.

Sharlene: John, I really -- I totally give up because I canít quite Ė

Singer: The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time

Lucas: Word does get around.

Sam: I'd be interested to find out how it got around to you.

Lucas: Well, I never reveal my sources. Anyway, right now, I'm more interested in Rachel. I know how precious the piece was to her and I'm wondering how badly she's taking it.

Sam: She doesn't know about it.

Lucas: What?

Sam: She's out of town on business.

Lucas: Yeah, but surely --

Sam: Surely what?

Lucas: Well, the police are going want to ask her some questions.

Sam: Such as?

Lucas: The piece is hers, isnít it?

Sam: Yeah, and we intend on getting it back for her -- before she gets back.

Lucas: Well, I hope so. You can imagine how badly she's going to feel if it's gone forever.

Sam: Could it be that you feel badly about this, too?

Lucas: Me?

Sam: You offered to buy the piece, didnít you?

Lucas: Yeah, it's a superb piece, and I'm a collector.

Sam: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. But Rachel said she'd never sell.

Sam: And you bought that?

Lucas: I've learned never to argue with an artist.

Sam: I wish more people had heard that.

Lucas: I've seen your latest work at Carolineís.

Sam: Really?

Lucas: Interesting.

Sam: "Interesting"?

Lucas: Yeah. Actually, I'm quite aware of your work.

Sam: Then I'm sure you're aware what the New York critics said.

Lucas: I seldom read the critics.

Sam: The critics wrote that my latest series was less than interesting, a lot less.

Lucas: It was a little disappointing.

Sam: What was?

Lucas: Well, considering the promise you showed on your first exhibit.

Sam: Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Lucas: I'm paying you a compliment, Sam.

Sam: Really?

Lucas: Yeah. You have talent and a great deal of potential.

Sam: I donít particularly care for that word -- "potential."

Lucas: Look, all I'm saying is that I seldom buy new artists. It's too risky a business.

Sam: Yeah, I guess it would be.

Lucas: Hmm. But I have been known to reconsider. You have a real future, Sam, if you work it right.

Iris: Oh. Oh, and would you mind storing that and that downstairs? Thank you.

[Iris hums]

[Knock on door]

Michael: Hey, there's no secretary out at your desk out there. Did you know that?

Iris: Michael, what a pleasant surprise.

Michael: Look, I can only stay for a moment.

Iris: Oh, come on, you can stay for a longer visit than that. Why donít you sit down?

Michael: Ok.

Iris: So what do you think of my new office?

Michael: Well, I was wondering how you were doing, and I can see from the looks of your office you must be doing pretty well. It's beautiful.

Iris: Thank you.

Michael: Congratulations on becoming president of Cory Publishing.

Iris: Well, this is the way it was meant to be, Michael -- with me sitting at my father's desk running this company.

Michael: The Cory board fight kind of fizzled, huh?

Iris: Oh, there were a few sparks, but nothing I couldn't handle.

Michael: And Lucas?

Iris: What about Lucas?

Michael: Well, I understand Lucas played a pretty important role in all this.

Iris: Yes, he's been very supportive.

Michael: So I heard.

Iris: In fact, I donít think I could've handled it without him.

Michael: Iris, you hardly know this guy.

Iris: I know him well enough.

Michael: Do you?

Iris: Yes. He's a very fascinating, talented man, and he's going to make a smash of my magazine.

Michael: Hmm. He has good ideas?

Iris: Yes. In fact, if it hadn't been for him, I donít think I could've tried to come back to Cory.

Michael: You're not becoming dependent on him, are you?

Iris: No, I donít think that's the word to describe it at all.

Michael: Be careful, Iris.

Iris: I appreciate your concern, but I can look after myself.

Michael: Well, when it comes to Lucas, I donít think you can look after yourself.

Iris: Michael, you couldn't possibly be jealous, could you?

Michael: No.

Iris: I think you are. I think you are a tiny bit jealous.

Michael: Iris, I am -- I'm concerned.

Iris: And that's all?

Michael: This is not a game!

Iris: I know it's not a game, Michael. I tell you what -- you come back to me and I'll forget all about Lucas.

Iris: Oh, come on, Michael, why donít you admit it?

Michael: Iris --

Iris: You are jealous of Lucas because you still have some feeling for me.

Michael: I have said it to you a hundred times -- I love Donna.

Iris: Uh-huh. What you say and what you feel -- sometimes they're different things.

Michael: All right -- stop it, all right? Just stop it. I came here because I wanted to warn you about Lucas.

Iris: Oh, no, no, no, no. Absolutely not.

Michael: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Iris: It means that you canít have it both ways, Michael. If you're out of my life, you're out of my life.

Michael: Iris, I want you to be careful.

Iris: And what exactly do you mean by that, huh?

Michael: Lucas is not what he appears to be.

Iris: I think you better leave.

Michael: He's a thief.

Iris: What?

Michael: I think he stole the red swan.

Iris: The red -- Rachel -- the -- it's been stolen?

Michael: You didnít know?

Iris: No, I didnít. I donít believe it.

Michael: Someone took it from Cass Winthrop's safe.

Iris: And you think it was Lucas?

Michael: I donít know. But we knew nothing about him before he came to town and we know nothing about him now.

Iris: I -- I think it's time you left.

Michael: I just hope you know what you're doing, but I know you donít.

Lucas: You're very prompt.

Caroline: Well, I donít like to be kept waiting, and I give others the same courtesy.

Lucas: Well, that's a good policy. I took the liberty of opening a bottle of champagne.

Caroline: For me?

Lucas: Well, I like to conduct business in as pleasant an atmosphere as possible.

Caroline: Good policy.

Lucas: With you as company, it's pleasant enough. May I?

Caroline: You may.

Lucas: To pleasant company.

Caroline: And good business.

Lucas: I have no doubt we can get together.

Caroline: You look like a man who gets whatever he wants.

Lucas: I am used to it.

Caroline: Hmm. Well, I have something that I think you might want.

Lucas: Hmm. That's not a surprise.

Caroline: Yes, I think we can definitely get together.

Lucas: What did you have in mind?

Caroline: Your art collection.

Lucas: What about it?

Caroline: Well, it's impressive, but there certainly are gaps.

Lucas: Gaps?

Caroline: Mm-hmm, large ones, with American painters and oriental art.

Lucas: Well, just for argument's sake, let's assume that you're right.

Caroline: Well, as it happens, some rather unusual pieces have come on the market.

Lucas: Did they?

Caroline: Hmm, one rather suddenly.

Lucas: It happens.

Caroline: And I'm offering them privately to any certain discerning customers.

Lucas: Hmm. Well, I'm flattered that you thought of me.

Caroline: So I can take it you're interested?

Lucas: Very interested.

Evan: You can believe what you like, Vicky.

Vicky: Well, I obviously canít believe you.

Evan: Nobody pulls my strings. Nobody.

Vicky: No, no! Not Iris, not Amanda, not Rachel, not even one little tug.

Evan: You just donít listen, do you?

Vicky: Yes, sir. Those Cory women -- they've got you wrapped around their fingers, donít they?

Evan: I'm attracted to beautiful women. I have a weakness for beautiful women, and I'm really attracted to you, Vicky.

Vicky: That's not what I meant.

Evan: I just said that I was attracted to you.

Vicky: Yes, you did.

Evan: Are you going to say that you donít feel the same thing? Are you going to deny that?

Amanda: I donít believe it. I donít believe you have the nerve to show your face here.

Vicky: I came to talk to Iris.

Amanda: Oh, well, that must be like coming to talk to yourself.

Vicky: Oh, I'm sorry, Amanda, you're going to have to explain that to me. I'm not as clever with words as you are.

Amanda: I'd be very happy to explain it, Vicky. You and Iris are so much alike. Like mirror images.

Vicky: Oh. Oh, I get it. That's very amusing, Amanda. No wonder your articles win so many awards.

Amanda: Iris is in her office.

Vicky: Oh, yeah -- by the way, thanks so much for helping get the court date moved up. That was very sweet, very fair of you.

Amanda: You dare to talk to me about fair?

Evan: Ok, that's enough, now.

Vicky: Well --

Amanda: You?

Evan: Come on, that's enough.

Vicky: Forget it, Evan. I was just leaving. And, actually, I donít have to see my "mirror image." I'll just leave this on her desk.

Evan: What is it?

Vicky: My proxy. Iris said it would come in handy.

Amanda: And what are you doing wasting time with Vicky?

Evan: Speaking of time, it's really nice of you to come into the office.

Amanda: I took a day off.

Evan: Correction -- day and a half.

Amanda: So what?

Evan: You could've at least called in. I left you a dozen messages.

Amanda: I needed to take some time off. Sam and I needed time to be alone.

Evan: Ok, fine.

Amanda: Fine.

Evan: It's your choice.

Amanda: That's right.

Evan: But you're the one that's so fired up about getting Iris out of "Brava."

Amanda: I donít understand you, Evan! I really donít! All of my work was completely done. I had no problems taking off a day and a half -- with my husband. Things are not going to go into a tailspin here.

Evan: Ok, fine.

Amanda: But why donít we talk about Vicky. Donít you see what she is up to?

Evan: Yeah, she's dropping by her proxy and that's all.

Amanda: I donít mean that. I mean what she's up to with you.

Evan: What?

Amanda: She's just trying to get you on her side. Canít you see that? What is she doing? Is she giving you the innocent act? Or is she coming on to you?

Evan: Amanda, why donít we stick to our original agreement -- keep our personal lives out of it and concentrate on business.

Amanda: Vicky got Iris elected president of this company. I think that's business.

Evan: Well, if you can take the time out to spend some time with your husband, I can certainly take the time to talk to a beautiful woman.

Amanda: You donít know Vicky. She's trouble.

Evan: Amanda, there's all kinds of trouble out there. But at least with Vicky, what you see is what you get.

Lucas: Uh, you say that these pieces are unusual?

Caroline: Would you call a Ming vase unusual?

Lucas: Ming?

Caroline: Or a Winslow Homer? You should see that, Lucas. It's truly remarkable.

Lucas: Now, these pieces sound like the two stolen pieces.

Caroline: Really?

Lucas: I think you've misunderstood, Caroline.

Caroline: Have I?

Lucas: I have no interest in buying stolen art. Is that what you're saying?

Caroline: I've never sold stolen art.

Lucas: But these two pieces?

Caroline: They're like any pieces that I've acquired over the years.

Lucas: I think you'd better be very careful, Caroline.

Caroline: I am very careful -- and discerning. That's why I came to you.

Lucas: I'd hate to see you get in trouble.

Caroline: Well, thanks for your concern -- and the lovely bubbly.

Lucas: You're leaving?

Caroline: Yes. I've got to get back to the gallery.

Lucas: Hmm. You seem to know quite a bit about my collection.

Caroline: Quite.

Lucas: Hmm. One thing I donít think you know is that I've developed an interest in 19th-century art.

Caroline: Have you, now?

Lucas: Yeah, I'm quite fascinated by it.

Caroline: Oh, it's a fascinating area.

Lucas: Well, have you come across any drawings or paintings or --

Caroline: Uh-huh?

Lucas: Sculptures?

Caroline: Ah, classical or romantic?

Lucas: Romantic, late 19th century.

Caroline: Animals? Flowers? Birds? That sort of thing?

Lucas: Yes, exactly.

Caroline: Hmm. You know, the other day I came across a magnificent piece. It was owned by Rachel Cory.

Lucas: Oh.

Caroline: It's the red swan. She came to get it appraised.

Lucas: It's almost beyond price.

Caroline: You've seen it, then?

Lucas: Yes, I offered to buy it, but price was never discussed.

Caroline: Well, if I ever see another one like it --

Lucas: Let me know.

Caroline: Yes, I will. Bye-bye, now.

Lucas: Bye.

John: Well, I've got some work to do I'll leave you two alone. Good to see you again, Josie.

Josie: Thanks.

Sharlene: Josie, I know you how feel about me right now. But now I must explain --

Josie: Mama, not now.

Sharlene: But, Josie, we --

Josie: No, I'm -- I'm really tired from my flight, and I have to go check in with Mrs. Wheeler, and then I'd like to get some sleep.

Sharlene: Ok. Ok, sure.

Josie: I'm sorry. I know you wanted to talk.

Sharlene: No, no, really, honey. Whenever you're ready.

Josie: Thanks for understanding.

Sharlene: Jos, you're my daughter.

Josie: And I'm going to try to understand you, too -- why you did what you did. I'm going to try.

Sharlene: I'm so glad to hear that, sweetheart. You know, after -- after I got back, after -- after seeing you in New York, John and I -- we made --

Josie: Mama, I really have to go.

Sharlene: Right, right, right. Let's just -- I think it's best if we just take this one step at a time, ok?

Josie: I think it's best, too.

Sharlene: Well, your room is ready for you. If you'd like to go upstairs, maybe take a little nap before dinner --

Josie: Mama --

Sharlene: Jos --

Josie: Mama, I didnít mean --

Sharlene: You didnít mean what?

Josie: It's not what you think.

Sharlene: What is it? What are you trying to say?

[Car horn]

Josie: I'm not moving back into the farm.

Sharlene: Well, Jos, you're not -- no, you're not moving into the boarding house?

Josie: No, no, I'm not. I'm moving in with Russ. I want to live with my father.

Singer: I didnít understand her God knows I tried.

Sam: I tell you what, I'll do something to you that Alli loves a lot, all right? It should be easy. You're lighter than Alli was. All right, what we do is we take you up really high -- and then you land on my shoulders like that. Nice, soft landing? Work for you, kid? All right, good.

Vicky: What are you doing? Oh, my God!

Sam: Here's your mom.

Vicky: Put him down before you drop him, Sam! What is the matter with you?

Sam: I'm not going to drop him.

Vicky: Do you always treat him like this? He's just a little baby. Honey, are you ok?

Sam: He's ok, Vicky.

Vicky: Oh, my God! He looks like he's about to cry, Sam.

Sam: If he's about to cry, Vicky, it's because he sees you're upset.

Vicky: Sweetie? Are you ok?

Sam: Vicky, I'm a father. I would never do anything to hurt Steven.

Vicky: No, but put him on your shoulders like that?

Sam: I was being very careful.

Vicky: Sweetie, it's ok. Mommy's here. Mommy's here.

Sam: Do you see? He's ok.

Vicky: Yeah. Yeah, he is. He's going to be ok. I'm sorry.

Sam: Vicky, look, I'm not trying to upset you.

Vicky: Really, it's not your fault. I'm -- I just see so little of him.

Sam: Yeah. Well, I understand.

Vicky: I'm afraid --

Sam: Vicky, he's a beautiful, healthy baby. He'll be fine.

[Steven squeals]

Sam: Yeah!

Vicky: I know. I'm just afraid of what's going to happen to him throughout the custody trial.

Sam: I'm sure everybody wants what's best for Steven.

Vicky: No, they donít. They want what they want. And that's why Jamie and his family is trying to take Steven away from me.

Sam: I'm sure that's not true, Vick.

Vicky: Of course it is. Why else would have Amanda convinced Jamie to move the court date up?

Sam: She did that?

Vicky: Ask her.

Sam: Look -- she's worried about Jamie. Maybe she did that so he could get it over with.

Vicky: Maybe she did it because she knows my lawyer isnít going to be available.

Sam: I'm sure that's not true, Vicky.

Vicky: I know it is, Sam.

Sam: All right, whatever. Look, she's Jamieís sister. I mean, she's going to be protective of him.

Vicky: Yeah. Poor, wounded Jamie. I never meant to hurt him. Doesn't anybody realize that? I wanted him since the first time I met him -- so much that nothing else mattered to me. Now, thanks to one stupid night with Jake, your family thinks I'm trash, and they'll do anything to take Steven away from me. They're even enlisting other people to help them out.

Sam: Who? What other people?

Vicky: Evan Bates.

Sam: What about Evan Bates?

Vicky: Well, he -- uh --

Sam: He what?

Vicky: Came onto me last night. And I'm sure it's because Rachel and Amanda told him to do it.

Sam: Please, they would never do that.

Vicky: Yes, they would. And he would do anything to help them out.

Sam: And why do you say that?

Vicky: I just came from the complex, Sam. Evan was with Amanda. And I could just see that he's willing to do anything for her.

Michael: Hi. You all right?

Donna: How did your errand go?

Michael: It was fine. Fine. Something wrong?

Donna: Did you accomplish what you wanted to?

Michael: I still have a little work to do.

Donna: I bet you do.

Michael: It's not what I wanted to talk about.

Donna: No, I'm sure.

Michael: I want to talk about us.

Donna: What about us? What about us?

Michael: Donna -- look, I know that you've been under a lot of pressure lately. I know that -- Marley moving out, the custody hearing coming up --

Donna: Michael, it's a lot more than that.

Michael: Yes, there is -- us.

Donna: Is there an "us," Michael?

Michael: I want you to know that I love you, and I know I've gone way overboard with this secrecy thing.

Donna: Yeah, let's -- let's talk about this secrecy.

Michael: No, I have something else I'd like to talk about.

Donna: Ok.

Michael: I want to make it up to you.

Donna: Make -- make up what? For what?

Michael: I want to move back into the bedroom with you.

Donna: Oh, to make up for Iris.

Michael: What?

Donna: I donít know how I could've been so stupid to think that it was business or that it was Caroline. It was Iris! It's always been Iris. You haven't gotten her out of your system yet, have you?

Lucas: No, you're not interrupting a thing.

Iris: Promise?

Lucas: Yes. Right before you knocked, I called down to the desk, and I told them to hold all calls.

Iris: It was your sixth sense at work again, hmm?

Lucas: Well, it was a particularly heavy workday, and I needed a break.

Iris: All right, you are going to sit down. Come on, come on. Come on, come on.

Lucas: What are you going to do?

Iris: Just sit down, turn around, and relax.

Lucas: Oh.

Iris: Oh, my goodness, you are tight.

Lucas: Oh, that feels so good.

Iris: Did you -- did you hear that Rachel Coryís red swan was stolen?

Lucas: Yeah. Frankie told me.

Iris: Wasn't that the piece that you were interested in buying?

Lucas: Yes.

Iris: You know, Michael Hudson called to see me today.

Lucas: Did he?

Iris: Yeah. He asked a lot of questions about you.

Lucas: Hmm. What did you tell him?

Iris: That you are the most brilliant, charming man that I'd ever met.

Lucas: Oh, in other words, the truth?

Iris: Oh, yeah, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Lucas: That's what I like, a woman with taste.

Iris: Tell me, why is Michael Hudson so suspicious about you?

Lucas: Oh, because we're rivals.

Iris: Lucas, my batting average hasn't been very good as far as men are concerned.

Lucas: That's ok. I'm not much of a baseball fan anyway.

Iris: Lucas, I'm serious. I want everything to be absolutely right from now on. It's a promise I made to Daddy.

Lucas: Everything is going to be fine.

Iris: It has to be.

Lucas: After a massage, I always take a shower.

Iris: Well, in that case, I'd better ring the office and tell them I'll be a little bit late.

Lucas: Ok. I'll go make sure the water temperature's right.

Sharlene: Moving in with Russ?

Josie: Yes.

Sharlene: He must be pleased.

Josie: I suppose he is.

Sharlene: Well, I guess I'll pack up your things -- what's left of them -- and -- Josieís going to -- going to live with Russ.

[Car horn]

Josie: Yeah, I really should get going. That's the driver that Russ -- my father -- sent to pick me up at the airport. He's been waiting all this time. I really should be going.

Sharlene: Well, no, donít worry about it, really. It's all right.

Josie: I just -- I feel --

Sharlene: Well, Jos, donít. Donít. It's time you got to know your father.

Josie: Thanks. So I -- I guess I'll see you.

Sharlene: Jos, wait.

Sharlene: Go.

[Car door closes]

[Car drives off]

Amanda: Ok, is that everything?

Evan: Yes. Everything's fine except for these graphs, but I can handle them myself.

Amanda: Great. So I've got a couple of minutes, right?

Evan: Right.

Amanda: Ok. I'm going to go call Sam, see if there's any word.

Evan: About what?

Amanda: Oh, that's right -- you donít know.

Evan: Amanda, what specifically are you talking about?

Amanda: My mother's last gift from my father, the red swan -- it's missing.

Evan: What do you mean, missing?

Amanda: Stolen, I guess.

Evan: Who?

Amanda: We donít know yet -- well, we're still trying to find it.

Evan: Well, how is your mother doing?

Amanda: She doesn't know.

Evan: Well, that's really a raw deal -- I mean, after all she's been through.

Amanda: I know. Samís talking to the police right now and he's still trying to reach some contacts in the art world.

Evan: That's a good idea. Listen, I'd like to help if you'd let me.

Amanda: Sure, I'll let you.

Evan: Because I will do anything -- for Rachel. Ok? Good.

Amanda: Look, um -- I guess you were right before. I shouldnít have been badgering you about Vicky.

Evan: And maybe I shouldnít have got on my high horse, either.

Amanda: I really do think that it's a good idea that we keep our business relationship totally separate from our personal relationship, ok?

Evan: Do we have a personal relationship?

Amanda: No, no, we donít. I have Sam and Alli. And -- and you'll find somebody.

Evan: Right.

Sam: He is a lot easier to deal with than Alli was.

Vicky: Oh, come on. Alli was always smiling and having fun. Boo.

Sam: Yeah.

Vicky: Boo.

Sam: But this one here sleeps through the night.

[Steven fusses]

Vicky: Yeah.

Sam: He also doesn't fuss when he's got to go down for his nap.

Vicky: Oh.

Sam: Aw.

Vicky: What's that?

Sam: He's just a piece of cake, isnít he? Yeah, you're a piece of cake. Chocolate cake, that is.

Vicky: I guess he is. What? Mommy has a toy for you. Yes, she does.

Sam: Vicky, look, it's --

Vicky: Well, you know that there's a waiting list for all the good preschools?

Sam: Yeah, I heard that.

Vicky: This woman in the park was telling me that she's enrolled her kid into three schools and he's only 2 months old.

Sam: Mm-hmm. Vicky?

Vicky: It's just incredible, all the test forms -- it's just like applying to college. I mean, they said that they have interviews with the parents and with the kids. It's just -- it's just nuts.

Sam: Yeah, I know it is.

Vicky: And you want me to leave.

Sam: Vicky, it's not that I want you to leave.

Vicky: No, it's just my time.

Sam: Yeah.

Vicky: And you have to do what your family says because you're afraid they're going to get angry with you if you donít throw me out when I'm supposed to be out.

Sam: I'm not afraid of my family, Vicky.

Vicky: Then let me stay. Please? Just a little while longer? After tomorrow, I donít know if I'm going to have Steven anymore. But I love you. I love you, you know that? No matter what happens, I love you. Oh, God. Oh, I love you.

Michael: Donna, yes, I see Iris.

Donna: Finally, he admits it.

Michael: We're involved with Cory Publishing -- that's all.

Donna: No, that's not all, Michael.

Michael: Ok, fine. We're neighbors -- our paths are bound to cross.

Donna: There's a lot more than just crossing paths going on here, Michael.

Michael: Donna, this is lunacy! You know that? You want the truth? I'll tell you the truth -- there is nothing between me and Iris, nothing. It's all you.

Donna: Me? If it's just me, Michael, then we would have a marriage. We would have a real marriage!

Michael: Donna, we have a marriage! We just have a few problems, that's all.

Donna: Michael, if this is your idea of marriage, then maybe we should just get a divorce.

Michael: Oh. We tried that, remember?

Donna: Yes.

Michael: Well, did it work?

Donna: No.

Michael: That's because marriage is what works for us, Donna. Call it fate, call it whatever you will, but we both want it and you know that.

Donna: If I knew --

Michael: Donna, just --

Donna: That we both wanted it --

Michael: Be quiet, all right? Just shut up.

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