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Another World Transcript Tuesday 7/19/05

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Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler, I canít believe you did it. You're president of Cory Publishing. Ha, ha! But Mrs. Cory must be kind of piqued.

Iris: Vivien?

Vivien: Yes, Mrs. Wheeler, I'm in here cleaning up pretty good.

Iris: Vivien, I want everything perfect this morning. Donít forget the fresh fruit, and -- oh, yes, those wonderful special eggs of yours.

Vivien: Yes, ma'am. I'll bring the coffee right away.

Iris: Thank you.

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler --

Iris: Mm-hmm?

Vivien: Would you like your paper now, or on the terrace when you have breakfast?

Iris: No, never mind the paper, thank you, Vivien.

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler --

Iris: Lucas and I will have other things to talk about.

Vivien: But, Mrs. Wheeler, you've been made president of Cory Publishing. Here you are on the front page of the business section. See this?

Iris: I know I've been made president, Vivien. I was there.

Vivien: Oh, of course. What have I been thinking? Ah, Mrs. Wheeler, you must be feeling pretty high, huh?

Iris: Hmm, I think a lot of things have been going my way lately.

Lucas: Morning.

Iris: Good morning. Well, I have got a wonderful day planned for us, starting with breakfast on the terrace.

Lucas: Ah, that sounds great, but I'm sorry, I canít.

Iris: Well, Lucas, you're not thinking of leaving, are you?

Lucas: No, I'm not thinking about it, I'm doing it.


Cass: Hey, what are you doing here so early?

Frankie: Hi, boss.

Cass: Hi.

Frankie: I needed to talk to you.

Cass: I am starving. Who drank all the coffee?

Frankie: Uh, well, I've been here for a while.

Cass: Great. What happened to the rolls?

Frankie: Look, I can do that.

Cass: Never mind, I got it.

Frankie: Do you want me to go get some more rolls? I'm still hungry, too, you know.

Cass: No, no, no, no, no, never mind all that. What did you want to talk to me about?

Frankie: Well, you see, I've got these two cases, you know?

Cass: Yeah?

Frankie: And I think they're what you might call a conflict of interest.

Caroline: Good morning.

Cass: Hey, hi.

Caroline: I have some coffee and pastries.

Cass: Well, how do you like that, huh?

Caroline: Well, I'd heard you be interested in something sweet and stimulating. Oh, I'm sorry.

Cass: Why be sorry?

Caroline: Well, it seems like I'm interrupting.

Cass: Not at all.

Caroline: Good.

Frankie: Yes, you are.

Caroline: Really?

Frankie: Really. Yes, you are interrupting, as usual.

Cass: Frankie --

Caroline: Frankie, if I didnít know better, I'd say you were jealous.

Donna: Good morning, Angela. Is Michael in the den?

Angela: No, ma'am.

Donna: Well, he's not upstairs. Oh, of course. He's on the phone already. How silly of me.

Angela: No, ma'am, Mr. Hudson left early this morning, and he asked me to give you this note.

Donna: What business? Where did he go?

Angela: He didnít say, Mrs. Hudson.

Donna: He didnít say where he was going, and he left town on urgent business?

Angela: No, he --

[Doorbell rings]

Donna: But when is he coming back?

Angela: I donít --

Donna: He didnít even say when he was coming back? Angela --

Jake: Excuse me. I want to talk to you.

Donna: I donít want to talk to you, Jake. Please, I donít want to have another one of our fights. Please --

Jake: Marley left town, you know where she's at, and you're going to tell me!

Frankie: Jealous? Huh. Yeah, right. I'm jealous of you. Sure.

Cass: Frankie, what's the matter with you?

Frankie: Hey, look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Caroline, I didnít mean that the way it sounded, but this is --

Cass: Of course she didnít.

Frankie: This is a place of business. We were working.

Cass: But business can wait. In fact, we were talking about what we were going to do about breakfast, right?

Frankie: Yes -- and my conflict of interest.

Caroline: Oh, now I really feel awful.

Cass: What's the matter, baby?

Caroline: There's only enough for two.

Frankie: No problem, I've lost my appetite.

Cass: Oh, Caroline, sticky buns!

Caroline: My favorite, too.

Cass: Yeah?

Caroline: Actually, I really want to discuss my new contract to the gallery. Do you think we could have a little private breakfast, hmm?

Cass: Oh -- oh, of course. Right this way. Excuse us. Ta-da oh, Frankie?

Frankie: Hmm?

Cass: Hold my calls, ok? This might take a while.

[Caroline and Cass laugh]


Felicia: Oh. Derek, hi. Gee, I'm glad you could make it, honey.

Derek: Yeah, nice place.

Felicia: Yeah, it is, isnít it? It's sort of interesting art work. Anyway.

Derek: How come you wanted to meet me here?

Felicia: Well, I'm doing some fundraising for the hospice program at the hospital and I thought I'd talk to Caroline about throwing an auction, you know, to raise some money.

Derek: Who's Caroline?

Felicia: Oh, Caroline Stafford. She owns this place. Unfortunately, she's not here right now, and I -- what? What's the matter?

Derek: It's just a little weird, you know, meeting here.

Felicia: Why?

Derek: Did you talk to Stacey?

Felicia: Not in the last couple of days. Why, did something happen?

Derek: No, I just thought maybe you might've talked to her, that's all. Maybe she mentioned to you I had a book on art?

Felicia: Oh. No, she didnít, not at all.

Derek: Oh.

Felicia: Derek, you know, maybe there's something that you'd like to tell me, you know, something about you and Stacey?

Derek: Nice brushwork.

Felicia: Hey. Come on. Now, we're friends. You keep forgetting that. You can level with me, you know. What's going on with you and Stacey?

Derek: I haven't seen her in over a week.

Felicia: Oh. Well, when's the last time you called her?

Derek: Fanny, it hasn't been working out, ok?

Felicia: Ok. I just -- I didnít realize.

Derek: And I'm not going to be seeing any more of her. We're just too different.

Felicia: I'm sorry to hear that. I know that you cared about each other.

Derek: Yeah. Sometimes the way you feel just isnít enough.

Felicia: Well, usually it is.

Derek: Well, what about you? You and Lucas? I mean, if feelings were all that counted, you two would still be together, right?

Felicia: Possibly. I -- I donít know. Anyway, how does Stacey feel about all of this?

Derek: She doesn't know yet.

Felicia: Well, when do you plan to tell her?

Derek: Today.

Iris: Lucas, you canít possibly be thinking of going.

Lucas: Why not?

Iris: Well, it's just that after last night, I thought things had changed, you know?

Lucas: Come on, donít be so insecure.

Iris: I'm not.

Lucas: Then let me go to work. I have a million things to do.

Iris: But I need you.

Lucas: Why?

Iris: Because I need to work out the strategy with you. I mean, do I have to remind you I have a new job?

Lucas: You know how to run Cory Publishing.

Iris: I'm talking about "Sophisticate."

Lucas: Everything is in place. Just go ahead as we planned.

Iris: Now, where are you going?

Lucas: I'm going to do business, I told you.

Iris: I thought I was your only client right now.

Lucas: You thought wrong, I'm sorry.

Iris: That's all right. Just donít call me, I'll call you.

Lucas: Ok, I'll call you.

Iris: Vivien? Vivien!

Vivien: Oh, Mrs. Wheeler!

Iris: Vivien, never mind the breakfast.

Vivien: My eggs Guadalajara --

Iris: Oh, forget the damn eggs whatever.

Vivien: Oh, he's left, huh?

Iris: Yes, I'm going to read the paper now please, thank you, Vivien, and donít you dare burn anything in the kitchen.

Vivien: I never do that except when my stories are on. And what's this over here, anyway, his necktie, or what?

Iris: Yes.

Vivien: Well, what do you want me to do with it?

Iris: Burn it. No, hold it.

Vivien: I am. See?

Iris: Give it to me.

Vivien: What are you going to do with it?

Jake: Marleyís hung up on this idea that I have this thing for Vicky. She wonít even listen to me.

Donna: Did Marley see Victoria?

Jake: Yes, she saw Victoria. She said she wanted to talk to her. I left. When I got back, her bags were packed and she was gone. Wait a minute, you do know where she's at.

Donna: No, I donít know.

Jake: Donít you lie to me, Donna!

Donna: Jake --

Jake: I love her!

Donna: As much as I would like to take credit for convincing Marley to finally walk out on you, I canít.

Jake: Oh, she never said a word to you, huh?

Donna: Well, thanks to you, Marley and I have not exactly been close.

Jake: Here we go, Donna --

Donna: I tried to get you to listen. I tried to tell you that if you insisted on a paternity battle to get Steven that Marley was bound to find out, and now you've lost her.

Jake: No, I have not!

Donna: Then where is she?

Jake: Where's Michael?

Donna: Why?

Jake: Because if you wonít tell me where Marley is, he will.

Donna: Jake, neither Michael nor I know where Marley is.

Jake: Where is Michael, Donna?

Donna: I said he wasn't here!

Jake: Right, I'll find him myself. Michael!

Donna: Jake, he's not here.

Jake: Michael!

Donna: Jake!

Donna: Angela? Angela!

Angela: Yes, Mrs. Hudson?

Donna: As soon as Jake finishes wandering around this apartment, would you please throw him out?

Angela: Me?

Donna: Yes. But before that, would you just tell me if Mr. Hudson did anything out of the ordinary, if he said anything, if he --

Angela: I donít understand.

Donna: Before he left. Just think. Just think.

Angela: No, nothing out of the ordinary.

Donna: What about a phone call? Did anybody call? Did anybody come by here and talk to him?

Angela: No.

Donna: What about last night?

Angela: No. Oh, there was one call.

Donna: Who?

Angela: The lady who lives in the penthouse. Vivien works there.

Donna: Iris? Iris Wheeler?

Angela: Yes, that's her name.

Donna: Iris called Michael last night?

Cass: No, come on, Caroline -- really, on page five, on subsection six -- Mmm. Now, do you want to go over this or donít you?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Cass: All right, then let's get serious here.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Cass: I had a legitimate question on subsection --

Cass: Turn your head.

Frankie: Caroline.

Frankie: Mr. Winthrop.

Cass: Yes?

Frankie: I'm glad you're still here. I'd like to talk to you.

Cass: Oh, I'm afraid that'll have to wait.

Frankie: I've had my eye on you.

Cass: Oh, I'm very flattered, but I'm extremely busy right now.

Frankie: I'm not a lawyer groupie, and I'm certainly no fan of yours.

Cass: Like I said, I'm very busy.

Frankie: Who do you think you are, Clarence Darrow? I'm a private investigator, you know.

Cass: Are you serious? You're actually a private investigator?

Frankie: Do you want to see my license?

Cass: I'll bet the ink is still wet on it.

Frankie: Look, Winthrop, I can help you -- and judging from the way you blew the case, I think you could use all the help you can get.

Cass: I donít need any help from a bargain-basement private investigator.

Frankie: I am a professional, the same as you. Maybe I didnít go to college and maybe I donít wear fancy clothes, but I work hard and I am damn proud of what I do. I never let anybody treat me like dirt just because I was poor. Nothing was going to stop me from making a success of myself, and I did without any help from anybody. So donít you dare try to put that down. Donít you dare!

Cass: Jeez. 26,000? Come on, beat it -- yes!

Frankie: Is that the best you can do, Winthrop?

Cass: Will you shut up, Frankie?

Frankie: All right, I'm just going to stand here and watch.

Cass: Watch -- you see what you did?

Frankie: Five bucks, please.

Cass: For what?

Frankie: I won.

Cass: No way!

Frankie: The little ball has dropped down the little hole. Frankie wins. Fork over.

Cass: You interfered. You distracted me.

Frankie: He's a sore loser. I canít believe it.

Cass: I want a rematch. It must be 120 degrees in here.

Frankie: That's because you've got your jacket on, stupid. The first rule of a stakeout is to dress right.

Cass: Well, excuse me.

Frankie: Hmm. Dropped something.

Cass: What?

Frankie: Oh --

Cass: I'll take those, Frankie.

Frankie: "C.S." Hmm. "Cass Winthrop"?

Cass: Thank you very much for the keys, Frankie.

Frankie: Now, C.S. -- Oh, now, these couldn't belong to Caroline Stafford, could they?

[Australian accent] Beast down under? These wouldnít be her keys, would they?

Cass: It's none of your business, Frankie. What happened to my desk?

Frankie: [Normal voice] Looks good, huh?

Cass: Looks neat.

Frankie: Right.

Cass: I hate neat.

Frankie: Oh. Sorry.

Cass: Where are all my current case files?

Frankie: They've all been taken care of.

Cass: What the hell does that mean?

Frankie: Zack has a few, Stacey has a few.

Cass: Why?

Frankie: We all agreed you need a vacation.

Cass: I'll decide when I need a vacation! Those are my clients, and Feliciaís trial has put me way behind!

Frankie: Cass --

Cass: And now Nicole.

Frankie: Cass --

Cass: I'm just starting to put a dent in the backlog.

Frankie: You're exhausted.

Cass: Where did you put them?

Frankie: Look, you are no good to anybody until you've had a vacation.

Cass: Are you nuts?

Frankie: Everybody needs a break sometime.

Cass: Well, this is not that sometime. Now, will you kindly keep quiet and stop trying to run my life?

Frankie: I'm not trying to run your life, Cass.

Cass: Because if you donít, you're going to be looking for a new job, you got that?

Frankie: Jealous. That's just ridiculous.

Frankie: "Caroline." One, two, three, four, five -- six. Good luck.

Derek: Hi.

Frankie: Hi. I'll be with you in a second. I just have to finish. "Caroline." Oops. Great. Ok.

Frankie: Ok.

[Cass laughs]

Derek: Who's in there?

Frankie: Cass and Caroline.

Derek: Caroline Stafford?

Frankie: Yeah. You know her?

Derek: No. I hear she's beautiful, though.

Frankie: Yes.

Derek: You going to tell me what you just did?

Frankie: I'm trying to cool Caroline out a little bit.

Derek: Come again?

Frankie: Well, you see, Caroline seems to just radiate bad vibes whenever she comes into the room, you know, and Pasham gave me this recipe for cooling out bad vibes, so --

Derek: You donít like her much, huh?

Frankie: Did I say that?

Derek: You're jealous that she's in there with Cass.

Frankie: Please.

Derek: Yeah, then what's with the freezer routine?

Frankie: Look, I was just trying to get some work done around here, and that woman -- she is the last thing that Cass needs right now. He has to get through what happened with Nicole, you know?

Derek: Yeah, if you say so.

Frankie: Yeah.

Derek: How is old Pasham, anyway?

Frankie: He's fine. Look, I am not jealous and I donít need any cracks from somebody --

Cass: Of course -- whoa -- we could always do lunch.

Caroline: Yes, we could. Why not? Call me.

Cass: Done.

Caroline: Oh.

Cass: Hello, Derek.

Frankie: Boss, I donít think that Caroline knows Derek. Derek, this is Caroline Stafford. Caroline, this is Derek Dane.

Caroline: Pleasure to meet you.

Derek: Hi. I was just at your gallery.

Caroline: Oh, really?

Derek: Yeah, you got some nice work there. There were three by Hammond?

Caroline: Yes, Bruce Hammond.

Derek: Yeah, I liked those a lot.

Caroline: Oh, he's fabulous. Come by anytime, Derek.

Derek: Thanks. Maybe I will.

Caroline: Actually, if you really do like Bruce Hammond, I might have some other work that you might really like, but it is in the backroom and we might get a little bit dusty.

Derek: I think I could handle that.

Cass: Well, if you're going to make that meeting --

Caroline: Yes, I really better be going.

Cass: Here are your --

Caroline: Oh. How odd.

Cass: What's the matter?

Caroline: Oh, I just got a sudden chill, and it's as hot as blazes outside.

Cass: You think you're coming down with something?

Caroline: No, not that kind of chill. Just a sudden shock.

Cass: Oh.

Frankie: Oh, well, I guess it's the air conditioning.

Cass: Yeah, yeah, it must be that. Here. So, I'll call you?

Caroline: Yes.

Cass: About the lunch?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Derek: I donít think the ice cubes are working. You might want to try something a little stronger.

Frankie: Yeah, consider it done.

Caroline: Lovely meeting you, Derek, and ciao, Frankie.

Derek: Yeah, same here.

Frankie: Ciao.

Cass: Ciao.

Frankie: Ahem.

Cass: Ahem. Uh, good, ok, to work. You were all wound up about some conflict of interest?

Frankie: Yeah, well, forget about it. I've got other things on my mind.

Cass: So, what brings you here, as if I didnít know? Staceyís taking a deposition across town, so why donít you come back later. Ciao, baby.

Derek: I can wait.

Cass: It could be an hour, maybe more.

Derek: I've got the time.

Cass: You're just going to hang out here in our waiting area?

Derek: It's real important that I talk with her.

Cass: Can whatever it is wait?

Derek: It's waited long enough.

Cass: Ok. Once I've gotten in touch with Mr. Rogers' attorney, I'll be sure to call you.

Man: I'm glad you're going to handle this case.

Cass: Why, thank you very much. So am I.

Man: Good luck. Rogers is such a slime ball.

Cass: Yes, well, as will Shakespeare once said, "If there were no bad people, there would be no good attorneys."

Man: Right. I'll see you.

Cass: Ok, we'll talk to you soon. Thank you.

Derek: It was Dickens.

Cass: I beg your pardon?

Derek: Dickens said, "If there were no bad people, there'd be no good lawyers."

Cass: Are you kidding me, Mr. Stendhal?

Derek: No.

Cass: Since when are you an expert on Dickens?

Derek: I just thought you'd like to know.

Cass: Well, for your information, it was Shakespeare who said it.

Derek: Charles Dickens.

Cass: Hey, you're not going to quit, are you?

Derek: It's up to you, man.

Cass: Oh, why wallow in ignorance, Derek? I think we'd both feel better if we saw it in black and white, donít you? Maybe you'll learn something today. I just happen to have a book on famous quotations, and it says here under "I" for "if there were --"

Derek: Charles Dickens.

Cass: How did you know that?

Derek: I read.

Cass: Forgive me if that comes as a surprise to me.

Derek: Well, a lot of things about me might surprise you.

Felicia: See, what I was hoping is that we could have this art auction and you could help me --

Caroline: Actually, Felicia, I'm really rather rushed right now.

Felicia: Right. Uh-huh. Sorry, I could've sworn we had an appointment.

Caroline: I was delayed this morning. It was a legal matter.

Felicia: Oh, well, hope nothing too serious.

Caroline: It might turn out that way.

Felicia: Well, I'm certain you have a good lawyer.

Caroline: The best. Listen, I think having an art auction to raise money is a fabulous idea.

Felicia: Oh, great. You just donít have time for it right now.

Caroline: Right. I've got a very important client arriving any minute.

Felicia: Ok, well, why donít I come back later today?

Caroline: Oh, would you? I'd be really grateful.

Felicia: Sure. It's no problem. I have something to do at the station anyway.

Caroline: Thank you.

Felicia: Ok, great.

Caroline: Bye-bye, now.

Felicia: I'll see you later.

Caroline: Thanks.

Caroline: Oh, that's -- that's it.

Frankie: Caroline?

Caroline: Frankie? What a surprise, a pleasure again so soon. I'm really rather busy right --

Frankie: Look, I'm not here to play games with you, Caroline.

Caroline: I beg your pardon?

Frankie: I want to talk to you about Cass now.

Lucas: What are you doing here, Frankie?

Iris: No, Katherine, dear, I do not want to leave a message. I'd really like to talk to him personally, if that's all right. Yes. Where? Oh. Yes. Yes, I do know that gallery. Thank you so very much. All right, Vivien, I'm finished.

Vivien: What about Mrs. Hudson?

Iris: What about Mrs. Hudson?

Vivien: I told her she could come up here.

Iris: Oh -- well --

Donna: Hello, Iris.

Iris: This is an unexpected pleasure after our little chat yesterday.

Donna: That's a lovely outfit.

Iris: Thank you, Donna. I'm just on my way out.

Donna: Of course, I would only wear something like that for evening, but then again, I'm not you.

Iris: All right, Donna, what do you want? I'm fresh out of sugar.

Donna: I read about your little coup in the paper this morning, the new president of Cory Publishing.

Iris: Uh-huh, it was quite a day.

Donna: And it must have been quite a feat, especially on Rachelís own turf, and quite a lot of work. How many men were on the board, Iris?

Iris: Actually, I owe my success to your daughter Victoria. It's just as well you were you're usual secretive self.

Donna: Why?

Iris: Well, obviously you didnít tell Victoria about the problems that you and I were having.

Donna: That is correct.

Iris: Otherwise, she would never have supported me.

Donna: No, she wouldnít have.

Iris: But she did and I'm president and I'm just about to leave.

Donna: But I'd like to talk to you first.

Iris: Ok, Donna, but could you get to the point, please?

Vivien: Mrs. Wheeler?

Iris: Yes, what is it, Vivien?

Vivien: Oh, good, I'm glad you're still here.

Iris: All right, thank you very much, Vivien.

Vivien: I thought you might need that.

Iris: All right, thank you. Goodbye.

Donna: Michael has a tie like that.

Iris: Pardon?

Donna: Is that Michaelís tie? Has he been here?

Caroline: Lucas. When I'm sleeping that's a whole different story. So glad you could make it. I have several pieces that I know you're going to like.

Lucas: Thank you, Ms. Stafford.

Caroline: "Caroline," please.

Lucas: Oh, Caroline, I'm sorry, but can I have a few moments with Ms. Frame by myself?

Caroline: Of course. Be my guest.

Lucas: Thank you.

Lucas: Where have you been?

Frankie: Working.

Lucas: How come I haven't heard from you? It's been over a week.

Frankie: Well, these things take time, Lucas.

Lucas: What's happening?

Frankie: I'm working on it. I've got a trace on addresses and, you know, employment records, neighbors, that sort of thing.

Lucas: I hired you because you were supposed to be the best.

Frankie: I am the best.

Lucas: Yet you're being pretty lackadaisical about something that's very important to me.

Frankie: No, I'm not. I'm working on it.

Lucas: Results, Frame, not excuses. That's why I hired you.

Frankie: Look, Lucas, I can understand why you're frustrated, believe me I can, but I'm working very hard on this, I can guarantee you.

Lucas: I want my daughter found now!

Jake: Yeah, is Michael Hudson there? Jake McKinnon. I donít know if he'll know what it's in regards to. It's family business. I'm his son-in-law. If he wasn't there, why didnít you just tell me that? Damn! Did Michael get back yet?

Angela: He's not here.

Jake: Ok, fine. Where's Donna?

Angela: I donít know. She had to leave.

Jake: What do you mean, she had to leave? Where'd she go?

Angela: I donít know, but she said that --

Jake: Said what?

Angela: That you were to go home.

Jake: Oh, what'd she do, tell you to "throw the bum out"? Angela, I'm staying here.

[Phone rings]

Angela: Hello? No, Mrs. Hudson isnít here. Oh, yes, she wants to speak to you very much.

Jake: Is that Marley?

Angela: Yes, she was very upset that you went away. Where are you?

Jake: Honey, it's me. Where have you been? You've been driving me nuts. Yes, we do have things to say to each other. I love you. No, I donít know where Michael is now. Honey, listen to me, you cannot run away every time we have a problem. Marley Ė

Donna: Is that Michaelís? Let me have that. Let me see it.

Iris: Oh, why -- donít be silly.

Donna: Oh. Well.

Iris: Of course you've seen it. Lucas was wearing it last night.

Donna: Oh, Iris, shut up. I just thought that it looked like Michaelís.

Iris: And why did you think it was Michaelís tie?

Donna: I already told you, it wasn't Michaelís.

Iris: But you seemed so sure. Ah. Did you think Michael was here? Do you want to check the closets?

Donna: No, thank you.

Iris: Then why did you think it was Michaelís tie?

Donna: All right, if you must know, Michael left this morning without really telling me why, and I know that you called him last night.

Iris: Yes, I did.

Donna: Did your phone call have anything to do with why he left?

Iris: No, I just called him to tell him that I was president of the company. I didnít want him to hear it secondhand.

Donna: And what did he say?

Iris: Well, I didnít talk to him directly. So you see, I have no idea why he left.

Donna: Oh. Well, thank you.

Iris: That's all right, but, you know, if I was you, I wouldnít be too relieved.

Donna: Why?

Iris: Because if you and Michael are having problems and it's certainly not me, there can only be one answer.

Donna: Not necessarily.

Iris: He's seeing someone else.

Donna: Not necessarily!

Iris: Well, whatever you say.

Donna: Michael would never be unfaithful to me.

Iris: I wouldnít bet. You certainly donít know where he is or who he's been with.

Donna: Iris, you donít know anything about this.

Iris: Oh, Donna, why donít you just admit that you're scared? Why else would you come running up here trying to find him?

Donna: I didnít come running up here.

Iris: You know, I do understand how you feel a little bit. Yes, I can see why you're in a panic.

Donna: I'm not in a panic!

Iris: After all, if there is another woman, it's much more frightening if she's unknown.

Donna: Iris, I already told you Michael would never leave me. He may have left you, but he wonít leave me.

Donna: What are you still doing here?

Jake: Marley called.

Donna: Where is she?

Jake: I donít know, Donna. She hung up.

Donna: Well, I donít blame her. Now, would you please leave so I can be here to talk to her when she calls again?

Jake: She didnít want to talk to you, Donna. She called and asked for Michael.

Donna: Jake, I'm in no mood for this. I have a splitting headache and I'd like to be alone.

Jake: I called his office. He's not there. Where is he?

Donna: Donít you ever listen to anything anybody says, Jake? I asked you to leave!

Jake: Where did Michael go?

Donna: Fine, you stand there and talk to yourself. I'm going to go upstairs and lie down.

Jake: You're not going anywhere.

Donna: Let go of me.

Jake: Not until you tell me where Michael is.

Donna: I'm not telling you anything!

Jake: Where is Michael?

Donna: I donít know! He's gone!

Jake: What do you mean, gone?

Donna: I told you --

Jake: You told me what? He's your husband! What, you think he just left?

Donna: I donít know.

Jake: Wait a minute. Michael left you?

Cass: You know, it could be hours.

Derek: I'll wait.

Cass: What if Stacey had trouble getting that deposition, huh? She could've told that guy that she'd wait there till hell freezes over. She can be like a real pit bull when she wants to be.

Derek: I'll wait.

Cass: Obviously you can be like a real pit bull when you want to be. Donít you have a job? Isnít there someplace you have to go?

Derek: My new project doesn't start until Friday.

Cass: Oh, well, you can only wait around here until Friday.

Derek: Man, I'll wait outside on the street if it bothers --

Cass: No, no, no, hey, hey, hey. Take it easy. Anyone who knows his Dickens as well as you do should never be put out on the street. I mean, you might write a novel someday, and then where would I be? Right there in black and white, next to Uriah Heep and Ebenezer Scrooge. Hey, Courtney.

Courtney: Good morning.

Cass: Morning. How you doing?

Courtney: I'm ok.

Cass: Good.

Courtney: It's beastly out there, but I'm good. You?

Cass: It's not beastly in here. I'm fine.

Courtney: Great. Hello, Derek.

Derek: Officer.

Cass: So what can I do for you?

Courtney: Actually, I did not come to see you.

Cass: Aw.

Courtney: I want to talk to Derek.

Derek: What, you mean you tracked me down all the way over here?

Courtney: Is that how you see it?

Derek: Well, what other way is there?

Cass: Courtney, is there some problem?

Courtney: I'm still working on that theft of the Ming vase from the Hudsonís' apartment.

Cass: Oh, yeah, I heard about that.

Courtney: Yeah.

Cass: You're not saying that Derek is a suspect, are you?

Courtney: Derek was there.

Derek: Derek is standing right behind you, so if you have a problem, lady, why donít you turn around and talk to him?

Courtney: Sorry.

Cass: Uh, maybe we should take this into my office, huh?

Derek: I told Stacey, I'll tell you now, I donít need a lawyer.

Cass: Ok, that's fine, but it's just a little more private in there. Besides, I can eavesdrop all I want. No.

Courtney: We dusted the Hudsonís' apartment for prints.

Derek: I already admitted that I was there.

Courtney: Right, you were.

Derek: So what?

Courtney: We found prints near where the vase had been, and they did not match anyone in the household.

Derek: So you came right over here looking for me, huh?

Courtney: Well, what we'd like to do is take your prints to see if they match. Do you have a problem with that?

Frankie: It's a nice place you have here.

Caroline: Frankie, I know you want to discuss Cass with me, but I really have a lot to take care of right now.

Frankie: Oh, look, forget about all of that. I'm sorry I came in here badmouthing like that and everything. I think that my brain's been getting baked this summer, you know what I mean?

Caroline: Well, I donít know.

Frankie: Yeah, well, just forget it. Forget the whole thing. It's good to see you again.

Caroline: Yeah.

Frankie: Caroline?

Caroline: Yes, what?

Frankie: One thing -- why are you meeting with Lucas?

Caroline: Because he's a very well-known art collector.

Frankie: And?

Caroline: Well, he's built quite a collection, and pretty quickly, I've heard.

Frankie: What do you mean, quickly?

Caroline: Well, in the last few years or so, he's amassed a collection that most people would die for.

Frankie: Really?

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: Buying everybody out, huh?

Caroline: Well, that's what I'm hoping for.

Frankie: Yeah, right. Well, look, thanks a lot, and it's good to see you again. You look wonderful, as always. We'll talk, ok?

Caroline: Ciao.

Lucas: Maybe now she'll go to work and find our daughter.

Felicia: Why were you so upset with her?

Lucas: Because she's not doing her job.

Felicia: Give her some time.

Lucas: You seem to know her.

Felicia: She helped get me out of prison.

Lucas: Well, that family of hers, the Frames, they donít have a very good reputation, do they?

Felicia: No, and Jason certainly didnít help further that. Why do you want to know that?

Lucas: Just checking.

Felicia: Why would you want to be checking on someone that you've just hired.

Lucas: Because I want her to find our daughter. Donít you?

Felicia: Yes, of course I do. But you were yelling at her when I came in here.

Lucas: Was I?

Felicia: Luke, come on. You know that something like this takes a lot of time.

Lucas: Yeah, well, maybe I see things differently.

Felicia: What does that mean?

Lucas: You have Mitch. I'm alone. I have been since Gold Street.

Felicia: There was never anyone?

Lucas: Not really. I guess losing that child and you on the same night, something died inside me.

Felicia: That was a long time ago, Luke.

Lucas: Yes, it was. But I just haven't really been able to get close to anyone ever since.

Felicia: I'm sorry about that.

Lucas: Ah, what the hell. I survived. Although, now I realize what I might have missed. Maybe finding our daughter, I'll have a second chance.

Felicia: Well, then maybe we'll have that chance.

Iris: Ah, there you are. I'm glad I found you.

Lucas: Iris.

Iris: You naughty boy. You left something behind this morning.

Iris: I thought you might need this.

Lucas: Thank you.

Iris: You know, isnít it amazing how someone as so sharp-minded can be so forgetful?

Felicia: Yeah, it's pretty amazing. Well, if you two will excuse me, I do want to see Caroline before I go.

Iris: It's always nice seeing you, Felicia.

Lucas: I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Felicia: Yeah. Bye-bye.

Lucas: Donít ever try anything like this again.

Iris: I just brought your tie.

Lucas: Oh, donít give me that wide-eyed, innocent look.

Iris: I thought you might need it.

Lucas: Just donít ever try anything like this again with me, do you understand?

Iris: Like what?

Lucas: Look, whatever we have between us is private unless I say otherwise.

Iris: Oh, I didnít know you were ashamed of our relationship.

Lucas: Is that understood?

Iris: I'm sorry that you want to hide it.

Lucas: Oh, donít play that hurt little game with me. I donít buy it.

Iris: Is that what I'm playing, hurt?

Lucas: Yeah, you're playing a little game of control. But I'm going to give you a little piece of advice -- fold, because you canít win. Excuse me.

Frankie: Ok, Frame, get your mind organized. Get organized. Start with the dates. Good idea. All right. Ok, we've got Ming vase being stolen, and, before that, Iris Wheeler's Winslow homer. Oh, yes, I seem to recall a distinct smell of chloroform. So, what was that date? Yeah. Thought so.

Frankie's voice: Why are you meeting with Lucas?

Carolineís voice: Because he's a very well-known art collector.

Frankie's voice: And?

Carolineís voice: Well, he's built quite a collection, and pretty quickly, I've heard.

Frankie: Kind of weird, Lucas. Nothing was stolen until you got to town.

Courtney: Ok. I'll check it out as soon as I get back to the station. Right. Thank you, Cass.

Cass: Courtney, anything to help Bay City's finest arrange their work schedule.

Courtney: So what's your answer, Derek?

Derek: Why are you so hot to get my prints?

Courtney: It's standard procedure.

Derek: I already told you I was at the apartment. Odds are, my prints are on something.

Courtney: Well, I'm more interested in whether or not your prints are anywhere near where the vase was kept.

Derek: You think I took it, donít you?

Courtney: All I'm asking for is a set of prints.

Derek: Well, you've already convicted me, so what the hell. Let's go.

Courtney: Thank you. My car is outside.

Cass: Might I interject at this juncture?

Derek: I need to ask you a favor, man.

Cass: Yeah, no problem. Let me clear my desk, and I'll be glad --

Derek: No, no, no. Donít tell Stacey about this, ok?

Cass: Donít -- why not? What are you talking about?

Derek: Because if you told her, she'd just want to get involved, and she doesn't need that right now.

Cass: Well, maybe she wants to be involved.

Derek: No. Least I can do is make this easy on her. So just promise me you wonít tell her.

Cass: Ok.

Derek: Thanks. Come on.

Jake: This is all starting to make sense now.

Donna: Jake, could you please leave? Do you think you could understand a simple directive like that and leave?

Jake: I mean, I know you and Michael haven't been getting along lately.

Donna: Thanks to you.

Jake: Oh, can it, all right? I know it's my fault.

Jake: I'm sorry Michael dumped you.

Donna: Michael did not dump me!

Jake: Oh, so where is he?

Donna: Urgent business. He had urgent business somewhere.

Jake: Somewhere? What, Iran?

Donna: I donít know.

Jake: I'm sorry.

Jake: He just left? I mean, he took off without saying anything?

Donna: He's been very secretive lately. There have been a lot of phone calls. And this morning he just left.

Jake: On urgent business.

Donna: He's been so angry with me. I -- I donít know what he's been feeling lately. I just know that I feel very alone.

Jake: I understand that.

Donna: Oh, Jake, you donít understand anything. Just get out of here. I donít even know why I'm talking to you.

Jake: Hey, Donna, give it a rest, ok?

Donna: I donít know if I'm going to get a letter, I donít know if I'm going to get legal papers in the mail! I just -- I donít know anything!

Jake: Take it easy, all right? Take it easy.

Donna: Just get out of here!

Jake: Calm down.

Donna: Get out! Get out! You do not understand anything! Just get out!

Jake: Donna, come here.

Donna: Get out of here!

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