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Stacey: Derek?

Derek: Stacey?

Stacey: I hope you don't mind. Your doorman said that it was ok.

Derek: What are you doing here?

Stacey: Well, I knew that the police questioned you and I just figured that it was better --

Derek: Damn it, your brother's got a big mouth. Or was it your roommate?

Stacey: No! Cass told me, but I can get Cass to tell me anything.

Derek: I did not want you involved in this.

Stacey: Well, I kind of had a right to know.

Derek: What right did you have?

Stacey: The kind of rights you have when you care about someone. And I do, you know. I care about you, more than I've ever let on.

John: Hi.

Sharlene: Hi.

John: You came back.

Sharlene: In the flesh.

John: How'd it go with Josie? You didn't say much on the phone.

Sharlene: It was kind of hard to talk. It was Russ' apartment. He was always there. It was wonderful to see her. And we're relieved that she's ok, very relieved.

John: Yeah, I'll bet.

Sharlene: I couldn't wait to get home, though, and talk the whole thing over with you.

John: Oh, yeah?

Sharlene: I hate long-distance, John. I'm always thinking about the money. I don't know, it's stupid. Stupid.

John: Josie come home with you?

Sharlene: No, she didnít. She and Matt decided to stay in New York City for a while longer, be together.

John: So it was just you and Russ on the trip home?

Sharlene: John, I -- I thought you'd be out at the farm when I got back.

John: You did?

Sharlene: Of course I did. You know you're the first person I'd want to see.

John: No, no, I -- I don't know that.

Sharlene: I knew it.

John: What?

Sharlene: You're furious at me. Aren't you?

Evan: Amanda?

Amanda: Just don't talk, ok?

Evan: No, I have to. We can't ignore this.

Amanda: We have to.

Evan: Do you know that every time I get so close to you that I ache because I want to touch you?

Amanda: No.

Evan: It's the same for you, isn't it? Isn't it?

Sam: Have you heard from Amanda yet?

Rachel: Hi, Sam.

Sam: Hi. Have you heard from Amanda yet?

Rachel: Oh, I'm sorry. I assume she's still at the office.

Sam: Yeah.

Rachel: Sam? She won't always be keeping these irregular hours. This is a difficult time.

Sam: Well, I hope not. Otherwise, Alliís not going to know what she looks like.

Woman: Mrs. Cory?

Rachel: Yes, Heather?

Heather: These are for you.

Rachel: Who sent them?

Heather: Oh, I couldn't find a card.

Sam: Wait a second. Here. Here you go. What? Who is it?

Rachel: Mac sent them.

Rachel: It's our anniversary.

Sam: I'm sorry. I didn't know it was your anniversary. This isn't his handwriting. I'm going to call the florist, see who sent these.

Heather: Should I take them away?

Rachel: Of course not.

Sam: Yeah, this is Sam Fowler at the Cory household. Mrs. Cory just got a bouquet of flowers. I'd like to know who sent them, please.

Heather: I'm sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have brought them in.

Rachel: Of course you should have brought them in.

Sam: Yeah, I'll hold.

Rachel: They're beautiful flowers. He only forgot our anniversary one time. He was in the middle of a merger or something -- he just forgot. That morning, he didn't say anything, so I figured something was going to happen during the course of the day. Nothing did, so then I figured he had planned something for the evening.

Sam: Yeah. Thank you.

Rachel: I had prepared a very elegant dinner and I got all dressed up and I put his present by his place. And then when he finally came home, all he said was, "well, what's the occasion?"

Sam: What'd you do?

Rachel: I dumped the champagne over his head.

Sam: That's probably why he never forgot again.

Rachel: They are from him, aren't they?

Sam: Yeah. He had a -- has a standing order at the florist to send you a bouquet of flowers on your birthday and your anniversary. They were very apologetic.

Rachel: It's all right. They're beautiful flowers.

Amanda: I am happily married. I love my husband very much.

Evan: I'm not arguing that.

Amanda: Well, what do you want from me?

Evan: I just want the truth.

Amanda: I told you the truth.

Evan: No, I mean about you and me.

Amanda: There is no you and me.

Evan: Oh, Amanda, I've tried to fight this. I tried to say, "Oh, it's not there. It doesn't exist." But I can't because you won't let me.

Amanda: That's a lie. I never encouraged this at all.

Evan: Well, then why do you always touch me when you talk to me? I mean, why do you always stand so close to me when you know you don't have to?

Amanda: Stop it.

Evan: No! Even if there's good news or bad news, you always put your arms around me.

Amanda: Oh --

Evan: No, you always do and then you leave them there just a little bit longer than you have to.

Amanda: All right!

Amanda: You're right.

Evan: I'm what?

Amanda: You're right.

Evan: Thank you. This is going to sound strange, but it makes me feel better, believe it or not.

Amanda: I don't know how.

Evan: Amanda, I thought I was losing my mind.

Amanda: I think I'm losing mine.

Evan: Listen, we have to talk about this.

Amanda: Talk?

Evan: Yes, this is real. It exists.

Amanda: I thought if I didn't talk about it, that it would just go away.

Evan: But it didn't, did it?

Amanda: No.

Evan: It's still there, isn't it?

Amanda: So where do we go from here?

Derek: So you care about me, huh?

Stacey: Yes.

Derek: Oh, that's just great. I'm right up there with your parakeet and that stray cat you feed behind your office.

Stacey: No, come on. That's not what I meant.

Derek: What'd you mean, Stacey?

Stacey: I'm not trying to -- to help you out all the time or anything like that. I know you can take care of yourself.

Derek: Uh-huh.

Stacey: Cass told me that you were terrific with the police.

Derek: Well, that was nice of him.

Stacey: But we're friends. Ok, so maybe that isn't accurate, but what do you want me to do? Not care? I can't do that. We've been through too much together. You've been through a lot because of me. This whole thing with Courtney -- she happens to be my friend and she's trying to protect me --

Derek: Ok, stop, stop.

Stacey: So she ends up dragging you into it.

Derek: Stop.

Stacey: What?

Derek: Don't you think this has all gone on long enough?

Stacey: I don't understand.

Derek: Yes, you do. You and me, Stacey -- it's not going to work.

Stacey: So what are you trying to say?

Derek: I think it's time to move on, call it quits.

Stacey: You think that we should stop seeing each other?

Derek: Yes. That's exactly what I think.

Matt: Olivia? Olivia? Ah. Just as I expected, she's gone back with your mother and Russ. Now, that -- now that all the old folks are gone, what do you feel like doing?

Josie: Do you think we should've gone back to Bay City?

Matt: No.

Josie: But, Matthew --

Matt: Josie, we haven't been together in six weeks. I think we owe ourselves a little time together.

Josie: Matthew, my -- my whole life has changed. I -- I have a father and he wants to be a real father to me.

Matt: I know.

Josie: Do you know that I never once have been able to say "my parents," that -- that there was always this half of me that I didn't understand?

Matt: I know. That must've been rough for you.

Josie: It was. Now I know -- I'm a Matthews.

Matt: You're still you.

Josie: But, Matthew, you don't understand what this --

Matt: Yes, I do. It's just that we're here together alone. Doesn't that mean anything?

Josie: Oh. Of course it does. Matthew, you still don't understand.

Matt: Wait -- I do. It's just that I don't think that we have to go running back to Bay City right away.

Josie: I have a father now, a wonderful father, and he wants to be a part of my life.

John: You still take it with milk, right?

Sharlene: John, I was not gone that long.

John: I don't know why you think that I was mad at you.

Sharlene: Well, how do you explain the fact that you looked at me like I was a bill collector when I walked in the door?

John: I didn't do that.

Sharlene: You didn't even stand up, let alone meet me at the airport, maybe call me, ask me how I was doing.

John: How you doing?

Sharlene: I'm doing great, John. I am great.

John: Look, Sharlene, I've been holed up here for the last few days. I'm studying for the medical boards. I've decided if I don't pass them, I'm just going to can this idea. I'm going to go back to Frame Construction full-time.

Sharlene: Ok.

John: And I didn't meet you at the airport because I didn't know what time your flight was coming in.

Sharlene: Right, John.

John: How did Josie take the news?

Sharlene: Josie was hurt, Josie was furious. But I think it -- it helps that she knows her father is a man that I was married to, not some passing soul.

John: And how is Russ?

Sharlene: Russ -- Russ was in control.

John: Yeah, I'll bet.

Sharlene: No, really. He was very warm. He was open with Josie. He was loving.

John: Made you mad as hell, didn't he?

Sharlene: Yeah, John, it did. You know what he did? He decided that Matt and Josie should go out on the town. This was right after she found out. I wanted her to spend some time with me. Do you think Russ backed me up?

John: Something tells me he didnít.

Sharlene: No, he didnít. He handed her this wad of money and -- and he said, "you two kids go out on the town on -- on the old man" or something like that.

John: What did Josie say to that?

Sharlene: I -- I think she was thrilled. She didn't even have a father, for all she knew. Now she thinks she's got Robert Young. I -- I should have demanded that Russ stay here. I should've done it differently and I should've gone to New York and told Josie by myself. Well, now I know you're angry.

John: Yeah, you're right.

Sharlene: Why?

John: Because I don't know why you didn't want me with you in New York.

Sharlene: John, I told you --

John: You told me you thought it would be better for you with Josie if I wasn't there.

Sharlene: So, John --

John: Well, I don't buy that, Sharlene. Either I'm part of your life or I'm not.

Stacey: You mean that? You don't want to see me again?

Derek: I don't say things I don't mean.

Stacey: Why are you doing this?

Derek: First rule of carpentry is if it doesn't fit, don't force it.

Stacey: We're not forcing anything. Ok, so maybe we did at first a little bit, but I kept coming back to you.

Derek: Yeah, you came back.

Stacey: I don't know why I'm doing this. No. I do know why -- because you taught me something -- that people don't have to grow up in the same way and live in the same kind of houses and have similar jobs in order to have a common denominator between them.

Derek: I don't want to be your teacher.

Stacey: Well, what do you want?

Derek: And I don't want you to tell me you care for me.

Stacey: Look, if I gave you the impression that I wasn't interested, I am more than --

Derek: You're just not the right kind of woman for me, ok? That's it, period.

Stacey: Oh. Well, then who is -- Frankie?

Derek: Maybe.

Stacey: Oh. I see.

Derek: Kind of expecting somebody a little later, so if you don't mind, you know?

Stacey: Oh, no, uh-uh. I -- I'd be delighted to. I'm sorry that I bothered you. I can assure you it won't happen again. 

Sharlene: John, I can't -- I won't imagine my life without you in it.

John: Except in New York.

Sharlene: I don't like you to see me with Russ.

John: Why?

Sharlene: Because it's humiliating. John, the man looks at me like he wants to put on rubber gloves every time he's in the same room with me.

John: Do you think that I'm going to be influenced by Russ' opinion on anything?

Sharlene: If you are going to be in the residency program, you have to get along with him.

John: Would it have hurt Josie to see me make that trip with you to New York?

Sharlene: Oh, John, there was so much -- she doesn't understand what we have.

John: Well, I'm not sure I do, either, Sharlene.

Sharlene: Oh, well, you know, I just -- I don't understand why you are making such a big deal out of this.

John: What do you want me to say? You just told me that you're going to do whatever you feel regardless of what I think.

Sharlene: Well, what does it -- why do we have to do everything together in the first place? It's not like we're married or something.

John: Well, maybe we should be!

Sharlene: What?

John: Maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe -- maybe we should be.

Sam: Are you ok?

Rachel: How's the baby?

Sam: She's not happy that she doesn't see her mother before she goes to sleep.

Rach: Sam, you're doing a terrific job. Just try and understand.

Sam: It's not just that she's not here.

[Sam sighs]

Rachel: What? What else?

Sam: Maybe I'll read --

Rachel: Sam?

Sam: "The Great Gatsby" again.

Rachel: Sam?

Sam: She's so damn angry all the time. She -- it's "Iris this, Vicky that." She hates them.

Rachel: She's under a lot of stress, Sam. She's had to grow up very quickly.

Sam: She had to grow up when we had Alli.

Rachel: I know.

Sam: We both did.

Rachel: That was different. That was a beginning. These are endings. Just give her time.

Sam: You know I will.

Rachel: It's difficult sometimes, I know, when you're married, to watch your partner change.

Sam: I loved her the way she was.

Rachel: Sam? She's lost her father. She's never going to be that little girl again. But you can't keep somebody frozen in time.

Sam: I know that. It's just --

Rachel: What?

Sam: Sometimes she doesn't even seem like Amanda anymore, you know. It's like she's just fading away.

Rachel: Oh, and you just want to hold on tighter.

Sam: Yeah, well, who wouldn't?

Rachel: Just love her, Sam, and know that she loves you and trust that it's going to work out.

Sam: Yeah. I really hope it does.

Sam: Well, there's no answer on -- on the nightline.

[Phone rings]

Evan: Aren't you going to get that?

Amanda: It's probably Sam, wondering where I am.

Evan: Amanda.

[Phone stops ringing]

Amanda: It isn't supposed to be like this.

Evan: Like what?

Amanda: You meet the right man, you fall in love, you get married, and you never look at another man for as long as you live.

Evan: What is that, some fairy tale?

Amanda: No. Why?

Evan: Well, that goes right up there with "all mothers love their kids" and "every romance has a little happy ending."

Amanda: You know, just because you're a cynic doesn't mean that you always speak the truth.

Evan: Well, then what about your version? What about your reality?

Amanda: Look, maybe if things had been different --

Evan: How different?

Amanda: If you had come to Bay City first and I hadn't met Sam --

Evan: But I came to Bay City when I did, and you had already met Sam.

Amanda: And we're married and we have a child that loves and needs us both and that is reality.

Evan: But what we're talking about here is what we're going to do.

Amanda: I can only think of one thing.

Evan: What?

Amanda: We've talked about this now. We face the situation. So no more touching, no more late-night meetings. And we're just going to forget that tonight ever happened.

Evan: Well, I think I have one solution.

Amanda: What?

Evan: I could leave Bay City.

Amanda: No.

Stacey: Thought you were expecting company.

Derek: Thought you were never going to come by again.

Stacey: Changed my mind. Woman's prerogative, right?

Derek: Look, Stacey, I already told you that you and I --

Stacey: I know what you told me and I don't believe it.

Derek: Go home.

Stacey: Shut up and sit down! See? I don't have to always be so prim. I can talk as tough as your friend Frankie.

Derek: I've said everything I had to say.

Stacey: Good. Then you'll listen to me because I'm just getting started.

Evan: And you and I both know that I could leave, and I could leave tomorrow.

Amanda: No!

Evan: Why should I stay?

Amanda: To help my mother.

Evan: Your mother?

Amanda: Look, at least until she gets settled and Iris is out of the picture. And then -- then you --

Evan: What, I could think about leaving?

Amanda: If that's what you want, yeah.

Evan: So what do I do in the meantime?

Amanda: Well, we work together, of course. I mean, I depend on you. You're my friend, my mentor. I guess this isn't being very fair to you.

Evan: I don't know.

Amanda: Look, I mean -- you can leave tomorrow. If this is all too impossible for you, you know you can leave.

Evan: But I don't want to. I want to stay here.

Amanda: You do?

Evan: Yes, I have a family here. I got Sharlene, Josie, and Frankie.

Amanda: All right, so then you'll stay and we'll work it out.

Evan: Well, then I think we should start by you going home to Sam and Alli.

Amanda: I hope Alli is still up by the time I get there.

Amanda: You know, I think you are right. It's good that we talked about this.

Evan: Yeah, I guess.

Amanda: I mean, I was playing around with something that means everything to me.

Evan: Marriage?

Amanda: Daddy's gone. And Iris is trying to throw me out of this place. Sam and Alli are what I really count on.

Evan: Ok.

Amanda: Look, someday you're going to meet the right woman and then you'll understand.

Evan: Good night, Amanda.

Amanda: I'll see you in the morning.

[Door closes]

Evan: "The right woman."

Matt: Well, I hope he takes his time with that order.

Josie: Olivia!

Olivia: I didn't know you guys were here.

Josie: Did -- did you decide not to go back to Bay City?

Olivia: Yeah. I thought I'd hang around for a while. My father said it was all right.

Matt: I called for you when we came in the door. You didn't answer.

Olivia: Oh, I was taking a nap. I sleep like the dead.

Josie: Oh. Me, too! Huh. It must be a Matthewsís trait.

Matt: We ordered Chinese. You want me to call them back and get you something?

Olivia: No, too much sodium. I'll make a salad or something, yeah. So, what did you two do today?

Josie: Well, after my mom and --

Olivia: My father?

Josie: Right. After -- after they left, Matthew took me to a Broadway show.

Olivia: Oh, really? What'd you see?

Matt: "Jerome Robbins' Broadway," and it must've been the last two tickets -- it was second balcony.

Josie: Oh, but it was great.

Olivia: Father was going to take me to see that. I guess he didn't have time.

Matt: Well, maybe you can all come back during Christmas or something.

Josie: Oh, I definitely could see it again.

Matt: Yeah, get better seats this time.

Josie: Yeah.

Olivia: Come back? You mean together?

Josie: Olivia, we -- we are sisters, sort of.

Matt: Well, I -- I know. I grew up with a half brother and a half sister and it felt like the real thing.

Olivia: Yeah, well, I think I'm going to go for a walk or something.

Josie: Olivia, you're -- you're a dancer, aren't you?

Olivia: Right, mm-hmm.

Josie: Oh.

Matt: Yeah, she -- that's why she's here. She's auditioning for a ballet company.

Josie: Oh, how'd it go?

Matt: Oh, I blew it. Nothing in this trip turned out the way I had planned.

Josie: You know, I know what you mean. I mean, I have been so lucky. I -- I found Matthew and then -- and a father and a sister. You know, when Reuben and I came here, I never --

Matt: What's wrong?

[Josie sighs]

Josie: Reuben! I -- I haven't called him since you found me. He -- he must be going crazy!

Olivia: Well, there's a phone in the bedroom. Why don't you call him?

Josie: Oh, great, great. Thanks.

Matt: What -- oh.

Olivia: She's excited.

Matt: Yeah, high as a kite.

Olivia: Because of finding out about father, you mean?

Matt: Yeah. Must be kind of weird for you, too.

Olivia: Oh, I'm fine. Listen, I -- I wanted to talk to you. It's one of the reasons why I stayed in New York.

Matt: About what?

Olivia: Well, I mean, it took you weeks to find Josie and as soon as you did it, she gets this news.

Matt: Yeah. Everything's worked out, though, now.

Olivia: Well, I just hope that Josie doesn't forget how lucky she is to have you. That's all.

Matt: She won't forget it.

Olivia: Good.

Matt: Wait, wait, wait -- Olivia?

Olivia: Hmm? What?

Matt: Why don't you just come out and say it?

Olivia: Say what?

Matt: Just come out and say it, Olivia.

Olivia: All right, all right. I know what this news means to Josie and I know what Josie means to you.

Matt: Right.

Olivia: Well, I just think you should be careful, that's all. I mean, I'd hate to see you lose her all over again.

John: All right, all right. Why are you looking at me like that?

Sharlene: Isn't it obvious? I'm waiting for you to say something else.

John: What I said before -- I mean, that was just, you know --

Sharlene: John, are you saying that you think we should get married?

John: No.

Sharlene: Oh. Oh, I -- I see.

John: But I'm not saying that we shouldn't, either. I mean, I just think that the way things are now that everything is just kind of, you know, loose.

Sharlene: Oh. And that's not acceptable?

John: Well, there was a time when loose was acceptable from, like, 1968 until recently. I mean, loose was where it was happening.

Sharlene: It's "where it was happening." Oh, John.

John: Damn it, Sharlene. I love you.

Sharlene: I love you, too.

John: Then why do you insist on putting me in this little compartment that you want to get back to when you're finished dealing with your life?

Sharlene: John, that is not what I'm doing. You know that is not what I --

John: Yes, it is what you're doing. Would it have been so hard to say to Josie and Russ, "John is here with me in new York because we love each other and we share everything"?

Sharlene: Ok. All right, you want to talk about this?

John: Yes, I want to talk about this.

Sharlene: All right, sit down. Now, why didn't it work when we tried to move in together?

John: Oh, come on, Sharlene, everything was backwards. It was like playing house.

Sharlene: Ok, so then why did you bring it up again?

John: I didn't bring it up! You brought it up!

Sharlene: No, no, no -- John? I did not bring it -- you are the one who came to my house and you said that you wanted to get closer.

John: I came to your house because I wanted to -- you know.

Sharlene: What?

John: Ah -- when I got there, I thought I might be rushing you and I was afraid that you'd say no. Then I forgot everything that I was going to say to you. English language was somewhere in the room, but it was certainly out of my grasp. And then when you started talking about living together, I -- I assumed that it's what you wanted.

Sharlene: I -- I thought that was what you wanted.

John: No, that's what you --

Sharlene: No, uh-uh.

John: Boy, things sure got screwed up, didn't they?

Sharlene: John? Why did you come to my house that day?

John: To ask you to marry me.

Sharlene: You -- you came to propose?

John: Yeah, that, too. Huh. Even had a ring. Still have it.

Derek: I thought you had so much to say.

Stacey: I'll tell you one thing -- I don't think you meant what you said to me tonight. I don't think you wanted me to leave.

Derek: Yes, I did.

Stacey: Then not for the reason that you said. Look. I don't think that you took Iris' painting or Donnaís vase. And I was surprised when I found that art book in your apartment, but it was only because -- because it was another lovely thing that I found out about you that I didn't know.

Derek: Stacey, there's a lot of things about me that aren't so lovely.

Stacey: Like what?

Derek: I don't know how to talk to you about these things.

Stacey: Please try.

Derek: Ok. You say you care about me and you want to be my friend. That is not how I feel about you at all.

Stacey: That's not how I feel about you, either. Look, I used those words only because I don't know what the right words are.

Derek: Why do there have to be any words at all anyway?

Stacey: Look, I'm sorry. I --

Derek: You see? Now, that's why it's not going to work out between you and me -- because for all your talk about trust and friendship and all that other garbage, bottom line is you don't want me. But I want you.

Matt: Oh, wait, wait, wait. What do you mean, you're afraid I'm going to lose her?

Olivia: Well, it's just that she's so enthralled with father.

Matt: She can't have a father and a boyfriend at the same time?

Olivia: You don't know father.

Matt: Yes, I do. He was married to my mother.

Olivia: Yeah, but, Matthew, he's not your father.

Matt: So?

Olivia: So he takes it seriously, being a father. I know he's going to -- he intends to live up to his responsibility with Josie.

Matt: Good!

Olivia: Yeah, absolutely. I agree.

Matt: Wait, wait, wait. So what's the problem?

Olivia: Well, as a father, he tends to be a little conservative and more than a little old-fashioned.

Matt: Like how?

Olivia: Like not letting me come to New York, like moving from Switzerland to Bay City because I showed some interest in a guy.

Matt: He really did that?

Olivia: So fast my head was swimming.

Matt: Well, it's different with Josie and me. He likes me.

Olivia: Yeah, well, see, Josie is his daughter now and he'll see you differently, Matthew. I guarantee it.

Matt: Believe me, if you can get around him, Josie can.

Olivia: Matthew, that is what I'm trying to point out here. I can get around him, but I'm secure with him -- I've had him all my life. Josie's so enthralled with the idea of even having a father that I'm afraid she'll give in, do whatever he wants.

Matt: So what do you want me to do?

Olivia: Well, you love her, right?

Matt: You know I do.

Olivia: And she loves you.

Matt: You know she does.

Olivia: So why do you need to go back to Bay City?

Matt: I live there, she lives there. We live there.

Olivia: Father lives there.

Matt: Well, what do you want me to do? Keep Josie in New York forever?

Olivia: No -- just as long as it takes to sweep her off her feet and marry her.

Sharlene: Where is it?

John: I have it put away.

Sharlene: John Hudson, if you bought me a ring, I would like to see it.

John: Nope.

Sharlene: Why not?

John: Because I might want to use it someday.

Sharlene: Someday?

John: Yeah. Yeah, someday. And if I should decide to ask you to marry me, I -- well, I'd like it to be romantic, not the result or the tag of some argument.

Sharlene: Is it over? The argument, I mean?

John: I don't know -- is it?

Sharlene: Well, you are not happy with the way things are now, so what is it that you want if it isn't marriage?

John: Do you want to get married?

Sharlene: John, don't -- I am not saying that!

John: Yes, you are.

Sharlene: No -- I love you. And I'm sorry if I hurt you. I'm sorry if you feel like I shut you out. But the one thing I am sure of is that I don't ever want to lose you.

John: I don't want to lose you, either.

John: Makes you kind of wonder, doesn't it?

Sharlene: About what?

John: Well, how we can feel this way and still be so afraid of such a silly, little two-syllable word like --

Sharlene: "Marriage"?

Amanda: Where did these come from?

Rachel: We missed you at dinner.

Amanda: I told you I was going to be working on the budget.

Rachel: I know, I know. I'm not sure Sam understands.

Amanda: Did he say something to you?

Rachel: He's worried that you're changing.

Amanda: Oh, for God's sake.

Rachel: Honey, he understands what you're going through.

Amanda: Does he? Then why am I expected to be a publishing wiz during the day and his geisha girl at night?

Rachel: I didn't say that. Did he say that to you?

Amanda: No -- no. No, it's me. You're all right, I'm wrong.

Rachel: Honey --

Amanda: Is Alli still awake?

Rachel: I don't think so.

Amanda: Great. Great.

Rachel: Honey, did something happen today?

Amanda: I'm sorry if I upset you. I didn't mean to. Everything's going to be fine.

Rachel: Why don't you stay and talk --

Amanda: No, I have to go tell Sam that I'm here.

Rachel: Thank you for the flowers, but I wish you were here instead. I don't think I'm holding things together very well.

Amanda: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Amanda: I'm sorry I'm so late.

Sam: Hey, it's ok. We just missed you.

Amanda: How's the book?

Sam: This guy's a heck of a writer.

Amanda: Sam --

Sam: Listen to what he says about Daisy. "Her face was sad and lovely with bright things in it -- bright eyes and a bright, passionate mouth. But there was an excitement in her voice that men who had cared for her found difficult to forget, a singing compulsion, a whispered 'listen,' a promise that she had done gay, exciting things just a while since and that there were gay, exciting things hovering in the next hour."

Amanda: Make love to me.

Stacey: Derek, look --

Derek: It always happens like that. The other night at the lake --

Stacey: I didn't mean it for --

Derek: You did the same thing. Now, you didn't say anything, but there was a line there I couldn't cross.

Stacey: It's not you.

Derek: You're afraid of me.

Stacey: I'm not, damn it! I'm afraid of me.

Derek: That doesn't make any sense.

Stacey: When -- when your only child dies, you don't care about logic. You just care about having control in your life. And you never want to be hurt like that again. And then you come in and you mess it all up for me, you know? I thought I had it all figured out.

Derek: You can't live like that.

Stacey: So what are you supposed to do?

Derek: Lose control.

Stacey: But how?

Derek: Just let it happen.

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